get up or get out the way!

  • someone: hi-
  • me: the get down brothers did not break the locks and fight their way up to the top just to be slapped in the face with this blatant Disrespect and get shut down after just one 11-episode season when other shows are being renewed and expanded beyond their original source material despite having already wrapped up their singular plotline, therefore exposing netflix for their lack of promotion and overall unjust treatment of poc-focused shows and stories that serve as important beacons of inspiration and joy and hope and representation and empowering feel-good musical funk for so many viewers out there, poc and non-poc alike.
Loan ∾ m.dl.c

posted 5/26/17

request? yes
  “ Montgomery and fem!reader 41 ″
prompt #41: “what’s it gonna take for you to sit on my dick?” “a small loan of a billion dollars.

pairing(s): montgomery x fem!reader

warning(s): pretty bad writing

a/n: back at it again with the montgomery imagines. ooooh yeaa

You continuously tap your pencil on your desk as you bounce your leg, almost way too eager to get out of your History class.

There was nothing wrong with the class, it was just the people, or person, that made you hate it. Montgomery de la Cruz, to be exact.

Montgomery seemed like a desperate jock that thought he can get anything he wanted, and that included you. Ever since you two were forced to sit next to each other, he constantly nagged at you about hooking up with him.

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grayisles  asked:

I was wondering how sick would Cliff get if he digests human blood? Would he be throwing up blood or would he go crazy? I really love Wilde Life, but that question has been bothering me since Eliza said it. Also, will Eliza and Barbra meet on screen? I assume they did before, but how do these two witches interact with one another? Is it like they stay out of the other's way in town, or they occasionally go aid each other? If this is going to be explained in the near future, I will patiently wait

He’d get pretty sick, everyone seems to think.

We saw from this chapter that witches seem pretty aware of one another. I think there’s lots of clues people have forgotten since their initial read, like that Barbara has blue roses growing in front of her house. In between chapters is a great time to refresh memories! :)

This time on Dungeons, Dragons, and Dives, we cooked up some offerings from Simon’s Snakey Snacks, a food stand serving only the best in monstrous cuisine. For Simon’s full story, check out episode 4.

Let’s get cooking!


~ 1 pack of Beer Brats. I use store brand. I use store brand everything. Just get that out of the way.
~ 8-10 mini peppers.  I used orange, yellow, and red! Just like a salamander!
~ Spaghetti Squash
~ Olive oil
~ cumin, salt, pepper, garlic, oregano, basil, rosemary, sage


Naga Entrails

Thread those brats back and forth on skewers, and slather them in delicious steak sauce. Grill on medium heat until the outsides crisp and char a bit. 

Salamander Frills

Cut the tops of mini-peppers. Rub the insides with a mixture of salt, ground black pepper, ground red pepper, cumin, and garlic. Skewer and grill on low heat until they soften and char. 

Medusa Sheddings

Cut in half a spaghetti squash, scoop out the guts, and drizzle with olive oil. Salt and pepper those bitches. Back for 50 minutes @ 400 degrees Farenheit. 

Pull out the squash with a fork, shredding it, and toss with basil, oregano, rosemary, sage, and garlic. generous amounts of all, to really give that green color with the flakes to emulate old snake skin! :)

With all of that spiciness, you’ll need something sweet to complement it! This electric drink packs just enough punch.

Behir’s Blood


  • Squirt (or similar grapejuice soda)
  • pineapple juice
  • cranberry juice
  • lemon juice
  • Vodka or coconut rum (optional)


Put some ice in a glass. Fill your glass about a third of the way with Squirt and a second third of the way with pineapple juice. Add a splash of lemon juice (two if you prefer your drinks more sour), and a splash of cranberry juice for just a little pinkish orange color. Add a shot of your preferred liquor if it suits your fancy. Bottoms up!

As always, we’d love to hear your questions, comments, and recipe suggestions! Please follow us at @deardungeon.

The Brave Project

Hello Everyone!

So, with Playlist Live having just ended and Vidcon coming up fast, I’ve been seeing a lot of people posting how they’re bummed out they didn’t get into the Dan and Phil m&g, or how they’ll never get to meet them or say anything to them, and I just wanted to say; I feel ya.

