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How is it possible that simply looking into your fine face gives me such joy? Why does it make me so happy that everytime I try to sneak a peek at you, you’re already looking at me. Like you it makes no sense, It feels right. If I ever get out of here, I will find a time and place to tell you that you make my life messy and confusing and unfocused and irrational and wonderful. This is that time this is that place.

Temperance Brennan 9x6

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I got tagged by @liderfin (thank you <3) to do a phone meme and post my lock screen, my last selfie and the last song I listened to. Edit: Also tagged by @galadrieljones <3

 You don’t get my lock screen since it is my kids. They are adorable, but I prefer not to post their faces here.

 My background is The End by @nipuni (thank you for sharing your wonderful art). 

 I’m terrible at selfies. This is me trying to take a picture of my eye makeup from Saturday when we went on a date. (So yes I hadn’t changed clothes yet). Look at my giant nose! It was meant to be only the eye cropped out, so my expression is weird.

 The last song I listened to was The Swiss Army Romance by Dashboard Confessional, since I was listening to The Dead Season playlist.

 I am going to tag @bearlytolerable @wrenbee @redinkofshame @silent-of-spirit @cordkitty-ish @consumed-by-veilfire only if you want to!

Jealous (Zico)

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(Happy Birthday to one of my ultimate biases! I hope your day is absolutely perfect, cause you deserve it! And I’m pretty sure we all need some cute jealous Woo Jiho in our lives)

“Oppa?” You called out softly.

“In the bedroom baby.” Following his voice you entered the shared bedroom. Blushing, you stopped, staring at Jiho pulling a shirt on over his head. You barely muttered out a ‘sorry’ before he smirked, “like what you see, babe?”

“I-I uh… uh…” With a red face you bowed before trying to back out of the room. He loved watching you get flustered so easily like that, it was adorable. Maybe, just maybe he should stop teasing you for once.

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“Y/n!” Your rolled over, covering your ears with a pillow. “Go away..”

“Wait, What?” You shot out of bed as soon as you realized it wasn’t a dream. Walking over to your window, And almost tripping over many things in you dark room, you see your best friend Peter, Who was trying to throw things at your window to wake you up.

“Get your ass in here! You might get hypothermia if you stay out!” You yelled down, Though not loud enough to disrupt anyone. He quickly climbed up, And hopped through the window. Something he’s done more than once.

You scanned over his sleepwear, which was a baggy shirt and hello kitty felt pants. You bit your lip to keep from laughing. He looked adorable and ridiculous all at the same time. “Don’t ask” He smiles.

“So, why are you here at 4am?” His face flinched, and you could tell he was fearing something.

“I uh… I had a nightmare that I lost you, a-and I needed to see if you’re okay.” He stuttered, shivering when he thought something might have happened to to you.

“You shouldn’t worry about me, really. I don’t mean that much.” You shrugged, folding your arms across your chest. You were slightly uncomfortable. You didn’t know why Peter liked you so much, you weren’t all that, at least in your eyes.

“What? Y/n, you mean the world to me. I don’t know what I’d do if I lost you. But I’d probably be a mess, honestly.” You smiled a bit at his comments.

“Really?” You asked, still unsure if he was telling the truth. Peter looked a little surprised that you wouldn’t believe him.

“Absolutely. You’re my favorite person ever.” He hugged you tightly, as if he was never going to hug you again. It was full of love and care. You had never felt anything so emotion filled. You were reminded again of how amazing your best friend was. “And you’re my favorite, too.”

“Want to cuddle and talk about movies?” You offered after enough time went by. 

“More than anything,”

What if when the pack rescues Stiles, it’s Lydia’s job to actually find him and get him out of there while the rest of the pack is fighting the bad dudes and when Lydia finally finds Stiles he says something along the lines of what Lydia said in 5x16 like “You can’t be here” “You could get hurt, what are you doing” and Lydia just smirks and says “Stiles, please shut up and let me save your life”. After she says that Stiles will just like let out a little laugh and smile and do his normal love eyes then he grabs the sides of her face and kisses her with beautiful music and awww.


Solangelo One-Shot: Shower Fight

Written by: @the-mockingjay-hufflepuff

He showed up at the door of Will’s cabin, soaking wet, covered in sparkles and his hair dyed pink. Will let out a laugh.

