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No Way Out

“can you do an imagine where you’re opies sister and with Jax, so Opie gets mad at you too when Jax refuses to kill Clay for what he did to Piney??? pretty pretty please :)”

“I don’t see how this is my fault!” you cry, watching Opie pace backwards and forwards, his hands yanking at his locks.

“He killed our father, (Y/N)! He shot our dad right through the fucking chest and Jax has took his side over ours!” your brother shouts, rage and fire pouring through his voice.

“He hasn’t took his side, Ope, get your head out of your ass! Irish won’t deal with anybody but Clay.” You try to lower your voice, your cheeks stained with tears as you walk over to Opie, hoping to make him see reason. He refuses to look at you, your heart breaking at how fucked up this whole situation is. “You really want beef with the Irish?”

“Don’t act like this is for us.“ he spits, his eyes locking to yours, bloodshot and raw. He gets in your face, your head turning to the side to try and escape his venom. “This is about you choosing your boyfriend over your own flesh and blood. Your dad! Our dad!”

Sobbing, you flinch as he yells at you, the door to the apartment flying open. You turn, seeing Jax standing in the door way, concern showering his face at he takes you in. He looks at your brother, as do you, the tension is the room rising even further. “Look who it is, your knight in shining armour.”

“What are you doing, man?” Jax asks, taking cautious steps into the room, his feet leading him over to you. He grabs your face in his hands, checking you over. “You okay?”

You nod, sniffling, your body exhausted with grief and misery, not knowing how much more you can take. Jax nods back in acceptance, his attention turning to his brother. “You know I want him dead just as much as you do, Ope.”

Opie chuckles sarcastically, his upper lip curling as he snarls, Jax standing in front of you protectively. You didn’t think your brother would ever lay a hand on you, but with his frame of mind right now, you weren’t sure.

“We just gotta give it time. Once this deal is done, once it settles-” Jax starts to explain, his calm voice being cut off by Opie’s roaring one.

“Your promises are fucking bullshit!” Jax is completely broken as his best friend looks at him with such a deep, burning hatred, him not knowing how to fix this. “All you do is lie, Jax. It’s who you are, it’s in your blood.”

“Opie, please-” you begin, wanting to somehow diffuse this situation before heads start rolling, not wanting to see your boyfriend and brother beating the living shit out of one another.

“You don’t get to say anything, (Y/N),” Opie snaps, stopping you in your tracks. He shakes his head in disgust, his tongue swiping over his bottom lip in agitation. “You disgust me. Dad would be so disappointed in you.”

“Don’t say that to her!” Jax roars, stepping up till he’s chest to chest with Opie. You watch as the two men glare at one another, both of them too stubborn to step down.

“He’d feel the same about you, too.” Those are the last words spoken, Opie grabbing his already packed duffel before striding from the room, your legs giving out as the bed catches you.

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A/N - hope you liked this! I think I’m going to try and do most of my imagines this length, rather than doing ones that are super long. Thanks for reading! :)

Ain’t No One Like You~ Part 2

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Broken Hearts Parade ~ Part 1

He was still on your mind. You just couldn’t get him out of your head. The way he smiled, his Irish accent, just everything about him was still fresh in your mind. 

That day he broke your heart, Seth swore to fix it up. Have you given him a chance? Not yet. 

Seth was a complete dork. He wore glasses from time to time. He wore beanies or caps or had his hair in a bun. When he let it down, he looked like a lion. He had a cackle that would make you laugh whenever you hear it. The way he smiled, having the little gap in between his teeth. He was adorable but yet you were holding out on him.


Finn would always glance at you whenever you walked by his way knowing he broke you apart. But he also knew that Seth wanted to be with you. How? All Seth ever talked about was how beautiful you looked or he would always talk about you.

Everyone knew he was in love with you. 

“ Don’t understand how you just won’t give him a chance. Clearly the guy is in head over his head in love with you. Finn was part of your past, make Seth your future” Charlotte said.

Someone sat down across from you and Charlotte.She turned to greet him but you could not even look at him. How can you? He was the reason you were shutting Seth down.

“ Yeh luk great toda’ Y/N” 

Rolling your eyes as you looked down at the table, clenching your teeth. Why did he have to sit here? There were plenty tables around to sit at. 

“ She says thanks” Charlotte nudges you but you glance at her sideways,shaking your head. 

“ I’d rather ‘ear from Y/N, tanks”

His hand reached out to touch yours that laid on the table but you tugged it away rating your head up as you glared at him. Finn chuckled, “ Ya lost yer tongue?” 

“ I have nothing to say to you” standing up from the chair, getting up before his voice stopped you again. 

