get well soon baby!


I’m so affected right now like, Jackson is always the one who says not to catch a cold, to take care of ourselves and stay healthy, now it’s your turn to rest. Get well soon baby ❤ (crd to the owner)


Parenting, from what I have observed, is either this, or this ⇧. And not much in between XD

(From this old commercial here


JYP trying to play it out all cool by tweeting #GetWellSoonJackson .. YOU FREAKING EXHAUSTED JACKSON TO THE POINT THAT HE GOT SICK !!! Don’t come at me with false sympathy… all I know is that as a company you should prioritize your artists health they aren’t robots that can work hours on end with no break or any form of a proper meal
Jackson baby I hope you get well soon and continue to slay the whole damn globe
I hope JYP or any entertainment company , never lets any of the people who work under their name suffer these circumstances because it’s downright horrible seeing idols suffer from illness because they’re incredibly tried

SHINee World 2017 in Hokkaido ✩ 170415

*rough translation
From around the part when they move sitting/laying down in Kimi no seide, it looked like something was wrong and when Minho stood up, he held his left leg/foot/ankle and looked like he was in pain. From then on, he was dancing without trying to put weight on his left foot. But after they changed their outfits, he was acting the same as usual. He’s probably fine.

cr. s_gyu1in9
translation: mredwardsanders