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Sometimes you lose people, and there’s just nothing that you can do about it. Sometimes you lose something that you love. Sometimes you’re replaced by someone else and shifted to a not-so-important place in that one confidant’s heart. Sometimes relationships change and you end up feeling a little bit lonely. Sometimes you just aren’t the right fit, you just aren’t the soul that that other person needs.
—  🖤
Our dilemma is that we hate change and love it at the same time; what we really want is for things to remain the same but get better.
—  Sydney J. Harris
What Did You Say

(Bruce Wayne x Reader x Damian Wayne)

Summary: Damian swears in front of you and Bruce for the first time

Requested: yes, by the incredible @carryonmy-assbutt again

Request: Can I request prompt 13 “fuck, my tooth” as the first time damian swears in front of Bruce and Batmom? :3

Prompt: 13. “Fuck, my tooth!”

Warning/s: swearing

Authors note: PROMPT LIST! Request an imagine or a headcanon (x reader, personal one or OTP, whatever you want :D)

All of your kids have already swore in front of you and every one of them had an earful from you about it. You never expected your youngest bird to do it too, even though he was thirteen now he was still your babybird and nothing will change that.

It was a quiet morning, eating the breakfast Alfred and you put together, waiting for Bruce to come downstairs. As Bruce walked into the kitchen he was followed by his younger version a.k.a. Dami. You’ve seen pictures of Bruce in his age and you swear the two look exactly the same except for the eye colour and of course Damian’s beautiful bronze skin.

“Good morning love.” Bruce said and kissed you lovingly on the lips. “Good morning Ummi.” Damian said taking a seat and getting a piece of toast.

“Good morning Bruce, good morning Ibni.” You said to them both. You didn’t know Arabic much but you knew some of the words and phrases like mom, dad, son, daughter, family, ‘I love you’, ‘be safe’, and other. Of course learned from Damian. You and Bruce chatted about the date you planed for the weekend as the three of you ate breakfast.

“Fuck, my tooth!” You heard a cry coming from next to you. You snapped your head so quickly towards Damian that you could be faster than the speed of light. Your eyes were wide and your mouth hang a little. “Bruce?” He responded with a slight hum, “Please leave Damian and me alone for a while.” 

The Bat knew not to interfere with your wish, he knew Damian was in trouble since you hardly used his name, it was either ‘baby’ or ‘Ibni’ when you talked about or to Damian. Bruce left the kitchen but was preparing his own speech for Damian and swearing.

“What did you say Damian?” You asked him slowly and moving closer to him. Damian was unlikely afraid of anything but he was sure afraid of you in this moment.

“I-I am so sorry Ummi, I wasn’t thinking about what I was saying.”

“Damian I realise you’re a teenager now and you’re growing up but I do not wish to hear that kind of language from my baby.”

“I am still very sorry about that mom. It’s just the stupid toast messed up my tooth and it hurt like a bit- a lot.” Damian said with an innocent smile on his face at almost saying another bad word.

“Well don’t worry about that baby, once you go to your father and get your lesson from him we will take you to the dentist,” you smiled at him, “Also you’re grounded for a week. No Robin.”

Damian looked at you in disbelief, “But Ummi!”

“No but’s and if you think it’s not fair just know that you’re not the only one who gets punished, you should see what I do to Jaybird.” You smirked.

“Something tells me I do not wish to know.” Damian said as he got up to go and look for his father.

“Smart boy.” Was all you could say to yourself.

Mafia!Jungkook Imagine Pt.3


Part 1// Part 2// Part 3

The brown haired guy stood up and slowly walked to the door. You shuddered,  finally noticing how cold it actually was. You tried not to think of anything. You tried not to think about how your life as a sniper would be. Suddenly, you saw that the Mafia guy had turned around and was looking at you with a strange expression. Now you where the one raising one eyebrow.

“Ah, and (Y/N)… I’m not supposed to tell you, but… As soon as I leave this room and tell my boss about your decision, the bomb in your parents house will be activated.”

You felt your heart drop as your eyes grew wide in shock. He walked on, grabbed the doorknob and opened the door…


“Wait. WAIT!!!”, you screamed in panic.

The guy turned around, smiling in triumph.

“Welcome to the Mafia, (Y/N). I’m Jungkook and I’ll be your teacher for the next months.”


The next thing you knew, you woke up in a quite normal, clean room. No weapons, no dangerous looking people, and- at least seemingly- no cameras. Not that you expected all those things, but you had to make sure. You didn’t remember how you got here, maybe they used drugs… In the end you probably didn’t even wanna know. There was nothing you could do- Besides then waiting for someone to get you out. And it wasn’t going to be the police, even if you hoped so. You stood up and walked up and down in the small room. Maybe it was like a hostel room or something, they wouldn’t bring you to an actual Mafia building, would  they? In the end you still were an police officer! You searched the room for anything suspicious, or at least a hint, but you couldn’t find anything. Just an average hostel room. Without a phone, of course. That would’ve been way to easy. 

You thought about Jungkook and his words. Teaching you? What the hell was he going to teach you? You already knew how to handle a pistol and you weren't going to let him teach you how to kill people. Definietly not. You sighed. It’s not like you were actually going to be a part of the mafia… Right? Hopefully you would know soon. Right now there were way to much questions flying around in your head. But even more importantly, you had to find a way to escape.

Suddenly, without any warning, the door swung open with a loud bang. You jumped. What the hell!? Didn’t that person know how to knock? Did they come to hurt you?  You turned around,a little bit scared but also curious about the person. You somehow expected Jungkook to be standing there, but that wasn’t the case. In fact, a blonde, young girl was standing in the doorframe. She seemed way to young for the mafia, not even the tons of dark make up would hide that. But there was something about her that seemed strange-  like, really out of place. She was smiling widely. She didn’t seem dangerous at all, not like someone who’d kill people. More like… a bunny? Before you could say anything, she spoke up.

