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“Deathly Ill.” The 100 preference

Bellamy Blake: It all started when you got out of your tent in daze. You had tunnel vision as your grasped someone shoulder. It turned out to be Clarke as she turned you fell to the ground. 

“BELLAMY!” She shouted as Bellamy turned around, wide eyes as he saw you collapse. Running over he picked you up and took you into the Ark. He saw how sweaty you were as he laid you down. He brushed the hair off your face as he fought back a sob. 

‘B-Bellamy. It hurts.” You whispered as you looked up at him with tear filled eyes. 

“I-I know princess but you have to stay with me okay?! Don’t you clock out on me now baby.” He whispered as he ran his hands through your sweaty, wet hair. He didn’t leave your side at all. People bringing his meals which he motioned for them to leave. He never let go of your hand. He only left when he needed to use the bathroom and even then he wouldn’t be gone for 5 minutes.

“Y-you have to eat Bellamy.” You murmured weakly. He shot up as he inspected your body. You coughed and he quickly sat you up. 

“Your fevers broke.” He whispered hopefully. “You’re okay…you’ll be okay.” he insisted with tear filled eyes. He pulled you into his chest. 

“You’ll be okay.” 

John Murphy: Murphy was sick and he knew it. But the plus side he was getting better. He was just kept in quarantine to prevent further infections. He was use to the other being set next to him and some not making it out. 

Today was no different. He sat with his eyes closed till someone burst in holding a body. He sat up as he recognized the figure. 

“(Y/n)?” He whispered. Bellamy laid her on the cot beside him and he noticed the blood under her eyes. He couldn’t speak as they fixed her.He reached for her hand but Bellamy ripped it from him. 

“We don’t need you getting sick again.” Bellamy grumbled. 

“You rip my girlfriends hand away from me and you’ll lose yours.” Murphy snarled as he looked at you as you coughed wildly. 

“Make it stop Murphy.” You cried out in pain. Murphy sniffed as you passed out. He refused to leave or take his eyes off of you. 

“Stay with me babe.” He begged as your eyes fluttered open. 

Jasper Jordan: Jasper knew there was a sickness was going around he knew no one was safe. He went with some others to get medicine. When he came back Monty was waiting for him at the gate. 

“Don’t…” He whispered as Monty nodded. Jasper stifled a cry as he was led to where you laid unconscious. Your hair all sprawled out as you were pale. 

“How long has…has she been like this.” He asked Clarke as he fought a sob. 

“Since you left yesterday.” Jasper’s eyes fell back to you. 

“We’ve done all we can. She just has to fight and wake up.” She tried as Jasper stared blankly. You didn’t wake up for another day. Your eyes fluttered open as you felt Jasper stroking your hair. 

“Good morning.” He chuckled airily. 

“What did I miss.” You smiled weakly.

Monty Green: Monty had done his best to keep you from the sickness but the moment he turned to see you with blood streaming down your face as you slowly fell forward, he knew what was happening. 

Monty relentlessly tried to find a cure and visited you and hated seeing you so sick as you looked up at him with pleading eyes. 

“Help…” You whispered as your eyes shut as he wiped the blood from your face. He only worked when you were asleep. He tried to take his mind off. He ended up visiting you one day to being help sitting up with Bellamy and Clarke. 

“Fever’s broke.” Clarke stated as his eyes widened. 

“You’re okay. You’re going to be okay. Thank god….I can’t lose you.” 

Lincoln:  Lincoln hoped and prayed to anything listening that you wouldn’t catch it. He hoped. Till one day when you faced him with blood pouring from your eyes as you fell from your horse. 

He immediately took you to Clarke as he begged her with every being to help you. He could only see you at night considering the circumstances. Every time you woke up with a new flower in your head. You’d merely smile before going back to sleep. 

He’d ask Clarke when you’d be better every time. He’d sit and stroke your hair and trace patterns on your arms. One day you woke up smiling. Clarke checked your temperature before smiling. 

“It’s broke.” And with that he’d sigh as he scooped you up. You left the next night. 

“You scared me half to death.”

“Death didn’t like me much.” You chuckled clutching him tightly.

Roan: Roan was aware of a sickness circling Polis. So he kept you in as much as he could. Knowing the sickness was taking some in terrible ways. But when he found you collapsed near your bed he lost it. 

He demanded Polis’s best healers and threatened that if you didn’t recover, he would inflict injures they wouldn’t recover from.

He stayed by your side the whole time. Holding your hand and being there when you burst into coughing fits. Occasionally wiping some blood from your face as he grimicaed at your weak nature. 

“Roan please make it stop.” You begged as you sobbed in pain. He couldn’t watch. One night he waited out the doors waiting for the healers words. 

“She is healing. Count yourself lucky my king.” He burst in as you sat up weakly. He clutched you closely as you hugged him tightly.

“Thank god…I couldn’t lose you.”

“You won’t.”

Stitch up My Heart

Pairing - Parrish x Reader, Derek x Reader

Word Count- 1758

Request - Can u do an imagine with Where y/n and Derek had been best friends since they were little and when he leaves beacon hills she’s devestated and ends up dating Parrish and u can decide what to do from there. Thanks.

Originally posted by did-you-say-george-harrison

You and Derek were the best of best friends, you met back in the playground when neither of you were older than four. You had been pushed off the swing and into the concrete, you were close to tears when Derek came over and defended you and flashed his eyes at the mean kids, the two of you had been completely inseparable since then and you had loved him from the third grade.

Of course he was unaware of this, you always too scared to tell him, scared of his reaction, scared of rejection.

You had finally managed to work up the courage to do so before he and the pack headed to Mexico to save Scott and Kira, a trip you weren’t aloud to attend ‘for your own safety’ they had said.

Derek never came home. He went off to god knows where with Braeden, after you had finally told him how you felt.

You cried for days, he had left you so easily, had your friendship not meant anything to him? Because it sure as hell meant a whole lot to you.

“What wrong with me” you whispered to yourself as you sat on your couch, your tears were all cried out from the past few days, you had just sat, staring at the walls emotionlessly.

Your thoughts were interrupted by a loud and fast knock on your apartment door, again and again. “I’m coming, I’m coming” you yelled, tugging your blanket around you and shuffling to the door.

“Parrish got himself into a little trouble” Scott groaned, the weight of the rather beat up looking deputy proving a little to heavy for him to carry on his own, despite Stiles 'helping’.

Your apartment had become a usual place for them to come when someone needed fixed up, you worked mostly in the hospital but often helped Deaton in the animal clinic.

They had gotten used to going there with Derek and you fixing them up until they healed so it was natural instinct for them to head there when they needed you.

“Come in, come in” you ushered, taking Parrish’s arm from Stiles and wrapping it around your shoulder, helping Scott get him to the kitchen, “Stiles, clear the table and get me the First aid kit” you ordered. Stiles did as told, you and Scott laid Parrish on the table.

“Okay boys, he’ll heal but I’ll stitch him up, it’ll speed up the process, I think I have so leftover pizza, take that and eat it in the living room, I need to concentrate” you told them, they complied and took the pizza away.

“Tangled with The beast, huh” you mumbled, grabbing a sterilised needle from the box. “Hey, Jordan, can you hear me” you cooed , softly tapping his cheek. He groaned “uh huh”, you sighed softly in response, beginning to clean up his wounds.

“This might hurt” you whispered, more to yourself than to him as you cleaned his cuts, once you finished that, you wrapped them in gauze and put a gauze pad over a wound on his stomach.

With the help of the boys, you managed to move him into your bed, after you insisted Parrish would have your bed so he could heal and you would crash on the couch.

Half way through your uncomfortable sleep, you felt yourself be lifted from the bed and into a pair of arms. “Jordan” you mumbled, confusion laced in your voice. “You should be resting and healing” you insisted groggily, to which he answered with a smile. “I’m all healed and in your own home you should have not have to sleep on the sofa” he replied softly as he opened the bedroom door, placing you gently into it.

“But what if I like the couch” you mumbled into the pillows he just lay you on as you turned around, watching him pull on his tattered t-shirt. “Hey no! You need to heal properly, I can see you wincing and if I were to take off that pad then I would see the same cut” you scolded, you voice slightly muffled by the bed he had dropped you onto. “I will not take your bed in your own house Y/n, no way” he  said, shaking his head.

“Fine, we can share”

And that was the start of something beautiful.

Something so beautiful you didn’t even know you could have it. Something so amazing that you felt you didn’t even deserve it. After having your heart so broken by Derek, you didn’t really know how your love life was going to pan out, but when you and Parrish spent the night together, talking over the movies and falling asleep in his arms.

“Jordan” you squeaked as he spun you around, kissing your lips softly when he put you down. “I brought you dinner” you said with a large smile on your face, holding up the bag with the takeaway food in it. “Smell’s amazing babe, come on, let’s eat together” he smiled, grabbing your hand and going through to him office.

“So when I was babysitting for a family friend today, her little boy said he’s in love with me and that he wants to marry me, their other kid, sister is planning the wedding already, how do you feel about that” you joked, putting your paper plate and plastic fork in the little bin in Jordan’s office, taking his too. “Well, I’m not surprised, but he can’t do this” he smirked, leaning forward and catching your lips in yet another sensational kiss, just like every other kiss. His soft lips moving perfectly in sync with yours, his hand reaching over to cup your cheek.

“Now eat your cupcake Jordan, we baked them today and I promised them I’d give one to my officer boyfriend” you giggled, tucking into your own cupcake.

“You have icing on your cheek” Jordan chuckled, his eyes crinkling as they always do when he laughs. You began trying to wipe it, failing to find the pink buttercream that your boyfriend has pointing out. “Here, I’ll get it” he said softly, wiping over you cheeks with his thumb, then sucking the icing off his thumb. You giggled and he jumped to his own defence. “It’s good icing” he shrugged, admiration shining in his bright green eyes as he looked lovingly at you, you didn’t often get to do this, your busy shifts at the hospital mixed with Jordan’s crazy shifts here at the station didn’t give you too much time together, though it did make you appreciate the time you did spend together.

