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College Tips from a Recent Grad

1. Research your professors. RateMyProfessor is a great resource.
2. Check Facebook for college groups. My college had groups for each class and even had a buy/sell/trade page.
3. Rent your textbooks whenever possible. Buy/rent digital whenever possible. Amazon is your best friend. They have most textbooks, and they even have a rental service.
4. Living off campus is typically less expensive than living on campus due to jacked up housing prices and mandatory meal plans.
5. Bring a bike to campus. It is so much quicker to bike than walk, and most campuses have large sidewalks and/or bike lanes. Some colleges even have semester bike rentals. Bring a lock and please please please wear a helmet.
6. Bring reusable bags for those late-night grocery trips. You won’t have a endless pile of bags in your room and you can actually carry more in reusables due to their durability. (Oh and you’ll be saving the planet).
7. Laundry pods are a great way to do laundry especially if you haven’t washed clothes before. You won’t have to estimate the correct amount of detergent (college washers are super finicky).
Make sure you have lots of quarters if your college has pay laundry. You can get a sleeve at your bank.
8. Buy 2 plates, 2 bowls, 2 cups, 2 mugs, 2 forks, 2 spoons, and 2 knives for your room. You won’t have to continually buy paper and plastic ones.
9. Buy paper towels, a sponge, and some soap to clean said dishes and silverware and any other messes you may have.
10. Record your lectures if possible. You can take notes normally, but it helps to have a record if you miss something or if you’re an auditory learner.
11. Google Drive will be your best friend. You can work on group projects without having to meet up. You can take notes as a class and even have a class study guide.
12. Quizlet is super helpful for studying. You can create your own flash cards without having to buy paper flash cards, and you can share it with your classmates. Quizlet helped me so much with my sciences and foreign language!
13. You do not need an unlimited meal plan. You will not eat that much. I promise.
14. Check out to see if your college offers meal equivalency. At my college you could get $3-5 off of a meal at a retail dining location during certain times of the day. This helped me save my dining dollars.
15. Take shit from the dining hall, but bring your backpack to do it. Bring a bottle to get milk. Grab some fruit for snacks. I used to grab bananas for snacks. Take some cookies. Bring tupperware to sneak out cereal or even full meals.
16. Buy a planner and set up a digital calendar too. You’ll be glad you have both.
17. Set multiple alarms. You may not always wake up during the first one. Give yourself enough time in the morning to get ready and eat.
18. GroupMe is pretty important too. Classes, dorms, and clubs use GroupMe to communicate. I’ve used GroupMe to coordinate volunteers at my work and to schedule study groups.
19. Buy comfortable and durable shoes. I used to wear hiking sandals or tennis shoes on campus. You will likely walk a lot more than you are used to. I injured my foot my freshman year (initially by playing soccer), but because I wore unsupportive shoes while walking 6+ miles a day I fractured my foot!
20. Wear whatever the fuck you want to wear. You don’t have a dress code anymore. People will always dress fancier than you, but it doesn’t matter. Dress comfortably.
21. But a supportive backpack. I highly recommend a hiking pack. You will likely carry several books and a laptop with you, and your backpack will be heavy.
22. You don’t need a car in college unless you have no way to get home on breaks, you live too far away off campus to walk, and/or your job/internship is too far away to walk.
23. Use public transportation when available. Some colleges have their own bus system. Some cities give discounted bus and train passes to students.
24. Add your campus police and crisis lines to your phone. Have the campus police on speed dial. You never know what will happen.
22. Carry some form of self-protection. I had a brass knuckle type thing was the shape of a cat head and it would poke my attacker’s eyes. I eventually got a knife (for work), but I know people with mace. Get mace with a safe sprayer (so you don’t spray yourself) and a black light dye (invisible to the naked eye).
23. Free stuff is the shit. Sometimes you can get a snack or meal for free! Check out your college’s calendar for a list of events with free stuff. Twitter is also a great resource for knowing when free stuff is being given away.
24. Do not get a pet in college unless you have a schedule that allows you to be home a lot, an apartment that allows it, and the money to afford it. An average vet trip will cost $100. I got a cat my senior year, and he cost around $800 that year between vet costs, pet fees, food, and litter. Visit your local animal shelter if you miss animals. I saw too many neglected animals in college.
25. Mental and physical health are important. Research your college’s health center. Most will offer free or discounted services. My college offered free counseling and a discounted OBGYN. Make sure to keep up with your physicals in college. Being healthy is important!

