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“The same man? You mean, that twisted monster crow and Sensei? Yoshida Shouyou is dead. And vengeance is right before my eyes.”

April 27 isn’t just Kirby’s birthday, but also Stanley day. Cause Stanley is number 427, and today is the day 427. Gosh this spring sure does have many important days.

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“’Ever since the moment she fell from the sky, that angel has belonged to me, and I always take what is mine.’”


Chanyeol X Reader [Fantasy/Thriller/Vampire!AU] 


Prologue | Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5  | Chapter 6 | Chapter 7 | Chapter 8 | Chapter 9Chapter 10 | Chapter 11 | Chapter 12 | Chapter 13

“You weren’t afraid to passionately talk about what you loved. You would break out of your introverted shell just long enough to preach about how overpriced the french fries were, before returning back into it.”

“Hey, that was warranted,” You crossed your arms and looked straight ahead in contempt, “They cost nearly twenty bucks!”

“…It was cute.”


Kim Junmyeon X Reader [Fluff/College!AU]

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 (Final) 

“‘I said get down!’” The shout was all too clear this time, as you noticed a tiny red spec flickering on your collarbone. Before your reflexes had the second needed to react, you felt the force of a car slam into your gut, sending you crashing to the ground with the weight of another body on top of you.

Not a millisecond later, another plink had sounded through the glass, as a bullet whizzed in the trajectory following directly where you had been standing.

“‘You idiot!’”

The Courier had pushed you. And now he was looking at you directly in the eye.

His eyes


Zhang Yixing X Reader [Action/Mystery/Assassin!AU]

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2Chapter 3

“‘You belong to me now.’” Your breathing halted as his emotionless, honeyed voice reached your ears. “And I trust you know what that means…”

Of course you knew what that meant.

You were now the property of one of the Coven.

And your life from this point forward was going to be a hellish nightmare.


Kim Jongdae X Reader [Thriller/Vampire!AU] - Teaser

Prologue | Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 |

>2,000 Words

You could’ve met under better circumstances. Under much better circumstances.

But, there you were, drunk beyond all comprehension and non-coherently sprawled out on some frat boy’s mattress. And, if it wasn’t for Byun Baekhyun, you would have been much worse off than simply having a nasty hangover. You had to close your eyes as tears began to fall and think back to where this started.


Baekhyun X Reader [Fluff/College!AU]

And there it was. The confirmation of your worst fears. Despite the benefit of the doubt that you had incessantly given him. Despite the countless times he had professed his undying dedication to your relationship. Despite four years of unexplainable happiness together.


Kim Jongin X Reader [Angst/Fluff/CEO!AU]

“Well,” Finally, he composed himself. “Good job getting away from that bastard. After all, you’re your own silver lining”

“My own… What?”

“Y’know, a silver lining.” Sehun turned to you and smiled. “A sense of hope. A formidable destiny that cannot be taken away from you. Something that has no right to be stolen.”


Oh Sehun X Reader [Fluff/Royalty!AU]

<2,000 Words


Scaredy Cat

Snuggles, Cuddles & Pouts

No Puns On Halloween

You Lost The Baby?

I’ll Protect You (Mafia!AU - Violence + Language)

How Drunk Was I, Exactly? 

Caught In The Act 

Girl’s Love A Guy Who’s Good With Kids


Don’t Get Blood On The Carpet

Period Cramps

As You Wish (CEO!AU)


Welcome To Fatherhood

My Guardian Angel (Demon!AU)


Let Me See Your Smile


Rest Your Weary Eyes 

The Pink Slip


You’re Perfect


EXO x Rain Aesthetic - | D.O | Chanyeol | Xiumin | Chen | Suho | Kai | Baekhyun | Lay | Sehun |


SONGS - | White Noise |


[Headcanon Dates]

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Jongin: | Formal Dinner Date |

Chanyeol: | Date In The Studio |

Xiumin: | Walking The Dog

Luhan: | Amusement Park | Haunted House | High School Library |

Yixing: | Shopping Together | City Night Out | Christmastime

Kris: | The Wedding |


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Wolf Pack!AU




“I will never forget
I will make you happy
like the ‘we are one’ that I’ve told you.”

                     -EXO, Promise

anonymous asked:

I love your line sketches of the BBcsherlock characters and would love to learn how to draw this way. This style where you can see individual lines instead of other shading absolutely facinates me. Do you have any tips on how to start?

Hey thanks! I don’t think there’s anything particularly special about this sort of style, it’s basically just the same as crosshatching with a traditional pencil, except here with digital art I just used the pen tool in SAI so the lines don’t blend and they stand out more.

