get well card

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You know... I've been talking about the cards "get well or die trying" and at times it seems like I'm talking about a myth because they are gone :( for all I know, you probably want to be partially myth ;P Also: I'm hoping witchy stamps are an ESC thing someday. A way to quickly curse with the inkiest blackest of black inks >:D

Ah, that was a great card while it was in stock.

Stamps are in the works! 

I’m attempting to make a get well card for Jonghyun since so many people have already talked about wanting to but didn’t know how♥

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  • If you want to leave a short message of encouragement, you may, but please don’t leave a novel lol
  • I’ll do my best to write down everyone’s url and/or message in a notebook and send it to him. (If any one has a good idea on how I should go about doing that, please PM me.) ♥
  • I’m going to try to send the card/ notebook out by April 12th, 2013. Is that enough time for you guys? :)