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Beauty and the Beast AU (1)

Summary: Y/N has always been in love with fairy-tales. They give her an escape from the dark and blood world she lives in. With the new Beauty and the Beast movie coming out soon she’s excited as could be. Her boyfriend Dean however has a few issues with it. 

Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, OFC, Reader

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Warnings: Language, heavy making out, fondling, almost smut, angst, a lot of fighting

Word Count: 5,433 (I’m not even sorry)

A/N: This is my fist part to my Beauty and the Beast AU. Hug thank you to @love-kittykat21 for beta reading and helping me with this! Feedback is always welcomed and I hope you enjoy it as much as I am!

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“Hey,” a large hand gripped your shoulder, shaking you gently, “Y/N wake up.” Grimacing, you pulled yourself away from Dean’s body looking up at Sam. He had a big smile on his face,  the alarm clock illuminating his face. Looking at the harsh, glaring, green numbers you groaned. It was barely six in the morning and Sam was ready to get going. “Get up, I wanna tell you something.” His voice was soft and timid, attempting not to wake his brother up.

“Okay, just give me a second.” You whispered back to him, getting up as slowly as you could, Dean simply turned away, pulling the crisp white sheets along with him.

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Newlyweds with the RFA

A/N: right so I’m an idiot bc i accidentally deleted the ask but this was requested by anonymous so here’s some cutesy fluff hope you like it lolol


  • You wake up before he does
  • He looks so peaceful sleeping next to you
  • lololol of course he’s drooling a bit but that’s ok it’s cute
  • His limbs are draped over you like a freaking koala bear but you don’t wanna move and wake your new husband so you settle with a smol kiss on the tiny bean’s nose
  • He does that super cute thing where he crinkles his nose a lil and you giggle
  • Yoosung opens his eyes slowly and when his eyes come into focus he just sees you lying next to him with the prettiest smile on your face
  • He begins to remember the wedding the night before and now he gets to wake up to you every morning and
  • He’s just so in love
  • He doesn’t need to say anything but there’s this big goofy grin on his face before he kisses you and holds you even closer
  • You’re both just so happy and in love and neither of you can’t wait to start the rest of your lives together

  • He wakes up first after an *ahem* eventful wedding night wink wonk
  • As he brushes a strand of hair away from your face, he can’t help but just admire your beauty
  • He’s convinced you’re the eighth wonder of the world
  • “How did I get so lucky?”
  • You stir a little bit and slowly begin to wake up to see your new husband
  • Zen places a soft kiss on your forehead as he mumbles a “good morning, princess”
  • god kill me if I ever hear his morning voice UGH
  • You wrap your arms around him and snuggle closer
  • When you lay your head on his chest you can hear his heartbeat and it’s just so soothing and you nearly fall back asleep
  • Zen notices and lets out a small laugh you know the really deep sexy laugh and ah fuck
  • But his eyes are getting droopy again and he ends up falling asleep with you curled up to him and a small smile on his face

  • When she wakes up the morning after the wedding, she reaches over to your side of the bed
  • But for some reason, you weren’t there
  • Now she’s awake and wondering where the heck you are
  • But then she starts to smell something
  • She sees you in the kitchen with a mug in each hand and gahhhh
  • Her heart is fluttering like crazy and she’s got the cutest smile on her face
  • And you’re smiling too because omg look at baehee my wife with her bedhead and cute pajamas and akdhakhdks
  • You hand her a mug of her favorite coffee and a kiss on her cheek
  • Jaehee is just so overwhelmed with love and happiness and she just blurts out “I love you so much, MC”
  • lol you better considering you’re MARRIED smh what a dork protect her
  • You just smile and tell her you love her too

  • You wake up to the smell of pancakes the morning after your wedding
  • At first, you’re really disoriented because you aren’t at the penthouse and forgot you and Jumin immediately went on the honeymoon once the wedding ended
  • But once you get your bearings, you head over to the kitchen to see Jumin making your favorite strawberry pancakes
  • You wrap your arms around him and lay your head against his back
  • You can’t see but he’s smiling like a dork
  • “Good morning, my love. I hope you slept well.”
  • Jumin turns around to place a kiss on your lips as you hum contently
  • You both stay like that for a moment before you decide to help him make breakfast
  • The entire time you two are stealing glances at each other and pecking each other on the lips as you cook omg how cute
  • He’s just looking forward to a morning like this with you every day now

  • Okay so just like Jaehee he wakes up and sees that you aren’t in bed next to him
  • Poor baby goes into PANIC MODE
  • Seven starts to wander around the house looking for you
  • “MC, where are you?”
  • “What if she’s hurt?”
  • baby calm down she literally went to the bathroom to go pee lol
  • He practically engulfs you in a big bear hug and is going on about how scared he was
  • You’re just standing there like “omg you’re so dramatic jesus christ”
  • It’s okay you love the child man anyway
  • You just go along with it and give him reassuring kisses and snuggles
  • He literally bridal-style carries you back to bed to cuddle even more
  • Seven is just super happy to finally call you his wife!!!!
Drown Your Sorrows (Newt Scamander x Reader)

• prompt: reader gets jealous of tina and newts (friendship) and goes off and gets drunk
• word count: y do i even write this i never look it up
• warnings: drinking/alcohol & jealousy
(sorry for the lack of gif, tumblr is being heckin annoying atm)

• Drown Your Sorrows•

Y/N walks into the living room (of her shared apartment with the Goldstein sisters) balancing an impressing pile of various volumes on magical creatures she had spent hours showering through the archives- for Newt.
“Newt I-” Her face falls as she spots Newt and Porpentia curled up in front of the fireplace, going through his field journals. “Newt?” She asks softly, her voice cracking slightly as the two don’t take any notice of her presence, Newt speaking animatedly about his favorite creatures.
She ducks her head, leaving the towering pile of books on the smooth oak coffee table behind the two, holding her arms and turning to walk quickly out of the room.
Newt laughs, an occurrence that doesn’t usually happen, and Y/N freezes, holding her elbows, her back turned to the two, staring at the floor as a pang of burning emptiness shoots through her chest.
She quietly exits the room, sliding the door shut silently behind her, and just about walks into Queenie, who is preparing dinner in the kitchen.
The blonde takes one look at Y/N and her face softens, “Sweetie-”
“Please don’t read my mind-” Y/N mutters, staring at the floor, “Please!” She glares up at her friend and walks briskly to her room.

