get us while we're hot

get us while we’re hot/ Sera & Marlene/ 9.20.1970


Seraphina Selwyn leaned forward and studied her face in the mirror. Dark eyes  shined with a light that hadn’t been there since she was a child and still believed in love and laughter. She slid the blood red lipstick across her pout and smiled at herself in the mirror. “Marley hurry up, I’m way to sober for this.” She turned to look in the entrance to the bathroom in Gryffindor Tower where her best friend stood in a blue dress. “Are you really wearing that?” she asked, unaware of the judgmental tone she had taken on, a product of her pureblood upbringing. She walked past the other girl, brushing up against her in the doorway and suppressing a slight shiver at the casual touch. She walked over to her trunk and pulled out a short black dress. “You should wear this one, it will look so much better on you.” She handed over the dress and smirked, taking a sip of the bottle Marlene had brought with her.

 This was the habit they fell into, ever since that night. No discussion, nothing, not a mention of whether they liked it or wanted more. Just the same casual intimacy that blossomed in their friendship. Both trying to escape, get away from the eventuality they were speeding towards. They fell to drinking, dancing and attracting the attention of men far to old for them in bars no good little girl should be frequenting. It was easy really, to slip out the front doors and call the Selwyn elf to take them wherever they wanted to go. She knew there would be hell to pay if her parents ever found out that their little pureblood princess danced on tables for muggles and other unworthy men. But she didn’t care, not when the drinks and the attention flowed freely, anything to get away from the monotony of the castle. She took one more sip and then handed the bottle to the shorter girl who had now put on the tight fitting black dress. “Perfect” She said with a wicked smile and grabbed Marlene’s hand, intertwining their fingers as they hurried down the stairs and past the few students who took Thursday nights as an opportunity to study. Sera ignored the stares, she was used to them. Out the portrait hole, down the stairs and into the entrance hall, out the front door and it was only a matter of calling the whimpering elf to take them to their destination. The two girls laughed in the early autumn moonlight, egged on by the drinks and leaning into one another with that same casual intimacy.