get to know your oc

Never be scared of sharing information about your OC, even if no one asked for it. 

Write about them, draw their story and tell about them!

It’s the best way for people to get to know your OC. 

It doesn’t matter how many Notes and messages you get. 

Your OC is valid, regardless if people care or not! Because you love them, and that what should really matter. 

People need time to get to know a OC. Time and information. 

Some are too scared to ask you about them or to share information about their own OC, because the opinion of others scare them. 

If you see a OC you like etc, TELL THEIR CREATOR! Because it means so much to them to see that their OC is seen by someone else. 

The Anon feature in the asks are there for those who doesn’t want to reveal themselves. Anons are people too, so it’s valid. 

All in all, popularity, other people’s opinions and age NEVER matters when it comes to your wonderful OCs. 

Don’t wait for a Note to give you permission to share information. 

If you want to give a little sunshine in the fandom, ask someone else about THEIR OC. Tell them how much you like their OCs. 

Spread some joy to others~

Spread the love for OCs. Because what really makes a loyal fandom person is to give, because one or another time you will recieve too. 

Give & Recieve. That’s what I like to quote to myself often. 

Bonus Note: 

Don’t hate on the more popular people out there with OCs who gets showered in notes on a daily basis. They’re people too. 

Some of them may even be tired of the fame. 

In my opinion, and viewpoint, I never look at the amount of artworks, fanfics etc of a OC, I like them for them. And I make sure to tell their Creators that. Even with my awkward words. Because, despite little old me telling them that, it might brighten their day!

Fame and popularity can be tiring. So, don’t hate on them for their popularity just because you’re jealous. 

Popularity takes time and effort, but in the end, it doesn’t really matter. 

post ghost-hunting meal

types of people as syrups/sauces

maple syrup: carries a coffee thermos with them everywhere, wears several rings, got the iphone x the day it came out, disney movies, absolute shit sense of direction, purposely develops closeness w/ ppl by deliberately making prolonged eye contact, is needlessly philosophical at 3pm, hates scary movies, cat person but still likes dogs

bbq sauce: red plaid picnic blankets, always has a shoelace untied, refuses to go to paris/london/nyc bc it’s too mainstream, drives w/ their elbow/arm out the window, can’t sleep w/o 35 blankets even in the summer, anti-mom friend, would totally explore an abandoned building at nighttime, dog person but still likes cats

chocolate syrup: cannot leave a t-shirt uncropped, little bit of a hoe, goes to starbucks to use the free wifi but doesn’t buy anything, never preheats the oven, wears the same necklace every day, can’t sleep w/o white noise, doesn’t need glasses but will wear them for the aesthetic, used to think cussing was a Sin but now swears right and left, has a weird obsession w/ nautical/ocean-themed things

ranch dressing: white vans, zero pain tolerance, can’t go to sleep for hours after they turn out the light, never wears their hair down, able to sleep with only a sheet and is not to be trusted, athletic, wears scrunchies, mom friend, hates rollercoasters, cat person and acts like a dog ate their son

caramel sauce: never wears their hair up, gets their nails done like once a week, bath bombs, never believed in that tooth fairy bs for a second, has to romanticize and make every situation seem poetic or they won’t be able to deal with it, was that kid that thought wearing adidas shoes made them unique, will not associate w/ anyone who likes pineapple on pizza

ketchup: living meme, strongly supports pineapple on pizza, says “lol sorry im just a bitch xoxo” but has never even been mean to anyone ever, writes fucc instead of fuck, wears jeans in 90F, too lazy to toast their bread, impeccable sense of direction & rarely gets lost, was that kid who hated popular trends solely bc everyone else was into them, dog person and acts like a cat killed their family

Prompts for getting to know your OC better

1. Write a tweet, Reddit post, or Facebook post as your OC would do it.
2. Write a Wikipedia article about your OC as if they were a real person.
3. Write a text or online messaging conversation between your OC and someone else.