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Orange Skies and Blue Eyes

I haven’t posted in like forever but since it’s Christmas, I’ve decided to finish all my requests and will open requests again when I’m done doing so. 

Also Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them was awesome 💚 I loved it and cried so much when I watched it. 

Can you do a one shot where Draco places his head in your lap? Kinda like when he did that with pansy but you know, cuter -Anonymous

“Leave me alone, Parkinson” Draco sighed, quickening his pace to get away from the dark haired girl. She had been acting extremely clingy today and seeing as Draco was already having such a stressful day, he couldn’t handle the way the pug faced slytherin’s obsession with him was an all-time high at the moment. Pansy was like an animal during mating season every once a month. There are times when her love for him was at a minimal and there are times (like now) where her hormones blast like fireworks waiting to burst.

“But Drakey….” Pansy whined, trying to make her face puppy dog like but ended up making Draco visibly disgusted “You promised to help me with Potions! We can watch the sunset too once we’re finished” Her hands had created a death grip on his bicep, disabling the boy from getting away. Draco mentally cursed at how he couldn’t just push her away. He was a Malfoy, he still had a reputation to keep.

“I don’t recall that” He squinted at her. The day couldn’t have gone worse for him. He had gotten detention from McGonagall because of his little banter with the Golden Trio during their Divination class and the fact that he had a tiring quidditch practice this morning. He looked up and prayed to any god there was up there to help him.

And just like that.

“Draco!” He turned his head to find his favorite pair of (E/C) eyes and (H/C) hair. You stood behind the awkward duo, holding back a laugh. You and Draco had been best friends since you were children. You fathers worked together in the ministry and were delighted you were both sorted in the same house.

“(Y/N)” He breathed, happily. Relief flowed through him as he stared at the smiling girl in front of him. You tried your best to hold back your laughter due to his obvious discomfort. Parkinson on the other hand looked at you with uttermost hatred. During the sorting in your first year, you were nervous as to where the hat would place you. Draco knew of your uneasiness and held your hand the whole time until your name was called. From then on, she swore to make your life at Hogwarts hell. That plan never went accordingly since you never visibly shown you were affected.

“I’ve been looking for you all over the damn place” You smiled, sweetly as Pansy scoffed not caring if Draco heard her. Your smile disappeared, feigning a hurt expression. “Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten…” The blonde gave you a baffled look.

“It’s Sit under a tree with your Best Friend Day!” You hollered, raising your arms for extra emphasis.

“That’s not a thing” Parkinson exclaimed, exasperated.

Draco slowly understood what you were trying to do and decided to play along.

“Oh yes. Of course I haven’t, love.” He grinned, scratching the nape of his neck. He looked down at the clinging girl next to him before he spoke “Sorry, Parkinson. It seems my schedule’s booked. Maybe on the 30th of February?” Pansy smiled, squealing in joy as she hugged Draco one last time. “You promise?” She batted her eyelashes making you gag.

“Yeah, I promise” Draco said, sliding his hand from her grip and wrapping an arm around you. You giggled realizing how dim witted Parkinson was. Well, they say love makes you blind but you didn’t recall that it also disintegrated your intelligence.  Pansy stuck her tongue out at you as if to say ‘I won’. You shook your head and giggled under your breath.


You made many happy memories in Hogwarts with Draco. Your first casting of a patronus, first duel and even your first skinny dip –that’s a story for another time. You’ve done everything together well except snog of course. Friends don’t do that. You sat down on your favorite tree to sit on. It had the perfect view of the castle and had the perfect shade to protect you from the sun’s rays. Draco sat next to you, sighing contently as he lent his head back against the tree. You looked at him with concern as he noticed how tired he looked. You knew he wouldn’t admit it but he does get tired of acting this way from time to time. It wasn’t easy having his kind of title; The Slytherin Prince.

“You should rest, Draco…” You insisted, gently nudging his shoulder with yours. He opened his eyes to look at you, his signature smirk evident as he noticed the concern in them. “You could my lap as a pillow” You suggested, smirking as well “It’ll calm you”

“I’m not a child (Y/N)” He scoffed, noticing your teasing manner.

“I never noticed” You whispered, giggling after “Please?”

He could never resist you. No matter how hard he tried, he just couldn’t. You had a way of controlling the him that had no need for dominance or violence; physical or verbal. He’s always seen you as more than a friend and if you were someone else, he would have asked you to be his from the start but you were you. He was afraid of you. Afraid of what you truly feel and how much it would affect him. The girl with (H/C) hair and (E/C) eyes. There are numerous girls with these colors but only you can bring out true beauty. God, he hated himself for sounding like a girl.

He shuffled rather messily to get into the right position. You couldn’t help but laugh at the way he looked so happy to be able to rest his head on your lap. He enjoyed it, especially at the way you caress his blonde locks between your fingers.  You knew again that this was something he wouldn’t admit to anyone –well except you.

“I told you it’ll calm you….Drakey…” You teased, looking down at him to see he was cringing at the name. You laughed, continuing your hand movements on his hair. “Don’t ever call me that” He groaned, placing an arm over his eyes.

“You should tell her the way you feel, Draco. Who knows what she’ll do next” You spoke in a joking manner but he knew it was laced with concern. He knew of what Parkinson tries to do to you when he wasn’t around but you’ve assured him countess of times that you payed no attention to the pug-face herself.

“You think she’ll try to get me to marry her?” He joked, trying to make you smile again. It mildly worked as he saw you had given him a half-smile. You looked up at the sky above you as it started to turn yellow-orange. The sunset in Hogwarts was always so beautiful to look at. The blonde removed his arm to stare at you. As cliché as it sounds, he thought you were more beautiful than the sun, moon and stars.

“(Y/N)” You tore your gaze away from the sky to see a better view of blue. His eyes were an ocean that you drowned in countless of times. He sat up, surprising you as he held the back of your neck with his hand. Your heart was beating rapidly unsure if he was going to do what you thought he was. He leaned in, capturing your lips in his. For once in his life, he actually felt something when he kissed a girl.

“You’re more radiant than whatever the sunset could bring” He said once he pulled away. You returned to your original position; His head on our lap whilst you relaxed against the tree, fingers wrapped around his soft blonde hair.

“Rest, Draco, my love. I’ll see you in a bit”

Professor [R.L.]