He leaned over once again, just about to join his lips to your when someone opened his door.

You both jumped apart, not because your relationship was secret or anything like that, but because it had been unexpected. Thursday night’s were never busy.

“We have a visitor, he wants to see Y/n” Deputy Clark said,  an awkward smile on her face. “I’ll be right out, Sorry Clark” you said, your cheeks burning red as you followed her out. “Call if you need me” Parrish called after you, rolling over to his desk on his chair, a cheeky smile on his lips as he got back to paperwork.

“He's a good one” Clark laughed, your cheeks flushing even more. “Yeah, I’m a lucky girl” you said, closing the door reading ’ JORDAN PARRISH’, hearing him shout, “NOT AS LUCKY AS ME”

“Who’s my visitor” you asked, no one had ever come to the station and request you, considering you didn’t work there. “A guy, he didn’t tell me his name, just said he was looking for you” she shrugged, opening the door that led out to the front desk.

He was facing away but you knew full well who it was.

You had spent almost a year getting over him and now he had just waltzed back.

He turned around and had the audacity to smile at you. Now, if he had done this before you had met Jordan, you would’ve ran to him and forgiven him.

But he was here now standing infront of you, his smile faltering as you glared at him, you loved Jordan more than you had ever loved Derek. Jordan loved you back ,Derek left you all alone.

 "Y/n, I’m so happy to see you" he beamed. “The feelings not mutual” you grumbled, trying to keep your tears at bay. “Wha…Why” he asked, his eyebrows furrowing as he looked at you in confusion, having thought you would’ve been happy to see him.

“You left me Derek, you didn’t even bother to text, I loved you!” you raised your voice, tears dripping down your cheeks. “Loved?” Derek pressed, trying to get you to expand on the reason you used past tense. “Yeah Derek. Loved, not love. I’ve moved on. Moved on to someone who would never leave me, who lets me know just how loved I am"  you said, standing tall and strong.

Derek was too stunned to go any further, so he turned on his heal and protected his pride by walking off.

It really did kill him to see you laugh at Parrish’s lame jokes, watching Jordan kiss the ice cream off your nose and tuck your hair behind your ear, being all lovey like couples are.

"I didn’t know how else to do this but I knew I had to do it now.” Jordan said one day, holding your hands in his larger ones. “I, in now way, am trying to say that you do but I just wanted to know, if you have any feelings at all left for Derek, because if you do, I don’t want to hold you back, I love you and all I want is for you to be happy.” he asked you softly, running his thumbs over the top of your hands.

“No feelings J, none at all, they left the moment we kissed, I love you more than anything in the world” you told him, kissing his lips in a sensational kiss, as most of your kisses were. “Phew! I don’t know what I’d do if I lost you” he admitted, pulling you into his arms for a tight hug. “Neither!” you exclaimed. “Plus, who’d protect me from weird parascientists and massive beasts on a killing spree” you added, watching him playfully roll his eyes at you. “God I love you”  

Derek left your heart broken and that night, after you stitched up Jordan Parrish’s wounds, he began to stitch up your heart.

Never Meant To Be Hurt

Pairing: Theo Reaken x Fem!Reader

Requested: Yes

Warnings: Cursing, A lot of time skips

Request: Request! TheoxReader and they are dating, all of readers friend think that Theo will hurt her. One day Doctors do tests for Theo and reader and Scott’s pack goes rescue him, there Theo is not Theo and he hurts the reader ( maybe when reader run for Theo to hug him, he dumbs his nails readers back ) butt happy ending?

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Third Wheeling

A/N: this came to me in history class and I couldn’t get the idea out of my head, so here it is! Oh, and Jordan’s text are in quotation marks. This is cheesy, don’t read this or do because I need constant reassurance and validation

Prompt: Jordan is always busy when you and your friends have group dates, which leaves you as the odd one out.

Pairing: Jordan x reader

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Masterlist | Request!

You were back in Virginia to visit your family for a week. When your two best friends heard you were back they immediately invited you to a girls’ day at the famous Virginian amusement park, Busch Gardens. You were super excited, you hadn’t had a girls’ day with them in far too long. When Anne and Christina pulled into your driveway to pick you up, you were surprised to see two men in the car.

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Rescued pt. 4

Summary:  After Bucky comes to your aid in a moment of panic you extend an invitation to family dinner. Neither of you could have foreseen how this small act of kindness would alter you, and your life, forever.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Warnings: Swearing, drinking, fluff
Word Count: 1232

Author’s Note: This is just pure family fun and fluff. It’s all going somewhere, I promise. @bxckytrxsh continues to support me and cheer me on and this will probably only get finished because of her.


Bucky smiled and the previous concern in his gaze shifted to something softer. The air around the two of you suddenly felt charged and you were desperately trying to remind yourself that your guest (and apparent boyfriend) was a complete stranger.

Your first mistake was glancing at his lips. They were parted and you watched in beautiful agony as his tongue darted out to wet them. Mistake number two was looking back up into his eyes; they were swimming with so many emotions it made your head spin. Longing, fear, lust, restraint.

You kissed him, not caring if it was mistake number three.

Originally posted by witchyautumns

You and Bucky eventually made your way back into the living room where everyone had congregated. Your dad was handing out dirty martinis, his specialty, and Jack was trying to get flames going in your neglected fireplace.

You made your way to the loveseat in the corner, knowing that it was poorly lit, hoping the shadows would help hide your appearance. Hair messed from Bucky’s hands running through it, lips swollen from the surprisingly passionate kisses, and cheeks red from the rasp of Bucky’s stubble.

No one gave you a second glance so you thought you had made it home free, then Bucky entered the room and made himself comfortable next to you on the impossibly small couch.  Were there other places to sit? Yes. Did you appreciate all the smirking and side-eyeing from your family members? No. Did Bucky’s scent and warmth and arm across your shoulders make this all okay? You bet your sweet ass and half a titty.

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From Con to Con (Part Seventeen)


Part Sixteen

A/N: Woke up feeling refreshed so I finished editing this chapter! Wooo! (Yay for not having work today!) Hope you all have a lovely day. 

Word Count: 9,491

Warnings: kissing, language, discussion of horrible boyfriends and sex, protective friends

The past two weeks had been amazing. Going on dates with Rob and spending almost all your time with him was everything you hoped it would be like. Ever since you returned back home to L.A. after the Houston convention, you had spent almost your time with him. There had been times that you had to pinch yourself to make sure that you hadn’t made everything up but it was definitely real.

Nothing had changed really now that you two were a couple, except for being able to kiss Rob, and that was something you quiet enjoyed. You felt comfortable with Rob, really comfortable with him and you knew that this was what a relationship was supposed to be like. To think, you could have been in this relationship earlier if you hadn’t been so self-absorbed in your own thoughts. That was the past though and you wanted to focus on your relationship with him instead. The bubble that you and Rob had put around yourself since coming home from the Houston convention did eventually have to break and here you were at another convention.

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Unofficial Mianite Season 3 - Chapter 5

Chapter 5 - Burning Bridges

Every muscle hurt. Tucker groaned as he attempted to readjust himself, every fiber of his being screaming at him to stop. He blinked and rubbed away the sleep in his eyes with one hand, with the other tightly held by Sonja.

“Morning, sleeping beauty,” she teased, bringing their intertwined hands up and kissing the back of his hand. He grinned and turned over, brushing a strand of hair out of her face gently.

“Morning already?” he asked, yawning widely. Sonja yawned as well, ruffling his bedhead affectionately and half sitting up with her elbow on the pillow.

“Probably? It feels like it,” the woman leaned forward and snuck a kiss from Tucker, sitting up completely. She let go of his hand to reach up to the ceiling in a stretch, moaning as her joints popped. Her shirt had ridden up in her sleep, revealing her smooth stomach.

Smirking, Tucker shot up and wrapped his arm around her waist, tickling her bare skin. Immediately Sonja squealed and fell backwards, writhing around laughing as he ignored her cries to stop.

“Tucker! Stoooooop! Tucker!” Sonja breathlessly shouted, giggling as she rolled onto him and knocked the breath out of him. Using the opportunity, she grabbed his wrists and held them to the bed with her weight.

“Enough!” she growled playfully, flushed from their wrestling and from laughing.

They gazed at each other, getting lost in each others eyes as Sonja pressed a longer kiss to his lips. Her thick hair cascaded over her shoulder and her eyes twinkled. Tucker felt his heart soar as they met in another, more heated kiss.

Excited scuffling and sniffling broke them apart, Sonja sitting up and letting go of Tucker. One of the wolves pulled itself out of the dogpile and shook its coat, trotting over to the doorway where Star leaned, watching the pair with amusement.

“No babymaking in my base, please.” the girl quipped, glancing down and patting the wolf’s head as it sat by her side.

The two went red. “We weren’t-”

Star cut Sonja off with a hand movement. Her eyes flickered over everyone along the line of beds, lingering for a moment on Tom and Jordan, before speaking in a whisper.

“The sun’s coming up. Wake up your friends and I’ll get you all some food.” Like that, she left their sight, her wolf padding calmly after her.

Tucker shared a glance with Sonja, who slid off the bed and moved over to Martha and Wag, gently shaking the older woman’s shoulder. Tucker snatched his hat from the foot of the bed where it had ended up, and used it to cover up his fluffy bedhead.

“Tucker!” Sonja giggled, pointing behind him. He turned around and took in the sight of his friends snuggled close, still fast asleep. He looked back at her with a confused expression, to which she tried to contain her laughter. “Wake them up!”

Tom let out a huge snore and threw his arm out and away from Jordan, nearly smacking Tucker in the face. On instinct, he returned the blow and slapped Tom’s shoulder, startling him awake.