And then I had an idea.

What if there was a way for us all to come together, as one big phamily and share some of our stories with these two guys called Dan and Phil who met each other on the internet and have created this entire world?

And so was born The Brave Project!!!!

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Lazy day with Minhyuk - Monsta X

What a lazy day with Minhyuk from monsta x would be like 


Originally posted by monbaobao

  • You wake up first to Minhyuk sprawled over the bed, mouth open slightly as he snores
  • His groggy morning voice 
  • “morning beautiful” 
  • He’ll trap you in his arms as he tightly holds you
  • Play fighting
  • ending up on the floor somehow
  • Too lazy to get back into bed 
  • Deep conversations
  • lazy kissing
  • He’ll kiss your forehead before flopping you down on the bed
  • Lots of teasing
  • He’ll start kissing passionately before smirking and walking off
  • Last nights pizza for breakfast because both of you are too lazy to cook
  • Just lying in bed appreciating each others company
  • Minnhyuk blurting out terrible one liners
  • “A day without the sun is like… night”
  • No leaving the bed until after 1pm, if at all
  • Movies
  • You both try and watch a horror but he gets too scared half way through and you have to change it to a comedy
  • cuddles
  • Lots of cuddles
  • His singing voice oml take me jesus
  • Minhyuk falling asleep on you
  • His cute face as he sleeps
  • His mouth open while he snores 
  • His cute snores
  • Cuddling again
  • You order a take away and order for 4 
  • You eat it all
  • More play fighting
  • Until Minhyuk gets hurt
  •  “I can handle pain until it hurts” 
  • You buy back his cuddles with ice cream
  • Night time comes and you both wrap up warm and lie on the grass outside
  • More cuddling as you look at the stars
  • “i would personally go up into space and get you all them starts. Say the word and i would get you each and every star in the night sky”
  • Kissing
  • Back to bed as he wraps his arms around you
  • He talks 
  • alot his voice is the most beautiful 
  • His voice soothes you to sleep
  • You sleep tangled in each others arms  
They’re right |  young Sirius imagine

Request: Could u do a Sirius black angst where Sirius and the reader get into a fight and then they go off for summer break and the readers james potters sister so they keep getting into fights at home and then the parents/ james do something abt it??? Love ur imagines!!!!!!!!!

A/N: I’m not good with angst so I left that bit out soz

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anonymous asked:

Would you be okay sharing how you make money from your art now, and how you got there? You seem so happy in that post you made a while back, and in your tags sometimes!

hiya nonny <3

sorry for the late reply, i knew i wanted to take some time to answer this properly and i had to wait until now ;;;;;;;;;;

i hope you’re still around to read it ;;;;;

i’m gonna put this under a read more because i ended up rambling and wrote an entire essay (and it’s probably way too honest but that’s the only way i know how to talk to people and maybe someone can get something out of this lolol)

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Five years ago..

Five years ago I made the biggest mistake of my life…
it was a situation I didn’t think I could get out of.
I smiled, I laughed, I played the game.
I didn’t want to walk down the aisle.
But I did it.
Four years ago I was scrambling for a way to get out.
I’m so happy I took a chance and made it.
I never thought I’d be where I am today.
It is possible. You can do it too.

One of the most memorable and proud moments I’ve had (other than the obvious getting out) was I had a few others friends come out of the woodwork who built up the courage to get out after listening to my story.

If you need someone to listen. I am here.

After binding lung exercise:

A cheep and easy exercise to stretch out your lungs and practice breathing, buy a cheep pack of balloons, pick a balloon, blow it up and deflate it 3 times, 1) see how big you can blow up the balloon with only 3 breths, 2) see how menny breaths it takes to blowup the balloon, 3) repeat step 2, doing this can let you see progress and it is a simple way to get you breathing more / harder then you would other wise. You can keep using the same balloon over and over again until it pops or it gets gross ( Wich you can reduce this buy light washing, but still Shud change your balloon at least once a week ).

