get trow it


Iain and Elizabeth’s Agents of SHIELD Screentest

Jeph Loeb comments that the audition reel was literally the first time Iain and Elizabeth acted together. Maurissa comments that it proves why they’re perfect for the parts, because they were instantly FitzSimmons. The audition scene eventually formed the core of the scene at the bottom of the ocean in the season one finale. Their performance was what made them realize they needed to put the scene in the series.

I swear to god if I see someone.. ANYONE shipping Greg and Pearl I’m gonna do an instablock

I am sorry, but after THIS i can’t even THINK about it without getting a sensation of trowing up, without feeling a soft betrayal… yeah, you can ship it if you want to… but I just… I can’t, I can’t feel comfortable with it, I can’t stand it. 

You can like it if you want to, you’re free to… but I’m free to hate it and look for my comfort, and my comfort is far away from… that.