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BTS Reaction|Clenching Around Them During Sex



The feeling of you clenching around him would drive him insane. His groans would get louder and his hands would grip your body harder.

“you better stop doing that, or else I’m going to cum inside of you” he’d warn, while continuing to slam his hips into yours.

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You clenching around him would make him feel as if he needs to stop and warn you so that he doesn’t cum immediately or inside of you. But instead he’d keep going.

“Y/n you feel so fucking good” he’d let out with a mixture of soft moans, while thrusting in and out of you at an intense pace.

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You’d be riding jungkook at an furious pace so pleasurable that you’d start to clench around him. He’d soon feel himself about to cum but wouldn’t make any effort to slow you down.

“please don’t stop” he’d moan out, while grabbing onto your hips, guiding them up and down to a faster pace.

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He wouldn’t be able to hold himself off from cumming while you tighten around him, instead his head would fall into your neck, and his fingers would dig into your hips while he pounds you into the mattress.

“I- I can’t.. stop” he’d stutter.

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He’d turn into a pool of loud moans and vocals, clinging tightly onto your body, while slowing down cautiously.

“y/n please… I don’t want to cum yet”

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Losing control, and groaning loud enough for anyone else in the house to hear, he’d lift his head making steady eye contact with you.

“I’m warning you, don’t do that again” he’d whisper harshly while keeping his relentless pace in and out of you"

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His thrusts would start to get faster and sloppier, while he wraps his arms around your waist to get as closer to you as possible.

“you drive me crazy, you know that?” He’d whisper.

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Hi! This may seem like a dumb question, but what kind of language was Sangwoo using in the police station, for example when he was shouting at that police officer to let Bum go or when he asked Bum if he was ok, etc, etc?

This isn’t just “let go.” Bum has been saying “let go.” What Sangwoo says is stronger than that. More like “get your hands off him!” or “don’t touch him!” 

When he goes into liar mode, he calls Bum “Hyung” or “Bummi-hyung.” But he talks to him in casual speech. 

When Bum is yelling to be let go, he uses casual speech. Then he switches to polite when he asks to sit next to Sangwoo. 

“Are your feet OK? They’re unhurt?” (casual)

“Y-yeah” (casual)

From this point on, Sangwoo speaks very politely to the police officers. 

He also adds a stutter to “ex-boyfriend,” just for extra dramatic effect, I guess. 


musical theatre challenge: (1/10) shows↳ monty python’s spamalot

and now the congregation will rise and sing hymn number 101, 

“get your hand off my knee, ya dirty old bastard!”

What to do when you get pulled over (in the US)

Be calm, make your hands visible. Keeping your hands on the steering wheel and making direct eye contact will be the best!

Tell the officer what you are about to do. If they ask for your license and registration, tell them where they are, watch for a nod, then proceed with getting them.

Have a handgun on you? Tell them. Open/ concealed carry are a thing. If you have a handgun on you tell them you do, and tell them you have a licence. They will most likely ask you to remove the gun and or show your licence. See above.

Be polite. Odds are you were just speeding, have a tail light out, or your stickers are expired. Being polite and nice can take you a long way, to just a warning, a cheaper ticket, or more.

Don’t argue. The police know what the are doing, if you weren’t speeding tell it to them in a calm manner, maybe your speedometer needs to be fixed, or you were going down a hill at the wrong time. Just explain and hey, you may get off with just a warning if they understand! If not, don’t argue.

They have authority over you. You don’t know more about the law than them. Yes, speeding is a crime. No, the Articles of Confederation are not valid anymore. Please answer any questions you feel comfortable with, usually they are a simple Yes or No. No you are not a “World Citizen”. They are allowed to break your window if you are not cooperating. They are allowed to search your car if they have suspicion.

Want to surprise them? Have your Licence, registration, and insurance on you when they get to the window. Make sure you have time to grab them, look in the mirror to see how far away they are. If they see you shuffling in your car that can cause suspicion.  

