get well soon john

When I heard that John Green* had viral meningitis, I was immediately sympathetic, as I am aware that meningitis causes deathheadache and ennui. What, I asked myself, would make me feel better in such a situation?

The same thing that makes me feel better in all situations! Imagining driving my car!

Sadly, I could not find it in my heart to allow John to even hypothetically drive my car. But this is close.

Get well soon, John.

*at one of my tour signings, someone told me they thought I would be a good heroine in a John Green novel. I thanked her but I thought to myself WHAT JOHN GREEN IS GOING TO WRITE ACTION BOOKS YAY


Since I can’t make gif sets nor cool ass edits, here are a few of my favorite Cena pictures. I guess since no one else wants to show him some love, I might as well do it. Cena, I wish you an easy recovery and can not wait for you to come back better than ever! You are already very missed and I hope you know your fans love you 💙