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hi this is your friendly neighbourhood australian who knows all the secrets of pocket camp already and is prepared to dispense wisdom
  • save your leaf tickets. i cannot stress this enough. right now your items will all be ready in less than an hour, but when you’re at level 40, stuff takes like 3 days to make 
  • also, materials get harder and harder to come by so frequently you’ll need to use leaf tickets to keep the ball rolling. also being able to buy campers/tom nook/kk is worth more than speeding things up
  • know which villagers give what. some villagers, like apollo in my camp at least for example, give paper more frequently than others, while some give, say, conserves. paper is incredibly valuable as you need 150 to make just one wallpaper
  • shake all the non-fruit trees every day! one will drop up to 1000 bells each day, and you’ll need the money you can get
  • put loads of stuff up in your market box, for cheap. it seems useless right now, but as your level gets higher and it gets harder and harder to respawn items, people will come and buy from you and you can get a good income
  • help your friends with the quarry; its nice and you get money rewards
  • ask everyone on your friends list to help you with the quarry EARLY. chances are you’ll miss the haul you need if you wait
  • even if you dont want it, make a nintendo account and get the free dosh. every leaf ticket helps, plus you get cool stuff too and a steady income to boot
  • objects respawn offscreen. if you need a specific bug, scare away all the bugs or catch them (recommended) and then wait in the corner for a bit. rinse and repeat
  • always shake your trees and just leave the fruit it doesnt rot and you’ll need more than they give you anyway (this is why the marketplace gets so useful)
  • add loads of people! this helps you get into the quarry, get ideas for your camp, and gives you access to loads of market boxes for when you need them. which you will.
  • you can expand your van…for loans. sell stuff on market boxes, or just straight up sell rare items for cheap, to pay it off
  • always leave kudos at someones camp when they leave one at yours; its good manners and they’ll have your back later
  • don’t waste materials on things you dont need; especially, don’t waste the material corresponding to your theme (cool uses a lot of metal, natural uses a lot of wood, etc.)
  • always have something on the go crafting, and its a worthy investment to get a second slot for crafting too
  • save your honey and nets for when you’re really stressed out
  • change up your look often and visit the able sisters constantly; they only have a few items up at the start but as you level up they have more, and cooler stuff
  • try and complete all your requests, and especially try and complete your stretch goals! they’re a really good way to get free stuff, so do yourself a favour and make the polka dot set and the green set; theyre cheap you only need 4 of each. just put them in your campground once at the same time and you’ll get 20 tickets, then sell them or whatever
  • use your request tickets wisely. specifically, use them on your lowest-level villagers. they level up faster, meaning you level up faster
  • at some point, get all the tents, even the ones you dont like. animals will eventually stop levelling up if you dont have their respective tent, and you will need their love. literally.
  • change up your look! don’t try and limit yourself to one theme - this game is a lot more fun when you look at others and try and put your own mark on the game. 
  • you can change your hair, eye colour, and hairdo in the options menu
  • you can change your hair, eye colour, and hairdo in the options menu
  • you can change your hair, eye colour, and hairdo in the options menu

anyway i hope this helped. my code is 3612-7018-102 (Row) and I’m always open for questions because hell i’ve been playing this religiously since release and i need to do something with this knowledge. add anything you want to the list!

8 Ways to Improve Your Writing

I got a great anonymous ask last week from someone who wanted to know how to identify weak spots in their writing. One of the things that comes with time and experience is finding the language to identify, discuss, and address the feeling that something isn’t quite right or that a story is “missing something.” Not knowing them or their writing, of course I couldn’t help them figure out what specifically the problem was. But I did share with them a list of things I’ve done over the years to be able to identify weak spots and improve my writing. 

1. Analyze your favorite writers.

Figure out why you like the writing that you like. Ask yourself: What are they doing here? What are they doing that I’m not doing? Why do I love their writing so much? Take notes on their stories. Plot them. Write in the margins. Read them slowly. Read their reviews—both good and bad. Did that writer you love once write something you hated? Great, even better. Figure out why that particular book was different from the others.

