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Soooo I often get asked for Linstead fanfic recommendations and in the past few months I’ve stared reading them a lot more than I have before and so I’ve decided to make a page where I’m going to add them when I find a new one that I like rather than forget them all and not know what to say when I get asked so you can find my list here. Happy reading!

Barista Boy || Yoosung X MC

You waltzed into the coffee shop as you did every other morning. There was something different this time, though. This time, you were heartbroken.

“ Hey! What can I get you ” a quirky blonde at the register gleamed.

“ Can I get an Affogato ” you sighed, checking your phone to see if an apology text would spontaneously arrive.

“ Rough morning? ” the barista frowned, grabbing a mug and writing your order on a small tag that was attached by ribbon.

“ Rough week ” you laughed, earning one from the blonde as well, “ I’m just waiting for my friend to get off of work. I can’t wait to get on my computer and talk to him. ”

“ I totally understand. If I’m not at school, I’m gaming my days away. Today is my first day so I didn’t want to make a bad impression coming in with dark circles from staying up all night ” he brewed the coffee and pulled the ice-cream out of the freezer.

“ Ah, that explains why I’ve never seen you here before. I come every Saturday ” you sat at the bar, attempting to make small talk.

“ I think the last guy got fired for throwing an Irish coffee at his girlfriend. The nerve of some people ” the barista hissed.

“ I was that girlfriend. I am now that ex girlfriend ” you huffed, recalling the stinging sensation of the hot coffee and whiskey dripping down your torso.

“ I am so sorry. I hope I can make happier memories for you here ” blondie shook his head, spooning the ice-cream into the cup and drowning it with coffee. Once you finished your drink, he pulled out his wallet and put some cash in the register, “ On the house. You really deserve it. ”


“ I missed you ” you dragged out, adjusting your headset and signing onto LOLOL, “ How was work, cutie pie Yoosung? ”

“ It was great, MC! I met one of our regulars and she seemed really nice ” Yoosung giggled. God this boy was precious. “ How was your day? Are you feeling better? Has the wood troll spoken to you? ”

“ Everything’s been good. The evil wood troll has yet to return ” you sighed happily, wishing there were more guys out there like Yoosung. Once you told him about your ex, the two of you made jokes and began to refer to him as the ’ wood troll. ’

“ Let’s kick some ass! Seven offered up a raid before I left for work ” Yoosung declared. The two of you spent all day on LOLOL making jokes, kicking ass, and what not. Talking to him really made you feel at ease. Yoosung was your escape from the harsh reality. He never cared about what you look like or what city you live, he just wanted someone to play games with. Someone who would laugh with him and be his partner.

“ Yoosung! ” you cried, “ My computer is heating up! ”

“ Can you still call me? Pretty please? ” Yoosung begged.

“ Oh, of course ” you logged off of discord and shut down your computer. Dialing Yoosung dragged out for what seemed like forever before his lovely voice rang through your ear.

“ Thank you~ Talking to you makes me so happy. I want to meet you one day. ”

“ Yeah… maybe one day ” you grinned to yourself, realizing how much you liked this guy.

“ It’ll happen! You’re my best friend, MC. We’re bound to meet. ”

Ouch. Friend zoned.

“ You’re mine too ” you yawned.

“ MC, am I keeping you awake? ” Yoosung quizzed.

“ I’m keeping myself up. It’s one in the morning now~ ” you giggled.

“ Go to bed, my warrior princess. You did well tonight ” Yoosung cooed.

“ Thank you, guild master. You did excellent as always ” you played along.

“ Good night ”

“ Rest well, cutie. ”


The next morning came a bit too quickly. You decided on going back to the coffee shop to wake yourself up a little.

“ Oh hey! I thought you come on Saturday’s? ” the same blonde barista from yesterday spoke up.

“ I gotta wake myself up a bit. I stayed up pretty late ” you yawned, sitting at the bar.

“ What can I get for you this time? ” the cute barista quirked, leaning over the counter.

“ Flat white, please ” you ordered. The barista boy grinned and nodded.

“ So what game you play that keeps you up all night? ”

“ LOLOL. I’m number four in my server ” you stated proudly.

“ I’m number two in mine ” the boy stuck his tongue out playfully.

