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sun’s out, fun’s out

Summary: the Barnes family spend the day at the beach || FLUFF || bucky x reader

Warnings: none, just cuteness

Notes: inspired by @retroasgardian trying to kill me with cute headcanons; here we have Bucky with three kids - Samuel Grant (who goes by Grant), Anna Margaret, and little Rebecca Natalia.

I might make a dad!bucky series idk, who would want that?


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Request: Sharp Objects

Request: HI I love your fics!! could you do a deanxreader where dean broke his right hand on a hunt and can’t shave himself so the reader, with hidden feelings for dean, does it for him with lots of fluff please

Word Count: 1,270

Thank you<3

“Ouch! Jesus Christ, that’s a bitch.” The muffled cursing comes from behind the bathroom door, then followed by the clinking sound of something falling into the ceramic sink, and finally a, “Son of a bitch!”

Despite the laundry pile you’re carrying, you swerve across towards the door and knock a couple of times with your free hand, “Dean? Everything alright in there?”

There’s a moment of silence, and then a short reply, “Fine.”

He’s obviously frustrated – a tone you’ve quickly become accustomed to hearing after dragging him home from the hospital a few days ago. He’d landed badly after being catapulted across the room by an overzealous ghost and broken a hand, whereas Sam had gotten off with a concussion and you’d somehow managed to slip away injury-free – which had inevitably resulted in you skivvying around to cater to their every whim.

While Sam had managed to get over himself somewhat and take it easy while the hellish egg on his head goes down, Dean has been trying to do everything as normal. He hates being laid up like this, and trying to get everything done for himself has just resulted in more hurt and hindrance than help.

You still linger outside the door for a few moments, “Can I help at all?”

He hesitates, and for a long moment you wonder if he’s actually going to accept, “I could use a clean towel.”

“Got one here. Mind opening the door?” You ask, after trying to get in and finding the door locked. Again, a hesitation, but then the door opens, Dean fumbling with his good hand for a few moments to get it undone.

You pride yourself on being able to keep a poker face. Sometimes giving the enemy no indication of your emotions could mean the difference between life and death – sometimes it’s imperative that a victim doesn’t know what you’re thinking. But this time, when it’s important that you don’t make a sound so Dean doesn’t slam the door in your face, you just can’t seem to freaking manage it.

“I know, alright?” He huffs as you sidle into the bathroom and begin draping the towels from the pile over the towel rack, trying desperately not to laugh. It’s not your fault – he’s covered in shaving cream – it’s smudged over his nose and there are even splatters in his eyebrows. It’s all white, apart from a trail of crimson blood slipping down the side of his face.

“You can’t shave left-handed?” You guess, taking note of the razor left in the sink and the cast immobilising his right hand. He sighs wearily, and then nods.

“Nope. I’ve never had to try before, and I was starting to look even more homeless than Sam.” He complains, taking a towel from you when you offer one to him.

“Dean, for crying out loud, you shattered your hand. I think you’re allowed to look homeless for a little while.” You reassure him, balancing the rest of the laundry – mostly jeans and a handful of flannels – on the countertop, “If you really want it sorted, I’ll do it for you.”

As soon as the offer has left your mouth, you regret it – the very idea of managing to get so close to him without blushing like a five year old, or completely losing your breath… impossible. And yet, he nods, smiling ruefully.

“Would you mind? I just… can’t.” He shrugs, and you smile back, nodding and shooing him off towards the closed toilet seat.

“Go on then, sit down.” You instruct, picking up the razor and running the warm tap to clear it off. You let the tap run for a little while, filling the basin, and then approach Dean carefully, “You have to promise to stay still. Usually when I’m so close to someone with something this sharp it doesn’t end very well for them.”

He laughs, leaning back with the force of it, “That’s not encouraging, Y/N.”

“I said I’d do it. I never said I’d do it well.” You remind him with a smile – humour: humour is how you get through this without making a complete idiot of yourself.

“Much appreciated, beautiful.” He winks, and it’s all you can do to force out a snort and place your fingers beneath his chin to tilt his head up a little.

“Mm, whatever you say,” Sometimes it’s difficult not to take his words too seriously, and you have to remind yourself that Dean Winchester can and will flirt with anything that moves – you’re not special to him beyond being good friends and hunting buddies.

“Well, the closer you get, the more I’m thinking it.” He mumbles, remaining still as stone as you skin the razor over his skin smoothly – you’re painstakingly careful, starting on the opposite side to the cut on his lower cheek. He chuckles when you lean back to dunk the razor in the sink, then move back over to him.

“I’ll stay well back, then.” You wink in response, but contradict your own statement by leaning close enough to him that his breath ghosts over your face. His eyes remain trained on your face, watching every movement as you press your lips together, squinting in concentration. You try your best to ignore it, being as careful and steady as your humanly can manage while you get to work.

His eyes don’t leave you until you’re finished, patting down his face with a towel and then handing it to him – only then does he force himself to look away, watching as you clear up and set everything back in its place.

When he finally manages to open his mouth, he’s expecting the words that come out to be ‘thanks, Y/N’ – instead, they’re, “When you’re concentrating, your nose does this funny little thing.”

You turn slowly, quirking an eyebrow in a manner he can only describe as adorable, “Excuse me?”

“It kinda… wrinkles. But just at the tip. Right here.” He taps his own nose, a small smile playing on his lips, “And you blink a lot. I just… never noticed before.” Dean confesses, giving a nonchalant shrug and trying to ask as if he isn’t mortified by the words.

Rather than make a comment, you give a smile, wiping your hands off and stepping back, “I suppose I’m not the kind of person people pay a whole lot of attention to.” It’s not meant to be self-deprecating, but Dean takes it that way nonetheless.

“You have got to be kidding me.” He rolls his eyes, standing up and poking at the cast as if his hand would be magically healed, “Y/N, you turn heads everywhere you go.”

“Yeah, right, of course.”

“Hey, look at me,” He takes your wrist in his hand, turning you to face him properly, “You’re beautiful. Really, truly beautiful. And smart, and kind, and funny. And people notice that. I notice that.”

That’s when your heart really does skip a beat – his eyes are on yours, emeralds glinting in the harsh white light of the bunker’s main bathroom.

“Dean, I-“

“You don’t need to reply to that. Didn’t mean to back you into a corner. Sorry.” Dean smiles sheepishly, scratching at the back of his neck with his good hand – but you shake your head, stepping forward with all of the boldness you can muster.

“I want to.” You assure him, taking his good hand and squeezing it gently, “I don’t care about anyone else noticing. Just you.”

He hesitates, then glances sideways, at the door, “Can I kiss you?” He blurts, flushing red like an embarrassed teenager.

“I’d be offended if you didn’t.”  

BTS Reacts To You Being Touchy Feely

:A/n: Tbh this is so me. Im the most touchy/affectionate person in my group of friends. Show me affection everyone! 

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Coming home from work was the best feeling you could think of, next to cuddling your boyfriend.

You sighed as you hung up your coat, “Hobi I’m home!” You yelled through out the house in hopes for a response but none came. 

Walking into the living room you saw your boyfriend’s sleeping fiure sprawled out on the couch, you decided to crawl on top of him and cuddle him. 

“Mhm.. welcome home jagiya.”

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You walked down the stairs from your bedroom. You woke up to an empty bed and you missed your boyfriend. 

“Where are you Jinie-ah?” Your sleepy voice filled the room.

“Ah! I’m in the kitchen baby!” You heard him call. 

You walked into the kitchen to see him cooking, his shirt off. You backhugged him and kissed his shoulders.

“I love you, Y/n-ah.”

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“I’m leaving!” You heard your boyfriend yell from the front door. 

You rushed out of the bed and down the stairs and jumped on him. 

He caught you by your legs and laughed, “Yah! You want to kill me?”

You shook your head in the crook of his neck and mubbled, “No oppa.”

He chuckled and patted your butt signalling for you to get down.

Once you were standing he cupped your face and gave you a kiss, “I’ll be home soon, cutie.”

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You were laid out on the couch when you heard your boyfriend walk in the front door.

“I’m home jagiya!” He yelled.

You smiled and yelled, “I’m in here, come cuddle with me!”

You heard him chuckled before you felt a heavy weight sink into the couch. He jumped on it from behind, ultimately but safely landing on you.

“Yah!” You yelled, kissing his nose.

“You’re so adorable, baby”

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Your boyfriend has been in front of his laptop since you woke up, 3 hours ago.

You sighed and leaned against the door frame. 

“I’m almost done, I swear.”

You rolled your eyes, “Thats what you said and hour ago.”

He got quiet and sighed again, walking up to him you ran your hands over his shoulders and kissed his neck, “I miss you.”


“You stop.”

“This needs to get done, baby.” He said.

You got annoyed and pulled his chair away from the desk and straddled him, “Y/n!”

“Shh.” You kissed him, his arms wrapped around you and he sighed.

“I gusess I can take a break.”

