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The Truth Comes Out

Summary: The reader’s quiet night at home is interrupted when Dean shows up looking bruised and bloody.

Pairing: Dean x Reader 

Word Count: 2,352

“Thank god I live alone.” You grumble to yourself, thankful no one’s around to witness your behavior. You’re lazily sitting on your kitchen counter in a ridiculous onesie stuffing your face.

You twist open an Oreo, put a scoop of chocolate ice cream then add whipped cream and chocolate syrup. While singing along to the radio, you smoosh the Oreo back together and shove it into your mouth.

You’re really baffled as to why you’re not married yet. Your boyfriend would be crazy to not lock down all of this sexiness. Realizing it’s almost time for a new episode of Scandal, you make way towards the couch.

You freeze when you hear someone fumbling with the lock on your door. This is just fucking perfect. A creep is breaking into your apartment and on top of it, you’re gonna die wearing a onesie.

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not to be this person but… chained to her love, that don’t mean much sensitive tough, don’t get enough I’ve been drowning in you, lost in the rush faded you’re stuck, I’ll help you up  don’t care if you’re too loud sexy, I want you now bet I could take you there whisper in your ear what do you wanna feel?let’s just enjoy the thrill I’ll take a breath of air and give you the touch you’re missing get knives, get knives hands on your waist, let’s go get knives , get knives  girl, you got the vibe, I’m up for the climb get knives , get knives  hands on your waist let’s go get knives , get knives girl, you got the vibe, I’m up for the climb beautiful as you are, I wanna light up your dark maybe you don’t believe in me, it’s hard to know what you see of me don’t be quick to say no my chest is your pillow mome out of the shadows I know that you’re fragile don’t care if you’re too loud sexy, I want you now bet I could take you there whisper in your earwhat do you wanna feel? let’s just enjoy the thrill I’ll take a breath of air and give you the touch you’re missing get knives, get knives hands on your waist, let’s go get knives, get knives girl, you got the vibe, I’m up for the climb get knives, get knives hands on your waist let’s go get knives, get knives girl, you got the vibe, I’m up for the climb I like the way you take me there I like the way you touch yourself don’t hold back, I want that when the water come down, I'ma get in that get knives, get knives hands on your waist, let’s go get knives, get knives girl you got the vibe, I’m up for the climb I’m right here, you know, when your waves explode escape the undertow know that you’ve been broken know that you’ve been hoping swimming in your ocean your new life is floating the stars are made to shine reach up and make a wish it’s a beautiful time, I hope you take a glimpse with a sound, our love is blowing crazy in the wind you don’t have to pretend I don’t care where you’ve been get knives, get knives hands on your waist, let’s go get knives, get knives girl. you got the vibe, I’m up for the climb get knives, get knives hands on your waist let’s go girl. you got the vibe, I’m up for the climb get knives, get knives I like the way you take me there I like the way you touch yourself don’t hold back, I want that when the water come down, I'ma get in that get knives hands on your waist let’s go  get knives, get knives he vibe, I’m up for the climb get knives 

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The Radio

Supernatural/SPN Fanfic

Pairing: Dean x Reader, Sam

Word Count: 1116

Warnings: Fluffy Dean, Breaking of Dean’s car rules

A/N: This is for @percussiongirl2017 and her Finally Legal Birthday Challenge. Happy belated birthday, hon! My prompt was “Since I’m not sitting shotgun, can I pick the music?” and the song was “Drinking Class”  by Lee Brice. The lyrics are in italics and not mine.

Gentle shaking jarred you from sleep. Your eyes fluttered open and you were able to catch a glimpse of the clock on your bedside table. 5:23 am. Way too freaking early. You felt someone shake you again, but you fought against it, deciding instead to roll back onto your stomach and burrow deeper into the bed to chase that restful sleep.

“Come on, sweetheart,” you heard Dean whisper close to your ear. “I know you’re tired, but you gotta get up. We have a hunt.”

“It’s toooooo early…….” You whined, fighting against your boyfriend’s touch to stay asleep.

“Amanda…..” Dean growled softly, shaking you a little harder.

“Fine.” You pulled yourself up and towards Dean, giving him a disgruntled glare. “But, I just want to point out that I wouldn’t be so tired if you had let me get any sleep last night.

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☾ Moon Signs ☽

Aries: Once people get to really know you, you’re super funny and blunt with your words. You can be very independent, and maybe sometimes a little bit over-confident in your actions. You tend to get frustrated easily, and you curse a lot. You can be very destructive when you get angry too. For example, you can throw things and have temper tantrums, but only if you’ve reached your breaking point. 