anonymous asked:

What would be a valid thing to submit as evidence for adhd? I feel like my teachers never noticed anything, all it ever says on my report is 'quiet', and im in the uk and you need school reports for diagnosis, and i feel like i wont be taken seriously cos they dont say 'bouncing off the walls' or something

I feel you, nonny. I wasn’t diagnosed until college because I was just “quiet.”

Odds are, if a lot of the symptoms add up enough to make you SUSPECT you have ADHD, you probably have it. But more research is always good!

So like many things, ADHD is a spectrum. The two ends of it are Inattentive to Hyperactive- and then you have people like me, in the middle, with the Combined version. Some people have more Inattentive than Hyperactive, some have more Hyperactive than Inattentive. Everyone who has ADHD experiences the symptoms a little differently.

You can find about six thousand symptoms lists online, but here I’ll tell you things that usually don’t end up on those lists that my therapist told me a lot of her patients ended up experiencing aside from listed symptoms.

(Note: Initially I tried to keep these short. Yeah, that didn’t work. I bolded the important parts.)

1. Insomnia, or at least a super screwy sleep schedule. No joke, this can be super detrimental and will only serve to exacerbate your symptoms. “Just set a sleep schedule!! You’ll feel better!” they all say- Thanks Barbara if I had any control over when my brain chooses to sleep at all I wouldn’t have this issue, ok?

-a solution to this is to, in all actuality, condition yourself. Start ONLY using your bed for sleep. Get a little chair or something in your room if you’re also a hermit like I was growing up (mushroom chairs are gr9) and once you get out of bed, don’t let yourself get back on it for more than a few minutes unless you’re going to sleep.

Some nights it’s not enough, but in general for me personally this has been an actual lifesaver- I can go from being not tired to exhausted at the drop of a hat in normal life anyway (another symptom they don’t usually tell you about) so it’s nice to be able to make it work for me for once- I get into bed, maybe spend 30 minutes restless and then I’m out.

2. On the subject of sleep. You kids ever heard of the sleep of the dead? Because guess what, I have ignored literal fire alarms in dorms because of it. About 1-2 hours into my sleep I enter a state akin to a bear hibernating. I have slept through wake-up alarms, slept through emergency alerts, slept through FIRE alarms, slept though friends and family attempting to wake me… you get the picture.

3. On the note of the hibernating bear. You constantly wake up angry (or at least disgruntled) at the universe and take a really, really long time to power on. No, I’m not talking “a case of the mornings.” I’m talking it takes me until noon some days to actually feel somewhat alert. I’m talking feeling nothing but seething rage at anyone who tries to engage you in higher brain function before you’re fully awake.
-the seething rage is more personal to me, but, every single last one of my friends who’s ADHD has issues getting up in the morning. There’s hating mornings, and then there’s hating mornings.

4. About mornings. You’re constantly late to anything in the morning because you just couldn’t “get going.” i.e., you knew and 100% wanted to get up and get moving but your brain said “nah, let’s just sit here on tumblr mobile for a while k?”
-it’s very difficult to describe this part of executive dysfunction with words, because it comes off as laziness to a lot of neurotypicals. It’s not laziness. It’s having the motivation and and will and the drive to do something and not forgetting about it and it still doesn’t get done.

“Why didn’t you do x?” they’ll ask. And you just sit there thinking shit, you meant to, really, honest to god meant to, it was on your brain to do and yet all you could actually do that day was sit around and watch terrible TV. And then you feel terrible because YOU think you’re lazy.
It’s not laziness. It’s executive dysfunction.