Character: Remus Lupin
Word Count: 1138
Requested?: Yes/No
Summary: Y/n has a crush on her Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher, who has to decide whether or not to act on his own feelings towards her…
Disclaimer: Gif isn’t mine, credit to whoever made it

+ + + + +

The N.E.W.T.s were just around the corner, and the pressure was at an all-time high to do the best you could. Each and every one of your teachers had piled on the homework, forcing you to have to stay up late and/or wake up early to complete it before class.

You were stressed, there was no doubt about it, but you couldn’t help it. Here, sat alone in the library after hours, you were studying Defence Against the Dark Arts for the exam in literally two days.

If the wrong person caught you here, there would be no doubt you’d get detention. However, you couldn’t bring yourself to care about that right now - all you needed was to get all the information from the textbook into your head by Friday.

In the silence of the room, you were sure you’d hear the door opening and closing, or the footsteps of anyone walking inside. However, you didn’t even realise someone was beside your table until they spoke out.

“Miss L/n, are you okay?”

Your head snapped up quickly, your heart jolting at the sudden shock. When your eyes landed on your DADA professor, your felt your heart beating faster, “Professor Lupin! I’m sorry, I-I know I’m not supposed to be here right now. I’m just studying for the exam on Friday.”

The young professor nodded, taking a seat beside you, “You shouldn’t be working yourself so hard you know. You’re a bright student, you’ll do well in all your N.E.W.T.s.”

Student. Of course you were just a student to him, even if you wanted so much more. Ever since the young professor had joined the school, you couldn’t help but form a crush on him, and over the months you’d been in his class, that crush had only grown.

He knew. He knew from the first day that you had a crush on him, although you had no idea he did. He also had been harbouring feelings for you too, however pushed them away as it could never happen - a professor and a student? He’d be in huge trouble.

Shaking his head of these thoughts, Remus glanced over your shoulder, “What subject are you having the most trouble with?”

“Defence Against the Dark Arts,” you replied. But it was only because you were always distracted in that lesson.

“If you need extra help, I could give you private tutoring?” Remus heard the words come out of his mouth before he could stop them. He’d done so well throughout the year, keeping his distance from you. Why now?

You could feel a blush forming on your face, and you thanked the heavens that the library was quite dark, or you’d be even more embarrassed right now. “A-Are you sure? That would be amazing, thank you!”

Remus nodded, “Uh, my pleasure. Meet me at my office tomorrow at 5. Now, go and get some sleep, you look like you haven’t slept in days.”

You grabbed your textbooks and smiled thankfully at your professor. Hiding a yawn, you replied, “I will. Thank you again Professor Lupin.”

“Anytime, Miss L/n,” you heard him say just as you left the library.

Remus sat with his head in his hands. What had he done? He couldn’t get close to you now, after all this time of pulling away… could he?


You found yourself becoming more nervous as 5pm grew close. It was hard enough being in a classroom full of students with Professor Lupin all year without accidentally staring too long or admitting something out loud; being alone with him again would be even worse.

The wooden door opened as you knocked carefully, and you had to try and control your heartbeat as the professor once again came into view.

“Ah, Miss L/n. Come on in,” Remus said as he led you into the room. You sat down at the desk and brought out your textbook, placing it down in front of you. Remus sat on the opposite side of the table, and you had to force your cheeks not to turn red, knowing he’d notice right away. You hated the way just his mere presence affected you so much.

“What do you seem to be having trouble with?” Remus asked you. “A few different topics. Mainly the one about werewolves.”

How ironic, Remus thought as he nodded at you. “Then we’ll start with that.”

It was an hour and a half later when you finally got through everything you had been having trouble with previously.

“I think I understand more now, thank you professor,” you spoke as you closed your textbook.

“You don’t have to call me ‘professor’ anymore, Y/n,” Remus told you. The way he said your name sent shivers up your spine.

“After tomorrow, I’m no longer going to be your professor. Call me Remus,” he said with a small smile.

“Remus,” you had to try and clam your heartbeat down again, “Okay well then, thank you Remus, I’ll try to make you proud tomorrow.”

You stood up, starting to head to the door when you heard him call you back. “Y/n wait!”

“Hmm?” You turned back around to look back at the professor. He appeared conflicted as he hesitantly stepped towards you, and when he stopped in front of you, he was so close you could have sworn you could hear his heartbeat.

The close proximity made you blush for the umpteenth time in a couple of hours, but before you could say anything, Remus’ hands were holding your waist, and his lips were on yours

It was strange, kissing him, but you loved it all the same. Finally you had gotten the one thing you’d wanted since the moment you stepped into his classroom back in September. Him.

As he pulled away, he couldn’t bring himself to look into your eyes however his hand was still wrapped around yours, fingers intertwined

“Whatever grade you get, whether it’s a Dreadful or an Outstanding, you’ll still have made me proud, Y/n,” he whispered softly. Your gaze was focused on your hands, a smile playing at your lips.

You placed a kiss on his cheek as you slowly pulled your hand away from his. “I’ll see you after the exam,” you said biting your lip slightly.

Remus nods, and you began walking out of the room again. He sighed to himself, but there was a smile on his face.

When he took the teaching position, he never expected to have a student quite as beautiful, as extraordinary as you were. But even so, he was thankful that you had stepped foot into his life. Because now he wasn’t your professor any more, he wasn’t going to let you leave so easily.

He loved you, he realised, and he wasn’t ready to let you go just yet.

Shy Boy

Anon: Got7’s Mark smut but with him being shy so “reader” take the lead and in the end he is not as shy as he looks something like that pleaseeee.

Author: Admin M

Character(s): Mark (Got7)/Reader

Word Count: 718

Summary: Mark becomes nervous when I walk out in his present.

“Oh absolutely.” He smiles and kisses me again. “But let’s not tell my brothers.” He smiles and we both laugh.

I chuckle as I look at him. He rubs the back of his neck. I was up to him slowly.

“Oppa?” He looked up at me. “Do you not like it?” I look down at my red lingerie nervously.

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equals || peter pevensie

summary: the reader wants to duel miraz instead of having peter do it. basically peter and the reader arguing at first, and then they make up in the end. also, this is rly shitty. just a head’s up.
pairing: reader x peter pevensie
word count: 2.5k
notes: violence, girl power, also i didn’t edit this cause i’m a lazy fuck and i’m tagging @alwaysinnarnia bc she wanted to see some peter x reader :)

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“You’re not fighting, (Y/N).”

“Wait, what?” you looked at Peter, bewildered and disappointed, as you shot up from your seat on his bed. “Why not?!”

