get well soon babies


I’m so affected right now like, Jackson is always the one who says not to catch a cold, to take care of ourselves and stay healthy, now it’s your turn to rest. Get well soon baby ❤ (crd to the owner)


Parenting, from what I have observed, is either this, or this ⇧. And not much in between XD

(From this old commercial here

As many of you may know. N has collapsed in middle of stage. He collapsed from a heat wave. He after collapsing tweeted this. (the first one) the translation is : I am really sorry for the worries of many people today. I would really like to say that there were some people who came to Gyeongju to see the VIXX performances. I’m really sorry. I’ll show my best to the stage I showed you today. I’m sorry. He apologises for collapsing. It’s not his fault. There should be nothing he should apologise for. Let’s hope that hakyeoni gets better soon. Tweet to him things saying get well soon and let’s show him our full support as startlights!

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Petals 007#: get well soon, dumpling

#007 - When baby Min got a fever

➽ Character/Genre/words: Min Yoongi x occasional OC | Parenthood!au, Fluff | 1,475 words

➽ a/n: based on my Baby Min headcanons

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