Taurus: Once people get to really know you, you’re very sweet and laid-back. You are usually super calm and pleasant to be around with. You’re very stubborn and tend to be independent. You’re so honest, and sometimes it can be hurtful, but you say it because you want to help them realize their mistakes. You’re so sweet, and patient with people. 

Gemini: Once people get to really know you, you’re super social and witty. You love to talk and meet new people. A challenge you might have to overcome is that you tend to overthink a lot, which can make you very nervous most of the time. You’re mind usually goes so fast, so you don’t really have a calm and empty mind. You always have something to say which makes you never a bore to be around with. 

Cancer: Once people get to really know you, you’re so sweet and sensitive. Like Gemini, you tend to overthink a lot, so you can be very nervous and scared of a lot of things. You’re so understanding, and you love giving advice to people. You get sad or emotional easily, but that shows much of a big warm heart you have. You care so deeply, and many people forget about that, but as long as you keep doing you, you’ll be the sweetest cinnamon roll ever. 

Leo: Once people get to really know you, you’re so funny and confident in your actions. You’re dramatic personality helps you bring out the best in people, and often times, perceives you as funny to be around with. Even though you give such a confident aura, you’re actually very insecure and can be easily sensitive. You dream of being a leader and standing out, so people can see how much of a shining star you are. You’re so creative too.

Virgo: Once people get to really know you, you’re so helpful and sweet. You love to help people out, and get them to become a better person. You tend to pick out people’s mistakes, but it’s only because you want to encourage them to do better. You’re often times very logical and smart, whether in a street or book kind of way.

Libra: Once people get to really know you, you’re so generous and pleasant. You’re so kind, and you love to give to people. You have a beautiful personality that attracts a lot of people. You’re very indecisive though, and have a hard time picking only one thing. You like to socialize and talk to as much people as you possibly can. Though you’re very dependent and tend to take people’s shit, you know when enough is enough, so that you can pick yourself up and stand up for yourself. 

Scorpio: Once people get to really know you, you’re so caring and blunt. You give the people you care about the most tough love. You also care so deeply about the things and people you love. You love to take care of them, and even though they may be complete shits, you still love them a lot. You get pissed off easily, but that’s only because you don’t want your loved ones to make stupid mistakes. You can put your anger on to innocent people though.

Sagittarius: Once people get to really know you, you’re so funny and loud. You’re also laid-back. You tend to find humor in anything, and you love to laugh and make others laugh. You get bored very easily, and you can’t stand being trapped without anything to do. You dream of having tons of friends and being well known amongst people. When you’re with the people you’re close with, you’re so confident and chill. Like Aries, you curse a lot.

Capricorn: Once people get to really know you, you’re so stubborn and smart. You tend to find solutions very quickly because of your ability to think very logically. Even though you may not really show it, you can be very driven. If you want something, then you’ll do anything to get that. Like any of the earth signs, you’re very stubborn, and don’t want to be proven wrong. 

Aquarius: Once people get to really know you, you’re so social and funny. You’re able to talk to anyone so easily, and you have such a humorous personality. One thing I noticed about Aquarius moons are that you have this weird thing where you know when someone is lying. You’re very creative too. You can be scary stubborn though, and won’t back down in a debate/fight. Another thing I noticed about Aquarius moons is that they’re not very tech savvy, believe it or not. 

Pisces: Once people get to really know you, you’re quiet and dreamy. You tend to day dream a lot, so you don’t really pay attention when people talk to you, hence the reason why you can be kind of quiet. You can be kind of manipulative too, even though you’re so cute. Like Scorpio, you’re sensitive, but only because you care so much about your loved ones. 

It’s hard for me to get over Pixel’s fence (short people problems) so it’s harder to get good pics/videos of him, especially because it’s tough to coax him over to you, but i managed this time!

(warning for kinda loud noise towards the beginning of the video, i tapped my phone against his ceramic water bowl)

when he runs up to get pets you can hear him chewing his hay! lol

Johnny dating a loud & tough girl
  • He had to get used to her being loud
    • he would jump whenever she got going
  • Shes taller than him
  • Her toughness reminded him of Dally
  • She saved him once from socs
    • It def. triggered his masculinity 
    • He was weird for days
    • “I dont need you saving me”
  • When they fight (rarely) she gets loud
    • this reminds him of his folks beating him
  • He gets distant with her a lot 
  • she works on being loud and ends up being more relaxed

i see a lot of posts recently on how gremlin dva is tedious and BOY HAVE I GOT A LOT DVA HEADCANONS FOR U!! (inspired by asks sent to me by notlewdchei!)