The zombie man sat up and held his arm, glaring at Tucker. “What the hell, dude!”

“Breakfast time!” Sonja sung, half skipping over as Martha stood up and smoothed her clothes.

“You nearly hit my face with your flailing,” Tucker said, as if that explained it.

“Up, up! Star’s getting us food, let’s go!” Sonja encouraged, grabbing Tucker by the hand and pulling him out of the room.

“Good morning, Wag,” Martha cooed, gently waking her partner up by shaking his shoulder. Tom watched them be cute over his shoulder, then he leaned down and snatched the blanket off Jordan and shook him violently, nearly falling on him with the inertia.

“Jordan! Time to wake up!”

The older man curled up into the fetal position and groaned, burying his face in his pillow. “Nooooooo…”

“There’s food…” Tom muttered into his friend’s ear, watching as goosebumps raised on his neck. Jordan ducked away, holding his hand to protect the back of his head.

“Alright, alright, I’m getting up!” He insisted.

The zombie man crawled off the bed and ran his fingers through his hair, smoothing one stubborn lock that decided to stick out perpendicular from the side of his head. The bed sheets rustled as Jordan finally got up.

His suit was hanging off one shoulder, and his hair was scruffy and disheveled. Unlike Martha and Wag across the room, who were looking somewhat presentable, Jordan clearly just woke up from a night of restless sleep.

He straightened himself out and flashed his friend a bright smile that didn’t quite reach his eyes. “You said there was food?”

Tom smirked and waved for his friends to head into the other room.

“Gamma, no,” Star chastised her wolf, who was curiously sniffing at each item she grabbed out of her food chest. The animal backed off, though it was clearly still engrossed in the growing pile of food. The teen brushed a stray lock of silver hair back into her braid and closed the chest, studying the rather large stack of food.

She hoped it would be enough for the six for now. They seemed completely helpless, no weapons or armor, so she reasoned they probably didn’t have any food left either.

Star stood as she heard two of her guests enter the main room, flicking the dirt off her legs. She motioned to the food she’d taken out of the chest and let them have their pick.

“Is everyone awake? We should probably get a early start, it’s a bit of a long walk, plus you guys need to build your own base after we visit the temple.”

The couple, their mouths full with food, looked at her strangely as the others came in.

“Hell yeah, I’m starving!” the zombie man cheered as he grabbed a couple baked potatoes and chowed down. More controlled, the man with the gray and red robe and the woman with lavender hair picked out bread and an apple, respectively.

Although, the woman didn’t seem to intend to eat the apple, instead staring at her reflection in it.

Finally, the last guest grabbed a bite to eat - a couple of cookies, she noted - and she raised her fingers to her mouth and whistled shrilly. The others in the room stared at her until they watched three full grown wolves and one half-sized pup bound into the room and sit in a circle around her.

The pup managed to sit still for about two seconds before Star pulled out a mutton chop from inside her sleeve. Then she jumped to her feet and put her paws up on Star’s thighs, whining as Star hid the meat behind her back and pushed the wolf’s head down.

“Silly, down.” Star commanded, nudging the animal away with her foot. Epsilon padded back beside the second largest wolf, until she noticed the young woman in the room, and more importantly the porkchop she was holding. With an excited yelp, the pup bolted to her side and put her paws up on her knee, innocently looking up into the woman’s face and at the half eaten food in her hand, tail wagging.

“Don’t let her have that!” The girl demanded, leading one of the others in a string of actions that involves hand movements, clicks and noises and one word commands. The wolf responded immediately to each one, laying down, running back and forth, and barking sharply.

Star nodded eventually, and dropped the mutton she had. The wolf sat looking at her under she motioned to it, then the animal jumped forward and devoured it in three gulps. The teen knelt down, keenly aware of her guest’s eyes on her, and laid a hand on the wolf’s head.

“Why can’t your daughter be as good as you, Delta?” she murmured, though of course she didn’t get a response. Star looked up and glared at her youngest wolf, now being gingerly petted by the woman in orange. The pup was blissfully gnawing away on a chunk of zombie flesh that she’d dug out from who knows where. “God damn it, Silly…”

“Sorry! She just grabbed it from the corner before I could stop her, and I didn’t want her to bite me…” the woman excused herself. Star rolled her eyes and approached her, reaching down and ripping the meat away from the pup without fear.

“She‘s about as threatening as a sheep,” Star told the woman, ignoring the wolf growling in her lap. She dangled the flesh a few feet away, baiting Epsilon to pounce out of the woman’s lap. The pup sat down and begged with her big eyes, but Star only raised her eyebrows and began giving the same commands she’d given Delta earlier.

Silly only managed to follow about a third of what Star wanted her to do, and eventually she threw the meat in frustration, letting the wolf chase it down.

“They’re well trained,” the man in the suit commented as she began running through the routine with Gamma. Star grinned despite herself, proud of her work.

“It’s been a process, and Silly’s really not taking to training. But we’ll get there eventually. So!” she clapped, brushing the food residue onto her hip. “You’re all full, hopefully, so let’s saddle up and head out. Like I said, the temple is a little bit of a walk, but you guys have already come so far, that shouldn’t be a problem, right?”

Star didn’t wait for them to respond, and she didn’t register the confused expressions on her guests faces. Her face started to light up as she spoke. “It’s been so long since anyone besides me has come to visit! He’ll be really happy!”

“Who?” Star stared at the man who’d spoken. She blinked.

“Uh…. Mianite? That is what you guys came for, right?”

“You’re a Mianitee?” Sonja asked, standing up from her spot on the floor. Tucker leaned forward as well, a glimmer of hope in his eye.

“No, what gave that away?” Star snarked, waving her bright white robed arms. “So, wait, you guys hiked from gods know where to find the temple even when you couldn’t recognize a follower of Mianite when she stood right in front of you? Where did you guys come from?”

The heroes exchanged glances, and Martha stepped forward with a soft smile. “We aren’t from this world, Star, though you may not believe it. We come from a different realm,” she explained, flipping her hair onto her back. “We just landed here yesterday.”

“You… landed here?” The girl’s eyes widened in disbelief. “From where?”

“From the sky,” Wag bluntly said. Star blinked, clearly not buying a word.

“Quit messing with me.”

Jordan shook his head. “We’re not, Star. We really did come from a different world. That’s how I… how, uh… that’s how you found us.” The man stuttered, folding his hands behind his back so that only Tom could see how they were shaking. “Which, I have yet to thank you for. You didn’t need to do what you did, but I’m grateful for it.”

The teen’s golden eyes flicked back and forth over the six heroes. “It’s… nothing.”

“You gave him a potion and gave all six of us a place to sleep. Plus you let us mine out valuables from your mine. If that’s what you call nothing, I want to see what a real favor from you would be,” Tucker joked, to which she blanched at him.

“That was just basic human courtesy.” She rested her hand on the hilt of her sword, running her thumb along the pommel as she thought. “You know, I kinda actually believe you guys.”

Tom rolled his eyes. “Yeah, cause we’re telling the truth!”

Star ignored him. “But, even if you didn’t come specifically to see it, you still should join me in visiting the temple. Mianite will be happy he has six new followers.” She grinned and nodded to herself, heading over to the entrance that would become her door. The girl whistled a few notes and her wolf pack padded after her.

“Uh, Star? We don’t all follow Mianite.”

The teen stopped, the top block of the door broken and letting sunshine in. “What do you mean?” She asked, sounding genuinely confused.

“Well, Tucker and Sonja do, but the rest of us aren’t.”

Star turned around then, looking over the group with guarded curiosity. “Why?”

“There’s no way I’d follow a boring god like Mianite! Dianite’s the best!” Tom exclaimed, pumping his fist in the air and shouting a “Got ‘im!”

“And I’m the lovely Ianite’s champion.” Jordan smiled at the memory of his goddess.

Star froze, the second sand block laying on the ground as her hand hovered right above where it had been.

“What did you just say?”

Jordan wavered as he recognized her tone, and quickly covered his tracks. “I said I’m Dianite’s champion!” He corrected, elbowing Tom hard as he heard his friend open his mouth to argue. The man shot his friend a glare, and the zombie stared at him like he’d grown a second head.

Star wheeled around and stalked towards him. “No, that’s not what you said. You said Ianite. Don’t insult me by trying to backtrack on it.”

The girl got in his face, the intensity in her eyes overriding the fact that she was standing on her toes and was still only eye level with his chin. And he wasn’t exactly the tallest man in the world.

“Uh, sorry?”

“Look me in the eyes and say it, loud and proud. You’re a follower of Ianite, aren’t you? Go ahead, admit it.”

He blinked, trying to step back and realizing she had her hand wrapped around his tie. “I… I…” The fire in her eyes made him hesitate. He knew he must be hallucinating, but Jordan could have sworn there were golden tendrils snaking around her, Star’s eyes burning golden.

“I follow Ianite.”

His voice was soft, quiet as he admitted it. Star stood still for a second, tension filling the room as his friends stood by, not sure what to do.

“I should have left you for dead.”

She shoved him hard, throwing him against the wall with more force than a small girl like her should possess. His head whipped back and smashed against the chests on the wall. His vision spun and he dimly heard shouting voices through the fog that had suddenly clouded his mind. Faintly, he tasted blood and he’d later realize he had bitten his lip.

Footsteps registered in his brain, and he raised his head to see three Stars swimming in his vision. The middle one bent down and grasped his collar, getting so close he could feel the warmth of her breath. Cold metal pressed against his windpipe as she hissed one simple thing to him.

“Leave. Don’t let me see you ever again, or I will kill you where you stand.”

He didn’t stop to think about it. Jordan stood up once she stepped back. Head pounding, heart racing, and swallowing blood.

He stumbled to the doorway, burst into the sunlight, and ran like his life depended on it.

