get your hair out of your face


would you like to see
where I really keep
this is going to have at least
six punctures
on the side of your face
that you give the most
whatever leaks out
is the benefit of your
and what you call insanity.
you tell me that it’s not because I’m pretty,
bring me cloves and fire-toned candy
in envelopes of parenthetical trimming,
you crack a word open and stuff it
with what you’d rather be,
“like a car crash”,
what you’d rather hear from me,
and when you get to the river’s edge,
no more somber than honey
in the hair of a battery,
you think you’ve seen the only
coral pink ledge
that I lead men
off in agony.
you hold your little damp torch
up to the reeds
that kiss your aching feet
and you tell them about me.
you tell them I’ve lost my teeth.
you tell them about the madness
that makes me soft underneath.
you tell them that I’m not as gold
as the sun you thought was my home.
they listen because they already know;
I am not the way I make you feel.
I do not come and go
to the ebb and flow
of your cowardice or your hope;
I am angry in a language you cannot read,
I am bold in a way you cannot appease,
I am smoky like a fire you cannot
contain with the refrain
of your fingers trying to find me.
now, lay your head down by the reeds,
and drink.

occvltum -  Yoon Minsik

Jungkook face scrunch up when the monster’s blood spray all over his head and torso, the black liquid evaporating seconds after it dampened his hair. He ripped his scythe off of the demon’s chest and walk back from the bleeding wound, watching as the demon melts away and disappears into thin air. 

And then he turns back, pulling his hood down so the stranger could see his face, now clean again after all the blood had disappeared and his skin illuminated by the moon light. “Did it scratch your arm?” He tilt his head, watching the stranger’s sleeve get soaked in red. “You shouldn’t play saint, not all spirits are nice, that one just wanted to suck your soul out for dinner.” He shrugs, gesturing to the spirit turned demon that the stranger had foolishly tried to help cross over. 

“Toxic relationships are dangerous to your health; they will literally kill you. Stress shortens your lifespan. Even a broken heart can kill you. There is an undeniable mind-body connection. Your arguments and hateful talk can land you in the emergency room or in the morgue. You were not meant to live in a fever of anxiety; screaming yourself hoarse in a frenzy of dreadful, panicked fight-or-flight that leaves you exhausted and numb with grief. You were not meant to live like animals tearing one another to shreds. Don’t turn your hair gray. Don’t carve a roadmap of pain into the sweet wrinkles on your face. Don’t lay in the quiet with your heart pounding like a trapped, frightened creature. For your own precious and beautiful life, and for those around you — seek help or get out before it is too late. This is your wake-up call!” — Bryant McGill

You are making breakfast
in every dream that I have
of you.

You are in the kitchen, your
soft middle pressed up against
the cold marble countertops
like a vision too beautiful for
the magazines, sprinkling
dark chocolate chips over

I think for a brief second that
I am dreaming inside of my dream,
that I had to make you up twice,
just to get it right.
You, brushing your dark hair out
of your face, smearing batter
across your cheeks.

You have come and made
my dreams smaller, narrower.
Filled them with sugar and
your body humming in the
same room as mine.

I dream, now, of a normal life
with you.
A life where breakfast lasts until
the sun goes down,
until I have finished gazing at
you from across
the table,
flour dried to your forehead
like a kiss.

