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The gentle pull of a tide that rolls over and over again and by the sheer nature of its essence it becomes an indestructible will- ripping out sand- eroding what was before it- without a care… a transformational monster-becoming the madness and frenzy of a truly bulletproof wave. I’m not just here for your love, I’m here for all of the love. An overdose of dopamine- we are living inside of M A  N   I    A right now. the never sleeping, never blinking- caught forever in the sunshine riptide. -pw

Welcome to M A  N   I    A - a Fall Out Boy LP. Here’s act #1 “Young and Menace” - video + download/stream.

M A  N   I    A arrives in full September 15th (expect many surprises before then). The M A  N   I    A Tour begins in the U.S. on October 20th. Pre-order the album through our webstore by Sunday night to get a pre-sale code to purchase tickets/VIP packages before anyone else on Monday at 10am local time. To make things easier, and as a thank you to the early birds (helping you catch that 🐛), bundles are being discounted from now through Sunday night. Starting on Monday, bundle prices will go up.

If you can’t get your hands on a bundle this weekend, sign up to our mailing list by Monday morning. A code will get sent out on Monday in the afternoon for you to use on Tuesday. Everyone else will have to wait until Friday when general on sale starts.

Also we’re proud to announce that $1 from every ticket sold will go towards the Fall Out Boy Fund. We created the fund as a way to give back to charities in our hometown of Chicago.

October 20th - Cleveland, OH @ Quicken Loans Arena
October 21st - Saint Louis, MO @ Scottrade Center
October 22nd - St. Paul, MN @ Xcel Energy Center
October 24th - Detroit, MI @ Little Caesars Arena
October 25th - Toronto, ON @ Air Canada Centre
October 27th - Boston, MA @ TD Garden
October 28th - Brooklyn, NY @ Barclays Center
October 29th - Philadelphia, PA @ Wells Fargo Center
November 2nd - Fairfax, VA @ EagleBank Arena
November 3rd - Charlotte, NC @ Spectrum Center
November 4th - Atlanta, GA @ Philips Arena
November 5th - Tampa, FL @ Amalie Arena
November 7th - Houston, TX @ Toyota Center
November 8th - Dallas, TX @ American Airlines Center
November 10th - Denver, CO @ Pepsi Center
November 12th - Seattle, WA @ KeyArena
November 14th - Oakland, CA @ Oracle Arena
November 15th - San Diego, CA @ Viejas Arena
November 17th - Inglewood, CA @ The Forum
November 18th - Phoenix, AZ @ Talking Stick Resort Arena

p.s. Chicago, we didn’t forget about you on the tour. We’re planning something special 💜


-Dont think too much about your decision
-dont let fear or other people’s actions /judgement around/about you change you.
-hug your friends
-pet every living thing except humans (with some exceptions).
-Do the things that make you happy.
-Try to find beauty around you.
- don’t be too hard on yourself.
- Appreciate every little achievement you make.
-get a little close to your family, try to get to know them.
-Get away from your family if they are not good for you. Just good vibes.
-cry every time you need to cry
-you are enough, embrace yourself.
-eat ice cream every time you want to eat ice cream.
-go to downtown and just get lost walking around.
-Pet All Dogs you see .
-take your pet to an adventure(If you don’t have a pet take your friend pet to an adventure)
-go on a date with yourself. DO SOMETHING NICE FOR YOURSELF.
-hug your friends.
-take all the “me time” you need.
-hold hands with your friends no matter what.
-Get dressed in fancy clothes with your friends and take a nice photo
-hug your friends just bc you can.
-smile .
- don’t be Alone when you can be with someone who loves you.
-go outside
-go inside
-go to big adventures
-go to small adventures
-dye your hair
-love yourself
-cosplay your favorite gay character
-cosplay your favorite straight character
-cosplay something of any gender/orientation
- bake some cookies
-bake some blue cookies
-run as fast as you can
-scream as loud as you can
-go to concerts from your favorite bands
-get to college and study something you love
-learn a different lenguage.
-Become a volunteer.
-Go to the supermarket with your friends just to hang out.
-Watch a romantic movie with your pet.
-read more.
-dont be afraid of being different.
- don’t be a jerk to people who look “normal”.
- don’t be a jerk.
- help someone.
-help someone, again and again but not bc I’m telling you bc u want!

Memento Mori: Letterman Jacket

Jeff x Reader

Reader reminisce on the past as she deals with the present.

Warning: Angst, I guess? Nothing really.

Characters Mentioned: Alex Standall, Jessica Davis, Hannah Baker, Sheri Holland, Clay Jensen, Montgomery de la Cruz and Bryce Walker 

Words: 3180

A/N: This ended up longer than it should be. Set in both the past and present. There are notes and lines, I hope it’s not confusing. Sorry for the mistakes and the lame summary.