Essentially what you’re trying to do is express a plane with a series of lines, like this:

To express tone and shading, you can vary the density:



Or overlap lines (crosshatch):

This doesn’t mean that crosshatching always makes things darker, sometimes you can crosshatch lightly, it’ll just make the shading look finer:

So with a combination of line density, thickness, darkness, and overlap, you can create all sorts of different tones and textures depending on what you need for different parts of the picture:

To express turning faces, you can vary the direction or angle of your lines:

The rest is just a matter of deciding how you use those techniques to express the picture you want to draw, and that’s a matter of your own judgement and experience; it would be impossible to list every rule because there aren’t any rules. The stuff about thickness and crosshatching and density etc. I basically made up just now by looking back on my drawings and analysing the lines; I never actually consciously thought about those things when I drew them, so don’t treat them like commandments or something, play around with different lines and combinations to get a feel for yourself what works in what situations.

To illustrate that I’ll draw a picture of Sherlock and try to break down what I’m doing at each step:

Sorry my notes are a bit messy (I hope you can read my writing) but if anything I guess it reflects how messy my thought process is, I’m always adding things and changing things as I go along.

Always remember, you’re trying to use lines to represent planes, so even though you’re drawing in lines, you need to be looking at the reference and thinking in terms of planes, not lines. Also, make sure you keep your lines parallel so they don’t run into each other because that’ll make it look messy.

I think the best way to learn is always to try things yourself, so don’t just look at this tutorial, go play around with the lines yourself, whether you use my steps as a starting point or draw from a photo of your own, hopefully you’ll get a feel for how to use lines then. Also remember that you can go as detailed or as loose with your lines as you want, so long as you have the important shapes and facial features expressed.

Hope this was helpful! :)

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RFA+Saeran reacting to hearing you sing in the shower, if you have time :) I think it would be cute


- he wasn’t even aware you were home yet when you got in the shower

- he most likely found out when he took off his gaming headset to get something to drink in the kitchen

- at first the poor bby thought it was ghost and he was highkey lowkey scared

- but then he realized they were singing your favorite song? and at certain points it would sound exactly like you

- he goes into the bathroom to make sure it’s actually you you can never be certain if it’s actually a demon

- goes back into his room and hums the tune you just sang


- he just got home from work and expected to find you in the bedroom

- except you weren’t there?

- he hears singing coming  from the bathroom and he automatically knows it’s you

- walks into the bathroom (despite you being naked) and recommends that you be a professional singer

- you sigh and tell him you don’t think you sing that good to be a professional

- he thinks otherwise and the next day he gets you your own vocal coach


- he was practicing his lines when he heard you singing

- as soon as he heard the first lyric to Whitney Houstons ‘i will always love you’, he immediately jotted up and ran into the bathroom

- *cue him burtsting in and start singing “AND I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOUUUUUUUUU”

- you scream because well your naked

- he immediately apologizes for intruding and hurried out before the beast could be realeased

- your lowkey pissed he stole your imaginary spotlight when your favorite part started playing


- probably was in her office when she heard you singing in the shower

- she was honestly pretty stressed out because of the paper work she had to fill out because Jumin decided not to go to work that day

- but somehow hearing you sing Birdys 'Not about angels’ calmed her down a bit

she was so relaxed to hear your voice that she now request you sing to her every so often

- lowkey thinks you sound better then Zen


- he already knows you can sing well

- not because your a hacker or anything of the sort, but because you sing to him to help him calm down after he has had a “bad moment”; not to mention you also sing him to sleep at his requests some times

- But just because he already knows that you can sing, doesn’t mean he won’t be happy every chance he gets to hear you

- he honestly smiled when he heard you sing in the shower

- Because to him it shows just how happy you really are


- does this huge dramatic entrance as he walks in and starts singing with you most likely

- honestly doesn’t bother you anymore because youre so used to him starting random duets with you Tbh

- will walk back out when you announce your finished with your shower

Exo when you break your arm

He’d be such a little shit about it. He’d tease you non stop that you managed to even trip over thin air let alone break your arm. Even though he spent his time teasing you, if he saw you were struggling he wouldn’t hesitate to help you, making a joke about how he had to do everything for you.

“Ah jagi I can’t believe you hurt yourself like that.” You glaree at him. “And now I have to do everything for you.” He flops down dramatically onto the couch then sits bolt upright, his eyes wide. “Wait, can you use it at all?” You shake your head. “And your hand?”

“…Not really…why?” He frowns and looks down at his crotch and you burst out laughing. “Boy get your mind out of the gutter!”

Originally posted by ethereal-baek

Happy virus cute patootie would do everything he could to make you smile. He’d offer to help you do everything and anything.

“Ah, I can do that jagi!” He exclaims seeing you struggling to carry your clean washing, not being able to hold it in one arm, having a sling on to keep yourself from straining your damaged arm. He rushes over and takes the clothes, grinning happily. “Lead the way!” He follows you to your room and puts the clothes on the bed only to start to put them away. You watch, feeling all warm and fuzzy seeing how willing he was to help you. Without realising, he picks up a pair of your underwear and you giggle behind your hands. He looks at you confused then at his hands and exclaims, dropping the item in shock.

