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Some Controversy, and Chilling The Heck Out

Hey there, my people. I’m Elsa, and I am not an ice queen. And I am going to say something that is rather controversial, at least in the world of tumblr. Are you ready for it? Here it is:

As a writer, it is not my responsibility to babysit anyone who might read what I write. It is not any writer’s responsibility to babysit their audience.

What do I mean by that?

If I write about something unpleasant, be it illegal or simply immoral, and someone decides to emulate it, that is not my responsibility. The actions of someone else are not my fault. If someone is going to do something like that, they would do it even without my involvement. They would get their inspiration from television, a movie, the news, or hell, someone else’s writing.

Now you might be saying, what if what I wrote convinced them it wasn’t unpleasant? Then I say shame on you. Give other people some goddamn credit. You aren’t the only one who can tell fiction from reality. You aren’t the only one who can read subtext and context clues. You aren’t the only one who can understand something without it being spelled out like an after school special. There is a stark difference between romanticization and depiction, and the act of simply depicting something does not mean I’m portraying it in a positive light or giving it some sort of blanket approval, and you aren’t the only person clever enough to pick up on that. You aren’t the smartest person in the world; you aren’t that special.

‘But Elsa!’ you might be saying. 'What if they’re a kid and can’t tell?’ And to that I have to say that it is not my job to parent someone else’s kid. If you’re worried about what your kid is reading, then as the kid’s parent, it is your job to goddamn parent them. Teach them how the internet works. Do the required research on books they want to read. Monitor them. Be a parent.

If I write about something unpleasant and someone is triggered by it, that is also not my responsibility. If it’s something I posted online then I will certainly tag it accordingly so no one is taken by surprise, and I do wish that content warnings were more common in books and ebooks, because the blurb on the inside of the cover typically isn’t going to say 'and by the way, this book might trigger your PTSD’ and I think it would be great if they did. But despite that, if something I write triggers you, you don’t get to say 'how dare you write about this?’ (Especially if it was tagged accordingly and you inflicted it upon yourself.) There are just as many people who might say 'thank you for writing about this,’ and for all you know, the writer might have been working through something, too.

(Relatedly, you don’t get to demand someone whip out receipts to prove that they’re allowed to write about unpleasant topics. People are allowed to write about whatever they want. If you don’t like that, that is, as they say, a you problem and you’re free to not read it.)

If it’s not tagged properly and you didn’t know what to expect when you read it, then you can criticize the author for that because no one needs that sort of shock sprung on them out of nowhere, but that doesn’t actually give you the right to tell people what they can and can’t write about.

It comes down to this: it is no one’s job but yours to police your own space.

Don’t get me wrong: I do think serious topics should be written about respectfully. And people are free to criticize as much as they want, to set someone on the right path if they’re writing about something in a disrespectful manner (or if the writing is just plain not good, obviously). But just saying 'this is bad and should never be written about’ isn’t criticism; it’s censorship. And frankly, I don’t know you. I don’t trust your judgment above all else and I don’t know anyone who put you in charge.

Tips to stay focused and procrastinate less

Being in a gifted class, you get a lot of work and it’s hard to stay focused and not procrastinate. However I can do it and SO CAN YOU. Here are some tips.

- Do stuff that interests you. If you have the option to pick some of your classes, pick a class that you are genuinely interested in. You might have to take specific classes for your own specific reasons so this might not be possible for you, but you still have lots of opportunities to learn about things that genuinely interest you. Projects in which you get to pick your own topic are great because you can choose something that you want to learn about. If you pick things that you want to learn about, you are less likely to procrastinate on it and focus more intently.

- Make sure you’re working during a time that’s good for you in which limited distractions will occur. So a time you know no one is going to disturb you.

- Do your work in a clear space. If your desk is messy and gross like mine usually is, clean it up before you start. A clear space gives you a clear mind. Do your best to just get rid of all your clutter so that you only have your essentials such as (and this depends on what you’re doing) a laptop, pencil case/holder, desk lamp if you have poor lighting, and your necessary papers. Also, you’ll be getting rid of distractions that were on your desk.

- Set a timer, but set it on your phone. You can use any app you’d like, but set a timer. Set it from 30-60 minutes. This is how long you will be working for. Make sure that it makes a very loud sound once your time is up.