5. Another not so well known EXDYF fact: Mental math or memorization for you will always be the literal bane of your existence. Teachers always told me I was a “smart kid” in school (I am, but not the point) and then they’d wonder why I couldn’t memorize a five line poem.

Or I’d start off with a 60 on a math test, until my teacher would comb through my work by hand (only useful math teacher I ever had in high school tbh) and I’d end up with a 92 because nearly all of my mistakes involved basic arithmetic errors. Even though I was able to use a calculator on the test.

(One time I decided 21-19=14. To this day 8 years later I still do not know from what abyss my brain pulled that info from.)

“You’re smart! Just focus!” I can’t choose what my brain decides to focus on that easily, Sharon, not without a lot of crying and panicking.

6. But wait! You say. I have really obscure information from a fandom that I can infodump on someone at a moment’s notice! Surely that means I’m just Lazy and Unmotivated, right? I guess I just can’t be bothered to memorize the important stuff.

*Loud buzzer noise* Stop right there. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.

I will take you by the shoulders and look deep into your eyes and make you realize that guess what? If you have an ADHD brain, you have NO control over telling your brain what is important and what is not. Zero. Zip. Zilch. Nada. Your brain decides, and you usually get no say in the matter.

This sounds bad, I know. And in terms of school, birthdays, appointments, it’s terrible. But you’re not helpless. It sounds trite, but, get a good goddamn calendar app on your phone and use the hell out of it for appointments and birthdays. And for school? Find those fandoms and use mnemonics. No, seriously.

7. Also on school: You procrastinate the hell out of everything. And I’m not talking normal “haha I’ll do it later!” procrastination. I’m talking serious, problematic, REPEATED “why the fuck can’t I just do it on time like a normal person” procrastination where you start blaming yourself for not doing it sooner like a neurotypical.

Listen, buddy ol’ pal (or however that goes), you’re not neurotypical. But listen- there’s actually a medical reason why you do this.

So everyone’s brains have reward systems, right? Your brain gives you the feel good when you do something you think you should. And later, a brain remembers that it got the feel good for doing the thingy thing.

In a brain with ADHD, that reward system malfunctions. Sometimes critically. Your brain chucks so much stuff it deems “unnecessary” out the window it chucked out that feel good you got when you turned in that homework on time, or cleaned out your car, or did some pilates for 30 minutes.

8. You want to know what doesn’t help with number 7 there? Another thing that won’t show up on symptom lists but that virtually everyone I know with ADHD (quite a few, actually. Turns out we hang out in packs because we’re usually the only people who can understand each other) about ADHD is how daunting large tasks or projects seem to an ADHDer.

So listen, more medical talk here. Remember that EXDYF thing? Yeah, this is part of that.

EXDYF makes it very, very hard (almost impossible, sometimes) to break down large tasks into smaller, more feasible tasks. You get nervous the longer you put off that paper (“this isn’t something you can spit out overnight!”) You’ve been sitting in front of your computer for hours, and the only word you have written down is “The”.

Honestly, I’m not sure why it’s actually super hard to break down large undertakings into smaller tasks for the ADHD brain. But! Solution.

-if you’re having a problem breaking down ANY sort of task, I promise there’s someone else who’s done it online.

Need to write a paper? Use a template. Need to clean out your car? Find a checklist, or have a friend make you one (cause Lord knows I can’t make one on my own). Need to make a presentation? Find a sample one online. Hell, this even works for taxes. (Gasp!)

Do NOT be afraid to ask for help with even personal large undertakings. If your friends are actually your friends, then they’ll relish the chance. Especially when you can turn around and blaze through a quarter of the important project you two (or however many) have due next week in four hours because of hyperfocus.

9. So, your focus. Totally trash, right? That is, until you hyperfocus.

Hyperfocus, to a neurotypical, probably sounds great. Tune out all distractions and get shit done, right?

Sure, Linda, if you can call being able to ignore things like the need to sleep, eat, and use the bathroom “tuning out distractions.” Time becomes a literal illusion. And damn do you pay for it later by your brain not wanting to do anything at all.