2. Analyze your own writing.

Do you have an older story you wrote that you love? Figure out why. What did you do differently in that story that you’re not doing in the current story you’re writing? Make notes. Draw maps. Reverse engineer everything.

3. Develop a language to talk and think about writing.

Read craft books, blogs, anything you can get your hands on. Learn about point of view, conflict, character development, dialogue, story structure, syntax, metaphors. Get your advice from good sources, and don’t believe everything you read. If something doesn’t sit right with you, throw it out. But be open to everything.

4. Journal and write about your writing.

Over time, you will identify consistent weaknesses that you have. Then, in the future, when you feel like “something is missing” from your writing, you can reference your notes and remember, for example, that you often have difficulty with your protagonist’s motivation, with theme, with dialogue, etc., and you’ll have a better idea about where to go looking.

5. Share your writing with someone you trust, ideally a more experienced writer than you or an editor or mentor.

Be very careful about who you share your writing with. Friends and family are not always the best choice. You don’t want someone who’s just going to throw around their uneducated opinion about your work, who has a big ego, or who won’t be honest with you. Remember: “I liked it” or “I didn’t like it” are useless pieces of feedback. You want someone who can read your work and say, “Your protagonist’s passion for music made them really likeable to me. I was dying to know whether they would get into the conservatory or not!” or “My attention wandered on page two, when you described the couch upholstery for three paragraphs.”

6. Analyze the areas of your writing which are commonly problematic for new writers (and writers in general).

In my experience as an editor, the most likely culprits are unclear character motivation and lack of conflict. There are a lot of good resources (books and blogs) about this. Try a Google search for “most common mistakes beginning writers make.”

7. Trust your intuition.

Do you keep coming back to the same page or scene in your story, feeling like it isn’t right? You’re probably onto something.

8. Take time away from your writing.

You’d be amazed how much more clear everything will be after a break. Give yourself at least a week for a short story, 3-4 weeks for a novel. It could also be the case that your ambitions for this particular story don’t yet match your skills, and that you’ll have to wait even longer to successfully finish it. I’ve known writers who have given up on a story only to come back to it months or years later once they’d gained the skills and insight to complete it. And then suddenly writing that story seemed really easy!

A few? Tips? For new ACPC players!

There are 2 maps with fruit!

Breezy Hollow has 1 of each (Apples, Oranges, Cherries, Peaches, and Pears)

Lost Lure Creek has 2 and they are random, I restarted a few times and got Pears and Oranges, Apples and Oranges, and Peaches and Cherries. If you care about what extra fruit you have you’ll have to download the entire game AND complete the tutorial before you know what you have.

Also fruit related. This has been said a lot and will be mentioned on social media in the days to come- You have limited pocket space, shake fruit from the trees but don’t pick it up till you need it~ that way you’ll normally have enough for requests without sacrificing pocket space!

Non fruit trees drop 300~400 coins once per day at random!

Campers (Villagers?) are mostly random. You unlock new ones each time you level up. I think it’s based on your starting Camp theme. I choose cute and had Chrissy by 12? And Fauna by 19. Someone I know choose Cool and didn’t have Fauna till 26!

Talk to your campers every few hours! 3 of 8 can have requests and all of them can give you presents and gain a few points of affection!

Affection is capped at first at 7! You must build amenities to increase the cap. Tents take 14 hours and raise the cap to 10, others take it to 15 and then 20. These take a long time to build, 14 hours, 48 hours, 72 hours, etc.

Hoard your tickets! It’s not really worth it to use them beyond increasing your crafting spaces and getting the special guests (KK and Tom) and if you’re gonna be F2P you’ll want to save them. I’m sure they’ll be used in events.