“It’s too dangerous.” Peter, feeling guilty, kept his stern voice from wavering and tried his very best not to look into your eyes; the eyes that he found to be so enticingly beautiful, yet made him break every single time he saw them.

“You know that I’m better than you at wielding a sword, Peter. In fact, I’m probably better than Ed and Caspian too.” you scoffed as you walked up to your boyfriend and examined his face. You knew that Peter was very, very stubborn, but you have always despised the fact that men go to war and women don’t. You were just as head-strong as Peter, and that’s what made him so attracted to you.

“Yes, but that’s not the point, I just don’t want you fighting. Especially against Miraz.” Peter broke and finally looked into your eyes.

You let out a frustrated sigh. “I get that Peter, but why?” He remained silent as he stared past your shoulder off into the distance, pursing his lips. You rolled your eyes out of anger, as you thought of a reason why he wouldn’t let you duel Miraz. “It’s because I’m a girl isn’t it?!”

“What? No! It’s just that -” Peter furrowed his brows, confused as to why you were behaving like this.

“You’re crazy stupid if you think that I can’t fight like you and the rest of the men! Just because I’m a girl doesn’t mean I fight any worse than the whole lot of you. I just hate that men are always the ones that go out to war and that women stay at home in the kitchen their entire lives. I just- why can’t we all be treated like equals?” your voice died down to a whisper as Peter pulled you into a hug.

“It’s not that at all, (Y/N). I know this is going to sound really selfish, but I don’t want you getting hurt. Seeing you hurt just really makes me upset. And I love you, a whole lot more than you think.” He pulled away, placing a sweet kiss on your forehead in the process.

You smiled half-heartedly at him, your fiery desire to duel Miraz still burning deep within you. “And you don’t think I’d feel the same way, Peter? I can’t ever bear to see you in pain. I -”

“Please, just let me take care of this? I need to do this, I’m the High King. The Narnians rightfully  deserve their kingdom back, and I can give it to them. Please, (Y/N)?” He rubbed his nose affectionately with yours as you tried to think of a counter argument, but your mind was blank.

Pulling away from his hold, you rolled your eyes. “You, you are absolutely unbelievable, you know that?!” you angrily walked out from his room, not turning back as Peter kept calling your name, tears threatening to spill.

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Don't lie just kiss me - jughead jones

Jughead x reader requested by @marisophie 

 Your POV - I was sitting in my bedroom writing down some notes for my history test when my phone buzzed beside me.

 Juggie: mind if I swing by and hang out at your place for a little while? I read the text and smile thinking about my best friend of years.

 Me: yeah sure I’ll just tidy the place up a little bit 

 Juggie: I’ll bring over some food from prepared;)

 My heart melted slightly at the thought. I sometimes get a little inkling that he likes me, but whenever B or V bring up the fact we would be cute together he gets all defensive and grouchy just thinking about it. Soon enough the doorbell goes and I waltz down the stairs to answer the door.

 “Hey jugs” I smile embracing him in my arms as he walks through the door. “Hey sweet cheeks how ya doing” he replies cheekily out of character. He holds up the paper bag containing the food from pops and nods his head towards the stairs “I’m better now you’re here with food” I tease back.

 We walk up the stairs to my bedroom and both slump down onto the double bed. He takes a look at the history book laying open on the bed and throws it down onto the beanbag sitting in the corner of the room. “You won’t be needing that now” he smiles and we eat our food and chill out. 


 Next day

 The whole gang were sitting together in the school yard before going to our next lessons. Archie played us a snippet of his new song he’d been working on. “Honestly Archie that’s incredible” Betty puts in, “yeah you’re super talented” Ronnie also ads. “Yeah yeah he’s perfect we get it you can put your tongues back in your mouths now” jughead sarcastically implies with a smug look on his face.

 “I liked it, you have a really beautiful voice” I said looking archie in the eye. Jughead scoffed and looked away but no one really took any notice apart from me of course. “When are you two gonna start dating, I mean look at you you’re practically a couple already, look at you sat in his lap all cosy and cuddled up” Veronica says looking at me and jughead whose arms were around my waist, head resting on my shoulder as I sat in his lap.

 “Just because we’re sitting like this doesn’t mean we have to be in a relationship, god what is your obsession with me dating y/n it’s not gonna happen, why would it, I don’t like her that way and she doesn’t like me..” jughead moans raising his voice. His slightly aggressive words hurt me a little and I admit I felt rather disheartened. “I just don’t get why you’re all trying to push us two together, what’s the point when you know it’s never gonna happen, I don’t want it” he carries on I just shake my head standing up and pulling away from him. I wrap my arms around myself and slowly walk away from the table.

 The others sat there in silence but I could faintly hear Betty say “you didn’t have to say it like that jug” with a sigh. I heard jughead running behind me calling my name, I just look round to him and shake my head. I feel like a fool. I thought he liked me too. He runs up to me and pulls my wrist so I’m facing him, a single tear strolls down my face as I look up into his eyes. I take him in. Every feature from his beautiful wavy raven hair hidden under his beanie, to his light eyes.

 He was perfect. But he didn’t see me that way. “Y/n I’m sorry that all came out wrong I was in the heat of the moment and was pissed at everyone nagging, I didn’t mean it” “What part didn’t mean, the bit where I’m so repulsive you couldn’t even fathom being with me?” I cry back to him letting it all out. “No-it just- it came out wrong, I like you” “Evidently you don’t” I retort back angrily. “What am I supposed to do?” He quizzes disheveled, fiddling with his hands. 

“Don’t lie, just kiss me” I reply with no emotion what so ever. Almost immediately a pair of plump lips are upon mine. One of his hands was holding my jaw in place while the other slid down my back round my waist where he gripped me tighter pulling me into him. Sighing into the kiss I place my hands at the nape of his back playing with the small curls peaking out the bottom of his beaning, my fingers becoming entangled with his locks. He moves his mouth against me slowly and I felt everything, all the passion and anger he was releasing into the kiss.

 He pulls away slowly and pecks me on the nose quickly before smiling at me, our foreheads touch and we gaze at each other for what felt like a lifetime. “Do you believe I like you know?”

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anonymous asked:

The Chocobros' S/O has gone down with the flu on their journey. They're not doing that great, and the only thing that really brings them comfort is having their Bro at their side. They feel awful, though, worrying that they'll get them sick.

A lil drabble to tide you over. Prompto x gender neutral Reader :)

“You’re burning up,” Prompto frowned, placing the back of his hand on your forehead. You were lying down in the tent at camp, your body half out of your sleeping bag with your head in your boyfriend’s lap.

