It breaks my heart just knowing that this sweet boy has been in so much pain and has had to undergo surgery today.

Ashton I just want you to know that the whole 5SOSFam wish you a speedy recovery, we know you’re a strong boy and can get through anything. I’m relived knowing that this has happened whilst you’re in Australia and not in the UK, US or wherever.
Take things slow don’t feel like you’ve let UK or Japanese fans down because your health comes first.

We love you Ashton get well soon x

Remember: don’t feel like a terrible person if you can’t donate to Monty. Support and respect the wishes of his family and his privacy. If we never know what happened, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that he makes it through this hardship and he has fans at his back.

Even if you don’t like RWBY or aren’t fond of his work, Monty is a ridiculous example of work ethic all artists should strive to be at least half as good as. He’s dedicated and believes in himself and others.

Now is not the time for jokes at his expense but understand that sometimes humor is how people cope with dark situations.

We the community are coping in our own ways but Monty is fighting his own very real battle so please respect him and his family.