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When the cuteness of Jongho makes me want to scream


Thank you guys so much for your patience! Got stuck at work longer than expected, but I’m here and I’ve got the results of the contest for ya. Before we jump into it, I wanna say I loved each and every one of the entries I received, and it wasn’t easy at all to pick — I’m gonna have a little blurb on each, and everyone reading, please, please be sure to follow them and shoot them some love for their work! Everyone did fantastic and I love the results.

Firstly, anyone not selected in the winner results below, please still e-mail me at — you will be receiving a notecard drawing of Sam and some stickers for your participation in the contest! Just let me know who you are, your entry, and your address, if you’re comfortable with that. 

The winner of the contest for the prize of the comic prompt is @withthedemonblood! Please e-mail me and we can get your unique Sam-centric comic started for you, your eyes only! Unless you wanna post it when you get it. Y’know. Whatevs.

The two winners for the fanfiction category is @brothersapart and @womanoflettersinthebunker ! The two winners for fan art is @sketchydean and @fioreitaliano (which is not letting me ping you, what a butthead tumblr is). The two winners for fan edits are @samprincesschester and @jaredbottoms!  Let me know if you would like The Little Golden Hunter’s Book or a grayscale copy of Ask Sam Stuff Volumes 1 or 2. If you would like to wait, you can request to have grayscale Volume 3 when it is completed! If you would rather have a drawn piece that is SPN-related, let me know, we can work something out that is non-book-related.  

(IF YOU ARE NOT ON THE LIST BELOW, PLEASE LET ME KNOW. I will add you and you will still be able to get a gift for partaking for your hard work — a Sam notecard of thanks and stickers! Apologies to the helpful notes left on the previous post before this one; I was at work so I couldn’t respond. :’))


Metal by @waytoomuchanalysis : A fantastic continuation of the bend the spoon entry, it dives into the potential of Sam stil having his powers! Look out for the warnings, and enjoy a dose of hurt!Sam, too! I love me some hurt!Sam.

The Long Road Home by @brothersapart : A wonderfully well-written ‘novelization’ of here and here, where Dean died as a child in the fire with their mother. Really awesome to tackle this one, and you did a great job conveying additional things in the narrative!

I’m Okay by @ultimatefandomtrash61 : A gritty and heavy covering of the entry involving Sam’s feelings after Toni’s deceit in 12x02; heed the warnings at the start! It’s a tough subject for sure, but it’s done very well!

As Dreamer’s Do by @withthedemonblood : Really wonderful descriptions and details as this goes, this takes what is a pretty silly entry and adds a lot of personality and weight to it; I love me some weechester stuff, and there’s even a little hurt!Dean in there for you guys who like fairness in torment, haha.

Manoir de Mes Reves by @captain-sodapop : I gotta say, I didn’t even remotely consider the twister entry on Sam’s Birthday bash would end up as an entry! Great humor and a fun concept, check this one out.

I Love You, Too by @manuscript-or : Based on Sam's addiction to coffee (dude sometimes there’s such a thing as too much), this AU of the pilot episode is pretty cute and full of Jess and Sam goodness! And y'all know I’m a sucker for Jess and Sam. Check this out!

Happy Halloween by @womanoflettersinthebunker : Based on the halloween post about Abby the little sassy cowgirl with read hair and freckles! I really love the alternate route this took, and it gave Sam a fun little adventure to boot — love the details of Sam naming trick-or-treaters in this head! Fantastic work. ♥

Proud Defense by @my-pen-is-my-sword : Very, very neat — an expansion of this strange creature from a pre-series comic! I’m impressed with the attempt to tackle this one, since it was one of the more vague and mysterious comics I’ve thrown out there, but it ended up being a really great piece! Excellent job.

Scars by @samsexualdeancurious :  A short but sweet Jess/Sam entry, exploring a panel in this entry a bit more. Did I mention I’m a sucker for Jessica and Sam? Because I am. Great job on expanding on that entry, and great writing.

A Long Night (Part 1 | Part 2) by @borrowedtimeandspace : A lovely write-up of a section of the Ask Lil’ Sam Stuff plotline; I really loved doing that story, and I’m tickled to see that it was chosen to be done for the entry! They’ve done a really good job adding little narrative touches to this, and it’s a nice addition to the bitty!Sam collection!