“Hey there, I’m Lisa. So your the newbie? I’m kinda new too!”, she said, still grinning. You didn’t know why, but she seemed quite nice. You couldn’t help it, you instantly liked her. You stared at her until you realized she was probably expecting an answer. 

“Yeah, I guess? I don’t really know…”, you answered, shrugging your shoulders.

Lisa just kept on smiling. She probably knew everything about you anyways. At least she seemed to know why you were here.

“So, (Y/N)! Jungkook told me to get you. Your lesson is going to start soon. But, If I’m honest…”, she said while eyeing you up and down,  “You can’t go like this. I’ll give you better clothes.”

With that, she simply walked to the closet, leaving you perplexed. You hadn't even checked the closet yet, thinking about it. She took out a black, tight jeans and a black tank top. Without saying anything she gave you the clothes. Then, she motioned you to change. However, Lisa didn’t turn around. She was just standing there, looking at you with a more and more confused expression. Would she be, like… watching you? That was quite strange. You didn’t even know her.

“What are you waiting for? Jungkook’s waiting. Can’t say he likes to wait.”, Lisa said with furrowed eyebrows.

“Can you just turn around?”, you asked awkwardly.

Lisa laughed quietly, making her nose crincle a little bit. She was getting kind of strange. But what did you expect? This wasn’t just some random hotel and she wasn’t just some random girl.

“I mean, sure, I can! But the two of us will be getting pretty close. There’s simply no other way. So why don’t why start right now?”.

Luckily, she turned around anyways and you  quickly changed your clothes, checking them for anything strange before wiggling into them. You were happy to finally have fresh clothes, you definietly didn’t expect to get some. They were quite tight, but that was probably normal, looking at Lisas outfit.

“I’m ready, Lisa… So, what now?”.

Lisa just nodded and took your hand, pulling you out of the room. You didn’t make the effort to close it, there wasn’t anything in there anyways.

She leaded you trough a row of lonely corridors. You were actually in a small hotel, but it appeared to be abandoned. The wallpaper was already removed from some parts of the wall and the carpets were stiff from dirt. Great. That wasn’t helping you at all. You couldn’t remember any abandoned building in your city. At least you knew it was evening, since the sun was just going down and the last golden sunbeams were drawing flickering patterns on the floor. If your heart wouldn’t pound like crazy, maybe it would’ve been pretty. But in the end you were being kidnapped and some strange mafia guy was probably trying to make you kill people. You weren’t looking forward to meeting him at all. Yes, maybe you should just try and run from Lisa. But she really seemed to know this building, there was no way you could escape right now. Maybe you should try and get her to trust you. Maybe she could help you out.

After what felt like an eternity, Lisa and you entered a big hallway. At least it was big compared to your room. The dark red carpet here looked way cleaner than in the rest of the hotel and warm, yellow light from some plastic candlesticks made the room appear somewhere near cozy. You heart was still pounding. It was so loud, there was no way Lisa wouldn’t here it. She turned around to you and pointed at a big wooden door.

“This way. This room once was the dining hall, now rookies get trained there. Jungkooks waiting. I think he’s alone, the others are already outside or in their rooms. Just in case you need me, my room is number 233. You’ll… find that somehow I guess. Bye, (Y/N). Good luck.”

You quickly nodded, and before you could ask anything or say thank you, she ran off. Amazing. Now you truly were alone. But you were quite sure running away made no sense. Especially since they didn’t make a big deal out of the black cameras that were installed everywhere.You would’ve no chance. And with that, there was only one option left.

Go trough that door. Face your kidnapper. And let him teach you god knows what.


The door was quite heavy, but you were able to open it. You closed it behind you, trying to be as quite as possible. You didn’t want to to get more attention than necessary. You looked around the big room. It was painted white and the floor was made out of dark wood, but the walls seemed to be isolated with a soundproofing material. God, you never knew the mafia was that advanced. The police didn’t even know half of the truth. They actually thought, the mafia was only hanging around in dilapidated, old houses near the city. That’s what you used to believe. But in fact, they were training rookies in proffessional soundproof rooms. Nobody would believe you, even if you told them!

Besides a few chairs at the side of the room, it was completely empty. No tables, no sofas, nothing. It didn’t seem like a place to learn shooting. And you couldn’t spot any blood on the walls. You had to check, just in case. Maybe you were a little scared too. Who wouldn’t be? The scariest thing was, that the room was completely lonely. No people. Especially no Jungkook, even though he was supposed to be here. You stepped further into the hall. Where would he be? He couldn’t hide in here. Should you go and search for Lisa? Or try to run away?

“GOT you. Watch out, cop girl. Your potentially dead now.”

You couldn’t restrain a high pitched scream as a cold hand landed on your shoulder. You spun around and jumped away, just out of reflex. Now your heart was truly going wild. Where the hell had he come from?

“Jungkook. Damn, can’t you announce yourself like a normal human being?”, you asked, still a little bit out of breath from the shock. He just watched you with an amused expression. His hair was messy, and instead of the suit he was wearing at the bar, he was know wearing black sweatpants and a white shirt. You had to admit he wasn’t even that intimidating, and he was actually really handsome. He looked like a normal young adult. You just wished you could punch that evil smile out of his face.

“Where did you even come from? Did you stick on the ceiling?”, you asked, trying to hide the fear that was still lingering in your bones.

The smile on his face grew even wider.