Common Misconceptions about Witchcraft 🔮
  • You have to be a Wiccan to be a witch
    • I literally thought this until I was 23 years old and started practicing magick again. It’s hard not to believe when nearly every book, guide, and tutorial you come across is geared towards Wicca. Wicca is a religion in which its followers may practice witchcraft. Witchcraft is a practice that may or may not involve religion.
  • Witches don’t cast curses and if you do, you’re a terrible person
    • No, stop. The idea that cursing is “bad” stems from the Wiccan “threefold law,” you know, the whole “whatever you do will come back at you three times as much” thing. Not everyone is Wiccan, not everyone follows that belief. You do you, but don’t try to police other people’s craft.
  • Witchcraft is a religious practice
    • Witchcraft itself has no religious basis. You can be pretty much whatever religion you want and still practice magick. You can practice witchcraft with no religious preference whatsoever. You can choose to work with deities, or keep your craft entirely secular. Up to you.
  • Witchcraft is the work of the devil and if you practice witchcraft you’re going to hell
    • A Christian concept and scare tactic. Not everyone is Christian or even believe in the Christian devil or Christian version of hell.
  • You have to dress the part
    • I practice magick in sweat pants and a t-shirt. I find that I work best when I am dressed comfortably, not in some flowly black dress and pointy hat. You don’t have to dress a certain way to be a witch or cast spells. Some witches or magicians have ceremonial clothing that is worn during various rituals but for your every day spell, it’s really not a requirement.
  • You can call yourself a witch without actually practicing witchcraft
    • No, I’m not referring to those with chronic or mental illness who practice magick in a minimalistic manner. I’m referring to those who call themselves a witch for the aesthetic and don’t actually practice magick. You don’t have to constantly do spells or even involve magick in your life on a daily basis but you do have to practice magick at some point in order to call yourself a witch.
  • Witchcraft is inherently dangerous
    • Practicing witchcraft itself is said by some to invite spirits and entities into your life that are sensitive to the energy we give off, but that may not be true for everyone. Learn how to protect yourself from these kinds of things and you’ll be golden.
  • You can cherry pick from closed cultures and use those practices in your craft
    • You don’t have a “gypsy soul,” pizza isn’t your “spirit animal,” having a bundle of white sage doesn’t automatically mean it’s a “smudge stick,” and you should probably throw away that shirt that says “namaste in bed.” A lot of terms we see modern witches use these days have no cultural basis or leg to stand on in their practice. Yes, some cultures and religions are open or partially open but don’t go around disrespecting those that aren’t to sound trendy.
  • You have to choose one path of witchcraft and stick to it
    • Ever heard of eclectic witchcraft? You can incorporate many types of magick into your craft and it’s not a problem. Some witches get overwhelmed trying to choose a “type” but you don’t have to if you don’t want to. 
  • You have to be a woman/straight/cis, whatever, to be a witch
    • Heck nope. There’s no generalized rule that states you have to be a particular gender or sexual orientation to practice witchcraft. Homosexual, trans, and male witches do exist. 
  • You have to be born into a family of witches to be a “true witch”
    • Witchcraft is a learned practice, not something embedded in our DNA. Even if everyone else in your family is a witch, you can choose not to follow that path. The same goes for those who don’t have any witches in their family history.
🌹 “Being a better witch” tips 🌹

Want to know how to feel good practicing witchcraft? From the magickal to the mundane, there are ways to brighten your path and work towards becoming a good witch!

🍄 Don’t steal from from closed cultures. Don’t incorporate it into your craft. Be respectful of other races and cultures. (this should go without saying)

🍄 Cleanse often! sometimes energies just build up and things can get cluttered and chaotic.

🍄 Research Research Research! You’ll get nowhere just sitting around. And you shouldn’t rely on more experienced witches either. They need time to hone their craft as well. Instead rely on your own abilities to gain knowledge. That’s what being a witch is all about.

🍄 Respect nature. You don’t have to LOVE nature to be a witch. But you should treat living creatures and the natural world with a degree of respect. Be considerate and thoughtful of where your spell ingredients come from and where they are being disposed.

🍄 Believe in yourself! Magick comes from you and YOUR intent. You don’t need fancy tools and complicated spells to invoke change. And you don’t have to be a hereditary witch either!

