get traught or get dead

Voltron fandom. Let’s take a look at Young Justice ship names and learn something


  • Like, Wally/Artemis. They’re called Spitfire. Cuz of a specific episode where that word was used by someone teaching Wally, and later the word is used to allude to a possible relationship between them. 
  • Dick/Zatanna?? They’re called Chalant. Cuz when they first meet, Dick was being awkward flirty and says he’s trying to be nonchalant and the first thing she said back was “Be as a chalant as you like.”
  • Zatanna/Artemis?? Snaibsel (this one is fucking brilliant). At first glance it’s just lesbians spelled backwards. BUT Zatanna’s power is to perform magic spells by saying things backwards. So it totally works.
  • M’gann/Conner? More straightforward cuz it’s a mashup of their codenames but Supermartian. Still better than mashing their first names together. codenames sometimes make ship names super easy/cool
  • Dick/Wally?? Birdflash. cuz dick is Robin, robin is a bird, and wally is kid flash.
  • Jaime/Bart? Bluepulse. That sounds like a word all on its own, but it’s just their codenames mashed again. Blue Beetle and Impulse
  • Dick/Artemis?? Traught. Cuz there was a specific episode where it was just the two of them constantly evading death from the bad guys and dick’s little wordplay during that time between them. traught being the opposite of distraught. He tells artemis “get traught or get dead.”

there is EVEN a brilliant ship name more the POLYSHIP of Dick/Wally/Artemis. Museum Heist. Here’s why: Dick is Robin…Rob+Wall+Art. seriously fucking brilliant. i don’t care that i had to google it long ago to try to find out why the specific name cuz the WHY makes it SO MUCH BETTER.

  • Wendy/Conner. Neverland. So, in season 2 we found out conner doesn’t physically age so he’s like peter pan, and he talks to a friend of his wendy, hence neverland.
  • Billy/Zatanna. Mazahs billy says the word shazam to transform into Captain Marvel. I already mentioned Zatanna’s thing is saying stuff backwards.
  • La’gaan/M’gann?? Angelfish. They actually date in the show and Lagaan calls her his angelfish. He’s atlantean, hence the fish nickname. I don’t even ship this canon ship. But i can’t deny it’s a nice ship name.
  • Conner/Cassie?? Powerhouse. wondergirl and superboy both have one thing in common–super strength
  • Roy/Artemis?? Longshot. Both of them are archers w/o superpowers who learned under Green Arrow.

I could go on, there’s more, but these are the most significantly creative and/or catchy ship names we have in the glorious YJ fandom.

Back to Voltron

Everyone even has designations w/ colors AND elements assigned to each lion. It isn’t just Keith, he’s also the red paladin, with the element of fire. Lance, blue paladin, element of ice. 

Like why didn’t we call them Ice&Fire?? haha (or a song of ice and fire orrr A SONG OF LANCE AND KEITH…Asolak. Or Team Cradled. Specifically referencing the most important moment between them, taking team from “we are a good team” and cradled from “i cradled you in my arms.” haha, or Team Bond (for bonding moment) but that sounds like it’s referencing double-o seven. 

EVEN ANOTHER idea? mix and match one’s color to the other’s element. Blue Fire or Red Ice or instead of colors use adjectives. Hot Ice or Cold Fire. Or heck even HotnCold. now the katy perry song is stuck in my head

This isn’t just in reference to Lance and Keith. This is for everyone WITH a few exceptions. hanceome and lancelot are the most creative and unique,
annnnd i gotta say sheith. maybe just for the innuendo alone. i can’t call them anything else.

I feel like the BEST ship names come from taking context from the show, a conversation or quote that specifically involves each member of the ship.

Young Justice Starters (Part 1)
  • “ Why isn’t anyone ever just whelmed? “
  • “ He is not whelmed. Not whelmed at all. “
  • “ Mm, that boy. “
  • “ He hacked the motion sensors! “
  • “ I hacked the motion sensors. “
  • “ I feel naked… and not in a fun way. ”
  • “ Pass. Batcave’s crowded enough. “
  • “ I know it’s hard, but try to stay whelmed. “
  • “ Get traught or get dead. “
  • “ That’s it. All four are dead. “
  • “ This way…. or not. “
  • “ Quit touching yourself! “
  • “ By the way, worst death trap ever. “
  • “ You seem distraught. “
  • “ He probably wants me to kill you. “
  • “ What else aren’t they telling us? “
  • “ If you’re going, I’m going. “
  • “ Quit staring. You’re creeping me out. “
  • “ Get on board or get out of the way. “
  • “ Is it wrong that I think I’m hot? “
  • “ I know you hate getting your hands dirty. “
  • “ I am plagued by mosquitoes! “
  • “ This is a waste of my time. “
  • “ I hate monkeys. “
  • “ Definitely a disaster. Heavy on the ‘dis.' “
  • “ He can hear you. We can all hear you. “
  • “ Where I come from, that’s how you survive. “
  • “ I can hear you glaring. “
  • “ So I’m your ‘ninja boyfriend’, huh? “
  • “ Your money has blood on it, and I’m not here to make a buck. “
  • “ I may… possibly… be in over my head. “
  • “ We need to keep this family from falling apart. “
  • “ I’d let you go with me, but you’d slow me down. “
  • “ In this family, it’s every girl for herself. “
  • “ Um, did I miss the part where you actually SAID what the plan was? “
  • “ Nearly drowning two nights in a row is way less fun than it sounds. “
  • “ No way I’m nearly drowning 3 missions in a row! ”
  • “ Two words: gorilla lice. “
  • “ I can’t tell. Not if you kidnap me. “
  • “ Be as chalant as you like. “
  • “ I recommend you stay behind. “
  • “ So what are we waiting for? A theme song? “
  • “ You knew. You knew from the beginning why we were really here. “