get to know the band that makes the band work

This is the story of a kid who had no idea what they were getting into. But it’s also more than just that. They went to band day in seventh grade and got to play pep band with the local high school. It was amazing, and they fell in love immediately. How could they not? The high school had such an amazing show and treated them great. Two years later, this kid started high school and was so excited for marching band. They were shy and timid, but still excited. Throughout their first season, they dealt with so many things. They dealt with anxiety, depression, devastation, and disappointment. But they also woke up. 

What this kid ended up realizing was the importance of marching band, why it really mattered, and the great things to come out of it.

Marching band is not just a group of kids running around with instruments on the field. It’s musicians who are coming together to do something they love. Music is something that fills us all with passionate emotion that nothing else can. Being able to make something like that is amazing. But then add in a physical aspect. You have a story to tell now. You have formations and movements and a color guard and props and suddenly band is so much more.

The time commitment required for marching band is greater than any extra curricular besides maybe football. Hours upon hours are spent on the field, running the same set, the same music over and over. Revising and relearning and reinventing over and over. You’re constantly improving and constantly pushing yourself. Band is an every day thing. Musicians put in hours of practice on and off the field, they have to physically train themselves, and they work so hard. Harder than anyone gives them credit for.

Over this time, all the rehearsals, the late night practices, the early morning rehearsals, the time consuming fundraisers, you grow closer with your band mates than you could have imagined. You spend hours working with them, joking with them, creating something amazing with them, and then you get to your first competition and you perform with them. That’s when you know it’s worth it. And all the late night bus rides and singing your show and falling asleep watching the lights flash by is something you could never forget. Marching band becomes a family. It’s full of people who will be there for you quicker than you could snap to attention.

Through all of this you make the most amazing memories, but you also grow the most.

You become stronger as a person. You learn more about yourself, you learn your limits. You learn to push them. You learn to go farther than you’re comfortable with. Marching band is more than just an extra curricular, it’s a home, a place of growth, a safe haven. 

So this kid ended up changing so much. They were pushed farther than they had ever been before. They went from being that depressed, anxious, shy, and confused kid to a confident and outgoing leader. They figured out their passions and met their family. They finally found a home they knew was right.

It’s really frustrating to see people bashing All Time Low for things out of their control. Such as the canceling of the show tonight and the “Lack of Women on Tour with them”. Yes I understand they have a say in who they tour with and who is in their crew, but like Alex was fighting on twitter, The Female Lead bands they offered the tour to, had other tours already lined up, as well as the Women they would have hired for their crew were working with other bands. They need to have bands that they not only get along with, but also appeal to their audiences, so if the bands that fit that criteria are unavailable they find different bands. They aren’t going to fire the crew they have just to hire more women, if they position arises and the person is qualified for what they need, I know that ATL wouldn’t hesitate in hiring them. Alex was just making a statement that this was a very male heavy tour, he wasn’t bashing women. 

And on the canceling of the show tonight; I have read way too many comments saying “I’d rather get heat stroke than miss the concert” or “Just move it to a different place or play it outside” or “You should at least do a meet and greet somewhere, do you know how many people drove out to see you?” This is out of the band’s control, they are focusing on the safety of not only their fans BUT ALSO THEMSELVES, they are also jumping around and under the hot stage lights. I have been to concerts where there is AC and have still seen people almost pass out, it’s not a joke.  And it’s not that simple to just move their concert somewhere else, it would be another safety hazard for them to just decide that they were going to do the show outside, or just do a random meet and greet somewhere, cities can be strict with that kind of thing. I went to a show in MN a few years ago and the bands had to cut their sets short due to curfews, and they were playing in the venue at the time they were supposed to. The meet and greets they do are monitored for both the safety of the band and the fans, by having an impromptu meeting or show not only poses a threat to them but to everyone around. 

I’m not saying this doesn’t suck, I understand how hard it is but they did state they would try to reschedule if they could. This is out of their control. Stop being so selfish and acting like the band owes you something because they had to cancel. This isn’t about you, this is about the safety of everyone involved. 

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hello!! i was wondering if you know of any famous/not famous fics but specifically where one of them is in a band? thank you!!!!

hmmm … okay, lets say only band member and not solo singer , right?