🍄 Don’t ever, EVER trade witchcraft with professional medical advice. (this includes mental health!) I know treatment is expensive, but you could end up hurting yourself further.

🍄 On that note. Be aware of dangers in your craft and how to be safe. This could range anywhere from not contacting malevolent spirits to not burning poisonous plants. Be safe

🍄 Take a break if you need to. Sometimes your craft gets too much or you just arn’t feeling it. That’s okay! Be easy on yourself.

🍄 Others correspondence posts are nice and crazy useful. But remember that those arn’t set in stone. Every witch can have different correspondences for the same thing and have it be just as effective

🍄 Have fun and respect others crafts (as long as their craft isn’t harming anyone)

Mabon is coming up! Since it is my favorite holiday, it only makes since if I share some of my decoration ideas with y’all. For those who don’t know, Mabon is a holiday that falls on the Fall Equinox and celebrates the second harvest!

  • Get some fake oak leaves from your favorite craft store and string them and hang them on your windows
  • Baby pumpkins!
  • Apple Cinnamon or Cranberry candles does adds an amazing smell and effect to the atmosphere of your space
  • If you have a table and/or altar, place a red/orange/fall-themed cloth on them!
  • Place offerings to Demeter(if you follow her ) on your altar. Some offering ideas include corn, oak leaves, sunflowers, and wheat
  • Try your hand at dessert art and try to make the crust of an apple pie look like leaves when making it!
  • Cinnamon brooms from craft stores smell amazing and add a cute witchy touch to your space

Feel free to add on!!

The Stardew Valley Sims 4 Legacy Challenge

A Sims 4 challenge by @bloomesimss and @itstwina  

  This legacy is for the lesser-known characters of Stardew Valley! If you do not like the characters we chose, we are thinking of doing more versions of this legacy in the future with different characters! So please don’t be rude or anything, because we worked hard on this!

General Notes:

  1. Your sims do not have to look like the character the generation is based on, have the same name, or the same gender.
  2. Use the hashtag #sdvs4 if you want us to see your posts/gameplay!
  3. This challenge uses gameplay from all packs! If you do not have the packs that are used, there will be alternatives!
  4. It is also recommended you finish the aspiration that fits with the generation, but you do not have to unless the rules of the generation say so!
  5. If there is a career path option, you can choose whatever you want, unless the generation specifies.
  6. We worked so hard on this challenge! And we hope you enjoy!

Generation 1 - the Farmer.

  As a kid, your grandpa would always tell you stories about his farm in a place called Stardew Valley when he visited. Since his first story, you decided you want to be a farmer when you grow up. Now, you’re finally old enough. Your grandpa is going to pass away soon, and he gives you his farm, a big ol’ plot of land, filled with trees, rocks, and logs. You hope to one day clear it all out and plant lots and lots of crops, all the while making friends with everyone in Stardew Valley.

Traits: Family Oriented, Loves the Outdoors, Cheerful

Aspiration: Freelance Botanist (you must finish this aspiration)

Career: None (You must get all of your money from your crops)


  1. Have over 50 plants
  2. Marry anyone you want, but only have two kids.
  3. Have no job, only get money from your produce/crops. (And if you need to, your spouse’s job.)
  4. Have a cabin type house, with a kitchen, the master bedroom, one bathroom, one room for your two kids (they must share through their whole lives!), and a basement (you can keep anything down here, but it can’t be a bedroom!)
  5. Have a full relationship with your spouse and kids.
  6. Have one best friend
  7. Dig at least 10 of the rock/minerals

Generation 2 - the Wizard.

  Let’s be honest here, you’re a bit of a loner. You lived with your parents long after your sibling moved out. When you do move out, you live alone, being a scientist.

Traits: Loner, Creative, Gloomy

Aspiration: Nerd Brain

Career: Scientist (If you don’t have Get to Work, Secret Agent!)