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You were sitting on the foor as your very tired and sick boyfriend laid on the couch.

You ran your fingers through his hair as he tried to stay awake during the movie.

“Go to sleep, babe.” You said, turning off the movie.

“Are you sure?” He whispered.

You nodded, “Yes.”

He held your hand and smiled, “You’re too good for me.”

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Rap Monster:

You were studying for your test when your boyfriend came home coughing.

“Yah, are you okay?” You called.

His cough cut off his sentence so you ran over to the other room and held on to his arm.

“You may get sick.” He breathed out. 

“I don’t care, come on.” 

You told him to take off his clothes as you got the bath water nice and hot.

“Come on baby boy.” You said, ushering him into the tub. His body instantly relaxed as he hit the hot water.

You slid in behind him.

“What are you doing? I don’t want you to-“Shh, close your eyes baby.” You whispered massaging his shoulders.

Soon he started to fall asleep but he whispered, “You’re the love of my life jagiya.”

Guilty Kiss

( The reader teases Peter a little too much, and things get out of hand. )

A/N: My love for Peter Parker ( and Tom Holland ) knows no bounds. And I’m still sobbing over Tom Holland. TBH if I had a boyfriend like Peter, I would tease him every moment I get. Except that I’m usually the flustered shy one. Requests are open, BTW, so send them in!  

Taglist: @mainspidey | @x-wing-starwriter | @tomsleftbrow | @tryn25 

“Where is my evac, Clint?” Your voice is tinged with irritation as you switch on your comm-link. Breathe, (Y/n). Don’t yell. “Clint? Please tell me that you aren’t sleeping on the job.”

Your heels click against the tiled floor of a long, narrow passage. You’ve disabled the two guards stationed at the entrance of the archives before they could raise the alarm but there’s no telling how long it would take before someone competent realizes what’s going on.

“I’m here, I’m here. Sheesh, can’t a guy step out to get a cup of coffee for one second –”

Somewhere in the distance, an alarm erupts, screeching through the airways. Dang it. The patrol must have found the bodies.

“Not when I’m in blind in a Hydra facility. So help me, Clint –”

“Alright, alright, no need to get huffy with me. Besides, Spidey’s got your back.”

A smile flits across your face at the mention of Peter. The awkward, adorable boy is easy to be with, and is even easier to love, and you like him. A lot. You’re sure that Clint can hear the smile in your voice when you say, “He’s securing the perimeter. So no.”

“I’m in Wing C. I think.” Ripping the emergency map off the wall, you consider the corridors and say, “Yeah, definitely Wing C. Files are with me.”

“Nice job, kid. Get to the roof, and I’ll pick the two of you up from there.”

The affectionate nickname sends a wave of warmth crashing over you, and your smile widens. “Sure. See you in ten.”

“Peter, you there?” Turning off your comm-link, you pull your phone out of your pocket, dialling his number by heart. You hope he’ll pick up. “It’s me.”

He does. Peter’s voice sounds as though he’s holding his phone at arm’s length. He’s put you on speaker too; you can hear muffled screams and thumps on Peter’s end, but none of them sound like him. In fact, it sounds as though he’s having fun.

“Spider 1 to Agent 1. Copy. Over.”

You make a mental note to never, ever let Peter watch anymore James Bond movies. His “spy lingo” is downright atrocious.

And for the millionth time since the two of you had started dating, you start to laugh. “You have seriously been watching too many spy movies. Is the perimeter secure?”

“Hey, you watched them all with me! Over.”

He’s avoiding the question, you realize, and your smile falters the tiniest bit. “Peter?”

“Um.” His voice is sheepish as it floats over the speakers. “Um, yeah, it’s secure. More or less. Over.”

“What’s less?” You ask, pinching the bridge of your nose and bracing for bad news.

“Less as in one of the guards may have called for backup before I could stop him. So prepare for incoming. Over.”

“Thanks, Spider 1,” You drawl out sarcastically, your voice rising above a symphony of rapidly approaching footsteps. As yet unnoticed, you duck behind a now abandoned security desk, keeping your voice hushed. “Now could you please get over to Wing C? Our ride’s waiting.”

“Copy that. Spider 1, out. Over.”

There’s a loud commotion. A group of men whisk past you. Six go down the hall you’d come from, and one mutters, “We aren’t paid enough for this.” Some enter the elevators. They’re all dressed haphazardly, as if they’ve been roused from sleep and had had to hurry. There must be a facility close by. Like army barracks, maybe. You’d have to be careful to avoid it.

You gaze longingly at the doors to the stairwell leading to the roof.

Two men stay behind and assume their positions, forcing you to inch your way around the desk to continue to hide your presence. You sit for a moment, trying to decide on your next move.

There’s only one thing to do, really.

Crawling to the end of the desk, you peek out around the edge, noting the exact positions of the guards. Yanking your ICER ( ‘Incapacitating Cartridge Emitting Raygun’ ) out of your thigh sheath, you cock your weapon and fire. Sticky pellets containing 50,000 volts find their way into bare skin. Their bodies perform involuntary twitching dances; they’re unconscious by the time they hit the ground.

Your heels click as you stride forwards, picking your way over motionless arms and legs. The door to the stairwell flies open, a black-clad figure appears in the doorway. Oh, well. Too late to hide now. Shrugging, you walk closer, but no one else comes to stop you. Fixing a pleasant smile onto cherry red lips, you ready your ICER.

“Hey, baby,” The mook leers, eyes lingering far too long on your chest and legs for your liking. “Did you come here to play?”

Gross. Your smile slips. You’ve just taken out two of his underlings, and that’s the best he can come up with? Forget the ICER; you’re going to enjoy beating this guy up. You aren’t going to give him the satisfaction of a response. Instead, you tuck your ICER back into your thigh sheath and shift into a defensive position.

“That’s funny, babe. Where did you learn that? On TV?”

Okay. One response. A stinging anticipation winds through you as you stalk forwards. “Why don’t you come over here and find out?”

When he makes his next move – a punch that practically oozes contempt and confidence – you’re ready. You duck, avoiding impact, and he swipes air. You deliver a vicious kick, buckling his knees. As he goes down with a yelp of pain, you elbow him in the back of the head. Yeah. Forget honour. You’ll go with dirty.

He attempts to rise. You waste no time in leaping onto him, planting yourself on his neck and pinning his shoulders to the floor. As far as most deaths go, this one isn’t all together unpleasant; at least this creep is being suffocated by the thighs of a girl, which is more than he deserves.

“My name is not babe. I’m (F/n) (L/n), and I am this close to crushing your misogynistic skull with my thighs.”

His face is turning a funny shade of puce. You let him suffer for a few more seconds before you pull out your ICER and stun him.

“Holy shit.”

Peter’s soft, awe-filled whisper catches you completely off guard. From your place atop of the Hydra mook, his face still crushed between your thighs, you offer Peter a wicked grin, which makes his heart stutter in his chest. He gulps audibly, a gesture which does not go unnoticed by you.

Relax, Peter,” You purr, looking up at him from under thickly dusted lashes. “How long have you been here?”

“Long enough to see you crush him with your thighs,” Peter manages, his gaze ping-ponging from the mook unconscious on the floor to your unconventional seat, your face radiant and flushed and pretty. “I don’t know why I rushed over.”

“Because you love me?” Batting your eyelashes, you smile a sweet, sweet smile, looking as though butter wouldn’t melt in your mouth. “And your life would have a noted lack of (Y/n) if I wasn’t around?”

Much to your surprise, Peter actually nods. You can’t see his face under his mask, but you know Peter’s smiling over the blush that paints his cheeks. Huffing out a laugh, you release the male from your clutches, straightening your skirt and thigh highs. Unlike Agent Romanoff, who prefers skin-tight spandex during combat, you’re particularly fond of skirts, which allow for ease of movement.

That, and it’s easier to take down people when they’re busy ogling your bare legs.

Peter’s trying not to stare. The operative word being ‘trying’. He’s manfully covered the eye-holes of his mask, but his fingers are splayed too widely for them to truly be effective at blocking your figure out.

You keep a neutral, pleasant smile on your lips as you stand, the one that Peter hates because he can’t tell what you’re hiding. An idea is forming in your head, the gears in your mind turning. You feel a bit mean for what you’re about to do, but the desire to see Peter squirm wins out.

Slowly, deliberately, you hitch your skirt up so that it settles high up on your hips, revealing the wide gap of skin between your stockings and your skirt. Your tongue darts out to swipe across glossy lips as you walk over to Peter, swaying your hips strictly more than necessary.

You’re rewarded with a strangled squeak. He’s given up his charade of “a little peeking”, and is unabashedly staring at every shimmy and shake of your hips. You’re sure Peter knows exactly what you’re playing at, but he doesn’t have it in him to tell you to stop, it seems.