“What happened. Trying out a new look?” Will snorted.

“Yes, I chose to get doused in glitter and have my hair colored magenta,” Nico growled.

“Come on, no one can be grumpy when they look like a fairy princess,” Will teased.

“Solace, fix me or my fist will meet your face.”

“Okay, okay. Get in here, Sunshine.”

Nico trudged into the Apollo cabin, leaving a trail of sparkles behind him, “Where is everyone?”

“They’re all at dinner. And may I ask why you look like a rainbow unicorn?”

“The Stolls brother.”

“Ahhhhh,” Will said with realization, “Say no more.” Will walked around Nico, looking at the predicament, “It’s the only way… Nico, strip.”

“Excuse me?”

“Take off all the clothes down to your underwear, I’m gonna hose you off.”

“I don’t think so.”

“Are you self conscious Nico?”


“Then strip, darlin’.”

Nico only obeyed because his boyfriend’s accent was so freakin’ cute. He quickly changed out of everything except his boxers as Will pulled him into the bathroom.

“Get in the shower.”

Will grabbed the shower head, pulling it off the wall along with the short hose and began running the water over Nico. He used soap and scrubbed all the glitter off as Nico stood there, silently gazing at Will while he worked. It seemed to take Will longer to get the glitter off of Nico’s biceps and his chest. His hands would linger in these places for a moment to long, then he would glance up at a smirking Nico, blush, and move on.

“Okay, all the glitter should be gone. Let’s get your hair next.”

Will washed and washed and washed, but the dye wouldn’t come out. Or lessen. It seemed to get brighter the more he washed it until it was hot pink.

“Nico…” Will started, wondering how Nico was going to handle pink hair.

“Hmmm?” Nico looked up at Will from where he was sitting in the tub.

Will lost the ability to use words, seeing as his and Nico’s faces were so close that Will could smell the shadows radiating off Nico’s skin. Nico smiled seductively, which was completely out of character, but Will didn’t care. He bent over, smashing his lips to Nico’s. Will was throughly enjoying himself until Nico grabbed his shirt, pulling Will into the tub with him and causing bubbles to fly up around them,

“Hello there,” Nico laughed, throwing foam in Will’s face. Will ended up stripping down to his boxers too. Both boys ran around the bathroom, splashing each other with water and pouring shampoo in the other’s hair, coming up with crazy hair styles.

Will stopped putting Nico’s hair in a mullet. He had completely forgotten.

“Nico…” Nico opened his eyes and peeked at Will, who hesitated, “Your hair is still pink.”

Nico dropped his rare smile, “What?”

“I couldn’t get it out. No matter how hard I rubbed.”

“Oh, I thought you just liked touching my hair,” Nico smirked.

“Are you mad?” Will looked at Nico suspiciously.

“Nah, we were having a such a good time. I don’t want to ruin it.”

Will smiled, “And just to be clear. I love touching your hair.”

Nico chuckled and stood up, “Want to dry off?”


Both boys hopped out of the bathtub and dried off. Will found a hair dryer that was one of his sister’s. He first dried Nico’s hair. When he was finished, Nico’s hair was almost as messy as Percy’s. But nothing rivaled Will’s hair. He looked like a blond poodle, with his natural spiral curls and frizziness.

“What is this?” Nico asked, touching the tips of Will’s hair.

“I usually wear gel,” Will confessed.

“I love it,” Nico whispered in his ear, making Will dizzy and red.

Nico knew that he could distract Will when he whispered in his ear or they had some sort of physical contact. Nico got flustered when Will hugged him or played with his hair. Will grabbed Nico’s hand and led him to his bed. They laid down and snuggles, both worn out from the bathroom war.

Nico kissed from the bottom of Will’s chest to his ear then said softly, “Goodnight, William.”

Will, being tired and dizzy from the affection, looked down at Nico, wrapped his arms around the other boy’s small frame and said sleepily, “Goodnight, sunshine. I love you.”

Nico froze, “What did you say?”

But Will was already asleep, his soft breath tickling Nico’s neck. Nico leaned up and kissed Will’s lips, “I… I love you too.” With the comfort of Will’s arms and the thought of love, Nico drifted into a dreamless sleep. And that is how we find Will Solace the poodle and a pink-haired Nico Di Angelo cuddling in only their underwear, both of the boys looking happier then they have in a long time. :)

A Little Bias Rant #1

Starting with Sunyoul. He’s adorable and I just want stare at his cute face all day. He’s not necessarily my bias for the fact that I would date him although I certainly wouldn’t mind but for the fact that I would love to be best friends with this bunny.