Imagine Nick protecting you from your abusive boyfriend

Requested by anon. 

Warning: Mentions of abuse, Angry; Nick, Upset; Reader

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Cooking by the Book

Jordan Fisher x Reader
Words: 684

the jonathan fletcher gc: WE NEED MORE

well okay i ain’t gonna deny the squad of another part. this will be the last thing i post because i am exhausted and i can’t feel my left hand (yay wrist problems). so goodnight! for real this time x

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You opened your door to the cocoa eyed boy that had become your lover over the past few weeks. He was always early, and always bright eyed when he showed up at your door.

“Morning Jordan,” You said, rubbing your eyes and smiling at him. “Are we off on another breakfast adventure this morning?”

“No, I figured we could stay in today. As much as I love you, I can’t spend all of my money on you. Plus, you have a perfectly good kitchen here that’s going to waste,” Jordan stated, walking into your apartment and placing two coffees down on your dining table. “But I did buy breakfast in case we fail at cooking.”

“I see you have faith in me,” You stated, laughing quietly and shutting the door. “How’s the album going without me?”

Jordan pouted slightly. “I miss you so much. I’m sorry. I should’ve taken the blame for breaking that equipment…” He said, biting his lip. He looked up at you sadly.

“Hey, don’t say that. It was only an internship anyway. It’s not like it was going to become my career. Just something to fill in time and get some extra credit,” You replied, shrugging. You ruffled his hair, heading into the kitchen and opening the fridge.

“Anything jumping out at you?” Jordan asked, wrapping his around your waist and resting his head on your shoulder.

“Honestly, I haven’t been shopping in weeks. We can have eggs, or fruit salad,” You stated, furrowing your brows. “I swear I have something else…”

“I got you bread the other day on the way back from Hamilton. How does eggs on toast sound?” Jordan suggested, looking around the kitchen in an attempt to locate the bread. He unwrapped his arms from around you, opening the cupboard and grabbing the loaf. “Found it!”

“I don’t think I’ve ever cooked eggs before. This could end badly,” You stated, taking the eggs out of the fridge and putting the carton next to the stove. You found a frying pan, putting it on the stove and putting some butter the pan before turning on the flame.

“I’m sure it can’t end that badly,” Jordan stated, picking up one of the eggs and tossing it in the air. The egg smashed when it landed in his hand, splattering all over the two of you and your kitchen. You bit your lip, holding in your laughter and picking up another egg. You cracked it on the edge of the pan, putting the yolk and the white in the pan.

“Don’t you dare say anything,” Jordan mumbled, placing the egg shell in the bin and looking at the ground. You smirked, picking up two pieces of bread and putting them on the sides of his head.

“What are you?” You asked.

“Are you being serious right now?” Jordan asked, pouting slightly. He huffed when seeing the serious look you were giving him. “An idiot sandwich…”

You burst out laughing, dropping the pieces of bread and doubling over as you continued to laugh.

“It’s not that funny! Hey, what’s that smell?” Jordan asked, turning to see the egg burning in the pan. He quickly turned off the flame, using a spatula and getting the egg from the pan in the bin.

You slowly calmed down from your laughing fit, standing up straight and looking at Jordan, who was glaring at you with his hands on his hips. “You had one job!” He exclaimed, pouting. “I was really looking forward to eggs.”

“If you stop complaining, I won’t make you clean up,” You replied, crossing your arms. Jordan’s hands dropped from his hips, resting at his side. He moved forward, placing a soft kiss on your lips.

“You’re the love of my life, you know that right?” He said, smirking. You rolled your eyes, opening the fridge and grabbing the assorted fruits you had left over.

“Can we agree to never try and cook again?” You asked, looking over your shoulder at your boyfriend. Jordan chuckled, nodding as he picked up the two slices of bread from the floor.

“Never again.”

Hard to Trust ch. 12

Another beautiful chapter thanks to @pathybo Sorry its taking me so long to get these out. 

Enjoy, everyone!  <3

You must have tossed and turned a lot during the night because the next morning you woke up facing the other side of your bed. Your face wasn’t on Eric’s chest anymore but you felt his arms around you as your back was pressing against his chest. You tried to move only to be rewarded with little kisses being trailed along your back.
“Good morning, beautiful.” He said.
“Good morning.” You answered turning yourself around to face him.
You felt those beautiful blue eyes looking deeply in yours. His usual emotionless face now had a little smile upon his lips. He kissed you and got up going to the bathroom.
When he came back you got up, showered and got dressed.
“You have the day off today, but I have to go to work, remember what I told you before, no Warren, no Jordan”
He wasn’t finished when you interrupted him
“Yeah, yeah, yeah, I got that. You don’t trust me, do you?” You said.
“I trust you with my life. It’s them I don’t trust. Let’s go get some breakfast.”
Eric and you entered the cafeteria holding hands, he was proud to show you around as his accomplishment. At a distance you saw Jordan and Amy sitting together, Jordan’s face was all bruised and he had a huge black eye. Instantly you looked down at the hand holding yours, with all those bruises and open knuckles and you knew what happened.  When you reached the table where Alicia and Chris were at, he kissed you in the middle of the cafeteria and said, “I have to sit with the leaders now, but I promise that at lunch I will sit with you.” And he left to sit beside Max.
“What was that?” Alicia squealed.
“I don’t know what we are, but we definitely are something.” You giggled with your friend.
You spent the whole day with your friends, had lunch with Eric and then met him at his place for dinner.
You two had another unforgettable night of crazy wild rough sex and even though you were sore you couldn’t deny you were loving it.
The next morning the shower sex was driving you out of your mind, Eric seemed a little too obsessed with leaving some bite marks on your neck and collar bone, he was paying special attention to those parts. But even so you were loving that steamy hot session with your ruthless leader in the shower.
He placed your hands on the tiles in front of you while he slammed into you from behind. The goose bumps were prickling on your skin as you found your tempo together.
“Oh baby you are so gorgeous, you’re the best thing that ever happened to me.” He said.

At 8 am you were at the garage presenting yourself to the Patrol Supervisor.
“Y/N, it is a pleasure to have you on our squad. We got lucky this year and three of our best initiates decided to work with us at the Patrol, so we decided to make a team with the three of you together. Guys, right on time.” He said to your two coworkers that were arriving at that time. “Y/N, Chris and Warren, the three of you will be our new squad. You can go over there to Joshua, he will give you your weapons and assign you to your vehicle. He will only supervise your patrol today so he can show you exactly what to do and how you receive your orders. Be brave, do us proud.” The supervisor known as Vincent told you.
You were so excited about your team that you wanted to jump and scream, but Eric’s voice came to your head “no Warren”, and you kept wondering how to tell him that Warren was on your Patrol team.
Your fist day on the job was awesome, Joshua showed you how to report back to the base through the radio on your vehicle. He also gave the three of you cell phones so you could reach each other in case you were separated during an incident. Every new member of Dauntless received phones today, but as you were not in the compound, your boss gave you yours. He told you the phones were already charged and you could start using them right away. You were in your Patrol vehicle, Warren was driving, you were next to him up front while Chris and Joshua were in the back seat.
“Y/N, please tell that boyfriend of yours to go easy on you, your neck is almost raw. I understand what he’s trying to do, I would probably do the same to claim you, but he can chill out and not hurt you like that.” Warren said while laughing.
You knew he was doing that out of hurt because you told him you didn’t want any relationships because of Jordan.
You were so embarrassed while the three of them were laughing.
“So, who’s your boyfriend Y/N, do I know him?” Joshua asked you.
“It was this guy that works at the fence..”
Warren didn’t have the chance to finish when Chris stepped up.
“It’s Eric. Didn’t you know, Warren? He was all over her yesterday in the cafeteria to make sure everybody saw him with her.”
“Oh, that explains a lot about the hickeys.” Joshua said. “It’s an effective MO.”
“What? Are you kidding me, why didn’t you tell me?” Warren said looking at you.
“Sorry, Warren I didn’t mean to hide anything from you, I didn’t even know something was happening between us until the day of the final test. Actually I don’t know exactly what we are now.” You said.
“I just want to ask you a favor, please, tell the asshole that if he ever hurts you, if he screw things up, I will be right here, right by your side to pick you up. And I will hunt him down and kill him.” Warren finished the subject and moved on.
You kept staring at him not knowing how to respond to that.

Eric went down to the garage to get your phone number from Vincent and he took a look at your patrol team.

Patrol 8 – Y/N, Chris, Warren

You were extremely tired heading back to the compound so as soon as you got into your apartment you headed straight to the bathtub and sank in, just relaxing. Eric had texted you that he was working late, and he wanted to make sure his number was the first one on your phone. So you took your time to relax, you didn’t even go to dinner. After your bath you just laid down to rest your eyes and fell asleep almost immediatly.
You woke up with hands all over you and Eric’s large frame on top of you.
“Hey sleepy head, are you ok? I couldn’t find you at the mess hall or the pit and you didn’t answer your phone.” He mumbled into your neck.
“I didn’t hear the phone ring, I think I was just tired and might have fallen asleep.” You answered.
He started kissing your neck and laying his hands all over you and you could feel he was ready to go.
“Eric… Are you naked?” You whispered.
“I don’t want to waste time, babe.” He smirked against your skin.


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Request:  “You’re still mine, right?” prompt request for Parrish. Maybe a break-up and make-up scenario will do. And make it during Christmas time :)

Author’s Note: I liked this a lot c: I hope you do, too! Enjoy!

Warnings: Language; some sexual content


“Mmmm, that’s feel so good, baby,” I mumbled against Jordan’s lips as we kissed, his hand down the front of my panties. I gasped when I felt one of his fingers slide into me, his lips trailing to my neck. “Fuck, Jordan,” I breathed, my head going back as I bit my lip to hold back a moan. I was riding his fingers, enjoying every second of pleasure I could get out of this. It had been awhile since my boyfriend and I had had time to do anything like this. And now, on Christmas Eve, we finally got a free night.