On the flip side, this is why ADHD people make fantastic emergency workers like EMTs and firepeople. If you learn what to do with adrenaline when you start feeling it, you feel like you could punch Satan himself when you’re riding an adrenaline+hyperfocus high. Combine that with the fast-paced, unexpected nature of such jobs and and you have a happy ADHD brain because it’s never bored.

10. Because boredom feels like death. No, Cheryl, I’m not being overdramatic. Yes, Becky, I recognize everyone has to deal with boredom.

A neurotypical’s boredom and an ADHDer’s boredom are two very different levels of boredom. Ever heard the phrase “bored to tears”? Now imagine every time you get even a little bored, it’s like this.

And of course, the ADHD hell brain remembers the bad feels of being bored but can’t recall how nice it was to remember all of the answers on a quiz that one time you paid attention in class.

This is why I have the worst problems doing homework and housework, or in general anything with serious repetition (exercise, cooking, driving, tidying up etc.). I can do it for maybe 10-15 minutes, and then my brain’s like “k I’m good. Next source of input please?” like, brain, I’m only like 3 feet into washing the kitchen floor. P l s.

11. Speaking of tears. Has rejection by someone you value ever felt like you wanted to quit existing on the spot, or at the very least wanted to move to an ice cave in Greenland and cry for the rest of your life? Even if the rejection was just perceived rejection and your friend was just expressing grumpiness at something else?

Even if your logic says “they didn’t reject you calm down you’re overreacting?”

Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria. It’s a newer term, but honestly, once I found out about my own ADHD and this bitch of a symptom a loooooooot of my weird habits started making a lot of sense in my head.

It doesn’t have to be actual “rejection”. It can get set off from stuff like awkwardness (hence my personal resistance to making Adult Phone Calls) to disbelief (a huge, huge reason so many people go undiagnosed), to personal judgment and/or criticisms (oh, ok… I guess I’ll never mention my love for X ever again) to even just indifference (no one noticed I mopped all the floors in the house… guess I’ll just go die!).

Basically, if you perceive that someone you care about has dismissed you in some fashion, you literally just want to quit existing. On the spot. Because the feeling of it makes you feel sick, your chest gets tight, you can feel it in your hands, and it makes the rest of your day miserable.
This variant is more likely with people you care about, but can definitely 100% happen with strangers too.

Another variant is this: if you perceive that someone (whether you care about them or not) has dismissed you in some fashion, your first instinct is to attempt to disregard and discard them completely. It usually doesn’t work like you want it to.

I’m pretty sure this is another reason why ADHD people hang out in packs. We always have a line in our head we’re terrified to cross with our friends. It makes us seem like we’re emotionally unavailable- but in reality we’re just terrified of being dismissed by our friends for showing our true geeky, infodumping, hyperfixating selves.

(Listen. If a friend mocks you for your true self they weren’t your friend in the first place.)

12. But in terms of crossing that line… Social cues? What are social cues?

Normal people can infer a lot from body language. With a lot of ADHD people, we tend not to notice. Or we notice too much and overanalyze. There’s no in between.

On a side note, your best bet for flirting successfully with an ADHDer is to just come out and say it. (Talk like an elcor. “Flirtatiously: I want to hear more.” or whatever innocent phrase it is you’re using to flirt. If they’re into Mass Effect, this will make them laugh, which means bonus points for you in their eyes.)
But seriously, unless you’re making obviously romantic overtures we’re usually pretty sure you’re just being nice.

Back on topic: lack of social ability is a massive, massive reason people with ADHD are usually bullied growing up. If there aren’t any other ADHD people around, it usually feels like no one “gets” you. I was bullied horribly enough during junior high and high school to the point where I still have to repress the urge to automatically assume someone being nice to me means they’re plotting something behind my back. (Didn’t help that my hs was basically the Korriban Sith academy without most of the death. Culty, religious, nepotism ran rampant.)