  1. Have a bad relationship with your sibling (you two were always so different.)
  2. Have only two friends, your parents. (If you need to, you can have a friend for social need, but they can not be known about.)
  3. Only leave your house for work. (You can go into your back/front yard for your aspiration, and if you need to, go out into the world for your job tasks.)
  4. Have one kid, but it was an accident, and the mother/father has left you.
  5. Despite your anger towards having a child, they eventually turn into your best friend.

Generation 3 - Linus.

  You were an accident, neither of your parents wanted you, so much as to one of them left you and your father/mother. You ended up running away from home, and started to live out in nature. You loved everything about it, much like your grandparent, who was a farmer. As you grew up, you turned out to be best friends with your mother/father.

Traits: Loves the Outdoors, Glutton, Loner

Aspiration: Outdoor Enthusiast (If you don’t have Outdoor Retreat, the Curator)

Career: None (Earn money from collecting things.)


  1. Only gain money from collecting. (If you absolutely have to, you can paint.)
  2. Find love with a kind sim who gives you their extra food, gives you warm clothes and blankets during the winter, etc.
  3. Have as many kids as you want, but it has to be more than 2 and less than 6.
  4. Live in a tent for most of your life, and as you get one kid, you get a shed. Another kid, you get a room added on, etc.
  5. Only have low-quality items.

Generation 4 - Pierre.

  You’ve heard stories about your parent’s life in the woods, and how your other parent was kind, and eventually fell in love. You wish to raise a family, and to also run a store. You devote your life to this store when you have it, and pride yourself in winning the grange fair display every single year. (Seriously Pierre, would it kill you to let us win for once?) You wish your child would be more formal. Why can’t they just dye their hair a normal color?

Traits: Perfectionist, Hot Headed, Snob

Aspiration: Successful Lineage

Career: Bakery Owner (If you don’t have Get to Work, the Culinary Career.)


  1. Have one kid.
  2. Don’t get along with your kid.
  3. Spend almost all of your time in your store. (If you have one.)

Generation 5 - Jodi.

  You always hoped for a big happy family. But your spouse decides they want to join the military. Yes, its great to help people, but how is this helping you? This is the worst thing that you could think of to happen. Your kids won’t have another parent figure for most of their life… you hope that there is some way to make them happy.

Traits: Family Oriented, Neat, Cheerful

Aspiration: Big Happy Family

Career: Stay at home parent (Get money from gardening, collecting, etc. You can cheat to get 500 simoleons from your spouse each Sunday.)


  1. Have a garden.
  2. Have two kids.
  3. Have a spouse that only comes home every 7 weeks for 3 days. (You can keep track of the week or just guess. To make them leave, put them in a different household.)
  4. When your spouse becomes an elder, they stay home for good.
  5. One of your kids must have the active trait.

Generation 6 - Marnie.

  You have always loved animals. If you don’t take care of them, who will? You hope to one day have kids, but you can never seem to find love. Instead, you decide to adopt.

Traits: Cheerful, Family Oriented (you’d like to think of your animals as your family.), Loves the Outdoors

Aspiration: Big Happy Family

Career: Writer (I know Marnie isn’t a writer, but it just seems like a Marnie type career.)


  1. Have more than 10 fish.
  2. Have 10 frogs. (You can have more if you’d like to.)
  3. Adopt 2 kids.
  4. You can have a garden if you want but you don’t have to!

Generation 7 - Emily.

  You felt like you only had one parent figure growing up. But now, you live with your sibling in your parent’s old house. (You can move the parents to another house.) You love to create things, especially clothes!

Traits: Creative, Cheerful, Perfectionist

Aspiration: Renaissance Sim (You do not need to complete this aspiration, it’s just a kind of filler, since there are really no aspirations that fit Emily’s character.)

Career: Entertainer (Any branch, and you can get extra money from the craft working table.)


  1. Master the Handiness skill.
  2. Fix all broken objects in the house (As soon as you turn into a teen.)
  3. Make everything on the craft working table.
  4. Have as many kids as you like!
  5. Live with your sibling until married. (If they get married first, they move out and you get the house. If you get married first, you move out and they get the house.)

