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Look, folks.  I do my absolute best to be friendly to people online, especially those who are friendly to me.  But I would like to make something clear.

Please do not mistake friendliness and openness for generosity.  I am a professional artist and quite frankly cannot afford to be generous with my art.  It is, after all, my trade.

The fact of the matter is that I cannot and will not take requests.  I have said so countless times.  I know some of you ask very nicely, but while I do appreciate the politeness, the answer is unfortunately still “no.”  Repeated requests will only have the effect of making me more staunch (and probably annoyed) in that response.

I sincerely, sincerely appreciate that folks enjoy my art.  Nothing brings me more happiness than that.  But I ask that you please respect my boundaries here.  “No” means “no.”

Crying for Park Woojin

According to fansites and spoilers,it appears that Park Woojin has shingles… he was wearing an eyepatch, at the concerted, looked bloated in the face, and someone who went to get an x-ray claims to have seen Woojin at the doctor’s.

I blame it all on P101′s horrible system that builds up trainees’ skills while breaking them physically and mentally. The stress probably weakened his immune system and resulted in his getting the infection. Woojin has dreamed of becoming an idol since he was a little kid, as apparent in his childhood TV appearance as kid-T.O.P. and all his pre-P101 videos and photos of him dancing. He loves performing so much that even though he is exhausted and sick and in pain, he said that for those who support him, he will “clench his teeth” and stand on stage and show a better side of him. His determination and spirit is incredible, it brings me to tears.

It’s so unfortunate how this is happening when he’s so close to finishing this long race called Produce 101 Season 2. His fans are asking fans of other trainees to use one of their two votes for him is they can afford. All the comments on his official profile are so supportive, concerned, and loving. He should put his health as his top priority, but I don’t want to count him out of the game yet because clearly this guy does not consider himself so. I support him 100% of the way, and I hope he gets rest and treatment and get well as quickly as possible so he can stand on the stage again and blow us all away with his talents.


For the love of Steven Universe stop posting leaks every where, let the people who make the show enjoy it too.
Surasshu is a composer on Steven Universe

Conflicting Headcanons
  • Me: Flug is an anxious bean who just wants to invent things and may or may not be held at Black Hat Inc against his will. A special boy. Just wants sleep. Somebody save him
  • Also me: Flug is a criminal, a villain and would probably kill a man. Probably has killed a man. Someone has literally probably died in that laboratory

anonymous asked:

You're saying to let Blaine be human. What about Rachel ?

MAN FUCK RACHEL’S ANNOYING ASS LOL: she literally had NO good intentions from the start. she makes kurt’s issues about being gay and lonely about herself ‘hey u and me are the same right?? let’s sing a duet!!’. she put someone in a crackhouse (and was incredibly racist 2 them btw) bc she was “doing it for the club”, then the show tried to play it off as if she really just cared about the club n didn’t want new ppl to break their family or some shit.

she’s basically the same as mr schue and finn, characters who are PRESENTED as ones with good intentions..when they’re really just selfish assholes LOL (dont even get me started on rachel in s4-6)

like characters that are good ppl but have bad moments are (2 name a few) kurt, mercedes, blaine, and tina. they had shitty moments but they were HUMAN and good people overall LOL

guys omg so i was looking through my pile of notebooks and i found a bunch of poems i had written last year that i’m pretty sure i never posted?? when i get out of the shower i’m gonna work on typing them up and posting them!

also i found some of the original/first drafts of some of the poems in Have Some Pride, if it’s something yall would be interested in i can scan and upload them?? my handwriting is atrocious though lmao 

might be stepping out my comfort zone and writing from tweleve’s POV but like i dont know him as a character as well as nine. like i Know nine so well but tweleve,,, fuck man

Honestly I’ll never get over how they dumbed down Kara’s science genius when nothing will have been lost from keeping that aspect of her character. Did they think it would be “unrealistic” for a female protagonist to be both incredibly strong and a scientific genius? Were there some male execs that thought it would make her too “threatening” to potential male audiences? Is there some sort of female genius quota that the show hit with its side characters? TV shows and movies have no issues featuring male protagonists that can kick anybody’s ass physically and are also certified geniuses, but it seems like female protagonists that are the center of their own story (i.e. not just a trophy for a self insert male protagonist) aren’t allowed to do both.

You might think I’m exaggerating or being too cynical, but the people in charge of networks for the most part are still cis straight white men that say bs like that. I would not be surprised at all if it turned out that stripping Kara of her scientific genius was done to make her character more “palatable” to male audiences.

in this holy month of ramadan, a month for practicing tolerance, for resisting temptation, for giving and being empathetic, i urge u to shut up and stay in ur lane for like 5 minutes. jazak allah xx