“You’re such a child.” You announce picking up the item. “Go sit down, I’ll finish.” He grins cutely and flops onto your bed to watch you happily.

Originally posted by yeolhighness

1000% tease. Constantly doing things you can’t making you pout and sulk. He’d grin at how cute you are before being cute towards you until you cheer up.

You were trying to wring out the dish cloth you had just used to clean the table after dinner but due to your cast covering part of your hand, you couldn’t grip it as tight. Chen appears behind you and takes it from your hand with a laugh to easily squeeze out the water into the sink.
“Ah Y/N you’re so useless now. I think I’m going to have to trade you in for a newer model.” You cross your arms over your chest and he notices your sulk start. “Aw it’s okay, I’d never trade you in!” He drops the cloth to wrap his arms around you, his chest pressing against you back. “Not my jagi!”

Originally posted by rxxbinc

Actual sweetheart. So attentive and constantly checking up on you even when across town. The second he found out you were having a hard time, he’d do his all to be by your side.

You didn’t want to get up and answer the door but the knocking was relentless so you had to. But when you saw Kai there, a bunch of flowers in one hand, smiling fondly at you, your heart melted and your annoyance left.
“I thought you were filming today.”

“I was.” He confirmed as he walked into your apartment, the flowers in your hand. “But I took the rest of the day off to be with you.”

“Kai…” You tried to scold but he was too gosh darn sweet. “I’ll put these in water.”
When you were done, the vase in your hand, you walked into the living room to see him set up on the sofa with blankets, snacks on the coffee table and a movie paused on the TV ready. “You’re the best.” You place a kiss on his cheek before finding your new flowers a home then joining him.

“I couldn’t let you stay sad, Y/N.”

Originally posted by daenso

Kyungsoo (D.O)
Satansoo shows and he wants to make you know it was your own fault for getting in on pranks with the beagle line. He has some sympathy and his heart aches watching you struggle but he wants you to learn your lesson.

“Ugh!” You yell giving up trying to find a comfortable position to lean your arm so you could do work on your laptop. Kyungsoo looks over and frowns seeing you so worked up. You look over and almost glare at him. “This is your fault.”

“You’re the one that tried to prank me, it’s not my fault you got hurt.”

“It is.”

“How?” You knew it wasn’t his fault but you were annoyed and wanted someone to blame so you stayed quiet. He chuckles and walks over to lean on your desk and look at your screen. “You’ve done so little Y/N.” He gently hudges you out of your seat and takes your place. “What do you want to write?” He asked placing his fingers over the keys ready. You beam and kiss his cheek before pulling up a chair next to him. “But next time you do something stupid like that again, I won’t help you.”

“I know, I’m sorry, I’ll behave.” You promise and he smiles. Lesson learned.

Originally posted by markleesdoft

A brat that is used to being helped so when you need his help, he struggles too.

“Ohmygod, what have you done?” You mumble walking into the kitchen to see the mess he had made. “How have you made this much mess? I only asked you to look for something for dinner, not throw it all over the place.”

“I wanted to try and make it.” He confessed looking at the mess guility. “You usually help me so much and do so much for me that I wanted to do soemthing back.” You can’t help but smile.

“How about you order us some take out and then help me clean up the mess you’ve made?” He grins cutely and nods before doing as asked and actually following your request that time.

Originally posted by sehunicorne

Probably buys you gifts constantly to try and make you feel better, let’s be real. Probably also tries to hire you some help but you decide that’s too far and stop him.

“Come on, you need help. You told me that you’re finding it hard to clean your apartment at the minute.” He counters.

“I don’t need a maid, Suho.” You roll your eyes.

“Then what do you need? ”

“I don’t know.” You confess. “Some understanding, someone to listen to my complaints I guess.”

“I want to do more than that.”

“I know you do.” You smile and walk over to wrap your arms around his waist, nuzzling into his neck. “Just being here to support me is great.”

“Are you sure there’s nothing I can do?” You nod and he gives in, wrapping his arms around you. “If you change you mind, let me know right away. I’ll do whatever you need, jagi.”

Originally posted by irpsychotic

Does things without you even asking. You don’t remember the last time you actually hoovered your apartment yourself. He’d clean up any mess you both made after meals. He had practically moved in to look after you and make sure the place was tidy knowing you couldn’t do it yourself easily and it stressed you out.

“What’re you doing?!” He gasps walking into your bedroom when he gets in from practise one evening.

“The sheets need changing.” You answer as you struggle to put the sheet on the mattress.

“You should’ve told me, I would’ve done it before I left.”

“I’m not entirely useless, Xiu.”

“I know.” He walks over and pulls you away from the bed. “I just don’t want you hurting yourself even more.” You soften at his words and smile. He smiles widely back. “Let’s do ti together!” You nodd and together you make the bed before collapsing on it together in a warm embrace.

