get well soon sarah!

hufflepuffdeancas  asked:

do you have any fluffy hurt/comfort drabbles? I just got my wisdom teeth taken out and I'm in a lot of pain and discomfort and destiel always makes me feel better lol I appreciate it. thanks xx

Oh blegh, that sucks! :( *hugs* 

(Cas being tortured by nightmares, Dean comforting him, canon verse.)

(Cas feeling miserable after a hunt because he no longer has his powers, Dean cheering him up, canon verse.)

(Cas hits his head hard and loses his memories, Dean is the supportive boyfriend, AU.)

(Dean and Cas aren’t talking after a fight, but then Dean gets in an accident and Cas rushes to his side and feelings are confessed, AU.)

(Dean gets hurt on a hunt and Cas heals him/comforts him, canon verse.)

(Dean is having a bad night, Cas cuddles him and comforts him, canon verse.)

(Newly human Cas feels achy and sore, and Dean takes care of him, canon verse.)

(Cas gets hurt on a hunt, Dean takes care of him, canon verse.)

Get well soon. <3