Peter’s stammered protests are swallowed up when you push up his mask to press a kiss to his lips. It starts slow at first, but soon speeds up into something wild. His hands settle on your hips while yours try to tug his shirt off – only to remember that he’s in spandex, not cotton. You groan in frustration, Peter hastily untangles himself from you and hastily backs away.

(Y/n)!” Peter sounds scandalized as he tries to protest again, his voice dazed and accusatory all at the same time – although he doesn’t sound all that mad that you’d technically seduced him into an impromptu make-out session in a Hydra base. “We’re still – We can’t!”

“I know, I know,” You say on a laugh, giving him a last, quick peck on the mouth before Peter tugs his mask back into place, hiding cheeks tinted pink. “I’m sorry! I couldn’t resist.”

Dropping your voice into a conspiratorial whisper, “I’ll take care of your, ah, problem later at home, okay?”

You dance off down the hallway with a laugh, your skirt still hitched up high, swishing around your thighs as you go. Peter groans from behind you, and you wave cheerily at him over your shoulder.

You can’t wait to get back home.

cosmically fond. #1

Originally posted by haru-haru10

drabble #1.

  • pairing: alien!taehyung x reader.
  • genre: fluff galore.
  • words: 1.520
  • summary: you help taehyung battle a devious enemy.

“Human! Human, you must help me at once!”

On a quiet Saturday afternoon - a rare day off you had acquired from your usual hectic and bustling schedule – your small apartment was once again interrupted by the deep, gravelly voice you had grown so familiar with over the past five, long months.

Without tearing your gaze from the pages of the worn book nestled on your lap, the words practically begging for you to keep your attention solely on them; to not look up at the current hustling body running into your room in a rather frantic state, you sighed deeply in return.

“Human! I am under attack! The enemy is fighting back with lethal force.”

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HE & I.

i’m starting a series for this blog, unless i get some drabbles or requests then this will be my main focus.

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“Have you considered that maybe you shouldn’t eat the last yoghurt?” you shouted into the abyss of the boy’s dorm. You knew people were alive, but they haven’t left their rooms yet.

“I wrote my fucking name on it” you muttered.

“Well, then maybe you shouldn’t leave food here” Kihyun entered the room, you could feel the hate emit from him like waves.

“I thought you guys would have been considerate at least” you angrily grabbed a bottle of water instead.

“Do I need to repeat myself?” Kihyun’s reply was salty.

“Did you know that the human body is 57 to 60 percent water?” you took a swig from your bottle, tightening the lid.

“Yeah? Who doesn’t know that” he eyed you like you was stupid.

“Pretty sure yours isn’t water, salt water more likely.” You began to explain.

He raised a brow at you, tilting his head higher to establish his cockiness.

“That would explain your shitty attitude” you put the bottle inside the fridge and walked out the room, leaving him stunned. 

You smiled out of being proud, shutting down Kihyun when he was being salty was something you lived for. It didn’t help that your heart hammered when you were around him.

You knocked on the door to Changkyun’s and Jooheon’s room. You heard the collective “what?” from them. You chuckled loudly before shouting “it’s me?”

Kihyun stalked past into his room, “Unfortunately” he muttered.

“Jooheonn! I brought food” the door was thrown open immediately, your hair moved from the slight gust of air.

“Knew that would get your attention” he smiled cheekily and grabbed the bag.

“When there is food, there is a jooheon” Changkyun brushed past him, smiling at you.

“I am so happy you are here” he hugged you tightly.

“What’s happened?” well, this was unusual. He never hugged you unless he was sick.

“Are you sick?” you grabbed his face out of worry.

“No no no, I’d cough on you” he smiled wider, his voice was deep and thick.

“ok so movie night has been moved into the living room because Jooheon, despite being the most adorable of beans. He broke our TV because he lost to me” he turned round to see Jooheon with a face full of rice cake, scowling.

“I didn’t lose, he cheated” he spoke through a mouthful of food.

“I’m sure he did baby” you teased, he was just too cute sometimes.

“Heyhey now, I’m the only one you call baby” Changkyun pouted at you, before slyly grinning.

The door you were stood in front of swung open and Kihyun appeared, followed by a Hyungwon. You frowned slightly, before jumping at Hyungwon.

“Hey Hyungwon!” he caught you, his hands on your lower back out of respect.

“Woah there!” he laughed, he carried you through to the living area where Kihyun had already set up the film.

“Changkyun?” he spun around.

“I thought it was just us?” you climbed off Hyungwon, who moved to sit down behind you.

“Well it’s just us, they had nothing else to do and the others are out so “he shrugged.

“Just ignore them” he offered, handing you a bottle of water.

“I can certainly do that for someone” you pouted.

“Don’t be so dramatic, and our seat is over there” he pointed the space next to khyun.

“You just live to watch me suffer, don’t you?” you jokingly spat. He pushed you into the spot next to Kihyun, you hit his shoulder slightly.

“Sorry” you muttered.

“It’s fine” he muttered softly, you barely heard it. He shifted in his seat so he was further away from you.

“Can I lay on you?” Kihyuns head snapped towards you, but you were looking at Changkyun.

“Always” he smiled sweetly. You didn’t miss the sour look on Kihyuns face.

“Hm this is nice” you mumbled, Hyungwon was sat on the floor in front of you.

“You can rest your head on my legs if it’ll be more comfortable for you” you gestured, slapping your leg slightly. You had a blanket wrapped around you, a little bit of it was on Kihyun, but you didn’t mind. He probably didn’t mind, and little to you; he didn’t.

The thing was, Kihyun liked being around you. You gave back what you got, you had an attitude. You had fire. Unfortunately, he gave off the wrong impression when he first met you- it wasn’t what he wanted since he fell for you the moment you accidentally swore at Shownu.

It was hard, but he managed. Having the person, you like around you nearly every day was like being trapped in a hamster ball with few holes for air. He was surviving, slowly suffocating simultaneously.

He knew Changkyun likes you, and you him.

“Changkyun?” you peered up at him, he looked down at you and smiled.


“Put your arm around me?” he didn’t waste a second, he pressed you tightly against his body.

“Why don’t you two just date already?” Jooheon sneered at you both.

“We are” you simply replied, eyes on the TV.

Jooheon spat his water out at Hyungwon, earning him a disgusted look.

“What?! How long??” he edged closer to Changkyun, fishing for details.

“For about a month, she wanted to keep it low before we told anyone.” He explained.

“Why?” he looked at you with a confused expression.

“Because we were best friends for so long, before Monsta x, before NO.MERCY” you began, sitting forward slightly.

“I wanted to test the waters before jumping in” you smiled, “We work together well” you looked up at him to see him already looking at you.

He was about to say something when Kihyun interrupted.

“I’m going to be sick” he leapt up off the cough and half jogged to the bathroom, holding his stomach.

Everyone was frozen, this was sudden.

You got up and walked over, you may not like him that much but you were still worried. This was your boyfriends band mate.

“Kihyun?” you knocked on the door while opening it. He was leant over the toilet, sick was on the seat and he collapsed to his knees.

“Get out” he spoke weakly.

“let me help you” you moved forward to touch him when he snapped at you.

“I said get the fuck out? Are you deaf?” He got to his knees, when Hyungwon came.

“y/n? Just sit this one out” he rubbed your shoulder reassuringly before making his way into the room and shutting the door in your face.

What the hell was that? What had just happened?

Changkyun came up behind you and wrapped his arms around reassuringly. He leant down slightly, his head nestled to yours while he muttered that everything will be ok.

You were sitting on the couch with Changkyun’s head on your lap, when the bathroom door suddenly opened. Hyungwon ushered a pale Kihyun into his room.

You didn’t miss the look he gave you.

It was the look of misunderstood pain.

“Many More Birthdays”

request: Can you do Sebastian stan x reader where its the readers birthday and she spends it alone at a bookstore, then they ran into each other and he finds out it’s her birthday so they have an adventure. Please and thank you!!! Love your writing 

word count: 1331

warnings: fluff, reader grew up in the foster care system 

A/N: thank you for the request! let me know if you want to be on my taglist! leave me some requests in my ask box or just drop by to say hi! i will try to get back to posting again. I’ve never been the NYC so the adventure part is made up from movies and my imagination. I really want to go someday.

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Alone, like every other birthday. Here you were on your twenty first birthday with nothing to do.

Today started out like every other day. You got up, went for a run around Central Park, and got ready to go do errands. Except, you were one year older; one more year alone. That’s why you hated your birthday. You never had anyone to spend it with.

Your parents gave you up for adoption when you were born. You had no idea why, but they did. Every birthday you had was ignored and you eventually started ignoring them too. There was nothing happy to go along with your birthday. No presents, no cake, no family.

When you turned eighteen you were sent off on your own and you were glad for it. You didn’t have to deal with anymore shitty foster homes and shitty parents. You could finally be on your own. You could go to college and finally enjoy life, and you did, but birthdays were still hard.

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Disposable pt 8

Being friends with benefits with Min Yoongi can be complicated (at best) by itself. But when you accidentally tell your family (and his boss) that the two of you are dating, things get messy.