Until his phone started going off. I saw his eyes widen, but he didn’t stop.

“I swear to god, if you answer that-” I panted, not wanting this to end as I started to undo the buckle on his belt. 

“I won’t,” he assured, letting it go to voicemail. Then I was kissing him again, tugging his jeans down as I did. We were interrupted yet again by the shrill ring. “I’m sorry, just-” Jordan removed his hand, picking up his phone with the other one and answering, suddenly becoming business-like. I whined and started to kiss his neck, sucking a mark into his skin. “Babe, let me up,” he whispered, moving me off of him and heading to the other room. I groaned and plopped down into the couch, waiting. When he returned, he had a frown on his lips.

“Where were we?” I purred, sitting on my knees and reaching for his pants, ready to get things going again, but he stopped me.

“Y/N, I’m sorry. I have to go, that was the station-” he started, buckling his pants back up and walking to grab his uniform shirt. 

“Are you kidding?” I deadpanned. “They called you in? On your first day off in like a month?”

“They have to dispatch and they need someone to come in and just sit at the desk for a couple hours, so I told them I was free-”

“Wait, wait, wait,” I interrupted. “You volunteered?” 

Yes,” Jordan answered, buttoning up his shirt as he came back in. I was standing now, my arms crossed and eyebrows raised. “It shouldn’t be long, though.”

“I can’t fucking believe this,” I mumbled, tossing my hands up.

“Y/N, don’t get mad, it isn’t a big deal,” he said, giving me a stern look.

“Not a big deal? Jordan, you’re picking work over sex with your girlfriend!” I nearly yelled. He rolled his eyes, picking up his equipment. “Which, by the way, has not happened in a long time! I’m a little lonely over here.”

“That is not what I’m doing!” he insisted, slipping on his shoes. 

“Yes it is!” I yelled. “The one night I actually get with you, and it’s ruined. And Christmas Eve of all nights!”

“I said I’ll be back in a couple of hours! You’re overreacting.”

“Oh my god,” I said, voice getting dangerous. “I can not believe you just said that to me.”

“Well, it’s true,” he insisted, pulling on his coat. 

“Do you understand how much it hurts to be put aside like that?” I asked, eyes narrowing. “You’d rather go sit at a desk by yourself than have sex with me!”

“It’s my job to protect people, Y/N. Do you not get that?”

“That isn’t the point, Parrish!” Tears were welling behind my eyes from both hurt and anger.

“Look, I don’t have time for this right now. I need to get down there. I’ll be back soon,” he said, dismissing the subject. I shook my head, a few droplets escaping as I slipped on my shoes and coat and grabbed my purse.

“I’m going home. Merry fucking Christmas, Jordan,” I told him, shoving past and heading for my car. I saw him run his hand through his hair and toss his arm up as he watched me go. When I got to my place, I crawled into bed, letting the tears fall until I finally fell asleep.

When I got up in the morning, I went out to my living room, sighing at all the presents under my tree. They were mostly for Jordan. With how things ended last night, I wasn’t even sure when or if I’d be seeing him again. I made myself breakfast and then curled up on my couch, watching some Christmas movie until a knock on my door prompted me to move.

“Hey,” Jordan said as I revealed his large frame. I blinked at him, not really sure what to do.

“Hi,” I replied lamely. He stood there watching me, a sorry expression on his face.

“About last night,” he started, flicking his eyes to the ground for a moment. “I’m really sorry, Y/N.”

“It really hurt, J,” I mumbled, kicking my foot at the floor lightly.

“I know, baby, I didn’t mean to do that to you,” he said. “I should have told them no, spent the night with you.” I nodded at his words. “I wanna make it up to you, Y/N. You’re- you’re still mine, right?”

“Of course, Jordan!” I told him, melting instantly at his nervous expression. I wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling him inside my apartment. He pulled back and pressed his lips to mine in a happy kiss, one that I gladly returned. 

“I uhm- I want to give this to you now,” he said softly. “I just can’t wait anymore.” Jordan pulled out a little box from his coat pocket, opening it to reveal the diamond earrings I had pointed out months ago.

“Jordan!” I gasped. He chuckled a bit, offering the box to me. 

“I started saving the night you showed them to me,” he admitted. I pulled him in for another kiss. “Merry Christmas.”

“Merry Christmas, Parrish,” I replied, hugging him tightly.



“Can I have a Harry smutty one shot where we are going down to meet my family and he gets stressed on the way down so I help him relieve the stress and then we end up having sex later that night!”

Im sorry this was late my darling, but I I really hope you enjoy this! Love you xx


Jordan’s P.O.V

“Do we really have to go now? Like we could go when things are not as crazy around here” “Harry there is never a calm time in our lives. You have to meet them sooner or later” Harry was meeting my parents for the first time for dinner later today, and to be honest, this has been the first time I’ve ever seen him this anxious. We have been dating for about 9 months now, and because we are getting more serious, I want my family to meet Harry, so he can become family. I just know Dad will love him, they have everything in common, so I know everyone will see how much I love him, and hopefully they will too. “Babe, we are literally going on a 2 year break soon, can we not leave it until Christmas?” Harry mostly concentrating on shaving his non existent hairs on his face while arguing his point. Of course, He won’t win. I walked over to Harry, and wrapped my arms around his waist and kissed his back. “Harry I know that your nervous or anxious, but I know they will love you” “I’m not anxious or nervous” He finished shaving, whipped his face, and turned around to face me. “Then what is it?” I put my hands on his bare chest, looking up at him to study how he was feeling, this time it was quite hard to rather than other times. He took a large sign and looked down at my hands, grazing his thumb over my fingers. “I just want to be perfect for their daughter. You know its one thing meeting them, but it’s another thing for them to think that I’m good for you. So I think I’m just putting a lot of pressure on myself to be perfect, and not say or do something that would make them hate me. I want this to be a good memory Jordan, because you know, I kinda like you” We laughed lowly as he was still looking at my hands. “Harry, look at me” He brought his eyes up to be and took a deep breath through his nose. “Everyone loves you, so I see no worries about them loving you. You are an amazing guy. They will see how much I love you and I think that should be enough” Without even realising what I said, I continued staring at him, being oblivious, as normal. His eyes brightened and his smirk became visible. “You love me?” His arms lowered to my waist, squeezing me tightly. “Of course I do Harry, sorry, it kind of came out. But I do though” My face began to flush with embarrassment. I can’t believe I chose this as my moment to drop the L word. “Hey don’t be ashamed of it, everyone loves me” Harry cockily moving his hand to brush his hair back in confidence. “Oh your so into yourself” I shoved at his body as I pulled away laughing. I started to walk away into our bedroom when I felt his arms picking me up and running over to the bed. “Harry what are you doing” I squealed as he put me down onto it, looking right at me, only centimetres away from my lips. “I love you so much Jordan, I’m so glad I can say it now” I bring my hands up to his neck, rubbing his jaw line with my thumb. His smile is so contagious, that is could just light up any room. I grin in response, thinking over what he just said. I pulled his head down to kiss me, quickly intensifying the heat between us. I pushed my hands down his bare torso, getting quickly to his covered dick. I firmly palmed him slowly but enough to get him hard. His hands then travelled down to my breasts, massaging them gracefully with a moan vibrating through this throat. I pushed him down on the bed so I could then get on top of him with impatience. Having Harry like this is my favourite position, I feel empowered like this, also giving him a good view so it’s a bonus. I started to move my hips into his as I kissed down onto his neck, working my way down in between his chest. Hearing another groan once again was music to my hears, so rewarding. Continuing to grind my just clothed core onto his, made me feel ecstatic. I don’t know what’s gotten into me, but these past few weeks I cant get enough of Harry. We have been having sex like two times a day, and 95% of the time its me who is initiating it. Feeling him rock hard under me is so rewarding, that encourages me to do it harder. “Baby girl, we have to go to your parents house in about half an hour” His hand lowering to my shoulder. I ignored him and still made my way down kissing is naval, quickly kissing above his boxer seem. “Jordan, stop, you have to get ready” His voice more lower, but that didn’t stop me. I want to make him feel good. I took him out of his boxers, letting him spring free as I licked my lips, looking up at him. His eyes were looking straight into mine, his facial features tense. I took his tip in my mouth as I placed my hand around the base, pumping him a little. “Baby girl, you do it so good” His hand went straight to my head, pushing him further into my mouth. Keeping my lips tight, his shaft fully in, slightly gagging me. I moaned into him as I pulled him back out of my mouth, still keeping my lips tight, just the way he likes it. “Just like your pussy baby, so tight” Pumping faster in and out, I felt a slight twitch down in his lower abdomen. I knew what was coming. “Babe, please, stop, I’m guna cum in your mouth” I pulled him out of my mouth, but keeping my mouth open, I quickly tugged at his dick, longing the taste of his cum. “C’mon daddy, cum in my mouth, I want to taste you” “Fuck, call me Daddy again” “Daddy” I moaned as I pumped faster. Quick spurts of his cum shot out as his moans got insanely louder, grabbing my hair and grasping it in his hands. “Fuck baby girl, that was amazing” “Well I couldn’t let you meet my parents with a hard on now was I?” I laughed as I crawled my way up to kiss him intensely. His hand quickly went to my black thong that was exposed, and started to rub small circles around my clit, making me drip for him. “Harry leave that til later, lets go and get ready” I got off him and started to walk to the bathroom. “Jordan I wanna taste you, baby girl” He kneeled at the bottom of the bed staring at me, just wearing my thong and bra, his favourite kind too. “Well if you’re a good boy I’ll let you eat me when we come home” “Aw, I love when you talk dirty to me” I laughed as I walked into the bathroom to start my makeup. This is going to be a long visit.