—  Caitlyn Siehl, Chocolate Chip Pancakes
Honeymoon with Luke would include:
  •  Him taking you away to a beautiful, secluded island for a good 10 days
  • Getting you both the biggest room there was with a private pool and a short walk from the beach
  • Being called Mrs. Hemmings the whole time
  • Sex the second you both got there and it would be so hurried because you both have been so busy with the wedding that he hasn’t heard you moaning in 2 weeks
  • “Fuck yeah, princess.. Let me hear you…”
  • Followed by 3 hours of naked cuddling in the huuuuuge fluffy bed where you’d be playing with his messy sex and post airplane ride hair and him kissing every part of your face
  • Both of you falling into a honeymoon routine
  • Consisting of either Luke waking you up by eating you out or you giving him a blowjob to wake him up
  • Getting breakfast served to the room so you can eat breakfast in bed after a really quick, sleepy, giggly sex session where you were riding him and his hands were constantly pressed to your back to hold your body close to his and your lips never left his
  • Breakfast and then showering together but innocent showering where you both just hugged and giggled 
  • Spending all morning in the pool, cuddling
  • Lunch in your room so you both could chill by the pool and eat
  • Luke looking hot as fuck with his sunglasses on and in his dorky swimming shorts and his tANNED FUCKING BROAD CHEST 
  • Sitting on his lap and kissing his warm skin while he drank beer
  • Him repaying you by kissing your body and rubbing his honeymoon beard to your thighs
  • “Like my honeymoon beard, Mrs. Hemmings?”
  • Having a silly argument about who loves who the most like “No i love you most” “I love you mostest” “I love you mostestest” and giggling
  • Luke smiling every time he sees your wedding ring
  • Taking his ring off to show you his wedding ring tan 
  • Either long walks all afternoon around the resort and you were wearing his shirt and both of your hairs are wet and hes holding your hand the entire time
  • Or napping all afternoon
  • Bubble baths in the evening where your back was pressed to his chest and he kept kissing and biting your neck and shoulders and your hands were tangled with his as they rested on your tummy
  • Giggling when you giggled about his beard being tickly and pokey
  • Soft, gentle sex in the bathtub but having to have Luke hurriedly carry you to bed because there wasn’t enough space for his long ass legs
  • Wearing the pretty dresses he bought for you with flip flops to dinner and Luke looking hot as hell with his tanned nose and floppy hair and wearing a loose shirt and jeans and flip flops
  • Luke staring at you the whole time at dinner and holding your hand and whispering “I can’t believe you’re mine forever..” and kissing your knuckles. 
  • Romantic walks by the beach after dinner with his fingers intertwined with yours and both of you talking about nothing and giggling and Luke letting out satisfied hums
  • Wrapping his arms around your waist and holding your back to his chest and his chin on your shoulder as you both watched the waves in silence
  • Hearing Luke’s soft breathing next to your ear and feeling his smile when he kisses your cheek from behind you
  • Walking you back to the room and laying you down in bed for romantic, slow sex with your bodies pressed so close to each other and whispering sweet nothings and moaning each other’s names into the other’s lips
  • Falling asleep on Luke’s chest to the sound of his heart beating and his fingers trailing up and down your body 

Sleepy Calum dragging himself out of bed as he rubs the sleep out of his eyes because of yet another flight at an ungodly hour of the morning and he can’t help but smile sadly as he looks over at your sleeping figure because you looked SO sweet and peaceful and he can’t bear to wake you, but he does anyways by softly kissing all over your face as he runs his fingers through your hair and squeezes your hip a little as he mumbles “c'mon princess, time to wake up for me baby girl” or “how am I supposed to take on my day without my partner in crime awake helping me??” And so finally he gets you out of bed as you grunt and mumble how much you hate him and all he does is smile and kiss your head because even though it’s early and you’re cranky, he’s got his girl by his side and that’s really all that matters and someone help m e

ok imagine Luke after a concert still sweaty with his t-shirt sticking to his newly defined muscles as he saunters over to you engulfing you in a hug as he lifts you off the ground, your arms looped around his neck and your fingers tangled in his hair and he buries his face in your neck whilst his hands grip your ass, taking you by surprise and you let out a small squeal scolding him saying ‘not in front of your mates’ and Luke pulls away from you, his hands holding your body against his as his fingers push up the fabric of your shirt so he can feel the skin of your hips and he offers a cheeky smile, leaning close to you so his lips are just barely brushing against yours as he mumbles out 'well then we should get somewhere more private then, shouldn’t we princess?’ and you pull your bottom lip between your teeth as you smirk up at him nodding and next thing you know you’re dragging him down the hall behind you to the next empty dressing room to sneak in a quickie before bus call because neither of you can wait :’)

but imagine Michael asking you to wash and dye his hair for him because he’s feeling particularly lazy today; so of course you agree. He sits down in a chair and leans his head back into the sink. You lean over his face, lathering up his hair and massaging his scalp to get everything out. A relaxed sigh leaves his lips with a smile growing on his face. You smile down at him even though he couldn’t see you. This was one of your favorite things, when your hands were in his hair, his eyes would close and he would seem to forget the world around him. He would just focus on your fingertips leaving a relaxing sensation in his head, heart and mind. Slowly, his hands found your hips even with no visual guidance. He moved you until you were straddling his hips, your arms at an awkward angle trying to continue the process of cleaning his hair. “Mikey, I can’t wash at this angle.” You speak softly, looking down into his emerald eyes as he opened them. “Oh well.” He shrugs, puckering up his lips. Deciding to just comply with your boyfriend you kiss him sweetly, letting the taste of the beer he recently drank linger on your lips. “No more kisses.” You tell him, giving his lips a peck between every word. “Let me finish washing your hair please.” “Okay okay.” Michael replied before pouting and closing his eyes, allowing you to finish your work. 