DO NOT, get out of your car, it may be different in other countries but do not get out of your car when pulled over unless they instruct you to. Do not try to bribe them, again another country issue, but bribing a police officer is just asking for an arrest.

Feel free to add more! 

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Jasper, Blackhat, and Undyne with s/o's that suck at fighting but think they're awesome at it. Ends up they got their ass handed to them by some asshat (s/o is okay, just sore, at most a black eye). What would they do?

Jasper (Steven Universe) tries to train you properly, and has no idea how you’re not following along with her teachings. When you get your ass handed to you, she gets very aggressive towards whoever did it. If she’s not allowed to kill/shatter them, she’ll severely beat/poof them instead.

Black Hat (Villainous) doesn’t think much of it- he keeps you around because you’re entertaining his needs/desires/ect, not because you’re a bodyguard or anything. Whoever beat you? They’re dead, simple as that. Either that, or part of Flug’s next experiment.

Undyne (Undertale) tries to train you, but is much more encouraging [in her own rough way] about it. She gets hype when you seem to get something down. Whoever decided to kick your ass is in for their OWN ass-kicking.

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Scenario for Lucio with a theater actor s/o? Maybe him greeting s/o after a stressful and physically exhausting show? (I had a really hard show week, like I don't even know how I'm alive anymore) Thank you kindly!

Ahhhhh, I’m sorry this is so late, I hope your show went well!

The applause was deafening. You gripped your costars hands tightly as you bowed over and over to the cheering audience. You only let them go to wave and blow kisses at them, causing them to cheer even louder. You exited the stage, and headed back to the dressing rooms. It only took you a few minutes to change into your own clothes even though you were exhausted. But you hung around backstage chatting with your costars while you all waited for the crowd to dissipate. You hoped it wouldn’t be long, you wanted to get out of there.

Hands covered your eyes and a familiar voice said, “Hey, guess who?”

“Lucio!” you twirled around to face your boyfriend who grinned at you. You flung your arms around him and gave him a kiss, causing a few of the other cast members to whistle at the two of you.

“You were great, babe,” he told you. “I mean it, you were amazing. I can’t believe I’m dating someone as talented as you.”

“Hey, get a room you two!” another costar called out.

“What a great idea,” Lucio replied. “Come on, I’ve got a car waiting.” He led you out of the theater to a waiting car and opened the door for you. He climbed in after you and motioned to his driver. It wasn’t long before you were at the hotel where he was staying.

When you got to his room, you found he’d already had it set up with dinner and wine. After dinner he offered to give you a massage to get rid of the stress of the show.

You fell asleep five minutes into the massage, but he continued it in the morning. 

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Be Both

Pairing: Dean x PlusSize!reader, Sam x Friend!PlusSize!Reader
Word count: 938
Warnings: Talk of insecurity, mentions of sex

Part 1 of Fat and Beautiful

Sam furrowed his brows when he saw you on the couch. “Uh, Y/N?” He asked, moving closer.

“Yeah?” You asked without looking at him. You were in a baggy hoodie, lounge pants that covered your feet, and you had one knee against your chest, your chin resting on it.

“Why aren’t you with Dean?”

Shrugging, you sighed. “Just because, Sam. Drop it.” You told him, shutting off the tv and tossing the remote to the side. Getting up, you shoved your hands in the pockets of your hoodie. He could tell by your voice that something was wrong, and it was because of his brother.

With a groan, he got up and made his way to the room you shared with Dean. Knocking, he didn’t have to wait long for the door to open. There stood Dean in a pair of blue jeans, drying his hair off, not wearing a shirt. “Yeah?” He asked, not a care in the world.

“What’s wrong with Y/N?” Sam asked.

Dean shrugged. “Nothing. Why?”

“Because she’s wearing clothes that are practically eating her alive, refuses to look at me, and just walked off telling me she wasn’t with you ‘just because’ and to ‘drop it’.” He explained.