“Maybe. So, (Y/N). I see you already grew some confidence. But for the next few hours, you better just forget about your funny little attitude. Your head needs to be free from thoughts, you need to concentrate.”

You silently scoffed.  Was he actually telling you to not be confident?  Not like you were in the beginning. You just acted like it.

“What if I don’t?”. You didn’t even know  where those sassy words came from. They just came to your head. Considering the situation you were in you should’ve probably stayed silent. Maybe it was because you hated to be bossed around. Maybe because you were scared for what was to come.

But Jungkook wasn’t really angry, he just shrugged his shoulders.

“Not my choice. May hurt a little bit though, sweetie.”

Oh god. What in the world was he planning to do? You didn’t want to concentrate, right now you just wanted to get out. And get away from him. You took a step back. Jungkook just came even closer and started talking.

“As you already know, your training as a part of the mafia starts now. And since I’m not dumb enough to give you a weapon, we’ll start with physical training. You need to be prepared for everything, even as a sniper. Well, I just don’t know how advanced you are. So shall we just start and test that? It’s easy. Just try not to get hit.”

You gulped. Was he joking? Physical Training? Like, punching and kicking and stuff? You eyed his arm muscles. Jesus. There was no way  you would even last 5 seconds fighting against him. Your eyes grew wide as he slowly came closer. He wasn’t joking at all. You didn’t need to think about your next step. There was only one way for you. Ignoring the fact that you were really making a fool out of yourself, you just tried to run away to the other side of the room. He may be strong, but was he faster than you?

“Oh come on, that’s not fair. Don’t act like a scared bunny.”

The next thing you knew, he had thrown you over his shoulder. Damn. He WAS faster than you.

“What the hell are you two doing? Play tagging? Can I play along?”.

The sudden deep voice startled you and you wiggled yourself out of Jungkooks sharp grip. A young man was standing about 5 metres from you, holding a file. Big glasses were laying on his nose. He looked like a scientist. A big, boxy smile made him look really cute.

“No, Taehyung… I told you I have to train her. What are you even doing here, aren’t you supposed to mix drugs or stuff?”

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Don’t get your hopes up babygirl, they will just have that much farther to fall .
—  5 am thoughts

Tbh, it was far better that Roan came up with the conclave idea rather than Clarke. If a new culture is to be reborn out of this apocalypse, the Grounders need to be the ones moved to change, not forced by someone who doesn’t really know their culture. 

Roan was the one to come up with the third way this time: not full out war (like the grounders wanted) and not full out peace w/ a side of sacrilege (like Clarke wanted), instead a balance: one death versus thousands, heck, it’s good politics (right, Roan?). And, in the end, that was best. 

In retrospect, I liked this development… but Clarke still has a lesson to learn this season, otherwise I’ll be giving up on my heroine here (I’m sure she’ll learn it… I think. Sometimes I don’t know with these writers, tbh). 

guitar center Josh

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reader x josh: you take an interest in drums, so you go to the local music store to get lessons. but your hormones take more of an interest in your smoking hot instructor.

ps - i know absolutely nothing about drumming or how music lessons go, so forgive me any musicians out there >.< i specialize in smut ok 


“hi, my name is josh dun. i’ll be your drum instructor.” josh greets you with a friendly smile, shaking your hand. right away, you vaguely recognize him as the passionate drummer in “house of heroes” and your muscles go weak. you vividly remember him drumming his heart out, his passion outshining the other guys in the group and turning your insides to mush. 

“hey aren’t you the drummer in house of heroes?” you ask impulsively. you flush at the devilish little smirk he gives you, hoping he didn’t think you were a stalker. 

“you know our band? usually people don’t pay attention to drummers” he jokes. 

“yeah…i um, seen you playing at battle of the bands against that other group, uh…” the name slips your mind, but you remember the singer being equally as passionate and outshining the other group members. 

“twenty one pilots!! yeah, those guys are…amazing, especially tyler. that boy can rap, and his energy levels are just…” he trails off, switching gears in his brain “anyway, it says here we meet at 4 pm on tuesdays and thursdays for half an hour, so we better get started.” 

josh leads you to the drums set up in the back of the store. you realize that unsurprisingly on a rainy tuesday evening, the store is practically empty. when his back is turned, your eyes explore his entire frame from his dark curls and broad shoulders, down to his muscular forearms and ass when he bends over to grab the sticks. josh breaks the ice before your mind starts playing tricks on you, and you curse yourself for fantasizing at a time like this. 

“i’m just going to run through the different parts of the instrument real quick, this is the high hat, this is the bass drum, these are the cymbals…” he continues going through the parts, giving each a tap with the stick so you can hear how each one sounds. 

“ok, now i’ll just demonstrate a simple beat before having you jump right into it. then i’ll let you try it, and we can pick up from there.” he explains, and you nod in understanding, standing in front of him and paying attention. he slowly sets a drumming pattern, relatively simple compared to what you’ve seen him do. but he still gets into it, and you think ahh that’s easy, i can do that. 

“now your turn” he said, smiling kindly and standing from the seat. you take the seat, he hands you the sticks, and suddenly you become aware that you have no idea what to do. you don’t want to make a fool of yourself in front of a drummer, nonetheless one you have a crush on. 

“it’s alright, i don’t expect you to get it on the first try. we all gotta start somewhere. just test it out so we can see where you’re at” he said, sensing your hesitation. you nod your head, taking a deep breath before straightening your back and raising your sticks. little do you know, josh isn’t thinking about what a dumb newbie you are. he’s thinking about how he can get you more relaxed, because he’s incredibly interested. he thinks about asking you to come to his show, buying you a drink, and getting to know you better. you perform an uncoordinated replication of his beat, obviously overthinking it. you feel like he’s judging your lack of skill, but his eyes are glossing over all your physical features. he’s biting his bottom lip imagining all the possible scenarios. but he’s broken out of his spell when you slam your sticks down in frustration. 