I’m not even sorry

festival luke w/ untamed, extra muddy blonde hair & a dirt smeared face seeing you get crushed in the mosh pit by guys twice your size & pulling you out by your waist, spitting at the strangers to “watch who you’re fucking stepping on” & carrying you out of the pit, shoving people with his shoulders & cursing at erratic drunks before setting you down by the water tent, holding a tattered sleeve that smells like alcohol and aftershave to your bloody nose w/ a soft “you alright darlin??”

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Tips on how to kill someone without getting caught?

wear gloves, and if you have long hair, don a hair net because even a single strand of your hair left at the murder scene could possibly incriminate you. dont buy your essentials all at the same store at the same time and definitely not shortly before the murder. you must plan this out meticulously and months in advance. purchase each item separately and in different stores at different times, preferably at big businesses like target where cashiers are unlikely to remember your face. to be extra safe, purchase your items in a different city or even a different goddamn state if you have to. hell, even pay someone to run your errands for you. but if you choose to buy your own shit, throw the bag and receipt away as soon as you exit the store. it is also very wise to strip your victims of their clothing after the murder because you could have transferred fiber or DNA of yours (like hair & saliva) onto their clothing. Take their clothing home, throw it in the washer, and you can afterward burn it or throw it in a dumpster along with some other trash. get rid of the outfit you wore too. dont wear your regular shoes. and dont be a retard by keeping souvenirs from your victims. and certainly dont blab about the murder to your friends and family. even if you think you can really, really trust that person. just dont. dont write about it in a journal, dont post about it online, and abstain from alcohol because you might confess to the murder while intoxicated. in fact, dont you dare fucking google ‘’how to kill someone’’ or ‘’how to dispose of a body’’ or something along that nature because police can check your search history even if you clear it. and your search history is pretty much as good as fingerprints. just keep your head down and continue about your way. also, its very crucial to dispose of the murder weapon and anything else you may have utilized in the murder right after the murder. dont hide it somewhere in your house. because if police show up with a warrant, they’re going to look for suspicious or incriminating items. even then though, none of these tips will guarantee immunity from getting caught, but minimize that chance perhaps. i in no way condone murder but for fucks sake, if you’re gonna do it, do it right.

have fun fam! :)

Imagine: Being a nurse in the war and constantly patching Bucky up. One day, he disappears and when he returns with Captain America, you run to him (read note at bottom please!)

You’ve been a nurse in the war for a year now and by this point, you had a strong stomach and the skill of fixing what was wrong and moving the soldier along. That was kind of your motto too. 
At the moment, you were stationed in Italy along with the 107th. You had just removed a bullet out of one man’s calf so your hands and once white uniform was stained in blood. But you moved onto the next man: Sergeant James Barnes who sat there in a dirty uniform with a scratch on his face but neat, brown hair and blue eyes– and you were getting distracted.
“You expect me to put a bandage on a tiny scratch?” you asked, being known for sometimes coming off as the opposite of how a nurse should be.
“Not so much the scratch, but would you mind patching this up?” James asked, referring to the gash on his arm. Your lips parted and you slowly nodded. 
“Right then.” you replied, turning your head away from that silly grin of his to get the supplies you’d need. 
It took fifteen minutes for you to clean and sew and as always, you did a spectacular job. 
“Thank you…?”
“y/n” you replied. “No, nurse y/n” you corrected, straightening your posture and grinning at the Soldier.
“Thank you, nurse y/n.”

That wasn’t the last time you encountered Mr.Barnes. It seemed that fate had brought you two together on several more occasions for “patching up”. Sometimes it was a tiny scratch and sometimes it was a condition that made you worried you’d lose him. But overall, you knew it was the irritating but irresistible Solider who purposely kept coming back to you.

