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  • looks like they could kill you, is actually a cinnamon roll: Annalise.
  • looks like a cinnamon roll, could actually kill you: Wes.
  • looks like they could kill you, could actually kill you: Frank.
  • looks like a cinnamon roll, is actually a cinnamon roll: Asher.
  • sinnamon roll: Connor.

The lack of intimate moments that Sanvers gets really makes me appreciate Lost Girl

Why Riverdale shouldn’t stick to Comic-Canon

I haven’t been on here in ages, but I popped on the other day and saw how much controversy was going around regarding Riverdale. So I decided to write this post.

First of all, I’ve been reading Archie comics since I was 10. I had bookshelves that were double-stacked with Archie comics. I’ve been reading them for more than 20 years. Yes, I’m that old. Although I have slacked in the past couple of years, I do tend to pick one up, once in a while when I see them at the grocery store. So for once (Ha!) I actually now what I’m talking about regarding comic-canon. Yes, I know they came out with a new storyline in 2016. However there’s still 70+ years of comic-canon that comes before this new line.

My first thought when I saw the series was: “Fuck no, there’s no way I’m watching this.” Don’t get me wrong, Archie comics are great fluff to read and have gotten me through some pretty tough times. However, what I don’t want to see is an eternal love triangle that goes on forever and ends up with Archie marrying both women in a dream sequence… The entire premises of the comics is the never-ending love triangle.

The Archie comics, would never, in themselves be enough to sustain a TV show. As time and time again has proven, comic-canon does not work for a TV platform. For movies, yes. For TV shows, no.

So all of you who want comic-canon, ask yourself if this is what you really want:

  • Never-ending love triangle between Archie / Betty and Veronica, which ends with him marrying both of them in a dream sequence;
  • Jughead marrying Midge and/or marrying Midge and Ethel in two alternate universes;
  • Archie being a total ditz. Sorry but that’s totally what he is in the comics;
  • Veronica being a selfish, self-entitled person. Because once again, sorry that’s totally how she’s like in the comics;
  • Betty always being left behind and being sad over Archie.

I’m sorry but all of the above would make for a terrible TV show and I for one am not here for that. The series would fall flat after its first season.

Also, all the people who keep going on and about Jughead…. Have you even read the comics or did you just head over to google and go with what was written there? Because the following are comic-canon:

  • Jughead got dumped by a girl before he moved to Riverdale and was so heart-broken he never wanted to be with anyone else;
  • Jughead has had in various comic versions romantic encounters with both Betty and Veronica;
  • Jughead has kissed Betty in the comics and she’s kissed him as well;
  • Jughead has said that the only women he would ever marry is Betty.

I get it, a lot of people want representation and that’s totally okay. However don’t preach one comic-canon which only goes back to one year ago versus 70 years of comic-canon. You can’t preach one comic-canon and not the other.

And with that I’m done writing. I might get hate for this post, but to be honest I’ve been dealing with Arrow comic-canon for 5 years and it gets so annoying at some points. Just let the show and the showrunners do their jobs and see what type of chemistry develops between characters. Because that’s what it really comes down to, chemistry between the actors. 

these two are such soulmates I stg

also pls watch dennou coil its some tight shit and the kids are such good characters

indestructiblob  asked:

wait now i wanna know what you want the show runners to do with the kara/lena relationship? based on that it seems like there's more to it than even what we've talked about before

I want them to get together. I want Lena to not know that Kara is Supergirl. I want them to show Lena struggling with all the internalized shit that Lillian and Lex probably funneled into her brain. I want them to show her struggling between having a successful company and staying fully on the good side (i.e. with the alien detection device).

I want her to be stupid in love with Kara. 

I want Kara to be stupid in love with her. 

But I want them to show Kara being tentative with their relationship because she’s an alien and her girlfriend seems to have some issues. I want Kara struggling to say what she wants to say because she’s not ready for Lena to know that she’s an alien and she’s not sure how to express it without giving herself away. I want her to mope just a little.

I want Lena to have a profound admiration for Supergirl but I also want her to not quite see her as a person. She’s a hero, nothing more. I want Kara to be aware of this and unsure of how to deal with it. I want just a little bit of angst. 