  • did not have a good computer/internet at home so she practically lived at pc bangs
  • she’d be there for like 10 hours straight and buy the instant noodles and canned coffee for sustenance and be really unhealthy
  • her parents were super worried about her, she skipped school, she had no friends, all she did was play games to escape reality
  • (notlewdchei’s idea which i love!!) flash/leeyoungho owns the pc bang (he’d be like 78) and watched her play starcraft from behind his desk and she reminded him of himself and he could tell she was talented and smart
  • he wanted to help her out and bought her real meals to eat and gave her discounts on pc bang hours and they talked about starcraft and his past and her dreams
  • dva could never seem to catch a break and get scouted and invited to a team because being a pro-gamer isnt easy at all
  • like she wasnt at the top of the ladder but hovering near it, so she signed up for small tournaments and lost the first few
  • dva never gave up!! when she won her first tourney, she gave her winnings to her parents and asked them for their support and to believe in her talent
  • ofc they were doubtful and wanted her to focus on school
  • (dva barely passed and now its summer)
  • she threw herself into her games and signed up for bigger and more prestiguous tournaments
  • ofc she had to deal with people mocking her and asshole and ppl thinking shes scripting, but that didnt stop her. she fired right back at them, BM'ing ppl in game, talking trash in interviews and pre-game, letting them know she’s tough and wont let it get under her skin
  • dva came 1st/2nd in A LOT of small tourneys and her loud attitude made her get noticed by some professional teams
  • one thing led to another and dva quickly signed up with a team and has sponsors and competed in more professional tournaments
  • obviously as a 16 year old she was immature was so elated from getting a team its natural that she trash talked EVEN MORE and got cocky and totally got fined and is a PR DISASTER
  • (she learned from this, and kept trashtalking at a Fun and Respectable level and BM’d in game very Subtlely)
  • she still gave part of her earnings to her parents and they became more supportive of her career choice and less worried about her future
  • dva goes from someone with nothing to her name, to someone who is admired and loved by people from around the world!!
  • now she’s famous! she’s a movie star! she’s a 3 times international starcraft tournament winner!

hateliners  asked:

GoM + Kagami + Haizaki on their wedding day?

well this went in a different direction.

“I do.”
He stood in front of the mirror and cleared his throat loudly, “I do.”
His brows furrowed as he adjusted his bow tie and cleared his throat again, “I do.”
With a frustrated groan, he reached to pull at his hair before a hand slapped his away, startling him.
He shouted in surprise when he finally saw the short blue head. “Kuroko!”
“You shouldn’t take your anger out on your hair. You still have to attend the wedding,” he calmly replied as Kagami let out another groan and threw himself onto the couch. “You’re going to wrinkle your suit.”
“I’m so nervous I feel like I’m going to mess up even the smallest thing,” Kagami sighed as he laid an arm over his eyes.
“Isn’t saying I do the biggest part of the ceremony?” Kuroko asked as Kagami opened an eye to look at him. “How could you possibly mess that up Kagami-san?”
“You’re not helping.” He only growled in reply.

“Mura-kun! Will you sit still for a minute?” Momoi yelled as she pulled Murasakibara back onto the chair.
“Look at all those snacks though. They’ve been there for over an hour, I have to eat them before someone throws them away,” he lazily said as he stared longingly at the isolated snacks.
“Mura-kun, I can’t believe you! It’s your wedding day and you’re acting as if it were just another regular day!” Momoi tsked as she combed his long hair back with gel as Himuro walked in.
“How’s it going,” he casually asked, showing off his sleek suit to the two of them.
Murasakibara remained silent after her short lecture and sat still as she finished helping him.
“By the time I’m done, you’ll be the best looking groom anyone’s ever seen,” she smiled cheerfully.
“Hm, and I’ll be the good looking best man beside you,” Himuro commented, feeding his own ego as he lightly twirled around the room.
“What do you think she sees in me?” Murasakibara asked, blatantly ignoring Himuro’s absurd attitude, watching Momoi’s concentrated look as she battled with his hair.
“Shouldn’t you be asking her?” Momoi smiled lightly.
“You’re about to marry the woman of your and you don’t know why she loves, dear lord,” Himuro sighed before walking out. “Brighten up Atsushi, it’s your wedding day.”
When the door finally shut, Momoi glanced at Murasakibara’s expression and quietly whispered, “I think Alex slipped him some alcohol earlier…. He was more nervous than you about messing up as the best man.”

