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Ornery Spirit Guide

So I’ve been binging on a certain podcast and the host talks about spirit guides all the time. She gives tips on how to learn more about them and how they work. She suggested asking your guide to show you the closest representation of what they look like and gave the example of hers looking like a youthful Neil Young in a black crewneck. For some reason I was appalled by that. She then did a guided meditation where at the end your supposed to see a representation of your spirit guide but when I followed along, all I could see was Neil Young! I got frustrated and ended the meditation thinking I’d come back later and try again. So I tried the next day. Again-same result except this time I shouted “Good grief! I quit!” and huffed off to the other room. Just then I look out the window to see a HUGE smiley face in the clouds! The sun peeked through two perfectly round eye holes and a wide upturned smile! I decided right then perhaps not to take things so seriously. I think my spirit guide has a great sense of humor and just likes winding me up. 

hey!! so my school counselor gave a lecture last week about study planning and i took notes from some nice tips!!

  • after-school studying is essential. you don’t have to see a topic on the same day you learnt it, but every subject should be seen at least once a week.
  • be aware of your goal and set your schedule based on it. for example, i try to study and average of 30 weekly hours, which is something around 5 daily hours, but in general this is way too much. don’t unnecessarily overload yourself. 
  • alternate between subjects. for example don’t do a “math day”, try studying math and then history or biology etc. 
  • push it to the limit. always aspire more than the minimum, everyday push yourself a little longer until you find out how long can you take. to be humble and recognize how much is too much is very important to keep a routine. 
  • rest. some people need 8 hours of sleep daily, others need 6 hours or less. either way, sleep enough to feel well on the next morning. also, plan your schedule with time to rest and some “blank spaces” where you add rest time or revising something you didn’t quite get. 
  • your schedule is a guide not a handcuff. change it if you need to, weekly preferably. ask for your teachers or counselor opinion. the subjects difficulty may vary during the year so as the time dedicated to it.

hopefully this will be as useful yo you guys as it was to me! feel free to ask any questions, my ask box is always open.

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This is probably gonna sound weird but I have this... spirit? That I think is keeping me company and my roommate and I have jokingly decided it's a cat since things like to get knocked over on counters and such and just out of curiosity I was wondering if you knew of any tarot spreads there may be to get to know spirits better? Like interview spreads or something like that?

hey not weird at all and I happen to have 3. It’s very important to get to know your spirit guides and I hope these help you. Let me know. Okay?

I hope this was what you were looking for. good luck.

Excessive (Hamilsquad x Reader)

AN: This took a week to get out and it’s not even good lolololol

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Request: Anonymous- Could I request a hamilsquad x reader where the reader accidentally burns or injures themselves in some way and the boys freak out like they’re dying? Idk why I thought of this but I just love your writing and would love to see a story like this! ❤❤❤ Thank you!!!

Warnings: Injury and swearing, though I feel swearing goes without saying at this point lmao

Word Count: 1,218


It had been a fairly unproductive day, but the boys had insisted on relaxing with you on the rare days that they all had off. Relaxing meant watching HGTV or some other home improvement channel, half asleep.

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Good kin blogs!! (incomplete list)

The bold ones are the ones i find to be usually more active! Sorry i didn’t check to see which ones had open rqs! Xoxo

Erase You | Seungcheol | Oneshot

Genre: angst, fluff, new years themes

Word Count: 6,308

Summary: No matter how hard you try you can’t forget him.

Originally posted by 12fools

When the sunlight peeked through the curtains and hit your eyelids, you groaned while rolling onto your side. Suddenly, you were rolling farther than you expected, landing on your stomach with your face in your pillows. Confusion and panic filled your mind for a split second as you thought, Where—?


You hated how you still slept on only one half of the bed, refusing to fill his spot, like you were waiting for him to come home and take it back. You didn’t do it on purpose, though. Oh how you wished that you could bring yourself to just take up the other side of the bed. You wished you didn’t have to go through that brief moment of worrying about where Seungcheol was every morning before you remembered that he wasn’t missing, he just wasn’t there.

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The Kiss (Part 4 of The Concert)
Blowing a big puff of air you close your eyes, the last beams of orange light from the sun setting stains the inside of your eyes and slowly turns to black.

