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Request: Idk if you’re doing requests but I absolutely loved your recent Ivar imagine, and was wondering if you do one for Ivar and His pregnant wife.. any type of plot, It would be awesome! :) 

Note: This is probably the biggest pile of fluff I have ever produced. Well, sometimes a bit of fluff doesn’t hurt, does it?

This is also for @ivarthebonelessx to entertain her while she is on bedrest. Get well soon, hun!


As you entered the great hall you heard the clatter of wood on wood. A warm smile appeared on your face at the sight that met you. Ivar was sitting on the floor in front of his throne, playing with your son.  And for these two playing of course meant sword fighting. They were armed with wooden swords and Ivar grinned at his son’s concentrated face and his serious attempts to wield the weapon that was almost as long as he was tall.

“Good. Keep going, Sigtrygg.” Ivar encouraged him. “Legs a little more apart. It gives you a better stand. You will need it when you use a real sword and behead your first enemy.”

You shock your head but chuckled. “He is three years old, Ivar. Don’t you think it’s a little early to behead enemies?”

“It is never too early to learn important things and he picks up on that stuff real quick. One day he’ll become the greatest warrior the world has ever seen.” He replied, eyes full of pride.

“Of course he will, he is your son after all.”

You took the time to watch them a little bit longer, enjoying one of these rare moments of pure happiness with your family. Soon enough you and Ivar would have to go back to reigning a kingdom, fighting battles and keeping your people save. But for tonight it was just the three of you, everyone else had left the great hall.

Well, the four of us, you thought, placing a hand on your round belly.

You sighed. It had been a long day and your back was hurting, but now you felt your body relax, all the tension of a stressful day leaving you while you watched your husband and your son. Ivar seemed to be enjoying the time as well. The perpetual tautness had left his face and he looked calm and relaxed. You were probably the only one who had ever seen him like this, his guard completely let down while he played with his son. In moments like this you almost couldn’t believe that he was Ivar the Boneless, the most ruthless of all Viking leaders, feared by everyone around the known world.

“That is enough for today.” Ivar exclaimed. “It is time for you to go to bed, little man.”

Ivar crawled over to the table to take a sip from his ale.

“Father, why can’t you walk like all the other men?” Sigtrygg asked, curiously eying his father.

You saw a shadow cross Ivar’s face, his jaw clenched. You desperately thought of something to say but Ivar was faster to react.

He reached out his hand for his son. “Come here.” Sigtrygg went over to him and Ivar pulled him into his lap. “The gods wanted to test me. They wanted to see if I could still achieve great things and prove myself worthy.”

“You are our king. For sure the gods favour you.”

“It appears that they do.” Ivar said and scuffled his son’s hair. “Now of to bed with you.”

You quietly let out a breath you didn’t know you’d been holding. You had feared this moment. You had feared that thinking his son didn’t see him as perfect would open a wound that you knew had never fully healed. But now you saw that the love for his son was stronger than any feeling of shame or hurt could ever be. You gave your husband a loving smile.

“He is way too smart for his age.” Ivar said, shaking his head.

You smiled. “I will go and tell him goodnight.”

You found your son already in bed and pulled the furs up to his chin.

“Mother, when can I go on raids with you and father?”

You chuckled. He really was his father’s son, never wasting any time. “When you can beat your father in a fight you can come with us.”

He scowled. “That is not fair. How can I ever beat father? No one can do that.”

You smiled. “Then you better keep on training. Now sleep. You can become a mighty warrior tomorrow.”

You gave your son a kiss and blew out the candles.

You found Ivar sitting on your bed, back resting against the wall.

“He worships you like a god, you know?” You said, sitting down on the bed and taking off your boots.

“What is a god without his goddess?” Ivar said jokingly and pulled you to him.

You rested your head against his shoulder and he placed his hand on your belly, slowly rubbing circles.

“How long does it still take?”

“I’m not sure. Six or eight weeks, maybe more.”

“I hope it is a girl this time.”

You looked at him in surprise. “I thought men always want sons.”

“We do. But I already have a son and I’m sure we’ll have more sons in the future. And I can’t help imagine how it would be to have a daughter.” He pressed a soft kiss to your temple. “She’d be strong and beautiful, just like her mother.”

“Well, we’ll have to wait and see.”

“It will be a girl, I tell you.” He said, yawning.

“If you say so.” You snuggled closer to him and closed your eyes.

“I can’t wait to meet my daughter.” He mumbled, already half asleep.

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Could I get some Kuroo, Tsukki, Asahi, Tendou, and Iwaizumi headcannons caring for their sick s/o? ilysm i'm just in dire need of you to shine some light upon myself and all my tissues

AAAAh I made sure to get to this one super quick!!! I hope you get well soon, hun!


- He walks into his s/o’s room and the first thing he does is laugh. They look like an absolute mess, and no matter how bad they’re feeling, Kuroo can’t help but point it out. However, as soon as his s/o starts throwing used tissues at him, he shuts up immediately.

- Despite being a dick at first, he’s actually very helpful. He can’t cook, but he can make killer hot cocoa, and probably makes them at least four cups throughout the day, even if they don’t like hot cocoa. He says it’s a “remedy”, even though he knows it just 25 grams of sugar in a mug.

- He couldn’t give two shits about getting sick himself. He’d cuddle right up to his s/o, giving them gentle massages in places that hurt and kissing them all over. He’d let his s/o sneeze in his face for all he cares.


- His OCD would get to him, and at first he’d be like, “Ew, gross, pathogens…”, but the more he thought about it, the more he realized that his s/o had crossed the germ zone a long, long time ago, and he would abandon some of his phobia.