- Empty Skies : For three years, Harry has been running from his past. Now, he is moving to London and pledges to fulfil his only dream – making it big in the music industry. Not everyone has a place, though, and the competition is tough. As is his past catching up on him.Louis is part of the biggest boy band of the world, and getting there had meant a lot of hard work, as well as sacrificing parts of his heart and soul. He’s still happy. Maybe not as happy as he could be, but who is he to complain? Featuring Perrie as Harry’s adorable flatmate, Niall as his manager, and Liam and Zayn as Louis’ bandmates.     (134k)  

- zipping across the stars : One Direction consists of five people; Louis, Zayn, Niall, Liam, and Gemma. When the band preforms at Wembley Stadium the boys are introduced to Gemma’s younger brother Harry.Louis wishes he had known that before he threw himself at the boy for six hours but he can’t stop now can he? (10k)

- led by your beating heart : AU where Harry’s in One Direction, Louis isn’t, and they reconnect over a game of ‘Call or Delete’. (29k)

- My English Love Affair : The thing about sleeping with a member of a famous indie band is that the inevitability of having a song written about you is most likely a hundred percent. The second thing is that in the end, nobody’s supposed to find out it’s about you. The one where Harry writes a song about his English love affair and Louis sleeps with someone in White Eskimo and all he gets is a stupid song written about him. (19k)

- Thought The Song Was Sung :Louis never auditioned for the X-Factor.  Years later, Harry’s just another gay ex-boybander who lives alone with his cat…   until Niall decides to take matters into his own hands and set up a profile for Harry on a dating website. (12k)

- California Sold    : Notoriously closeted boyband member Harry Styles is famous on a global scale, meanwhile Louis, as his best friend, is back home in Manchester, living the typical life of a 24 year old. When Harry needs Louis with him in LA, a publicity stunt gone wrong changes their friendship forever. A fake-relationship AU between two lifelong best friends. (123k)

- Of Love and Blood and Hate  “You auditioned without me,” Louis says, his voice disbelieving. “How the fuck can you stand there and hurl all this shit at me when you literally left me behind to go audition for the show we’d been dreaming of being on together?”  “What was I supposed to do, Louis? You refused to audition with me unless we were honest about being a couple. I knew we never would have made it past the first auditions. You left me no other choice; it was either audition alone or not audition at all.“  Louis feels his own eyes start to fill with tears. “You chose a fucking reality show over our relationship. If you still don’t see that you made the wrong choice than I don’t think there’s any reason for me to waste another second here.”A Famous/Non-Famous turned Famous/Famous AU where Harry makes the biggest mistake of his life and Louis’ left to pick up the pieces. (24k)

- say you want me : Louist95: @HarryStyles, I’m personally offended that you haven’t invited me to your concert in Leeds next week. Proper fan I am and all.HarryStyles: @Louist95 Proper fan? I’m personally offended on behalf of all our fans everywhere that you’ve lumped yourself with them. ~ A Famous/Not-Famous AU featuring Liam, Zayn, and Harry as the members of Sonic Boom, an English band that unexpectedly sky rocketed to international fame, Niall as their biggest fan, and Louis as the exact opposite. Harry’s a closeted pop star and Louis is the uni student he keeps fighting with on Twitter. It’s all silly banter until it turns into something else. (31k)

- the impossible now :: A wish on Christmas Eve sends Louis to an alternate dimension where Harry is a member of One Direction. (50k)

- you’ve set on me : Harry’s been completely blindsided, is the thing. Like a car without headlights crashing into him. It’s not that he thought he’d never see Louis again in his life. It’s just this. He wasn’t ready for this. au. louis’ in an obscure band. harry’s an international popstar. their paths aren’t meant to cross, not like this, but when louis’ band signs on as harry’s opening act, both harry and louis are forced to confront the open wounds of their shared past. (31k).

- If You Love Me Right, We Fuck For Life       : Harry and Louis loved each other once, it was bright and beautiful, a love that people envied. But Louis took an opportunity he couldn’t refuse and joined a band with Zayn Malik and Liam Payne. Harry and Louis’ relationship took a turn for the worst when their band got signed and the couple broke up as a result, neither too sure if it was for the best. When Louis runs into Harry a couple years later, feelings are rekindled. (7k)

- Obviously: Louis is blind and a fan of One Direction, aka Harry Styles, and when they meet Louis’ life turns upside down. (64k)

- You You You : Or, the one where Harry and Louis meet at a club and Louis takes Harry home, only for him to realize that the boy who just made him breakfast half naked is Harry Styles from One Direction. (137k)

Binary Star (III)

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Jaebum / Mark

Rating: PG

Word Count: 3,935

Summary: In some cases, these close binary systems can exchange mass, which may bring their evolution to stages that single stars cannot attain.”

You and Jaebum have been dating forever when Mark Tuan shows up in your classroom. You’ve always been against change - a bit debilitating, being a writer - but for some reason this new kid has you thinking there might be an upside to chaos.