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Originally posted by acraftylittlewitch

ALSO i re-watched the shahar ova last night and DAMN i love it….its so cheesy but i love itand vamps TOTALLY have protective/territorial instincts this is now p much canon (from the way shahar acts around riko and gets FURIOUS when someone tries to get close to her or when another vampp gets in her space)also shahar is so tragic ;;^;;

like his whole story is that he was turned into a vampire by ferid (yikes), and then he ended up killing his beloved little sister Lana out of bloodlust……and then it was so traumatic for him that he supressed the memory, and when he saw riko he became convinced that she was lana, and tried to take care of her and apologized over and over to her and cried even though vampires arent supposed to cry ;;^;;

and then he finally realizes what happened and lets yuu kill him so that he can be with his sister again in the afterlife, and instead of his body dissolving into ash like a “normal” vampire, he dissolves into gold and green lights like fireflies

and it was so sad and beautiful

also the mika/shahar parallels are like….painfully obvious but w/e…….i really want to see yuu tell mika about shahar………or i wish they could have met somehow….

spearmannalan  asked:

Thank you for this blog. I am currently in the process of accepting my own bisexuality, and stumbling upon your blog has helped me understand what's what. You are a saint. (p.s. I fought with the idea of not sending this, but I want you to know how much you eased some of my tension)

I am so delighted for you! Welcome to the community! And by the way, thank you so much for letting me know my blog was helpful! Getting comments like this means so much to me and it really makes my day every time :) I love hearing back from people and it inspires me when I hear about people figuring out their orientations, learning to accept themselves, getting up the courage to ask someone out, etc. I love being a part of this community :)

how the gang cheers you up when you're down
  • Darry: Wraps an arm around your shoulder, pulls you close to him and gives you a kiss on top of your head. He radiates the comfort, stability and warmth that you need.
  • Sodapop: Goes out of his way to take you out to distract you from your thoughts: "Sometimes you just need to get out of your own head, y'know?"
  • Steve: His eyes just pierce right through you: "I'm here for you. Let me know if you need anything."
  • Two-Bit: Promptly stops cracking jokes and intently listens to anything you need to get off of your chest: you can tell that his attention is focused on making sure you're alright.
  • Dallas: Pulls you off to the side so it's just the two of you, puts an arm around your waist and silently offers you a puff of his cigarette. He's not one for deep gazes and poetic advice, but deep down, he does care.
  • Johnny: You can see how genuinely concerned he is for you in his eyes; "Are you okay, Y/N? Do you want to talk about anything? I'll listen."
  • Ponyboy: He invites you out on a walk where it's just the two of you and lets you vent; somehow, no matter what you say, you feel like he understands.

thegreatrhapsode  asked:

OTP and kids Natza

  • Who in your OTP carries them from the couch/car to the bed? Both but Erza most likely since Natsu also falls asleep on the couch. In the car, no way.
  • And who soothes the kids after a nightmare? Again they both do. They promise vast amounts of pain for anything that would harm their children and the younger one gets to sleep between their protective parents.
  • Who wants to throw out the car seat because the stupid thing won’t strap in? Natsu.
  • Who cries on the first day of school? Neither - they are way too excited that their children are taking this first step.
  • Gets the kids into the local sports team? They both would - they are already competitive like that.
  • And who’s the parent that gets way too aggressive at these games? Again, both of them. They are WAAAY competitive like that. 
  • Who in your OTP lets the kids stay up and watch movies and who sends them to bed? Natsu lets them stay up and Erza sends them to bed.
  • Who sneaks candy to the kids before school, whilst the other pretends not to notice? Natsu of course. Erza finds it cute unless it’s from her own personal stash.
  • Who is the parent that yells at the kid for being called to the principal’s office and who is the parent who yells at the principal? Erza is the one who can do both. Natsu would rather threaten the principle though.
  • Who teaches their son to tie a tie? Natsu….would get someone like Macao to do it or he’d try to learn himself.
  • Explains periods to their daughter? Erza.
  • Who cries at graduation? Erza - she’s such a proud parent.
  • Who reads the book in silly voices? Natsu mostly. If they are both together, they’ll read the stories in silly voices for their kids. 
  • Who’s the one against sweets before dinner and who lets it slide? Erza is against it but Natsu doesn’t care.
  • Who gets rid of the monster in the closet and under the bed? Natsu will burn it with glee and Erza will impale with extreme prejudice. 
  • Which parent sneaks veggies into the kids’ dinner and who doesn’t like veggies themselves? Erza would want them to eat their veggies, but she has a time with getting Natsu to eat them.
  • Who in your OTP does the “hurt my baby and I’ll kill you” speech when their kid brings someone over? BOTH. Was this even a question with these two?
  • Who goes on all the rides with the kids because their partner gets queasy on rides? No brainer here - Erza does enjoy the rides with the kids but she would like to take a trip down a ‘Tunnel of Love’ with Natsu.