Harry’s P.O.V

Making our way up to her parents front door was more than intimidating, just make sure you don’t say anything embarrassing Harry. “Mom, Dad” Jordan shouted as we walked in, wow, this is a mansion. I guess her parents done good. “We are in the living room” I followed my girl into the living room I guess, seeing two people sitting on the sofa. “Hi you must be Harry” Her mom came up to me and shook my hand, wow she looks so like her mom its crazy. “Hi Mrs Smith how are you” I then turned my attention to her father. “Nice to meet you sir I’m Harry” I shook his hand firmly has he chuckled. “Please, call me Tom” “Thank you” I answered. Do you say thank you to that? Is it a privilege to call your girlfriends dad by his first name? Am I over thinking? “C’mon into the kitchen, dinner is nearly ready”

“And I said to her that she cant have twleve different kinds of eye shadow that’s the same, wasting space” Mr Smith, I mean, Tom, was complaining about living with his wife. “Men don’t understand, its not the same colour, its about the pigment and the deepness of the shade” Jordan answered immediately as she looked at her dad in disgust that this is what we are talking about. “Harry I’m sure you’ll understand this some day” Her mum giggled at me. “Well all my life I’ve lived with two girls, so I kind of have a rough idea on not to bring up make up or hair products. Thank god us men don’t have to worry about makeup” We all laughed in unison, stretching out the laughter as much as we could. “Not that Jordan needs makeup, she’s perfect the way she is” I put my arm over her shoulders as I looked at her staring back at me, smiling. She kissed me as a response, taking me off guard, we are kissing in front of her parents, what. “So cute” Her mother commented as her Dad sat and laughed. “Darling, their in love. Remember when we were at that stage. You will not be able to contain your excitement when you get to our age if you are still together, we don’t be as affectionate with others in the room. It kinda phases out” “Well sir, you don’t have to worry about that. I’ll always be with your daughter” “That’s my boy” What? Did he just call me his boy? This is strange. My phone started buzzing in my pocket alerting me suddenly. I took it out of my pocket to see the caller ID, it was head management. “Im so sorry to be rude but I have to take this, do you mind?” “No of course not, please” Tom responded as igot up from my chair to walk into the other room.

Jordan’s P.O.V

“Well, what do you think?” “He is your dream boy Jordan, a polite handsome boy, I really like him darling” Mom answered, looking at Dad. “Dad?” Harry came walking into the room, interrupting the conversation I wanted to continue with. “Sorry, that was work, unfortunately I get calls even if I have a day off” He laughed as he made his way back to the table, lifting our plates. “Harry, stop, let me do that” Mom got up, attempting to lift them from his hands. “No please, you slaved yourself over this amazing meal, the least I can do is help you clean up” He brought the plates to the sink when mu mm looked over at me, with a surprised expression. “Jordan you trained him well” “No he is the one that’s had to train me” We all started laughing as we continued tiding up

“Thank you so much for having me over for an amazing meal, it was a pleasure meeting you” Harry hugged my mom, kissing her check as he let go. “Please, I was a pleasure to meet you” She replied as she looked up to him. “I will see you soon guys, love you” Harry walked over to shake hands with my dad. “It was a pleasure sir, thank you for welcoming me” “Harry, your very welcome, anytime. It was a delight to meet my daughters love of her life, I say and I quote” Dad looked over to me with raised eve brows. “I don’t know where you got that from” I slowly walked out into the cold brisk air. “Bye guys” We walked out together and made out way to the car as they shut their door. “There, that wasn’t so bad was it?” I asked as we got into the car. “No, they were so nice” “I told you you would like them” He started the engine and started to move onto the main road. “I do, and do you know what id love even better?” He smirked as his eyes were kept on the road. “What?” I am intrigued. “I nice bit of tasty desert” “Harry you already had cheesecake in there how are you still hungry?” I snorted, keeping my eyes on him. He placed his hand on my thigh, very close to my core. “I had another piece of desert in mind. I need to claim my prize that I worked so hard for, from the ‘love of your life’” Btw follow her blog because it is amazing

Planet Earth: Chapter One - We'll send them down

Your name: submit What is this?

1 Hour before the dropship should start:

“We’ve to send the kids on the Ground.” Abby said to the Chancellor, Thelonious Jaha. “The Earth is survivable, We can not shirk it now.”

“You dont know this for sure, my son is on of them.” answerd the Chancellor.

“That’s right, we dont know it for sure, but what we know for sure is.. The Ark is dying, we’ve to send the criminals to the ground and your son.” Kane argued.


2 years ago:

“My Mom told me once, humans lived on the Earth.” you said to your Best Friends Monty and Jasper, while you three were in the Cafeteria to eat something.

“I know, but its hard to believe.” Jasper said with full mouth.

“Dude, don’t talk when you have something in your mouth.” Monty said and laughed with you.

“Did you bring the herbs I asked for?” Bellamy asked.

“Go away, you dont get anything from them.” you said with a serious face, to Bellamy Blake the 21 years old guy.

“Oh very brave.” Bellamy smiled at you. “Now give me the herbs, or something bad will happen to all of you.”

“Come on hurt us, then you get into prison and in one year you cant breathe because you get floated.”

Bellamy made a step towards you but Jasper stopped him.

“Here, now go away.”


“Y/N, he could hurt you.. What did you think you were doing?” Monty asked.

“Kick his ass, why who is he?”

“This was Bellamy Blake, the guy is 21 and you’re only 15. That was stupid.” Jasper said.

“Well, I dont care who he is. You shouldnt give him you’re parents plants, they will kill you.”

“It was just Medicine.” Jasper whisperd.

“What was just Medicine?” your Cousin asked.

“Nothing Finn, what are you doing here? you asked.

"Raven wanted you to help me to clean our room.” Finn smiled at you.

“No, you want that, Raven dont care about our room.” you laughed with Monty and Jasper. “But okay, just because I’m your favorite girl on the Ark.” you laughed again.

“Well Y/N-” Finn laughed too.

“If you end this sentence, you’ll clean up it all by yourself.” you said and Finn stopped saying whatever he wanted to say. “Okay guys, I’ll see you tomorrow.” you laughed.


“Hey.” Raven said with a smile. “Are you done?”

“Yes, mom.” Finn said sarcastic but smiled.

It was 11 pm.. bed time for everyone on the Ark. 

Finn looked at you and tried to say you, that now she was going to say that they we all should going to bed.

“Okay now is bed time.” Raven smiled.

Finn and you had to laughed and went to bed.


“Hey Finn, where do you think is my mom now?” you asked him.

“Maybe on a good planet, maybe earth.” he said to brighten the Situation that she never can come back to you.

“I hope so." 

**You’re Mom and your Grandmother were floated ten years ago. Because your Grandmother had two children. 
Someone betrayed her and so the old Chancellor decided to float your grams and one of her children. Your Mother volunteered, because she was the older one and you were only five years old, she thought that you might not remember her.
Your Aunt had to promise her, to take care of you and she did so good as she could. Finn became something like your big brother to you. You shared everything and did everything together.. One year after your Mom was floated, Finn’s mom died too, she was very sick.
Finn met a girl, two or three weeks after his seventh birthday. Since that you, Finn and Raven took care of yourself. Raven was like a mother or big sister to you. Finn and she took always care of you, he wanted to keep his Mom’s promise.**

"Hey Finn?” you asked quietly.

“Yes Y/N?" 

"Can I sleep next to you? I dont want to be alone tonight.. Tomorrow my mom is gone for 11 years.”

“Come here.”

You stood up and walked into Finn’s bed.


Finn was fast asleep, while you couldnt close your eyes. You missed your Mom.

“That wasnt the right herbs, you stupid child." 

You heard Bellamy Blake on the floor, so you decided to look whats going on.


"Hey Blake, shut the hell up.” you said and then you saw who he was yelling at, Monty.

“You again, leave us alone.” Bellamy said with a angry voice.

“Y/N go, its okay.” Monty said.

“The hell I will.” you said serious. “Get your hands off him.”

Bellamy stepped closer to you. 

“If you hurt her, you’ll never get anything again.” Jasper said right behind you.

“Whats going on here?” Wells asked.

“And now the Chancellores son is here too, good.” Bellamy said annoyed.

“You should go my dad is coming. He wanted to see Monty Green and Jasper Jordan. I wanted to warn them, do you know where they are?”

“Y/N leave now.” Jasper said with a serious look.

“Whats going on here?” you asked.

“They made illegal substances.” Wells said. “I think this guy wanted to buy some of them.”

“I wanted to buy Medicine, they said they have some.” Bellamy said. “Stupid kids.” was the last thing he said pissed, then he went off.

You heared steps behind you.

“They will arrest you both, I cant be without you. Why did you two do that?”

“We wanted to get too the files with trading things.” Jasper said with his head down.

“You did it for me.. to get a picture of my mom, right?”

“it is not your fault, okay? It was our choice, now please leave okay?” Monty said and hugged you.

“Hey we will see each other again, smile for us Y/N.” Jasper said and tried to smile, he hugged you and then you and Wells went off, quietly into your room.

“Jasper Jordan, Monty Green? You will be arrested for making illegal substances. When you would come with me please." 

"This is Marcus Kane.” Wells whisperd too you.


After they where gone, you cried. Finn heard you and turned the light on.

“Hey Y/N? What is happend?”

“I should go now, I’m sorry.” Wells said and went out.

“They took Monty and Jasper.” you cried in Finn’s Arms the whole night.


6 months before:

>>Oh ha- ha wor ha<<

“Very good Y/N” your self-defense teacher said. “You’re one of my best infighting students.”

“Thank you.”

“One day you’ll rescue Monty and Jasper.” he smiled. “We’ll see next week, goodbye.”

“I’ll kick Kane’s ass.” you laughed and drank your water while you wanted to go to your room.


“Finn Collins you’re arrested for an illegal spacewalk.”