“M’dying,” you wheezed, feeling a layer of cold sweat settle over your body. “End me. Take that pillow and put it over my face.”

“Don’t say that!” Prompto scolded. He knew you were joking, but he’d never seen you in such bad shape before. “Let me go get Ignis. He’ll know what to do.”

Prompto made to get up, but you whined and tugged him back down as soon as your head left his lap. He almost fell backwards, but steadied himself and gently caressed your cheek.

“Babe, I have to go get Iggy. You’ll be alright, I’ll just be a few minutes.”

You closed your eyes and finally gave a curt nod, snuggling back up into your sleeping bag as a wave of vertigo overcame you. Prompto exited the tent and sighed loudly, rubbing his eyes with the heels of his palms.

“How’re they doing?” Gladio asked from his seat by the fire. “Still tossing and turning?”

“They’re awake, but they’ve got a pretty high fever,” Prompto answered, biting at the skin on his thumb nervously. “Specs, do you have anything that can help?”

Ignis took a moment to shuffle through their supply of curatives. “Hmm. I don’t know what might help break their fever, but perhaps a potion would help. It couldn’t hurt.” He handed Prompto the glass vial and he scurried back into the tent.

When he saw you, his heart broke. You were rolled onto your side, shivering so much that you were starting to cry. He rushed to your side.

“Babe, hey,” he gently scooped you up back onto his lap. “Ignis gave me this. You should take it, it might help.” Prompto helped tilt your head up so that you could allow for the glowing liquid to pass through your lips and into your system.

As the potion started to take effect, your shivering receded to a minimum, though your face was still flushed. Prompto put the empty vial aside and smoothed your hair away from your sweat-laden face.

“Sorry I’m so ugly,” you joked, your eyes fluttering closed.

Prompto laughed a little, but it didn’t sound genuine. “You’re not ugly,” he reprimanded. “You’re beautiful. The most beautiful person I’ve ever known.”

“Even when I’m a disgusting, sick mess?”

“Even more so,” he grinned. “The redness in your cheek really brings out your eyes.”

You chuckled and leaned into his hand. “Stay with me?”

Prompto nodded and came to lie down beside you. He wrapped his arms around your body, still stuffed in the sleeping bag, and held you close to his chest, facing him. You started relaxing in his grip, but then suddenly you jolted.

“Wait! I don’t want to get you sick. What am I doing? You should be like, ten feet away from me at all times—”

Prompto cut off your rambling with a kiss to the cheek. “Hey,” he kissed your shoulder, then lifted your hand to press a kiss to it as well. “I’m not going anywhere. Don’t worry about me, okay? Just rest.”

You pouted and he booped your nose before settling back in. You eventually fell asleep in his arms, and he prayed to the Six that your fever would break in the night.


Requests: “Hi! How are you? I was wondering if your requests are open, if you could please write a fluff klaus x reader one shot where he finds her asleep in his bath and everything is all peaceful and he is grateful to have her.You can add any detail such as tucking her in bed, cuddling or whatever. Thank you!” (Credits to gif owners!)

Klaus kicked off his boots and tore his jacket away from his body while appreciating the Christmas lights scattered over the inside of the house as well as the outside. It amazed him to see what Y/N could accomplish when he was away with his family for a whole day. In the corner of the livingroom was the Christmas tree with even more lights wrapped around it.

He could picture his human tangled in the lights and accidentally tripping over the wires. Her tongue poking out in concentration as she managed to get them off of her and figure it all out. Then she probably wore herself out lounging around watching Christmas movie and hot chocolate by her side all huddled in her wool socks and thick pajama pants. The hybrid also knew that she was waiting for him to put the topper on the tree and to help her decorate it.

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Preference: “Can You Hold Me?”

Ashton: Hearing the front door open and close with a loud bang, you look up from the book you’re reading. Ashton sighs heavily as he shrugs off his coat and shoes, his eyes glancing up to meet yours. “Today was awful.” He mumbles, walking towards you. He kisses your cheek lightly and sits beside you. His hair is rumpled all about and his eyes are dull. They were full of life and excitement this morning. You put your book down and turn towards him. “Wanna talk about it?” You ask quietly. He stares at the wall across the room, silent. “Babe?” You murmur, putting your hand on his arm. Ashton looks over at you. “Can you… Can you hold me?” He asks, his voice cracking. “C’mere,” You say, pulling him towards you. He lies his head on your lap and you stroke his head lightly. “This would be better if you weren’t such a giant.” You joke, and Ashton cracks a small smile. “You’re doing great. I love you.” You smile softly. “I love you too.” He looks up at you. “Tell me about the book you’re reading.”

Calum: “You’re so drunk, oh my God.” You say, giggling at your best friend as he trips out of the club with Michael. “Sorry to drag you out here this late, but he kept asking for you. Make sure he gets home, yeah?” Michael asks. You nod, taking Calum’s arm. You start to walk down the street with him, almost falling twice because he trips. “You’re pretty.” Calum says, grinning up at you when he falls onto the sidewalk. You laugh, pulling him back up. “Come on, you need sleep.” You pull him into your house and place him on the couch. “Why didn’t ya come to the show?” Calum asks. “I had a date, Cal.” You say, heading to the kitchen. He stands up to follow but you put your hand up. “No, stay.” You laugh, grabbing aspirin and some water. You join him on the couch, handing him the water and aspirin. “Take this, you’ll need it.” Calum does as he’s told. “A date?” He repeats, his brows furrowing. You giggle, nodding. “I’ll take you on a date soon.” He mumbles. “Oh, really?” He nods. “But for now, can you hold me?” He asks innocently, yawning. You open your arms and he curls up into your side. You bite your lip as his soft snores fill the silence. A date with Calum wouldn’t be so bad, would it?

Luke: The airport is silent, the only noise being a hum from planes taking off outside. The white walls stare back at you as you cross your arms over your chest. “Princess, you can’t be mad at me.” He says, trying to take your hand in his. You stand up. “I can’t be mad? You’re leaving for nine months and you weren’t even going to tell me until after you left! I have a right to be mad at you.” You say, tears forming in your eyes. Luke stands up and wipes a stray tear away with his thumb. “I didn’t tell you because I didn’t want to see you cry.” He murmurs, pressing a soft kiss to your forehead. You meet his eyes, which are watching Ashton. “Don’t be mad at Ash, I made him tell me.” You say, taking Luke’s face in your hands and forcing him to focus on you. “Can you hold me?” You ask, biting your lip. He sits down in an airport chair and pulls you down onto his lap. You bury your face in his neck and breathe in his scent, trying to memorize it until his flight is called.

