get your game on mate!

Requested Brett Talbot imagine by anon



The game is nearly over and it is now down to the last few minutes, both Devenford Prep and Beacon Hills are full of adrenaline, their hot breath forming steam overhead. All around you on the stands students are holding up signs in support of their school. Some a little bit more extreme than others. You look up onto the field to see his gaze quickly divert back from you onto his clothing. That was the third time you had caught his gaze wandering in your direction, he wasn’t trying to hide his obvious attraction. “Mate come on you have to get your mind back into the game, stop staring.” One of his team mates called as he clapped Brett on the shoulder.

“She is beautiful, do you think I stand a chance?” Brett spoke, his gaze still held onto you.

“She is from Beacon Hills.” His team mate spoke in disgust.

“But she is beautiful.” Brett repeated, partially whispering to himself, watching your beautiful smile as you beam at one of your friends, engrossed in discussion. He resolved to talk to you after the game, to put everything into these last few minutes so he would finally get to speak with you.