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Day One

‘40s!bucky x reader 

A/N: I started watching Outlander and it inspired me to write this. Also, I have no idea if it holds up to the books, I just needed a new show to watch and found it online and thought, “hey, why not? Scotland’s beautiful, I like supernatural, historical, sexy shit, let’s give it a try!” I stayed up until 5 in the morning binge-watching the first five and a half episodes. 

Warnings for this part: Angst, light fluff

Warnings for the series: NSFW/Smut, angst, fluff

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“Fuck you.” You spat the words out as Bucky pinned you to the mat. “I wasn’t ready.” 

“You think an enemy is going to say, ‘Oh, you weren’t ready? Here, let me get up and we can start when you are.’ That’s not how that works, (Y/N).” His face remained cold as you struggled underneath him. “From my position, I could get away with a number of things. I could slice your throat, put a bullet in your skull, break your arms, legs, both; I could even rip you of your dignity and fuck you right here without you being able to move.”

Buck.” Steve stepped up into the fighting ring. “That’s a little too far don’t you think?”

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Went so well with each other. 🖤

You looked at yourself in the mirror, taken aback by how you’d finally managed to get here. Marrying your best friend was all you’d ever wanted, and Eggsy made everything so easy, there weren’t any nerves, this was what you both wanted and you were getting impatient now.
“How long?” You ask Roxy, your bridesmaid.
“Just 10 more minutes!” She smiles excitedly, “I’m going to check on Eggsy, make sure he’s not leaving everything to the last minute.”
“Good idea! Thank you, Rox. You’re the best,” you say as she slips out of the room. You turn back to the mirror and sigh happily, then start pacing the room a little, trying to make time go faster. There’s a knock at your door and you call out to ask who it is, but there’s no answer, so you open it carefully, aware that this place is full of Kingsman agents, including yourself, and you never know who might have found out about the wedding today. No one’s there, but as you look down you spot a bunch of flowers, so pick them up and take them inside. You place them on the table and smile, then lean in to take a sniff of the floral scent. That’s when you see it, a second too late, a small device inside one of the flowers that goes off as you lean into them, emitting a gas that knocks you out cold.

“Where is she? Rox, where the fuck is she?! This ain’t a fuckin’ joke!” Eggsy shouts, barging past Roxy into the room you’d just been in.
“I… I don’t know Eggs, she was here 5 minutes ago, honest!” She says, eyes going wide and looking for anything that could indicate what happened to you.
“Get Merlin!” Eggsy shouts, rooting through your bag, looking for your phone and purse. Roxy runs out of the room to get Merlin and they rush back to your room.
“What’s the situation?” Merlin asks calmly.
“She’s gone! She’s fuckin’ gone Merlin!” Eggsy shouts through tears.
“Anything here that can help us?” He asks.
“Her phone’s gone, money’s still here…”
“They weren’t here before,” Roxy interrupts, looking at the flowers. Eggsy is first across the room and spots the small device hidden in the flowers.
“She’s been taken,” he says, showing Merlin what he found.
“I’ll be right back,” Merlin says, going off to get his laptop.
“She’s never been in the field, I thought she was safe behind her computer. Now on our wedding day she’s been taken, I can’t believe it,” Eggsy says sadly, running his hands through his hair in annoyance.
“We’ll get her back,” Roxy comforts, “I promise.” Suddenly, Eggsy’s phone rings and he scrambles in his pocket to get it.
“It’s (Y/N)!” He says, fumbling to answer it, “(Y/N), where are you? Are you okay?”
“Gary, I’m sorry, I… I can’t… can’t go through with this,” you say between sobs.
“I love you, we can make this work,” Eggsy replies, putting you on loud speaker for Roxy to hear.
“We can’t… Gary, I love you too, but… I can’t do this. I’m sorry, Gary,” you cry, then the phone goes dead.
“It’s fuckin’ him,” Eggsy seethes, realising it’s your ex boyfriend, who was mentally and physically abusive towards you. For so many nights Eggsy held you as you cried from your nightmares of him, only recently settling down and able to sleep through the night without one.
“How do you know?” Roxy asks.
“She called me Gary. When does anyone call me Gary?”
“Good point. Lets find Merlin,” she replies, heading out of the door. Merlin’s set up in the reception room, having told everyone waiting that normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.
“Merlin, it’s him,” Eggsy says, holding his phone up, “she rang and called me Gary. Remember when I told you about him? The fuckin’ piece of shit. Have you got the phone trace?”
“Oh I remember, Eggs. Nasty man. Right, I’ve got it, she’s in a barn the next farm over as far as I can see,” he explains. Eggsy and Roxy look at each, nod, and grab their weapons, heading outside and across the fields to the farm next to the Manor House estate you’d chosen for your wedding. As they approach the barn, the sounds of an engine running emanate from it. Roxy takes the back, Eggsy takes the front entrance, both bursting through the doors at the same time. Eggsy looks inside the car that’s running to find you knocked out in the front seat, blood dripping from your head, hands tied in front of you. He immediately climbs in beside you, not checking his surroundings, then tilts your head up to look at him.
“(Y/N), babe, please open your eyes, baby, please. We’ve gotta get married. You ain’t getting out of it this easy,” he says, trying to make a joke as tears escape his eyes at the sight of you. Slowly, your eyes open, just enough to see your ex behind Eggsy, pointing what you assume to be a gun at his head, although you can’t be sure through your blurry vision. You reach your hands up to Eggsy’s jacket, knowing where he kept a spare gun, reaching slowly inside to get it, then mouthing ‘duck’ to him. He does as you say and dives down, head hitting your lap as you fire the gun above him. Eggsy immediately gets up after your arms slump down and your head rolls back as you faint. He looks down on the ground outside of the car and sees the body, then turns his attention back to you, opening the door on your side and running round to get you out and untie you.
“Rox! I’ve got her!” Eggsy shouts, Roxy running to your side to help. Merlin appears with your in-house medical team and they see to your injuries as Eggsy and Roxy stand next to Merlin.
“Well done guys,” he says, a small smile appearing on his face.
“It was her, it was all her,” Eggsy says, his eyes not leaving your body as the team check you over. Merlin and Roxy deal with the body and clean up as Eggsy stays rooted to the spot, then he sees you being sat up and talking to the paramedics. They leave soon after, you sat on the floor in your now dirty wedding dress, cuts to your face and rope burns to your wrists, drinking a bottle of water.
“So, fancy getting married?” Eggsy says as he slides over to you on his knees, wrapping his arms around you and bringing your body into his protectively.
“Yes please,” you chuckle. He helps you up and you all head back to the venue, Roxy helps you apply layers of make up to hide the cuts on your face and ties cute ribbon bows around your wrists to cover up the rope marks, then the ceremony finally begins.
“Fuck,” Eggsy exhales as he sees you coming up the aisle towards him.
“Keep your language in check, Eggsy, her parents are right there,” Merlin advises, nodding towards your parents sitting in the front row. Eggsy nods and smiles at Merlin as you reach them, Eggsy taking your hand when you stop next to him.
“You look amazing,” he whispers in your ear. Luckily Roxy found you a replacement dress, you had no idea how but she was a life saver.
“So do you,” you whisper back. You say your vows and finally it’s the moment you’d both been waiting for.
“And now you may kiss the bride.”
Eggsy looks at you, that cheeky smile you’d fell in love with years ago plastered across his face as he finally got to show everyone in the room how much loved you. He leans you back, then goes in for the kiss as you squeal and throw your arms around his neck, trying not to lose your balance. He helps you up afterwards and you finally walk back down the aisle as husband and wife.
“You okay?” He asks, concerned, as you step out of the room and into the quiet corridor.
“I’m fantastic,” you smile, his fingers interlinked with yours.
“I mean, really, are you okay babe? Don’t forget I know what’s hiding under that make up, are you feeling alright?”
“I’m in pain, but I’m with you, so I couldn’t care less,” you say, looking up at his worried face. He looks down at your hands and peeks underneath the ribbon neatly tied on your wrist, kissing the mark underneath it and covering it back up again.
“I’ll never let anything happen to you ever again,” he sighs, placing a hand softly on your cheek and bringing you towards him, kissing you passionately. You lean back after a while as you feel wetness on your cheek and you see a small tear falling down his face.
“Hey, stop that. Look at me, I’m fine!” You reassure him, resting your forehead on his and wiping the tears away.
“What did he do to you, (Y/N)?”
“Now is not the time for this Eggsy. Please, lets just enjoy the rest of our wedding day and be around the friends and family we love,” you smile sadly, knowing this would play on his mind.
“Will you tell me?”
“I will, darling, just not today,” you whisper, kissing him and throwing both your arms around his neck to pull him down to you. He grabs your waist tightly and even when you lean back, doesn’t let go of you until you unhook his hands from behind you and interlink your fingers again to walk into the reception room.