“i’m a total idiot. i can’t do two different things at once, i’ll never get this” you sigh, completely disappointed in yourself. you actually start tearing up and try to look away because you don’t want him to see you being emotionally vulnerable. 

to your surprise, he comes around behind you and starts rubbing up and down your arms. you feel like you should be alarmed, but it actually relaxes you. so much that your eyes almost rolled back from the feeling of euphoria. you actually suppress a moan when you imagine how easy it’d be for him to simply cup your breasts from this position. oh my god, his hands are fucking magic you think to yourself. 

“shhh, shh you are definitely not an idiot. i had the same problems at first. really, it just takes getting used to, but i need you to trust me and not think i’m judging you. i really want you to learn, okay?” he reassures. he internally celebrates that you’re holding still and letting him touch you. 

“okay” you say, nodding your head and letting out a shaky breath. 

“so, you trust me?”


“good, pick up your sticks and lets see if we can get the pattern.” he instructs. once you’re holding the sticks, he leans over you and holds your hands with the sticks. 

“sorry, this is the best way i could think of” he said in an unmistakably sultry voice. he was even surprised at himself for this move. 

“mmm” you respond, totally unable to concentrate with the feel of him pressed up against your back and holding your hands. you try not to shake, but he has you literally trembling with how submissive you felt at that moment. you couldn’t help but imagine him taking you from behind, and it would be easy with how wet you were. he begins to guide you like this, but you’re no longer suppressing your desires. 

“oh my god, josh” you breathe, rocking back in your seat and pressing against him. he lets go of your hands and you drop your sticks, turning around in your seat. he takes your face in his hands and presses his lips to yours and you can feel the lust in his kiss. you’re aware of how he’s standing between your legs, and you happened to be wearing a black leather mini skirt that day. lucky you remembered to wear panties so he didn’t think you had planned this. you moan into his kiss, hands stroking down his sides and to his hips. you tug at the waistband of his jeans and he grunts, pulling away to undo his jeans. the kindness in his eyes was replaced with this dark, brooding stare. he leaves his jeans unfastened and lifts you up from your seat, and you instinctively wrap your arms and legs around him. he carries you back to the storage room. 

“i wanted to fuck you as soon as i laid eyes on you” josh admitted as he pushed you against the wall. you allowed yourself to be pinned and ravaged by his hands all over your body. he groped your tits before pulling your shirt up and burying his face in your cleavage. you lifted your arms so he could pull it off, then fumbled with your bra strap. you chuckled a little at his frustration and reached behind yourself to unclasp it, and he practically ripped it off you. he didn’t hesitate to dip his head down, licking your nipple and sucking it in his mouth almost painfully hard. you moan, running both your hands through his curls and grinding yourself against his knee between your legs. 

“mmm you like that, huh” he growled, that coy smirk returning to his face. you knew it was more of a statement than a question. 

“yes, more please” you whimper, panting from how he’s still groping your tits. almost as a reward, he helps you rub against his knee and you grip his biceps for support. 

“would you like me to eat your pussy?” he murmurs in your ear before leaving love-bites on your neck, holding the skin between his perfect teeth. you swear that was the most beautiful words you ever heard come from anyone’s mouth and give the sluttiest moan imaginable. that pretty much gave him the answer. 

“uuhhhh god josh, please” you beg, squeezing his biceps harder when his teeth clamp down. you feel your heart racing and all the blood rushing between your legs. he gently licks over the teeth marks in your skin and you soften up on your grip, allowing him to pepper quick little kisses down your stomach until he’s kneeling below you. 

“let’s see how wet you are for me” he said, pushing your tight skirt up your thighs to your waist. he was met with lacy red panties. 

“sexy” he complimented, bringing his fingers up to trace along the top. you shudder from his breath fanning against your bare thighs and instinctively spread your legs wider, giving him permission. 

“well what’s this?” josh smirked, fingers tracing from your clit down to a wet spot that soaked through. he put pressure there, massaging little circles until you were crying out and bucking your hips. 

“fuck, josh fuck fuck” you whisper, panting and unable to form any words from how aroused you are.  

“i’m getting to it. i love you moaning my name like that, baby” he chuckled deeply, hooking his fingers into your panties and pulling them down. he’s purposefully taking his time to tease you and knows you’re in too vulnerable of a state to do anything about it. you step out of your panties when he gets them to your feet and he tosses them aside. you feel exposed to the cool air, and he took a moment to look you over. his first instinct is to place sloppy, wet kisses towards your inner thighs to torment you until you’re shaking and spreading your legs even wider. he lifted one of your legs to place over his back and slide his ring and middle fingers inside you. you gasp, the sudden intrusion giving you instant relief and something clamp around. he pumped them a few times before spreading you open with his thumb. he licked from where his fingers were inside you to your swollen clitoris and honed in on it. 

“damn baby, you taste so sweet. and you’re so pink. i could eat your delicious pussy for hours” josh moaned, pulling out his fingers and sucking off your juices. you watch him with your mouth agape and your head rolled back against the wall as he slid them back in you. he sucked your inner labia before flicking his tongue directly over your clit, causing you to twitch involuntarily. that familiar feeling began pooling in your lower stomach as he relentlessly lapped at your clit.

“josh, you’re gonna make me cum” you moaned breathlessly, gyrating against his tongue. 