13. Woe betide thee who angers the ADHD. It’s not a problem with everyone, but… We’re like volcanoes. Awe-inspiring to watch in action, but God help you if we explode in your direction. And if it’s righteous anger there is almost literally no stopping us.

Anger has its uses. Our problem is that, like a volcano, we always have a lot simmering under the surface. We tend to hold onto it for ridiculous amounts of time until one day, boom. Yeah, I know, Kathy, that happens with everyone. Delayed gratification and all. The difference with ADHDers is that we usually don’t wait.

ADHDers’ anger will come out initially, because we can’t suppress it. We’re impulsive as fuck. We don’t think before we leap (our brains probably wouldn’t let us anyway). And it will seem like we are flying off the handle for no reason whatsoever. But we also have a tendency to unhealthily hold onto it afterwards even once the initial burst has happened. It’s like a (bad!) positive feedback loop.

14. Gotta bounce the leg. Gotta rock. Gotta fidget. Shit, I’m sorry, were you talking?

So one time I made it through 40 minutes of a math class actively suppressing the urge to bounce my leg… and then my leg twitched of its own accord. Freaky as shit, 0/10 recommend.

Sitting still is physically impossible for me, and for a lot of ADHDers.
Lack of impulse control + lack of social cue knowledge + lack of ability to decide what’s important to our brains = Fidget fidget. Fidget fidget. Twitch. Fiddle with paper. Hey, my backpack has a fun texture by the zipper. Oh my God, that lady on the TV is wearing the best shade of blue ever! I wonder where she got it. Shit, I need to go shopping. Wait, why did I need to go shopping again?

“Hey I asked you what you got for number 7.”


15. Depressive episodes. For me, these usually happen after a major hyperfocus where I taxed my brain for all it was worth, especially for long periods of time.

If it lasts for a long time or starts seriously affecting your life, get it checked out. If your doctor gives a damn they’ll be happy you came in to get it checked, even if it was the wrong diagnosis, because if it had been then at least they were there to help you. And they’ll always be happy to sit down and figure out what’s wrong. I know they have to watch out for hypochondriacs and whatnot. But if a doctor really cares about helping people they’ll listen when you say something’s wrong, because they know that you’re the one in your skin, not them. Which means if you really think something might be wrong, something probably is.

More evidence: justexecutivedysfunctionthings here on tumblr. Contains people’s experiences with EXDYF, which is a huge red flag for ADHD.

The Wikipedia article on the subject. There’s a nicely organized chart. (Or at least there was when I looked at it.) Remember, you don’t have to identify with all of the symptoms to be ADHD. Even if you only identify with a few, if they’re significant enough that they are seriously impacting your life and existence, it’s worth getting checked out.

I may add more to this later/change some stuff as my memory allows.

WC Forging Through Camp Nano Series: Part Five


Hi everyone!

Welcome to the fifth and final installment of the Forging Through Camp Nano series! We have a little under a week left in Camp Nano and I hope your projects are all going well! But if you find yourself a bit behind…and feeling like this:

Never fear! Today, we’ll be talking about catching up with your goals! This post, I’d like to…

1. Talk about the mindset required for catch-up
2. Discuss time management with your goals
3. Suggest a few tips for effectively playing the game of catch up

Here, I do speak from significant experience after catching up on 23,000 words in a little less than a week during last year’s April Camp Nano. But, having a few grains of salt on hand to take this post with might be helpful.

Let’s get started!


At this point in the month, most Nano participants feel overwhelmed. That can quickly spiral out of control into a sense of absolute hopelessness.

The unfortunate truth is this: if you end up giving into this hopelessness, then you’re already behind on the catch-up game. The first thing you have to do is get control of your mind. Once you’ve gotten control there, you’ve won half of the battle. But, it’s easy enough to say that you need to get control. How you get control is a much more complicated matter.

First, don’t panic. Panicking will only make you feel more overwhelmed and make it much harder to write. Take a few deep breaths and realize that this is not the end of the world. You have plenty of time.

