get well soon

My mom finding out Forfang won’t be competing in the mixed team event

Me: “Oh nooo, but he was showing really good performances yesterday! That’s such a shame. But judging by his temper tho, he must be so freaking pissed, just imagine how mad he is right now”

Mom: “If he won’t be jumping on the hill, then he must be jumping up and down and squashing those oranges of his right now”

Me: *chokes on laughing my ass off honestly I’m dead*

💝💕💝💕💝💕💝 Thank you London for singing every word with me last night even though my voice was gone. I pushed as hard as I could to try and continue and have hurt myself even more in the process. I am being sent home to rest for a few months. To Paris, Bristol, Manchester, Birmingham, glasgow & Dublin, PLEASE trust me when I say that I will prioritize you next year and give you the best possible show you deserve. Please understand that I have cried so much about this and would give anything for my health to be at 100% so I could keep going. I love you guys with everything that I have inside of me and I will work my hardest to recover, finish my record and come back next year to see you all. 🤕💝
(Melanie Martinez via Instagram)

Poor Pixel has been SO sick!!! I just want him to feel better! 

On that note, I never seem to have a consistent drawing of myself or representation of. So I think I’ll settle with an ever changing, if not constantly morphing pile of tar with quills and claws that resides under couches, beds and in closets. And offers tissues when hearing sniffles. Get better buddy! Don’t want you to be miserable anymore!