He sighed as he stared out the window at all guests filing into the building, being greeted by their parents.
The sound of the door opening caught his attention and he turned around to see Takao sneaking in.
“How are you feeling?” Takao asked sincerely as watched Midorima sit down on the couch against the wall.
He remained silent before a smile made its way onto his lips.
Takao smiled at his reaction before walking to the window, “You know, I thought that you really weren’t going to choose me as your best man.”
“I wasn’t,” Midorima answered immediately. “She made me.”
Takao gasped as he held a hand to his heart before chuckling, “Really, and here I thought we had something.”
Midorima grinned at his comment before seeing Takao pull out a small object.
“She said you gave her your lucky item, and told me to bring it back to you because you’d probably be more nervous than she is,” Takao shrugged as he threw the small stuffed bear at him.
Midorima’s smile widened, knowing that he had really made the right decision, and silently thanked Oha Asa.

He dribbled the ball, once. Twice. Three times.
Now completely immersed in the game he was playing with himself, he effortlessly threw the ball and easily made it into the hoop.
He jumped back ten feet with a terrified look, the soft voice startling him more than he would’ve liked.
“Tch. Oi,don’t scare me like that,” he grumbled before picking up the leather ball that had rolled back to him.
“Are you that nervous?” Momoi asked with a small smile, acknowledging the unrest clearly shown on his face. Her smile quickly turned to a frown when she remembered why she was there in the first place, “You should be getting ready! Not playing basketball.”
“Oi!” He shouted as she grabbed him by the ear and dragged him away, surprising the both of them that he had let his guard down so easily.
“I’m not going to let you mess this up for her,” Momoi continued scolding before sighing, “you should be more excited to see how she’ll look in her wedding dress than to see how many hoops you can make in a minute.”
Aomine smirked before commenting, “I’m excited to see the look on her face before I completely ravish her on the night of our honeymoon.”
And just like that, his confidence was restored.

The giant red head ran into the room breathlessly, eyes darting rapidly throughout the room.
“Tch, did he really run away?”
“Kagami-san,” Kuroko suddenly appeared by his side, making him hit the door in the process of jumping back.
“Do you really think I’d run away from my own wedding?” He quietly commented as he bore a hole into Kagami.
Kagami awkwardly scratched the back of his head before smiling sheepishly, “Everyone’s been searching for you for the past hour…”
“I’ve been in here the whole time,” Kuroko simply replied while Kagami slapped a hand on his forehead.
With a sigh, he noticed the dark circles under Kuroko’s eyes.
“How are you feeling?”
“I am slightly nervous,” Kuroko’s monotonously answered.
Kagami grabbed him by the shoulders and shook him firmly, “You’ll be okay….as long as everyone remembers that you’re standing at the altar.”
“Kagami-san,did you guys tell her that I ran away?”

“Akashi-san, can I ask why you chose me as your best man?” Kuroko asked quietly as he watched Akashi on his bow tie.
Akashi glanced at him through the reflection of the mirror before turning around to face him.
“One, Midorima would surely insist on carrying his lucky item with him to the altar as he stands beside me, and I refuse to have any pictures of me standing beside him with whatever absurd item he has cupped in his hands. Two, Murasakibara would most likely trip over his own legs when he’s standing up there…”
“Wouldn’t Murasakibara-san be too lazy to even trip over his own legs?” Kuroko quietly interrupted before Akashi glared at him.
“Do not interrupt me,” he snapped with a low growl before continuing, “three, Aomine refused to wear the bow tie that we picked out for the men. And four, Kise would most likely take away all the attention from the both of us. As for you, no one would notice you, making it perfect that everyone focuses on her and only her as she approaches me at the altar.”
Once Akashi finished explaining, Kuroko slightly frowned when he finally registered why he had been picked.
“So basically I’m the last resort,” he nodded thoughtfully.
“No. Do you really think I would settle for last resort Kuroko? I am the best, and when you are the best, you get the best no matter what,” he sparkly replied, quickly adding, “and out of you all, you happened to be the closest to the best.”
Kuroko sighed lightly as he left the room to finish helping with the preparations, “Akashi-san must be nervous. He’s more agitated than usual.”