“We attack in Germany tomorrow.” James said, laying down on the cot as you kneeled beside him, dabbing the cut along his temple. It was a rainy day at this base and everything seemed at bay for the weather. It was just you and James underneath the tent.
“Really?” you asked, your lips slightly falling to a frown. Were you worried? Maybe a little bit. Hydra was a serious threat and any encounter with them wouldn’t end well.
“No, I just wanted to see your reaction.” James grinned. Now you felt foolish for worrying and pressed on the cut a little harder to get back at him. While he winced but laughed, a laugh passed through your own lips and it felt foreign. 
“Oh, James.” you sighed. 
“Call me Bucky.” 
“Okay, Bucky. So are you really playing games with me or are you really going to Germany?” you asked.Bucky went silent for a moment and you stopped dabbing his cut.
“Yes, I am.” 
“How long?” you asked after a moment, your gaze falling down for a moment. Yes, you were worried. You’ve come to known Bucky over the past few weeks and while you were taught to not get attached, you couldn’t help it. 
“Not too long. It depends. I’ll be back just to waste your time like I am now.” he said, his serious expression being replaced by a grin. You laughed again and shook you head but in the back of your mind, you prayed nothing would happen to him.

Weeks went on after that and you were becoming more distraught as the days went on. Every morning, you’d fail to remember that Bucky was in Germany and wouldn’t be waiting for you in the medical tent. Your work started to crumble and even your friend Peggy noticed. At the end of the night, you were cleaning your hands when she approached you.
“What’s wrong? Do not tell me otherwise because I see it.” 
“It’s Bucky– James. Sergeant James Barnes. He’s been in Germany and I’m scared something’s happened to him.” you admitted with a sigh.
“107th?” she asked, referring to the biggest group we had here.
You nodded. 
“Find me in the morning. I will get information on him for you.” 
That morning, you got information and also another surprise: Steve Rogers. You remembered Bucky mentioning his best friend but didn’t realize his best friend was the Captain America. You’ve been waiting all day to confront him when he had approached you and Peggy. You heard the devastating news of Bucky and his group being assumed MIA so Peggy’s been comforting you even though you didn’t want to admit how upset you were.
But hope filled in you again when Steve claimed he wanted to go to Germany and find Bucky himself. 
“Stay here. I will be back as soon as possible.” Peggy assured. You looked at Steve who looked determined to find Bucky. 
“Uh, Steve.” you said, drawing his attention. “Please bring him back. If you see him, tell him I’m waiting to see what he needs me to patch up this time.” A sad smile appeared on your lips and Steve nodded, smiling too. 

A few days passed and you and Peggy we’re anxious together. While you were patching up another soldier who suffered an infection from shrapnel, Peggy entered the tent, her mood quite somber. It took you one look at her to feel your heart shatter in your chest.

“They’re not coming back, are they?” you asked, a lump growing in your throat.
Peggy opened her lips to respond when you heard heavy footsteps and and noticed the other soldiers running all in one direction. Without another look at Peggy, you started to follow and your pace picked up into a run. When your eyes fell on a cluster of soldiers all looking wounded and dirty, you pushed through them, their blood and dirt spreading to your white uniform. Peggy followed behind you. 

“Let’s hear it for Captain America!” 

The voice made you push through the crowd even stronger until you came to the small opening where Steve, Bucky, and several other men stood. Your heart filled with hope and you didn’t hesitate to hurry over to where Bucky stood, admiring his best friend. 

“I told you I would be back to waste your time.” Bucky said when his eyes fell on you. You smiled, wondering how he or Steve managed to come back. It was beyond you but the only thing that mattered was that he was here now and all in one piece. 

“I have to admit every second with you, whether it’s a bruise or something that needs stitches, it is never a second wasted.” you admitted, taking a deep breath and looking up at Bucky with a smile on your lips. 

Bucky grinned and leaned forward but you already had your hand on his dogtags and pulled his lips to yours. You let his arms wrap around your waist and dip you back. You pressed your lips against his and knew that you had completely fallen for him  

Anyone want me to continue? I have an idea where Shield has a program in which they’ll recruit five agents since and use a very limited amount of a supersoldier serum they tried to recreate. (Y/N) is one of them and throughout time, they’re frozen and unfrozen for whenever Shield needs them. (Y/N) does it willingly bc she has nothing left since Bucky and Steve died. The plot would be her running into the winter soldier when Shield unfroze her for certain missions where he happened to show up? Idkk I could do a whole new fan fiction on Wattpad tbh

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A love triangle between Himuro, the reader/girl and Murasakibara

Somebody buy Admin Neon some cookies from Cookie Corner. I am ravenous.