And then I want Alex to talk to Lena, maybe bring her to the alien bar, maybe introduce her to Maggie who seems to know how to deal with internalized stuff. I want Alex to explain that Kara is friends with a lot of the aliens and that it’s important to her Lena not hate them. Lena will swear she doesn’t and Maggie will be like “I know you think that, but you’ve been taught a lot of stuff.” She’ll explain internalized prejudices to Lena and try to get her to realize what she’s actually saying when she says that humans should have the right to protect themselves. What she’s thinking when she says America has always been a country of humans. 

I want Lena to take a long hard look at herself and realize that she’s got some stuff to deal with (and oh, look at all the racism parallels being drawn here. remember when they set up racism and homophobia and prejudice all around as the theme of the season? remember when that stopped being explored entirely despite being very interesting and important?). Then I want Supergirl to save her from something and I want Lena to start to see her as something other than just a very pretty hero. 

As she starts to get closer to Supergirl and as she starts to figure out her shit, I want her to realize that Kara and Supergirl are actually the same person. Then, I want her to realize all of the stuff that she said to Kara when she thought she was human and to realize that she would never have said that stuff if she hadn’t. And then I want her to change her ways and be better and also tell Kara that she loves her even if she is an alien. 

Then I want her to scrap that stupid alien detection device and start having fundraisers and stuff for aliens and finding ways to protect them from prejudice. And then I want Lena and Kara to be in love forever. 

So what I got from the newest episode of "Watching Sanvers Scenes on Youtube".
  • Alex: Valentines Day?
  • Maggie: No.
  • Alex: Valentines DAY?
  • Maggie: Seriously nope!
  • Alex: Communication?
  • Maggie: Heternormativity really traumatised me and I might never be over it.
  • Maggie: I am revealing a tragic and very realistic backstory to you that a lot of our fans can probably identify with.
  • Maggie: It would need a lot of screentime to resolve this issue properly.
  • Maggie: But we don't get that much screentime because white cis fuckboy needs to fuck the former protagonist of this TV show.
  • Maggie: After all, this is a family TV show and we can't tell happy straight ally (TM) families that they are traumatising young queer children.
  • Maggie: So gotta go bye!
  • Some time later.
  • Kara: Yo, Maggie, it's nice that you adressed some issues so the gays can identify with you.
  • Kara: But now it's really time to quickly resolve this because after all this is a family's TV show. And if we really adressed properly that heteronormativity is hurting and traumatising young queer people, we could not really make white cis fuckboy fuck me in another scene of this tv show.
  • Kara: So pls just get your shit together! We need the gays to be happy and distracted from the bullshit we are going to pull.
  • Some time later.
  • Alex: What is going on, Maggie?
  • Alex: I forgot my personality at home when I put on that dress.
  • Alex: Let's slow dance it out.

“Now that Samurai Jack is on Adult Swim it’ll be more adult and violent!”

*Just watched Jack cut off a guy’s arms and then use one of said arms to cut his head open*

I’m sorry - what? Like it’s already pretty violent with some really heavy themes.


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Ooooh, but he did just say “I’d like you to erase that.”

ERASING IS AN OPTION. Though this now makes me have so many questions about using The Grain as an effective security measure. What’s the point of scanning someone’s last 24 hours if they could selective edit anything security might get on them for?

Though maybe there’s some kind of marker when shit gets erased, or that there’s time missing. I wouldn’t be surprised if it doesn’t REALLY get erased, rather the data just moving into some other area that government or security could still access.

Still, back to the point, things CAN be erased, which kind of hilariously makes this permanent memory system faulty as shit. It can still be tampered with, just that digitally “forgetting” is a choice, and influenced by whatever emotions are being felt at the time. The fact that he immediately goes there is evidence of this idea that The Grain perpetuates: pics or it didn’t happen, essentially. He regrets he said it, so he wants to erase all evidence that he did. And, I have no doubt, with that evidence gone, he’d happily move forward as though he never said it at all, and he expects her to do the same.

This system that should, ideally, help us cherish our memories is only corrupting every single way in which we deal with them and, consequently, life itself.