Kise nervously readjusted the silver tie around his neck as he examined his reflection in the mirror.
The door opened and his best man Kasamatsu slipped in, wearing a cheeky grin. They exchanged knowing smiles as Kasamatsu gave him a reassuring pat on the back.
“It’s finally your big day,” Kasamatsu hummed, also taking a moment to examine Kise’s appearance.
“I know right,” Kise’s smile widened. “It still gets to me that you were the first one to get married before all of us.”
Kasamatsu playfully punched in the arm as a deep blush came across his cheeks. “Shut up!”
Kise laughed out loud as he dodged another punch, “Sorry, I couldn’t resist. But hey, at least you’re not stuttering about this stuff now right?”
Kasamatsu quickly caught him a headlock, while Kise gave a loud shout.
“Senpai! Don’t kill me yet I still have to get married!”
With that small plea, Kasamatsu roughly let him go before headbutting him.
Kise grimaced in pain but quickly smiled, used to his tough love.
“It’s almost time, are you ready?” Kasamatsu asked sincerely, stuffing his hands into his pockets.
Kise nodded, glancing over himself one last time, “I don’t think I’ll ever be ready, but…”
“Baka,” Kasamatsu grumbled as he headed out the door. “How many times do you think you’re going to get married before you’re ready?”
Kise chuckled to himself before walking out the door.


He sighed as he tousled his hair a bit more. It had been a long time since he ditched his cornrows but even still, he always felt a bit different with his hair falling around his head. Better yet, his mother had managed to send out invitations to his past teammates from middle school without his acknowledgment. It felt weird to think they would be celebrating his wedding with him, despite the thought that they’d all learned how to move on from the past as mature adults.
“Haizaki,” Ishida’s voice echoed from the other side of the door. “Are you fully prepared?”
Haizaki turned to greet his best man as he walked in.
“As prepared as can be,” Haizaki grinned widely.
They shared a moment of silence as Ishida’s watched Haizaki fall into thought.
“Are you nervous?” Ishida calmly asked, leaning back against the door.
“Tch, I’m about to get married to the woman I love,” Haizaki roughly replied before running a hand through his hair again. “Uh, thanks for everything so far though.”
Ishida easily shook his head, knowing how hard it must’ve been to just utter a thank you.
“You’ve changed Haizaki,” he chuckled, “though I can’t say for sure if it’s because of her or because of that Aomine kid.”
Haizaki brushed his comment aside, because although he didn’t want to admit it, he may have never even been there if it weren’t for Aomine.

Sorry if Haizaki isn’t what you would’ve expected. I don’t really know how to really portray his character in this situation in a way where he’d still be a bit rough and harsh. He’s also more mature, hence (not fighting over little things) and moving on from the past. Therefore, even though he had a rough past with his teammates from Fukuda, they’ve grown from that too. I feel like some of these are a bit cheesy…. whay.

Here’s a bonus

“I’ll be the best looking best man there ever was.” - Izuki crying in denial at Hyuuga’s wedding with Kiyoshi as his best man. (Unless if it ends up being Hyuuga and Kiyoshi’s wedding than that’s another story and Izuki might have a chance.)

hope you enjoyed ;) thanks for sending in the ask


A/N: An imagine where you tell Justin like it is and maybe admit something you probably weren’t ready for. Enjoy!(:

Alcohol was all around us tonight and we were of course indulging in it. Tonight, Justin’s seventh album went triple platinum and we are all so happy for him.

Everyone that Justin knew was in the building congratulating him on this
honor. Everyone except the one person who was supposed to be here.

His very on and off girlfriend was nowhere to be found. For the first two hours Justin wasn’t bothered by it but after some more time passed, I could see the irritation on his face increasing.

When does the cycle stop with these two? Don’t they know they’re toxic for each other? Meaning that they are in no way shape or form good for one another. They bring out the worst in each other and it’s unbelievable how many times they’ve argued, broken up, had sex and repeated it.

It was the same damn routine. Different day, same bullshit type of routine. I cared for Justin. I wanted him to learn how to rely on himself when it came to being happy. Justin didn’t need to depend on someone else to do it for him.

The four margaritas and two jäger bombs that I downed were getting to me. I really should have went with Fredo and Ryan to In and Out before the party. With no food in my stomach and a copious amount of alcohol burning through my system, my liquid courage was at a definite high tonight.

I left a couple of executives who I used to work with when I was at Sony Records in the kitchen and walked over to the group of people I loved.

Fredo, Ryan, Scrappy, Scooter and Kenny were all sitting around the fireplace talking.

“Hey guys.” I smiled.

“Are you drunk?” Fredo asked.

“What? Pft no.” I took a sip of my ice cold beer.

“You got that far away look in your eyes. You’re definitely drunk.” Ryan added.

“Whatever, where’s Justin?”

“He’s outside on the Terrance, talking on the phone.” Scooter pointed to his left.