Angst, fluff, slight smut at times.

Yoongi x Reader

Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

You woke to the sound of birds chirping and light breathing–neither of which made much sense to your sleepy brain. The only birds you usually heard outside the apartment you lived in were pidgins and the occasional angry crow, nothing like the things singing outside currently. But the breathing was much more concerning. 

You opened your eyes slowly to find yourself eye-level with Min Yoongi’s lips. Oh god. This was bad. You looked further up, and let out a sigh of relief when you saw that his eyes were closed. He would probably murder you if he knew that you had been sleeping half on top of him–with your hand clinging to his shirt no less!

You carefully moved his hand away from where it had been resting on your hip, and then a thought occurred to you. Min Yoongi cuddled in his sleep. It wasn’t just you rolling over on top of him, he had put his arm around you. You fought back a smile. What would he have done if he had woken up first? Screamed, probably.

The mental image was an amusing one, and put you in a good mood (but you were also glad that you had woken up first, not the other way around).

There was a knock on the door, and you froze half-way out of bed. 

“Are you two up? Are you decent? I don’t want to walk in on anything.” It was Hoseok’s voice, and you were about to get up when an arm wrapped around your waist. 

“Come in.” Yoongi said, pulling you closer. Damn he was good at the whole “adoring boyfriend” thing.

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EXO Reaction ~ Surprising Them At The Studio By Back Hugging Them

Request: Hey! I want to request an EXO reaction when their girlfriend surprise them at the studio by back hugging them 🙆
A/N: After I repost the Mobile Masterlist later, requests will be closing so if you have anything you wanna send in then send it in while requests are open (:


“Oh goodness you scared me, beautiful ~ Why don’t we go and get some coffee?” *Litro brings you to the nicest and most expensive coffee shop*


Why hello my princess, ready to get out of here?*He gets you both home, into your matching couple pjs and watching the Avengers*


Let me guess who it is ~ Is it My amazing, sweet and beautiful girlfriend, y/n?*Subtly plays about with you then brings you out somewhere for lunch*


“I knew it would be you, my short ass ~ I missed you!” *Crouches down to your height to kiss you on the nose*


“Aw my baobei came to surprise me at work, I love you lots and lots” *Wraps his arms around you and wont let go*


“You brought me lunch? Aw Jagi! I’ll do some special Aegyo just for you~” *does special aegyo just for your eyes*


“You came all the way here for me? Awe jagiya you know how to make me feel special” *Takes mass amount of cute couple selfies with you*


I wish there were more hours in the day for back hugs, princess*Pouts and kisses your nose*


“Aw my girlfriend is too adorable, Can I give you back hugs now?” *Kisses all over your face until you let him give you mass amount cuddles and back hugs*


“I wish I could stay in your arms all day everyday, baby girl” *pouts like a baby but aegyo af*


“The dance studio isn’t in use… You, Me? I can put my arms and hands to good use to you” *insert eyebrow wiggle here*


“Ah my beautiful jagi ~ It’s time I take you out for a treat” *Litro trolls the fuck out of you by getting you a mcflurry instead of a Baskin Robbins*

*Jealousy* Newt x reader

◘ Anonymous asked:

Newt x reader. The reader and newt are finally getting married. But with a jealous Tina who tries to stop the wedding in anyway possible

❤ Quick Note:

In this story, Jacob is no longer obliviated. So he’s around for the par-tay! ^_^ Also, I  have Newt’s parent’s in this…. Not sure exactly what they’re like, but I tried to do my best portrayal of how I imagine them!

The sun was shining through the window of your room and the beams light hit perfectly on your wedding gown hanging from the back of your door. The beads sparkled and glistened and you felt your heart flutter each time you envisioned yourself walking down the aisle towards the love of your life…. Newt Scamander. 

You two had met only a year before during his and your return from New York. Bumping in to one another on the boat home to London, you two quickly became close and even quicker, became lovers. 

Newt had kept in contact with his friends in New York, Tina, Queenie and Jacob. You had never met them, but Newt had told you of his adventures with them in his brief stop in the city.

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Movie Date - Jughead Jones

Originally posted by diltons

Pairing: Jughead x Reader
Description: You and Juggy go to a movie date at the drive-in on a cold, foggy night
Warnings: extreme fluff ♥
Word Count: 1,364
hey guys, this is my first riverdale related imagine but i’m obsessed with the show and Jughead so I just had to write something. Today where I live is super cloudy and misty and that’s what gave me the inspiration to write this, bc it reminds so much of the show and jug’s character. Enjoy.

It’s freezing out at the drive-in and as soon as you get there you think that you should have worn a thicker jacket. The wind blows the hair out of your face and you wrap your arms around yourself trying to shield your body from the cold. Looking around, you’re surprised to see that the usually crowded field it’s almost empty. Who would want to stay outside for 2 hours freezing out in such a cold night as this one, right? Only two weirdos like you and Jug. But to be honest, you prefer it this way.

 It doesn’t take long for you to spot the familiar black beanie and a tall figure  sitting on a chair with a bunch of blankets and snacks. A smile automatically  appears on your face while you walk until where he is.

“BOO!” you scream, jumping from behind the chairs and trying to scare him. 
“Ha-ha”, Jug mocks you, clearly unimpressed. “Did you really think I would get  scared that easily?” he asks, smirking.

“Yeah, yeah, I know, silly me.” You answer, smiling and playfully rolling your  eyes.

“Come here, sit. It’s freezing and the movie is about to start” Jug says, lifting  one side of the fuzzy grey blanket and patting the spot beside him.

“Oh, and what are we watching today?” You ask, curious about what he had  chosen for tonight. You loved his taste in weird and old movies and were  always surprised by the films he liked to watch.

“The Shining”, he says, lifting one eyebrow and doing a funny, dramatic voice.

“Oh my god Jug, are you kidding me? You know how much I hate horror  movies!”

“I know, but c’mon (Y/N), look at this weather. It’s freezing, it’s chilly, it’s misty,” he says, lifting his hands in the air and pointing to the sky,” I’m sorry, but this night demands a horror movie.”

“Okay, okay, I’ll watch it” you give in and sigh, realizing you have no choice. “But why do you have to be such an emo?” you purposefully mock him,  knowing how much he hated when people called him emo.

“Oh no. You did not just call me that!” He complains, turning his head to look straight at you, a surprised smile on his lips.

“Okay, I’m sorry, I’m just messing with you” you reply, chuckling “let’s just watch the movie already so we don’t stay here until too late.” You finish your sentence and kiss him on the cheek, wrapping your arms around his neck. That way you knew he wouldn’t say no.

“Yeah, let’s watch it. Even though you don’t like horror movies I think you’ll like this one. Jack Nicholson’s performance is phenomenal, one of the best until this day, in my opinion. The way he conveys his madness throughout the film is what makes it such a classic.”

“Look at you, geeking out again for these old movies” you say, looking at him with pure adoration in your eyes and stroking the black hair in the back of his neck. You love how nerdy he was when it comes to movies and books and you love it even more when he talks about it.

He was looking especially handsome tonight. His green eyes were sparkling and his cheeks were rosy due to the low temperature. Pieces of his dark hair were sticking out of his beanie everywhere, making him look even more adorable. You feel his warm hands on top of your cold ones.

“How can you not geek out when you’re about to watch The Shining? It’s one of my favorites” Jug answers, while the opening title appears on the giant screen.  

“Yeah, you got me, I’m curious now. I just hope it isn’t too scary”

“It isn’t, I promise.”

During the first hour of the movie you two just silently watch, surrounded by blankets. Legs are tangled in each other, Juggy’s arm is around your waist and your head is on his chest, the both of you struggling to keep as warm as possible.  Every now and then you would just look up to see the complete concentration on his face.

Suddenly, his voice breaks the silence “are you enjoying it?”

“Yeah, I thought I wouldn’t like it but the story is actually pretty interesting”

“I don’t mean the movie” he says with a serious look on his face, looking sad almost. 

“What? What are you talking about?” you ask confused, while sitting up so you could look directly at him.

“Are you enjoying this?” he questions, moving his hands between you and him “I mean, are you enjoying… us?”

He quickly looks down, a wave of insecurity getting the best of him.

“Juggy… why are you even asking me this?”

“I don’t know, I just… I just realized it’s almost midnight and you’re out here freezing your ass out, watching a movie you probably won’t even like”, he answers, a sad smile appearing on his lips, “and it’s all for me. I just need to make sure you’re enjoying it as much as I am”

“Oh my God, you’re adorable, you know that?” you reply, laughing and putting your hands on both sides of his face. “Of course I’m enjoying it. Are you kidding me? You’re the best boyfriend I could ever ask for, you’re my best friend. And a boy that brings me on a date like this, c’mon! We’re binging junk food, snuggled up in 5 different blankets, with this whole place practically just for the two of us. And the best part is that I get to be with you. To be close to you. I wouldn’t trade you or this moment for anything, okay?