Get to know your OC

- OC’s full name?
- Where were they born?
- What accent and language do they speak in?
- What flaws do they have?
- What are things that they are good at?
- What are their pet peeves?
- What is something they do not respect?
- Could they survive on their own in a forest?
- Are they social with others?
- Do they have good social skills?
- What is their deepest darkest secret?
- Do they have a guilty pleasure?
- How do they express their feelings?
- How do they react when they are proven wrong?
- How do they mourn?
- When would they back talk someone?
- Do they gossip?
- Would they ever be able to forgive themselves if they did something horrible? Example - Murder
- Do they care about themselves or others more?
- How would other OCs describe them?
- How would your OC describe themselves?
- How would you as the writer describe them?
- How well do they know their own limits?

#50 This or That Q’s for your OC.
  1. Hot or cold shower?
  2. Summer or winter?
  3. Typically boyish style or typically girlish style?
  4. Night owl or Early bird?
  5. Full breakfast or ‘grab a bite and run’?
  6. Easily panicked or always chill?
  7. Coffee or Tea?
  8. Dogs or Cats?
  9. Writing or reading?
  10. Movies or TV shows?
  11. Outside or inside?
  12. Overprepared or underprepared?
  13. Sunny weather or rainy weather?
  14. Being surrounded by people or being alone?
  15. 12-hour clock or 24-hour clock?
  16. Instagram or Snapchat?
  17. Study over a period of time or last-minute cram?
  18. Text or call?
  19. Driving license or not?
  20. Cake or biscuit?
  21. Water or juice?
  22. Says it how it is or keeps their mouth shut?
  23. Always runs out of charge or always keeps a charger on them?
  24. Read the whole book in one sitting or take a year to finish it?
  25. Climb the stairs or take the lift?
  26. Apple or Samsung?
  27. Write on paper or type it out?
  28. Does the assignment as soon as it’s set or does it in the lesson it’s supposed to be handed in?
  29. Love at first sight or get to know them?
  30. Use a hairdryer or let it air dry?
  31. Converse or Vans?
  32. Order the same meal or something new every time?
  33. Listens to the album as the tracklisting or shuffles it?
  34. Hits on strangers or cries because they’ll never meet again?
  35. Believes in fate or takes it into their own hands?
  36. Believes that ‘Sex should be in a bed’ or that ‘Quickies are cool too’?
  37. Ace at tidying or has a literal dumpsite in their house/room?
  38. Marmite or Peanut butter?
  39. Rap or rock?
  40. PJ’s or naked? ;)
  41. Puts others first or ‘every man for himself’?
  42. Bus or Train?
  43. Pen or Pencil?
  44. Candles or Febreeze?
  45. Notes or flashcards?
  46. Chocolate or candy?
  47. Phone camera or digital cameras?
  48. Card or Cash payment?
  49. Smiles in every photo or ignores the camera?
  50. Likely to read this whole post or skip past?

So you guys seemed to like the 50 questions for your OC post, so I thought I’d share my OC this or That list! I made it a while ago on my break while working as a Christmas temp in retail- my first job in retail! Anyway, I hope you enjoyed, good luck with your works! Lots of love from Yasmine xox

OC Asks

Just some random questions for your OCs:

Pride and Prejudice: What’s your OC’s dream job?

War and Peace: What’s your OC’s favourite colour?

As I Lay Dying: What does your OC put on their pizza?

The Great Gatsby: What is your OC’s favourite type of weather?

Tom Sawyer: Who’s your OC’s best friend?

Wuthering Heights: Does your OC have any nicknames? How did they get them?

Diary of Anne Frank: Is your OC a morning person or a night owl?

Lord of the Flies: What’s the easiest way to annoy your OC?

Great Expectations: Is your OC a fighter or a flighter?

To Kill a Mockingbird: Does your OC have any triggers? What?

East of Eden: What is the state of your OCs bedroom?

The Bell Jar: What’s the worst injury your OC has ever had?

Moby-Dick: Is your OC right-handed or left-handed?

1984: Does your OC like themselves?

Frankenstein: How does your OC sleep at night?


taking a break from answering asks, so i doodled another au out~ it’s another devil-angel au, what a suRPRISE

Sidekick Ask Game

Asks for all your sidekicks, secondary characters, deuteragonists, etc. because they matter too!

Lovers: Why have you stuck by (main character’s) side?

Hierophant: What is your relationship with (main character)?

Emperor: Do you ever feel overshadowed by (main character)?

Empress: What secrets are you hiding?

High Priestess: Do you have any objects that would be impossible to part with? Why?

Hermit: What’s your best memory with (main character)?