Secretly Married/The Crew Finds Out

Secretly married Gavin and Ryan. Like they met when Gavin just started and Ryan tracked him down cause Gavin wasn’t good at hiding his tracks. Then they meet and Ryan just can’t kill him. After all Gavin was only digging into Ryan’s files b/c he had a big criminal crush.

They start dating after meeting up a couple times after that for business and end up getting married in Vegas 2 years after that. (Last minute/drunk decision)

They’ve been married for a bit when Gavin gets a job with FAHC and ends up staying in the crew. Ryan still only does mercenary work b/c he’s had bad luck when working with crews.

Gavin is in Fake AH Crew for like 8 months and then they get interested in Ryan b/c he killed one of Geoff’s biggest competition and they want him to be part of the crew. Gavin stays quite about it until he comes home to Ryan and tells him about it.

Ryan is a little cautious but he ultimately takes the job because hey, he can keep an eye out for his clumsy husband. They both decided that it’s best that they keep their relationship secret no matter how much Gavin tries to convince Ryan that they are trustworthy. Ryan doesn’t want to risk it and give them a weakness, Gavin at that.

Gavin leaves the next morning reluctantly. Sometime it’s really hard to leave Ryan in the early morning. Especially when he’s shirtless and all cuddled up in the warm duvet.

Gavin gets to the penthouse later that morning and Geoff is already celebrating that he got THE Vagabond to join FAHC and it didn’t take a lot of convincing. The rest of the crew were conspicuous because he is known for killing people who wrong him or even have a different opinion from him. (Meanwhile Gavin is laughing a little bit because Ryan is just a big teddy bear who still has to cut the crust off his sandwiches)

About noon Gavin texts Ry to make an entrance. And right after he sent it, there’s a knock on the penthouse door.

Geoff flies to the door and in walks his gorgeous husband. (Well rn maybe gorgeous isn’t the word to use b/c he’s got his face paint and freaky mask on)

Everyone sees him and gets all defensive and Ray keeps his hand on his minigun and jack stops making dinner but keeps his knife at hand. Michael pauses the video game he was playing and sits up straight. Gavin stays slouched on the couch but looks over at his hubby.

“Welcome to the crew.” Geoff says a little to happy. Ryan keeps up his creepy persona and doesn’t say a word.
Ryan’s been in the crew for about 2 months now and blends in quite nicely. Ray and Ryan or the R&R Connection are the best combo (besides Gavin and Ryan but they don’t know that). Plus Ryan kind of warmed up to Ray more than anyone else because Ray doesn’t pester Ryan to talk like everyone else. Plus no one has suspecting anything about Gavin and Ryan’s relationship because they leave their affections for when they get home and don’t make contact at work. (Except that one time when they escaped into the bathroom together for a quick make out. But no one noticed Gavin coming out flushed) Also like cmon, no one would think for a moment that Gavin, the annoying squawking Gavin, would be married to THE Vagabond, the guys who doesn’t talk and would murder anything that moves. Honestly, the guys have been worried about leaving Gavin alone with the vagabond for too long because he might kill Gav for being too annoying.

But anyways the crew has been planning a new heist and this one is going to be big. The press will be talking about it for months if all goes right in the confusing plan.

“Ryan and Michael go in and clear it and then Gavin you go in and open the safe. Then get the money and get out. Rays sniping, Jacks the get away and I’ll be outside the bank shooting down the cops. Got it?” Geoff explains.

Everyone nods and disperses out to get supplies. They’ve been planning the heist for at least two weeks and went over final plans before hitting the bank later that night.

Gavin and Ryan have a tradition before every big heist they’ve gone on. They inconspicuously separate from the rest of the crew and into a bedroom or bathroom to talk and say their (hopefully short) goodbyes.

“It’s going to be okay Ry, I know your worried about me being front line but I’m going to be fine. You’ve got my back.” Gavin persists.

“Damn right I do.” Ryan grumbles.

“I love you. Please stay alive for me so you can kill more people for me.”

“Always. I love you. Stay safe baby.” Ryan whispers back before pecking Gavin’s lips.

Ryan leaves the room after that to find Michael and grab weapons before heading out. Gavin figures out all the tech equipment he needs and also gets in his car and heads out into position by the bank.

After about 30 minutes, Geoff talks into the earpiece.

“Everyone ready?” Geoff asks and gets “yes” in response.

“LETS HEIST.” Ray screams through the coms. The security officers in the bank are scoped down by the puerto rican and gives the all clear.

Ryan and Michael storm into the bank with their guns shooting up.


As Michael takes care of the civilians, Ryan goes towards the vault and kills the security near the safe.

Gavin runs into the bank after getting the all clear from Michael and goes towards the vault where Ryan is and starts working his magic. He’s typing feverishly into his tablet and hooks it up with the security pad on the safe through a cord.

“Hurry guys, cops coming in 1 minute.” Ray quickly says. This is what made this particular heist dangerous. The police department was only 3 blocks away which made it easier for them to stop the heist.

“Got it.” Gavin responds and the safe clicks open.

Ryan and Michael storm in and start filling their duffel bags with money. They were stuffing their bags for 30 seconds and Geoff demands for them to get their asses moving and get out.

They make a run for the back door and get outside. There are faint gunshots near the front where Geoff and Ray are.

“Alright we are out.” Gavin says over the coms.

“Coming.” Jack says in response. Within a second Jack is pulled up next to the boys and they don’t hesitate before jumping in.

The plan involves them splitting up after a block or two and getting into different cars so it gets easier to escape the cops.

“I’m ditching.” Geoff says almost breathlessly.

“Okay. Leaving now.” Ray says to the rest of the crew.

Jack, Michael, Ryan, and Gavin are quickly fleeing the scene. From the back Gavin and Ryan check over each other to make sure neither are injured and/or bleeding. But their checkovers are cut short as jack quickly stops the car for them to get out. There are 3 cars waiting in the street for them to get in and make a get away.

The 3 crew members barely have time to reach their cars before cops are shooting down the streets towards them.

“Shit.” Michael mutters while getting in his car and speeding away down the street before turning right. Jack races right behind him.

Gavin and Ryan are now both in their assigned cars and racing down the street with gunshots whizzing by their cars. Ryan remains down the long street while Gavin has to take a right. They split up and the cop cars behind them do too.