You look down at the flask in your hand, a pinkish coloration appears with every drop but rapidly dissipates the moment you swirl it. Slowly, your mind wanders thinking of all the different scenarios that could transpire in your upcoming date with Jeff. It was going to be your first with him, he had asked you out when you went to meet him and Clay at the library for your usual study sessions. And as fate would have, it just so happens that Clay suddenly had an errand to do leaving you and Jeff alone. You were soon brought back to your task when your lab partner shook your arm.

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Prompt: Perhaps super!sis falling for Red Arrow? (Young justice?) I love your writing!! ♥️

Requested by: ANON

    There’s some part of being Superman’s little sister that some people find intimidating. You understand where they’re coming from, after all the papers have nicknamed him the Man of Steel. At the same time you can’t really bring yourself to care. To you Clark is a dork. A dork with heat vision, but still a dork.

    He’s the big brother who would take you into town on Saturdays, carry your pumpkin to the county fair, steal cookie batter when you baked for bake sales, and who had all night movie nights when Ma and Pa were out of town. He’s ten years older than you, but he was still your best friend.

    You had been a surprise to Ma and Pa; a high risk pregnancy that never should have made it past the first trimester. Ma had been on bed rest for seven months, knowing the tiniest movement could end you. Clark had always insisted you were strong, that he could hear your heartbeat from a mile away.

    You may not have been blood but you were as close as two siblings could be. It only made sense that you join the family superhero game. You had no aptitude for fighting, but you were smart. Really smart. Hacking and programing was your number one skill along with inventing infiltration plans.

    You had trained with the rest. Lending them a hand where you could, and getting your but kicked in self defense classes. You had been the one to convince Speedy to stay on. You had been the one to hack Cadmus’ system. You had been the one to tell Ma and Pa about Conner.

    Superboy had wanted little to do with you. And Clark’s decision to stay away had led to your first big fight. You hadn’t talked to him for nearly a year. Eventually he had gotten a clue, and Conner had become your younger brother. You liked to tease him about that.

    Your relationship with Speedy, now Red Arrow, had also grown. The team nicknamed you Empath, because you always seemed to know how people were feeling, and how to end a bad mood. Roy’s current bad mood was over Cheshire. “She left me.”

    You stare at him from the couch. You’re hanging upside down, “Can you blame her?” You right yourself, “You’ve been obsessed with finding the original Speedy. You’ve neglected everyone in that pursuit, you’ve left little time for anyone else.”

    You watch him scowl, “If I wanted a lecture I would have gone to Dinah.”

    You shrug, “I’m telling it like it is.”

    You watch him storm off, and a moment later Kaldur appears, “He’s still not doing well.”

    You stare at the Atlantean, “You’re not doing so hot yourself.”

    He meets your eyes, “Nightwing and I need your help.”

    You sigh, already knowing this isn’t going to end well.

Chibs having a crush on you would include :

(Woooo more prompts! Woooo Chibs 😏😏Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

-Him realizing he has a thing for you after he got jealous from seeing you being so close with one of the other Sons

-Him finding it hard to keep his eyes off of you whenever you are helping out in the clubhouse, especially when you are behind the bar and serving drinks, only to always wink at you whenever you would catch him

-Him stealing glances at you whenever you are wearing something rather revealing, only to make a silly comment to make you smile as you’d catch him

-Him casually inviting you over back to the clubhouse or even his house whenever he “accidentally” runs into you while you’re shopping, only to gladly offer you a ride back

-Him enjoying to look at you tie up your hair and exposing your neck, as you’re about to work or help out with stuff, only to start having dirty thoughts about you

-Him getting startled to suddenly feel your hand brush against his, only to stare at you in wonder for a moment until you’d wake him up with your laughter and questioning

-Him letting you touch and sit on his bike to leisure as much as you want, especially during parties as he always plans on offering you a ride

-Him always being the first to offer you a cold beer or coffee whenever you walk into the clubhouse, as he wants to ask about your day

-Him always joking around with you more than often as he wants you to trust and like him as well

-Him never really saying that he wants you but suddenly just grabbing your hand as you’d drive, hinting at you his feelings

First time with Jeff would include:
  • Him telling you to let him know if you want to stop at any time

“If it gets too much you can just ask me to stop and i’ll stop whatever im doing”

“I know, i want this babe”

  • He’d initially be too nervous to put his hands anywhere other can your waist or shoulders and you’d get impatient and just grab his hands, placing them on your chest.
  • He’d take his time to make sure he’ making you feel as good as you’re making him feel
  • Lots of nicknames would be used, like lots !! (Baby, babygirl, babe, princess)

“Are you okay Princess?”

“Better than ever Jeff”

  • It would hurt at first but he’d kiss you to try and distract you from the pain
  • Soon enough it’d turn into pleasure and you’d both be a moaning mess
  • Oh boy, the amount of hickeys you’d wake up. It’d be impossible to cover up

“Jeff look what you did!”