Originally posted by xiundeer

Yixing (Lay)
You’d probably have to tell him sometimes if you need help. He’s often in his own world so doesn’t quite realise when you’re struggling. But as soon as he knows you need help, he’d by your side doing whatever you request of him.

You were entirely unaware that Lay was in the store with you until a hand was taking the basket from your hands. You look over ready to start yelling and fighting for your items to see his beautiful smile aimed at you.

“Ah, Yixing.” You breath in relief. “I didn’t know you’re here.” He chuckles and takes your earphones from your ears. You forgot you even had them in, so used to the music that. “Was I shouting?”

“A little.” You blush in embarassment and he grins. “I’ve been following you since your building.”

“Why didn’t you ring me?”

“I did.” You pat down your pockets to realise you forgot your phone and you sigh. “What do we need to buy today?” He asks taking your hand into his and swinging them between you as you walk through the aisles.

“I can carry that.” Youa nnounced reaching for the basket but he holds it way, almost knocking over a display. You both make a face and rush away just in case it does fall. “It’s probably safer if I do.”

“You’ll make your arm worse. I will carry everything.” You gave in with a smile. He only wanted to look after you after all and you couldn’t refuse that.

Originally posted by yixingsosweet

Thank you for the request @alovehorsesme-blog

We’re so close to 100 followers now and we’re so mind blown by that fact that we’ve decided that we’re going to do some one shot requests! Just send in your request(like you would for reactions) and once we reach 100, we’re going to pick 2 each if we get enough

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Thank you for all the follows and likes and reblogs it means so much to us :D

~Admin Chee

That’s me doing a Modern-day female Lefou moodboard, all of the pictures are mine!!! And, of course, I’m Lefou 😂 (all pictures taken by me except the beer and the quote) I did my own SFX make up


The support and passion this video has garnered is MORE than I could’ve ever hoped or prayed for! Thank you. Thank you SO MUCH, from the bottom of my heart! 

If you haven’t watched yet, PLEASE WATCH! It’s a MUST! I guarantee you will learn and realize things you never even considered! WATCH. And after you do that, go and show Kat Graham’s twitter page some LOVE!!! She has been hurt and affected by this abuse more than us, and more than we can ever imagine! :/ So go! Show her some love, and then, fan fiction WRITERS, GET TO WRITING! Create YOUR OWN characters! YOUR OWN PLOT LINES! Include diversity, and treat ALL of your characters with LOVE! Hey, if TVD wouldn’t do it, WE’LL do it ourselves! ;) 

Exo reaction to you moving into their dorm

Exo reaction to you moving into their dorm? Possibly even other members’ reaction as well? I love you work btw 👍👍👏👏😻👌

A/N: thank you so much for the request sweetie, hope you like it <3


Originally posted by angelofeternity

I honestly think Xiumin would be so excited to have you around the dorms and to be able to spend loads of time with you. He would go out of his way to make you feel comfortable and happy surrounded by the members but would also make tons of effort to make use of the new found time to take you out on sweet, private dates away from the dorm when he could.


Originally posted by yoonterlude

As much as Luhan would adore being able to see you first thing every morning, I think he’d be a tiny bit protective of you spending time with the other members too and so would be extra cuddly to make sure they knew you were all his. When you called him out on being clingy, he’d simply just blush, kiss you on the forehead and remind you that ‘it was because he loved you’.


Originally posted by ohyaahkkaebsong

Because of his busy schedule, this just meant you would be able to spend way more time with Kris making him feel super excited and nervous (even though he’d try and play it cool on the inside). Either way, the fact he got to see you everyday in person rather than on Skype or Facetime was enough to put a smile on his face everyday.


Originally posted by asstheticsuho

Living in a dorm with Suho meant you had his undivided attention. He would leave his work at work and when he was at home look forward to hearing everything about your day. He would be waiting for you on the couch when you got home most evenings to have your time to cuddle and catch up for a while while the other members got food. This was Suho’s favourite time of the day and he treasured every second.


Originally posted by parkchny

For Lay, living with him in the dorms would be all about the little things. From the way your hair sticks up a little in the morning, to the way your hands searched his in the night to the little post it notes on your stuff to remind you to eat lunch or finish your work, he’d just cherish the little things he wouldn’t otherwise have had for it not been for you living in the dorms.


Originally posted by sebyunie

A bit like Luhan, Baekhyun would want your undivided attention when hewas at home as now you were living together, you had so much more time to do things together! He would take you out alone, away from the other members regularly even if it was just for little quiet strolls hand in hand, little moments for just you two away from the chaos of everyone else in the dorms.


Originally posted by itsokay-itskpop

Of course, living with Chen meant all the more tricks and pranks he could pull- but gave you all the more opportunity for you to get your own back. You and the beagle line would regularly team up to pull pranks leaving Chen feeling flustered. He could never stay mad at you for long though and you apologizing, batting your eyelashes usually led to many a make out session in the end.