Now it’s a breeze, or so they thought. It was about 30 minutes after when Michael and Jack inform that they are in the clear and are heading towards their safe house for the next night or two. But Gavin and Ryan are both racing against the cops on the highway trying to lose them.

Ryan has one last cop car on his ass and then he can head home. Ryan fires out his window with his pistol and eventually hits the cop car and it is forced to spiral out of control and into the highway rails.

Ryan is on his way to his safe house when he hears,

“Shit, fuck, shit.” And a crash.

“Gavin? What the fuck?! Gavin?”

“GAVIN?” Michael practically screams over the coms.

Ryan freezes and his instincts are automatic. Get to Gavin.

He knows what highway Gavin was driving down and gets there in five minutes while the rest of the crew were screaming at each other trying to reach Gavin.

Ryan’s heart dropped when he got to the scene. Gavin’s red sports car was flipped upside down with cops surrounding it. Ryan quickly gets out of the car.

He isn’t known as the Vagabond for nothing. He is known for being ruthless and murdering dozens at one time.

But this, this is different. The vagabond blazes through the cops surrounding the red car. He kills one after another and dodges fists and bullets and keeps going until every last cop on the scene is dead. Faintly he heard the rest of the crew pull up behind him when he was almost done killing all the cops.

When the last officer drops, Ryan just stops. He stares at the red car without moving. There was no movement in or around the car. This is it. Theres nothing for Ryan anymore.

“Gavin.” Michael says breathlessly while running past Ryan to reach into the red car.

Michael pulls open the drivers side door and jack is already there helping Michael pull Gavin’s body out of the car.

Ryan slowly walks towards his crew mates and toward his husband. It’s when he sees Gavin’s body when he starts crying.

He was bloody with cuts in his face and blood coming out. Too much blood.

“C'mon we have to get him out of here.” Geoff demands quickly and Michael and jack work together to carry Gavin into the back seat of Geoff’s car.

“LETS GO RYAN.” That snaps Ryan out of it and he rushes over to the backseat next to Gavin’s body. They all climb in and Geoff starts the car and drives away from the bloody scene.

“Why, why, why?” The crew is silently shocked. They hear a sobbing voice and turn to see THE Vagabond crying and pleading. They have never heard him talk before let alone show any emotion.

“Please. C'mon Gav. Wake up. Please. I love you.” Ryan whispers to the barely breathing body. “Please.” And he just breaks down sobbing. It’s too much. He will have no one now. Gavin was the only thing keeping him sane. And now he’s going to die.

While Ryan was pleading to Gavin, Ray called Trevor to the safe house and told him to get ready because Gavin’s in bad shape. By the time they reach the house, Ryan is covered in Gavin’s blood and is staring at his body with empty eyes.

Geoff and Jack take Gavin’s body out of the backseat and carry him in. They disappear into the house with Michael behind them but Ryan and Ray stay sat in the car.

One broken man and one worried friend.

“I can’t lose him. He’s all I have.” Ryan whispers, almost to himself but Ray can hear.

“He’s going to be fine. He’s strong.” Ray tells him back and leaves the car and into the safe house.

Ryan stays in the car for maybe 20 minutes just staring out the window before he works up the courage to go in.

Trevor and Jack are working together to sew Gavin’s wounds when Ryan walks in. Instead of his happy smiling boy, he sees a pale body attached to an IV and blood seeping from his body.

Once Trevor and Jack clear out and explain how they’ve done all they can do and it’s a waiting game now, Ryan pulls up a chair and sits right next to Gavin on the now bloodied couch.

He spends the next 8 hours sitting there and holding Gavin’s hand and only leaving to use the bathroom once. They rest of the crew didn’t even bother to interfere because they knew he wouldn’t budge. They were just observing him because this was all new to them and a little scary that he was worried THIS much for reasons they don’t know.

After the 8 hours Gavin starts to waken. His eyes flutter open and squint because of the light. Once used to the light he turns his sore neck to see his Ryan with dried tears and looking at their hands intertwined.

“Ryan?” Gavin says coarsely.

Ryan’s head snaps to attention and stares right into Gavin’s eyes. Blue to Green.

“I thought I lost you.” Ryan whispers, “I’m so sorry. I wasn’t there to have your back. I love you so much. Please don’t leave me.” And the waterworks start up again but Ryan doesn’t even care anymore.

“You can’t get rid of me that easily.” Gavin whispers back before grabbing Ryan’s jacket and yanking his husband towards him. Their lips meet in a desperate kiss. Both not wanting to split in case the other disappears. But eventually they have to breath but their foreheads remain touching as they stare into each other’s loving eyes.

Meanwhile the rest of the crew stand at the doorway looking into the living room and watching the reunion. Gavin and Ryan have some explaining to do.

(Request) Save Me, Keep Me

Title: Save Me, Keep Me

Characters: Negan x you/Reader

Requested by: @jeffreydeanmorganownsme

The reader is rather young (between 20 and 25) and she has been living her last months in the company of a man she hated, for he had created nothing but trouble in the group she had and basically made all her friends die for his bad decisions.

Warnings: NSFW, 6k+ words, filthy smut I guess lol

Note: Looooooooong overdue request! Sorry it took me so long to get this up ugh. Anyway, this was requested by my fave girl and I hope you’d like this! There’s more details to this request but that’s basically the summary of it. To be honest, this isn’t my best piece and I apologize. Please forgive me if this sucks lol.


Fending for yourself was something you were weak at and you totally hated yourself for that. World’s gone to shit and it’s been shit for a few years now and yet you were still struggling. It wasn’t easy to just fight off the dead and for some reason, you never got used to it. The fact that you had to stay with a man you hated in order to survive made you hate yourself even more.
Jake had been a part of your survival team from the beginning and although he was a good fighter, he brought trouble along with him. He played the part of a leader, a terrible leader to be exact. He never listened to any of you and always did things on his own, which eventually led to everyone you know, dead. Now you were stuck with him simply because you want to survive, you needed to.

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You had just gotten separated from your brothers from the sewers beneath the city that never sleeps. The tunnels in New York seemed to be non-stop twists and turns. Having your rock salt gun at the ready, you were not going to take any chances of the creature you ran into earlier that caused this mess.

Everything seemed to be just peachy, well, that was until you took the wrong turn. Sure, you heard rumors of underground cities, but this, it looked like a base headquarters if you will. You hid behind a corner, taking a peek to see if there were any threats. Nothing.. For now, at least.

All of a sudden, you felt the hairs in the back of your neck stand up, warm air blowing down on you. You felt a pair of eyes burning through the back of your head. A stupid decision that you made, was slowly looking up to a figure towering over you. It grabbed onto your shoulders, therefore causing you to let out a small yelp.

“Let me go! I will beat your ass, buddy!” You grunted.

“I’d like to see ya try, kid,” the voice responded. It forcefully pushed you to the floor after releasing you from its grip.

You composed yourself before looking up, your eyes adjusting to the light.

“Who’s this?”

“Dunno.. She was sneaking around.”

“I thought we closed off this space though. Nobody should be able to find this place except for April and Casey.”

“Who cares? She’s cute! New girlfriend! Score for Mikey!”

As you finally regained sight, you saw four figures staring back at you. Big, green, with shells, masks, armed with weapons? Gee, you thought you searched up drugs being sprouted in the sewers. You never thought it would be this bad. Wait a minute.. you got the feeling that you’ve seen them before. They seemed familiar, way too familiar.

“Excuse me, miss,” The turtle with the blue bandanna approached you, crouching down to be at eye level. “Mind telling us how you got here?”

“More like who sent you is the question!” The one in red scowled.

“Raph, we don’t even know the dudette yet!” The one in orange interjected.

“Exactly, you moron!” You presume who was Raph, responded.