You immediately bring his face closer to yours and press your chapped lips against his pink ones, mouths moving perfectly in sync with each other. You needed him to know how much you mean every word you just said.

“I wouldn’t trade this for anything either, (Y/N).” Jughead says, sighing and moving a strand of your hair behind your ear.

“Hmmm, not even if I offered you a hot chocolate right now? Your hands are colder than Cheryl Blossom’s heart.”

“Oh wow, my hands are really freezing then” he replies, an adorable laugh coming out of his lips. “But no, I wouldn’t trade you even if you offered me a big, delicious, creamy hot chocolate with a bunch of marshmallows on top. That statement right there is a big step on our relationship coming from me, I hope you know that.”

“My god, I didn’t know I was that important. Now you convinced me” you joke back and kiss him again, this time harder than the last, you just couldn’t contain yourself when you were near him.

These were the moments you cherished the most, the ones where it was just the two of you joking around, kissing, enjoying each other’s companies without a care in the world.

“Well, now that we have already lost important parts of the movie while being a disgustingly cute couple, can I take you home now? It’s getting colder even for me and I think it’s going to rain soon. Plus, I really want a hot chocolate now” Jug says smiling with a pleading look on his eyes.

“Yeah, let’s go. We can finish the movie at my place. And I’ll make you a big, delicious, creamy hot chocolate with marshmallows on top, how about that?” you ask smirking, remembering what he had said to you just minutes ago.

“Sounds good to me”, he replies, kissing the back of your hand and looking into your eyes, a playful smile on his lips, “it sounds really good to me.“

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pixlokita  asked:

Okay just... I just got out from work and saw that baby shinichi and Kaito playdate comic. I almost cried because it was too cute. I love your DC art so much thank you for blessing my dashboard with your amazing art<333

oh wow thank you so much!!! i’ve seen your art around a lot too and it’s so adorable and funny, i’m glad we’re creating things that make each other happy! :’)

there’s a vague sequel to that comic (at least along the same theme of shinichi and kaito being childhood friends) i’ve been working on today, and i just finished so i’ll spill it here because why not:

“oh my god, that’s right, my dad kidnapped you one time”

kaito gets all dramatic the first night he faces off against shinichi as kid, but they’ve been apart for so long that shinichi’s kinda forgotten they hung out as lil babies and it completely deflates kaito’s whole showstopping “look at me now” performance 

i’ve been playing with this au with @nebulousneko a lot lately. shinichi still ends up turning into conan and kaito helps him out, even though he has to get through the fifteen years’ worth of laughter he’s had stored for when Mr Perfect finally screws something up on a huge scale

(also they don’t fight outside heists and shinichi won’t grass on kaito’s identity; they’re both fully clued up on each other’s situations so they take their opposing interests easy on each other)

Divided - Pt. 2

This is a direct sequel to Unexpected Guest.

Thanks to @mccoymostly for planting the little plot bunny in my head and being my idea bouncer and beta.

3,330 word(s) of some fun fluff, and some angst.

Leonard x Reader

Part 1

You groaned softly and blinked your bleary eyes open a few times and glanced at the chronometer. It was early still, 5am, you still had a couple hours before you had to be up. You were getting ready to flip over and go back to sleep, when you looked over and saw Leonard.

Somehow during the night, he’d managed to flip over, face smashed into his pillow, with an arm and leg dangling off the side of the bed, snoring softly, completely passed out. You grinned to yourself at the sight and gave a soft airy chuckle.

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Dance With Me | Junhui

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Originally posted by beautifulcarats

Jun fluff where reader stops by the studio and is forced to dance with Jun! Enjoy 💋

“It’s going to be one of those weeks.” Jun said this as he looked at his phone in consternation. When you agreed to be with Jun under the circumstances of his profession (being an idol) you had also subconsciously agreed to be with his job as well. You had to understand it and the way it worked, it wasn’t fair—you’ve said that many times—but it kept food in the fridge.

There was a pop after closing the container he was eating from that was full of fruits that you both finally cut up last night, they were sitting in the fridge for a week now. “I hate those kind of weeks.” You refrained from giving away your immense feeling of being abandoned yet again—lonely days were followed with silent nights as you went to bed alone for the fifth time in a row. But you were so proud of the way he tried his best to prioritize work and personal life at the same time.

The best thing about being with Jun is being blessed with his ability to bring warmth and love to anyone feeling down. “Your pouting, stop pouting.” He had a small smile on his face trying to make you laugh. You forced yourself over to him and leaned against his chest, letting out a long sigh that was screaming to come out minutes before.

“Can you do the thing?”

He played dumb, “what thing?”

“You know what I’m talking about Junhui.”

“Seems like the boyfriend loses this round, fine I’ll do it.”

You grinned like a Cheshire Cat and Jun chuckled, “you are too much silly melon.” So Jun went and did his part to make you laugh. He pointed one finger to his right cheek then his left, then his nose where his eyes met each other as they moved closer. This is something that made you laugh all the time, maybe it was because he looked stupid but cute at the same time.

He pecked your lips and snuggled you up not wanting to let go. “I’m hardly going to see you this week. I don’t want to let you go.”

“You are such a dramatic one. I’ll be fine.”

Only you weren’t truly fine after going two days without hardly any contact from him or any of the other boys. So after work, you picked up some pizza and headed to the studio to speak to Jun. You hope to convince him and the boys to crawl out of their cave and join the real world.

The first to greet you as you entered the studio was Minghao who was on a quick water break, you ask him where Jun was assuming that if Minghao had a quick break so did the others.

He slightly choked on his water, “He’s in the practice room.”

You pat his back as you walk by him towards your destination, “Thanks, Ming. Make sure to get there before we all eat the pizza.”

You make your way over to the practice room and announce yourself, “(Y/N) (Y/L/N) has arrived !!”

The boys cheer, but Jun quickly runs over, takes the pizza boxes out of your hands rushing to put them on the floor and practically throws you over his shoulder running around the room with you while shouting at the top of his lungs, “My Melon!!”

“Jun, put me down!!!!” You shout through your uncontrollable laughter.

At least he listened to you, putting you down, but then pulled you in for a tight embrace… well more like a bear hug, “Jun you’re going to kill me!!” You managed to exclaim as your air supply started to deplete and black dots coated your vision. You even started tapping the back of his neck rapidly.

He chuckled as he let you go taking your face into his hands. You could see his excitement in just seeing you up close and having you there with him after two days without any type of contact between the two of you.

“What are you doing here?!?!” He exclaimed.

With a smile you rolled your eyes, “Jun why else would I be here?? For whom else would I be here for??”

He playfully shrugged, wanting to hear you say that you were there to see him.

“I know what you’re doing, but I’m here for you if that’s not obvious. Also, you should all eat the pizza before it gets cold,” you point out the pizzas to them and excited, they rush over to them. “You should get some before they finish it.” He nods and pulls you over to the pizza, not wanting to let you go or be at a far distance from you. 

By this point, the only sounds heard were of chewing and occasional, mmm’s as you sat on the floor between Jun’s legs.

“Mm!!” With a mouthful of pizza Jun caught all of the boy’s attention and amused they all watched Jun rush to finish his mouthful, “We should teach (Y/N) one of our dances!!”

You quickly speak up and with excitement raise your hand causing Jun to laugh and dote on you, “I know the main part of Adore U!!”

“Show me please!! How come you never told me??” Jun was the most confused out of them all. “We’ll teach you everything you don’t know, but show me what you know, I’ll even do it with you c’mon!!” Jun convinces you enough to even stand up.

He stands next to you waiting for your first move, “… I was waiting for music,” you mumble as you look at him dumbfounded, your nervousness only building.

He was about to play the music before you realized the main purpose of you being here, “Wait!!”

Confused, he naturally asks, “What??”

“If I dance this, then you all have to leave the practice room for an hour.” You walked over to Jun, your pinky extended out to him.

He stares at your extended limb then the boys before tightly linking pinkies with you. “Deal.”

He quickly plays the music and runs to stand next to you. Your eyes closed just so you could feel the music.

Once you heard the familiar words, “Moreugetda moreugetda,” you started dancing whisky mouthing the words.

You felt as if you were in the comfort of your own room, considering the high volume of the music.

Around, “Ipsuri mallado halmareun haeyagesseo Baby,” Jun stumbled with shock. You got the dance moves correctly and most importantly it seems like you had been at this for weeks. He was also amused on how cute you looked, he could tell you were having fun. That’s all he could wish for.

Once done with what you knew Jun tackled you in a hug, “And you said you can’t dance.”

“I just enjoy dancing. Now as promised you all have to get out of here and enjoy what’s called the real world,” you order as Jun repeatedly pecks your cheek, a goofy look splayed across his face.

“Are you all broken?!?!” You exclaim, after taking notice that none of the boys where making a move to get up but were staring at you in awe.

