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Show me where the casting call said they were looking for a Latina actress to play Maggie Sawyer. OH, you can’t? I figured. But what DO we know about the casting call/process for Maggie? Oh… only that the minute Chyler saw her she knew she was Maggie Sawyer. THAT IS LITERALLY ALL WE KNOW. We do not know if they were looking for a Latina…and nothing else… zilch…nada. (also how is it white washing when comic Maggie Sawyer is literally a damn white woman with blonde hair?)

ALL we have to go on is Kreisberg’s ass saying Maggie would be Latina. But that was ONE time, after Maggie was already casted. And they quickly changed it when they probably figured out she is not latina. Chances are high that He just assumed Flo was Latina. (just LIKE EVERYONE ELSE). But that does NOT mean she specifically went out to get cast knowing they were looking for a Latina. The same goes for her previous rolls that people are saying she “stole”. We have absolutely NO PROOF that she knows shows look for Latina actors and that she goes out to fake being latina and take the rolls. Stop vilifying someone when you don’t know the full story. 

This fandom is so, so, so VERY ugly. I cannot stand it. Saying things like, “Floriana should choke and die” is not right at all and you should be ashamed for saying something like that. If you still don’t care how Flo feels, how would Chyler like you saying something like that? Because I know you all worship the ground she walks on. You all do not deserve Chyler or Flo. And one day, they are not going to be active in this fandom (Jeremy is already taking a break) because all you people do is bitch, cry, talk shit and complain about literally everything when you don’t even have all of the facts, just jump straight to conclusions. 

Be adults. Take a step back. Relax. Enjoy Sanvers. Enjoy how well the actresses treat us and how involved they are. You may not agree with someones personal life, but that’s just it. It isTHEIR personal life. People are always going to do things you disagree with. Family, friends, what have you. Learn to accept it and move on

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I like the fact that Ruca wore a uniform but still dyed her hair black and wore eyeliner because that's the exact same think I do and I'm also 15 and latina (Argentina) Who knows, maybe I'll get my very own Olly really soon 😊 Love your style btw!!

haha you are so cute!! thank you!
so happy you can relate to my OC’s  good luck with school !!♥️
heres a uniform Ruca with black hair and some bad roots …

So it’s Aroha Selca day and I thought “Hey! I should take a break from AP studies and put photos of me with my bias.” I love Rocky and filters and my blonde hair :3

Also my blog is dead and has been dead for a while, I hope to revive it soon.


For Hispanic Heritage Month, let’s take a moment to appreciate all the Latina lesbians on TV!

  • Santana Lopez on Glee
  • Luisa Alver on Jane the Virgin
  • Maggie Sawyer, coming to Supergirl in October

I cannot stop listening to the song “Every Shining Time You Arrive” by idk who and I really truly can’t decide if I hate it or love it but right away the guitars caught me and they’re very ‘Verticle Horizon’ and when the piano starts up at the end I get goosebumps on my legs so there’s that.
Community Post: 14 Annoying Things Magazines For Latinas Always Do

A magazine just for me? Awesome! But… Do these magazine actually know any Latinas? Because they keep getting a few basic things horribly wrong.

h/t dash

also: ignore we are not just one shade and/ or racial group; ignore that some of us dont want to be parents; erase those of us who are not heterosexual; ignore us if we have a disability, erase trans latinas, 

so much more, but what else folks!

A night out ll Dantana

Dani had spent most of the morning making sure she would look okay for Santana’s friends party, she was ecstatic when Santana invited her out to meet her friend although it was completely unexpected she was really looking forward to spending more time with the Latina and hopefully get to know her a bit better and for it to actually feel normal, since the last few times they’ve been together had been full of tension. After getting ready Dani made her way to Santana’s house around 2pm, the party wasn’t starting for another couple of hours but they decided to get together early to hang out which Dani was more then happy with. Currently they were seated on the couch cuddling and talking on the couch. “What are you wearing tonight?”  

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As someone who is white-passing, would it be disrespectful to say, get a tattoo of a sugar skull since I'm Latina? I know that it's not wrong since I'm part of the culture, but I don't want to look like a white girl just doing it for attention and not because it means something to me, which is what's going to end up happening. Do you have any guidance for this situation?

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