- Once that is done, PUT YOUR DAMN PHONE AWAY. It is not going to help you. Keep it in the room, but far away from you so that you can’t see it. It has to be in the room so that you can hear your timer go off, but otherwise, you need to pretend that it doesn’t exist. It is just going to distract you and lure you with instagram, Snapchat, and candy crush.

- grab yourself a snack. Keep a small bowl by your side and fill it with something in case you get hungry. You can put nuts, raisins, cookies, whatever you’d like. Just don’t put food that is too sugary or crappy for you because even sugar affects your brain. Keeping the food near you is good so that you don’t leave to get food and use it as an excuse for not finishing your work. But also, if you keep lots of food by your desk, you might just sit there and eat instead of working. You need to try to find your balance. Put some food, but not too much.

- Pick some music. Like the food, it’s not compulsory. But this can work for some people. I think that if you’re going to work with music, work with songs that won’t distract you. It’s good to create a playlist before hand so that you don’t waste time. My suggestion is to use songs that don’t have lyrics. This doesn’t necessarily mean classical music, but any songs without lyrics. You can choose. You might be really pissed now because you really wanted to listen to some Drake crap or something, but most songs have instrumental versions which are basically songs without the lyrics and just the music. These are really good options. But if you know you’re going to get distracted, just don’t.

- Divide your work into tasks. If your work looks hella terrifying and just overwhelming, you can divide up your work. Say you’re working on a research project on some animal (I’m sorry) Divide it up and make a check list. Your first task is to pick an animal. Second, research it’s habitat. Third, it’s diet. Fourth, it’s predators. Fifth, type up the introduction to your report…. etc. Check off each task from your check list and you’ll feel much better and like you’re really getting stuff done. Do this if you’re feeling really overwhelmed and are about to have a mental breakdown.

- Close your tabs. Once you’re done with a website, source it, then close your tab. Keeping a bunch of tabs open is going to pressurize you, and also if there is distracting content within the tab, it will be gone once you’re done with your information.

- Don’t go to other sites that have nothing to do with what you’re doing. It’s hard but necessary. If you’re really feeling the pressure, you can take what I call a “mini break”. Once you’re done with your timer, you get your real break, but if you literally can’t focus, you can take your mini break. You can only take a mini break after 10 minutes of hard work. On your mini break, you stay at your desk or workspace, but you stop working completely for a short while. Within these breaks, you can eat some of your food, take a drink from your water bottle, stand up, stretch, change the song that you’re listening to, and take multiple deep breaths. Once you’re done with your mini break (it should only last 2 minutes really), get straight back to work, no procrastination. Focus.

- If you’re typing something, a nice desktop app thing that I use is calmly writer. It’s like google docs or word but there are no distractions.

- once your timer goes off, take a break! You deserve it! Set another timer for 30-50 minutes fir your break. You can do anything you’d like. Be sure to refill your bottle and food, maybe take a walk. The only thing that you are restricted from doing is more work, or using a computer

- Assess how much work is done. If you’ve done at least 50%, just another hour should do it. If you’ve done about 40%, you can do much better. 2 more timer sessions and you’ll be done. Less than 40% and you need to get going. Do at least 3 more sessions today. - get back to work
Welcome to the Family

This is part two to the Winchester sister imagine series.

Winchesters x Sister!Reader

Read the first part here.

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Warnings: language, reader off meds

Word count: 616

A/N: The next part to this series will be called Typical Siblings. You’ll noticed I used a line or two from Suicide Squad, yes I know it’s not mine but I’m not acting like it is…sue me. Just kidding I have nothing to give please don’t.

Forever tag list: @cambriacaneatnoodles @thewinhunter

This series tag list: @crazynerdandproud @storyofawinchester


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A good six months had passed by since you’d been taken out of the mental hospital and began living with your newly found brothers and Cas at the bunker. Everything was going better than everyone had expected, meaning it wasn’t nearly as bad to watch out for you as they thought. Well…sometimes. You had days where you would be reckless, more than they would. Days when you couldn’t focus because certain voices lingered deep inside of your mind. It was the moments like those they had to stay at the bunker or keep you inside so you wouldn’t be a danger to yourself or others. Pretty much 24/7 supervision was need at times like that.