Chan was the first one to run up to you, a big adorable smile across his face, “Noona!! I didn’t know you could dance so well!!” He exclaims making you laugh at how adorable he is.

You wrap your arm around his shoulders, your hand reaching and pinching one of his cheeks, “Isn’t he so adorable,” you pout and look at Jun who is pouting back at you, “You’re cute too, but he’s my baby,” you explain, “Sorry Jeonghan, you’ve been sharing him this whole time,” you smiled.

“But I’m your boyfriend,” he whines pecking your cheek.

“And I’m your girlfriend and I would love it if you all showered and got ready so we could leave,” you give him puppy eyes and then waves all of the boys out so they can shower and get dressed.

“Mission accomplished,” you mumble to yourself.

All in all it took them all about an hour to get ready. You decided that the best way to relax was to get some ice cream and take a stroll through the park.

“We definitely needed this,” Seungcheol says with a smile. “Thanks unni.”

You were touched, “Aww I’m unni now.”

“You’ve always been since Jun introduced you to us,” Minghao states, making both you and Jun smile.

You wipe away a fake tear, Jun cutely laughs at this, “The next time I ask you guys to come out of your cave. You better be quick. I’m not gonna dance again.”

They all laugh and nod, “Aye, aye captain.” Hansol salutes. Josh laughs at this and mumbles the words, “Spongebob,” Han manages to hear this and chase Josh.

“You should dance with me more often,” Jun whispers in your ear, ignoring everyone but you.

Playfully you shrug, “Who knows.” You look up at him and peck his lips and also steal a bit of his ice cream.

Hope you enjoyed!!

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~Em 🖤 (highly unimportant, but I know the dance 😂)


-Tee 👑

Who’s this?

A/N: This is the first backstory to my series imagine rewrite (I really gotta think of a better name for this). It could also just be taken as a one-shot, whichever floats your boat.

Dean’s age-12

Sam’s age-8

Reader’s age-newborn baby

Middle & bottom gif is from google search

Originally posted by campbellsaunders

“Boys stay in the car for another minute, there’s something I need to talk about with you.” John says to the boys while putting the impala in park next to Bobby’s truck. He was beginning to regret waiting until the last minute to tell the boys about the newest edition to the family.

“Everything okay Dad?” Dean asked from the passenger seat.

“Yeah Dean, everything’s fine, it’s just…do you boys remember Meredith Porter? I went on a few hunts with her in the past.” John asked his boys.

“Yeah Dad of course we remember her. She always cooks real food whenever she’s around; she’s the one who taught Dean how to grill at that one motel that had the outdoor rec. area.” Sam smiled at the memory of acting like a normal family.

“Why do you ask Dad? Did something happen to her?” Dean asked his father with concern written all over his face.

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Title: A New Home

Summary: Y/N and her young daughter have been on the roads for months when Negan comes across them and offers to take them in at The Sanctuary 

Words: 1029

Warning: swearing

Tags:  @erikafierce, @cryiner, @lilith-luma-graves, @collidewithptv-me, @sup–ernova, @scarletpines, @genevievedarcygranger, @hopingnottocry, @thewalkingdeadrises, @spencer-is-amazing, @attorneyl, @savior-simon-says, @thestrugglesofateenagedirtbag, @mackenziewilson,  @scarygoodfanfics, @fangirlindenial, @skullripper9000, @coralpeanutsuit, @justalittlefangirlthing, @nerdy4itall, @katnisspeetaprim, @kleboldisbae, @roleplayeroftheyear, @anntmann, @deanegan, @buckythelittlepuppy, @sniper-knight, @deekaahtj@theroyaldixon, @carolmontt, @imslowlygettingbetter, @iamnothereimnotlistening, @caitydestroyz, @radpukee, @blackvipera, @brieregod-48, @izayo-i, @hellokittyswiftie, @fancybubble, @monetkiddie, @bobrossisbae, @my-amazing-nerdyness, @laurenvictoria-xo, @sea-blue-eyes, @thedeadwalks, @timetravelingsociopathicwalker, @amazinggabbyisonfire, @reedusslut4life135, @ansleylovesmattespinosa, @eziokeks, @multifandomimagines4everyone, @kathyjimenezg1, @bensrey, @laurenm383, @moonxlight101, @look-at-my-dirty-girl, @bands-messed-me-up, @superlucille, @bisexual-watermelons, @hoomygawd, @haunted-goddess, @cassidyfane1d, @rebloggingwoman,@ali-pennell, @memphisgirl1977, @meadow-melody, @warriorqueen1991

In the distance dark rain clouds loomed closer and closer to camp. You could barely even call it that, since it was just you and your daughter, Charlotte. She was barely born when the outbreak started. But now, she was two and some months old, you weren’t sure what month it was. Since your husband turned, your group quickly dwindled, leaving you and Charlotte to fend for yourselves. If you were being honest with yourself, you would realize Charlotte’s life was a miracle. It was just pure luck and chance that you were both still alive. 

A clap of thunder rolled across the sky, a sure sign of the coming storm. Of course there were no buildings to be found, so you and your daughter huddled under a tall, thick pine, in hopes it would keep you dry for the most part. It began to drizzle and Charlotte started to cry. You cradled her head in your hand as you held her, trying to calm her. 

    “Shh, it’s ok baby. It’s just a little rain.” you whispered. “It’s-” 

Your head shot up to the road. You’d heard something, faint, but it you’d definitely heard something. Holding your breath, you listened hard. This time it was louder, closer. There must be some kind of vehicle on the road. You shifted Ch your arms and stood, carefully making your way to the road. A large military looking truck was coming your way. Without thinking you stepped out into the road. Perhaps these people were kind and would take you in, unlike some of the other groups you’d encountered. 

    ‘They won’t.’ you thought. 

But you had to try. You needed somewhere safe for your daughter, some place the two of you could live and not just survive. 

The truck slowed and came to a complete stop only feet from you. The passenger’s door swung open and out stepped a tall, muscular man. He was intimidating, there was no doubt about that. Nothing about his appearance suggested other wise. The man wore a black leather jacket, one a biker might were and in his hand he carelessly swung a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire. 

    “Well what do we have here? You got a little one with you? Hi, I’m Negan.” he said. 

For a moment you couldn’t bring yourself to say anything. You hadn’t spoken to another adult in months. 

    “Y/N,” you looked down at the child in your arms. “And this is Charlotte.”

Negan nodded. “You got a camp, other people?”

    “No, it’s just us. We’ve been out here for months.” you blurted out. 

    “Yea, looks like it too.” Negan looked you up and down. “Shit, I’m sorry, I’m not an asshole, honest to God.Uh, damn alright. You’re coming us, there’s too many walkers for you to handle on your own out here.”

You stood silently. 

Stepping Negan approached you, standing only feet away. “Look, I’m not a bad guy. I’ve got a sanctuary, you and your daughter can be safe there. We’ve got food, water, plenty of space. What do you say?” he smiled.  

You nodded weakly. Truth be told, you were exhausted and could use all the things Negan offered you. 

    “Good, let’s get the hell out of here.”

*             *                 *                  *                     *                *                *                  *

After a couple weeks at The Sanctuary, you were fairly comfortable in your new surroundings. Negan had seemingly taken a liking to you. He checked in on you nearly everyday. One particular day Negan invited you up to his personal suite. Some part of you was nervous, but Negan had taken you and your daughter in, he’d shown no sign of doing anything but acts of kindness towards you. 

At his bedroom door, you knocked and waited, holding Charlotte on your hip.The door quickly opened. 

    “Y/N! Well it’s about fucking time you got up here!” Negan smiled. 

    “Yea, um, Charlotte was napping, I didn’t want to leave her alone in our room.” you replied. 

Negan furrowed his brow. “Aww shit, I was only joking sweetheart. I’m sorry.” Negan stepped aside, letting you pass him. 

Inside was decorated like a luxury hotel. A king sized bed, a sofa, a table covered with an array of alcohol, he had it all. 

    “You can have a seat.” Negan said, pointing to the coach across from an arm chair which he sat in. 

     “So, do you like it here? I mean I know it’s no five star resort but, it’s something.” Negan asked. 

     “Yea, I do. Anything is better than being out there, especially with her, you know?” you glanced down at your daughter. 

Negan smiled. “Charlotte right? I know this might seem strange, but would you mind if I hold her? Shit, we don’t have any kids here besides her, never have. I forgot how adorable they could be.”

    “Sure,” you adjusted you position, handing Charlotte to Negan. “She might freak out a little, she doesn’t care much for beards.”

Confusion settled on Negan’s face. 

    “Her dad had a beard and every time he kissed her on the cheeks she’d get upset.” you explained. 

Negan bounced Charlotte on his lap. “Wow, aren’t you cute? Yea, you’re something special girly.”

Charlotte babbled and giggled at Negan. You couldn’t help but smile. Laughing was something you hadn’t seen Charlotte do in months, yet here she was in the arms of a man she’d never met, smiling. Negan was right, she was special.