“fuck, that’s so hot baby. cum all over my tongue” he talked with his mouth to your pussy so you could feel his breaths. his tongue slid into your hole with his fingers and that sent you over the edge, contracting violently around them. he wiggled his fingers inside you, pressing his lips to your clit to suck gently, which intensified your orgasm. it’s so good, you doubled over and he caught you while standing back up. he wrapped his hand around your throat and kissed you, full of tongue so you could taste yourself in his mouth. 

“good girl” he praised while shifting his pants and briefs off his hips to free his throbbing erection. he lifted you up again, backing you to the wall as he guided his cock to your sloppy entrance. you braced yourself, wrapping your arms around his neck as he slowly entered you. your eyes rolled back as he slid deeper, stretching you out until he was pushed all the way to the hilt. you drop your head back, exposing your throat, which he licked and kissed immediately. as you adjusted around his girth, you realize josh’s cock is the biggest you’ve had. when he began humping you, your body became engulfed in flames and your mind shut off.

“fuck me josh, yes, please, harder!” you scream as he bounced you on his cock. you held on to him for dear life, squeezing your legs around his waist to pull him deeper. he was panting against your neck, making these guttural sounds that let you know he was feeling it just as much as you were. 

“damn baby girl, your pussy grips my dick like no other” he whispered, pounding into you to punctuate it. you whined and bit down on his shoulder, digging your heels into his ass. 

“i’m slipping” you whimpered, still grinding your dripping pussy on his cock. 

“i got you, baby. here” he said, pulling you away from the wall and easing you down on the floor. he never pulled out of you, and as soon as he laid you on your back, he was able to fuck you more freely without the restrictions of gravity. your hands clawed at his shirt, trying to pull it off. he supported himself on one arm, pulling his shirt over his head and sitting back on his knees. he wrapped his arms around your thighs as leverage to yank you to him, forcing a strangled sound from your throat at how swiftly he entered you. he resumed his thrusting, watching how you were writhing and arching your back each time he entered you. from the angle, he was hitting all the right spots in you and you were able to drool over his hot chest and abs while he fucked you. that’s when it hit you that your hot drum instructor was owning you right there on the floor and you moaned. 

“h-harder, fuck me harder, josh” you pleaded, and josh grinned at the opportunity to make you beg. 

“oh, you want it rough? how bad you want it, slutty princess?” he asked. 

“so bad, josh, please just give it to me” you begged, bucking your hips the best you could. he held onto your thighs tighter, pinning you down. 

“that’s right. i’m the only one that can give it to you like this, remember that” josh said, pulling back until he was barely inside you before slamming into you. it forced another scream from your throat and you cried for him to keep going, voice already hoarse. 

“you’re the only one” you repeated, bringing your fingers down to rub your clit as you felt your climax approaching. you paid attention to the obscene sounds of his skin slapping against yours and his sexy little grunts. before you know it, another orgasm is rushing through your body and you’re twisting in pleasure with high, needy moans pouring from your mouth. 

“fuck, that’s so sexy” josh huffed, watching you fall apart for him yet again, “where do you want me to cum?” he asked. 

“cum inside me, josh. i want you to fill me up” you answered, and he raised an eyebrow. 

“don’t worry, i’m on birth control” you said, smiling at him and licking your lips. he nodded his head and sped his hips up, thrusting with vigor and purpose. 

“you want it in you, damn, i’m gonna give it to you baby” he said, letting go of your thighs and moving to rest his body back on top of you. a moment later his hips slowed considerably and he was cumming inside you with moans of your name on his lips. you hugged his body tighter to you, running your hands over his back as he pumped you slowly through his own slickness. he remained on top of you, softly kissing your lips and neck until both your breathing went back to normal and his dick softened. 

“oh my god” you said, breaking the comfortable silence. 

“yeah” josh said, laughing. the kindness returned to his eyes and he seemed exactly like how you first met him. only difference was now, he was finally pulling out of you and wiping his cum off your lower lips with your own panties. 

“umm…we’ll just hide these back here. so, see you thursday?” josh said, winking. you laughed as you were putting your clothes back on. 

“it’s a date” you said, kissing him on the lips before heading out of the back of the store. 


also here’s this interview of josh talking about drums 😍


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It was getting late. Your last lesson was supposed to start at 10 and you had agreed in meeting one last person but the guy wasn’t showing up. Your friend had told you about his co-worker wanting to take Tango classes, but you had rent the place for a couple of hours, and it was closing soon.

Tango was more than a dance for you. It was like a language, something silent between two people trying to connect. 

But this guy was taking it lightly, thinking that maybe you had all the time in the world. 

 You started stretching, your body already getting tense from all the lessons you already did today and a couple of minutes later, a knock on the door made you raise your head. 

 A guy was standing in front of you, his breath short and forehead damp with perspiration. 

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Kiss me

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Words: 1250
A/N: So.. i never had any kind of romantic relationship, i don’t know how to flirt. I don’t know anything. So please bear with me for trying hahah, i had to look most of it up online… really hope you like it. xx

You sat at the steps of the stairway in the center of the institute, looking at your twin brother and your little sister, talking with Jace. You have just come home from a mission, and the demons your fought off stabbed you with its venomous tail. So you were currently healing while the others began to plan the next one. You just kept looking at the boy with the golden hair. 

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Time After Time (Part 3 of 10)

Summary: AU. When the reader’s parents divorce, her mother moves her to a new town, right next door to Bucky Barnes. This is their love story.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 1,276

Warnings: fluff, tw: car accident near-miss, excessive longing

A/N:  Driving is hard. Crushes are worse.