Michael: “Kitten? Where are you?” Michael asks, his voice ringing out through your apartment. “In hell.” You croak, burying your head in the pillow on the living room couch. Michael chuckles, sitting down next to your waist. You lift your head and groan. “I told you not to come over. I don’t want you getting sick.” You mumble. Michael moves some hair away from your face. “You let Luke bring you soup.” He states. “Because I don’t care if he gets sick! Get out.” You say, trying to push him off of the couch. “Hey, stop. I’m fine. I want to be here.” Michael takes your hands in his to stop you from pushing him. “You’re a stubborn asshole.” You snap, sitting up. He smiles, kissing your cheek “Love you too.” You frown at him, which makes him laugh. “Smile, you’re beautiful.” He murmurs. You roll your eyes and lie back down. “Can you just hold me?” You ask, rubbing your eyes. He lies down beside you and wraps his arms around you, kissing the top of your head. “Get some sleep, I’m not going anywhere.”

Back Where I Belong - Chris Evans

request: Can you do an imagine where the reader and Chris are dating and she meets him at the airport after he’s been away filming for months?

people: Chris - Reader (You) 

warnings: FluFFY 

word count: 1000+

a/n: This is a request that someone asked so long ago, I’m so sorry I neglected your request, anonymous person! Thank you for this lovely idea, though, I’ve had this tucked away for so long.

“These seats are hurting my ass. God, now I know why airport seating is so fuckin’ painful, they want you to be motivated so you haul ass to get to the plane,”

I stopped to laugh at my joke, chuckling loudly enough to awaken the elderly lady next to me who was waiting for something she was not willing to talk about.

“Would you, for the millionth time, shut up! It’s three in the morning!” Across from me was this bitchy woman around my age, most likely a lot older. She had this weird orange hair, that I knew was dyed but she still had ginger-like looks to her face. She had the whole nine yards of freckles, ginger-tinted brows, and even wore green just to brighten her orange complexion.

“No! It’s three in the morning and I’m here because I’ve got someone to pick up that I’ve been waiting for. For four months!”

The Irish-wannabe looked at me and smirked, giggling to herself like I wasn’t ten feet away from her. “Who are you picking up? Your boyfriend you ordered off some sex website?”

Jesus, when will Flight 4301 land, dammit! I don’t have time for this!

Smiling sweetly, I got up and grabbed my bag along with my third cup of Starbuck’s black coffee. “Yes, you got me Lucky Charms, I ordered a sex companion. His name is Julio and we’re gonna get married in Vegas. Good day.”

Ginger-snap wasn’t fast enough to shut her wide opened trap that had fallen when I was quick to reply to her. Walking off I went to sit at another set of empty seats, hopefully not causing controversy with whoever lands up near me.

Chrispy Creme:  I land at BOS @ 4:45 baby! Sorry it’s so early :/ I love you xxx

It was two to forty-five and no signs of his flight were announced. Deciding to let it be, I plugged in my earphones and brought up my Itunes, clicking on a much-needed song right now, one that would ease the ache of Chris’s arm not being wrapped around my waist right now. It would numb my lips that could almost feel the pressure of lips on mine.

Humming along to the beat of Alicia Key’s ‘If I Ain’t Got You’ I closed my eyes that burned with lack of sleep. I hadn’t even slept all night because I got too excited about Chris finally coming back home. So I made myself an espresso and watched musicals that would make me stay awake because I could never sit through one without getting up and dancing to the beat of the melody or singing along with the cast. I was hitting my breaking point, though, my head throbbed, and my ass still ached, my eyes were burning with tears now, from sleep-induced stress. I felt my chin waiver as I silently prayed for Chris to just get here soon, I was waiting for him, Dodger was waiting for him. Then tonight there’d be a huge surprise party for him courtesy of Lisa, Carly, Shauna, and I. My fingers roughly rubbed my sunken eyes, I cannot fall asleep! No Sleep, no sleep, no sleep-

“Flights 4305, 4308, and 4301 have arrived. The gates are open for you to pick up your guest, thank you for choosing Boston’s Logan Airport. Have a nice day!” With that I grabbed my bag and abandoned my coffee, running to the sea of people who seem to have magically just appeared out of nowhere.

Now, I’m not the tallest bean in the stock so my only resort of finding Chris was jumping up and trying to get a glance of a NASA Cap, some blonde hair with ashes of brown in it, or those blue eyes that we’re quite hard not to miss.

After my twelfth jump with no such luck of a glimpse of him, I gave up on that plan and went with sour plan b. “Humph..Ugh! Fine, people. I’ll go to the back you asswipes.”

Leaving the crowd I went to the terminal area, watching the people pass by with their collected loved ones as I stared at them angrily, pissed that I wasn’t one of the lucky ones. I didn’t lose hope, though, I waited for a good twenty minutes before finally, I caught sight of a very familiar looking button down.

I don’t know whether it was the possible dangerous amount of coffee in me or just the adrenaline of seeing him again but I bolted down the hall.

“Chris!” I yelled just in time to have him catch me in his arms, wounding me tightly around his hips. I was a koala bear that refused to let go of him. The numbness of my subsided when he kissed me fervently, almost clawing at my hair with a desperation to be closer to me, than he already was. we already were.

Pulling back just enough to let himself whisper breathlessly to me, I couldn’t help but kiss away the tear that leaked from his glassy eyes. “You..have no idea…how long… I’ve waited for this.” Beaming with a smile that hurt my cheeks I laughed sneaked a kiss from him again.

“Oh love, you have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for you… but… now that I have you back-”

“Oh I’m never fuckin’ leaving again, that’s for sure.” Both of us burst out laughing at Chris’s words.

I let my feet hit the ground and soon we became just another couple walking out of the terminal, smiling with each other’s arm wrapped around their waist. We looked so ordinary, so normal. No one asked Chris for a photo or even a question. They just smiled as we passed, on our way to my car in the parking lot.

I felt Chris let out a sigh of relief, feeling his fingers dig into my hip a bit, as we walked out of the airport. “It feels good to be back home…”

“It feels good to just have you here…” Chris smiled down at me when I softly answered back to him. 