“Y/n! Get your ass out of the tree, you little psychopath,” Dean was down below you a good fifteen or so feet scolding you as your swung from a branch upside down, waving your arms around like a ‘little weird’ as Crowley called you.

“I prefer the term mentally creative,” you ignored his demands to get out and continued swinging…it took five hours to get you down…

On some days when they were dealing with demons or Crowley, they really didn’t care what you did.

You stood in front of Crowley, pretending to shoot him with your invisible shotgun. It had taken him a few occasions to get used to you being random, or being totally normal. He learned to either ignore it or just try to twist your mind even more.

“Seems like somebody is having a good time tonight,” neither of your brothers liked when Crowley did this, egged you on.

“My gun, your head. Click-boom! You’re dead,” you had walked over to him and pointed your finger gun directly on his forehead and laughed like an idiot on drugs once you finished your little rhyme

“I’m really not the poetic type love, we’ve been over this. Put up or shut up,” did I also mention the boys hated when he tried to dig around in your mind like this on a bad day? Because they did. Really really hate it.

Then there was the whole thing with the Darkness being released. Oh fun times for the three of you, four if you included Cas- which he was always included. Sam had just had the mark removed from Dean, while your oldest brother- who swore you were the one that was crazy, had just killed fucking Death. Yeah- the Horsemann. With his own personal item too, talk about irony. Being killed by your own possession. Then again, cursed objects. But we’re getting off topic. The three of you ran outside, being greeted by a sky filled with dark smoke rising up out of the ground.

“You guys seeing all this?” your eyes were wide as you slid into the back seat of Baby in a hurried manner.

“'Yeah, why?” Dean turned the key starting her up, but still spoke.

“I’m off my meds,” this got them both to turn around and give you their undivided, pissed off attention.

“You’re what now?” uh- maybe you shouldn’t have said that, but crazy is as crazy does…right? Dean was clearly very pissed off at the fact you had been skipping out on taking your pills.

“I told you she couldn’t be trusted to take them without supervision,” he gave an 'I told ya so’ look to Sam. “How long have you been not taking them,” had he forgotten about Hell being unleashed in the sky?

“Maybe we should talk about this later…” later that night he learned you’d been straight coo-coo for coco puffs for about two and a half months now…which didn’t go over well.

para-cosmix  asked:

Hello there! :) First of all i would like to say i LOVE your blog very much and inspires me soo much. Keep on doing the things you do you awesome person. So my question is I have an exam coming up next month and do you have any tips and advice you could share? Thank you and have a nice day! :)

Hello! :)

Thank you so much for the compliment - it really means a lot to me!

Since you didn’t say what kind of test it is, I guess you’re looking for general, unique advice? (If that’s not it, feel free to write me again:))

Well, I’m sure you know the usual advice: take many breaks, give your brain time to process stuff, always stay alert and curious, love what you do, drink water, DISCIPLINE, follow a regular study schedule, etc. etc., - you know, stuff that works for most normal people.

So what is stuff that works specifically for me?
Well, honestly, I’m kind of a lazy bum, haha. I’m not really all about that iron-discipline - unlike most of the amazing studyblrs on here, I need to have FUN while studying and can’t really push through on determination alone. Seriously, 

I find them incredibly inspiring, but …I’ll never be one of them. If you are, please remain as awesome as you are! You’re the light of discipline illuminating the muddy waters of our motivation! 
(May my tips help you see life from the other side and be glad you’re on yours)

If you aren’t, I welcome you to the brother- and sisterhood of “If it doesn’t interest me, I can’t study it” and “Once it piqued my interest, I can’t put it down” and “WHY CAN’T I EVER FOLLOW PLANS”.
Let me teach your our ancient ways…


You will have noticed that some subjects just … aren’t that interesting to you. 
You know they are interesting and you know they’re valuable lessons for your life, but somehow you… just don’t click? On the other hand, there are subjects you LOVE, but you still can’t get yourself to study for them.
So what’s the secret?