Tags: @re2d2 @the-girl-with-no-plan

Part 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6a - 6b - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10

Age 16

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Finally (Lin x Reader)

Trigger Warnings: School, Fluff


Universe: High School!AU

Description: You are the new teacher in your old high school and meet an old friend.

Words: 1465 (I got a bit carried away…)

Y/N … Your Name


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This is it. Your first day as teacher in your old high school. You smile as the memories of your time here go through your head. You don´t know why, but you always liked the thought of becoming a teacher, so you became one. You walk down the halls and past the lockers. Then, you see the little plaque, which always hung there, saying: Teachers´ Lounge

You step closer to the door and open it. You walk in and go to your table.

“Hi! You must be the new teacher! I´m Lin.”, you hear someone say behind you. You turn around and your eyes meet with big, brown ones. “Y/N? You´re the new teacher?” Lin asks you.

“Lin! Long time, no see! I didn´t know you´re a teacher here!” You laugh and embrace your old high school friend.

He hugs you back. “Yeah… I couldn´t leave this place. Too many memories!”

“That´s the reason I came back, too.” You smile up to him. “So… What´s your subject?,” you ask him after a short silence.

“I´m the English teacher here. And you?”

“I´m the new history teacher.” You answer.

“Of course! What else…,” he trails off.

“What do you mean by that?” you ask him, smirking.

“Well, you WERE the history nerd, back in our times here!” he laughs as he crosses his arms in front of his chest.

“I guess…,” you fake a pout, but soon start laughing with Lin. You don´t notice how all the other teachers look at you with a side-eye.

Two weeks after you came back to your school as teacher, you and Lin sit in your apartment and grade papers. You groan as you come to a particular paper from one of your student. Lin puts his work away and looks at you.

“Hey. Is everything okay?” He asks you, frowning.

“Yeah… It´s just so frustrating! My students never listen, even though they say they listen! But if I give them a bad grade, they think that I don´t like them… I thought this would be easier.” You tell him, putting your head on the table.

Lin stands up and walks over to your side of the table and crouches next to you.

“I know, it´s hard. But if they don´t listen to you, it´s their fault! ,” he tries to encourage you.

Suddenly, he jumps up. You quickly look up to him, his eyes twinkling.

“I have an idea! Remember the project I told you about? The songs about Hamilton? ,” he practically shouts.

You slowly stand up.

“Yeah? What about it?”

“We could teach, with the help of the songs, about the history of Alexander Hamilton! A-And the students could learn them for English! What do you think?!”

You look to the ground and think about it. Slowly, you look at him, with a smile on your face.

“Let´s do it!”

The principal agrees with the idea and soon, Lin and you start to prepare for your next lesson.

“Good morning class!” You walk into your classroom, with the students still talking and texting with different people. The only student who´s not loud, is Grace. She is a very shy girl and sits in the front row. Her brown, straight hair is in a pony-tail. She´s the only one who notices that today, there are two teachers instead of one.

Lin clears his throat loudly and the class goes quiet. You look back to Lin and thank him with a nod. He nods back at you.

You greet the class again, and this time they greet back.

“So, today, Mr. Miranda is going to be here and we´ll combine our subjects today. As some of you know, Mr. Miranda started writing a musical about one of our founding fathers, Alexander Hamilton…” You are interrupted by a student in the back.

“Boring! ,” he yells trough the class and everyone, except Grace, laugh with him.

You ignore the kid and look over your shoulder and meet with Lin´s eyes. His eyes are full of disappointment and he looks to the ground. You turn back to the class and continue explaining the task.

“Where was I? Oh, right! Mr. Miranda wrote a musical, and we´re going to go into different groups, each group will learn a song from the musical and preform it at the end of the week. The group that´s able to sing their song by heart at the end of the week, will get a prize!”

You´re amazed that you´re able to talk without getting interrupted again. Meanwhile, Lin writes a list with the names of the songs he wrote.

“Ok, get in your groups and sit down when you´re done.”

For five minutes it´s very loud in the classroom as the students find partners to sing with. The class grows quiet and the only person left is Grace.

“Grace, you don´t have a group. Should I put you in one? ,” you ask her. Before you can finish the question, the whole class gasps.

Grace sighs: “No, it´s ok… I´ll just sing one by myself.”

“Oh…,” you hesitate, “Ok.”

The bell rings and Lin writes down all the names and the groups.

“It seems like they´re excited!” you smile to Lin on your way to your car.

He bounces up and down.

“It seems like YOU´RE excited!” you laugh and stop in your tracks.

He stops too and starts laughing with you.

“Yeah! I mean, it´s not every day that our students want to sing in front of the whole class!”

You both laugh.

“I think, we´re gonna nail this!”

At the end of the week you get ready for the ´singing contest´ in your classroom.

You notice how all your students quietly sit at their spot, except some of the girls, who try to stifle their giggles.

Lin nudges your side, you look at him and see that excitement, and something you can´t identify, in his eyes.

“Okay class, let´s start with the competition!”

Every group has their turn and the only person left is Grace. She stands up, goes to the front of the class and whispers the song in your ear.


You think it´s the most difficult song in the whole musical and are worried that Grace can´t sing it and that her classmates will make even more fun of her.

Even though you´re worried, you press play and hear the first notes of the song.

You can´t believe what happens next! Grace, the most shy student you´ve ever met, belts the rhymes of the rap out like it depends on her life! And everything is perfect!

After Grace finishes, the whole classroom is quiet.

Then, a boy in the back slowly starts to clap. Soon, the whole class applauds Grace and chants her name. She blushes and makes her way to her seat, but you grab her arm softly and shout through the class.

“I think we have a winner! Congratulations Grace! You´ll get your prize after the lesson.”

She smiles and nods.