Honestly just imagine having midnight talks about that one boy you like in your class and him giving you best friend advise or if you’ve had an argument with your parents or something idk and you just call him like “I need to get out of here for a while” like he’d be that friend to save you from any situation and give you the best advise or just listen to you cause he cares so much about you and treasures your friendship.

And don’t even get me started on all the silly childish moments there would be like belting out duets in public and everyone around you is either cringing or laughing at the lively behaviour. aND THEN THE LINKING ARMS THING THAT HE DOES AND IT WOULD JUST HAPPEN ALL THE TIME, WHERE EVERYTHING WOULD FEEL SAFE AND COMFORTING CSUSE YOU HAVE YOUR BEST FRIEND WITH YOU.

I know its weird to have a bias cause I’d like to be best friends with them but I honestly feel like he’d be a great best friend.

honestly I love sunyoul

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Prompt can be found here.

Beacon Hills was full of excitement; you’d heard the bizarre stories about it before you moved there. People often spoke of the town with a grim face or fearful eyes. Murder was apparently common  activity there, and yet somehow it had more people moving in than moving out. Surely it couldn’t be that bad, then, right?

Right. Especially not when half of your classes were with Malia Tate. She caught your eye on your very first day here; you’d never admit it, though. You thought it was adorable when she was focusing on her classwork with her eyebrows knit together, and the little “yes!” she did under breath after getting an answer right was too much for your heart. She was so bold, too, and spoke her mind freely. Overall, she seemed like a kindhearted, down-to-earth person and you were completely smitten with her.

You sighed and let your eyes attention drift to her. She sat in the front of the room with eager eyes and a determined attitude, listening to Coach Finstock’s every word. She’d recently gotten a haircut that made her look more mature and captivating. Part of you wanted to compliment her, but you felt discouraged, anyway. It seemed like your chances with her were pretty low considering lately she’d been hanging around the other new kid in Beacon Hills High, Theo. There was no way you could compete with him.

“Hey!” A pair of hands clapped in front of your face - it was Finstock. “If you’re done gawking at Malia over there, would you care to tell me what I just said?”

You exhaled and stared blankly at him. “Sorry, Mr. Finstock, I wasn’t listening. She’s much more interesting than you are.” A chorus of laughter sounded from your classmates.

“Maybe you’ll find me more interesting in detention.” He smirked tauntingly at you.

You smiled bitterly back at him as he walked away and continued to teach. When you decided to take one more risky glance at Malia, you weren’t met with the back of her head. She was staring right back at you.

You made a mental note to make Finstock the main target for any future harassment you inflicted.

The rest of the class consisted of frazzled nerves and Finstock calling out more innocent students. The moment the bell rang, you shot out of your seat and left the classroom as fast as you could.

“Pretty ballsy to talk back to Finstock like that.”

Apparently not fast enough.

You froze in your tracks and hesitantly peeked over your shoulder. Malia had one inquisitive eyebrow arched. “Uh, not really,” you shrugged. “Other people do it all the time.”

“You were much more… blunt.” She tilted her head, causing her hair to shield one eye.

“I dunno, Greenberg can be pretty abrasive.” You grinned.

She shuffled her books around in her arms. “Are you into guys like that?”

“… Like Greenberg?”

“No.” Her face contorted into a disgusted expression. “I meant guys that are so straightforward.”

You narrowed your eyes at her interrogatory demeanor. “Uh… I don’t know.”

“Then what are you into?”


“Being on time for class.” You deadpanned, your cheeks burning. “I gotta go, sorry.”

She followed you for a few steps. “Wait -”

“Really, I don’t want another detention. I’ll see you around.” You waved awkwardly, picking up your pace. God, she was so onto you. You were probably obvious enough, but Finstock made it clear for the entire class that you were totally infatuated with Malia. The entirety of Beacon Hills would probably know by the end of the day. You were completely humiliated from that point on. You avoided ogling Malia whatsoever and as soon as you got home, you flopped face-first onto your bed to hide your embarrassment.