A small smile made its way onto his face as Murasakibara accepted your gift. It was the third day in a row that you had brought the massive basketball player some cookies from your family’s bakery and he was beginning to like this habit that you’d formed. It definitely helped that you were someone of his interest; not only did he get to eat some sweet snacks that day, but he was also allowed to see your bubbly face. It made dragging himself to school every day just a little bit more bearable.

“Today’s ones are chocolate chip,” you explained, twirling a strand of your hair around your index finger. Murasakibara opens up the nicely decorated package you had given him, taking a single cookie out before biting into it. “I hope you like them!”

He hums in satisfaction, enjoying the feeling as the warm cookie melts in his mouth. Had your family just baked them this morning? That would mean you had specifically took them so you could give them as a gift, right? There had to be some sort of ulterior motive you had behind giving him snacks every day.

It wasn’t normal for so many thoughts at once to flood his mind, so it took Murasakibara a moment to notice that you had left his side. When he finally came to, he saw you standing in front of his teammate and friend, Himuro. A neatly decorated package was in your hands as you handed them to him. Murasakibara bit his lip, listening to what you were saying to the shorter basketball player.

“Himuro, these are for you,” you said, voice chipper and a radiant smile on your face. Murasakibara seethed a bit; so the cookies you had given him weren’t that special? “I felt bad for only bringing some for Murasakibara the first few times, so I made sure to bring extra today.”

Oh. So they were pity cookies? Feeling a little better about the situation, Murasakibara eased the muscles he hadn’t realized he’d been tensing. He still wasn’t sure what to make of the situation and he definitely didn’t like the way Himuro was staring at you with that charming smile of his. The other male didn’t even really like chocolate chip cookies, so why had he accepted them so easily?

Feeling the cold stare of his teammate, Himuro cast his eyes over in Murasakibara’s direction for a brief second before putting his full attention back on you. Behind his smile, he hid the feelings of jealousy quite well.

‘Sorry, Atsushi. ____ is someone I just can’t give up on.’

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Could you do the "you took all the blankets, I gave up and got another one" with jily? (And maybe it's when they're getting used to sleeping in the same bed, so it's all young and omg-what's-happening?) Your stuff is awesome btw :D

I can’t find this prompt in any of the ones I reblogged but hopefully what I got from your message is good enough!! Thank you so much, you’re so sweet. This got more Marauders-oriented than Jily-oriented, but I still hope you like this!

James has been asleep for barely two hours when he’s suddenly kicked awake.

“Fuck,” he mumbles, vehement. He rubs at his knee, blinking gritty sleep out of his eyes. He fully expects to see Sirius grinning down at him; instead, he gets a face full of red hair. “Aw, Evans,” he says, annoyance inexplicably melting away. Lily doesn’t even stir, just continues slumbering away, her foot deceptively still near his thigh.

“The missus keeping you awake at night?” comes Remus’ voice from behind his own bed’s curtains. James can perfectly envision the smirk that’s resting on Moony’s face right at this moment.

“Shut up and go back to your book, you wanker,” he mutters, settling back down amongst his pillows and tugging at the blankets, which have all tangled themselves up around Lily. He can hear Remus snickering at the rustling, and he quickly gives up on getting the blankets away from her. “Stubborn even in sleep,” he sighs, not the least bit surprised as he scrabbles for his wand.

A few seconds later, having duplicated the blankets to make another set for himself, he nestles back into Lily’s side, one of his arms winding around her waist while his nose buries itself at the nape of her neck.

“Sweet dreams,” he hears Remus say. He’s asleep before he can think of a proper response.


Part of the 5 years later series , First chapter here (x)

Warnings: Sad :( / Panic Attack

A/N: Characters from the potterverse belong to J.K. Rowling

Masterlists Here (x) (x)

Breathe. Don’t forget to breathe, you kept telling yourself as your eyes landed on the man in front of you. He had longer hair and a well-defined beard, but his eyes were still the same copper orbs you remembered. All the air left your lungs. You were going to suffocate if you didn’t get out of this house, but you couldn’t move. All around you, people stood up hugging George their moving lips allowing five years’ worth of words to escape. His face was so different from the last time you saw him. No longer covered with dust and bloody cuts, but smooth. You noticed his chest move up and down, a sign of life. You were sure that if you touched him he would be warm instead of stone cold. You couldn’t hear anything over the sound of your heart thumping in your ear. Your mind was playing sick jokes on you, relishing in your misery. When you felt a hand on your shoulder, you turned and saw an extremely worried Hermione.