Negan glanced up at you. “Man, she is precious. Must have got her good looks from mom.”

You could feel your cheeks blushing, no one had shown you that kind of attention since your husband. 

    “Yea, she’s pretty cute. I mean I only contributed half, so let’s hope that’s the cute part.” you joked. 

    “You’re lucky and you must be a hell of a woman, being able to keep her safe all this time.” Negan said. 

You sighed. “I can tell you, it hasn’t been easy.”

Negan smiled at Charlotte one last time before handing her back to you. “Well, it should be a hell of a lot easier not that you’re here. And I hope you and Charlotte like it enough to stay.”

    “We’re not going anywhere soon.” you promised. 


The First Time He Says He Loves You

Dean: You punch the Shapeshifter, startling it enough so that you can wrestle it to the ground. You straddle it, trying your best to keep it to stay down as you adjust your grip on the knife. You plunge the knife into its chest and watch the life drain away from its body. When it’s completely dead, you stand up, still looking down at it. “Wow…” You hear a voice behind you. A shapeshifter drops to the ground from Dean’s hands. His eyes wide and his mouth agape, he blurts out, “I freaking love you.”

Sam: “Okay, don’t worry. I’ll be right back!” Sam rushes off, leaving you ziptied to a wooden post. You sigh, wanting to be in bed and not - you know - sitting on a freezing cold floor after being tortured for hours. You hear Sam’s feet scuffle back into the room, followed by his adorable, smiling face. “I love you,” he says quickly. You smile, forgetting the situation you were in, and say, “I love you, too, dork. Now please get me out of here.” “Oh, oh, yeah.” Sam refocuses and leaves again to get his knife so he can cut off your zipties.

Cas: “Do you have a moment?” His crystal blue eyes meet yours timidly. You chuckle, grabbing his hand. “Of course.” You pull him into your bedroom, anxiously awaiting what was so important that you two had to be alone. His feet shuffle nervously while he’s standing in front of you, and he begins, “This is… this is strange for me. My feelings for you are growing stronger with every second, and I’m not sure I can comprehend how much I care for you.” Your heart flutters at his words. Before you can respond, he adds, “I’m madly in love with you, (Y/N).”

BTS reaction to you winning ‘Best Looking Female Idol’

Anonymous said: BTS reaction when their s/o gets nominated and wins 1st place As best looking female idol?

Here it is! Sorry it took me so long to get to it, but I hope you still enjoy! ^.^

Rap Monster (Namjoon):

Originally posted by kimnamboobs

Namjoon wouldn’t be surprised when your name was called out as the winner of ‘Best Looking Female Idol’. Despite this, he’d still have a huge smile on his face when you did win, nudging the other boys as they’d sit in the audience, and saying, “Of course she won, she’s gorgeous.”

He’d grin away, staring at you in adoration, as he watched you climb up the steps onto the stage, your long dress trailing on the ground, your matching high heels emphasising your smooth legs, as your beautiful smile seemed to light up the stage. You’d brush a few strands of hair out of your face as you’d slightly shyly accept the award, saying a few words before bowing, and elegantly walking off stage again.

He’d applaud and cheer as you walked past, flashing a smile at you, dimples and all, causing you to blush and giggle as you took your seat once again.

Jin (Seokjin):

Originally posted by kimjongah

Jin would immediately stand up, clapping vigorously out of admiration for you. He’d point at you walking up the stage, pointing you out to the other boys, and saying, “That’s my jagi. My jagi won. Do you see how beautiful she is?” The other boys would simply roll their eyes at Jin, laughing as he’d continue to smile hugely, his hands still clapping away.

“Ah…” He’d sigh, blowing kisses to you in the hopes that you’d notice him in the audience. You’d also blow kisses to the audience, and when you’d make eye contact with him, you’d giggle slightly, winking at him as you’d blow a kiss directly in his direction, earning a huge smile from him as he’d over dramatically clutch his chest, leaning back in his seat. 

As you’d walk past BTS’ table, he’d pull you in for a hug, wrapping his arms tightly around your waist, and pressing his soft lips to your forehead, causing you to look up at him with big, loving eyes, earning an ‘Aw’ from the other members who’d all applaud for the two of you, as you’d both stand there, gazing at each other in adoration.

Suga (Yoongi):

Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned

Suga, much like Namjoon, wouldn’t be at all surprised when you’d win. A smug smile would appear on his face, feeling proud as he’d applaud and clap. 

“You see?” He’d gesture to the other members as you walked across the stage. “I told you she was gorgeous.”

Under the surface, his heart would melt slightly as he’d stare up at you on the stage, admiring the way your dress would fit on you, and the way your hair would effortlessly tumble down past your shoulders, bouncing slightly as you walked around the stage. 

“Ah…” He’d sigh lovingly. “She’s so beautiful…” He’d mumble in slight awe, watching as you humbly accepted the award, bowing and continuing to walk off stage.

J-Hope (Hoseok):

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A huge smile would instantly form on Hoseok’s face as he realised that you had won the award. You would’ve been up against some of the most popular visuals, and so when the host would open the envelope, and slowly slide out the card, before smiling and announcing you as the winner, he’d immediately stand up to cheer and applaud for you, a grin still plastered on his face.

He’d generally think so highly of you, thinking you were beautiful no matter what, without make-up, hair messy and dishevelled, and in sweatpants, or dressed up, make-up done. Either way, in his eyes, you were one of the most gorgeous girls he’d ever see, and so you can imagine how ecstatic he’d feel when everyone else would recognise your beauty.

He’d watch as you delivered a short speech, watching how your eyes would crinkle when you’d smile, hair falling in your face when you’d look down at the ground. He’d find you so adorable, the way you’d nervously fiddle your hands, looking around, only to make eye contact with him and watch him cheering on for you.


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“She won?” Jimin would look up in slightly surprise, which would quickly turn into confidence and slight smugness. “I mean, of course she won. Have you seen her?” He’d ask to no-one in particular, his lips stretching into a small smile. 

This charade of smugness would only last so long though, before this adorable fluff would break out into a huge smile, eyes crinkling as he stared at you in complete adoration and admiration. The other boys would laugh at his fixated gaze, Taehyung waving a hand in front of his face, but to no avail.

“Ah, how did I get so lucky?” He’d ponder to himself, his heart skipping a beat as you’d stand under the spotlight, your hair framing your face perfectly, your make-up emphasising your features. He’d be the first to start clapping at the end of your brief, but sweet, speech, his gaze still completely fixated on you, as you raised your dress as you’d cautiously walk down the steps.

V (Taehyung):

Originally posted by taehyungifs

Taehyung would be in utter awe and amazement when you’d be announced as ‘Best Looking Female Idol’, his mouth forming into a O-shape, looking around at the other members, asking, “Did they just say (Y/N)?” 

He’d always have seen you as stunning, but winning this award confirmed that many other people thought the same. He’d press his hands to his cheeks, staring up at you with the most loving gaze, his lips stretched into a rectangular shape as you’d walk across the stage, bowing several times, a pretty smile forming on your face.

“Ah, that’s my jagiya right there.” He’d giggle, poking Yoongi for about the fifth time, who would be sitting beside him. Yoongi would simply roll his eyes, smiling slightly, saying, “Yes, we know Taehyung, so you’ve said for the fifth time now.” 

You’d walk past where they were seated, only for Taehyung to jump up and pull you into a hug, rubbing your back as he’d murmur, “You’re absolutely stunning, you know that, (Y/N)?”, earning a smile and a peck on the cheek from you, before you’d return to your seat. 

(A/N: Aw, this would be so adorableeeee cx)


Originally posted by sehuns-bubblebum

Jungkook would wait with bated breath, leaning forwards ever so slightly, as the announcer would slowly pull the card out of the shimmering envelope. Once you were announced as the winner, his arms would immediately fly up in a victory pose, as the announcer simply confirmed what he’d know to be true.

The others boys would sit there, pointing and laughing at Jungkook, whose arms would still be in the air, feeling so proud as he’d watch you, holding up your dress so you wouldn’t trip, your hair bouncing about as you’d walk up the stairs.

Deep down, he’d be in awe and admiration of you, his heart fluttering with love for you. Either way, he’d applaud and cheer throughout your whole speech, still applauding even when you’d walk past their table, causing you to giggle shyly, looking down, your hair falling into your face.

Biggest Fan- Connor McDavid

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Ok so this one gave me some trouble, but I think I’m finally happy with it, so…. enjoy!

Warning: none

Anon Request: Can you write a Connor McDavid imagine about (Y/N) is a famous singer and they are dating and someone throws his jersey on stage and he is at that show! I LOVE YOUR WRITING


              “You made it” you cheered, throwing yourself at your boyfriend.

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toujours { laurens x reader // overprotective!laf }

this imagine was was based off this prompt from @thegirlon5sos !