I stole another glance at him again, just wanting to see that face once more. Letting it sink in that he was actually finally here. Finally in bed with me at night, eating my terrible made up foods, and listening to my awful karaoke. I let a few tears fall to the earth, not caring if my mascara made me a raccoon or not. 

All that mattered was he was here with me. His burly arm around my lower waist, cuddling into me like no time had placed since he’d last held me like this. 

“I can’t believe I went so long without seeing your face, Y/N. God, it hurt sometimes just to think of seeing you on skype at night because I couldn’t reach in and just grasp your hand,” His arm left my waist and he took my left hand into his right, interlocking our fingers. “Or just see your eyes in the real sunlight… I don’t know how you summoned the strength because I sure as hell was caving in on week three…” 

Giving only a smile, sincere smile, I kept his hand clasped with my own, holding his palm just a bit tighter to mine as I felt my throat tighten with a sob I refused to release. “Oh love,” I replied. Staring at his beautiful face while Chris looked at the sun rays starting to beam their light down on us, letting the skies lighten with a blue color so beautiful it lifted his spirits even higher. 

Just looking at his widening eyes, and dopey smile and felt a sob and chuckle come out at once. God, I’m in love with this man…How did I get through these months away from him? Lord knows it was spent sometimes with my face in a pillow or my body tucked under the sheets all day… all of it, though, I’d do again and again just to be able to hold that face…

How hard was it to be away from you, Chris? 

 Love, you have no idea.

Tell me your thoughts! I wrote this on a whim so constructive criticism is always welcomed haha! - R .xx 

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Messy p.t. 2

Intro: So so so here we are my loves, at last (I’m sorry it took so long - blame school).   YES I HAVE FINALLY FINISHED IT MESSY P.T. 2 FOR YOUUU.  

This is a long awaited (and long overdue) sequel to Messy that was requested by a number of you and thank you guys so much for the amazing response that Messy got, it astounds me.  

So hopefully this one satiates your need for more as it is a long one (surprise surprise).  

I want to give a big shout out to @yourtropegirl for setting up a poll for me to decide the uniform that Leonard would wear (right) along with the reader’s dress (left), which you can see above - they are beautiful guys thanks so much.  

Pairing: Bones x reader

Word Count: 5,813 (whoopsies)

Warnings: none, just tooth-aching fluff and a little bit of frustration. 

Summary: So, if you haven’t read the original Messy, Leonard is all upset because Jocelyn is getting re-married and invites Leonard to the wedding. The reader jokingly says that he should go and bring a hot date, not realizing that the hot date would actually be them.  This story is surrounding Jocelyn’s wedding.  I hope you enjoy!

ALSO: I have actually no idea what Jocelyn is like as a person, even what she looks like as I have seen precious few episodes of TOS.  So I wrote her as a blue-eyed blonde who is infuriatingly nice.  Though I have an angst fic planned where she isn’t going to be so nice…


“Nope.  That’s it.  I’m not going.” You fumed, storming out of the bathroom, and stalking past Leonard who was zipping up his shirt.  

Strong hands suddenly caught you around the waist, and you were yanked backwards. 

“Hey, whoa, darlin’.” Leonard pulled you to his chest. 

You beat weakly at his arms in an attempt to pry them off you and kicked your feet, trying to resist him but he was too strong. 

“Let me go, Len.” You pouted, trying to squirm out of his grip. 

“What’s wrong?” Leonard wrapped his arms around you tighter, one arm around your waist, one arm across your chest. 

“I am not going to this wedding.” You stated, pushing off his chest to get away, but he held you fast. 

“Why are- sTOP FIGHting ME!” He shouted as your elbows dug into his sides, trying to get him to release you. 

“Go find some other beautiful girl to bring.” You fought. 

“What are you-OW!  Are you biting me?” Leonard inquired with a huff of laughter. 

You pulled your teeth from his arm, “No.”

He suddenly spun you around in his grip to face him, his arms still locked around you, “What is the matter with you?”

“I-I can’t go, Len.  I just-it’s too much and what if they…” You rambled but stopped when Leonard’s hands gripped either side of your face, making your cheeks squish and your lips pout slightly. 

“You’re freaking out.” He informed.

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Happier With You (Final)

Summary: Steve has had many regrets in his life, but his biggest regret was when he let you go all those years ago. Now, you’re with someone else, and you’re happy. And that’s all that Steve wants for you. But he knows that he was happier with you by his side. And deep down, you know it too.

Inspired by: Ed Sheeran’s entire Divide album.
Also, inspired by my friend, Tator Tot. Nothing spicer than Sriracha Steve.

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Words: 1338

Previous Part: Part Four

Originally posted by slayveronica

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She's Like The Wind - Part One

Summary: You have been blind for over 10 years. During the apocalypse, you use your utmost strength in order to survive while also fending off your mixed feelings for the big bad leader of your community, the Sanctuary.

Pairings: Negan x Blind Reader

Warnings: language. mentions of cancer. mentions of death.

“Psst.” A soft but pushy voice filled your ears. You groaned and snuggled deeper into your soft and comforting blankets. “Wake up sleeping beauty!”

“Go away Jesse!” You screeched, grabbing a pillow from behind you and heaving it in his direction. A giggle escaped your lips when you distinctly heard the pillow slam against Jesse’s face. You felt your bed shift slightly as he fell backwards from the blunt force of your throw.

“God damn it!” Jesse groaned, laughing slightly at the end of the sentence. You felt him toss the pillow back to its original position next to you.

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anonymous asked:

You are absolutely amazing!!! Can you make one where Y/N is still really shy to him?! Please and thank you!!!

Thank you so much! Here you go :)


It had been a couple months now since you and Harry had officially started dating. Both of you were so happy and could definitely see yourselves falling in love with each other, but for now you were just enjoying what you were. You respected Harry so much and were so fond of him, but you couldn’t help but still be a little intimidated by him. He just seemed so perfect. And of course he always made you feel comfortable and had become so relaxed around you, but you still couldn’t shake off the feeling of nervousness when being around him because you didn’t want to screw up whatever the two of you had, and you never felt like you were quite enough when you were stood beside Harry. 

You weren’t aware that he noticed, though, until today.

“D’you wanna have a cuddle on the couch, maybe watch a film?” Harry asked you as he stood across from you in your kitchen. He had today off so he’d come to hang out with you at your flat.

“Mmm yeah, that’d be nice,” you told him with a small smile. 

And it really did sound nice to you, but you became frustrated with yourself when that nervous feeling returned as soon as you’d sat on the couch with him as he put his arms around you. And Harry noticed the way you pulled away from him slightly as soon as he cuddled up next to you. A pout formed on his face as he turned on the movie.

