get well soon guys

A simple act of kindness.

Hey there guys, my mom is still in the ICU on life support, her lungs are slowly getting better and she is fighting for it. I want to do something to lift her spirits, my mom has never been in the hospital in my 21 years of life that I can remember and she has always been there to make me smile even when I was feeling like crap so I am asking my awesome followers to open your hearts up and send my mom a get well card. My mom’s name is Sheila and the address to send a card is ( P.O Box 2251 Griffin, GA. 30223. USA. )

I know she would bust out in tears if she wakes up from this to have her ICU room filled with cards to support her and it would melt my heart. ♡
I love you guys.
- Ray.

Not 100% accurate or up to date but basically what I've gathered so far.

Bad news:
Hamilton and Paille. Injured.
Mcquaid, Kelly, and Eriksson. Long Term Injury Reserve.
Chara, Campbell, Johnson, and Miller had the flu a couple days ago so who knows whats up with them.
Good news:
Boychuk’s back tonight.
Forwards, Spooner, Fraser and Nick Johnson were called up from Providence.
But we haven’t called any defensemen up yet, so hopefully that means we don’t need any.

anonymous asked:

Oh I miss your one-shots and stuff! :(

I’m so utterly sorry guys for my lack of updates…. I could lie and say I’ve been busy, but I don’t want to lie to you guys. There’s really no reason for my failure at updating other than my lack of inspiration. 

I’ll go to write something, but I always end up deleting it because I hate it. 

I try, I really do… But as a writer, I can’t publish something I’m not genuinely happy with because it just completely ruins it for me… 

Again, I’m so very sorry and I love you guys and I appreciate all of your sweet, encouraging messages. Hopefully soon my inspiration will come back and I can start posting for you again 

Much, MUCH love, Rose. <3


Get Well Soon. by Jared Tyler

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Get well soon Lauren and I hope that guy gets his dick stuck in a toaster.

Thankyou! Lmao well at least the guy that crashed into me is takin full liability so I don’t have to fight him in court