get well soon baby!

My rough translation :

“The same with people who support (Hanyu-senshu) , Sendai Broadcasting also has lot of dissapointed feeling . However, surely Hanyu-senshu himself would feel regret more than anyone else. We hope that Hanyu-senshu is able to recover as soon as possible and shows the best performance and smiles again.”
(From Sendai Broadcasting before Sendai Fair Day)

*disclaimer : my translation might be off, and not 100% correct, please do inform me any correction. Thank you.

some domestic victuuri plus yurio headcanons that i came up with while talking to @thaidoodles (get well soon baby)

  • viktor helping yurio with his longer hair since he knows how to take care of a lot of hair (advising him to use conditioner, etc.)
  • he also loves braiding yurio’s hair and trying new hair styles!!
  • yuuri and yurio going shopping and bonding over their (in viktor’s opinion disastrous) fashion sense
  • movie nights! yuuri’s lying on the couch with his head in viktor’s lap who’s occupying one end of the couch; yurio sitting in front of the couch and letting yuuri play with his hair
  • yurio and viktor talking about something and finally succumbing back to russian while yuuri tries to follow with his minimum knowledge of the language
  • yurio struggling with a word or an expression and asking viktor the english equivalent
  • when the couple visits him in moscow, yurio and his grandfather bake a few batches of cookies for their arrival (not that yurio would ever admit it)
  • when yurio has an accident and has to undergo surgery he wakes up to viktor placing flowers into a vase while yuuri’s asleep on a chair next to yurio’s bed, holding his hand and yakov and his grandfather talking quietly (poor yuuri and his jet lag)
  • yurio won’t admit admit it but he was pretty happy when yuuri said he loved his cat
  • viktor giving yurio the talk (”i’m fifteen, what-” “shh. this is imporant.”)
  • when yurio is over he usually takes makkachin out for his morning walk so that viktor and yuuri can sleep some more
  • he doesn’t remember but one morning he was still asleep and pecked both of the adults on the cheek with a slurred “good morning” before trudging into the bathroom