The secret is to use your creativity and PRODUCE something!
If you produce output, you are 10000000* times more likely to remember something for life, than if you just swallow input - no matter how great your colour markers are, how often you read a text or stare at diagrams.
Now, for most people this means writing summaries, which is a great way to condense a lot of information into a solid piece of writing, but let’s be honest: it’s kind of boring, isn’t it? Gets a bit repetitive, too. 
So what can you do? 
What are fun ways to play with the material in front of you?

(*rough estimation, not yet scientifically proven)


When I was in school, I doodled so much that my Maths professor once let me stay after class to tell me she was afraid doodling was interfering with my education (seriously. That happened).
I wrote nothing but As and Bs in that class, but I get where she was coming from: I had mascots for each class, each with their own complex backstory, acting out concepts, voicing their thoughts, spelling out jingles, etc. and I would often refuse to leave the classroom until I was done colouring them.
Yeah, it was a bit over the top, but it worked amazingly well! 
There’s just something about visualizing and drawing an idea that leaves an imprint on your brain. It doesn’t have to look professional (it shouldn’t, actually), but it should show how you understand this fact on a profound visual level. 
When I entered university, I dropped doodling, because I thought that my notes had to look “respectable” now. That was probably one of the biggest study mistakes I’ve ever made - my notes looked boring and dry, I didn’t remember most things and I had less fun.
Thankfully, I’ve started doing it again and studying has become much more effective AND fun since.

Pros: You can do it while you’re listening and it’s a great way to stay active and alert in class.


Take ten minutes after each study session to just lie down/lean back and allow your brain to go ballistic - no, seriously, go mad, go full mind palace! Scrutinize, philosophize, find holes, find implications, question implications, question assumptions, question questions, question everything
Only then does it really seem like this is of worth to your brain - it gets to play around with the dough, roll around in it, stretch it, beat it, heat it, watch it grow or falter. 
It’s not just something on a piece of paper. It’s a part of your mind. So make sure you know what you let into your brain.

Pros: Great after learning a new concept, be prepared to go deep and find unexpected connections and loads of “aaaaaaah!” and “oh!” and “huh?”-moments

3) Lern MOAR

Hmm, do you smell that sweet feeling of knowing more than what the teacher said in class? Ah yes, it’s wikipedia, google and the library, my old friends!
Contrary to popular opinion, most teachers are only human and cannot cover everything in class - they might even have to omit the one thing that would interest you the most and you’d never know about it, if you didn’t do independent research!
It’s just amazing to fill in the blanks by yourself, to supplement the meal you got in class with some side dishes and sauces and get a filled knowledge stomach.
Find books, films, songs, pictures, anything that could add to your learning experience.

Pros: Allows you to solidify the facts you HAVE to know, while also helping you amass knowledge for your personal pleasure, filling the holes you found in 2, impressing teachers on tests and in class and getting a real grasp on the topic. 


It is no secret that it is really, really effective to talk out loud and explain the material to someone else or yourself. So why not explain it to yourself who’s also someone else? 
Record yourself on tape or video and freeze a little bit of time and knowledge for future you. It is only when you’re asked to explain something to someone else without any notes that you will realize how much your brain has actually retained. This is a great way to test yourself AND allow future you a private lesson when you start forgetting it. 

Pros: Great before tests, when you have a lot of material to rehash and chew through. Also +5 charisma points because you get to observe yourself on camera.


So now you’ve actively taken it in (doodling), you’ve ruminated on it (independent thinking), you’ve filled in knowledge gaps (overlearning), you’ve taught it yourself and preserved it (video), the only thing that is left is to take the original source material and turn it into something more:

…write fiction/poetry/a song, paint pictures, invent a dance, conduct an experiment, see what you can come up with! 

Example: I once had to study the layers of the earth’s atmosphere and the respective concentrations of chemical elements in each layer. I wrote a story about four of the main gases (Nitrogen, Hydrogen, Carbon Dioxide and Helium) hanging out and talking to each other. Lady Nitrogen was the arrogant princess-type (because she makes up most of the atmosphere), Hydrogen was the melancholic bum-type (because he used to be great once) and the two of them got into a bragging match about who was more important, since both of them had influenced the creation of life, while Helium and Carbon Dioxide fought about whether Helium or Carbon Dioxide’s brother Carbon Monoxide is more dangerous, since both can asphyxiate a person.
To this day, this story is one of my (weirdest and) proudest creations and whenever I need to remember the most prominent gas… I just think of proud and vain Lady Nitrogen laughing in the sky.