Generation 8 - Willy.
  Your mom (or dad) was always working hard trying to make her dreams come true… And you want to do the same, as a fisherman. Ever since you were little you have loved fishing and what better way to make money that doing what you love?

Traits: Loves outdoors, Cheerful, Good

Aspiration: Angling Ace

Career: None. (You get money from selling your fish!)


  1. Master fishing skill
  2. Complete Angling Ace aspiration
  3. Fish every day (from child to death/when you move on to the next generation)
  4. Go fishing in the Sylvan Glade for at least 5 hours a week

Generation 9 - Lewis.

  Ever since you were young you wanted to be a politician. When you became the mayor of Pelican Town, you were the happiest you could be! You kept being the mayor, year after year, so you stopped trying to beat anyone. Everyone at Pelican Town loves to have you as their mayor!

Traits: Good, Outgoing, Goofball

Aspiration: Friend of the World

Career: Politician (If you don’t have City Living, the Business Career!)


  1. Have over 15 friends.
  2. Master the Charisma skill.
  3. Have 1 kid.

Generation 10 - Grandpa.

  You are so proud of your family tree. But you (or your spouse) is physically unable to have kids. And you don’t have enough money to adopt. So, maybe you can’t extend your family tree.. but you can still be proud of it! You spend all your life doing something of each of your ancestors.

Traits: Family Oriented, Ambitious, Perfectionist

Aspiration: Renaissance Sim

Career: None. (You spend all your time on your skills.)


  1. Have a garden.
  2. Have 1 fish and 1 frog.
  3. Collect things.
  4. Have a store to sell your collectibles/crops/frogs. (You don’t have to keep this open all the time.)
  5. Have a spouse only if you want.
  6. Make things on the craft working table.
  7. Only get your fish from fishing.
  8. Master the Charisma skill.

  That’s it! I hope you enjoyed this legacy challenge if you did it! We worked so hard on this and we are glad that you enjoy it!

☆ Witch Tip ☆

Your craft shouldn’t be stressful. If you feel pressured to fit a stereotype or your craft is starting to feel like a chore, take a few steps back from whatever you’re doing. Being a witch isn’t about doing a ritual on every sabbat or making sure to do a spell everyday or making sure everything is absolute perfect. It can be but it certainly isn’t for everyone.

It doesn’t make you a bad witch if you only do one spell a week or miss a sabbat. It doesn’t make you a bad witch if you feel uninspired. It doesn’t make you a bad witch to not want to comply to the ‘rules’ of your craft or if you want to experiment.

There is, in fact, no such thing as a bad witch. Witchcraft is about self-fulfillment and having fun, not being restricted or smothered by others. The sooner you lean this, the more enjoyable your craft will get. Don’t be afraid to break the mould.

Artist Class

What kind of RPG Artist are you??

HP - How many years you’ve been actively drawing

ATK - Ability to draw from life/realism

SPATK - Ability to draw aesthetic/stylized

DEF - Ability to draw for long periods of time without cramping

SPDEF - Ability to draw many pieces without running out of fresh, new ideas

Speed - How fast you can draw


A/N: HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Are you celebrating tonight?! This Imagine is based on a request from @reebgirl13. Also, it is free from spoilers.

31st October: Halloween. 🎃 | feat. Loki

Words: 3856
Warnings: shameless smut

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5 Ways To Boost Your Productivity

 Here are 5 productivity-boosting behaviours I’ve picked up over the last 2 years from some of the most successful people in the world. Since implementing these behaviours into my life I’ve seen progress beyond belief and I wish the same for you too.

1. Wake up early. This used to be the hardest thing for me to do, but I’ve found one enormous hack - sleep with the curtains open. Waking up early gives you more hours in the day to spend working on your craft and get more done. When I wake up at 5am I feel like I’ve gained an extra day and this is why it’s first on the list.