“Here.” Jensen voice is right there, next to you. Inhaling deeply you get a tiny hint of him, with the blowing breeze. Leather, dry sweat mixed with cologne and warmth. “I hope Johnnie’s fine”

Turning to him your eyes still closed, finally opening them only when you are face to face. His gorgeous green eyes look a honey brown with the dim light of the rooftop. Worrying your lip between your teeth you smile, shyly at him.

“What?” Jensen smirks, you take another deep breath.

Your movements are sudden and agile, but it still feels like slow motion. Stepping closer to him your stand on the tips of your toes, stretching your neck to him, face up. Closing your eyes when  your lips crash to his plump ones.

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Just This Once

Scenario: I shouldn’t be doing this, but you mentioned you’re really good at math, so can you help me pass this test?

Pairing: Namjoon + Reader

Genre: Fluff + Soulmate AU (in which you can communicate with your soulmate through thoughts)

Words: 2,655

A/N: Here’s yet another soulmate au. Inspired by one of the many ideas on here. I hope you enjoy it ♡

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You thought you were going crazy when you heard a different voice inside your head the first time. You were 8 years old when you heard the quiet “hello” while you were doing homework. Unsure of what to do, you greeted the voice back. You weren’t expecting another response from the strange voice.

Just to make sure you didn’t need to go to an asylum, you asked your mother about it. She only laughed and said that was how you communicate with your soulmate. You talk through thoughts, but only the ones that you direct towards them.

She was more surprised that your soulmate talked to you so soon. Usually, soulmates can’t contact each other until they fully understand the whole soulmate concept and are able to control their thoughts.

After hearing that, you ran to your bed and closed your eyes. You immediately thought about the voice and tried to reach out to it. When you didn’t hear anything back, you were ready to give up until you heard it again.

Now that all of your attention was on the voice, you noticed that it belonged to a boy. It was odd to hear a different voice other than yours in your head, but you didn’t complain.

Who are you?” You asked him.

“I’m Namjoon.”

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We treat the desire to be on Broadway as a competition - as if only a select pool are even allowed to say that’s what they wish for. This makes us lose sight of the truth, that we all have that chance within us, and that we aren’t competition to one another, but peers as the next generation of Broadway performers.
—  a wise thespian 

Connecting With Your Spirit Guides in Daily Life

By Curtis of MM

               Since we have been doing a lot of writing and teaching about how to have frequent interaction with spirit guides, we decided it might be helpful to give you some ideas as to how you can interact with your guides throughout your daily life. Connection with spirit and the divine forces that guide you is a powerful and enriching space to live in. We encourage it because we know how rewarding it can be. Hopefully these examples give you some direction in your practice so that you can live in that space more frequently.

Reading with your Guides

               Yeah, psychic reading is one thing people aspire to do in conjunction with their guides. But what about all the OTHER reading you do? If you are anything like us, you read all day long. You read signs, articles, tabloid covers, receipts, situations, your surroundings. You read all the time. Any time you take in new information you analyze it, filter it, and make decisions. When that happens, you better bet that your guides have an opinion too.

               When I read books or articles of any kind, I ask my guides to read along with me. In my head, I pretend that I am reading out loud to them as they sit around me listening to what I have to say. Every now and then, I hear an opinion or two pop out from my subconscious that is most certainly…not my thought. These comments range from funny to insightful and soon my head is filled with more perspective than could possibly be contained in the passages I am reading. Some of my best ideas have come from commentary from my guides while reading. They comment while I write as well.

               Practicing reading or writing with your guides helps you to develop a sense of their worldviews, perspectives, and personalites. We do this while watching TED talks on YouTube as well. These shared experiences with your guides are important because they are geared towards fostering conversation and express your interest in the opinions of your guides. They will speak up in between your thoughts if you invite them to join you in your reading.

Enjoying nature

               The best lesson I have learned from my guides is to really feel gratitude. A sense of surrender and peace comes from enjoying nature with your spirit guides. Whenever I am walking my dog, checking the mail, sitting outside in the sun, or looking longingly out the window during a rainy day, I always check with my guides and their sentiments about the world we share together.

How can we change it? How did we get here? Who helped me? And who do I have to thank?

Your guides have the answers to these questions. These surrendering moments in awe of nature can be extremely powerful and rewarding experiences. My guides help me find gratitude in the smallest things. Also, it is helpful to commune with your guides away from concern and the cycles of daily life. If you are taking a break, a time out, a breather, or a day of relaxation, ask your guide to come along and help you to find the gratitude and appreciation of your reality. The insight they can manifest upon these feelings of connectedness and gratitude are profound and powerfully healing. Don’t sleep on enjoying nature with your guides.

