get well soon jackson ;;


I’m so affected right now like, Jackson is always the one who says not to catch a cold, to take care of ourselves and stay healthy, now it’s your turn to rest. Get well soon baby ❤ (crd to the owner)


Youngjae tells us that we need to be healthy, even if it’s to enjoy something as simple as coffee.

I hope JYP knows that everything can only happen if you’re healthy. That’s just how important one’s health is and the reason why it should be a priority above everything.

Jackson, I hope you’re resting well! Please take your time and don’t worry about the comeback! We rather wait and see you healthy and smiling again ❤ Please get well soon!

It’s about time GOT7 invades Korea more! They are coming on so much variety this comeback !!!
Mnet Yang Nam Show “Pajamas Party” at Thursday March 23rd 7:40PM KST
Mnet/TvN I Can See Your Voice Season 4 Ep 4 at Thursday March 23rd 9:40PM KST
Channel A SINGDERELLA at Friday March 24th
DONT MISS IT!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