“At least give her some space, Leo!” The one in glasses suggested.

You kept on a straight face as you slowly stood up.

“Either I hit my head really hard down here, or Gabriel came back to bite us in the ass…” you muttered.

“Who’s Gabriel?” Raph growled.

You simply dismissed it by the shake of your head, “Nothing..”

“Mind telling us your name, dudette? And possibly your relationship status?” The one called Mikey, spoke up. He easily earned a nudge from Raph.

“(Y/N). (Y/N) Winchester…” You replied simply.

“She’s not.. freaking out like most do, is she?” The one in purple pondered.

“Trust me, I’ve seen weirder…” You answered.
“Worse than weird for the most part…”

“To keep you from getting fire power..” Raph held up your gun.

You shifted your weight onto your left leg as you stood with your arms crossed over your chest, “For your information, that’s only rock salt, genius,” you spoke harshly.

“Mind introducing yourselves so I don’t have to call you anything inappropriate for the establishment?” You gave a fake smile.

“Leonardo… I’m the leader and these are my brothers Raphael, Donatello and Michelangelo…” Leo pointed out.


Request: “An imagine where the reader is Chibs’s daughter who is a trained killer who does kills for other SOA Charters. She meets Happy when the reader is burying a body. They fall in love until she is shot in the head in front of Chibs and Happy.”

Guys, I cried while writing this, omg! Don’t forget to comment, reblog, like and follow! I love hearing from you guys! Xoxo

Mo Ghra is Scottish for ‘my love’


           “Yes dad, I’m fine, just a little knick to my side, “ you told Chibs, “the other guy looks much worse, trust me.”

           “Where are ye?” he asked, to which you immediately gave your location. “I’m sending one of my guys to help ya, no arguments please mo ghra.”

           You rolled your eyes but agreed, hanging up the phone and began digging the hole you were set to put the body in. You weren’t sure how long you’d been digging when the sound of a bike made you look up. A slim, tan guy with no hair came up to you.

           You nodded to the second shovel you had brought with you, “I’m Y/N.”

           He nodded, “Happy.”

           You laughed, “That doesn’t fit you at all dude.”

           He shrugged, “You did a number on this guy. What’d he do to you?”

           “Oh nothing. This is just a job to me. Lee from the Tacoma Charter called and said he needed someone dead, and I’m the girl for that, so here we are,” you explained nonchalantly, continuing to dig, “It didn’t help that the bastard grazed me with his blade. That did make his death a little more painful.”

           Happy laughed, which took you by surprise because, despite his name, he did not seem like a joyful person. “Damn girl, you’re somethin’ else,” he told you as the two of you hoisted the body into the hole and covered him with the dirt.

           “I’ve been called worse,” you told him, winking as he helped you take your tools to your truck.

           “Where ya headed?” he asked, leaning up against the truck, lighting up a cigarette and offering you one.

           Taking the offer, you shrugged “Nowhere in particular. What ya got in mind?”

           Happy shrugged, “You could come back to the clubhouse and see who can outdrink who?”

           “Oh, you’re so on, man,” you told him, laughing as you jumped in your truck to head to the clubhouse.

*Two years later*

“Babe,” you called out from the kitchen.

“Yeah,” Happy said, wrapping his arms around you from behind.

You giggled as he trailed kisses from your jawline to your neck. You moaned, “As much as I would love to stay in bed with you, I have a job. I’ll be back later okay?”

He groaned but nodded, “Alright, I love you girl.”

You kissed him, “I love you, Hap.”


Despite being contracted with SAMCRO, you sometimes took jobs with other people too. You went where the money was. Getting out of your truck, tight grip on your gun, you walked up to the man you had talked to on the phone the week prior.

“Y/N,” he said with a smile on his face, extending his hand.

“Hello Mr. Pope. What can I do for ye?” you asked. You were shocked when more men came out from behind the buildings, which made you immediately raise your gun.

Pope laughed, “Put that away, Y/N. Regardless of who you shoot, you’ll be taken down right after.”

You slowly set your gun down and kicked it to him as you were grabbed from behind and forced to sit on your knees next to Pope’s feet. “What do you want?” you asked through gritted teeth, “I’m not gonna beg for my life, dickhead, so shoot me if that’s what you’re gonna do.”

He laughed, “Oh, Y/N, you may not beg for your life, but I know two people who will. I need you to be as quite as possible or I’m gonna shoot your dad and your old man, do you understand me?” You nodded as you heard the rumble of bikes in the distance, and Pope walked off.

“I want the bald one and the Scott in cuffs hooked to the ground, “You heard Pope order and tears filled your eyes as for the first time in your life, you were terrified of what was about to happen. A long time went by before Pope came back and jerked you off of the ground, pulling you behind him as he walked.

You gasped as you saw Happy and your dad tied up, struggling against the ties once they saw that he had you.

“Let her go you fuckin’ prick,” Chibs yelled, with his own tears welling up in his eyes as Pope tossed you to the ground.

“Get up and kneel girl,” he ordered, watching you do exactly as he said, “I told you all from the beginning that I was not one to fuck with, and you fucked with me. There are consequences for your actions, boys.” As he said this, you felt the cold steel against the back of your head and watched Happy and Chibs both struggling against the cuffs, begging Pope to take them instead.

“I love you,” you mouthed to your two favorite men.

Happy wailed as the gun went off, falling to the ground as your lifeless body fell. “Maybe this will teach SAMCRO not to fuck with Pope Enterprises. All of you have more family, just remember that. Your guys are on their way with a key. Have a nice day, gentlemen,” Pope said before getting in his car and leaving.

“Happy! Chibs!” They heard Jax yell.

“Over here,” Chibs called back.

“Holy shit,” Juice said as he came around the corner and saw Y/N’s body on the ground. He quickly went to unlock the cuffs on Happy and Chibs as the rest of SAMCRO came around and took in the scene. Happy immediately got up and ran to his bike, taking off before anyone could say anything. “Juice, follow him, make sure he doesn’t do anything stupid,” Jax ordered.

Chibs went over and picked your lifeless body up as he cried, smoothing your hair out of your face. “Mo ghra, I love you.”

Negan imagines - The Blame part 10

Originally posted by hardyness

A/N: I am so sorry I’ve been away for the past couple weeks but I’m all caught up on the episodes and now I’m ready to write again! I’m so excited to see your reactions to the next few parts that I have planned up :)

Catch up here (Part 1)(Part 2)(Part 3)(Part 4)(Part 5)(Part 6)(Part 7)(Part 8)(Part 9)

Overall Summary: You’re the one who accidentally led the Saviours to the group cause Negan has an interest in you. Rick’s daughter.

In this chapter: Daryl is gone, Eugene is at the sanctuary, your testing Negan’s rules.

Pairing: Negan x reader, Father!Rick x Daughter!Reader

Word count: 2,988

Warnings: Explicit language, Negan being Negan, Obviously, I’ve had to change some things to fit my story line. Violence. Someone burning alive. 

“It’s simply protocol, sweetie. Now take the dress and put it on.” Negan threw the dress at you so that you were forced to take it. 

“Screw you.”

Negan licked his lips as his smile widened. 

“Babygirl, you already did.” 

You narrowed your eyes at the man and Negan held your stare.

“Where’s Dwight?” Negan asked the men behind him but keeping his eyes locked on you.

“In his room, I think.” One of the men told Negan. 

“Find him.” Negan demanded, sending the men away.

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His Human Mate - Part 2

You and Loki spend the entire night talking quietly on the couch. You talk about what life on Asgard was like, what being Tony’s sister is like, what his favorite magic spells are. It’s almost like a first date, but Tony is constantly glaring from the corner.

