get well craig

Okay, so. If any of you are fans of MiniLadd then you must’ve heard about the news. He and a friend, jay, got hit by a car two days ago.

They are currently in the hospital being treated so if you are upset and confused on the lack of videos, that is why.

Follow smii7y on twitter for updates. Craig and Jay are gonna be out for a few weeks. All we can do is let them rest, so please send your blessings and stuff to them.

I hope Craig and J make a full recovery. What happened was horrific and neither one of them deserved that. Craig has been a big impact in my life for a feew years now. When I first started watching him and his friends.. It was just a bad time but Mini really helped. I hope J makes a good recovery because from what I could tell he is a good man as well and if he’s important to Mini than he’s important to me.


The NBA on TNT cast paid tribute to Craig Sager today, rocking unique suits similar to the style Mr. Sager himself has become famous for. What a touching homage to an incredible man.

Get well Craig!