“Y/N,” you heard a soothing voice in your ear, fighting against the thrumming . “ Deep breaths. Breathe with me ok?” Every time you went to take a breath, you couldn’t seem to get enough air. He wasn’t dead. Fred was standing five meters in front of you instead of under you. How was he here?

When Fred started walking toward you, your heart raced faster, not in delight but pure terror. You felt relieved when you saw Mrs. Weasley block Fred’s path.  

“Fred, maybe you best go upstairs and tidy up,” Mrs. Weasley insisted. “Give Y/N a moment to catch up ok? You remember where the bathroom is don’t you?”

“Hermione,” you gasped. “Hermione, I can’t-“ Hermione continued instructing you, her voice no longer asking you but commanding you.

“Y/N you need to breathe. Count to five and breathe with me,” Hermione demanded.

You started counting. One year after Fred died you wished you could be dead with him. Two years you started therapy. Three years you finally stopped crying. Four years you started living. Five years you were finally feeling alive. Now it felt like you were back to year one. You took a breath. Think about the positives. You had friends and a family that loved you. You had him. You breathed again, your heart slowing its pace. You felt air rush into your lungs.

“Thank Merlin you calmed down,” Hermione hugged you. “That was far from the reaction I thought you’d have Y/N.”

“Hermione. I can’t stay here,” you gasped still catching your breath. “I don’t think I can handle seeing him Hermione.” You didn’t know how you’d react when Fred would came back and try to talk to you. You didn’t want to have another anxiety attack, and the only way you could avoid it would be leaving.

“Y/N, you have to remember this is George’s birthday too. He’s just as shocked if not more shocked than you,” Hermione replied. “No one knew about this, not even George, and Fred told George everything.”  You turned toward George, his face was covered in streaks of dried tears, but unlike yo,u he was laughing. How did he forgive Fred so easily? George was an absolute mess when Fred died. He couldn’t open the shop for a year after Fred died. If it wasn’t for Angelina by his side, you don’t know what would’ve happened. George wouldn’t hold a grudge against himself, and he wouldn’t hold anything against his brother. Perhaps Fred had a reason behind his disappearance, but that didn’t give him the right to hurt his family and friends.

“He’s missed so much ‘Mione,” you whispered, not sure if Hermione could hear you.

“I know Y/N, but you should hear him out. He deserves that much,” Hermione chimed in rubbing your back. Hot tears burned in your eyes at that statement. You loved him. Loved. It felt so odd to say it in the past tense.

“You know what he did to me, what he did to everyone,” you growled. “I don’t think he deserves anything of the sort. However, I deserve some closure.”  You weren’t the girl he left at Hogwarts five years ago. You were covered in emotional scars from the wounds that never healed when he left.

The story continues (x)

What’s in my school bag/backpack?

These are the things I think are essential for a school bag.

1. Bag: obviously! Mine is the Contrast Montana Rucksack from Superdry Japan in the colour Dawn Red Marl. You can find it here.

2. Journal: to keep all your homework assignments and to-do lists organised!

3. Lip balm: for chapped lips.

4. Blotting paper: to keep the unwanted oil on your face away! Mine’s from boots.

5. Hair clips: for all your styling needs.

6. Concealer: to hide blemishes and dark under eye circles. Mine’s the Rimmel London Wake Me Up Concealer. You can get it here.

7. Money: in case you get hungry!

8. Hair tie: to keep you hair out of your face.

9. Keys: so that you can get into your house.

10. Powder and brush: in case the blotting papers weren’t enough. My face powder is the Rimmel London Clear Complexion Powder in the shade 021-transparent. Get it here. My powder brush is from essence. 

11. Mirror: for touch-ups.

12. Hairbrush: to tame that unruly  hair.

13. Headphones: to jam out to some tunes after school. Mine are the Logitech UE 6000 Headphones. Unfortunately they were discontinued, but you can get them here.