The next day was worse than you expected. Malia pursued you before your first class even started, creeping up on you at your locker. She didn’t say a word, just watched you as you gave her anxious glances and pulled books out of your locker. You took a slow breath in, exhaled, and calmly closed the locker.

You held your books close to your chest like they could guard you. “Do you need something?”

“No.” She replied nonchalantly. “I’m walking you to class.”

“You don’t have to…” You protested. As you backed away, she advanced towards you. “Really, it’s fine.”

She wasn’t giving you much of a choice. No matter how deftly you tried to maneuver away from her, she remained by your side. You eventually gave up, slowing down to normal pace and peeking at her out of your peripheral vision. She was totally indifferent, not seeming to feel awkward about it like you did. As soon as the door to your classroom was in sight, you hurried in to avoid talking to her.

You couldn’t focus on anything, even without her there. Maybe that was what she wanted to do; she knew how intoxicating she was to you. It was some sort of game to her, right? Was that how she really was?

She continued to walk you to each of your classes. She was always waiting outside the door the moment the bell rang. It felt like she was mocking you, finding humor in watching you squirm and stutter whenever she spoke.

When lunch came around, you hoped to be left alone. You weren’t expecting her to ditch her friends - but she did. As soon as you sat down at your usual table, she approached and casually shoved your friend over to sit next to you. When your friends halted their conversations, she grinned at them. “What are we talking about?”

You turned to her and hushed your voice. “Whatever you’re doing, can you please stop?”

Her fuschia lips frowned. “What?”

“I don’t know if you’re messing with me or if you pity me or - just, whatever it is, stop,” you pleaded.

She held up her hands while you gathered your stuff. “Wait -”

“Please stay away from me.” You mumbled, storming away.

You took refuge in a bathroom stall until your lunch period, and then waited a few more minutes to leave. You didn’t want to run into her - although it was more likely she’d run into you. Normally, you were assertive by default. Around Malia, it was a completely different story. She made you feel diffident. Your little display probably didn’t even rattle her.

When it felt safe, you creeped out of the bathroom and started to head to class. Your fears were confirmed when you were stopped by her fair figure just outside the door. You tried to step around her.

She sidestepped the same way, blocking your path. “Please hear me out!”

“It doesn’t matter.” You sighed and tried stepping the other way. She mirrored you.

“It does to me. I think you’re misinterpreting this,” she urged desperately.

“Am I?” Tears began gliding down your cheeks. “It just felt like you were teasing me, holding it against me or something. I don’t know,” you smiled bitterly at your hands.

“I’m sorry if it seemed like I was trying to hurt you. I - I wasn’t.”

You looked up at her helplessly. “Then what?” You whimpered.

“I just wanted you to notice me again,” she admitted and took a step towards you. “After Finstock called you out, you wouldn’t look at me - for a while it was like I didn’t even exist to you. I couldn’t live with that. Had I known you liked me this whole time, I would’ve done something. I didn’t really know if you were into girls or not.”

“You could’ve just said that.” You laughed, rubbing your face.

“I know,” she replied sheepishly. “I’m still new to this.”

“New to what?”

She faltered, her mouth popping open before she blurted, “Relationships.”

You swallowed nervously. “Oh. I - I didn’t know we had one.”

“I want us to… If you’re still open to it.” She never looked so shy before, biting her lip and lowering her eyes. You never stopped feeling anything for her; you thought that much was obvious.

“I am.” You affirmed.

She beamed, closing the distance between you and capturing your mouth in an unexpected kiss; short and sweet. She pulled away after a few seconds. You gazed at her lips with lidded eyes.

“By the way,” you breathed, ghosting her lips, “I’m not into outspoken guys. I’m only into you.”

She laughed and recited your prior words. “You could’ve just said that.”

“So,” you pitched, “where are we going for our first date?”

She laced your fingers with hers. “Meet me in the parking lot after school.”

“We’re going on a date in the parking lot?” You faked flattery . “Romantic.”

She rolled her eyes and backed away. “Just be there.”

“See you then.” You watched her walk away before you let yourself freak out a little. You had a date today with Malia Tate. 



gOD YOU CAN PRACTICALLY HEAR HER THINKING “okay don’t lose your cool girl don’t look too excited you hate people remember?”