He thought for a minute and shrugged again. “I don’t know. We were hanging out, she was in one of my shirts, curled up next to me, and I got up to shower.”

Sam nodded. “I’ll try talking to her again later.”

“I could.” Dean told him. After all, you were his girlfriend. Had been for years now. “You know where she is?”

“No, I don’t, Dean.”

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Missing person pt 3 (Avengers x reader/Natasha x reader)

Missing person pt 1

Missing person pt 2

”You’re helping me?” You were shocked, a few seconds ago, Nat was ready to kill you herself.

“I’m finding the truth, if you’re lying then I am taking you straight to SHIELD.” You nodded then looked down. “Any chance of me getting out of these?” You held up your hands that were still tied up. Nat scoffed.

“Just because I’m not turning you in, doesn’t mean that I believe you yet.” You frowned at her words but you nodded quietly, a familiar feeling of sadness settling through your body. You had missed your friends so much when you were gone, and now that one of them was here, it felt like you were even further away. Your hands moved to wipe your now wet cheeks and you blinked the rest of your tears away. Natasha re entered coordinates into the auto pilot and then went back to sit opposite you.

“Where are we going?”

Natasha mouth tilted at the corners. “You’ll see.” You groaned in mock annoyance. You hated not knowing what was happening. You settled down and relaxed for the time being, if Nat said you would see, then you were not going to find anything out while you waited.

You woke up with a start as the quinjet landed down in what looked like the middle of a field. You went to stand and fell back awkwardly as your restraints pulled you down.

“Nat, where are we?”

The red head looked at you as she undid the straps tying you to the seat, leaving your hands together in front of you. You were led out of the ship and you felt soft grass under your feet. There was a small house at the far end of the field and you could see people running towards you. A gasp escaped your mouth as you began to run towards the group, smiling like the cheshire cat. The first person to reach you threw her arms around your shoulders and hugged you tightly, as if you would float away should she let go. Tears fell from your eyes. Wanda whispered in your ear, her voice ragged with emotion.

“I missed you so much, Y/N.” You laughed, wiping the tears from your cheeks as you turned to the rest of the Avengers. They stood a bit away from you and you smile faded a little. Nat joined them, speaking in a calm voice. “We are going to find the answer to whatever is happening with Y/N.” You nodded in gratitude as the others murmured their agreement. Steve spoke up. “We’ll find the truth Y/N, for now, it would probably be best if you stay with Clint’s family, if SHIELD captures you then who know what will happen.” You shook your head.

“No, I’m coming with you…I don’t care about laying low, I want to help.” Wanda took your hand and smiled. “Y/N’s right, she should be the one to lead this mission.”

“Wanda, I didn’t exactly say th-“

“Y/N, you have spent months trying to find Hydra, you also know more about them than any of us, it should be you.” You thought for a few minutes then came to a decision.

“Ok. Here’s what we need to do.”

L.I.A.C. Challenge
Card Collage
The Empress

The Empress is my signifier card. It has always been the one that draws me more often than not. It is a card of quiet strength. A protector. One who does what must be done for themselves or others they care about.
It is a mother and nurturer.
For me the empress is strength through requirement. A mother must nurture. A queen must provide. A witch must protect.
It is for those who are called to power not by choice but force. Something that has caused one to do things they wouldn’t normally choose to do. And once you are in that place of power, you will protect it by any means necessary, even if it means getting your hands dirty.

(Image sources:
Ursula from Disney
Evil Queen by thelivfree on Instagram
Guardian Angel by Smaragdi on Deviant art
The Empress card Haindl Tarot
Wolf 003 by Carl R Sams)

Sorry I’m mobile so sources are like that :(


it’s ok Mark, you can get emotional, it’s your last high-school year after all

“why do you use crayola colored pencils and copy paper”

“why do you use ms paint and”

“why do you draw with a mouse and not a tablet”

“why don’t you use a good digital camera and not your laptop/camera phone”

“stop showing me a picture of an empty wallet”