“Wait, wait, wait! ,” Lin shouts through the class.

You´re confused and turn towards him.

“What´s wrong?” you ask.

“You can´t announce a winner before all the contestants sang a song. ,” he told you.

You raise your eyebrow as the class starts to giggle.

“But, everyone had his turn already, Lin.” You answer a bit confused.

He doesn´t answer you and only turns on a song from Hamilton, one of your favorite songs. You smile as you hear the first few tones.


What you don´t expect, Lin singing to the lyrics.

“Then you walked in and my heart went boom!”

He winks at you and you notice the blush creeping up your face.

“Try ‘in to catch your eye from the Teachers´ Lounge.”

You realize that he changed the text to the song he´s singing and blush even harder, hearing the class rejoice.

“Everybody´s drinking coffee and the radio´s low volume. Laugh about the tests as we wine and dine, grab our colleagues and whisper: Yo, this one´s mine!”

Your eyes turn big at his last sentence and he ends the song.

“So, what do you say Y/N? Would you be the Eliza to my Alexander? ,” he asks you, eyes full of hope.

You just stare at him and you can see his eyes fill with worry. Then, you smirk.

“I´m Helpless! ,” you sing.

He turns to you, picks you up and presses a lingering kiss on your lips. You feel him smile and you have to smile too. Both of you forget about the student around you. A girl in the front row mumbles.


The whole class erupts in laughter and Lin and you become aware of your surroundings. You end the kiss and stare into each other’s eyes, smiling.

Yes, finally…

A/N: So, my first Lin x Reader fanfic with Teacher!LIN and Teacher!Reader. I hope you liked it. I don´t know what I´m gonna do next, but yeah, I´ll look…

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De-stressor (Eunwoo Smut)

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You were kneeling on your chair, reaching over your desk to grab the notebook your best friend had stolen from you. 

“Nari, how many times have I told you to ask me if you can borrow my notes, not just take them?” you retorted.

She giggled and flashed you an apologetic smile. 

“I’m sorry, Y/N,” she pouted.

You shot her a look of disapproval, though you both knew you were only kidding. Just as you were about to say something to Nari, the teacher sauntered into the classroom. The class president immediately stood up behind you and formally welcomed the teacher, just as he always did. 

Cha Eun Woo, prettier than all the girls in your school and brainier than nearly all the teachers in your school. Although he was the closest to perfect, he always found a way to get on your nerves.

During the lesson, your friend decided to start passing you notes. Great.

“Nari, stop it,” you whispered, lowering your head in an attempt to hide from the teacher. 

“Miss Y/N, do you have something to share with the class?” the teacher boomed, drawing attention to you.

“N-no, I’m sorry.” 

You lowered your eyes and felt your face flush. You also made a mental note to punch Nari after class; it was her fault, after all. As you were beginning to relax, you heard a small snicker from behind you and turned your head to find a smiling Eun Woo. You scowled at him before diverting your attention to the front of the class. 

Class continued and before you knew it, the class was to depart to gym. As your hands searched your backpack for your gym clothes, Mr. Nam’s voice rose in protest. 

“Y/N, why don’t you stay here and clean the classroom? I believe you deserve some sort of punishment for always interrupting my lectures.” 

You slouched back onto your seat. Fuck. Why did he hate you so much?

As the students fled the classroom, you stayed behind and started sweeping under the desks. You noticed the class president had stayed behind as well. 

“What are you still doing here?” you pondered aloud, actually curious as to why he chose to stay. 

“I’m studying, can’t you see? You should as well,” he responded, not once looking up from his book. 

You sighed and marched back to your seat, which so happened to be right in front of his. He wasn’t wrong; you could really utilize this time to study because you needed a spot in the top five by the end of the month. You carefully took your science book out of your backpack and set it in front of you. You flipped the pages to chapter eleven and began reviewing the material for the upcoming test.

After several minutes of reading, Eun Woo stood up and casually made his way over to the front of your desk. 

“May I help you?” you asked as you kept your eyes glued to the words in the book. 

He gently placed his hands on your desk and crouched to lower himself to your eye level. Your eyes shot up from your book and met Eun Woo’s dark, alluring stare. 

“What if we take a break from studying?” he suggested.

His gaze never faltered and you began to feel your face heat up once more. He had never been this close to you. Sure, you didn’t actually like him but nonetheless, he was stunning.

“I can’t afford it, I’m not in first place like you are,” you remarked, focusing your eyes on the words in the book.

He snatched your book and slammed it shut. 

“What are you doing?” you glowered at him. 

A second passed and his lips were pressed against yours. He kissed you hungrily and you were too confused to react. His lips hesitantly parted from yours and you observed desperation in his expression. 

“Why aren’t you kissing me back, Y/N?”

“Why are you even doing this, Eun Woo?” 

He smirked and shoved his hands in his pockets. 

“Y/N, you’re always teasing me. If anything, you want this as much as I do.” 

You became silent, unsure of what he meant. He noticed the muddled look on your face and began to speak once more.

“You always kneel on top of your chair and lean forward, which causes your skirt to ride up and your underwear and ass to show. Whenever I ask you a question, you always prop up on your forearms and lean too to the front, allowing me to see down your shirt. You have dropped I don’t know how many goddamn pencils in front of me this past semester. You want me, admit it Y/N!” 

You gaped at him, in complete disbelief of his accusations. Never were any of those things intentional. All this time, you were oblivious to the fact that you were riling up the boy sitting behind you. 

A thought surfaced as you took in the information he had just revealed. Why not have some fun with Eun Woo and tease him a bit more?

“I admit it. I do want you.” 