Fan art:

BANANA SAM by @fioreitaliano : Based on this. I cannot believe my eyes. A+ banana!Sam. I’m so happy to have laid eyes on him in all his wonder.

No but Really, Call Me, Cont’d by @saintedsam : The cutest little continuation of Max Banes and Sam Winchester, from my entry of Max hitting on an oblivious Sam. And here he is, continuing to be oblivious! What a cute art style, I love it! (And that shirt, Max.)

The Purple Dog Shirt, Pt. II by @sketchydean : What a great follow-up to the purple dog shirt comic! It can be tough to whip up comics, but this is done extremely well and feels like such a solid continuation, I love it. Now - where the heck did that shirt go!!

Dean, I Made You More Pie by @h3dgehogjohn : Isn’t this so cute? A picture of little Sam from this entry making more 'pie’ for his brother! I love them in their little socks; great job, and a+ freckles. ;)

It was a long night by @dovesdanceatdusk  Banana!Sam strikes again!! This time with some backstory! I love the way Sam’s drawn in this, what an excellent style, and — yeah, it was a long night.

I’m Gonna Rip Your Lungs Out! by @nisaki-chan : Oh man, protective!Dean, weechesters, and the threat of lung-ripping. Our favorite! Great art style and an excellent choice in topic. I approve.

Take Care of Yourself! by @dozmuffinxc : Look at this cute entry! A Sam swathed in blankets! A really adorable art style, and a good point to keep in mind for everyone, especially over-working little Sam.

Samulet? … Deanmulet? by @sakurinn : Based on this post, sakurinn made an excellent video of Sam getting his own personal samulet! A Deanulet? A wonderful shout-out to you for making a video entry!! This is her first post on tumblr, so please be sure to send lovely wishes and a welcome to the community! ♥


Lack of Agency by @jaredbottoms : An excellent study in gif-form of some of the lack of agency in Sam’s life, based on this post — it’s crazy to see it all laid out, and important to remember. Great selections for a strong gifset.

Cute-o-Meter by @samprincesschester : Something a little less serious — a good ol’ cracky screencap comic, based on this cracky lovefest of a post! I love the humor in this, and I love the team effort going into reminding everyone what a cutie-patootie Sam is. Thanks a ton, Team Freely Loving Sam Winchester.

Once again, give everyone a hand and some reblogs/notes/follows, they’re all super awesome and I’m so happy to have seen their work! Again, if you have an entry that isn’t here because I’m a dipstick and missed it, or I lost it while pasting together this monstrosity (so much linking, so much writing, ieieeeiee), message me and let me know! You’ll certainly still get yourself some stickers. ;)

Until the next contest??? Maybe??? 

I’ll just see you next entry, haha.

— Ashlee

P.S. Happy birthday, Sam. Congrats on being alive somehow in your canon!

Crying for Park Woojin

According to fansites and spoilers,it appears that Park Woojin has shingles… he was wearing an eyepatch, at the concerted, looked bloated in the face, and someone who went to get an x-ray claims to have seen Woojin at the doctor’s.

I blame it all on P101′s horrible system that builds up trainees’ skills while breaking them physically and mentally. The stress probably weakened his immune system and resulted in his getting the infection. Woojin has dreamed of becoming an idol since he was a little kid, as apparent in his childhood TV appearance as kid-T.O.P. and all his pre-P101 videos and photos of him dancing. He loves performing so much that even though he is exhausted and sick and in pain, he said that for those who support him, he will “clench his teeth” and stand on stage and show a better side of him. His determination and spirit is incredible, it brings me to tears.

It’s so unfortunate how this is happening when he’s so close to finishing this long race called Produce 101 Season 2. His fans are asking fans of other trainees to use one of their two votes for him is they can afford. All the comments on his official profile are so supportive, concerned, and loving. He should put his health as his top priority, but I don’t want to count him out of the game yet because clearly this guy does not consider himself so. I support him 100% of the way, and I hope he gets rest and treatment and get well as quickly as possible so he can stand on the stage again and blow us all away with his talents.

Baby Bump [Park Jimin]

1.3k words | Scenario | Fluff [☁]

Request: this may be odd to you, but could i request a scenario where Jimin and his s/o are expecting but have kept it a secret since they wanted to enjoy the privacy and also to give them time to announce it to friends/family, however the news gets leaked into the media when they least expect it?”