Second, try to observe things objectively. Too often, we get caught up in our emotions and blow situations out of proportion. This makes it hard to identify ways to get out of the situation. If you’re able to stay objective, you’re much more likely to move forward to obtain your goal.

Third, think of other times you’ve beaten the odds. More than anything, this is a confidence boost. Such boosts are necessary to stave off any remaining sense of doubt or worry. If it helps to write these times down, then by all means, write them. Do whatever is necessary to convince yourself that this is possible. It absolutely is—as long as you believe it.

If you need to go through these steps a few times before feeling like you have control, that’s perfectly fine. Repeat as many times as necessary until you think that you have things straightened out.

Now that you have the right mindset to approach catching up on your goals, let’s discuss time management.

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Thanks to the lovely and talented @paunchsalazar for being nice enough to let me use her artwork!

It’s DickKory Week 2016 Part 2! It’s a great time for all DickKory fans on tumblr to come together and participate in a week for two of our favorite characters and one of our favorite pairings. Fanart, fanmixes, fics/ficlets, edits, and anything else creative you can think of are welcome! 

The dates and prompts for this year are:

  • Sunday, August 21st: Firsts
  • Monday, August 22nd: Date Night
  • Tuesday, August 23rd: Meet the Family/ies
  • Wednesday, August 24th: Non-Superhero AU (go wild!!)
  • Thursday, August 25th: Family
  • Friday, August 26th: Sunshine
  • Saturday, August 27th: Future

Reblog this to get the word out and remember to mark your calendars for DickKory Week!

okay on the real here are my college tips ask me if you have questions:

  1. don’t take classes at before 9 am minimum
  2. seriously don’t i’m not fucking around
  3. explore the library and find a quiet hidey hole that is usually abandoned. don’t tell anyone about it. 
  4. find out where on campus is open 24 hours
  5. print out your syllabi for all your classes. get a calendar and mark all due dates and exams. 
  6. make at least one friend in each class or at least swap numbers with someone so you can get assignments and notes if you miss
  7. most colleges offer free athletic facilities and sometimes classes. learn about them. physical activity sucks but keeping healthy is priority
  9. take naps
  10. don’t buy your books from the school bookstore. you might not even have to buy books at all. go to the first few classes before deciding and then if you need them find pdfs online or buy/rent used books from places like amazon 
  11. meet with your advisor and professor if you have questions. it is literally their job to answer you. 
  12. try not to eat too late at night, it’s not super good for you. try and eat vegetables if you can. some colleges do things like farmers markets on certain weekdays or buses to grocery stores and markets. buy fresh and learn to cook a lil bit
  13. don’t put other people’s stuff in the dryer for them—this seems like the polite thing to do but ESPECIALLY girl’s clothes are sensitive to being put in the dryer and it could damage them!! 
  14. pick weird times to do your laundry. saturday and sunday mornings are good bets.
  15. never go to parties alone
  16. drink/smoke/trip with people you TRUST. know what you’re doing and how much.
  17. have a meeting place if you get separated
  18. charge your phone before you go out
  19. all those date rape prevention techniques you learned about not putting your drink down and not drinking from the punch bowl–those are true. 
  20. buy hilighters. so many hilighters. 
  21. all you naturally smart kids who are used to being good at school: it’s okay to not do well on things. it’s okay to get C’s and it’s okay to fail. you’re not a failure. this is harder and you have to change your habits to continue doing well. it’s okay. this is normal. you are still smart. you are not worthless.
  22. don’t be stupid about drinking in dorms. your ra doesn’t want to go through the effort of writing you up so don’t give them a reason to. hide your shit in room inspections and don’t be rowdy and obvious. 
  23. your college will have LOADS of clubs and events always happening. discount tickets to local events, busing, free movie screenings, etc. join stuff. go to things. take advantage of the free food. 
  26. know all the requirements for your major and know when those classes are offered. get your gen eds out of the way and don’t make them hard. if you have an art requirement and you’re not good at art, don’t take a painting class or a drawing class or a pottery class or any of that. take like. art history. or history of rock music or something. don’t make things harder for yourself. 
  27. don’t be nervous or scared about making friends. everyone is new. everyone is in the same boat. literally hang out in the lounges and knock on people’s doors and invite them to do stuff even if the stuff is just doing homework or playing cards. 

