get up or get out the way!

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Oh my goodness!😢 Don't get me started on Narti.😁 She was awesome as well! That mind control ability 👏👏 Potential wasted!


Hermit’s Cottage

I was going for a dilapidated, yet welcoming look to this place. I feel that the Hermit, at least in my game, is very much like Carl and Ellie from Up! This was their retirement plan but unfortunately only one of them made it here, but by golly they are gonna enjoy it for the both of them. 

Being older, I see the house falling into disrepair being so far out in the woods. But the hermit just covers up the holes with new paintings and brings in lots of flowers to get rid of the musky smell that has developed over time. The one thing that draws you closer is the smell of cookies baking, that the Hermit sends off to their grandkids each time they go into town for supplies. The Hermit really likes guests, but doesn’t go out of their way to get them, they rather be sort-after themselves. 

we’ve been thinking about all these complicated theories as to how and why the whites end up leaving…

but in the end Lawrence is just going to end up selling up and leaving because he’s heartbroken Robert never loved him back right? right? with rebecca and chrissie trailing after him because he still holds whats left of the money.

So, @draevian and I were running around and we ended up behind Silvermoon and we decide to jump on our demon hunters to try and glitch our way ontop of Silvermoon. You used to be able to get there with a mage, but they blocked that path.

So, first try we messed up and ended up in the Dead Scar

then we tried again

and we are getting there, jumping and gliding until we get there and it looks as you’d expect

all smoke and mirrors but WAIT

so we decided to glide to it and

its just a big box

so we ended up gliding to the well’ish thing near the throne room and then we had to hearth out

but it was rlly fun!!

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"it's 2 am and we're both doing laundry and I see you checking out my Hello Kitty pajamas" for bittyparse? <3 Orrrrrrr Bitty/Jeff/Kent if you feel so inclined :D

It was weird, moving in with Kent.

Not weird bad, just weird… weird. They had so many habits and quirks and preferences to get used to, the kinds of things you’d never know about someone unless you lived with them. For instance, Kent sorted all his clothes by colors to wash them. 

Bitty threw them all in on cold.

Kent washed the dishes as soon as he was done using them.

Bitty piled them in the sink.

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Here’s my TV Show pitch:

The Time traveler’s cell phone

On specific date X, protagonist gets caught in a weird storm event that transports them THROUGH TIME and lands them in some random ass place in the past.

They have no idea what’s going on, or where they are, but for some odd reason their cellphone is still picking up 4G. However, while the phone is still functional, it can only access information/websites that were active on specific date X. Any messages she tries sending out get lost in paradoxical data signals or something, so it’s a one way street. They can’t communicate to their time but they can receive from it.

Using only a limited amount of info available from sdX, protagonist has to puzzle together the events that led them here and, hopefully, how to fix it. In the mean time, they use mostly Wikipedia to navigate different historical time periods and locations, and get them into and out of whacky historical hijinks.

The driving conflict of each episode is trying to find a way to charge their phone.

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So I do this thing during my last period. I tell my teachers I have to go to my doctors appointment/dentist at ___ and they let me leave, they don't call my parents and say "oh, so and so is absent" because I told them I was going to the doctors/dentist so its an excused absent and my parents doesn't know (I just hope they won't shoe up as absents in my report card, if it does, rip me) but I usually say it 30 mins in class

I know its soooo tempting to duck out early at the end of the day, but I don’t want you to get into trouble just for 30 minutes! It’s ingenious don’t get me wrong- but I don’t want to see you in harms way should anything go wrong (the problem with doing something like this is your parents think you’re at school, the school thinks you’re with your parents- if god forbid something like a fire etc breaks out and they can’t account for you properly…. hell will break loose. That’s all bubs) 


911? Yes Hello I’d like to report a robbery. A Rookie Cop Rick just stole my heart and the only way to get it back is to ship him with Stan Pines. 

I’m gonna affectionately name this: Cops and Robbers AU.

Hey Voltron Fandom, what the fuck?

I’m going to get straight to the point, you guys are self-destructive and are going to kill the fandom over your petty arguments and stupid self-entitlement. There hasn’t been a day since the beginning of the fandom that everything has just been peaceful for once (and I’ve been here since it’s birth) You all should be ashamed of yourselves, fighting online and hurting real people over fiction (this is not specifically towards ships btw) And I’m putting my foot down at all of this bullshit and trying to stop it

This is pretty lengthy so everything is under the cut

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Echoes of laughter. A fear submitted by Lisa to Deep Dark Fears - thanks! You can find Deep Dark Fears on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter too!

guys guys lets vote hard until the end!!! gogogo


1/ days of hobi


God!”     / with formal ending in Korean/
Jesus!” / with formal ending in Korean/ 
(Jooheon breaks into laughter)
*finally can guess it correctly after Papa Shownu comes to the rescue*
feat. Shownu back-hugs Kihyun


cause certain things mend us when we’re hanging on for dear life
we held on so tight

I love how the Strawhats spend their free time

Nami and Robin shopping for clothes

Sanji shopping for ingredients

Then we have Zoro

Lost again

i wish i could do things right and i wish i had motivation to get up