“Well boys this has been a very fascinating conversation but I should be going.” I carefully rose from the couch, making sure I didn’t fall back or look like I was intoxicated. It’s the worst thing when you’re the person who can’t handle their liquor.

When I approached the french style doors, I could see Justin with the phone practically glued to his ear.

I quietly opened the door and closed it behind me. Justin turned around quickly but saw that it was me and smiled. He hung up his phone shortly after.

“Why aren’t you enjoying your party Justin?” I pouted.

“I was just seeing if she was going to make it.”

“And?” I looked up from the ground.

“She’s not coming. Told me that since we aren’t together then she’s not "obligated” to come.“ Justin said with an edge to his voice.

Who the fuck says that? I could see he was hurt from his conversation with her. The main thing Justin lacked was independence.

He hated being alone and didn’t know how to be. He thrived off of having people around him.

When the Believe tour ended it was bittersweet for him. He loved being able to perform for his fans every night and it was fun for him. How many twenty year olds performed for hundreds of thousands of adoring fans as a career? It’s one in a million chance, trust me. However the silence was the bitter part of the tour ending. He was so used to having girls scream his name and professions of their love to him 24/7. 

"But we’re just going through a rough patch. We’ll be fine.”

I rolled my eyes so far back that I’m sure you could see the scleras of my eyes.

“Justin that’s like the 20,000th rough patch of the month.” I forgot that I still had my drink in my hand and decided that this delicious beer couldn’t go to waste. So I took a hefty sip of the amber liquid.

He narrowed his eyes at me, “We’ll work through it, like we always do.”

I scoffed already annoyed with his hopes of them actually working out.

“What’s with you?”

He was mad now. Oops.

“Nothing.” I shrugged.

I turned my body so that I faced the Empire State Building.

“Nah, it seems like you have something to say so say it.”

Justin stayed behind me but stood a few feet away. Sometimes he was a little over dramatic about things and you had to reel him in.

“I just think it’s funny how she can do no wrong in your eyes and you’ll always be at her beck and call.”

“What the fuck are you talking about?” He wasn’t yelling but he did raise his voice a couple octaves.

“Just forget it Justin. You’re obviously really emotional right now so I’m going to go.” I tried to walk around him to the door but he wouldn’t budge.

“Move. Justin.” He still made no move. He wasn’t going anywhere.

“Not until you tell me why she or actually why we bother you so much?”

His tone implied that maybe I had another motive other than me caring about his mental and emotional state. And we? Oh so they are suddenly a we.

Shoot me now.

Everyone else in the crew always tell me to leave it alone but if no one says anything then it’ll never stop.Maybe it wouldn’t help but someone had to step up and tell the kid how it is. Plus, I’m done with watching this accident happen over and over knowing that I could do something to prevent it.

So I drank the rest of my beer and got ready to let him know exactly what I thought about him and her.

“You guys are a we now? Come on aren’t you tired of this? Either you’re together or not. Make up your minds or how about this, be mature adults you both claim to be and let each other go for good.”

“You don’t know what you’re talking about this is love and—”

I held my hand up so that he’d shut up, “Love? No this is obsession, comfort, stupidity and it’s unhealthy.”

“It’s not—”

“It is! The sad thing is you don’t see that you deserve so much more than this. You deserve stability, respect and honesty. All of which you don’t have. You deserve someone who will stay through all the bullshit and lies that get thrown around every day.” My voice was getting louder as each word left my mouth.

This man didn’t get it did he? Is this one of the times where he accepts the love he thinks he deserves?

Justin was slowly breaking down, his tough exterior had multiple cracks in it.

“Just shut up. You don’t know what you’re talking about!”

I was glad that the music was so loud inside so no one heard us arguing.

“I do. That’s why you’re getting upset because I’m right. Why is it so hard for you to admit that you deserve someone who is proud of you rather than someone who is embarrassed to be seen with you?! You have every right to have someone who will love you, all of you.”

I paused so that I could get a breath of air, “You also need to love yourself because you obviously don’t if you’re alright with someone toying with your heart like this.”

“Okay since you have such a strong opinion about me and my relationship then who do you think I deserve?”

What? Was he seriously asking me this?

“I don’t know. Anyway, you’re missing the point.”

“Answer the question.”

“I. don’t. know.”

“I don’t know isn’t an answer.”

“Well I don’t.”

“Yes you do.”

Oh My God! Could he be anymore annoying?!


“Just answer the question.”

“Fine! You deserve someone like me!”