Big bro Laf getting all protective when he realizes that his baby sis starts developing feelings for John Laurens.

thank you so much for this prompt! it was really fun to write. i have one more john imagine coming up since i need to do more for him that will be up soon! 

the title is “always” in french (thx google translate). 

i’m still taking requests so send me a prompt if you’d like to send one in! also, thank you for 100+ followers!


“(Y/N)?” You looked up from your book when your big brother came in. Lafayette gave you a little smile when you made eye contact with him and peeked into your room further. "The boys are coming over. Just a heads up.“ 

"Thomas and James?” You asked, unsure what he meant by “boys.” Your brother was quite popular. It was something you admired about him. 

“Non. Ah, Alex, Hercules and John." 

 You knew them. You liked them much better than Thomas and Madison. You specifically remembered John. He was the sweetest of the three. He had curly hair that you adored, freckles that reminded you of constellations, and the kindest smile. The problem was your brother was far too protective of you to let that relationship go anywhere. He’d never let you date one of his friends especially. 

"I like them.” You smiled, feeling your heart warm at the thought of seeing John–even if it was just for a little bit. He could always make you smile within seconds. 

 "They like you too.“ Lafayette chuckled. "Who doesn’t love my sweet baby sister?" 

 Unlike most big brothers, Lafayette cared for you deeply. He never annoyed you to the point where you couldn’t handle it anymore. He knew when to back off. He loved and looked after you first–all pranks, tricks, or other nonsense came afterwards. The difference lied in the fact that he was also your legal guardian. He’d been taking care of you since he was small and he was taking care of you now. That hadn’t changed a bit. 

 His words especially made you happy. To hear that they liked you hopefully meant that John liked you too. Even if it wasn’t in a more romantic way, it made you feel hopeful. 

"John included right?” You let slip out then cursed yourself mentally. 

 "Oui?“ Your brother said unsure, giving you a weird look. ”(Y/N), what are you getting at?“ 

 "Nothing. Have fun! I’ll be up here.” He gave you a weird look as you shooed him away, but backed out of your room and left you alone. 

 Eventually, you got hungry and you knew you had to go downstairs. It was inevitable–you had to eat something. You looked over yourself in your tall mirror in the corner of your bedroom. You ran a hand through your hair quickly, fixing it to your liking, and then straightening your (f/c) sweater that went perfectly with your leggings. You looked cute for having done nothing at all today. 

 As you went downstairs, the noise level grew. While it was quiet and cold upstairs, down below it was loud and warm. You tiptoed down the stairs and when you looked in the kitchen, John was there alone, opening up the fridge while the guys sat in the living room. You peeked into the living room first and gave the boys a big smile. 

 "Heyyyyyy,“ you said, grinning at Alexander and Mulligan. "Movie or video game marathon?" 

Both boys peeled their eyes away from the screen and smiled back at you.

 "Video games.” Alex spoke up, holding the white controller as he leaned forward on the couch. Hercules held the other one. They were playing Smash again. Typical.

 "Hey girl, hey!“ Hercules said in a high pitched voice, tilting his head a little as he did so.

“Mon dieu, Hercules please never do that again, mon ami.” Lafayette groaned, shoving Hercules as he sat in between his two best friends. Hercules rumbled with laughter and you smiled at their interaction. 

 "I second that.“ Alex shook his head with a laugh. "Do you wanna get in on this game?” He looked up at you with a playful smile. 

 "Oh no,“ You shied away. "I just wanted to get something to eat and I’ll be out. You’ll be fine without me.” You joked. They all looked a little sad, but you chuckled and made the short walk to the kitchen. 

 "Hey, (Y/N)!“ John said, looking up at you. You looked up at him and felt everything slow down. "There’s some pizza left if you want some. We demolished a couple of boxes, but I made sure they saved some for you.” 

Why does he have to be so thoughtful? You thought. Why are you making this so easy to like you?

“That’s so sweet of you. Thanks.” You smiled, stepping into the kitchen. “Lemme just get a plate." 

 John watched in confusion and wonder as you went to grab a chair from the table and set it up against the kitchen counter. You hopped up into the chair, opened the cabinets and reached up on your tiptoes for a ceramic plate. You could hearJohn chuckle as you finally got your plate. You turned to him with a little smile and a blush and he grinned widely. You were adorable to him.

 "All that for a plate?” He had his eyebrows raised slightly. “You could have asked me, you know. I’m always here for you." 

 Your blush deepened. "Habit. Laf’s too tall and so are the cabinets in here,” you said sheepishly. “He never puts anything in reach. I’m not even that short,” you laughed. “It’s just the way this place was built." 

John took a minute to notice the structure of the house. He understood what you were getting at as the cabinets were mounted up higher. A smile broke out on his face.

 "Lemme help you down then.” He laughed and stepped closer to you. You waited for him to take your hand or rather ask for yours but instead he carefully put his hands on your waist, picked you up gently, and set you down on the floor. Your heart fluttered and he smiled down at you, hands still on your waist. You couldn’t stop staring at him. Even his cheeks were slightly red as well. 

 "Told you I’d always help.“ 

 "T-Thanks.” You said, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear gently and looking away. 

 "No problem.“ He said huskily, dimples prominent as he smiled at you sweetly. You laughed nervously and stepped back slightly. Just as you did so, your older brother came in, looking at both of you curiously. His eyes narrowed in on your red face and bright eyes. John too looked a little flustered. John cleared his throat and scratched the back of his neck. 

 ”(Y/N), did you get something to eat?“ Lafayette said lowly. He stood up taller, arms crossed over his chest. He took in front of the exit. You knew exactly what he was doing. 

 "About to.” You sighed as you moved away from John entirely as you had to cross the kitchen to get to the island with the pizza boxes on it. You tried not to look at him as you opened up the box. You could still feel Lafayette burning holes into you. 

 "John, the movie is about to start. All the snacks are out there so you probably won’t find what you’re looking for in here.“ Lafayette said in one breath, tone cold and dignified. 

You bit your lip, glancing in between the two of them. You shared a look with John. He looked sorry. Your heart hurt for him. 

 "And if you could keep your eyes off my sister, that would be great. Merci.” Lafayette jumped in again, voice dripping with sarcasm. 

 "Laf, arrêtez!“ you warned him to stop, but were immediately shot down. Lafayette gave you one look–almost daring you to challenge him. You rolled your eyes. 

 "Y-Yeah, okay.” John cleared his throat almost painfully. “See ya, (Y/N)." 

 When he started to walk out, Lafayette purposely didn’t move. The two made eye contact and John was forced to make his way around Lafayette. 

 Lafayette wasn’t happy. He didn’t need to say a word. A simple look told you everything. In fact, you stood there in silence. Seconds felt like hours under your brother’s gaze. Finally, you looked up. 

 "Laf?” You asked softly, shutting the pizza box quietly. “Are you mad at me?" 

"Do you like him?” Lafayette was quick to jump in. Your voices were still low and soft enough so you were sure that the boys couldn’t hear you. The TV was on too loud anyways. 

“No.” you said quickly, taking a bite out of your pizza. 

 Lafayette raised his eyebrows. “(Y/N). Look at me." 

 You swallowed the pizza in your mouth, but coughed as you did so too quickly. You tried to compose yourself and after doing so you protested. "I-I don’t, Laf! I swear!" 

 His look of disbelief intensified. Your brother looked annoyed now. 

 You bit your lip, nodded sheepishly, then nodded much faster. Your older brother sighed. "I’m sorry." 

 "The only thing you should be sorry about is lying to me.” Your brother came closer to you, standing across from you as you reclined back on the counter. 

“Tu es fâché.”

 He sucked in a breath and pursed his lips together. “Non. Not mad, love." 

 "Yeah, you are." 

 "I promise you I’m not.” He said cooly. “But really? John?” Lafayette said, sounding disgusted. “Que diable?!" 

 You blushed deeply and Lafayette tried to hold back a smile of his own. This was cute. "H-He’s always been nice to me and we have a lot in common and he’s pretty cute." 

 "Ew, stop!” Lafayette begged, burying his head in his hands. “Nooooooooooo.”  

You giggled and Lafayette broke out into a little smile too, dropping his hands so you could see his grin. Suddenly, your brother towered over you as he came closer to you. He wrapped his arms around you and rested his chin on your head. He kissed your head tenderly as you wrapped your arms around his torso. 

 "Mon petit, I’m convinced that no guy will ever be good enough for you. And whenever John or whoever you end up won’t be there for you, I will. Always.“ He hummed gently, rocking you softly. “Toujours.”  

"Aww, Laf.” You smiled, eyes watering slightly. 

“I really don’t like the idea of you two dating,” he grumbled. “But if he makes you happy, I’m willing to reconsider." 

 Your heart fluttered with hope and excitement. Possibilities flooded your mind. 

Then Lafayette spoke up again, this time is voice low and serious. "Let me know if I have to kill a man." 

 You rolled your eyes but buried yourself further into Lafayette. "Merci." 

 "My pleasure, chéri.”