A/N: And I’m writing at 4am again, lol. I couldn’t help it, this request really inspired me, so I knew I had to try and get this up today. I hope you enjoy this scenario, anon!

Requests are open!

You and Jimin had been trying for a baby for what felt like ages, despite him being in the prime of his career, and you hardly getting started with yours, you both decided to start trying three months ago when you and Jimin looked at baby clothes and such at a store, and from then on it had been failure after failure. The first time you guys tried you actually got pregnant, but you lost the baby in the first week, which absolutely crushed your heart into a million pieces, yet the two of you kept trying. You bit roughly onto your tongue as you sat with Jimin in the doctor’s office. You didn’t trust pregnancy tests since they could give false results, so you would always go with Jimin to get your blood taken, since it would give a guaranteed result. You felt your hands beginning to shake slightly like they always did in these cases.

-rest under the cut-

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Set Includes: Alistair,  Dorian, Sebastian, Sera, Solas, Vivienne, and Zevran

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Noctis' Sick S/O

Wrote a short fic before heading to sleep when I found out @chocobrodreamteam was sick. GET WELL SOON!

Hope you guys like it!

You’ve been sick for quite some time now, holed up in your apartment while relying on delivery services to keep you alive for 3 days now. Noctis had gone out to Leide with his father for a week and was due back any time now. 

A knock at the door came and before you could roll off the bed, the lock clicked and someone came in, the light from outside was so bright in comparison to your apartment which hardly had any sunlight because of the curtains, you started to sit up but your arms buckled from your weight and a migraine started to set. Arms fell on you as the person helped you down into bed once more. 

 "I heard you were sick so I came here as soon as I got back.“ 

Noctis. A smile grew on your lips as you tried to reach out to him, he kisses you on the forehead and heads toward the kitchen. 

 "You go on and rest while I put away this food I stole from the kitchen for you and I’m gonna assume that you haven’t eaten yet so, I’ll heat some soup up for you.” He dumps a container full of soup in a saucepan then proceeds to heat it up, you can see how focused he is from your bed and you feel genuinely happy.

You wake up to find blankets hovering above you, you reach for the glass of water on your bedside and you see Noctis peek out from an opening. 

“I heated some soup for you but I didn’t have the heart to wake you up, you were sleeping so peacefully and as much as I hate the sun, I figured that you might appreciate how beautiful the nightsky is so I opened the curtains.” He smiled shyly at you then disappeared. 

He emerged from the blankets moments later with a bowl of soup and medicine in hand. “It’s chicken soup, I hope you like it.” He gingerly hands you the bowl being careful not to spill any of its contents, you fill your spoon and bring it to your mouth. “Is it good?” He asks nervously 

“It’s good but, I have to ask what’s with the blankets, Noct?” You say weakly while gulping down a spoonful of soup 

“Oh! Well” Noctis’ cheeks started to change colours “Blanket forts are nice and I thought that you might want to wake up to one or beneath one.” He smiled at you and you felt your heart skip a beat. 

You look into his eyes and grin, he was perfect. “You’re amazing” You say as you notice his cheeks turn to a darker shade of red. You gulp down the remainder of the soup, drink your medicine, and force yourself to walk to the restroom. Noctis walked with you towards the bathroom, holding your hand every step of the way. His hands were freezing. Once you finished, he walked you back to bed and helped you get settled in once again. He grabbed the bowl you set on the table but you tell him to save it for another time, he sets it back at the table and awkwardly stands by it, not knowing what to do. 

“Well? Aren’t you going to come in? I think there’s room for one more in this blanket fort.” You say playfully. A smile grows on his lips as he walks towards the bed maneuvering his way to the spot beside you. He puts his arm around you, you turn to face him and snuggle up to him, a sigh escapes his lips as he digs his face into your hair taking in your scent. 

“I could get used to having you in my arms.” He whispers as he kisses the top of your head. 

You enjoyed each other’s company and warmth while whispering sweet nothings to each other. Sleep came for you both soon enough and it was the best sleep you’ve had in a long time.

we can even touch the stars

Summary: Of fate, names written inside book covers, and the space between fairy tale and reality. A Whisper of the Heart AU.