Originally posted by itsokay-itskpop

You living in the dorm made a very happy Chanyeol. He seemed so much brighter after seeing you and so having you move in was something that benefited everyone. It meant Chanyeol worked even harder to make you proud at the end of the day but still spent a ton of time with you doing silly things like playing video games, watching movies and maybe even making music.


Originally posted by creamchegel

Kyungsoo would be a little apprehensive at first, you would definitely be the only one allowed to touch his stuff or be on his bed. However, soon enough he’d love having you around, a partner in crime to annoy Chanyeol with and someone he could trust and talk to after a long day. Every now and again you’d look up when all the boys and you were eating or talking together and he’d be looking at you with so much love and adoration.


Originally posted by lil-duckling

Tao would love having you around and having you to look forward to when he got home made his day so much better. He’d regularly take you out for meals even if he was exhausted after a day at work, after all he wanted you to be treated like the princess he saw you to be. He loved how comfortable you had become around him and tried to have you become friends with the boys too.


Originally posted by fy-kimkai

Having you around made Kai so so happy. Just you walking into the room made it ten times brighter in his eyes and so the fact he got to share a dorm with you was enough to put a smile on his face and push him through the hard days. Occasionally when the boys weren’t looking, he’d wrap an arm around your waist and whisper in your ear so you knew how much he loved having you around.


Originally posted by wooyoung

With Sehun everything would be very relaxed. Occasional PDA but really, he’d just be happy to be in the same room as you even if it was just sitting there or being on your phones. He’d make a routine of showing you a song everyday just as a little thing to end your evening together but really, Sehun would just love having you about and would show it in his own, sweet little ways.

A/N: @ravyeolii I really hope you liked this!xx

Please bare in mind that EXO reactions just take a bit longer than GOT7 or BTS because theres more members so please bare with me! <3

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hi ^^ can I ask for tailor MC + RFA (and V and Unknown if possible?)

this one was really interesting to write! Thank you for requesting it!


  • He thinks your job is super cool
  • Really admires how you can visualise how patterns will fit together
  • “Hey mc you’re good at sewing right?”
  • What does he want now
  • “So there’s this lolol thing I really wanted to cosplay and-”
  • If he asks you to sew the buttons back on his shirt one more time you’re going to fight him
  • Is he pulling them off deliberately as an excuse to come and talk to you?
  • Definitely
  • He has to go to a fancy event and you offer to fix him up with a proper outfit for it
  • He loves it and spends the entire event showing off the clothes to anyone who will listen to him
  • Not that anyone really has a choice
  • He gets a bit pouty and jealous when he sees you touching clients while taking their measurements
  • “Yoosung please chill”


  • She’s genuinely fascinated by your work
  • Likes to watch you while you’re measuring out patterns and sewing
  • Asks a lot of questions about the processes of how you make things
  • Very curious about the whole thing
  • Brings you coffee while you’re working so you don’t forget to keep hydrated
  • She’s honestly so helpful to have around
  • If she’s not busy working in the coffee shop, she’ll sit with you and offer to pass you things so you don’t have to keep standing up to get them
  • Any clients being pushy or rude towards you?
  • They’re going to have baehee to deal with


  • Thinks the fact that you can sew so well is super cool
  • Offers to model some of the outfits you produce
  • “mc, you know what would make this suit even better? My face
  • “Zen I haven’t even finished with the pattern yet you can’t wear it”
  • Introduces you to the manager at the theater he works in and tries to get you a job in designing and making some of the costumes for his shows
  • If you ever had to take his measurements for a garment it would not go well
  • “Zen stop trying to flirt with me I’m trying to work”
  • Is he going to stop though?
  • No he isn’t
  • “There are scissors right next to me do you want to keep the ponytail or not”


  • Does this man own any clothes other than suits?
  • Probably not
  • As soon as he finds out you’re a tailor, he’s immediately looking for the best equipment for you and offering to buy it all
  • Jumin stop that’s too much money
  • All of his suits are now made by you and he’s going to make sure everyone knows it
  • Offers to pull some strings and get you your own line of clothing
  • “Jumin please stop throwing your money at me”
  • He admires the garments you make a lot though
  • Thinks you’re very talented, and constantly tells you it


  • “Hey mc can you make space suits too??”
  • He keeps trying to get you to make him dresses
  • You make the mistake of agreeing to make one for him
  • Then immediately regret it when he wears nothing but the dress for an entire week
  • “Seven please take it off”
  • “Oh you want me to take it off ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)”
  • “Okay okay mc please stop threatening me with scissors”
  • He likes watching you work though
  • Sits behind you and just sort of observes everything
  • Makes unhelpful suggestions every few minutes
  • There may or may not be a tripter bot dedicated solely advertising your garments