“ What’s your screen name? I’ll be sure to add you ” you quizzed, watching him take a toothpick to the coffee to make a heart.

“ Shooting Star Yoosung ”

Your jaw fell slack as the ever so familiar name fell from his lips.

“ You Leeroy Jenkins cunt! ”

“ Suck my water nymph! ”

The two of you burst into fits of laughter. You were happier than ever now that you knew your crush in person.

“ MC, am I dreaming? Pinch me ” Yoosung fixed his hair, a bright and beautiful smile remaining on his lips.

“ I’d rather hug you. Get over here ” you gestured. Yoosung emerged from behind the counter and wasted no time pulling you into his arms. Everything about this boy was soft, his voice, his smile, his laugh, and especially his embrace. You nuzzled further into him, never wanting to let go.

“ Let’s go somewhere after my shift, together ” Yoosung offered.

“ I actually can’t tell if your asking me on a date or to hang out ” you pulled away.

“ I-I mean… w-well….. if you wanna…. I mean… I like you…. um….. whatever you…. prefer- ”

“ Let’s go to the arcade. Like a date ” you cut off his stutters.

“ Sure thing, my warrior princess. ”

“ I’m glad I got to meet you, barista boy. ”

- Admin Taylor ( Not Revised )

You only get to live once so be with someone where you don’t have to hide things, in all ways. Whether you’re having a bad day, or when you spilled your favorite drink, or when you accidentally throw away something important. Someone you can show all the scraps of your life and still loves you just as much. Someone you can get real or weird with, because what are the odds of finding someone who can do both? Someone to tell weird stories or embarassing moments that happened on your way to the mall or before you go home. Someone you can tell your weirdest dreams and ambitions in life. Make sure you end up with someone who’s willing to put up with your everything and still loves you enough to actually stay. Because a person whom you can tell your whole life to is someone worth spending the rest of your life with.

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Do you have have any recommendations when making or advice for making an OC? I'm trying to make my overwatch one but I can't decide on what I want him to look like and since I can't draw I can't really picture him. I also don't really know how to describe him when telling people about him and I hope to commission someone to draw him. I'm sorry I just really need help.

The best piece of advice I can give you is to hop on ye ‘ol pinterest and just go cRAZY with aesthetic lol. (Like clothes, jewlery, mood boards and what have you) Also faceclaims are a great way to start out as a base for the character as well! It also helps artist that you commission to get a feel of what you want the character looks like! (and you can always add descriptions of things you want different ect ect~) 

Hope this helps!

Tell me about your relationships.

I am 30 years old, and I don’t know what a healthy romantic relationship looks like. From some issues in my background, I half-expect any man I’m with to flip out at any moment. I have lived in a world in which this has happened, so I can no longer imagine a world in which it doesn’t happen. I don’t know what normal, we-can-work-through-this-respectfully problems look like, and what get-out-as-fast-as-you-can problems are. I have no frame of reference, no schema, and as a result, I repeatedly find myself in scary and emotionally-damaging situations.

This guy–my now ex-boyfriend–seemed pretty great on all the usual fronts (attractive, compassionate in his job, etc.). But he was deeply insecure. It affected every aspect of his interactions with me. He needed constant reassurance. I mean, I could have said, “I find you so attractive!” on repeat for three entire hours and he still would have been suspicious that I didn’t truly mean it and that he was ugly. I tried very hard to show him I was there for him–through showing up consistently and on time, small thoughtful gifts, near-constant physical touch, whispered affections, physical presence, etc.

And yet, he claimed that he had never felt less loved or cared for. I came to wonder if there was anything in my repertoire that could provide him what he needed, but I was committed to trying everything I reasonably could. I listened to him, I empathized, but I did not always agree or acquiesce to his requests. He now claims that my “coldness” was “emotionally abusive” and he never felt a moment of love from me.

And then, he broke up with me under awful circumstances in a foreign city and then send a barrage of nasty, mean-spirited texts. I didn’t know he even had those words in him.

How do I avoid getting into a situation like this in the future? My radar is totally defective. Seeing happily-married couples in respectful relationships is like me examining wildlife in Antarctica; it is totally foreign and mysterious to me.

Please, tell me about disputes with your spouse that you have resolved favorably OR tell me about situations that caused you to reasonably end a relationship. Tell me about situations on which you look back with regret and wished you’d ended it then. I need some sort of roadmap.