This part very much depends on your passions: if you like music, create songs, if you like experiments, try to find victims  willing participants or go measure stuff to support your hypothesis. Just take that thing, shape it with your own two hands and one true mind and truly make it yours. 
I promise you’ll never forget it AND you’ll have the time of your life making it.

Pros: Also great before tests, as it helps you to creatively summarize a LOT of material.

Just go nuts.

It depends on you and the subject in question how many of these tactics you are going to use, but I hope they will help you to enjoy studying for your exam. I’ve got my fingers crossed for you! :D

anonymous asked:

I know it's an intense subject, but could you write a KBTBB headcanon where the bidders save the MC from almost getting raped?

Disclaimer! This topic is sensitive to some. Read @ your own discretion. 

Eisuke: One minute you were cleaning a guest’s room, another you were thrown down onto the half made bed on your stomach. He had you pinned down by the wrists and put tape over your mouth. You kicked and screamed as he pulled your hair back and showed you a gun in his hands, “Now be a good girl…” He said, slipping your uniform over your head and tossing it on the floor. Tears escaped your eyes as you managed to drive your heel into his crotch, causing a glimmer of escape as you wrestled out of his grasp. You managed to remove the tape, “Eisuke!” You screamed as he caught you in his arms, “You little bitc-” The door flew open and Eisuke ran in, prying you both apart and knocking the guy unconscious. Breathing heavy, he wrapped his arms around you, “Are you ok?” He asked, scanning your body, a disgusted look coming over his face at the state he put you in. You nodded and fell against his chest. ‘Thank god he came in time’ you thought.

Soryu: You opened your heavy eyes and were met with a dark and cold ceiling. Trying to get up you realized you were tied to two posts of a makeshift bed frame. Trying to wiggle your arms out of the binds a man walked in, “No no, not so fast. First you must answer my question,” He said while climbing atop you, “Where is Soryu Oh?” The question made your blood run cold as you stayed silent. The man, irritated, started to fiercely grip your breasts. As your cried out and tried to break free from his grasp he slipped his hands down your pants, slowly pulling down your underwear. “N-no please stop!” You yelled, but the man seemed to forget his purpose and lost to pleasure as he took in your naked form. Trying your hardest to break free from his grasp before anything else happened, a loud bang erupted from the other side of the room, causing the man on top of you to fall limp to the side and tumble off the bed. In shock, you were relieved when Soryu ran up to you, putting your clothes on frantically and untying you, “Did he…do it Khim?” He asked nervously. You shook your head in his arms, “No Soryu, you came in time. Thank you.” You said as the tears finally poured out of your eyes.

Baba: Being forcefully pulled out of what you assumed was a car, you saw your hazy surroundings through the twill bag over your head. Men had you on both sides, carrying you by the arms as they threw you into a room and slammed the door closed. Frantic, you remembered what Baba taught you, slipping out of the ropes and pulling the bag off your head, you saw a window and made a break for it when the door opened, “Hey!” A guy yelled, running and grabbing your legs, pulling you out of the window and onto the floor, jumping atop you and pinning you down, “Wheres Baba woman?” He asked. You looked to the side refusing to speak when the guy tugged at your shirt, ripping it off. Screaming, you tried to break free as he threw your bra across the room, “P-please stop this!” You yelled as he grabbed your breasts. “Oh please, I’m going to take me sweet time.” He said as he leaned down towards your face. Just then there was a bang behind you and the man flew across the room. Looking behind you saw Baba, rushing to grab your clothes and help you change, before lifting you up and pushing you out the window with him close behind, “A-are you ok Khim!?” He asked worriedly as tears of frustration pricked his eyes. You nodded and escaped together.  