anonymous asked:

More Lúcio and Kpop s/o!? Maybe Lúcio meets his s/o's old band mates and they just keep teasing them both? Maybe they joke around about a reunion and a collab with Lúcio?

You looped your arm with his, smiling up at him as you both entered the room. Your old bandmates looked up, waving at you and you waved back in return. As you introduced them to Lucio they shared a conspiratorial look, smirking between each other.

“For someone out of the game you found yourself a musician pretty fast,” the drummer teased, finally getting the upper hand.

“Maybe we should have a reunion,” the bassist added, “Get your boyfriend to collab?”

“I’d love to,” Lucio chimed in, probably purposely ignoring the fact they were teasing you.

Now you felt obligated, seeing the smile on his face, and it looked like the rest of the band felt the same way. Several months later a new album came out, featuring Lucio as a collab.

to the man on the train,

i sensed something off about you the moment you stepped on the train. you leaned over to get something out of your bag and your face went way too close to mine - i brushed it off. but then you sat on the floor of the train right next to where i was standing, you got a good glimpse up my skirt right? i brushed that off too, decided not to make a big deal out of it. i mean maybe i was being paranoid. so i moved away from you to get a seat and you had the audacity to follow me and take the seat next to me. what did you think you would accomplish from fucking groping my leg and then mocking me for the next 20 minutes after i flinched straight away? again, i didn’t say anything. i didn’t even look at you, i was too scared that if i gave you a reaction it would only provoke you more. so i kept my eyes on my phone pretending i was watching a movie when in reality i was listening to you say disgusting things about me.

did my short skirt turn you on? were my legs covered by stockings too much to resist? where my trembling hands holding my phone and me flinching every time you moved not a good enough indication for you to fuck off?

i am 15 years old but could probably pass as a 12 year old. You looked at least 30. I take the train every day of my life and you are the second man who has sexually harassed me on a train.

i wont tell anyone because i know im being dramatic but if i see you on that train again i won’t hesitate to scream like you murdered someone.


Aka the little girl in that tempting school uniform you seemed to take a liking of

Forest Voices || Prologue

It had been a couple hours since everyone’s mysterious awakening and the sun had notably begun the set. What little light there was to begin with was fleeting, making the clearing even more difficult to see through. It didn’t look like In fact it seemed like the wildlife around you were starting to become more active. Tree’s rustling mysterious, howling and cawing birds echoed throughout the forest as you all stood around lost and without a clear way home. Were you really going to be forced to stay out all night in this creepy forest until helped around? Vulnerable to the dangerous wildlife and creatures around it with no protection?

 Before anyone could speak up to try and get together a plan you all heard something very peculiar and out of place. While faint at first, you nearly thought it to be just another part of the wildlife around until they gradually got louder and closer. It was footsteps. Multiple footsteps matter of fact. Whoever, or whatever, was out there was getting closer to your location with each step; And whatever it was certainly wasn’t alone. Just as you all begin to prepare for the worst you hear something.

 A voice.

 "Ah-! Over here, I found them!“

anonymous asked:

Do you think our crew has been taken hostage by the space pirate people?

No, I don’t think any of them have been taken hostage. A lot of people are interpreting an interview that JRoth gave a certain way, but I think they’re wrong.

Jason has stated that the people on the Ark are still on the Ark: “Now our characters who are in space are going to have to figure out how to get down and all of which is great sci-fi.”

For some reason people think only Bellamy and Raven are on the Ark, but…Jason clearly says: “When we go into the ring in season 5 and we see how Bellamy and Raven and Monty and the others have made it, we’ll be very surprised by what we find up there.”

So basically we’ll probably start Season 5 with our  Space Squad still in space trying to figure out a way to get back to Earth.