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Inktober 013: Me, myself and i

Tools: Copic Multiliner (0.3)

*let’s chat.

* alrighty.  you know as well as i that technology is great.  hell, consider me a big fan.  we communicate at lightening fast speeds, share gobs of information at the nonchalant stroke of a key, share excitement over our interests with total strangers, etc, etc.

* now, among all of these wonderful and curious shenanigans technology affords us, something else we can spend our time doing is a little thing commonly known as cyberbullying.  and that, kids, is something i’m not a fan of.

* because you see, my chums, cyberbullying does have an impact on the person you’re spewing your hate at.  you may pretend it’s nothing, but they’re feeling real hurt while you casually sit behind your computer screen with your LV steadily increasing.

* that’s right, you heard me.  your LV is increasing.

oh, but Sans! you insist, i didn’t actually hurt anyone!  what i did wasn’t violent!

* but you did.  and it was.

* why, did you know that in severe cases, telling someone to kill themselves can be seen as an act of criminal harassment?  i should know - i’m the judge.

* and why would you do that anyway?  because you don’t agree with someone’s ship?  because it doesn’t align with your headcanons?

* hm.

* frankly, i have a good feeling i don’t need to elucidate any further as to how i feel about that.  no one gets to LV2 by accident, after all.  so i’ll just say this:

                                      Look inside yourself.
                   Have you really done the right thing?
                   And, considering what you’ve done…
                                   What will you do now?

                      Take a moment to think about this.


* huh.  some of you look bored.  i get the feeling you’re not going to learn anything from this.

* but the rest of you.  the rest of you can do better.


“immigrants are stealing our jobs”

So get better than them??? You’re no more entitled to a job than they are. it is not your birthright. the people ‘stealing’ your jobs have worked so fucking hard, and they damn well deserve them. try improving your education system instead of grumbling about there being other more qualified people around you… sorry to tell you this but you can’t just shut the entire world out because you’re looking for excuses.

 So a friend asked me to tell this story:

 Sometimes my uterus likes to play “will I or won’t I” with me, and one time my period was so late it was working my last nerve.
I had tried everything- from begging, to sex, to wearing the pretty expensive panties. But this damn period would. not. start.
 So finally, I sat down and thought “Uterus, if u don’t get your act and ovaries together, I will vote conservative and you’ll just have to live with your guilt and heavily restricted access to dick!”

 2 hours later my period started.

This Moment Alone

Pairing: Keith/Lance (Klance)

Words:  1,442

On Ao3

Summary:  Lance wants to practice kissing with Keith. And Keith thinks that’s utterly ridiculous. But what’s even more ridiculous? He actually does it.

“Come on, Keith. It’s normal, everyone does it!” Lance tried to persuade as he followed Keith to the edge of his bed.

Ridiculous. It was ridiculous. Keith didn’t care what Lance considered ‘normal’ since he once saw the guy eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with pickles. As far as Keith was concerned, Lance could take his customs and go find someone else to harass.

“It is not normal, Lance. Maybe in those weird rom-coms you watch, but not in the real world, you know, where everyone else lives.” Keith said, rifling through his bedside table just to have an excuse to turn his blushing face away from Lance.

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anonymous asked:

jace should have just stayed at the institute. alec is right, it's not that bad.

Yeah well, Anon, it’s not that easy with everything that Jace went through and what happened after he got back. Plus, Aldertree blackmailing him which now pretty much means that Jace is homeless. I do get that he is in a very difficult situation rn. Besides, I don’t think it was easy for Jace to a) leave the institute (his home since he was like 10?) and b) going to Magnus and asking him for help.

But can he please stop acting like a dickhead now? I love him but no. Stop this Jace. And I don’t just mean interrupting and ruining your parabatai’s love life.