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Memory Lane | 03 ft. Yoongi

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grumpy husband yoongi au aka lots of fluff and a little smutty language
1.7k words
part 1 | part 2 | part 3BTS in 10 years!AU


also highly inspired by this video and dedicated to my dear friend who is currently suffering from wisdom teeth pain bc i cant fucking wait til shes drunk of her ass bc of the meds cause i’ll be ready with the camera to make sure that shit goes down in history

“Oh shit, who are you?” His groggy voice croaks out.

You look up from your organization of the clothes you packed for him and your eyes widen when you see him come to. You rush to his side, leaning down to get a good look at him. 

“Babe, are you feeling okay?“ 

He frowns, movements even slower than usual because of the anesthesia. His eyes rake over your features, eyebrows furrowing as he examines how your lashes flutter in confusion and your hair falling around him smells so damn good. 

He squints. “Wait what? Babe?" 

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His Childhood Sweetheart - Ashton Irwin Smut

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Word count - 7663 ish

Pairing - Y/N and Ashton

Smut?: YAS!!!


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Scream: My character has caused yours to scream out for some reason

‘Buck…please, fuck. Bucky, please, I need…’ 

Your words are lost in haze of smoke and pleasure that’s hazed around your brain, rendering its ordinary functions utterly useless. A fire has burned across your body and now, close to collapse, is desperate. 

If it weren’t for Bucky’s vice like grip around your hips, you arms stretched out and tied to the posts of the bed, preventing you from moving, you’re sure that you’d have melted into the bed by now. 

Bucky smirks, tugging his lower lip between his teeth as he slows down his thrusts to slow, lengthy movements, making sure you feel every inch of him as he moves. 

He recently discovered a vibrate setting on his metal arm and has used it to make you come three times already. The fingers pinch at your clit, teasing and preventing all at once. 

‘Don’t you dare, Kitten. If you come, you’ll get punished- and not in a way you’ll like.’ 

He spits out the words as his metal hand moves from your body, slicking back a few stray hairs from the bun he’s pulled his long locks into. A thin sheen of sweat coats his naked body; the pair of you have been going for a few hours now. He growls as he pushes in again, running his arm over your flesh. 

You moan softly at the cool feeling of metal against your body, nipples hardening when his fingertips ghost over them. Bucky’s thrusts speed up by a minuscule amount and he smirks at your whining. 

‘You’re so pretty like this, Kitten,’ he murmurs breathlessly, ‘Tied up and helpless, begging to come. You already came three times and you still want more. Greedy little kitten.’

He switches hands, wrapping the metal one around your hip and thrusting the fingers of his flesh arm into your mouth. You suckle on them hungrily, coating the digits with each swipe of your tongue, knowing how strong his oral fixation is. 

Bucky moans as he watches, speeding up his thrusts, never taking his eyes from you. After a moment, he withdraws his fingers and grabs your breast in his hand, squeezing and massaging the plump flesh.

‘You wanna come? You’ve gotta scream my name, Kitten,’ Bucky growls, smirking when you squeal. 


‘That’s not screaming, Kitten. Come on. Be a good girl and you can come all over my cock.’

‘Fuck…’ you sigh as he angles himself deeper, trying to find the sweet spot. Suddenly, he hits a sensitive spot and squeezes your breasts just right, and the noise leaps out of you like a lion through a ring. 


He roars at the sound of you screaming his name, and the following chants, and speeds up as fast as his hips will allow him. His hand moves down to your clit and rubs furious circles in the delicate bud. 

‘Come on, Kitten, come all over my fucking cock. Give me everything, come for me, let go, greedy little Sub.’

‘Bucky!’ you scream again as your orgasm overtakes you and your body convulses, tugging at the ties. Each wave is accelerated by Bucky forcefully getting to his own release, milking yours as he moves. Your walls clench around him and he moans loudly, pulsating inside of you. After a moment, he stills and yells out your name, spilling deep. 

After a moment, he flops over your body and catches his lips with yours, sloppy kisses exchanged that are all gloriously filthy tongues and teeth. 

‘We’re so fucking loud,’ you smirk inbetween passionate, lazy kisses. Bucky smiles back. 

‘Who gives a shit?’ he replies, his hands finding your breasts again as you kiss. 

almond milk (kurotsuki)

Notes: A really quick college coffee shop au (I’ve done it before and I’ll do it again, I’m a sucker for this au “orz) based off of this post by @strawberriesforkei​!!

It’s 10:42 when Kei walks briskly into the coffee shop - ten minutes before his next class across campus, and twenty-five before he’ll actually get there.

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Territory - Calum Hood [smutty]

Requested - yes

Anonymous - “Can you do one with calum where like you give him a few hickies and he gives you some and then the boys see and tease you guys?”

Word Count - 430

Yours and Calum’s sex life was fairly vanilla, nothing out of the ordinary, you didn’t even have sex that frequently but Calum’s favourite thing was heated make out sessions on the sofa and occasionally in bed. It was never something you’d initially plan, it was something that just happened, and it happened all the more when you were on tour.

One evening when all the boys have gone to their hotel rooms and you are left with Calum in his, you decide to watch some movies. You sit on the bed with the TV on and nuzzle into Calum, slowly he begins to rub circles on your upper thigh and he presses gentle kisses up your neck and to your lips. You kiss back, and he takes a deep breath as you quickly turn off the TV and flip a leg over his to straddle him. He smiles at you and you tug off his shirt which he happily lets you since he know you love to let your hands roam across his torso. He moans against your lips as you make the kiss more passionate, he grinds his crotch against yours and your take a firm grip onto his shoulders. As his hands roam under your shirt, squeezing your sides lightly, you move your lips to his neck. He moves his head to give you more room and you begin sucking gently at the skin leaving definite marks in random places from his neck to his chest. He flips you over so he’s on top and repeats the action before turning off the bedside table lamp.

The next morning you wake up and go to breakfast together, only to meet the boys in Luke’s hotel room.

“I’m just going to go freshen up a little,” you excuse yourself to check your hair and make up.

And when you come back you see the three boys poking and prodding at him with giggles.

“Ooh, Calum got some last night,” Michael teases and instantly you know what they’re talking about.

Walking forward a little you see the very obvious purple marks on Calum’s neck and chest since the boys have pulled down his neckline a little.

“Nice work [Y/N],” Ashton chuckles.

You feel your cheeks heat up and you’re getting embarrassed but you decide to milk it, pulling at your own shirt to show the hickies Calum had given you, “Well Calum did his fair share too”

They all erupt and Luke says, “Surprised we didn’t hear you”

You smirk, “What can I say I like to mark my territory”


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