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the astro marching band au
  • everyone knows who jinjin is before he even starts high school bc he’s been playing drums Forever
  • literally he walks into first band camp and all the officers are just like “yep hes the next drum major”
  • manages to land battery captain as a freshman which is Unheard of and everyone respects him cause hes fuckin great
  • except mj
  • mj’s a shit
  • thats because mj is an oboe player who cant march bc “marching oboe is DANGEROUS you can DIE” 
  • so he goes to front ensemble and while jinjin isn’t in charge of front ensemble they do plenty of rehearsals together and jinjin has no idea what to do with this sunshine of a kid who has never played a mallet instrument in his life and goes around singing under his breath 
  • but he can memorize his music and vibe so who is jinjin to complain he’s cute too
  • mjs favorite part of being a front ensemble freshman is being stuck on the random instruments like gong which means he can just stare at drumline when they decide its too hot and go shirtless
  • he may or may not miss a gong hit
  • or two
  • oops
  • fast forward a year and moonbin and eunwoo enter the program 
  • eunwoo is this state ranked flute player who literally everyone just stares at bc a) hes beautiful b) hes brilliant c) hes a fuckin amazing flute player like what even
  • except this boy isn’t marching flute, oh no. he’s a guard boy. his lines are beautiful, and the guard instructor may have cried when he realized he was getting eunwoo pls im crying eunwoo as a guard boy my soul
  • no one was more shocked than moonbin who joined 100% thinking he would end up on tenor drums bc He’s Great but instead had to deal with bass drum like every other freshman bc hierarchy exists and jinjin takes no shit but it was ok bc the bass drums just happened to always end sets real close to where eunwoo was
  • and if that meant bin got to talk to the really pretty guard boy he wasn’t complaining 
  • bin may or may not have begged jinjin to make sure they were on the guard bus to states so he could sit next to eunwoo
  • jinjin obliged bc it meant that front ensemble would also be stuck on the guard bus
  • eunwoo fell asleep on bin, mj fell asleep on jinjin, everyone died i died thinking about it 
  • the next year jinjin gets assistant drum major, which means he’s no longer marching so great!! for moonbin who gets a tenor spot, not great!! for the battery section which has lost its leader of two years and flounders a bit
  • the biggest benefit of jinjin becoming assistant drum major is the ability for mj, who has moved to a mallet instrument and is always front and center bc of his ability to vibe being able to make faces at jinjin and fuck him up
  • but then rocky shows up at band camp in raybans and twirling drum sticks in his fingers and snatches the center snare spot from everyone bc its rocky what CANT HE DO
  • bin automatically claims him as a best friend
  • rocky and bin come up with so much dumb shit which begins innocently enough like making up weird sentences to memorize rhythms and seeing who could cause a bigger distraction during lunch or accidentally letting locker doors close when changing behind them
  • jinjin draws the line at the idea of rocky and bin exchanging sticks in the middle of the performance by throwing them at each other this aint drumline boys 
  • fast forward another year and finally sanha joins, and he’s a trumpet player is anyone shocked im not
  • jinjin is now head drum major, mj is front ensemble section leader, rocky is technically battery captain but shares it with bin and eunwoo is saber captain
  • jinjin and mj are basically married at this point
  • moonbin is v much in love with eunwoo and rocky is five seconds away from hurling a drum at him bc he keeps messing up rhythms bc he’s always getting distracted by eunwoo tossing 
  • so rocky, being rocky, with the help of jinjin decides to do somethin about it
  • which is during freshman/senior bonding which is where innocent freshman have to do the tasks the seniors ask of them or risk running laps, jinjin makes sanha go up to eunwoo during the middle of lunch and loudly say “MOONBIN THINKS UR PRETTY” and run away
  • bin may or may not have tackled rocky 
  • all the guard girls screamed and eunwoo blushed ten shades of red but ya know it worked because over the weekend eunwoo and bin went on a date and the marching band power couple of binu was born
  • sanha is also the bane of jinjin’s existence 
  • bc sanha is a good player, but the problem is that sanha knows it and is the piece of shit thats always upsetting the balance by going up to third octave and overblasting and always making faces at jinjin whenever hes trying to be serious and get the band to check their positions
  • mj loves it
  • jinjin may have threatened divorce 
  • and y’all this is just the shit that happens in marching season
vocaloid record label au that nobody asked for
  • miku’s head of the company and kind of an asshole
  • she’s super popular and somewhat of celebrity because she started the company at 20 and was almost instantly successful
  • but she’s not asshole because she’s popular, oh no. she’s just an asshole because nobody taught her how to not be an asshole. she just worked and worked her whole life and no one was ever like “hey. how about just some karaoke or something??”
  • piko is head of finances (or something) and he and miku butt heads constantly
  • they hate each other with a white hot passion
  • piko’s restrictive with the company’s money and miku generally wants to spend more than he’s willing to let her have
  • while miku’s kind of an ass in everyone’s opinion, piko’s just an emotionless doll. people do not like him because has he ever, like, smiled?? or ever gave the impression that he was pleased with anything??