Oh fuck.

panda-bitch-aru  asked:


Thank you for the request! Yes, it’s been a while. School is getting awful, and my situation at home is just not helping it. I hope you are satisfied with this!!

- Vi

Asahi’s sister

complete opposite if this teddy bear, tough and loud mouthed; once had woken up Asahi because she was yelling about how she accidentally burned her eggs

similar to Nishinoya and Tanaka, who she gets along with pretty well and the boys sort of have this little crush on her

can easily get scared like her older brother, but he sucks up his fear so he could take care of his little sister even though he’s internally screaming for help

likes to be spoiled, and Asahi has no problem with giving her whatever she wanted

Ukai’s sister

compared to him, she is the golden child that literally does everything correct - gets good grades, has lots of friends, goes to an amazing university

like her brother, she formed a habit of drinking and smoking, which is their only form of bonding

nags Ukai to find a girlfriend since he is a 26-year-old man who is still single, plus she really wants a sister

visits all his games to cheer him on because she’s gotta support her older brother, and she even brings along her friends to hook a guy up


completely and utterly shy - cannot speak up to save her life

is spoiled by her older brother, even though she doesn’t ask anything from him; if she looked even the slightest bit cold, he would take off all his clothes just to keep the girl warm

protective of his sister, though it isn’t overbearing; he’d want to know the kind of friends she hangs out with, but he wouldn’t go as far as stalking them everywhere

always brings her along during his games in hopes that she’d give him good luck


brother? more like second dad - has to nag his little sister about the things she does

forgetful and clumsy, always forgetting whether she ate or not, and tripping on a flat surface

she is close friends with Sugawara and Asahi, especially since she sees them all the time at her house

hangs out with her brother a lot, and is the kind of sister that always gets him a present for special occassions


shy and quiet, just like her older brother

rather than being a video game lover, she’s obsessed with anime and attends cosplays, sometimes even cosplays her older brother

likes to sit with her brother and play video games, especially the otome games that gets the two of them going

they both hate going outside, are very lazy, and they barely speak unless it’s to talk about their games or anime


flirty, drop dead gorgeous, gets all the attention from all the guys

Kuroo has to intervene in all her relationships because he does not trust any of the guys around his sister - they can’t even look at her unless they get his approval

is close with her older brother, even goes as far as meowing with each other in the middle of the night

has a sense of humor and loves to tease people just as much as Kuroo, and they even prank each other

Facts from the Hyland Meet and Greet Today

• They enjoy shopping at nordstroms, tjmaxx, target, victoria’s secret, and marshalls
• Kelly says she does most of the shopping
• Brooke has an audition for something this weekend
• Kelly and her husband started dating when they were 12 1/2 and they were neighbors
• Paige’s favorite solos are make some noise and get up get loud get tough
• They say they mostly remember the earlier group dances like party party party and electricity
• Kelly has a court date (tomorrow i heard) because she’s suing lifetime for $1 million
• Abby thought Brooke would be annoyed whenever she brought Payton in but she actually liked it because there was someone her age
• Brooke thinks of the girls as little sisters rather than people she would want to hang out with
• When a fan asks for a picture whenever Brooke is with Nolan and he takes the picture apparently he takes one and then flips it and takes a bunch of selfies so they think they have tons of pictures with Brooke when in reality they have one with Brooke and lots of Nolan selfies
• Paige wants to try volleyball even though brooke says “she runs at the sight of a ball” and brooke wants to do stuff with gymnastics and contortion
• Kelly says she might want to have them open a dance studio and have Paige and Brooke be the instructors so they can continue dancing
• Kelly said they had some sort of offers to do a reality show or something but I don’t know if they’ve considered taking them or not

Not Going Anywhere - Carl Grimes


Carl loved Y/N. He would do everything and anything for her. He had never felt this way about anyone ever. Y/N felt the exact same way about Carl. They had been together for a while now, ever since Carl had invited Y/N into the group after she almost shot him, thinking he was a walker. As cliché as it sounds, it was love at first sight.

Carl and Y/N decided to go hunting. It was something they loved to do together. Y/N decided to continue to hunt for a bit while Carl started walking back to the prison. He hated the idea of leaving her, but she insisted she’d be alright, after all, she is one of the best shooters out of the group. Carl smiled to himself as he thought of her. He bent down and picked some berries to go along with the freshly killed rabbit.

Suddenly, he heard an ear piercing scream. He could instantly tell it was Y/N.