“Comfy?” he asked.

“Mmm,” you smiled up at him before turning back to try to watch the movie despite the butterflies that were now fluttering around in your stomach.

And Harry couldn’t help but feel that maybe he’d done something wrong or that he wasn’t turning out to be as good of a boyfriend as you’d been hoping. But you’d been like this with him all along - not super talkative, not wanting to be too close to him and acting almost nervous around him. Of course you showed him affection when he did first towards you and he was pretty sure you were into him, but he couldn’t keep doing things like this thinking that he’d done something. 

After a few minutes of watching the movie, he finally decided he’d just get it over with.

“Hey Y/N, can I talk to you about something?” he asked you quietly, putting his long finger under your chin to gently turn your head so you were looking at him.

Your heart immediately began to race and your eyebrows furrowed as you bit your lip, nodding your head. 

“I just, I really, really like you but I feel like you’re always pulling away from me? And not just literally,” he smiled as he glanced at the space between you two on the couch now as you’d unconsciously scooted a few inches from him when you sat up. “If I’m doing something wrong you can just tell me, I just I want us to be comfortable with each other, I mean I am with you but it just seems like you’re kind of closed-off with me…” Harry trailed off, searching your face.

“I’m really sorry, Harry,” you told him, voice quiet and eyes locked on the wall behind him.

He decided to speak again when he realized you weren’t going to say anything else.

“S’okay just please tell me what you’re feeling because I think I’m falling in love with you and I just -” Harry cut off when he realized he’d just slipped up big time. He hadn’t wanted to tell you because he was worried you wouldn’t feel the same way, but the look on your face after he’d let those words slip out relieved him somewhat.

“In love with me?” you repeated, unsure of whether that’s really what he’d said, a huge smile lighting up your whole face.

A small smile formed on Harry’s lips as he watched you, figuring that what’s done was done and he might as well own up to it now.

“Yes but I just need to know what you’re thinking, why you draw yourself away from me, please,” he pleaded with you.

You looked down, the smile on your face fading.

“I just, it’s stupid but I don’t know I guess you just intimidate me, Harry. Sometimes I just get so nervous around you and I can’t control it and it makes me shy so I won’t get close to you or talk to you about things. I’m sorry,” you told him honestly, finally looking up back into his eyes to find that they seemed to be twinkling, a smile on his face. How was he so damn beautiful?

“Is that really what it is?” he asked, shaking his head back and forth slowly, the smile on his face growing. You nodded, a small smile forming on your own now as you realized how ridiculous you sounded.

“Babe, you don’t have to be nervous around me, I promise I’m not scary! And you also happen to mean a great deal to me and you’re someone who I want to pour my heart out to so there’s no need for you to be nervous. Promise,” he assured you before sweetly kissing your knuckle. And suddenly you felt so at ease, so comfortable and relaxed.

“I love you Harry,” you blurted out, eyes locked with his. And the smile that lit up his face gave you all the reassurance you needed that with Harry was where you belonged.

“I love you so much Y/N,” he murmured before tackling you on the couch as you let out a squeal and he laughed. And finally the only butterflies in your stomach were out of excitement and love rather than nervousness as you lay with Harry, your Harry. 

Thunderstorms || BF!Jimin || DRABBLE

gif is not mine

Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 1.4k
Warnings: Language (i guess?)

Description: In which thunderstorms make you feel feeble, fragile, and frightened – but Park Jimin shows you how to love them a little more.

Request: hellooo, i know people are busy with their lives but i can’t help think how cute bf!jm would be when his gf is scared of storms. like he would comfort her and try to make her laugh and aw !! thankss

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The Game of Love Life!

day one ─ au day. 

pairing ; lin x reader

summary ; your students decide to play the game of love life with you, ultimately leading to a life changing kiss. (i can’t summarize for shit i apologize.)

words ; 1877 

warnings ; nope!

note ; this is for day one of the write-a-thon! i’m really excited to do this, so let’s hope i can keep up schedule!

masterlist || write-a-thon tag || write-a-thon schedule

Teaching high schoolers who were forever in the business of your love life wasn’t exactly the easiest thing in the world. Ever since the beginning of the second semester, they had all become obsessed with your relationship status. Why? You weren’t sure. But when you had free-time in class, Jaylon, one of your tenth graders, would get up from his desk, grab an Expo marker from the whiteboard, and say, “Who’s ready for the game of… Love Life!?”

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Arie, I just want you to know that this gif right here…I can fucking stare at it for all eternity and keep swooning every damn time. He looks so damn good here. Damn. Okay. @bringmesomepie56 this is for you, love.

Dean rolled his eyes. “Come on, Y/N,” he said smiling amusedly. “You can’t be serious.”

You scoffed and walked across the room, away from him. “Of course I’m serious, you idiot,” you hissed. “You practically let that…woman…rub all over you. And the worst part? You didn’t even push her off!”

“I was trying to see if she had the friggin mark, Y/N!” he yelled exasperatedly. He knew you’d be annoyed but not this fired up about it. “It’s my job, sweetheart. We have to kill those sons of bitches before they kill anymore people.”

You crossed your arms over your chest and eyed him coolly. “It’s your job to let some skank rub her breasts all over your face? Wow. Okay. Alright. I see what’s going on here.”

Dean threw his hands up in the air, finally giving up. “And what the hell is going on, Y/N?”

“You’re an asshole,” you stated before turning your back on him and making your way toward the door.

“No no no no,” Dean caught your arm and turned you around to face him. “You don’t get to yell at me and think it’s okay afterward. I’m not okay with that.”

You scoffed. “Well, I don’t give a rat’s ass if-”

“You’re angry,” he said, nodding his head. “I get it. But, Sweetheart.” He cupped your face with both his hands, forcing you to look up at him. “No damn woman is gonna take me away from you. Not a single damn one. You hear me?”

You rolled your eyes.

“And you can roll those beautiful eyes all you want, it’s not gonna change anything. I fucking love you and I’m gonna prove it to you.” Dean clenched his jaw before giving you another nod. “I’ll get on your good graces, Y/N.”

You pushed his hands away, your anger slowly slipping away. You weren’t going to let him off the hook this easily. But you wanted to know to what lengths he’d go to prove it.

“I’d like to see you try, Winchester,” you muttered, smirking at him slightly before turning around again and walking out the room, leaving a stunned Dean behind.