Ota: You were scared. One moment you were walking towards Ota’s studio and the next you were being pulled into the alley near his place. A big hand was placed on your mouth as the other worked up your skirt to remove your underwear. Screaming and trying to kick him, he hoisted you up against the wall, causing your head to slam into the hard brick behind you. Wincing in pain the man slid your underwear down to your knees and zipped his pants down. Trying with all your might you opened your mouth just enough to bite down on his hand, causing a brief moment to yell for help, “Ota!” In all of seconds he was there, out of breath, while he tackled the man and punched him once, twice, three times. It took you to compose yourself and put your clothes back on to pry him off the unconscious man. Looking at you, he gripped your shoulders and pulled you close, “Please tell me your ok. Your ok right?” He asked as he looked over your body. Nodding he held you close as he brought you back to his studio, swearing to never let you out of his sight.

Mamoru: The day started out like any other. You were cleaning Mamoru’s apartment and he made a side remark. Although today the argument escalated further and you stormed out, walking back to the staff dorms and taking a short cut through the park. Almost home, you felt like someone was following you, and assuming it was Mamoru you turned around angrily, “You know Mamoru you can just shove your two cents up you-” You sentence was cut off by someone pulling you from the side into the bushes. Flailing your arms and legs you saw the masked man before you put a knife to your throat. Freezing up, it gave him a chance to slide his hands up your legs, ripping of your underwear and placing sloppy kisses up your thighs. You squirmed under him as tears fell from your eyes. Tonight, you were going to be raped. You never thought this would happen to you as the man started to slip off his pants, seeing your defeat. Everything happened in slow motion as the own mans knife was lodged firmly in his side as he keeled over. Your mouth now freed from his hand, you screamed as someone pulled you to them. Smelling the familiar scent of cigarettes and cologne, you turned around and buried your face into your boyfriends chest, “I’m so sorry sweetheart. Let’s just go home now. Common up ya go.” He said, lifting your shaken form into his arms and walking home.

The signs as homework

Aries: The reading you were actually excited to do until you started it.

Taurus: The group project you accepted with a resigned sigh.

Gemini: You didn’t do it and honestly you don’t know what it was, but the teacher didn’t collect it so who cares.

Cancer: The online math homework that you have to check 400 times.

Leo: The creative writing piece that you started right away.

Virgo: The six page research project you didn’t start until the night before its due. Why did you do that.

Libra: The most boring reading assignment of your life but you have a quiz so you have to do it. Well… most of it.

Scorpio: The reading responses you write every day 10 minutes before class.

Sagittarius: The two page response to a prompt that you just realized you read wrong.

Capricorn: The story you wrote about a cute LGBTQ couple for your super homophobic teacher. (you got a B, no comments at all)

Aquarius: The research project that you get to choose your own topic so you are excited to do it. But you still wait until the week before its due to start it.

Pisces: That one really weird movie that every class has you watch. If you start it now you can watch the whole thing. Or you can wait and hour and just click through it.

Listening to a Supernatural podcast (those exist?). The commentators are talking about John Winchester’s journal and they say:

“It’s the only book [Dean’s] ever read you guys.” “(Laughs) It probably is.”

I LITERALLY SCREAMED “WHAT!?” That is so painfully inaccurate.

Off the top of my head I can think of these books that according to canon I know Dean has read:

Slaughterhouse Five by Vonnegut

Cat’s Cradle by Vonnegut

Dr. Sexy the book series (probably)

And Dean knows other authors too, throwing out the random reference to them here and there.


Then the guy goes on to describe a post he saw on Tumblr and I knew exactly which one he was referring to, even while he misquoted it saying that Jensen’s vision was “Sam going off somewhere and being happy and getting a normal life and [Dean] would give him the car.” … WHICH MADE ME CRINGE BECAUSE NO. Jensen’s dream was that Sam dies, and that’s why he doesn’t need the passenger seat and he gives away the impala and rides away on a motorcycle. I MEAN COME ON, IF YOU’RE GOING TO QUOTE JENSEN ACKLES AT LEAST GET IT RIGHT.

Here’s the video of the actual quote.  And here’s the post with the same. Like, good Chuck, it’s not even difficult to find.

This just kills me because there are over a thousand views on this video just on youtube and they are saying all of this stupid stuff and I know for a fact that we can talk more knowledgeably about this show than these guys.

What do you think guys? How about we make our own podcast?

EDIT: I ended up making my own! Listen here!