“ Awe, Ii jist wanted ter blather ter yer. yer know I alwus tart yer ‘ad somethin’ aboyt yer” 

Snapping your head so fast, glaring at him putting your hands on the table leaning towards him.His lips were in a wide smile as he glanced up at you, “ Balor cut the shit, what do you want?”

“ Fo yer ter tell yerr fella ter lay aff me back” you smirked, “ He’s not my boyfriend for one. Two, I don’t want. What are you going to do about it?”

His smiled dropped, “ Try endin’ 'is carafe.”

“ You wouldn’t” He shrugged, smirking before winking at you as he walked away. He wouldn’t dare to go that far, Seth loved to wrestling, it was something he wanted to for a long time. He told you he fell in love with it. 

“ That was tough” Charlotte brought you back to reality as you’re eyes got wide running to go find Seth.

He was getting a water bottle before you crashed into him, “ Woah there.” 

You two didn’t fell, he caught you in his arms looking down at you. 

“ Seth, Finn just talked to me” At the sound of his name,he became tense, a scowl on his face. 

“ What did that Irish blubber head say now?”

“ He wants to lay off of him or else he’ll end your career” Seth chuckled throwing his head back, you stood there looking confused to why this was funny to him. When Seth saw you were serious, he cleared his throat, “ You are serious.” 

You nodded. 

“ He can try but he’s not going no where near the man” 

“ Seth..” He noticed the worried look on your face. He sighed, placing his hands around your waist bringing you closer, putting his forehead on yours. 

“ Sweet heart, I’m going to be fine. I can handle Balor. He doesn’t scare me, nor his demon form. Okay?”

He kissed your forehead before you two heard Kevin shout, “ Just date already.” 

You shyly hide your face in his chest while he laughed holding you.

“ Nice Legos” you looked over Finn’s shoulder seeing him looking it over, Sami sitting with him at the lobby of the hotel. Finn looked over seeing you there, he nodded. 

Sami waved at you, you greeted him with a smile.

“ When are you going to build it?” Finn holding the legos set in his hands, smiled wide knowing how much you loved Legos as well. Sami saw Finn’s expression on his face. His eyebrows frowned before looking up at you then back to Finn. 

Something wasn’t right here. What was Finn up to?

“ None av yer business. I don’t share wi’ mega block brainers” gasping at what he just said, Sami shook his head glaring at his friend. “ Really Finn? You don’t have to be harsh. She hasn’t done anything to you.”

He threw the set on the couch before turning to you, “ I’d love ter go out witcha, but me favorite commershal is on tv.”

He picked up the legos pushing past you, chuckling. He was such an asshole, you hated him. 

“ Don’t even think about him Y/N. You’re better than that. Don’t let him get to you. He’s an asshole and you don’t deserve to even have a conversation with him. Forget him. Put him in the past. You have a future where he’s not going to be in it”

You smiled over at Sami, he was right. Finn was just another crack in your past.

“ Thank you Sami” He nodded his head walking over to you pulling you into a hug.

You showed up later that night at his door. It was late, you were just in a hoodie and sweatpants. What if he was sleeping? Oh what the hell..

Bringing your fist up, you knocked on the door. Jumping from one foot to the other as you waited for the door to be opened, the door opened and he stood there in a bun, glasses, a tired look on his face , shirt and shorts but when he saw you, he smiled. 

“ Hey” 

“ Hey Seth, can I come in?” He nodded opening the door wider, as you slipped past him, he looked at what you were wearing. Even in sweatpants, you looked beautiful to him.

“ What’s up?” 

Turning to him, you bite your bottom lip before speaking, “ You have been there for me from the start. Showing me care, support … and love. I want to be able to fall in love with you. I want to. Really I do. I want to push him in the back of my mind and I want you to be the only one I think about. I want to be able to look at you and say this is the man I want to be with” 

He took a step towards you , not believing what he was hearing. Finally, you were giving him a chance. 

“ Are you sure?” 

“ I am. I don’t want to hurt anymore, I want to be happy. With you by my side” 

“ I’ll always be here. Holding you, making sure you smile and laugh. I want to be able to call you mine.” 