- He still stays away, but sits at the foot of his s/o’s bed and puts on a movie for them. He’ll also retrieve anything his s/o needs, cough medicine, aspirin, tissues, anything. He’d also brew them a cup of their favorite tea/coffee, and make sure they drink it.

- He’s actually really worried about his s/o, but can’t let them know that. So instead of voicing his concern, he lowkey bullies them. However, every so often his facade will slip, and his s/o will catch him sending them worried glances, and he’ll be the one getting bullied.


- He’s like a super duper worried mother. He won’t leave his s/o alone for less than five minutes, and can’t go a minute without asking if they’re ok. Their conversation would go something like this,
“Asahi, I swear to you, I’m fine.”
“Are you sure? You don’t need more cough medicine or anything? Do you need more pillows or do you need me to-”
“Asahi, I have a cold, not terminal cancer, I’m fully capable of getting my own medicine.”
“Are you sure?”
“I’m sure, Asahi.”

- Despite his constant worrying, he’s actually very sweet. He doesn’t worry about getting sick himself, so he’s more than happy to let his s/o cuddle up next to him. However, the moment his s/o sneezes or coughs, he jumps like five meters into the air.


-Oh boy, is he a little shit. He’s more than willing to come over and care for his s/o, but with him, there’s always a cost. He’ll get the pills they need, or the drink that they want, but won’t hand it to them. He’ll place them on their desk on the opposite side of the room, and won’t hand it to them unless they “Beg”.

- His s/o gets tired of that real fast and calls him out, telling him if he isn’t going to do anything besides make their headache worse, he may as well leave. Oh boy, does he get his shit together fast.

- Germs? Germs who? He’s literally more carefree than Kuroo, and will casually just kiss his s/o on the lips whenever. His s/o is actually more worried about him than he is about them. (They keep telling him if he gets sick, they won’t be there to help him)


- Another really nervous mom, but not as nervous. He actually kind of… scolds his s/o for getting sick? He lists off every possible reason on how they could have gotten ill and it’s very endearing, because despite his anger he’s holding their hand and slightly getting flustered himself. He really just cares so much about his s/o and doesn’t like seeing them sick.

- He makes them a lot of soup. Like, too much. It’s his parallel to Kuroo’s hot cocoa obsession, and he makes a huge pot of it and brings his s/o some everytime they ask for medicine. Although his s/o gets full after a while, he forces them to eat it saying, “Eating is the only way you’re going to get better, __!”
- He’ll constantly feel his s/o’s forehead, then kiss it. He’ll braid his s/o’s hair back (if it’s long enough to braid), then kisses their forehead. He’s just full of subtle kisses when his s/o is sick, and despite their illness, wants them to be as happy as possible.

Home sickness

this is for my friend @lildreamysoul shes having a horrible time with a cold. and I thought my terrible writing might help alittle bit. 

i love ya hun, i tried with something XD get well soon my friend. 




Your head hurts, your muscles ache, you’re burning but you’re freezing, your throat hurts…

Coming back from Oklahoma with this massive sickness makes you want to never leave bed again.

You lay on your bed in your small apartment, hoping that this agony will pass soon. Groaning at the mere fact of having to get up eventually.

That is, especially when someone has the gall to knock on your door.

You groan and cough. Waves of nausea power through you as you get up. Hoping that you won’t vomit on whoever is at the door.

“I’m comin…” your voice croaks from all the flem and strain on your throat, feeling as if you’re swallowing knives.

When you approach, you hear two particular voices that makes you feel relieved and horrified at the same time.

‘They can’t see me like this’

But, before you can tell them you’re sick and such, a soft thump lands on the sofa behind you.

You wheeze with a cough before you can turn around.

“woah bud, you ok?” sans the goddamn sexy skeleton lands on your sofa. One look and there is strong concern gracing his features.

You shake your head, head throbbing even more and you shiver. The room grows cold again. Dammit.

And sans catches you before you even knew you tripped.

He feels your head and immediately grimaces, but tries to save it with one of his puns. 

“damn, I always knew you were hot"

You’re not sure if the flush on your cheeks are from the fever or his comment.

You feel yourself set down on the couch and the lock to click. In result, a giant worried skeleton bursts through the threshold to check on you. He’s holding his phone that shows a human sickness symptoms. apparently he’s looking at the deadly section.  


Ow. loud…

“Yeah?” You groan softly.


“No pappy, tits’ jus a cold.” You try to reassure the big lovely goofball.

After more reassurance, he finally settled and sans says something to him. Paps grins and runs towards your little kitchen.

“Whas he doin?” You mumble. You’re sleepy and you barely feel yourself being pulled into a boney embrace. Nor do you see sans’ face a complete shade of blue as he holds your body to try to warm you.

“makin soup.”

You snuggle up in his warm hold, his jacket ticking your nose. Not really realizing what you’re doing.

“Hmm, hope he has fun.” You whisper as you fall into a swift unconsciousness 

San kisses your head, mumbling that he loves you, and he will take care of you.

He has yet to say that out loud while you’re awake.

Rest well

She’s ill again and feeling blue

And once again, nought I can do

Hear me when I ask of thee

Let her recover peacefully

Show compassion, give her quiet

Not a muddled, stressful riot

Let her rest and heal up fast

So this illness doesn’t last

Get her spirits high again

So she feels 10 out of 10

(( sorry the hood looks bad drawing hood are not my strong suite =u=; bu this is for pyotori I am so sorry about what happened to you. You art was amazing and original and you did not do anything wrong so you have no reason to apologize my biggest regret is I didnt know about your works until all of this drama broke out   please don’t give up I would love to see your game finished thank you  we love and support you. ))