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So. I heard Yokai can fuse, as when I saw the first movie, there came Buchinyan. And since you like the Robonyan X B3-NK1 pairing, maybe you could draw your take on a fusion of the two? Thanks. — Anonymous

I gotta be honest with ya anon, I’m not too good with fusions, or at least fusions that aren’t my own characters. But here ya go, an attempt was made-

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hey toasty! i love your art and i was just wondering how you get inspiration for what pose(s) you're going to use when you're drawing, and if you have any tips for just generally making something a bit more detailed/exciting? hope you have a great day! ♥

hello and thank you! ^O^ for dynamic poses…mmmm…with fight scenes or what have you, I can just think “what would they do next?” and then try real hard to draw it the way I see it in my head.

I’d suggest practicing gesture drawing (you’ll get more comfortable with drawing the human body and your lines will get more fluid!) and pushing the line of action/perspective in your drawings!  even if it looks ridiculous or silly, just have fun with it!  and start with the most energetic, swoopy sketch you can before cleaning it up. ^u^

I hope that at the very least, on this blog, I can inspire ppl to follow their hair dreams lmao who cares if my art inspires you, go get crazy with your hair ✨do what scares you, it’s just hair

Did someone ask for decent art???? Cuz thats not what your getting. This is kinda an inside joke to anyone who follows her, she talks about marrying her followers XD. 

Tumbrl is marrying us. That snot a bible, that one of the twilight books and hes just reciting random parts from it.

I’m thinking about food, thats why I’m happy. And she is defiantly imagining i’m Alec. LMAO thats @books-and-stories for being rad and good luck on your finals!

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i didn't know your art could get better since it was so good already but everytime you post something new it's even better than the last one and it captivates me more!!

 ;o; i refuse to believe its better each time bc i post less effort art sometimes, im happy you’re enjoying it tho!  

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Hope you get well soon about your ear infection. I really love your art, btw.

Well thank ye ^u^ I’m on the mend at last but its going to be awhile since ill be 100% again; i didn’t really even get to work on recovery much last weekend sighhhh

its just the finishing touch on the second to last page, and then a whoooole lot of work for the last of the set. ~the plot thickens~

I recently bought the November issue of the PASH! Magazine, mostly to have a physical print of this bit of official art, but scanning the section about Yuri on Ice I discovered something and this might just be big.

See that little caption at the bottom? The translation goes as follows (forgive me any mistakes):

Yuuri is often swayed by Victor and his extremely “my pace” approach… But when the man he had always admired gets close his heart won’t stop pounding!?

Guys. Guys. This is official material.

And the text uses the phrase ドキドキが止まらない. They literally say that Yuuri’s heart goes dokidoki for Victor, I shit you not.

In case you still had doubts how the show wants us to see and understand their relationship here it freaking is. This is not a drill. This is happening.

(Here’s the original text if you want to correct my translation: 超マイペースなヴィクトルに、勇利が振り回されることもしばしば…。でも憧れの存在との急接近にドキドキが止まらない!?)