Wheel of Fortune: What’s your worst memory with (main character)?

World: What’s your biggest achievement?

Chariot: What’s your life motto?

Star: What three adjectives would you use to describe your personality?

Moon: What three adjectives would you use to describe your appearance?

Sun: Do you have a catchphrase?

Temperance: What’s the greatest life lesson you have ever learned?

Hanged Man: What’s the greatest life lesson you have ever taught someone?

Fool: What’s your biggest pet peeve? Who do you know that does this?

Strength: What trait do you most value in friends?

Judgement: Who do you hate the most?

Justice: Who do you love the most?

Devil: How do your views/opinions/beliefs differ from those around you?

Death: How did you and (main character) meet?

Tower: What’s your biggest fear?

Magician: What do you want more than anything else?

Issues with stolen gemsonas & artwork

Hi gemsona fandom! Long time no see, hope you enjoyed the “Wanted” special and got some new ideas from seeing Homeworld!

Recently people close to me and I have had a lot of issues with our gemsonas and artwork being stolen, mainly by RP accounts on instagram and tumblr. It seems like a no-brainer but I guess it’s worth repeating:

  • Do NOT use someone’s gemsona/OC on roleplay accounts without express permission from the creator. Make your own character!! Gemsonas are often self-inserts, taking them is very personally intrusive and feels gross, man. Taking the character to roleplay is even worse- you’re misrepresenting them, changing their personality and using them to gain followers and fandom reputation. That’s a whole ‘nother level of theft.
  • Do NOT use someone’s artwork for blog art, icons, or any other personal/aesthetic use without express permission from the creator. Some artists are nice enough to allow this if you ask, but some art is personal and not meant to be used! ASK THEM FIRST.
  • Reposting or using artwork IS NOT okay just because you actually credited the artist. YOU NEED PERMISSION TO POST FIRST AND FOREMOST.

Just because an artist isn’t active in the gemsona fandom doesn’t mean their OC is up for grabs or any less their creation

Please reblog this (especially rp blogs!) and let younger people in the fandom know that this isn’t okay. Stop reposting art and taking other people’s OCs. Don’t interact with RP accounts with stolen OCs/art. Protect artists in your community!! Report them!!

It’s really unfortunate, situations like this make artists and creators want to take down drawings, stop posting their OCs and leave fandoms after experiences like this..


mama’s boy

Get to Know Your OC Better

- List 5 personailty traits about them
- List 5 thing they hate
- List 5 things they love
- List 5 other characters they get along with
- List 5 things they will always remember
- List 5 physical things about them ie (hair colour, eye colour, body type ect)
- List 5 things they couldn’t live without
- List 5 things wish they had
- List 5 things that are going to happen to them
- List 5 things that they look for in a lover

Get to know your OC’s- Social Media edition.

Quick, informal Writing Prompts for those with OCs( be it in their heads or on paper)
1. Write some blog posts as if your OC were writing them.
2. write a transcript of an interview between your OC and a reporter
3. write a script for a vlog your OC would do.
4. Write an article about your OC as a reporter would.
5. write a tweet , reddit post or facebook post that your OC would write
6. write a review of a product that your OC would write.
(The above could help with figuring out OC as a person)

Thanks to @queen-of-pinkskull for submitting this little prompt list! I really like the idea of getting to know your original characters in different aspects and lights, so this was a great submission. Thanks so much! xox


I’m not dead I promise. Just a lil busy workin on commission and internship stuff!! Also I want you all to know that even though I can’t answer all of your asks, I do read them all and appreciate them. Even the ones about clowns sent in by the discord server.

mikkel & another new oc, mo. i’m still not super sure who these kids are but one answer is definitely: not as cool as they think they are.

Get to Know Your OC Better

- Make them loose someone they love, how do they react?
- Make them get jealous, what do they do?
- When faced with saving themself or a friend, who would they pick in a split second?
- If they plotted revenge against someone, what would they do?
- Do they think with emotions or intellect?
- Where would you find them on their day off?
- What hobby have they loved for a long time?
- Are they independent or codependent?
- How do they try to achieve their goals?
- Do they like to be surrounded by people or by themselves?
- Do they get things done right away or do they procrastinate?

Genie AU requested by @aut2imagineart

–Honestly, i could totally hop on this AU wagon