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Post-it Q. Taehyungie what is Jimin’s charming point? ©
Taehyung: 1) Eyes 2) Abs 3) Voice 4) Park Jimin’s very existence 


Happy asking you to get your crow and tattooing it on you! Mixed two similar requests for this so I hope you like it!


Waking up next to the love your life, the both of your noses touching just barely is like waking to breakfast in bed. It’s peaceful, feeling more than relaxed as you listen to Happy’s uniform breaths of slumber.

You watch the way his brows furrow and the way his jaw twitches, seeming as though he’s clenching his teeth together. “Staring isn’t nice.” Happy grumbles sleepily, making you jump a little, laughing softly as you shake your head.

“Don’t scare me like that, Hap.” You scold him quietly, kissing his cheek a few times. He grins and opens his eyes to look you over, brows furrowing and blinking several times to get used to the sun shining into your shared bedroom.

One of his large hands come to rest on your hip, pulling the two of you close as he kisses you despite the morning breath. It takes you by surprise to this day how gentle his kisses are, though you’ve been together for going on two years now. Today just so happened to be your two year anniversary and Jax knows that.

Jax had personally told Happy to take the day off to spend time with you, and you couldn’t be more thankful of Jax.

Happy presses one last kiss to your lips before pulling back, head resting back down on the pillows. He looks peaceful as his eyes close for a moment, you moving to stroke over his cheek gently. “Let me tattoo my crow on you.” His words are just barely audible but you hear them, your heart skipping a beat.

You know that a woman getting one of the guys’ crows means things are serious as can be. Marriage is one thing, but a permanent tattoo on your body of his choice means so much more. And here Happy is, asking you to make this permanent. He’s asking you to be his official old lady.

It’s a heartwarming thought and you’re suddenly overwhelmed with emotions, your lips pressing to Happy’s. “Of course.” You whisper quickly, a wide smile spreading over Happy’s lips. That one smile starts the day of an amazing day, though it’d already started.


You’re sat lazily on a chair in the little workshop Happy’s put together in your garage. There’s a tattoo machine set up along with a special chair and table and lamp so he can see what he’s doing better. You’re turned into your side so your hip is showing, your panties pulled down and shirt pushed up.

You’ve gotten plenty of tattoos before, little things that didn’t take but thirty minutes to get. But here you are, the machine buzzing as the needles run over your skin, Happy working careful and precise. He doesn’t want to fuck up his piece of art on you, something that’ll be there until the day you die.

The pain is bearable, your head laid against your arm and playing on your phone to keep you preoccupied. Lord knows you’d be squirming and fidgeting and that would cause Happy to mess up his crow. And you definitely didn’t want that.

As he wipes over you skin, smearing black ink, you look down a little while later to see the crow finished, your skin around it lightly red but you know that’ll be gone in a matter of days. Happy cleans off the ink, treating it just as any other tattoo he’s given himself or someone else before letting you up out of the uncomfortable position.

He watches as you look in the mirror hanging on the garage wall, examining the tattoo etched into your skin. He watches as a wide smile grows on your lips, lifting into your toes before turning to him. “I love it.” You breathe, quickly stepping to Happy and pressing a kiss to his lips.


Sometimes you forget the tattoo is there, you don’t see your hip often unless you’re showering or you’ve worn a shirt that shows it off.

But Happy seems to remind you each time he can, his fingers finding the black ink and running over it in a time of need. It’s like a safety net, knowing you’re there for him, you’re his. And maybe when you two are going at, Happy turns you onto your side just like you’d been in the chair and fucks you while gripping tightly at the tattoo.

But that’s just your business.