Loki leans closer, his lips brushing against your ear causing a shudder to run through you, “I believe, that Antony is displeased with your choice of company tonight, dove”

You let out a breathy chuckle, “He doesn’t control who I let court me”

Loki lets out an amused chuckle, “I wonder who the true Alpha of your little pack is”

Clint snorts and bursts into laughter, “Y/N’s obviously the one who runs the tower. Tony can’t deny her anything”

“It’s not nice to eavesdrop, Clint. I’m trying to have a conversation” You toss a pillow at him, but it’s easily caught and sent sailing back. Yelping when it hits you in the face you glare at the archer. “Meanie”

Loki chuckles, “Will you go out to dinner with me two days from now? Is that an acceptable first date?”

“I’d really like that, just let me know where you want to go tomorrow so I’ll know what to wear. I mean,” You look up at him through your lashes, making your voice breathy, “I’ve never been courted by a prince before”

His eyes dilate and he inhales, taking in your alluring scent, and the provocative brushes of your consciousness against his. “It is not something you will regret, dove”

“I hope not” You glance up when you hear a soft whine, Tony’s watching you, His shoulders are slumped and he looks tired, but be also looks like he will refuse to leave unless you do. Turning back to Loki, you whisper, “I have to go now, but I’ll see you tomorrow”

Loki brings you hand up to his mouth, giving you the barest brush of his fangs against the thin skin on the back of your hand, then pressing a kiss there before letting you go. “Good night, dove. I will see you on the morrow”

Standing up you hesitate for just a second before darting in and pressing a kiss to Loki’s cheek, “Dream of me, my prince” you breathe, making him shudder when your breath brushes against his ear.

When you pull back you smirk at his slightly dazed look, before turning and making your way to Tony.

“Y/N …” he whines, reaching out for you. The man looks exhausted, he hasn’t slept in 49 hours, and it was past time for some sibling snuggles.

“Come on, big brother, time for bed.” Tony lets out another whine, but he follows you to the elevator.

“When we get back to the penthouse you can shift and we’ll curl up in your room together”

As soon as the elevator doors open Tony starts to shift, easily flowing from his human form into his wolf form. Now in front of you is a brown wolf about the size of a small car. Tony lets out a soft chuff and nudges you further into the penthouse.

“I need to change into PJ’s first, Tones. Go get settled, I’ll be in there in a minute”

After you get dressed you head to Tony’s room. He’s already made a nest out of various blankets and pillows, and before you even get the chance to climb into bed Tony gently grabs you and pull you in.

“You impatient mutt!”

Tony just lets out another growl, shoving his cold nose against your neck. His body is practically covering your, making it so you can’t move. “Move over! You’re gonna smother me!”

Tony just lets out another whine and refuses to move. His mind brushes against yours, and while the wolf can’t use real words he can sent over feelings and images. Right now he’s sending over fear, “Why are you scared Tones? Neither of us are in any danger!”

A flash of you and Loki, and then another feeling, loneliness. “Do you think I’ll abandon you just because Loki’s courting me?” He lets out a soft growl in confirmation, “What did you think would happen? Did you think I would train you for Loki? That I would just forget about you? I’d never do that! You’re my brother! I’d never abandon family”

A feeling of relief flow through you, “You’re so stupid Tony, you really are lucky that I love you”

With a soft huff Tony settles down for the night. You’re glad that you and Tony managed to get your problems settled. Hopefully now he’ll be a little nicer to Loki.

Two days later finds you getting ready for your date when the alarm to assemble goes off. Both Tony and Steve are with you, helping you get ready. Steve was doing your hair, and Tony was looking through your closet, yelling about going shopping soon.

Sir, Captain Rogers, you are needed.

“Talk to me, J. What’s going on?”

HYDRA seems to have deployed a weapon. Sensors are unsure what type of weapon; however, SHIELD has called the Avengers to assemble, Sir.

“Thanks, J. Let the team know we’re on our way, and prepare the suit for me”

Of course, Sir.

Tony walks over and presses a kiss to your forehead, “You gonna be on the comms?”

“Yeah, I’ll head there now, can’t have you out there without some sort of conscience to keep you in line”

Steve chuckles, “I’m glad someone has a leash on him”

“Y/N! Have the sensors managed to find the HYDRA weapon yet?”

You quickly start scanning the cameras, “It looks like the earth quakes are being generated in the warehouse district. I don’t have an exact location, but I’m working on it”

“Well, can you work any faster?! It’s a little difficult to fire these support arrows when the buildings don’t stay still” Clint shouts as he once again has to relocate.

“I’m doing my best, just give me …”

Tower breach

Tony immediately starts swearing, “Shit, J. Can you tell who’s in the tower?”

Hostiles have entered through the roof; they are making their way through the tower. Sensors are reading 45 heat signatures

“Y/N you need to get out of there. Get into the Hulk-Out room”

“I can’t leave yet, Tony. I’m so close to finding the weapon! Just give me a few more minutes!”

“Please, dove! Get to safety!” Loki begged.

“If I don’t find this weapon more people will die! JARVIS I need some more time! Can you start locking doors? And set the Bots free to cause some trouble”

Of course, Y/N. We shall make it difficult to get to you, however I fear that we will not be enough to stop all of the hostiles

“This was nothing but I diversion! Y/N I’m coming back to the tower” Loki growls

“Diversion of not there are still civilians that need help!! Everyone just keep doing what you’re doing!”

Tony lets out an angry shout over the comm, “Knew I should have made you a suit! After this shit, I’m making you one, I don’t really care how much you bitch”

“Fine, after we stop the earthquakes, you can make me a suit. I won’t even stop you from making the suits that can move on their own! Now shut up so I can get to work”

JARVIS informs you every time a hostile gets to a new floor. They are quickly working their way through the tower, and you are franticly trying to find where the weapon is before you try to escape.

“I found it!” You shout, “It’s in the sewers! There’s an opening right underneath the old textile mill!”

“Thanks Y/N, now get to safety! Iron Man and I will make sure that the weapon is destroyed.”

“I’m going, Cap! Don’t get your panties in a twist”

Suddenly there was the click of a gun behind you, “Get up. Show me your hands, and get up slowly”

“Alright settle down, no need to use guns” You put your hands up and quietly stand. Everyone is shouting over the comms, asking what was going on.

“Take out the comm unit, and place it on the table. Can’t have Mr. Stark following us.”

“Alright. Guys I gotta go, have fun finishing up.“ You quickly put the comm down on the table. “So what do you plan to gain from this? I’m not the engineering genius, if you want a weapon built for you, then your kidnapping the wrong sibling”

The guy grins, “HYDRA has plans for you. Come quietly or we will have to use force.”

You smirk, “If you think I’ll go quietly, then you definitely have the wrong sibling”

Before you can even try to fight back, his gun guns go off. Pain tears through your stomach, and you look down in shock.

“You should have listened, Ms. Stark”

You hit the floor, “If I die” you rasp, “you’ll get nothing”

He crouches down in front of where you’ve collapse, “You won’t die, you don’t have to worry about that” Then he raises his fist and slams it down on the side of your face, knocking you out cold.

Tony lets out a shout when he hears the gunshot. “J! What happened?!?”

Unfortunately, the HYDRA agents have disconnected my cameras, I cannot see what is happening. However, my sensors indicate that Y/N has been injured and is currently being carried out of the tower and put in a black van.

“Follow the van, hack into every camera you have to and follow them as far as you can” Tony snaps. He should have gone back to the tower, he should have left the others to take care of the earthquakes, he should have protected his little sister.