Cooking with your Guides

               Admittedly, this may seem a little odd. But think about this, don’t we bond as humans over meals? Aren’t we taking the time to nourish ourselves and to be mindful of our bodies when we eat? Who better to help you achieve that goal than your guides?

               At one point in my practice, I was not convinced that my diet had ANYTHING AT ALL to do with my level of spiritual attainment. While our guides suggested certain diets for Carmen and I over the years, we were reluctant to have them join this part of our day. It seemed so mundane and unimportant in the grand scheme of our life’s mission. After all, who cares what a guru or successful entrepreneur eats? Well, we found out that our diet is important. While many guides have different things to contribute to your culinary prowess, asking your guides to help you develop a healthy lifestyle is important. Body, mind, and spirit must all be in balance to achieve your highest potential. Consistency in all these areas is important.

               So, we got kind of tired of working really hard, feeling like we were worn out, and wondering HOW MUCH LONGER CAN WE EVEN DO THIS….:’(

               Then, we decided to do what our guides had asked and to incorporate their ideas and suggestions for our diet. Once we allowed them to help in this way, we quickly started finding more creative and health meals, reduced our grocery bill to 30% of what it was, started losing weight, having more energy, and even learned to cook some dishes without looking at the recipe more than once.

               One of our mottos that forms our friendship was in the form of a bumper sticker on Carmen’s care when we first met. The sticker said:

“Love people and cook them tasty food.”

Love your guides. Let them cook you tasty food. And then leave them a little portion to show your appreciation for their inspiration.

Days Out

Any time that you go anywhere new, or set out on a new adventure, make sure that you include your guides and ask them to actively join the experience with you. This just makes everything so much more enriching…I can’t even. So let’s see how a typical ‘Day Out’ can become a fantastical journey with your guides.

First of all, it starts with planning. Your guides have some interesting knowledge that you need to take advantage of when you are planning. If you are feeling the urge to do something, then go do it. If you feel like you should not, then it is probably in your best interest that you don’t. Well, your guides have a say in your intuitive feelings, so when you are planning ask them about how you can make this experience the bee’s knees. Questions from traffic to possible mishaps are fair game. You may be surprised at what your guides find for you. Their inspiration can lead you to some unexpected places the more you work with them and dig around.

So you are ready to go? Well, hop in the car and get your guides pumped for this drive. When we go for a drive anywhere, we ask our guides to protect us, keep us from getting lost, and then we pump some tasty jams for everyone to party to. Other times, we just talk about life until we reach our destination. Like every other thing we do, we invite our guide to actively participate, and some of our best ideas and discoveries have been in the car on the way to events or vacations. They can use your excited and open energy to get across some amazing messages. Just pretend they are in the back seat, and listen to the comments from the peanut gallery.

If you are a fashionista, your guides can help you find deals, the perfect piece you have been missing from that table on your hallway, and add inspiration to your style. If you are going shopping for something, let your guides help you to find the destination. On the way, stay open to their direction. We have found some amazing stores because we happened to ‘look left’ on intuition…and BAM!!! Literally a store no one knows about that fits our lifestyle and budget to perfection.

When dating or hanging out with friends and peers, just pretend that your guides are there as well. In almost every interaction my mind is going thirty-miles a minute with commentary from my guides. I am a naturally opinionated person, but my guides also help me to practice patience and compassion. They know that is what I want to exude, so they help me to filter and restrain my thoughts. There are even times where my mind simply ‘goes blank’ when I am meant to listen to someone. I have a HUGE problem with listening and have for most of my life. After working with my guides to be a better helper and teacher to others, they have helped me to improve this fault through their intervention. Also, their commentary can be intense and hilarious. Their inspiration is a big help to me to get through difficult issues, tender subjects, or sometimes to have the confidence I need to speak freely and openly. Your guides are great to help you work on relationships. Just remember to ask them first…Is it even worth it? If not, trust them…and move on. They WILL steer you in the right direction.

