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I think Harry would really be into tying you up with his belts. Whether its around your neck, around your wrists, or your thighs. Maybe all three?? Its probably make him so hard seeing the expensive leather dig into your skin. And you'd both have amazing orgasms during those sessions.

Having you bound and gagged is his favorite way to take you because he loves the way the leather pulls around your soft skin and the deep marks it leaves. At first, he just used his everyday belts to tie you up, but after one too many times of being consumed of memories from last night and getting impossibly hard in public he purchased a special set of expensive leather to use on those special nights. 

And with the special leathers also came expensive creams and ointments because not only does he love leaving deep marks in your skin, he loves tending to them afterward (and that may just be his favorite part). 

After an intense night of licking, sucking, and fucking, Harry’s domineering facade melts away as he cares for you. With the unbuckling of each belt, a soft kiss replaces it. His slightly calloused fingers slick with lotion caress and love your tender skin. 

“Not too rough with yeh, was I?” he asks in a low, soft voice completely opposite of the one that growled orders and praise your way all night. 

“Never,” you coo, leaning your head back against his shoulder and savoring the feeling of being in his arms. 

“Yeh sure about that? You were awfully loud, love,” he teases while placing a soft kiss behind your ear. His fingers begin to trail down your belly as he reacquaints himself with the heat of your core. 

“Si-sign of a good time,” you stammer as his fingers dip inside of you. 

“S’tha’ right?” he muses, hushing you with a kiss to your throat as he continues to thrust his fingers in and out of your slick folds in search of his true favorite part of the night–your final orgasm. The one wracks through your whole body, that pulses through the aching welts on your skin, that brings you–exhausted and completely overstimulated–to tears that he’s quick to kiss away.

“Think that’s the real sign of a good time, love,” he whispers before licking up another one of your salty tears.

Was feeling down today so I doodled an EOS and my OC Eugene (probably while they’re still silly university students). She’s about two inches taller than him and she likes ti gloat. ;) Sorry if the quality is sub-par, I had to scan it with my phone since I’m on vacation this week.

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I am now realizing that YouTube is too big a platform and it’s making me anxious. Does anyone know any other place I could download my animatics and upload on Tumblr? I might just start setting the videos to private so you can only get to them through my Tumblr.

bokuaka+ 36— being so close that you can feel your lips brush when you whisper & 52— exhausted numbness after crying; requested by anon. 

It starts with a sniffle that he hears in the dead of night. The sound draws him out of his sleep. 

Bokuto shifts around in his bed, body too cramped on the super single bed with someone beside him. He stretches his limbs, comfortable warmth lulling him back to slumber until—

he hears—

Rolling his weight over, his hand reaches out into the darkness. He feels the tremble of a body before the sound of another sniffle breaks through. Bokuto’s voice pierces through the night.

“Akaashi, what’s wrong?”

Akaashi’s hands are on his face, the black of night a cloak over them both. Unable to see his expression, Bokuto’s hands come to rest on the small of his back, patterns traced lazy over naked skin. It’s comforting for Akaashi, he knows, the heat of skin-on-skin, the need of just wanting to feel.

“Bokuto-san, please don’t mind me… go back to sleep,” Akaashi’s voice wavers as he tries to speak. Bokuto can still feel him shaking, but when his attempt to tangle their legs together doesn’t receive protest he pulls Akaashi closer.

He waits until the words tumble out.

“I’m so— difficult, and… I don’t understand how you could ever love me,” the sentence is punctuated with gasps for air, the uncontrollable sobs laying anchors in Bokuto’s heart. “I’m so scared, Koutarou.”

Hand weaving into the other boy’s hair, Bokuto shifts them until his lips are brushing against his lover’s cheek.

“It’s the first time you’ve called me that,” and when he feels Akaashi open his mouth to apologise, “You don’t know how happy it makes me, hearing you say that.”

Akaashi chokes out a laugh, able to feel Bokuto’s cheeks go hot against his neck. 

“I love you, Keiji,” he says, lips brushing against Akaashi as he speaks, the intimacy of it all filling Akaashi with so much warmth it scares him. Bokuto continues, as though he knows.

“I love you more than anything. It sounds crazy, but I know you’re my other half. You’re the most patient and most kind, and you makes me eat all the vegetables I don’t want to it because it’s good for me.”

His eyes have adjusted to the dark, hand brushing Akaashi’s fringe off his face. He sees Akaashi’s expression then, eyes swollen, skin of his lips broken and bruised. His hands, now moving to rest on Bokuto’s chest, had peeling skin from the bad habit of stress biting.

He sees the doubts written on his lover’s face: too uptight, too strict, no fun, a wet blanket to a ball of sun, too quiet, too conservative, too rigid, too much of the opposite and too unlovable.

Bokuto wants nothing more than to crush those insecurities with the muscles he’s built over years.

Instead, his hands are gentle and his lips over more so, the two of them with no spaces in between. It takes a long while before the smallest trembles stop, and exhaustion takes Akaashi to sleep. Firm, strong hands wrap around his body, Bokuto joining him soon after, a long list of love at the top of his head ready for the morning to come. There are no doubts in his mind about the boy laying next to him. 

Of this, Bokuto has never been surer.

It’s been way too long since I wrote anything for Newsies. So enjoy this short beach fic to get me back into the swing of things.

“Jack Kelly, I am going to end you.” Crutchie muttered as he moved his book to the side.

 “Then get in the water.”

 “No. Now stop dripping on me.” Crutchie let out a huff and finally looked up from his book, squinting against the sun as he tried to give Jack his best annoyed look.- Which only made the other boy laugh.

 “Why won’t you get in the water?” Jack asked as he lowered himself into the sand next to the chair that Crutchie was perched in.

 “Because of jellyfish.”

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originally i wasn’t going to post this, but i finally drew bon’s performance outfit in a way i liked lol for some reason that top REALLY causes problems for me, jeez.

Dear studyblrs,

I love reading tags. Especially when my posts land on my dash, i love to read the tags of the one who reblogged and the who they reblogged it from and so on. Those little compliments and remarks always brighten up my day ♡
There have been days when little sweet messages and asks have been the highlight of my day!
I just wanted to remind everyone of how grateful i am to be a part of this wonderful studyblr community where everyone is sooo positive and supportive of each other! (´▽`)

Okay, can we talk about how traumatizing of an event the destruction of Oakvale was? Like, don’t get me wrong, I def don’t think Reaver regrets doing what he did, BUT IT STILL MUST HAVE SCARED HIM. Like Reaver mentions in his diary, the man he claims he isn’t was weak. Afraid of death. When he made the deal with the Shadow Court, he did it with saving his own ass in mind. He was so afraid of dying that he sacrificed the lives of everyone around him; his beloved included. And when it all began to go down, he panicked; running around and attempting to flee from the horrific scene likely fearing that the court would go back on their deal, or somehow die on accident. Everything around him is on fire, men, women, and children are burning, people are being outright slaughtered, their screams being nothing short of down right agonizingly horrific– Reaver was scared. And though his light was beginning to go out in his heart, directly afterwards, he still maintained that little shred of who he was before it all went down. Part of him was likely absolutely horrified, frantically panicking at what he just did and at the fact that his fiance had been amongst them, while the other part was practically screamingIT COULD HAVE BEEN YOU”, “YOU SURVIVED”, “YOU SAVED YOURSELF”, “YOU DID WHAT YOU HAD TO”– So, not only was there hell descending upon the world around him, but an all out war going on inside of himself as well. And it tore him apart until the darkness managed to completely claim him.

But again, he doesn’t regret doing what he did now, but– He certainly did not enjoy the ride it took for him to get to where he is today.