“Anthony! Where is she?!?” Loki shouts. He looks frantic, “I heard the gunshot, do you know if she is alright?!”

“JARVIS was compromised, Y/n was hurt, and the HYDRA agents have her”


Steve is the one who steps forward to help, “If any of us go after her right now, they’ll kill her. They’ve already shot her once, if we try to get to her now, they won’t hesitate to kill her”

Loki snarls, “We shouldn’t have left her alone. I should have gone as soon as this breached the tower”

Steve sighs, “She would never have forgiven you if you had let civilians die for her”

“I know, but as we speak she gets further away. We do not know what they want with her, we do not know anything!”

Finally looking up, Tony makes eye contact with Loki, “We’ll find her. We’ll find her and we’ll make them pay”

Loki nods, “Failure is not an option. I will begin a tracking spell as soon as we get back to the tower”

Tony nods and claps his hand on Loki’s shoulder, “HYDRA will regret taking her”

Loki smirks, “I look forward to making them suffer. No one harms a Prince’s mate without consequence”

The rest of the Avengers all nod. They may have only known Y/N for a short time but she has managed to wriggle her way into all their hearts. HYRDA will rue the day they decide to mess with the Avengers family.


Part 3



Thank you all for the notes and shares! <3 Believe me, I wish this was a real game as much as any of you! I have it all sorted out, I’m ready to go - just lacking the programming skills…oh, and the actual rights to make it happen. ;D But here are some concepts for Act I, part 2 - where the heat is real. literally!

Part 2 of 4: Here are the descriptions/mission for each game:

  • Wait for It: It’s not an easy uphill climb for Aaron Burr as he battles royalists and faces the ghosts of his past. The clock is running but beware: only patience and strategy will win you the game!
  • Battle of Monmouth: Charles Lee has messed up! Take over the lead as Lafayette and fight your way across in the hundred degree heat!
  • DUEL! John Laurens vs Charles Lee: Help Laurens defend Washington’s honour. Take ten paces and face your opponent!
  • Cut Scene: History has its eyes on you!
  • Yorktown, 1781, Level 1 - Hamilton: Take the bullets out your gun! Get up close to the action as you cut you way into the British redoubt!
  • Not Throwin’ Away My Shot: Complete each battle before unlocking the next player and level.
  • Spy on the Inside: That’s right - HERCULES MULLIGAN!!! Steal the British government’s secret plans and smuggle the information to your brother’s revolutionary covenant.
  • Cut Scene: What comes next?
  • Dear Theodosia: Fighting for them is all well and good, but have you tried feeding, entertaining and changing your babies? Play as both Burr and Hamilton, simultaneously. GOOD LUCK, NEW DADS!
  • He’s Just Non-Stop!: Can Burr keep up to Hamilton’s relentless pace to the top? Find out in this race. It’s non-stop!

Full series: || Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3 || Part 4 …And Peggy! || 

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It’s Me, Sweetheart

Characters/Pairing: Dean x Reader, Mary, Cas (mentioned), Sam (mentioned)

Word Count: 1860

Reader Gender: Female

Warnings: Blood, guns, some swearing, maybe a little angst? Basically supernatural stuff. Season 12 spoilers!

Summary: Dean and Mary show up at the bunker and find an injured reader and Sam missing.

Author’s Note: Okay, so a few things: I don’t know where Mary actually got her clothes but I’m gonna assume from the Impala and we’ll leave it at that, I tried to keep the dialogue as close to the original scene but some things are changed, most specifically that Mary almost shoots the reader and not Cas, there’s a brief third person section for Dean and Mary, and when I started writing this a few months ago (I kind of forgot about it, oops!) I was thinking I would do another couple parts and extend it till when they get Sammy back but now I’m not so sure I’m going to. If people like this and want me to write a few more parts I’ll consider it, but honestly I found this difficult to write for some reason and it’s not really what I was hoping for. I wouldn’t be changing anything except for the addition of the reader, but basically it would just be a rewrite and we all know what happens with Sam already (and if you don’t know you probably shouldn’t be reading this yet anyway!) so I hope you guys don’t feel like I’m leaving you hanging. So let me know if you guys want more, but no promises. Wow that was a lot of words, sorry guys! Happy reading!

If you would like to read any of my other fics please check out my Masterlist!

*Gif is not mine, all gifs used on my blog are from Google Images.*

     Darkness faded in and out of your vision as your eyes fluttered open, your head pounding and something warm and thick dripping down the side of your face. You groaned and reached up with a shaky hand, wincing as you made contact with a gouge on your forehead. You pulled your fingers away and found them coated in blood.

     “That Bitch.”

     You put your hands on the library table in front of you and used it to claw your way off the ground, wobbling when you finally managed to stand up. Your head was throbbing and you felt nauseous. You swore again when you saw the blood on the floor.

     “Sam?!” you called into the silence, your voice echoing off the walls and piercing the eerie quite. You used the table and chairs to make your way out of the library and crouched down in front of the red stain on the floor.

     That woman was going to regret ever touching Sam.

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Nowhere To Run

Originally posted by supernaturally-wwe-imagines

Summary: The reader runs into the Winchesters on a hunt but something seems wrong with them…

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word Count: 6,300ish 

Warnings: language, kidnapping

A/N: This fic was supposed to be short…whoops…

A/N #2: Just a reminder, this is a work of fictionIf forgiving someone for doing something bad rubs you the wrong way, I would encourage you to skip…

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Goodbye & Hello - Winchesters x reader

Warnings: Sad, swearing, kinda cute ( if you squint)

Dean x reader , Sam x Reader

Before :

    The three of you were losing this fight. In all the years you’ve been with the boys, you’ve never been this terrified that all of you weren’t going to make it out of this battle . You try to pick yourself off the ground, but the deep Claw wounds down your side stop you. You watch as the boys are taking just as bad of a beating from this pack of wolves . There was only suppose to be 5, but the pack was larger , there were 15 of them and only three of you . The three of you managed to take down 10, the last five are the issue .

  You finally get up , pulling your backup gun from your ankle and shooting two of the 5 in the heart with the silver bullets . Sam takes down another , leaving two left . One is holding Deans arms back, while the other goes to claw out his heart . You use all your strength , launching yourself to tackle the one Infront of him to the ground . As you do, Dean breaks from the others hold , moving out of the way while Sam plunges his knife into it . The last monster stands , his hand flying to your neck and lifting you with him . You struggle to breath as he applies more pressure to his grip, squeezing your airway almost completely shut. He hears Dean approach him from behind, he drops you to go after Dean before he can stab him . You fall to your knees, gasping for air . The black spots disappear from your vision , making the sight In front of you scarily clear . There is  another wolf, one that must of been hiding until the perfect moment, appear behind dean; with one of the boys guns . You’re off the floor in a second , bolting towards Dean, pushing him out of the way . You hear the sound of the gun being fired 3 times , and felt three different bursts of pain jolt through your body .

Originally posted by skimmonsfiction

You hear another shot , looking up you see the wolfs body hit the ground . Your legs give out, sending you backward into sams arms . “ Y/n hold on , we are going to get you out of here!” Sam tries to reassure you . You look down, seeing blood soak through multiple spots on your shirt .

 You send him a lazy smile , “It’ll be okay Sammy.” You slur , the blood loss and pain hitting you like a train .

“ Y/n hold on or I swear to god .” dean threatens . You feel pressure being applied to your wounds, but you know it wont stop what’s going to happen . You slowly place your hands over Deans on you abdomen,

“ I wouldn’t do anything different. I love both of you.” You say quietly as you watch the tears fall From their eyes . Dean leans down , gently kissing you. You’ve waited years for this moment, and of course it would happen now.