  • Really admires the work and dedication that goes into producing a garment of clothing
  • His eyesight really isn’t the best, but he loves the feeling of the fabric that you work with
  • You can sometimes find him sitting there just sort of
  • Running his hands all over it
  • You notice that there’s one particular material he likes the texture of more than the others
  • So you make him a jacket out of it as a surprise
  • He probably cries when you give it to him
  • While he’s still able to, he offers to take photos of the garments you make so you can use them as examples
  • Makes sure you don’t overwork yourself


  • Acts like he doesn’t really care
  • “Yeah you make clothes, so what??”
  • But you can see him watching you while you’re working and there’s no denying that he’s fascinated
  • You make him a jacket at one point and he just sort of acts like it’s no big deal
  • “I mean thanks I guess. I didn’t really want it though”
  • Saeran you haven’t taken it off in three days
  • You teach him how to sew!
  • He isn’t great at it but he finds it really therapeutic
  • Sits in the same room as you and quietly stitches little flowers into any unneeded material that you have
Drunken State (Luke Hemmings Smut)

Summary: you’re drunk and horny then there’s Luke ;)
Pairing: Luke x reader

It was because a guy said that you couldn’t even past the third shot. Right then you never back from a challenge so you prove him wrong. It was your 7th shot, the thing that you wouldn’t start drinking is because you would knew it would be like this, but hell you couldn’t backed from a challenge.

“Go Y/N!!! Go Y/N!!!” The crowd is cheering as you brought the glass to your lips indicating that’s your last shot. “OKAY! I’m done!” You yell giddily. You slam the glass to the table and walk stumbling to the dance floor. And then you saw your bully. He’s the school jock. He’s the one who always snicker at how you were a goody goody and make fun of how you dress. Just because you wear a decent clothes not like school slut doesn’t mean you are a geek or outdated. You ignore all his comments because truthfully you couldn’t spent time with him, you are quite popular anyway. There’s nothing to worry.

Until this time. He looks at you smirking. Even in your drunken state he still disgust you that much when you’re sober. But something click on your mind and you decide to take advantage of your own drunken mind and not notice how rude he was. After a while he dance with you and you play along. You turn him on until you saw your friend luke looking at you guys in disbelief and disappointed. You took this chance and part from him abruptly. “oh theres luke! I’m gonna dance with him so you can go off now bye bye!” You said loudly for everyone to hear. He look pissed and storm after you who was heading to luke. “hi!” You laugh to luke still drunk. “Are you drunk?” Just as he asked that the jock got to you. “what the fuck?!” He said harshly. “aha please just because i am drunk as fudge doesn’t mean you please me. You’re still disgusting as fuul!” You slurred. He was gonna say something when luke mutter beside you. “storm off.” he said darkly and he did fuck off. “oh god you should see his face! HAHAHA” you laugh slumping on luke. “Y/N cmon you are so drunk.” luke scold you still frowning. “That’s right! I am Y/N! The drunk shit chihuahua.” you said an laughing at your own line. “lets get you back okay?” He said sighing. “oh chill! You just got here!” “And you are drunk so lets go home!” He shout to you. “fine fine mr……. Fancy pants!” You laugh again. Luke sigh once more and pick you up slumping you on his shoulder while muttering ms. trouble maker. You shouted much to his dismay I AM. That rewarded you a slap on your back thigh. “ow!” You whine. A wolf whistle come. “Go get it Luke!” Michael shout following by others. Luke just turn and smile. “i will!” He joked as you gasp audibly an slap his back.
“Someone has a spanking kink!” Calum shouted. Luke just hurried you out and drive you back. “Luke, i was gonna crash on your place tonight actually.” you inform him. “good, this will be easier.” he muttered.

After you guys arrived at his house, he walk you to his bedroom. “change.” you said and he tossed you his shirt and pants. “no pants” you said again an immediately change in front him without thinking. “jesus!” He curse and closed his eyes giving you privacy. “don’t just change in front of people!” He scold you again. “But i already know you its fine its fine.” You said laughing putting on his shirt and tossing yours on the chair. “why’d you with him?” Luke ask for a while. “To fuck him” you said and nodding to yourself. He turn to you and check your forehead. “seriously.”

“Payback, is a biatch. That dickass deserve his cocky prick to be cut off.” you swer again. Luke laugh. “you’re drunk. You swear” “yes yes i do. And i’m horny when i am drunk.” you said causing luke to gasp and shut your mouth with his hand. You lick it. “ewww” you just chuckle. He lay down and going to sleep when you poke his back. “what?” He asked you. “I am horny as fuck and i need a release.” you whine at him. “Y/N you’re drunk go sleep.” you being the smarty pants answer him. “but drunk talk is the truth. And i am nit bullshitting you, i am wet like dripping.” you said now scooting to him. “you don’t know what you’re talking about.” he sigh again. “fine! Don’t blame me if i came on your sheets!” You warn him and turn. He spoon you and put his hand on your stomach. “What actually do you want me to do?” He asked whispering to your ear and slipping his hand to your underwear. You moan. “God you aren’t kidding. You are dripping.” he said. “see?” You said breathless an taking luke shirt that you’re wearing off. “fuck me.” you whisper. “you sure?” “Am i wet for nothing?” You sass. “fuck alright.” he cursed and taking his clothes kissing you. He continue to your neck and breast sucking on your nipples. “Luke,” you moan again.