So everyone knows you’re mine babe"

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Interruptions (Kenny Omega Imagine)

Kenny Omega x Reader
Warning: SMUT.
A/N:  Proud of this in many ways. So fun to write and I hope you guys enjoy! Second part featuring the winner’s chosen reward will follow (soonish)
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~3100 words

The game of interruptions: Anywhere, anytime, your partner can choose to stimulate you in the fashion of their choosing. If you stop what you’re doing or acknowledge it at all, you lose.

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Dating Tsukishima Kei

  • you two have ascended and crossed the realm and barrier of language 
  • you two can have those silent conversations by just like looking in each others eyes, nodding, gentle touch on the arm etc
  • it makes everyone go ??????? but you two get each other so it cool
  • really likes intertwining your hands with his and play with your fingers 
  • it has a soothing-calming down effect on him and he usually cracks those genuinely smiles when he does that
  • it has you shook with emotions
  • it’s beautiful
  • u love that boy
  • still sassy and sarcastic af but he wouldn’t be him without it and u love him either way
  • and u sass him back. sass his ass back into the seat 
  • his weakness is u being close to him, more exactly, u being close to his face
  • and then u blow air at his glasses and they fog up
  • weakness
  • has a cute nickname for u in his phone with a heart on the end
  • let’s u borrow his headphones. and u know that is a big step in this relationship
How would NCT react on you ruffling their hair?

for anonymous!

Thinks about life for a moment Mark, Jisung, Renjun, Jungwoo, Taeil, Jaemin

Laughs and continues to talk about what you’re talking about: Ten, Johnny, Yukhei, Kun, Chenle, Donghyuk, Yuta

Laughs but is super awkward after:
Doyoung, Jaehyun, also Taeil, Jeno, Hansol, Winwin

Acts like a Tsundere and gets your hand away: T A E Y O N G

pls forgive me if i forgot someone again + added the new introduced sm rookies bcs they might be a part of nct

“Kennedy…” Sanders spoke, his voice breaking with every word he spoke, not out of sadness, but he knew he was dying, and simply standing here with his beautiful mistress, took him one step closer to the grave, but he was happy to spend it with her. 

Kennedy didn’t reply, simply looking down, telling him that she was listening. She didn’t love him, not at all. How could she, he was close to death and she was only beginning her life. 

“When I leave,” Sanders kept speaking, “I’m giving everything I own to you.” He told her. Her eyes raised slightly in shock, but Sanders didn’t notice. “I only ask for one thing in return for my final days.” He looked at her, somehow, with his age, his eyes never got older, they stayed the same bright blue. “Your hand in marriage, so my son doesn’t get the inheritance.”

Kennedy only spoke one sentence from all his words. “You have a son?”

Theory: My Dog's Really A Cat


Sleeps a lot
Sleeps on top of and inside of things
Fluffs and paces around whatever he’s going to sleep on
Sleeps in the shape of a bread loaf
Sleeps in the shape of a ball
Rubs himself against everything
Climbs up on shit
Arches his back to stretch
Licks his paw between scratching his head
Antagonizes the dog
Stares at you for long periods
Stares at nothing for long periods
Chases and tries to eat bugs
Scratches on doors
Scratches on doors, but doesn’t go through them
Swipes his paw at your hand while playing
Wanders around the house at night
Is suddenly awake and wanting something at 3am
Has pointy little teeth
Bites and nibbles a lot
Hides underneath chairs and tables
Calls for attention, but then runs away when you go to him
Keeps trying to eat the dog’s food
Is a picky eater
Runs away or dodges your hand when you try to pet him
Gets hair in his mouth and makes hacking coughs
Licks everything
Lays on the windowsill
Lays in the sunbeams
Hates water
Claws your legs when he wants something
Can jump high
Steals shit
Hides shit he stole

A Better Future

Sometimes when I’m driving alone,
I turn to the empty seat next to me
and my mind escapes
to another time, another place.
A place I pray is in the future.
A place where I turn to that seat
And get lost in your eyes,
I get to hold your hand while we travel down the road,
windows down making your hair all a mess…
But then my mind returns,
and I’m still alone.
Daydreaming of a better future

And do you want to know what the worst thing is?” He asked, looking out in front of him, his knees pulled up to his chest.
“What?” She asked tiredly, her legs stretched out in front of her while she leaned back on her hands.
“Getting your heart broken by someone who can’t even physically touch you.
—  I’m tired

anonymous asked:

its my opinion that youre a literal cat. not even a fursona thing or anything youre just a gotdamn cat. rompin around like crazy then flopping into bed and meowing til you get attention. climbin all over me and rubbing your face on my hand til i pet you. shedding everywhere like a menace with your thick ass hair. pawing and yowling til you get what you want and prancing around when you've been bad but got your way. you're a cat and its a fact

I’m really tired of seeing “cis white man” in liberalesque post like anyone else??? Like get in the grime, the mud, get your hands dirty with politics don’t just use this weird ass buzzword as like…..some boogie man. Idk if I’m getting across what I’m trying to say but like, I’m v tired of everything