2. One thing at a time. Don’t spread your focus across 6 things at the same time - do one thing well and then move onto the next. When you try to get multiple tasks done at the same time they are done with a fraction of your attention and this leads to mistakes. It’s better to do it right the first time around than to have to come back and start again later on.

3. Take breaks. Working yourself too hard for too long will result in you having to take a long break later down the road. It’s better for your productivity to take short, regular breaks throughout the day to remain energised mentally and physically. The best breaks are ones you take for exercise and relaxing in nature as they will rejuvenate your mind and body so you can come back fresh.

4. Don’t waste time on your “competition”. My role model in business is Gary Vee - he says he wants to build the biggest building (business) in town by actually building it rather than tearing down everyone else’s buildings. He knows that the time he spends trying to bad mouth others is time he could be investing into building his own business.

5. Be grateful. There are going to be challenges along the way, but staying grateful for what you have and for the problems you don’t have is a great way to push past the difficult times. When you value the health and wellbeing of yourself and those around you - every other problem becomes minor in comparison. Having perspective on challenges and problems is key to not getting overwhelmed in these situations.

Peace & positive vibes.

Need some help getting to the next level? Add me on Skype for a free consultation - :)

boy witch self-care tips 🌟

- remind yourself daily that there is strength and magick within everybody, you just need to unlock it

- keep in mind that you can connect with any deity, regardless of their gender

- be proud of your masculine (or feminine)! energies, and embrace how they help you achieve self-growth

- don’t be afraid to get excited about your craft and share your practices/interests with fellow boys, witches or not!

anonymous asked:

what is erised?

OMG! Hello, nonnie, first of all I want to thank you for bestowing me with the honor of introducing you to Erised!!! This is so exciting! And I’m so excited for you!!!

@hd-erised is one of the most amazing fests in the HP fandom! It’s a winter gift exchange for fic and art that posts amazing pieces throughout December and reveals the creators in January. It’s a fest that has been running every year since 2013 and evolved to fill the void left by HD Holidays, the original winter holiday exchange fest from ye olden days of fandom (yours truly participated in three of those rounds with some of my first fanfics and boy howdy were they bad when I found them again recently hahaha!). It’s hosted by three amazing people, @gracerene09, @sassy-cissa, and @capipuff and each year they do a brilliant job of corralling creators, organizing the whole fest, lovingly and carefully matching gifters and giftees, and providing us with fun bonuses like a guessing poll and fun facts at the end of each round. As with most of the established fandom fest events, it’s home base is on LJ and can be found here. However, as I was mentioning in a post the other day, most of the popular fests also have a tumblr presence to promote the revealed works, so as long as you’re following the fest’s tumblr you’ll be in the loop for when posting starts on December 1, 2017! (So soon!! It’s coming, it’s upon us!!!)

It’s one of my favorite fandom events, and not just because those of us that participate in Erised bust our asses and pull out all the stops to create amazing things to spoil our assigned giftees with. A lot of the fandom’s favorite fics and art are results of Erised! So, you may actually be familiar with it without knowing you are!

I mean, just look at these all star favorites that are from previous rounds (taken from page one of the parent collection on AO3 sorted by kudos):
Tea and No Sympathy by who_la_hoop (also: Written on the Heart)
Azoth by @lol-zeitgeistic
A Convenient Impracticality by @firethesound (also: The Light More Beautiful)
He Who Must Not Be Normal by lettered (also: Another Mask Behind You)
Lumos by birdsofshore
The Moon Looks Lovely Tonight by Omi_Ohmy
In Which Harry is Magnetic North and Draco Is An Idiot by @bryoneybrynn
Side-Along by @lqtraintracks (also: Weeds or Wildflowers by LQTT and @ilikebangbang)
On the Turning Away by @blamebrampton
Any Instrument by @dictacontrion (also: The Vanishing Department)
Love Comes Tumbling by taradiane
(The Piece) I was Missing All Along by lauren3210 (also: Five Weddings and a Potions Accident)
On Call by Faith Wood (faithwood)
The Little Marauders Nursery and Day Care by @digtheshipper

And those are just the fics! There’s also amazing art every year! Like, last year’s famous sock that destroyed the fandom (thanks @ano-ka-ba​ haha) - Breakfast Is For Eating In!