Special Experience

               Many forget that your past loved ones, or ancestors, have powerful messages and guidance for you as well. We take time to work with our ancestors and passed loved ones as much as possible. One amazing experience was when Carmen was trying to learn to crochet. She was very frustrated and I had no idea, being that I was in the other room working while she was playing with needles and yarn. She wanted so badly to be crafty like her grandmother. So, after hearing Carmen yell out in frustration a few times, I walked into the room to see what was up. As I was doing readings, my channels were wide open, and I was feeling a very compassionate and mentoring energy. I began to help Carmen and took up another needle.

               Suddenly, I was talking like I had been a crochet pro for years, and to Carmen’s amazement and my own, I crocheted her a flower. This flower was a gift from her grandmother and by allowing myself to remain open during this moment, and by mirroring her love and desire to teach, Carmen was given a lesson and a great gift.

               While many gifts from spirit are not this tangible, incorporating your guides into your daily life is very important to learning their messages. We hope you will try some of our examples and share your experiences with us.

Love and Light, and blessed be on your journeys with your guides!!!

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I've been struggling with regaining lost muse for months now. Do you guys have any tips or help on how to regain it? Watching a movie or listening to music doesn't help me.

Losing your muse really is the worst, but happens to all of us. Sometimes it’s our mood, possibly real life issues, stress or our mental health. Please always remember to take care of yourself and listen to your body. If it tells you to go to sleep, although you’re writing this super awesome thread you can’t get enough of, go to sleep. Our brain needs a rest after all. Watching movies or music never helped me too. I even took a break of half a year from roleplaying and it helped me. I came back with fresh energy and ideas, however not everyone likes to do that. What also is important, that you don’t stress yourself. Don’t pressure yourself! However here are some guides, links and websites that hopefully help you:




Oh hai. It’s finally time. Time to unveil the proprietary K&C Superfood Guide explained in Beyoncé gifs, that is. There are many more superfoods out there (hundreds! millions! who even gets to decide what makes a superfood?! are vegan doughnuts a superfood? ASK BEYONCÉ!)—these are just the ones that I have in my fridge most often.

Each superfood above is paired with its musical Beyoncé spirit animal. You can play them while you eat said superfood, you can learn the dance moves and boogie with said superfood, or you can straight up summon the spirit of Beyoncé whilst invoking the powers of said superfood.

Like any good adaptogenic superfood, Beyoncé is there to cure whatever ails you. So without further ado, get your Superfood Guide right here!

Real People vs. Characters

As a writer, one of your main jobs is to get your readers to believe in the illusion you’re creating in your story. Deep down, we know that characters aren’t real people, but we suspend our disbelief to really put ourselves inside a fictional world. While characters can also be layered and complex, there’s a big difference—they’re not real people.

Here are a few differences to consider when building your own characters:

Characters are simpler than real people

I know, I know. How can I say that your favorite character from your favorite book series isn’t as complex as your next door neighbor? You know a lot more about your favorite character because you’ve followed their ups and downs for like 5 books now.

But the truth is your next door neighbor has a very real and very complex life and they’ll always have more depth than any character in a fiction novel. Authors only tend to focus on certain traits of a character; ones that pertain to the story and help drive the novel forward. Adding a lot more detail could bog the story down and feel unnecessary. Like I said before, characters can be complex and layered, but we’re only experiencing a powerful illusion. This is actually helpful for writers because it helps manipulate your readers’ emotions depending on what story you’re trying to tell. You get to guide your characters and where they’re going.

You’re only sharing a slice of life

Most of the time when you’re writing about a character, you’re only sharing the most dramatic moments of their existence. There’s a reason you’re telling the story and it’s not just them living their normal day-to-day lives. There’s usually the stasis that moves on to the inciting incident that gets them away from what they’re used to. We all know that real life can be tedious and boring for the most part. I’m not saying nothing exciting happens to real people, but we do work and go to school and sleep every night…the boring parts are usually cut out of fiction (depending on your story)

Again, obviously this all depends on your story, but there’s usually some excitement that pops up in stories that doesn’t always happen to real people. We are reading about what’s most representative of your character’s life.

You never know exactly what real people are thinking

This is one of the biggest differences between characters and real people. In novels, if the writer chooses to do so, the innermost thoughts of characters can be revealed. In real life, it’s impossible for us to know what someone else is thinking. They might tell us, but we’ll never have that sort of deep insight we’d have in a work of fiction.

Use this to your advantage as a writer because it doesn’t happen in real life.  Share your protagonist’s thoughts if you think it will help develop your story.

-Kris Noel