14. Textbook: for class!

15. Notebook: to jot down colourful notes!

16. Pencilcase: to hold all your stationery.

17. Post-its: to make your notes interesting (especially if they’re shaped like toast like mine are!)

18. Tape: for all your sticking needs.

19. Tip-ex: to fix your mistakes.

20. Page flags: to indicate what chapter you’re supposed to study!

21. Ruler: so that your lines are straight.

22. Eraser: to fix more mistakes.

23. Pens: to take notes. Mine are from bic.

24. Highlighters: to colour your world. Mine are the bic marking highlighters.

25. Glue: for more sticking needs. Mine is the Pritt stick.

26. Scissors: to snip, snip, snip.

27. Pencils: to make your mistakes fixable. Mine are the Papermate Sharpwriter mechanical pencils.

28. Sharpie: to make sure your mistakes aren’t fixable. 

29. Calculator: to help with equations. Mine’s from casio.

30. Gum: to make your breath smell fruity. Mine’s the juicy fruit chewing gum.

31. Wet Wipes: for spills.

32. Tissues: for runny noses and sticky hands. 

What’s in YOUR bag?

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How would Rap Monster, Suga, V and J-Hope react when you use their stomach or butt as pillow?

Rap Monster - Rap Monster would be the one to ask you why you were using their stomach/butt as a pillow, playfully squirming around until he got an answer.  If  he was satisfied with it (a.k.a if it was cute or cheesy enough) he would settle down and get comfortable with a lil smile on his face.

Suga - Suga I don’t think would really mind? Like I fee like he would just go with it and chill, maybe play with your hair if you were on his stomach or playfully move his legs around if you were on his butt.

V - Taehyung would just let out a soft sigh before adjusting himself a little  bit so that the two of you could both be comfortable before asking if whatever you were laying on was comfy/squishy/good enough for your precious little head to rest.

J - Hope - J - Hope would be trying his hardest to not just coo at you and roll in the adorableness that his eyes were witnessing. He would just sit there silently, a smile on his face as he would occasionally look down (or back) at you.

- Darby

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s/o just walks around gom + kagami + hanamiya' shared apartment in their jersey, or shirt with just bra and panties underneath??? fluff pls !!!! luv this blog<3

A/N: I’m in need of fluff, plus there’s loads of related requests for this kind of thing!

AKASHI doesn’t look up from the book he’s studying, but he’s fully aware of what you’re wearing. He sighs and rolls his eyes at your innocence, letting out a small chuckle. Getting up from his seat, Akashi twines his fingers through your and leads you to the bed, laying you down. As he brings his body next to yours, you bring your arms around his waist, pulling him tightly to you. “You never stop working to cuddle with me,” you feign a pout “what’s wrong?” Chuckling, Akashi strokes your hair as he watches your face 

“Nothing you should be concerned with. You just looked so nice I had to hold you for a while.” Your face begins to flush with joy, Akashi is never usually this honest with his feelings, especially not with you. Nodding, you awkwardly nuzzle into his chest and cling to him.

AOMINE bites his lip as he watches you exit his bathroom in his jersey. Holding his breath, he hopes that you aren’t wearing anything underneath it. Abruptly standing up from his bed, he saunters up to you and lifts the hem up and over your hip. Your eyes widen and you let out a loud gasp, “What the hell do you think you’re doing?” Rolling his eyes as you slap his hand away from you, he lets out a long groan and clicks his tongue as he walks away. 

“If you’re going to be sexy and wear my stuff, at least be naked underneath,” he lays back down on his bed, placing his hands behind his head, signaling for you to come closer. Cautiously, you make your way over to him and sit on the edge of his bed. Annoyed with how you’ve become guarded, he pulls you to him and lays you atop him, wrapping his arms around your back, keeping you still. “Don’t move,” he sighs, resting his forehead against yours, “just let me hold you, okay?”

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Kiddies (mikey)

Requested - No
Plot - Your kids are best friends in school
Words - 1,310

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Your alarm began to ring at 7am, you quickly realised it was the beginning of the next school term. You woke up, walked over to your dresser and pulled out a pair of sweats with a baggy black shirt. You then made your way to the kitchen. Pulling out two bowls and cereal you pressed the ‘ON’ button on the coffee machine. You made your way to your sun, Hunter’s bedroom.

“Come on honey, it’s a big day today” you whispered sitting on the edge of his bed, brushing his ash brown hair out of his face.

He grunted, rolling over. After about ten minutes of trying to get him up, you finally persuaded your son to get out of bed by promising to buy him a toy later. You got Hunter dressed in his blue and black uniform, then you two sat down and ate breakfast.

“Are you excited?”, you asked taking another spoonful of cereal.

“I guess,“ Hunter had just turned 5 and every day he became more mature.

You finished your breakfast, slipped on a pair of shoes and grabbed your car keys. “Ready?”, Hunter nodded and with that you made your way outside of your apartment and hopped into the small car you owned.

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