You recognized the voice, it was Kane in your room. You walked into your room and saw him, you wanted to hurt him so bad as he hurt you.

“Let him go!” you yelled at him.

“Y/N it okay, I’ll be fine.” Finn said with a short smile.

“Dont you’ve done enough, Kane?” you said angry. “First you took my best friends and now him? What kind of Monster are you?”

“I’m sorry but we’ve to go now.”

You hugged Finn one last time and whispered in his ear.

“I’ll save all of you, I promise.”

“I know.” he smiled.


Raven came in and was cring too.

“Why are you crying, it was your fault!” you yelled.

“No, Y/N please.” Raven cried.

“Shut up, Raven. I dont want to hear it. We’ll save them all, Finn, Jasper and Monty and you’ll help me. Understood?”

“Yes of course.” She said with her head down.


45 Minutes before the dropship should start:

“Jaha, I know it’s dangerous. But we dont have another choice. That spacewalk cost The Ark roughly 3 month’s supply of oxygen.” you heard Kane.

“Okay, we’ll send the kids to Earth.” Jaha said with a sad heart.


You had a microphone hidden into the control center.

“What the hell?” Raven said as she heard that.

“Thats our chance.” you smiled at Raven.

“What are you planning?” She asked confused. “No Y/N NO! Finn would kill me if I let that happen.”

“I’ll kill you if you try to stop me.” you said with a serious look to Raven and went out off your room, Raven came right behind you.

“Okay you want to get arrested, how?”

“Come with me.” you laughed.


Raven and you walked into the Cafeteria, a lot of people were there at this time.

“Raven I’m sorry, really I am."you said to her while she doesnt understood anything.

BAAAAAAAM! You hit Raven in her face in front of the Guards.

"It was your fault, you stupid B*tch! I hate you, I’m going to kill you!” you yelled at her while she was lying on the ground, bleeding.

The Guard came into the Cafeteria and stopped you. Kane came in too, he saw you and what you did with Raven.

“Take her to the infirmary” he said. 

“Wanna be the next Kane, hm?” you asked him sarcastic.

“Y/N you’re arrested for being violent and threaten an Officer.” He said then he came closer and whispered in your ear. “Now you see your cousin again, for a short time.” He laughed at you and you spit in his face. 

The Guards took you with them and brought you in the prison.


20 Minutes before the dropship starts:

“We need another one, this one is to sick. He wouldnt survive it.” you heard a Doctor say.

“Doc, we’ve another one, here." 

"Oh you look good, We’ll take her.”

The Doctor gave you an injection and the next thing you saw was the inside of a Spaceship.


Well guys, I hoped you enjoyed this Story.
I wanted to write a lot more parts, but only if you want it too. :)

I'm Fine

Pairing: Syndisparklez

Warnings: I am an inexperienced writer trying to write. Other than that, it is very safe.

Summary: Jordan got stabbed but didn’t want to bother anyone, so he decides to get a whole cake instead. Based off a prompt by @jordansgreenshorts. Enjoy.

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A Thing or Two

Jordan Fisher x Reader
Words: 595

hi everyone! no one requested this but i wrote a new song tonight and i was inspired. so here is this little fic thing… enjoy my beautiful followers!

if you have any requests, send them through! while i am still not feeling anywhere near 100%, i think i’ve finally got over my writer’s block which is incredible. i hadn’t written a song in months and i got one done in a night.

i’ll stop rambling now and head to sleep. enjoy everyone!


Originally posted by riotinoakland


Jordan looked up at you from across the studio, his dark brown eyes widening at the sight of you. He flashed you a quick smile, looking back down at his sheet music.

You had been interning at the Jones Recording Studio for a couple of months now, but nothing exciting had happened there. Not until now, anyway.

It had been a few weeks since Jordan booked in to record his album and honestly you had been counting down the days. He was one of your favourite artists, and honestly you couldn’t take your mind off him. His voice was rough, like his stubble, and you could get lost in his eyes…

Your eyes widened when you realised you had been daydreaming again. You straightened your posture, picking up the coffees one of the other interns had brought and confidently walking over to him.

“Can I offer you gentleman a beverage?” You asked, flashing them shy smiles.

“Sounds good to me,” Nicholas replied, taking a coffee from your hands and smiling back. “Jordan?”

Jordan cleared his throat awkwardly, looking at the floor. “It’s not really good for your vocal cords to… milk isn’t… thanks for the offer,” Jordan stuttered, rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly. He blushed, heading into the recording booth.

“Well damn. You made Jordan Fisher flustered. That’s new,” Nicholas stated, looking you up and down.

“I doubt he was flustered about me. I’m sure it was just prerecording nerves. We get that a lot here, especially when artists are working on their first albums,” You replied, shrugging and putting the other coffees down on a nearby table.

“You underestimate your abilities. I must say, nice job…” He paused to read your name tag. “(Y/N).”

“Um… t-thankyou…” You replied quietly, glancing over at Jordan who was raising his eyebrow at you. He looked away as soon as your eyes met. Your eyes widened when you remembered your responsibilities. “Sorry. I do need to get to work. I mean… I’m not getting paid to stand around, am I?”

“No. That’s his job,” Nicholas joked, gesturing to Jordan.

You smiled weakly, heading into the booth and putting on your headphones and turning on the microphone. “Hey Jordan, it’s (Y/N). Are you ready to go?” You asked. Jordan gave you a thumbs up from the other side of the glass, smiling. You blushed slightly, starting the track that you had recorded with the band the day before.  

As soon as he began to sing, you felt weak at the knees. You had to sit down quickly to avoid feeling faint. You caught yourself staring billions of times, often having to slap yourself to snap out of your dream like state.

After Jordan had recorded a few of his songs, you called both called it a day. You walked into the studio, smiling at him. “Congratulations Jordan. You’re one step closer to releasing an album,” You said, holding up your hand for a hi five. Jordan ignored your hand and hugged you, pulling away after a while.

“Couldn’t have done it without you, the voice in my headphones. Now, since we’re done for the day, would you like to get coffee? I know an excellent starbucks down the street,” Jordan said as he fiddled with the hem of his shirt absentmindedly.

“I mean, as long as it doesn’t screw with your vocal cords…”

“What? Oh, no. Of course not. Let’s head off now, shall we?”

“Sounds good to me.”

You smiled as Jordan took your hand and walked out of the studio with you by his side.

Fireworks - George Weasley Imagine


Can you do George imagine where the reader is Hagrid’s daughter and Hagrid sees that George and the reader like each other so Hagrid tries to set them up and succeeds? Thank you!! Love your blog!

•(Y/f/n) = Your Friend’s Name•

A/n: I tried to make Hagrid’s sentences sound like Hagrid but I think I failed

~Hagrid’s POV~

“ ‘lright everybody! Gather 'round!” I said gesturing towards myself. All the students gather around, I craned my neck and saw my daughter; (Y/n). My little girl doesn’t look like me at all, but we share similar attitudes. She definitely doesn’t have the giant part of her, she’s a Gryffindor like me when I used to go to hogwarts. She’s never embarrassed by me, when I go to say good morning to her during breakfast she doesn’t mind one bit that. That’s why I love my daughter so much, she’s kind and brave. I waved at her and she smiled and waved back. “Today, we’ll be learning about Hippogriffs!” I whistled and buckbeak peaked from behind a large oak tree. He slowly walked forward but stopped a few feet from me. I hear a familiar giggle from the crowd making me turn around quickly, I see my daughter whispering to one of the Weasley twins. I see her face turn bright pink, the twin swings his arm over her shoulder. I look around to see the other twin talking to Angelina Johnson, that’s Fred. So, the one talking to (Y/n) must be George Weasley. Throughout the whole lesson, I can hear her giggle and him laugh. I can’t help but smile to myself, my daughter has found someone she likes and he likes her too. Harry told me everything. I’m now gonna make it my mission to set them up. I’ve talked to George before, he’s a really great boy. Only the best for my little girl.

~Harry’s POV~

I shut my book slowly as I hear a voice call my name. I look up to see Hermione rushing over to me. “Hermione, what is it?” I ask standing up “Hagrid says he needs you! It’s urgent!” Hermione says quickly. My eyes widen and I start running with Hermione following close behind me. We reach Hagrid’s house completely out of breath, I knock on the door rapidly making it swing open to reveal Hagrid. “Come in!” Hagrid waved us in “Sit. Tea?” He asks, me and Hermione both nodded our heads. He grabs the pot from over the fire and starts to pour tea in the little tea cups. “I need your help” He says setting the tea pot on the wooden table. “Anything” I say without thinking. Hagrid has been there for me since day one, I owe him a lot. “It’s my little girl. (Y/n). I need you to help me get (Y/n and George together” I sigh in relief, I thought it was going to be something hard. “Okay. What do you want to do?” I ask him. He comes in closer and whispers everything he wants for the mission.

~Fred’s POV~

“Come on mate! You owe me four galleons for that skiving snackbox I gave you!” I exclaimed to Lee Jordan “I’ll give it to you tomorrow! Don’t worry!” I open my mouth to say something but was cut off by a loud booming voice “Fred Weasley!” I turn my head to the side to see Hagrid going towards my twin brother, George. “I’m not Fred, I’m George” He says, Hagrid’s eyes widen. “Oh! My bad!” Hagrid says looking around “Over here Hagrid!” I say loudly waving my hand in the air. Hagrid gives George an awkward nod before coming to me. “I need your help.” Hagrid tells me, I push Lee Jordan away. “What do you need?” I ask “I need you to help me get (Y/n) and George together” he whispers looking over at George who is staring right at us. I smile.

“What’s the plan?”

“Well, Do you have any fireworks?”