This time both of you are already naked with his head between your legs. “fuck babe, you’re dripping. You’re pussy is pink and wet.” he said opening your folds and sucking your clit. He keep sucking until you came and he clean it. “shit, i got no condoms.” he swear. “birth pill, duh” you said pull him back. He push into you and stay still. “okay move” you inform him an he started rocking back and forth going deeper an faster. “fuck luke, if i know you’re this good i would have fucked you a long time ago.” you said and moan again. “ "oh fuck you don’t know how much a tease you are all this time. I have to restrained from takin you right there and then.” You just moan in return as he thrust harder an picking up the pace. “ah ah ah luke i am so close” you whisper. He hits your g-spot over an over making you go crazy and come all over him. Soon following after he came with a grunt and pulled out of you catching his breath laying down. “now you can sleep?” He asked. “of course!” You said giggling and adding. “but i want a wake up sex tomorrow.” you order him as he chuckle a yes ma'am.

“If I were a stop light...” ; Liam Dunbar

TW Pick Up Lines Series


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i’m thinking about making this a cute lil series for all the main characters idk

Liam watches in awe as she walks towards his direction. She had this pretty (y/h/c) tied in a braid, cascading down her shoulder and a face that he knew he would remember for the rest of his life. In conclusion, he finds her beautiful.

She’s the new girl this year, transferred from another town outside of Beacon Hills. Everyone’s been waiting for her arrival. Mostly because the boys had found her social media and realized that she’d be a total score if they got into her pants.

His heartbeat picks up its pace when she starts to dis the direction she was going for. She’s walking towards Liam, now. He was just about to ask her whether if she needed help finding her locker, but shut it immediately when she looked up at the number plastered at the center top of the metal door.

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Hitting the Mat

Ok part 9. I hope you all are prepared for it! Better go read this then take a cold shower.


You get it right?

Here is my Masterlist
Part 7 & Part 8.

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Idea; Juzo and Kyosuke take in the 4 remaining warriors of hope, Nagisa trying to be just like Kyosuke and Kyosuke helping him do his best. Then the other three just run mayhem with Juzo while he tries to teach them some boxing moves, he always lets then win of course~

*Opens the bag of domestic au things* I’m going in!





Ever since Juzo and Munakata started dating all those years ago, Chisa has been bugging them to adopt from the orphanage she volunteers at in Towa City. One day, they finally caved into her begging and went to go check the place out. Kids flooded the room, some overly active and bubbly, others quiet and insecure. Hand in hand, the two scanned the couple of children, trying to find the one that would be just right for them. A small group of colorful looking kids caught they’re attention. They walked over to them, getting a rather strange introduction.

“Gah!! Another demon!!”

A red haired kid came charging at them, giving Juzo a swift kick to the leg. He stood there unphased as the kid stared at the man in amazement.

“Woah, he didn’t even move!! But don’t worry, I’m the leader, which means I’m going to protect you all!”

The child kept beating up the man’s leg making a look of annoyance start to form, as Munakata cracked a small smile. Three other kids started cheering for him, two of them doing a small cheer routine. The pink haired girl was being especially loud, striking poses as she shouted.

“Go Masaru!! Show that demon how the Warriors of Hope do things!!”

“Y-yeah! What Kotoko said!”

“Ew… Jataro, get your own lines. It’s gross sharing them with you!”

“Hehe… You called me gross, that’s the nicest thing anyone has told me!”

“It wasn’t supposed to be nice you dumby!!”

Now the two kids, Kotoko and Jataro, are in an argument about how dumb the masked kid is, while Juzo was slowly losing his patience as Masaru continued attacking his leg. It looked like the blue haired boy was trying to separate his two friends from fighting, but wound up getting dragged into complain about how ugly Jataro was. As this was all going on, Munakata suddenly bursts out laughing, turning everyone’s attention toward him. Juzo’s face immediately fills with worry as he makes his way over to his lover, leaving the kids really confused.

“Kyousuke?! Are you ok?! You’re laughing!! You never laugh! Should I take you to the hospital or something? Wait, it’d be faster by ambulance! This is an emergency!! Maybe I should call 911 for help!”

He reaches for his pocket, only to be stopped by a still giggling Munakata.

“Juzo, it’s alright. I’m fine so there’s no need to worry.”