The other amazing thing about this fest is actually participating in it and, more than getting a gift crafted to your tastes (which is fucking awesome!!! I was blessed with art from dustmouth last year!!! still not over it), is actually getting to hear from the person you write or draw for – it’s the best to see them fall in love with their gift! It’s just wonderful all around, for creators and for the fandom’s readership. It wouldn’t feel like December or the holidays without Erised for me!

I’ve had the pleasure of beta/alpha reading a handful of this year’s submissions and the truth about Erised’s amazingness and the quality of work just rings more true each year! Seriously, y’all aren’t even ready haha. I can’t wait to see which works this year become instant favorites across the fandom.

Now, to get you started, these are where you can find the previous year’s works along with the masterlists from those rounds:
H/D Erised 2013 Masterlist
H/D Erised 2014 (AO3) | Masterlist
H/D Erised 2015 (AO3) | Masterlist
H/D Erised 2016 (AO3) | Masterlist

And 2017′s collection can be found here: H/D Erised 2017 (posting begins December 1, 2017!)

And, while we’re on the topic of Erised, I want to highly encourage you to leave kudos, comment, and share any stories or art you enjoy from the fest with your friends and followers! Recs are so important and are deeply appreciated by the creators who pour so much of our hard work and time into crafting these works!

🎨 Color Casting🎨

For all my fellow artist witches out there, I’ve come up with a fun and powerful way to bless, or theoretically curse, someone. Depending on your connection to your craft you can get a pretty accurate divination reading from these too!

🖌 Draw your target on watercolor, or water absorbent, paper. It doesn’t have to be perfectly realistic as long as you are focusing on the person your depicting and filling it with intent.

🖌 Choose one, or several, colors that align with the type of magick you want to cast. I have a color correspondence post you can reference for this step or just search for colors associated with your intent. Color also has a very personal significance so keep this in mind when you’re making your selections.

🖌 Cover your drawing with water, lay it on very thick. Then apply your color/colors to the water. You can do this with a paintbrush, your finger, an eye dropper etc. You can let the color spread and dry naturally or move it around and/or use a hair dryer to make interesting forms.

🖌 If you are allowing yourself to be open to messages about your subject the movement of the paint, the forms it starts to create, the colors you feel inclined to use and many more variables can be a great divination reading.

✨ If you work with the elements:
Earth - Paper
Water - Used in the painting process
Air - Either naturally dried or use of a hairdryer.
Fire - You can burn the final image
Spirit - Your intent/The paint

✨ Customize this to suit your craft!
Sea Witches - Use storm water

Lunar/Space Witches - Use full moon water

Pastel Witches - Only use pastel colors

Digital/City Witches- Use an app to edit a photo of your target and draw on the image with colors.

Deities: Do you work with specific dieties? Devote a casting to them or use colors associated with your chosen god/goddess.

✨I hope this inspires you to try it out. Let me know how your castings go! Tag it with #colorcasting and stay tuned for more art witch techniques!


I’ve said this before but after having a conversation with a friend…. Women don’t compliment each other enough! So to the women tagged in this post and the rest of my female followers…

You are GORGEOUS!! You’re smart, funny, ambitious, creative, and unique. I just love your hairstyle(s),outfit(s),shoes, the way you do your makeup and so much more! Baby girl you out here snatching edges and it got me like “yaaaaaaaaaaassssssssss!“😍😍 Oh and CONGRATULATIONS on getting that promotion, getting an A on your exam, perfecting your craft, earning that scholarship, getting a new car, paying off your bills, starting a family, getting ready for graduation, starting and building your own brand, getting a new job, your new relationship, learning a new skill… whatever the case may be, you did it and applaud you! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 With all that being said JUST KEEP SLAYING QUEEN ❤️💅🏽(please feel free to reblog and tag more beautiful queens!!)

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