“cute new kid??? what cute new kid?? whatever. who cares? i don’t care”

“i…… dooooon’t care…….. oH FUCK IT”


Head Over Feet |Mike x Reader|

Pairing: Mike x Reader

Summary:  reader and Mike are ice skating and the reader trips, getting caught by Mike which leads to them kissing

|| Submission Here ||

Author: Me

Reader Gender: Female

Word Count: 533

Warnings: None.

Mike chuckled as he drove off to an old pond his family used to come too, glancing over at you he patted your hand to calm your nerves. “You’ll be fine ‘y/n’, but still. I can’t believe you’ve never been ice skating before.” Still keeping the smile on his face he went to the back of his truck and took out the skates. Trying not to laugh he couldn’t help but think your expression was adorable, having that tiny pout forming your lips.

Scowling you did your best not to pout though you then huffed shaking your head pulling your coat closer over your body as you shivered.

“I don’t have a good balance.” You muttered then sighed hearing his laugh again though your cheeks burned. Mike then patted your should then gave it a gentle squeeze though you might have been imagine things but you could have sworn his hand lingered longer than an friends should.

Walking over to a small bench you sat down but laughed as he slipped your boots off and helped you with your skates.

“Perfect fit, like Cinderella “He flirted.

Blushing you rolled your eyes and playfully shoved him.” Oh whatever”

He then smiled at you and once he had his own skates on he stepped out on the lake and held his hand out for you.

“My lady”

Seeing that teasing smile sent butterflies through your stomach and you had to calm yourself before you managed to grasp his hand tightly. You stumbled falling into his arms, feeling your cheeks burn you slowly looked up and muttered out an apology.

Shaking his head Mike gave you one of his smiles then skated away from the land. “It’s fine ‘y/n’ it’s cute, like a baby deer.”

Groaning you felt your legs wobble as you did your best to glare at the man but it was hard not to smile around him.

After getting used to it, you were both soon skating around the ice, Mike holding your hand so you wouldn’t fall. Once you came to a stop, he skated back a little and held his arms out.

“Now I want to see if you can skate to me”

Laughing, your legs wobbled again but managed to stand up seeing him as his arms crossed over his chest. Nodding your head you stuck your tongue out and slowly skated towards him, you were doing fine until the tip of your skate caught a bump causing you to trip. You let out a small scream and closed your eyes waiting for impact but found yourself getting cut off as a pair of arms wrapped around your hips.

Giving him a tiny smile you glanced down. “I…s-sorry”

Shaking his head, he smiled then gave you a gentle kiss. Your eyes went wide for a moment, but you soon kissed him back.

Pulling away you gave him a hesitant smile as you gripped his coat. “That’s one way to catch someone”

Shaking his head Mike smiled brushing your hair away, though he just looked into his eyes.

“Can I kiss you again ‘y/n’ ?”

“Yes, you can Mike” Smiling you felt him pull you close as your lips met again

“Connor, give me your fiercest wolf face!”
“Rawr! >:D”

Thought of the idea while I was passing out candy haha xD  Ziio is the one taking the picture~!  Sorry for how messy it is, but I just wanted to get the idea down before halloween ends (AND IT STILL COUNTS CUZ HAWAII STAY LATE SO HA!)  So here have some adorably intimidating Connor and his vampire-y father.  hehe

but we’ve just established that Dave already gets starstruck around kings

can you imagine his reaction if it turns out that his mate, whom let’s face it he already kind of adores, is in fact a king

I mean he’s gonna be heartbroken over Arthur’s betrayal BUT here comes Killian with the sword and the hook, the crown and the leather jacket, the ship and the round table, looking cooler than ever, like “it’s okay mate… the chair’s still yours you know”



Well you guys wanted to know….so here it is.

Behold the face of the 5ft tall bunny hailing from Trinidad and Tobago who you draws you all dem squiggles that you like so much.

I’m laughing and smiling brightly at how adorable you all are. Thank you for your encouragement and prompts to get me out of my rabbit hole. I notice a lot of people don’t smile a lot with their teeth. What is wrong with you cuties? Let me see them cute pearly whites >A<)9 I ain’t the only one with a bright smile y’know.

Well, you know what I look like now. Now I’ve joined all the beautiful people posting selfies.

Keep on being beautiful and adorable cutiepies <3

~LittleMissSquiggles (2015)