Imagine: Chibs gets out of prison

“Release” it says on your calendar on today’s date, written in red and circled three times. It’s been nearly a year since Chibs and the other guys from the club went to jail for a short spell. You wanted to visit - wanted to see his face, hear his voice - but before the police showed up to take him away Chibs asked you not to come to the jail.

“I don’t want you to see me like that.” Chibs had explained.

You didn’t really understand, but you had honoured his request, difficult though it had been to stay away.

“It’s been a long old year.” Gemma takes a drag from her cigarette. You’re sitting together outside the garage, squinting into the sunlight and waiting for the guys to come home.

“Yeah. It’s been rough.” You answer.

It has been rough. You missed Chibs, but not just that. You had to take care of the mortgage of the house you share with Chibs on one salary. Bills, insurance, food and gas add up and at the end of the month you’d start getting nervous every time the postman pulls up to the house, worried he’ll drop off an unexpected bill. But you had done it and you were proud.

It’s been a lot of hard work, extra shifts and penny pinching, but it was all worth it knowing you’d get to go home tonight with your man.

“I’m proud of you.” Gemma says. For a moment you think she might be able to read minds and had followed your train of thought.

“What do you mean?” You ask.

“This was the first time your man went away. Lots of girls fall apart or take off. You did good.” Gemma explains.

This is the first real heart to heart you and Gemma had. When you and Chibs met everything happened really fast and you had only been together for a few months when he had to go to prison.

“Thanks.” You say and smile at Gemma.

Just then your conversation is interrupted by the roar of engines. The guys pull into the parking lot and you go to Chibs. The stretch in jail has left traces, a few more lines and grey hairs, but when he takes you into his arms to kiss you, he’s the same Chibs you’d missed all these months.

Like if you want to read part 2. Thanks 💕

The college difficulty (Prompt #25)

Requested by anonymous:  25 with Scott :)

#25: Please…just stay.

„Did you see that?“, you ask Scott eagerly, taking another look at the flyer on his desk. You are supposed to study but after one hour of AP Biology horror you decided to take a break. Now he enters the room with two glasses of Coke and looks up in surprise while you wave the flyer in front of his face.

“The senior camping?”, he retorts, placing the glasses in front of you.


“I am not really a camping guy”, he responds.

“Seriously? You are a werewolf and you don’t like camping in the woods?”

He shrugs apologetically and presses a soft kiss on your forehead. “Not really. Why, do you wanna go?”

“Why not? Senior year is over soon and this could be one of our last things we do together…as a pack. Come on, Scott, this will be fun!”

You beam at him and he always gets weak when you do that. He sighs and sits down on his bed while he shakes his head in disbelief but he is still smiling. “Why can I never say no to you?”

“Because you love me”, you simply state before you get up. “I’ll mark the date in your calendar!”

“Wha…wait!”, Scott calls out, but you are already there, grapping a pen from his cupboard and looking for the right column. He jumps up and runs over to you but you already saw it. And you freeze.

“What does that mean “UC Davis””, you ask him slowly, side-eyeing him suspiciously. You heart begins to race in expectant fear.

Scott is obviously struggling with the answer. He opens his mouth several times but no word comes out. It looks ridiculous but it doesn’t make you laugh, it makes you angry.

“Did you get into UC Davis without telling me, Scott?”, you ask him incredulously.

He literally shrinks under your deathly glare.

“Look, Y/N, I…I didn’t really get into it…”, he stutters finally, giving you his puppy eyes. “They just…invited me to take a look at the campus and for a conversation…”

Your mouth drops open. “That’s in three days, Scott, when were you gonna tell me?”