You are correct! why do everyone assume i’m a delphox it flummoxes the mind my fur is not nearly as majestic as ones i’ve seen


…sssssssort of??

Well, I guess it’s easier to call it a ‘subspecies’, so uh yes! I am a subspecies.

Aside from my obvious Type difference, we are acclimated to colder climes – such as longer, deeper fur with blue tints – wield white magick as opposed to the usual black magick of our brethren, and… have a useless, vestigial stick. The magick in our bodies make it impossible to wield as is, requiring us to come up with staves suited to our purposes.

Which feels better to me, honestly… what sort of power can you expect to get from a stick??



[x] [x] [x] - REQUESTED BY harleyquinnfanboy18 (edited for clarity) 

Y/N: Hello, what can I get you today- *turns around and see the Sirens* Oh! Uh… *reaches to dial 911* 

Catwoman: I wouldn’t do that if I were you. 

Harley: Calm down, cat-girl. Shit, what was that? *looks at the floor to see a puppy, blows hair out of her face* Aw, look how adorable he is! *turns to you* We just want to see the cute puppies and kitties! 

Ivy: Can the two of you please hurry up so we can get out of here? I really don’t have any interest in small animals. 


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((i can look cool without injuring myself))

wild no, you’re a nerd

and since i’m too lazy to draw anything for this imma just do it in text-

*azi hecking finally appears* “HeCK- okay here take off your clothing I gotta re-wrap you”

Wild: “Azi oh my god, don’t say it like that, it sounds so weird”

Azi: “well what else do I say? Get naked so I can wrap you up?”

*laughter ensues*

they don’t know what their saying-

Rules: Answer the questions and tag 9 people you want to get to know better.

How old are you? notoriously bad at this question, pretty sure 28

Current Job? On good days I get to make a fancy spreadsheet

What are you talented at? I can juggle like, three things (things must not be large, unwilling, or in any way on fire)

What is a big goal you are working towards (or have already achieved)? one day I will be able to juggle four things, or maybe something that’s on fire a little bit

What’s your aesthetic? you wouldn’t think there was an intersection on the venn diagram between ‘classy’ and ‘minimum possible effort’ but one day I will achieve this very thing

Do you collect anything? a long list of research-intensive settings I one day intend to write in

A topic you always talk about? did you know the union jack is not completely symmetrical and can be hung upside down, isn’t it interesting that there’s a name for the little blob that joins the stem of a wineglass and its foot, did you know that nightsoil can and has historically been used for fertiliser as long as it’s fermented for several month- where are you going, I’m sorry, come back

Pet peeve? we’re not in the future yet so I still have to cook meals

Good advice? everybody is faking it. everyone. except probably the gymnast right on top of that three-person stack they do at they olympics, she knows what she’s doing. I hope.

Recommend 3 songs: I’m still deep in Course of Honour, so Never Look Away, All The King’s Horses and for choral music nerds, Ēriks Ešenvalds’ Stars.

Tagging: @thelioninmybed, @knight-tracer, @gixininja and anyone else who has followed me recently and would like to have a go, I don’t know many of you and would like to!

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If I remember correctly, she also said there would be lots of briller scenes in the first three episodes and implied that we'd see the glowing forest again. And like, we saw ONE butterfly and the amount/lenght of briller scenes in 4x02 wasn't even slightly different than in season 3. So I think Tiffany just does the job she's paid for. Promoting the show. She implies things without revealing too much and makes a hype about things that actually aren't -that- big of a deal in the episode.

^^^^^i think this is the best way i’ve seen it put. She’s a shipper but it’s also her job to get us hyped. Like i said, you can still get excited over what she says, just remember to take everything she says with a grain of salt

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Hey Lauren:) If you have time Could you please colour Aries and Leo❤ PS: Please do what's convinient for you^^ I know college can get hectic!! So take your time or feel free to deny this request Loool😄😅

Hey!! I’d love to do this for you!! I’ll go look for some panels of them! ✨aw and thank you for being so understanding about college! I’ll try not to take too long with this for you! ❤ thank you for requesting 😘


EP 12: Yuuri’s Exhibition Gala + the pair skating we all wished for