Quickly Juzo becomes a blushing mess before turning his head away.

“I-I knew that already! I was just concerned for you is all! Idiot!!”

As the two continued their conversation that was slowly breaking down Juzo, the kids started their own side conversation.

“Hey Masaru, Nagisa, do you think they’re gonna… kiss?”

“There’s a chance, they do have a lover’s kind of aura around them.”

“Shut up with all that science poop Nagisa! You talk like a wiener! But yeah, they’ll probably kiss.”

“Kiss kiss kiss kiss!!!”

“Jataro shut up!! They’ll hear you!!”

“Kiss kiss kiss kiss!!”

“I told you to shut up!!”

Kotoko tried to cover Jataro’s mouth with her hands, which resulted in him licking them and her running around screaming, as he starts chanting again. Eventually Masaru joins the chant too, defiantly grabbing the couple’s attention. With the same smirk on his face, Munakata gives Juzo a small kiss on the cheek, causing Nagisa to cover his eyes nervously while everyone else shouted about how cool it was. Even Kotoko called it ‘totally adorbs’. As Juzo ascended into an even darker shade of red, Munakata slowly went up to his ear to say a short sentence.

“I think we found our new family.”

I don’t want to see another Democrat complain about third party voters “costing them the election” when almost 10% of them voted for Trump.

I am willing to be that that 9% is more than the all the third party votes combined. There were more Trump Democrats than Clinton Republicans, too.

Get your own house in order before throwing bricks at others.

[SG GO] Taking in preorders for VIXX new 4th mini album! 

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Being Sehun’s roommate would include:

Other Versions:  Baekhyun / Jongin / Kyungsoo / Chanyeol / Minseok / Jongdae / Yixing / Joonmyeon

  • Him being surprisingly considerate most of the time
  • But he draws a line when it comes to cleaning or sharing the mirror
  • So many sassy comments

“Where did you get those jeans from? Your mum’s closet?”

“Nope, yours.”

  • But if you got annoyed or felt hurt because of the comments he’d try to make up for it
  • Calling you ‘noona’ whether you’re older than him or not, just to annoy you or seem cuter
  • Him using aegyo to convince you to buy him things

“Noona, will you buy me bubble tea?”

“Sehun, no…No-Ugh fine!”

  • Sometimes he would wake up in a very good mood and make his bed as well as yours and probably cleaning the whole place before you get home, and then he would deny the whole thing if you asked
  • He’s the only one allowed to tease you. If any of the other boys even dare to make one comment, they’re in for a lecture

-pushing up his sleeves-“What did you just call her, hyung?”

  • He’s like a protective boyfriend or something tbh
  • Calling you strange pet names in public like ‘my bubbletea’ or something just to annoy you
  • Both of you forgetting to do the dishes
  • Welcoming Junmyeon to your home with open arms so he’d either clean your kitchen out of boredom or put Sehun back in his place
  • Sehun walking around the house and repeating his limited lines for the new comeback
  • He’d probably repeat the lines so many times that you’d eventually get the lines stuck in your own head for hours
  • Him buying you a turtle because “It reminded me of you. He’s slow like you.”
  • Whenever you feel down, he’d be the first one to know because you’re like an open book to him
  • Him buying you ice cream and stuff if you were feeling down and wanted something
  • Standing up for him when he feels a bit too shy to do so
  • Probably making stupid pacts at least once a month

“If neither of us get married before the age of 35, we’ll marry each other.”

“Why? Are you that in love with me?”

“No, I’m just worried you’ll stay forever lonely and become one of those cat ladies. It would be a shame really. I’m simply looking out for you.”

  • Putting a password on your phone would be pointless with him – he figures them all out
  • He often just borrows your phone and then when you get it back your background is a selfie of him, your lockscreen is a selfie of him, all of your phone contacts have new names and contact pictures are all of him
  • Your phone memory would probably be 60% Sehun’s selfies, 37% EXO songs and covers and then you’d have like 3% for your own things

“Sehun, why is my phone filled with your selfies again?”

“Why are you complaining? You should feel blessed!”

  • Once a week you delete his selfies and keep the ones that you think look extra handsome or derpy (for blackmail mostly)
  • Suho visiting more than not because in his mind Sehun is calmer and more nice to be around than around the rest of EXO
  • Having to treat Sehun like a child every once in a while
  • Lots of hugs
  • Him pretending to be your boyfriend whenever he sees a guy look at you in a certain way
  • After some flirting lessons from Jongdae and Jongin, as well as Yixing, he’d ask you out but he wouldn’t really pressure you. Rather he’d just be a little bitter if you declined.

“What are your plans for Friday night?”

“I haven’t got any…”

“Well, you could have plans if I was your boyfriend. But apparently I’m not good enough so…”

  • In conclusion, Sehun can be very annoying but at the same time he’s very nice and caring, as well as protective – all that would be doubled if you became his girlfriend.