“Yeah, a lot”


~(Y/n)’s POV~

“Hi dad!” I say excitedly walking down the hill towards his hut. He turns around quickly hiding what he’s been working on. “Hello” He says nervously, I can see little beads of sweat running down his face. “What’s that?” “What’s what?” “That thing your hiding behind your back” “it’s nothing” he says it quickly, now I’m suspicious! “Are you trying to hatch a dragon’s egg again? You know what headmaster Dumbledore said last time!” I exclaim, He shakes his head. “It’s not a dragons egg.” I raise my eyebrow at him “I promise” I sigh “Fine, but sooner or later I will find out whatever you have or whatever your planning!” I yell running all the way up the hill.

~The Next Day~

“Wake up!” I hear someone scream in my ear. My eyes flutter open, it’s my friend (Y/f/n). “What is it?” I mumble pulling my blanket over my head, she yanks it off make me growl. “Let’s go! Get up and get ready! You have ten minutes!” She yells, I scream in her face before jumping out of bed and stomping into the bathroom. I comb my hair and leave down like it is, I put on black leggings; a pair of brown boots; and a flowing white long sleeved sweater that reveals my shoulders. I slowly walk out of the bathroom “Finally! You take forever to get ready!” (Y/f/n) exclaimed. She grabbed my wrist and started to drag me out of Gryffindor tower. “Where are we going?!” I yell “Somewhere!” She laughs. I roll my eyes and sigh deeply. We exit the castle and start making our way towards the quidditch pitch, I hear voices talking. “Why are we going to the field? There’s no games today!” I say. She doesn’t reply making me a bit more frustrated.

We reach the entrance making (Y/f/n) stop in her path. “Remember, wear a smile” she says smiling setting an example. “What?” I ask confused but she pushed me through the opening onto the field. I hear cheering and yelling, I smile widely. What the hell is going on here?! “(Y/N) CAN YOU PLEASE MAKE YOUR WAY TOWARDS THE MIDDLE OF THE FIELD!” Lee Jordan’s voice echoed throughout the quidditch pitch. I slowly walked to the middle and looked up at the crowd. I hear the cheers become louder making me look around, I see George standing there with a bouquet of different colored flowers. He walks forward a smile on his perfect face. I hear wolf whistles and clapping, George stops right in front of me and hands me the flowers. He raises the microphone he has in hand and starts to speak into it. “(Y/n), I have something to tell you. For as long as I can remember I’ve had this crush on you, a really big crush. I’ve finally got the courage and decided that I should tell you. I really like you and I was wondering if maybe you would like to go out sometime?” He says slowly and nervously. I hug him tightly and he does the same, I can feel him relax in my arms. “If you wanted to ask me out, you should have just asked” I whispered in his ear, he turns his head and captures my lips in a heated kiss. Everyone cheers and whistles but me and George ignore it. Everything around me disappears, his kiss sends shocks through my body. His kiss feels like fireworks erupting in me. I pull back breathless “Do I have to ask for kisses?” He whispers putting his forehead against mine “Never” I smile. Fireworks above explode making bright colors spread and slowly disappear. “You didn’t have to do this for me” I say assuringly “I actually didn’t plan this out, your father did” he said, I look up in the crowd and see him smiling down at us. He waves and I wave back, I grab the microphone from George. “Thank you dad! I love you!” I say smiling. I see him wiping his eyes with a handkerchief. I’m glad to have someone like him.


Jealousy's Destructive Result- An Off-Canon One Shot

I finally got around to watching what happened when Steve destroyed Wag’s house from Wag’s perspective. It hit me again just how scary that whole deal was, and just ugh. I was thinking about what would have happened if Martha had been on that day, which led to me writing this. The beginning part is slightly off canon, but whatever. Enjoy!

When James had woken that morning, he had smiled to himself. He recalled his meeting with Martha the day prior, and though he hadn’t been all that attracted to her romantically, he had really enjoyed himself. He liked Martha a lot, and had fun talking to someone without chaos following, like it usually did when he hung out with the other heroes. She had been really easy to talk to, and they had enjoyed themselves.

What he hadn’t expected was an angry farmer coming after him the next day.

Steve had appeared outside his house while he’d been talking to Jordan. The man looked hungry for blood.

“James, you have exactly thirty seconds before your tower becomes a bloody crater,” Steve growled.

James, who had been facing Jordan, turned towards the farmer, confused. “What are you talking about?”

“Mate, you know,” He hissed. When James’ confused expression didn’t change, he stated, “You hanging around with my Martha.”

James’ entire demeanor darkened. “Your Martha? Steve, you don’t own her, and you shouldn’t act like you do. Martha’s her own person, and you can’t take that away from her.”

Steve’s eyes narrowed. “You self-righteous son of a bitch.”

Jordan, who was looking on in alarm, put a hand on James’ shoulder. “Wag, you should probably back off. He looks lethal,” Jordan warned.

“Yeah, Wag, listen to Sparkly-Dick. Back off,” Steve called.

The wizard shook his head and stood his ground. “No. Steve, Martha can make her own decisions. And if she decides to hang out with me, then you can’t stop her.”

“Yeah? Well, she can’t stop me from doing this!” Steve suddenly had James pinned against the wall of his tower. James tried to push him off, but he couldn’t overpower the stronger man.

“Steve, stop. You don’t want to do this,” The wizard warned, preparing an defense spell. He was already low on mana from practicing a spell with Jordan.

“Oi, mate, I think I do,” He growled, winding up for a punch. It would have landed against his eye if he hadn’t performed his spell and rolled out of the way while Steve was off guard.

James refused to fight Steve. Steve was an ally, no matter how idiotic he was acting. He also knew how much Martha cared about him. He refused to add to the pain this was going to cause her. He flew into the upper part of his tower, trying to avoid his assailant.

Steve took to the air, intent on destroying Waglington. “What kind of man runs away from a fight?”

James groaned. Steve could use a lesson in what was and wasn’t sexist.

Jordan flew up to where his friend hid, deflecting an arrow Steve had shot at him. “James, he’s going to kill you. Give it up, Martha will tell him off anyways.”

James shook his head. “I can’t. I can’t let him get away with acting like he owns her. It’s not right.”

Jordan groaned, peaking out from the cover of the book shelf they were hiding behind. The tower’s windows were completely shattered, and Steve was moving in. Steve notched and fired an arrow, sending Jordan’s red sunglasses clattering to the floor. “Okay, but it’s your fight. I’m going to try and find Martha.”

“No wait, Jordan-” James started, trying to keep Jordan from getting the mystic. He didn’t want her to see Steve like this if she didn’t have to. It was too late, though, as he was gone.

“Steve!” Ianite yelled, shaking the earth around them with her anger. “Stop this at once!”

“No way, Ianite,” Steve called, tossing a fire ball- how’d he even get that kind of magic?- at James’ home. James dove out of the tower. “I’m not going to stop for anyone anymore.”

James hit the ground, quickly picking himself off the ground and hiding behind a tree. As his home burned, he whispered, “Aw, not my house!”

Steve fired at the tower again and again until nearly everything was burning. “Once he returns, I’m not going to have to listen to anyone anymore. Not Mianite, not Helgrind,” as he listed names, he threw more fireballs. “Not any of these ‘heroes’, and certainly not you.”

Ianite was pissed. “You have one chance to stop, Steve. If you don’t, I’ll-”

“Do nothing! You won’t do anything to hurt Martha after what happened with Helgrind,” He called. Steve spotted his target, throwing a fire ball for the tree he was hiding behind.

“Agh!” James called, diving away from the destroyed tree. Steve landed in front of him. James tried to form a shield to stop him, but he was out of mana and had no energy left to fight.

“End of the line, mate,” Steve taunted. “Stand up and fight.”

James gritted his teeth and shook his head. “No, I won’t fight you. Steve, you’re out of control. Please, stop.”

“No chance, mate,” He growled, raising his sword. “No one touches my woman and gets away with it.”

“She’s not yours, Steve! You’re acting like a dick!” James tried. He knew he was screwed.

Steve began to swing down. James braced himself, closing his eyes, and-

The blow never came. James opened his eyes, finding Steve knocked on his ass and Martha wielding a protection spell in front of him.

“Martha?” James called in surprise.

“I’m sorry I wasn’t here sooner,” She told him, performing a healing spell on the wizard.

Waglington, mana restored and energy renewed, stood up and hugged Martha. “Thank you for saving my behind,” He whispered.

In front of them, Steve clenched his fist. Martha turned to him, staring daggers. “You know, I saw the smoke over in this direction, and I was heading over when I bumped into my fath- Jordan. I bumped into Jordan, and he told me that you,” Her voice was shaking with rage, and angry tears gathered in her eyes. “Were attacking James because he and I were together. And you know what I said?”

Steve didn’t speak.

“I said, "Gods, no, Steve wouldn’t do that. There is no way that he would attack someone he KNOWS I am close to because I am close to them.’” Martha took a deep breath. It seemed the entire realm had stopped to listen to her. “Gods, how many times am I going to be wrong about you, Steve? How many times are you going to hurt me?”

Steve finally snapped out of his silence. “Martha, no, I didn’t want to-”

“Didn’t want to hurt me?” Martha laughed bitterly. “Yeah, clearly you were trying to be nice to me by rejecting me one day and trying to murder my best friend the next!”

“Martha, please, I’m sorry!” Steve tried.

“I don’t care!” Martha yelled. “If you’re just going to do something and apologize when I get upset, then I don’t care! I want to take a break, okay? I still love you, but honestly? Right now, this is not worth it.”

“Martha,” He began, but he didn’t know what to say.

“Come on, James. I’m sorry this happened. You can stay at my place until yours can be repaired,” Martha said, taking James’ hand and walking with him.

Martha smiled at her other-worldly-sorta-father, who had returned to the smoldering remains of Wag’s tower with him.

As they walked away, Steve got off the ground and moved to attack James again, but Jordan grabbed him. “Yeah, no. That’d be dumb.”

Steve growled and turned to walk home alone.