For the lovely anon who asked me for headcanons for this AU (sorry I went a bit overboard), and for @witchymomo because I love her and hope this helps her spirits lift!

Nico makes the connection for the first time the summer of his senior year, on an afternoon that’s sloppy with the kind of heat that makes breathing a chore.

The name is a simple one. Unassuming. Will Solace, written in the scrawling, fanciful letters of the head librarian. It’s not the kind of name that’s made to be noticed.

Nico notices it anyway.

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Apologies for the lack of original content/any content at all. Depression has been kicking my butt something awful. I’ll work on a queue tomorrow night and get that set up again. 🙂 I haven’t even checked the inbox in a really long time as well so I’ll get those soon. Thanks!

Slim but still there

PD101 S2 Imagine: Daniel Kang

Genre // Fluff // Romance

Plot // Visiting your boyfriend on the set of PD101

Y/N // Age: 19 

Note (for myself): Daniel is from MMO with the other boys (Yoon Jisung, Choi Taewoong, Kim Jaehan and Joo Jinwoo) He also has a soft spot for Lee Woojin

 Narrator POV

It became a habit to check your phone every morning, reading the sweet texts from your boyfriend, Daniel. Sometimes, he’d throw in a joke or two. You always reply with a kissy, heart, or laughing emoji. Today was special, though. You were going to visit Daniel on the set of PD101. Your cousin also happens to be a stylist for the boys, so you’ll be meeting her there. 


The cab driver smiles politely as I close the door and start walking toward the set. When I spot my cousin, I wave and she grins while running over to me, engulfing me in a hug. 

“Hey Y/N! Daniel’s over there~” She croons while pointing. 

“I see, I see,” I laugh while looking over at him. He’s smiling while messing around with Jisung, the two of them laughing. “Are they going to start filming soon?” 

“They already filmed a little, but they’re taking a break right now.”

“Oh, okay.”

“Go say ‘hi’~”

“Ah, but I don’t want to bother-”


All of a sudden, Daniel and his friends are looking back at me. Daniel’s eyes widen as I grin and playfully punch my cousin’s arm. She giggles and runs off as Daniel seems to be taking in the fact that I’m here. I wave as he keeps staring, still amazed. 

“Yah, Kang Daniel, if all you’re gonna do is stare at me, I’m going to leave,” I say while walking towards them. 

“HI Y/N!!!” Taewoong greets while waving excitedly. Jisung and Jaehan wave super obnoxiously with goofy grins while Jinwoo smiles as a greeting. 

“At least Taewoong and the others are happy to see me.”

I hold my arms out for Daniel as he gets out of the chair he was seated in. He embraces me and I smile while embracing him back. I feel his lips press on the top of my head.

“I missed you so much, Y/N,” he whispers. 

“I missed you too,” I tell him while pulling back to look at him.

He smiles brightly and I smile, too. His smile always has a way with my heart. I caress his cheek and ask if he’s okay. He nods and I hear a few snickers behind Daniel. I glance at the guys and Taewoong just smiles innocently while the others are teasing us.

“Please kiss somewhere else,” Jaehan says, laughing not long after.

“Aish, do you guys want to die?” I say while glaring at them.

They all mock being afraid and Daniel slips an arm around my waist while kissing my temple. “Don’t mind them.”

“When are you guys going to start filming again?” I ask him.

He frowns. “In less than 20 minutes, but I want to be with you for the rest of the day. I’m thinking about just leaving with you right now.”

“What? No, you have to stay here and film babe. Don’t worry, I’ll be okay.”

“Are you sure? We haven’t been on a date in a while… And I want to spend time with you.”

I sigh and look around. The staff roamed around, talking to the other PD101 boys. I finally look at Daniel and sigh.

“I want to spend more time with you too, but you can’t leave. This is important. I can wait. I’ll always be here for you.”

Daniel frowns and takes my hands, gently rubbing circles on top of them while biting his lip in thought. He sways our hands a bit and I try to catch his eye. He finally looks up at me.

“Fine… If it makes you happy,” he tells me.

“It does. I don’t want to ruin your dreams of becoming an idol, Daniel.”

 “You won’t ruin anything okay? My dream of being an idol is important, but even bigger than that is living my life with you.”