Originally posted by yanasummer

 You let out a dry laugh, “ I waited years , and you do this now? Great timing Winchester.” You don’t get to hear his response , you slowly close your eyes , thinking it’ll be for a moment ; only it wasn’t . Your world faded out, and that was the last time you saw your boys ; well while you were alive at least .


  You stare across the table , locking eyes with you he grinning Winchester in front of you .

  “ See something you like Sweetheart?” You roll you eyes , kicking him under the table . He winces, giving you a ‘wtf’ look.

“ Behave yourself Dean . ” you warn .

  “ if you two are done , we’d like to eat our dinner without your gross , weird foreplay. ” Sam states , his infamous bitchface firmly set over his features .

Originally posted by sambitchfaces

  “ Sam let them be, just because you aren’t that cute with me doesn’t mean you have to rag on your brother.” Jess says as she follows you she follows your example , kicking Sam from her spot across from him. Thank Goodness for this girl . You let out a small giggle along with her , clinking your wine glass with hers .

Originally posted by timetraveldean

  “ you boys better treat your girls right , I raised you better than to do them wrong.” Their father warns , making both sons mumble in response . You watch as Mary enters the kitchen leaning down to kiss Johns cheek. Her long blonde hair cascading down her shoulders . These boys really got the best combination of genes .

After dinner you and Dean volunteer to do dishes; well you do, Dean groaned as the words left your mouth . You place the last dish into the washer, as get it closed a pair or arms encircle your waist .

“ well hello beautiful .” Rolling your eyes as Deans lame line , you decide to turn in his arms ,

“ your getting awfully lame Dean Winchester.” You taunt as you wrap your arms around his neck , right as your lips are about to touch his , a voice interrupts ,

  “ Y/n.” What the hell?

  You look over Deans shoulder , seeing The familiar face of Chuck Shirley .

Originally posted by lockes

“ Chuck? What are you -”

  “ I’m here to bring you home .” Your face scrunched in confusion

“I am home? ”

“ you’re in heaven Y/n . It’s time for you to come back down .” Dean is gone from your arms , the kitchen you were just in fades to black ; leaving you staring wide eyed at Chuck .

“ how the hell are you doing this ? A prophet can’t possibly do this!”

  “ that isn’t something to worry about right now, you’ll get an explanation soon .” This isn’t the same , shy, set doubting Chuck you met before ; he’s more confident now , oozing more power than before . In a blink of your eyes , you’re in an unfamiliar kitchen . It’s very plain , metal pots and pans hanging above a shabby wooden counter . A simple stove and slightly small kitchen table are also present in the room .

  “ chuck where the hell -” you stop when Chuck is no where in sight . Sighing you lean against the counter , dropping your face into your hands ; three minutes ago you were with the man you love , the family you adored in a perfect world .Now your sitting in a strange kitchen , confused and crying , wondering what the hell you were just placed into . You hear a door open the fall shut, and a pair of deep voices echoing down the hall .

Deans POV

   I rip the tapped note from the metal door , sending Sam a questioning look. I begin reading it out loud ,

I know I haven’t exactly Been around , but you two seem to have things under control . Well, as under control as you can manage . Hopefully this gift will help, and also make your days and faith in me a little brighter . - Chuck .

  “Does he think he can just pop in whenever he wants ?” I grumble , crumpling the note in my hands.

“ Dude, he’s God. I think he can do whatever the hell he wants” Sam says with a grinds he continues and walks in front of me .

  “ what kind of gift -” sams voice trails off & he stops dead in his tracks ; making me run right into his back .

“ warn me before you do that, your like a freaking brick wall.” I rub my forehead that smacked into his back, stepping around him only to have my eyes nearly pop out of by head . Both of us are staring at the girl in front of us ; the girl that we watched die years ago . Her beautiful long (y/c/h) is the same as I remember , falling around her in loose waves . Her eyes are glazed over, tears rolling down her pink cheeks . Her lip is caught between her teeth , and I can tell she is barely holding herself together . Sams speaks before I do, any and all words getting stuck in my throat .

“ y/n?”

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52 and 66 with Rocket

52: I wouldn’t change a thing about you
66: why me?

You had been with Rocket since the beginning. From the moment he found you trying to steal a priceless set of jewels he’d been after to now. The two of you and Groot somehow managed to scrape by for a while. Then you found Peter and the Guardians and you weren’t scraping by anymore you were living. Overtime things between you and Rocket changed. He wasn’t just a wisecracking jackass he was your wisecracking jackass. You spent almost all of your time together.

On the ship you and Rocket had combined your things into one room. You were in there right now waiting for Rocket to get done with whatever gun he was working on. He was cursing and huffing and you couldn’t help but laugh as he chucked a piece of machinery across the room. He growled at you making you apologize through your laughter. He gave up getting frustrated with you and the gun. He thumped over to the bed getting up and throwing himself into him face down a string of curses rushing out. You put a hand on his head and he jumped up growling at you and swatting your hand away.

“Stop making fun of me!” He growled out.

“I am not making fun of you. If I was I’d call you a puppy like mantis does.” You grinned putting your hand back on his head.

He shook his head unable to stay mad at you. You smiled at him this time flopping down on the bed. He watched you his eyes tracing your face. You put a hand on your face hiding it from him.

“What are you staying at?” You asked nervously.

“Why me?” He asked after a moment of silence.

“What do you mean?” You questioned confused.

“Why did you come with me back in the beginning? Why are you with me now?” He asked the usually taunting angry tone to his voice replaced by a wavering one.

“Because I trusted you. I trust you. You didn’t treat me any differently than any other good theif. You’re my best friend and I love you.” You admitted to him your hand brushing over one of his ears.

“You don’t care? That I’m… like this?” He asked not bothering to push your hand away.

“I wouldn’t change a single thing about you.” You answered him gently running your hand over his ears and cheek.

He just rubbed his head into your hand. You smiled at him your chest warm. Moments like these reminded you why you put up with all the angry outbursts. Moments like this reminded you of who he really was under all that fear and uncertainty. You savored the moment as he leaned against you and you felt his hand run down your arm gently before grabbing your hand letting you know he felt the same way about you.

anonymous asked:

drabble for McCree with an s/o who's dealing with an eating disorder?

I decided to put these two together since they both dealt with similar requests


Gabriel hugged the wall, staying hidden as much as possible. From his position he could see you as you were training. Your movement as slow and your punches were weak. He knew he had to talk to you but he didn’t know how to make you understand. He left worried and with a plan.

After training you went to your room. Tracer had invited you to dinner but you declined, lying about a stomach ache. She gave a strained smile but didn’t say anything else and left. Once you entered your room you headed straight for the bed and flopped face first on it. ‘I just want to sleep’ you thought as you close your eyes.

“Wake up.”

You get up quickly and make a grab for your gun, only for Gabriel to grab your arm and easily twist it around you, sending you flying face first into the bed again.

“You’re slow,” is all he says, and lets you go. You feel your body shiver at the sudden loss of heat. You stand up and kiss Gabriel; he gives you a chaste kiss before grabbing your shoulders and sitting you down on the bed.

As he’s grabbing on your shoulders, he feels the little muscle there is, his frown deepens.

“What’s wrong?”

“Cariño, please,” he voice cracks as he starts talking to you. “You’ve been eating less and less lately and I’m worried.”

A few tears fall down your face before you quickly wipe them away. Of course he would notice, he cared for you and he was worried about you. You felt the effects of it, you were slower, lethargic, and your clothes were starting to feel too big for your body.

“Let me help,” Gabriel caresses your cheek softly. He sat down next to you and held you to him. You felt so fragile.