“Y/N!” He yelled, not caring if he was attracting walkers. “Y/N!” His heart was going a mile a minute as tears built up in his eyes. Nothing could happen to Y/N, he would never forgive himself. The screaming continued and Carl could tell he was getting closer. He saw a tall man drag Y/N by the neck into the back of a large vehicle. Carl ran as fast as he could with his gun pointed at the man. “Let her go or I’ll shoot.” He screamed.

“She belongs to you?” The man laughed. Carl instantly recognized him. The Governor. “This shall be interesting.” He smirked.

“I said, let her go.” Carl said, more sternly this time. “I won’t hesitate to shoot you.” The Governor also pulled out a gun, but instead of pointing it at Carl, he pointed it to the backseat.

“Bullet for bullet.” He said, getting in to the front seat. Carl tried to run up to the now moving vehicle, but it was too fast. He shot at the tires, but it was too late. Y/N was gone. Carl fell to his knees, burying his head in his hands.

“Why?” He cried. “She doesn’t deserve this!”

The Governor kept Y/N in a small room with no windows and only one door. She was terrified, she had no idea what he would do to her. The suspense was slowly killing her.

A loud creak of the door snapped her out of her thoughts. It was The Governor, he wore a smug smile on his face as he approached Y/N.

“How have you been? Can I get you anything?” He asked, trying to get on Y/N’s nerves.

“You think you’re tough? You’re like fifty and you feel all bug and strong because you get tie up an eighteen year old girl? I’m so scared.” She fake pouted. “Please don’t hurt me!”

“What if I don’t hurt you, but I hurt your little boyfriend?” The Governor cocked an eyebrow, knowing that will make Y/N’s blood boil. “What’s his name again? Carson? Clarke? No, wait. Carl!” He smirked.

“Thanks for reminding me!” Y/N smiled, she had something up her sleeve. “Carl would be pretty pissed if I didn’t come home for the dinner he was making for everyone. Fresh rabbit, my favourite!”

The Governor had a confused look on his face, causing Y/N to smirk. The whole time they had been talking, she had been untying her hands. She look a long stride over to The Governor and punched him in the nose, causing his to stumble back and land on his ass. Y/N kicked him in the jaw twice and ran out of the room. She saw the truck The Governor drove her over in and decided to take a chance and drive it. She had never really learned how to drive because of the whole apocalypse, but she knew the basics. Y/N started the truck and hit the gas as hard as she could.

She had an idea of where she was going, but couldn’t be too sure. She kept driving, hoping this was the right way. Soon enough, she saw a large guard tower in the distance. She smiled, excited to see Carl again.

Once she arrived at the gates, she stepped out, showing it was her. Rick opened the gates, a look of relief on his face. He hugged her.

“We were getting ready to come find you, Y/N.” He told her. She smiled.

“No need. But, um, where’s Carl?” She asked. Rick laughed.

“We had to lock him up because he would have gone out by himself to find you.” He said. Y/N smiled as tears of happiness built up in her eyes. She ran up to the prison and to where Carl was being held. She heard him sobbing quietly, making her heart drop. She opened the door, causing Carl to shoot his head up, his eyes meeting hers.

“Y/N!” He gasped, “Y/N, you’re here!” He ran up and hugged her.

“I’m not going anywhere, Carl.” She said in his shoulder.

The signs at a party

Aries: Doing challenges and drags everyone to the dance floor even tough they don’t  want to. 

Taurus: Is scorpios wingman. Makes the weirdest dance moves. Drinks a bit and stands in the corner. 

Gemini: Talks loud thinking their friends can’t hear. Meeting new people and dances with their friends. 

Cancer: Sees their ex and gets emotional while running to the toilet. Accidently ends up in the wrong bathroom and gets even more emotional.

Leo: Snuck in to the party because they weren’t invited. Being “not noticeable” on the dance floor. Everyone starts to recognize leo and then gets tossed out.

Virgo: Earliest to the party. Bought presents. Saw cancer going in to the wrong bathroom. Had a dance off with gemini.

Libra:Takes selfies with everyone and posting it on every social media. Runs to the bathroom every 10 minutes. 

Scorpio: Sits at the bar with taurus planning flirt strategy. Gets rejected too many times then gets drunk and gets in a bar fight with sagittarius.

Sagittarius: Spots cancer who is sagittarius ex. Fights with scorpio.

Capricorn: The host of the party . Watching people buy drinks and thinking about how much money capricorn earns. 

Aquarius: Watching everyone while eating popcorn. Watching cancers drama with sagittarius and enjoying the bar fight.

Pisces: Falls asleep at the bar and wakes up the next day and Only sagittarius and Scorpio is in the room, past out on the floor.