Daniel pecks my lips and smiles. I feel my face heat up instantly and I shyly smile. He chuckles and pulls me in for a hug again. 

“I’ll just hang out on the set and watch you have fun with the guys,” I tell him. “Enjoy yourself, babe.”

Daniel sighs as someone calls out for him to get onto the set. “I love you, Y/N.”

“I love you too.”

We hug again and he hurries off towards the staff, who are also prepping the other boys. I notice a few guys walking towards me. 

“You’re Daniel hyung’s girlfriend?” One of them asks. Oh, I know who this guy is. Samuel Kim, the kid that used to be with SEVENTEEN.

I nod in response, and then the one in the middle suddenly introduces himself. 

“I’m Lee Daehwi. Daniel talks about you all the time.”

Daehwi… The kid who looks like Chenle and Taeil. His statement makes me blush and I ask them what he says about me.

“Only good things,” the last boy replies. 

“And you are… Lee Woojin, right?”

The boy nods cutely, and I giggle. “Well, you guys should get going. Filming is going to start soon.”

“We will, we just wanted to meet you~” Woojin says cutely, making me smile even more.

“Your name is Y/N, right?” Samuel asks. 

“Yeah it is. I’ll be here after to hang out, so I’ll see you guys later.”

“Bye Y/N~~” Daehwi and Woojin call out while going towards the set and waving.

I laugh and wave back, looking for Daniel. I spot him talking to Jisung, who is being a meme, as usual. When they start filming, my cousin strides up beside me and smiles.

“So, how was it?” She asks, glancing at her phone.

“Good, but then he got a bit upset because he wanted to spend time with me,” I reply. “I told him I’d always be here and that he would never lose me.”

“Aigoo, you two are so cheesy.”

“Oh my lord, please, you’re into that kind of stuff like in those k-dramas.”

“Why do you always have to expose me?”

“Why else would I be your cousin?”

She rolls her eyes and focuses on the boys. For a moment, she’s completely silent, but then she’s smacking my arm.

“What the hell are you doing?” I whisper so no one around us pays any attention.

“Daniel. Daniel. Look.”

I look up and spot Daniel smiling at me, and suddenly, the director and producers are calling out ‘cut’. 

“Daniel, are you okay?” Somebody within the staff asks. 

“I’m fine…” He replies.

“No goofing off right now.”

“Yes sir…” 

Daniel gives me a quick glance before they start filming again.

“Nice job,” I tell my cousin, jabbing her in the ribs.

“Y/N, I was just pointing him out for you because you seemed focused on somebody else.”


“Let me see your phone.”

I hand her my phone and a couple of people from the staff look at us. I politely smile and they just turn back towards the set. So much for being polite.

“I knew it.”

I turn to my cousin, who mocks surprise on her face.

“You like Park Woojin, Bae Jinyoung, Kenta, Justin, and Ong Seongwoo?”

I feel my face flush and snatch my phone back. “Don’t tell Daniel.”

“So much for a lasting relationship.”

“Oh shush.”

For two hours, they filmed bits and pieces for the next episode. During those 10 minutes the boys got for a break, I only saw Daniel once out of those five breaks. He hugged me and we talked for a few minutes before several stylists whisked him away. I even saw the other MMO boys more than him.

“Don’t worry,” Jaehan told me during their last break. “We’re done in half an hour. We get to go where we want to for tonight, but we have to return to our dorms by tomorrow morning.You and Daniel can go out on a date then.”

“Thanks Jaehan,” I said, smiling a bit. 

Although I wasn’t able to see Daniel much, I’m happy with the comfort from my cousin and the other boys.

Finally, filming was over. The boys dispersed, leaving me searching for Daniel. I spotted Taewoong and said hi. I accidentally run into somebody, and out of all people, it’s Ong Seongwoo. I quickly apologize, and he tells me its fine. 

“Are you looking for Daniel?” He asked me.

“I froze and for a moment, just stood there. Then, I nodded. Seongwoo points towards the back of the building, where the waiting rooms were. I quickly hurry over there and check in each waiting room. When I pop my head into one, I spot his head of newly dyed hair. He looks up at me and gets out of his chair. 

I take a step and he’s already scooping me up into his arms. 

“Let’s go,” he whispers, leaving a kiss on my cheek.

