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First Night - Finn Bálor One-Shot

Request: You should write, their first night after being released from the hospital.

A/N: Idk why but I keep trying to write Ben Bálor but then I catch myself and I’m like, “it’S FINN, NOT BEN. GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER, LADY.” ok carry on! Thanks for the request, anon! ^.^ you guys keep in sending requests too!

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“Home sweet home!” You exclaimed, smiling widely at the sight of your own home again. You had grown tired of the hospital. Being stuck there for the last three days was awful. You held the door open as Finn carried the car seat which contained Ava who was fast asleep as usual. He brought her inside and placed her on the coffee table.

You made your way over to him, staring down at the peaceful look that was on her face. “She looks like you when she sleeps.” You chuckled, nudging Finn. He smirked, removing the blanket off of her. “Should we place her in the crib?” He questioned. You nodded your head. “I think the car seat may grow uncomfortable after a while.” You breathed out, bending down to unhook her straps.

She curled up her body as you slowly lifted her out of the carrie, cradling her in your arms. “It’s okay, sweetheart.” You smiled, making your way into the nursery. You laid her down in the crib, seeing how she stretched her small limbs outward, a whimper escaping. You shushed her and patted her on the back softly before slowly exiting the room.

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