You sobbed in his chest, happy and ashamed.


Jack looked at his watch for the fifth time. He paced back and forth outside the café uncomfortably.

He wouldn’t normally be out doing this sort of thing, it made him feel exposed, open to an attack. But he was doing this for you.

“Jack!” You embrace him from behind and bury your head in his back. He chuckled as he squeezed your arms. They felt so thin. His scrunched face worried you. “Hey, you ok?”

He smiles warmly at you, “Yea,” he grabs your hand and gives it a gentle squeeze as he guides you into the café. It was small but quaint.

As the meal progressed, Jack saw you barely pick at your food. He frowned as he brought his hands to his face and sighed heavily.

An awkward silence descended between you too. You began to fidget uncomfortably, not looking at Jack. He had invited you which was out of the norm for him and you were grateful but his behavior worried you. He was mad at something.

“Umm Jack,” you look away, “is something wrong?”

“There is,” he straightens up and takes a deep breath, “I asked you here because I wanted to confirm something and you did. I love you, and I would do anything for you. But I need you to understand, that I’m worried about you. You’ve been eating less and less and honestly, I’m scared for you.”

Unable to say anything, all you do is look at him, mouth slightly open. How do you tell him, how do you tell this wonderful man how you’ve been feeling and why you do what you do?

“I don’t expect you to tell me right away why this is happening,” he grabs your hand and brings it to his lips and kisses it, “but I want to help you and I can’t do that unless you want me to.”

You begin to cry silently. Jack went out of his comfort zone to help you, even after all this he really wants to help you.

“Thank you, Jack,” you smile weakly at him.


“Darlin’ please, I need you to listen to me,” Jesse grabbed your arm, a little too roughly making you hiss in pain. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you. I just don’t know how to say this.”

He grabbed the back of his neck, walking around the room. He had dragged you ungracefully to his room, earning a few snickers from some of the agents you two had passed. Lately Jesse had been acting distant and just strange, it worried you.

“Hey,” you wrap your arms around his waist and look into his eyes, “its ok. Whatever is wrong we can get through it.” You squeeze gently so as to emphasize your point.  

Jesse calms down and takes a deep breath, looking at you, lovingly. He smiles weakly and cups your cheek.

“I love you so much,” he whispers to you, “that’s why I don’t like seeing you not eating.” His face is unreadable.

You let him go and step back. “What do you mean? I do eat, Jesse.”

“Barely, sometimes you don’t even eat. You’ve lost so much weight. I’m worried and so is everyone.” He walks to you, placing his hands on your shoulders; they feel so warm, so strong.

“I love you, that’s why I’m telling you you need to eat,” he grabs your chin and forces your face up to look at him. “What you’re doing is dangerous and I won’t sit by and watch the person I love hurt themselves like this.”

You begin to cry. How did this get so out of hand? You bury your face in his chest, crying. He holds you tight to him, making small circles on your back.

“Will you let me help you?” It was barely a whisper, you almost didn’t hear it. You nod your head and he kisses the top of your head.

independent | tommy shelby

reader is the leader of a gang, she is strong and independent and after some business her gang and the peaky blinders meet, tommy is immediately smitten by her

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Originally posted by ohfuckyeahcillianmurphy

Driving down the dark, smoky streets, your heart raced. After months of threats, you were finally about to meet the peaky blinders.  

It had all started after one of the blinders had beat up a member of your gang, putting them in hospital. Threats had started soon after that and both gangs decided to mutually meet at Small Heath. They promised that they would bring no guns but you wasn’t going to take the risk, you were already a man down because of Tommy’s antics.  

“We are here, boss.” Amy said, as she parked the car. You looked up the road and saw all the blinders. Some stood with guns in their hands, others stood with cigarettes.  

“You all go up first. Do not get your guns out until they start firing. Pass the message on.” You told me.

All of your members got out of the multiple cars, you could faintly hear them mumbling your instructions to each other. You heart started to race as you watched them walk up. The thrill and excitement was starting to get to you and you wasn’t going to admit it to the members of your group but something about meeting Tommy Shelby had stirred something inside of you. Something good, not bad.  

“Which one of you is the leader?” You beard Tommy shout. “All we want to do is talk.”  

“Their in the car.” Amy shouted back.  

“Well tell them that I want to see them.”  

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Confessions (Spencer Reid x reader)

Tags: @heolyspxncer @dontshootmespence @criminallyyoursdrreid

Warnings: Descriptions of shooting, violence

Butterflies erupted in your stomach as Spencer pitched into the profile, your eyes focused on his lips and cheekbones. You turned back to your file, trying to think of any reasons you could possibly thing of to help the profile and to focus on something that wasn’t Spencer. “Is there anything connecting the victims?” You asked, feeling Spencer’s gaze on you as you spoke. “Not that we know of. They all worked different jobs, different genders, different races.” Penelope explained, showing the pictures of the victims, each of them shot randomly in their homes. Upon doing some digging, however, you discovered something the victims had in common. “Guys each of the victims worked a high profile job. Doctor, CEO, Businessman. The unsub probably either sees them as threats or they’re symbolic to him in some way.” You pointed out. “Alright good. Reid and Y/LN, work victimology. Morgan and I will go to the M.E. JJ, Luke, and Rossi go to the victims’ homes.” Emily ordered.

“Good observation, Y/N.” Spencer said softly as the two of you worked. “Thanks, Spence.” You smiled. “I mean it, you’re really smart.” He said, blushing slightly. “Spencer you’re the genius here.” You giggled. Spencer laughed lightly, his eyes fixated on you, making you blush. The rest of the team entered the room, interrupting your little “moment.” They told the two of you what they found, then looked at Spencer to explain the victimology. He glanced to you, to which you shrugged and left it to the genius to explain your findings to the team. “Okay. Time to give the profile to local PD.” Emily said, eager to close the case.

After giving the profile, all the team could do was wait and try to profile some more, until Garcia came in. “Guys. I got something. A James Andrews was fired from his job and swore to get revenge on anyone in a high position.” She informed you. “Reid, Y/L/N, take the residence. The rest of us will work here.” Emily ordered.

You and Spencer arrived at the residence, knocking on the unlocked door and opening it when you got no response. “James Andrews? FBI. We want to ask you a few questions.” Spencer announced. With your back turned to a door, you jumped as someone suddenly put their hand over your mouth and put a gun to your head. Spencer whirled around, seeing you squirming against James Andrew as he dug his gun into your temple. “Put your gun down.” Andrews spoke calmly. Spencer placed his gun down, his heart racing. “James…it doesn’t have to come to this.” Spencer told him slowly. “Yes it does. She deserves to die.” James sneered, not removing the gun from your temple. “Why? Why does she deserve to die?” Spencer asked, buying time. “She has a good job. I had a good job and then I was fired.” James explained. “I have a good job. Let me take her place.” Spencer pleaded. “Now why would you do that?” James asked, not wavering. “Because I love her and I want her to live longer than this.” Spencer said without hesitation. Your eyes widened, a small gasp escaping your lips. “Alright. She’ll go. Get over here and do not pick up your gun.” James said, letting you go. You reached for your gun, turning around and shooting him in the leg, Spencer moving around to put the handcuffs on him.

As Andrews was taken to the hospital, you approached Spencer. “Did you mean that? You know, what you said?” You asked softly. “Yeah. I did.” He replied, looking down at you. “I, uh, love you too.” You blushed, leaning closer to him as the scene around you quieted down. “I know.” He laughed, making you smile. “I hate you.” You giggled. “Oh come on, you love me. Dinner tonight?” “It’s a date.”