“Where do you want to go?“ I ask him, burying my face into his chest. 

“Let’s go to your place… I miss cuddling with you.”

And so, the night led to cuddling on the couch, watching reruns of Hello Baby, Running Man, and Hello Counselor. Later on, Daniel had set his alarm for early in the morning so he could get back to his dorm. During an episode of Weekly Idol, he fallen asleep, and I let his head lay on my chest as I played with his hair. Before I let my eyes close, I turned the TV off, kissed his head, and whispered, “I love you, Kang Daniel.”

I let my head rest against the couch and just before I fall asleep, I heard him speak softly while taking one of my hands.

“I love you too, Y/N”

A/N: @sparklingpurifying GAHHHHH I’M SO SORRY THIS TOOK SO LONG!!! T^T But I hope you enjoyed it because I have slowly fallen for him :) This is a special PD101 request (even though I am an SF9 acc.). I may be writing one for another PD101 member for my best friend :)

GOT7 REACT: To someone flirting with you

Scene: He’s come to pick you up when he finds a guy persistently trying to flirt with you. 

Guy: “Class was fun, you’re quite witty the way you shut the professor down like that.”

Y/N: “Thanks.” *smiles*

Guy: “So, um wanna grab some coffee?” *hands in pockets, still keeping pace with you*

Y/N: “Sorry I can’t, my boyfriend’s coming to pick me up.” *you shake your head ‘no’ and check your phone to see the time* “He should be here soon.”

Guy: “Well we can just get some coffee really quick right? He’s not here yet.” *persistently blocks your path, making puppy dog eyes*

Y/N: “I don’t think so, sorry.” *you firmly shake your head again*

Guy: “Come on, please? It’ll just take a few minutes.” *he places his hand on your shoulder*

JB: He would not be having it. Although he wouldn’t be as explosive as he might have been in the past, he’d keep himself from punching the guy to the ground but he’d definitely be really intimidating and cold to him.

“Who’s this?” walks up behind him, bumping into him so that his hand falls from your shoulder.

Y/N: “Just a classmate.” you’d be a little fidgety because of his strong gaze.

“Right. Let’s go.” he’d take your hand and pull you closer, and push past the guy giving him a ‘Do-That-Again-And-I’ll-Kill-You’ look.

Mark: I actually imagine him being pretty pissed off as well. I feel like he’d be the type to get jealous easily, especially since he’s quiet too (making it scarier).

“Um, excuse me?” he’d walk up to your side, taking the guys hand off your shoulder. “This is my girlfriend, in case you didn’t know. Come on, Y/N.” he’d pull you along with him. 

Junior: I’d think out of all of them Junior would be the one who wouldn’t really be acting all cool since when he gets jealous his face really gives it away.

He would have been looking for you and when he finally spots you, “Yah you! Hands off!” he’d run over and pull you over to him. “No touching my girlfriend. Strictly off limits.” he’d look at the guy with his intense eyes (that are intimidating enough).

Jackson: He’d try to look really cool and intimidating AF (just cause he can).

“And who are you?” he’d walk up from behind you, just as you shook off the guys hand.

Guy: “Her friend.” He’d cross his arms.

Y/N: “Classmate.” you’d correct him.

“Ah, well I’m her boyfriend. See you later classmate.” he’d take your hand and pull you along. “Don’t talk to him, I don’t like him.” he’d say to you.

Youngjae: I feel like rather than Youngjae doing or saying something, you’d probably be the first to take initiative and stop the guy.

You’d shrug him off and firmly refuse him again, while Youngjae comes up beside you.

Y/N: “Look, here he is. Bye!” you’d take Youngjae’s arm and move past the guy.

Youngjae would probably give the guy a look like ‘You’ll-need-to-try-harder-to-win-her-over-bub’.

Bambam: Bambam would really try to act all cool since he always wants to prove how manly he is to you.

He’d walk over being all cool and brush the guy’s hand off you, “She’s mine.”

Yugyeom: He’d be kind of mad, I feel like he’s definitely the sensitive type to get upset easily when it comes to things like this but I also think he’d be good at controlling himself.

“Hey babe, sorry to keep you waiting let’s get going.” he’d walk over as you moved away from the guy’s hold. “Before I kill him.” he whispers in you ear, pulling you along.