“ One day. Little steps, for now I want you to hold me. I feel safe with you” 

Why white people don't like me
  • White person: omg. Your mom makes corned beef? Black people don't eat corned beef!
  • Me: well actually, many slave owners were Irish and slave owners taught their slaves to cook what they liked and ofc recipes are passed down through generations so it's really not surprising that a lot of black people eat corned beef

Being friends with Niall would include:

-       Getting Nandos at midnight

-       Food fights

-       Cooking large quantities of food

-       Him keeping the leftovers in the freezer so he can have home cooked meals all week

-       Him coming over and taking you for a walk when you can’t sleep

-       Dancing to tradition Irish songs in your underwear

-       Road trips

-       Teaching you guitar

-       Hikes

-       Him not letting you leave his apartment after midnight so you have to sleep over

-       Spooning

-       Finding weird shows to binge watch

-       Getting drunk in Irish pubs

-       Him trying on your high heels when getting drunk

-       Getting a dollar every time you catch him fart

-       Kicking him when he snores

-       Playing guitar hero

-       Duets of Disney songs

-       Him getting shy when you go shopping in Victoria’s Secret

-       Going with him for cloths fittings because he likes your opinion

-       Cuddling by the fire drinking cheap wine

-       Taking cute selfies

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I don’t know what Asuna, said to you. But i’m guessing it was messed up and possibly –  probably racist. What gives you pink hair and freckles anyway? Did like, your Irish dad get his dick stuck in a cotton candy machine? Truly, theirs was a love that could never be. I’d see that movie. Sorry, what was I talking about?
—  Kirito, SAO Abridged Parody: Episode 07
This Corner of Glasgow

So in my wee bit of Glasgow, if your Grandparents are from Donegal, Irish gets called Gaelic (GAY-LIK), the same goes for Scottish Gaelic. If you your parents are from South Uist, Scottish Gaelic gets called Gaelic (GAH-LIK), same goes for Irish.

Now if one side of you family is from Donegal, and the other side is from South Uist, (like a friend of mines), you’ll tend to codeswitch between Gaelic and Gaelic when talking about Gaelic and Gaelic.

Thematically Appropriate (Character Theme Meme)

Rules: Select a song for each theme. Or be me, cheat, and choose two. Piss off it’s hard to pick favorites okay?

General Theme - Wonderlust King - Gogol Bordello // Rain King / Sonic Youth

Sad Theme - Far Away / Jose Gonzalez // It’s OK, I wouldn’t Remember Me Either / Crywank

Fight Theme - Go Get Your Gun / The Dear Hunter // Black Irish / The Devil Makes Three

Love Theme - Roshambo / The Network // Hey / The Pixies

Happy Theme - Rejoice / Andrew Jackson Jihad // Sonic Reducer / Dead Boys

Death Theme - A Poem / La Dispute // Rage Against the Dying of the Light / The World is a Beautiful Place & I am No Longer Afraid to Die

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TODAY IS MARCH🍀☘1️⃣1️⃣ YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEAN🤔❓❔❓ only 6️⃣🗓🖋 DAYS UNTIL ST.PATTYS🍏😤🍀 TIME ⏱TO FOLLOW👟👞👟 THE rainHOE🌈🌈to the pot of DICK🍆😩🍆😫🍆 YOU BETTER SCARE THE SNAKE🐍 out▶️ your mans 👦🏾 PANTS👖😂❗️❗️ MAKE sure you eat your GREENS🍵🍏🍈 and smoke a BLUNT💨💚 for IRELAND🇨🇮😆🇨🇮 DUDES👨‍👨‍👦‍👦 better😉 make sure they hit😏 their hoes👸🏽💁🏼😏 wit that GOLDEN✨🍋 DICK🍆🙄🌽🍆 MARCH🕴🕴👟➡️ YOUR HOE🍑😩 ASS🍑🍒 INTO YO SUGAR🍰🎂🍚 DADDIES👨🏽 CRIB🏠🏡 FOR a good✔️ ole SPANKIN✋🏽👏🏼 THE SAINTS✝☪ GO MARCHIN ♿️INTO⬇️ THAT PUSSY😼🙀😹 YOU👈🏾👈🏾 better find🕵🕵 yourself A NAUGHTY👅💦 LEPRECHAUN🍀👲🏻 to get some good IRISH DICK🍆👅😩 SEND THIS TO 🔟➕7️⃣ of your MARCHING LEPRECHAUN SLUTS🍆🍑👅💦😩👏🏼🍀 or you WONT SEE ANY RAINBOWS LEADING TO THE IRISH SLUTS

“Culture is a closed system of thinking and values, of the sort I am denouncing; and the greatest barrier to your enlightenment, your education, and your decency, is your culture. And I realize that here I skirt the bounds of political correctness, because everyone is running around saying “Recapture your roots, get in touch with your Swedishness, your Irishness, your whateverishness”… and that’s all very fine, but I think it’s your humanness that may have eluded you in all this ethnocentric breastfeeding.