He shifts back and forth on his feet uncomfortably, frowning. “Don’t know…soon…I thought it was not a big deal…”

“Not a big deal?”, you repeat in a hiss. All the fears that have built up in you for the last few weeks suddenly break free. Him, going to UC Davis. Leaving you for college. And now this scenario became reality and he didn’t even bother to talk to you about it. “How can you say this is not a big deal? This will change everything! You will go away and find a new girl on campus and we will only see each other in the holidays and…and…you know what, I can’t take. Maybe I should just go right away.”

You are really upset now, near to tears, actually. You grab your back and just run out of the room to the staircase. Scott’s not keen on letting you go, though, he follows you immediately.

“No, Y/N, please! Wait!”, he yells after you. Unfortunately he is a lot faster than you are and he catches you before you even reach the first step. He holds your arm softly, leaving you the possibility to pull away but suddenly you have no strength anymore to do so. You never had the strength to resist him. You press your lips together and let him turn you around to face him.

Please…just stay”, he begs you. “I am as scared as you are about this, but we are gonna make it. We always make it, remember? I love you. Not any girl at any campus will change that.”

You sigh and let him hug you. He places a finger under your chin and lifts it carefully until you are eye to eye.

“How about you come with me in three days? We’ll do it together”, he suggests gently.

You can’t hold back a little smile. It’s sad, but it’s there. “Alright. I will show all of them that you are mine. Oh, and I love you too, by the way.”

His face lights up, like always when he’s smiling, and he pulls you nearer to kiss you.

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Fairy Princess, Wicked Witch (a freezerburn fic)

Summary: During a strange argument, Yang accidentally asks Weiss out on a date. Weiss intentionally accepts. Fluff ensues.
Word Count: 5615

A commision for Opalord. Thank you! 

The door opened to a familiar sight: Ruby and Weiss laughing together over some private conversation, the both of them resting on Weiss’ bunk with Ruby’s head on her lap. This wouldn't have been so strange to Yang if it didn't immediately cut short as soon as they both spotted her. That part was out of the ordinary, triggering the feeling that they might have been talking about her. Sucking her lower lip between her teeth, Ruby’s eyes darted away as she held her breath, visibly shaking with restrained laughter.

They had definitely been talking about her.

“Hey now,” Yang said, pulling off her blazer and tossing it over the nearest desk. “You two want to clue me in on what’s so funny?”

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Olicity: Like Mother, Like Son

Felicity teaches Tommy how to hack into a government network—superfirefox99

Originally posted by tanyak312

“Mom, should we be doing this?”

“It’s basic coding, hon, it’s fine.”

“…it isn’t though, is it?”

“If your father asks, it’s basic coding.”

“Dad’s not going to be happy, is he?”

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Pepper made the new 2017 Dogist Calendar! Check out who else made it by getting your copy today at It’s sure to put a smile on your face too 😊


Here are some outtakes from Anne’s 2015 pet adoption calendar. There are also a few pictures of pets who didn’t want to pose for the camera.

This week, we see Tricia Helfer, James Gunn, Gates McFadden, and Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting.

Find out how you can get your own calendar at

All photographs by Pixie Spindel (
Music by Emma Wallace (
All content is copyright by the original artists, and used with permission, or under license.

On (male) comic book fans calling a bad picture on of my Old Loki fat:

I know I have skill and I know I have the character down but I’ll never let that get to my head, everything can always be improved but I’m allowed to be proud and I will be. You can call a gorgeous costume I’ve commissioned ugly out of jealousy (like how people bashed rattle-and-burn’s gorgeous work on my AOA), you can tell me my leatherwork is shitty, you can call me fat, but you’re not going to bring me down as you project your insecurities onto me because I actually put on my adult pants this morning. And those I commission from won’t be bothered because time has told they’re good.

Come at me, bro, I’ll run circles around you before you can even figure out how to walk as far as I’ve come. You try to insult me in my favorite cosplay? You try to take power from me by insulting me? You’re getting a 12 month middle finger to the fucking face.

(Those of you who have funded the kickstarter, you’re getting your money back and I’m figuring out this new calendar instead)

And that’s the one time for a long time I’ll be rudely proud about my achievements, apologies.