Eun Woo’s eyes widened and a rose tint crept over his cheeks. I don’t think he was expecting this reaction from you, but you pressed on. You bit your lips seductively and stared him down. 

“Eun Woo, I want you to fuck me on the teacher’s desk right now.” 

He could no longer meet your eyes. 

With his eyes fixated on the floor, he began to speak, his voice growing dangerously low. 

“Y/N, you think I won’t do it right?” 

You scoffed and stood from your seat.

“Of course you won’t, you’re the class president and the school’s goody two shoes.”

With that, he had you pinned against the wall. His cold hands held your heated cheeks and his lips pressed against yours. Although you were completely taken aback by his actions, a part of you desired him, so you kissed back. Cherry-colored lips moving against strawberry-flavored lips turned into a war of warm tongues. His hands moved to the buttons of your shirt while yours slid down to his pants. He was successful in unbuttoning the first three buttons before his fingers crept down to your skirt. You gasped against his lips as his long fingers ran up and down your exposed thighs. He smiled against your lips and moved his hands to your ass. He squeezed and slapped your ass before leaving your lips. He took your hand in his and led you to the front of the classroom.

“You said you wanted me to fuck you on the teacher’s desk, so that’s exactly what we’re going to do.” 

Again, his lips reattached themselves to yours and he lifted you onto the teacher’s desk. His silky lips placed kisses down your jaw and onto your neck as his hands found themselves tangled in the hem of your skirt. He finished unbuttoning your shirt and began to kiss down your breasts and stomach. His fingers had long stopped playing with your skirt and had moved onto the thin fabric of your underwear where his fingers teasingly grazed over your clothed heat. 

“Tell me exactly what you want, princess,” he breathed onto your neck. 

“I want your fingers inside me, Eun Woo,” you said, your voice a hushed whisper.

“Do you want my tongue inside you too?” he smirked, eyes taking in your bare body.

Too embarrassed to speak, you nodded.

He carefully kneeled in front of you. His fingers pushed your underwear aside as he lowered his head and placed kisses on your inner thighs. A low moan escaped your mouth. You desperately needed to feel him inside you. He harshly pulled you closer to his face with his hands on your hips. Slowly, his kisses inched closer to your heat as his middle finger eased its way into you. He sucked on your lower lips before sliding his tongue inside of you. You felt his tongue move inside you as he dug his fingers on the soft skin of your stomach and pulled you even closer to him. He pushed your skirt up to get a better look at your fucked out face. The way his dark hair contrasted with his pale face drove you wild. You could hardly keep your eyes fixed on his. The way his tongue drew continuous circles inside you and flicked your clit made your eyes roll back and throw your head back in pleasure. 

You tried to stifle your moans all you could, you were in school after all. He rapidly lapped at your folds as he quickened his finger fucking pace and slid a second finger inside you. You wrapped your hands around his jet-black hair as your thighs began to shake, on the verge of cumming. Before you could cum, he pulled away from you. 

“I want to cum too, princess.” 

You watched as he carefully slid his pants, along with his underwear, down to his knees. His hard cock sprung out, already coated in precum. You wanted to suck him dry, but you wanted him inside you even more. You brought your legs together, feeling the knot in your stomach appear once more. He separated your legs and began to tease you by rubbing his hard cock on the folds of your clit, all while keeping his eyes locked on yours. 

“Eun Woo, please…” 

You knew you sounded desperate, but you didn’t care at this point. The two of you locked eyes and he gradually slid his whole length into you. You curled your fingers onto the sides of the desk, in an attempt to subside the pain. 

“You’re so tight, princess.” 

He gently started pumping in and out of you, aware that this was your first time. You assured him you were okay and allowed him to go faster. His pace quickened with each passing second. Soon, the sounds of skin slapping skin filled the classroom. Low groans escaped his lips, which only brought you closer to your high.

Fuck, I’m so close, Y/N,” he breathed into your neck as his thrusting became sloppy.

You too, no longer able to hold out, felt the knot in your stomach tighten more and more until it finally unraveled and you came around his length. After a few more lazy pumps, he let his head fall into the crook of your neck and released his warm seed inside of you. He brought his lips to yours and kissed you ever so gently.

The bell ringing brought you two back to your senses. P.E. was over. 

He quickly pulled out of you and began to dress himself. You hopped off the desk and buttoned your shirt in record speed. You both strolled to your desks with pleased and fucked out expressions on your faces. 

As you combed your hair with your fingers, you noticed your best friend was the first one in class. 

“Y/N! Are you okay? Did you die of absolute boredom?” she exaggerated, running in your direction.

“Not exactly,” you shrugged.

You averted your gaze to the floor, in order to hide the small smile creeping on your face. You felt your cheeks heat up as images of what you had just done on the teacher’s desk popped into your head.

The next day of class, you found a white rose and a folded note sitting on top of your desk. You carefully unfolded the note and read its content.

“Thanks for being my de-stressor, Y/N. Hopefully, we can become more than just stress relievers for each other. Are you perhaps free tonight, princess?”

Stay (Teacher!Dean x Reader) Part 14


Part 14

Dean’s POV

I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock. I sighed and rubbed my hand across my face. I lazily grabbed my phone from beside my clock and looked at my lock screen to see a text from Sara.


I fell asleep last night after texting her and making sure she got home safe. I showered and made myself some eggs and coffee being sure to text Sara good morning. She replied almost instantly and I smirked as I retreated to my room so I could get dressed. Tomorrow was the concert and I was beyond ecstatic to take her knowing a majority of the students would be at the dance. I tied my tie and grabbed my bag before grabbing my keys and walking outside. As I locked my front door I noticed my neighbor walking over.

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