Well, why should culture imprison us, and somehow place a barrier between ourselves and our true humanness? Well, I think I said at the beginning of this thing, culture and ideology are not your friends. They are not your friends. This is a hard thing to come to terms with, because a certain kind of alienation lies at the end of this thought process. On the other hand, you can’t live in the cradle for ever; you can’t be clueless for ever. So somebody might as well just lay it out for you, and say: Culture is for the convenience of culture, not you. How many times have your sexual desires, career aspirations, financial dealings and aesthetic inclinations been squashed, twisted, rejected, and minimised by cultural values? And if you don’t think culture is your enemy, ask the 18-year-old kid who is given a rifle and sent to the other side of the world to murder strangers if culture is his friend.

These extreme examples should bring it home to us that it’s a kind of a con game. It is in fact, strangely enough, a kind of virtual reality. We have been led to think of virtual realities as something on the screen of a computer, or presented through a headset, but that’s an electronic virtual reality. The primary technology for the building of virtual realities is language. Once you start talking about race pride, loyalty, our destiny, our God, our mission, it’s like building virtual realities; and people begin to treat these things as though they had the substantiality of real objects, and to build their lives as though these things are real. And what is this? It’s a diminution of humanness. You’re choosing to limit yourself to a cultural reality; whether it’s the reality of being Huitoto or Orthodox Jewish, or whatever it is, it’s a smaller world than the simple hardware you were born into this universe with.”

— Terrence McKenna

You arse. Be my girl?

Can you do a one shot where the reader always fixes (prewar) Steve’s wounds after he gets into fights (usually defending her honour) and they start a relationship?

Bucky had pulled Steve out of another scrape. His knuckles were busted open. The skin raw from all the fights he had been in lately. That didn’t include all his bruises from other altercations either.

Bucky was supporting most of Stevens weight as they walked up the stairs. His head having taken a slight knock as well.

Bright red hair cascading out of your window as you leaned out to ask.

“Is the lad going to be alright?” Your Irish accent getting stronger with your slang usage.

“I’m fine Maddi.” Steve attempted to wave off.

“He’s not fine he has a concussion, again.” Bucky’s blue eye’s blazing to life in annoyance.

“Honestly lamb, how can ye expect to draw with bosted up knockles?” Luminescent grey eye’s stuck between laughter and chastising.

“I can draw just fine.”

“Ye right you arse come in here. We’ll get ye patched up.” Walking to meet the blue eyed boys at your front door.

“Buck ye can place that mess right on me sofa.” Artists hands grabbing the supplies needed. As well as the cobwebs to staunch the bleeding. Grabbing the plaster of brooklime to spread on it first.

“Still don’t know how this shit works but, Maddi he never heals faster.” Bucky shaking his head in disbelief at the Irish folk remedies that actually work.

“Alright well now that I know you’re in good hands I have a date.” Bucky clapping his shoulder once as he walked off.

“I swear tat man has more dates…..” Shaking her head as he shut the front door.

“It’s not all bad.” Steve putting his other hand in hers the poultice already drying on his knuckles.

“I know he’s always bringing ye home. He has a good heart. What were fighting for today?” She asked changing the subject.

Shrugging his shoulders as he worked his lips. His inability to make eye contact setting her on edge.

“Ye weren’t fightin ovar me were ya?” Her eyebrow disappearing into her bangs.

“They called you a name. I had to defend your honor.”

“Steven if I’ve told ye once I’ve told ye a hondred times. I don’t need ye fightin me battles for me.”

“They can’t talk about you like that though.” His eye’s raging until he split his hand back open.

“You arse look what yer anger brought. Bloody take care of yerself.” Shaking her mane of red and gold curls bouncing on her shoulders.

“It’s nothing.”

“It’s something te me.” You had been bandaging up Steve since art school started. Fighting to be allowed entrance because of your status as Irish and a woman. Finally being admitted when you won an art contests under a pen name.

“Steve, Steven I appreciate everything you’ve done for me. Ye need to stop the fightin everyone who comes along. I’m scared ye won’t come back someday.” Grey eyes turning into a light grey with unshed tears, a cloud waiting to spill.

“Don’t cry Maddi, I’ll always come back to you.” Steve and Maddi locking eyes. After a few moments Steve couldn’t help but ask.

“Maddie will you be my girl?” Uncertainty lacing his thoughts as the fear of rejection bubbled up. It was all he knew but he was hopeful that would change.

“Of course I will you-” Launching yourself at Steve babbling on as you cried. Steven wrapping his arms around you smiling.

Pulling back with as much enthusiasm peppering his face with kisses.

“Oh yer a wonderful lad.”

“Well your not so bad yourself.” Laughing and smiling as you both leaned forward for your first kiss. Lips hesitantly touching your hands still enfolded together. Smiling like the chesire cat as you pulled apart.

If either of you had been paying attention to what was happening outside you would have seen the 6’4 shadow walking off.

“Finally.” James said walking off to a more than likely seething date. A bounce in his step as he walked down the stairs.