  • like, the strongest emotion he’s shown is when miku makes a mistake that ends up making repercussions and then it’s just this awkward feeling of “is he mad or is he just really happy she fucked up?”
  • most everyone lives together in households based on their companies, but since piko has no company, he’s the odd one out and that does not work in his favor since everyone finds it strange he lives alone
  • kaito is kind of everyone’s dad and no one can believe he works in the same department as piko because he is kind to a literal fault
  • everyone has a crush on him
  • everyone
  • okay, not everyone but at least len, gackpo, and yohio do
  • he’s actually a huge pain in piko’s ass because he won’t cause any sort of conflict so it drops a lot more work on him, but if kaito doesn’t stick around a good portion of the work force might quit because piko is such a pain to deal with
  • luo tiyani, seeu, maika, and avanna are talent-finders and oversee the production of music and albums
  • tiyani is kind of judgmental, but that just means she finds the best talent. she is both the most memey of the crew and the most obessessed with memes of the crew
  • seeu parties waaay to hard and waaay to often, but somehow she’s never late and she’s pretty chill so
  • maika is a nervous sweetheart baby who everyone else in the office would protect with their life
  • if you ever make maika cry you’ve got the fury of tiyani, seeu, and avanna on you
  • be prepared to be sprayed with water and booze and probably have terrible pictures of you circulated with horrible meme captions
  • avanna is kind of like a grandma even though she’s 40 at most
  • she made everyone in the office a sweater last christmas and everyone lowkey loves it (even though seeu says she doesn’t)
  • she also brings in cookies a lot for the four of them and sometimes other pop in to have some, although tiyani is terribly protective of those cookies so you’d better hope she’s not there
  • gackpo is hot as hell and there is not a soul there who does not have crush on him from looks alone
  • aside from his good looks, though he’s just a really great director of publicity and super successful
  • he’s the best in the business tbh
  • his campaigns almost never fail
  • but he’s not that great to hang around because he’s very tsundere with an emphasis on the ‘tsun’
  • nobody will hang with him poor child which is shame because he might just secretly need a hug and a chance to relax.
  • gumi and yohio work in gackpo’s department as staff publicists. 
  • gumi is super hardworking, but really passive and quiet so she gets looked over for bigger projects
  • she would never admit it, but that treatment is starting to get to her
  • hio is just lazy and lays around the office all day trying to annoy gackpo
  • no one’s really sure how or when he gets work done, but he  does and he’s surprisingly reliable. plus, he has really good ideas for campaigns 90% of the time
  • that fact is really annoying to gackpo cause hio was a real ass to him once and gackpo really wants to fire him but he does good work so…
  • yanhe, yuma, and fukase are all talent managers
  • yanhe is the most well-liked out of them (which isn’t saying to much honestly) because while she’s kind of quiet she also is super kindhearted and gets along well with other really nice talent who just want to do their best
  • yuma isn’t exactly an ass but he sure as heckie isn’t well liked by the talent he manages
  • he’s super overbearing and works his talent too hard on occasion
  • but in social situations he’s surprisingly outgoing and charming and eager to please, but he can be too much of a mom friend and get on people’s nerves
  • the fact that people unironically call fukase ‘fukass’ behind is back speaks volumes
  • he’s the newest person on the team and is honestly the most hated employee of the whole company. he’s a huuuge ass
  • sadly for everyone, though, he’s super successful and his first talent (akira kano) ended up becoming the most popular act of the company so he actually gets good results
  • seriously though
  • what an ass
  • only miku likes him but he just looks down on everyone and acts like no one else exists
  • the yuezheng siblings are great
  • ling is the daughter of the super rich owner of a popular film company called black light studios, but she was sick of her strict dad telling her what to do so she “ran away” and got a job as a licensing representative
  • longya is the most interesting thing to happen to vfs in a while because this really, super famous movie star whose on break for college who just pops in from time to time to dote on his sister
  • and by time to time i mean literally all the time
  • he loves his sister way to much
  • she hates it but literally everyone else in the office loves it because longya is hot as fuck
  • oliver, ryuto, kaai yuki, and stardust are the interns
  • the first three are all college students
  • no one’s quite sure why oliver works as an intern because he’s trying to actually make music with his electronic music degree, but…
  • he’s fucking adorable so
  • everyone is slightly alarmed stardust because like??
  • she says she flew in from outer space?? and that her name really is stardust?? and no one can prove her wrong?? she’s weird and people are concerned
  • no one at the office (aside from three) are quite sure why kiyoteru is there all the time
  • he’s just an elementary school teacher that teaches down the street so wtf??
  • but he’s actually working with his manager yuma because he’s secretly a member of ice mountain (and yes, i say secretly. still not sure how to make it work but somehow he’s famous and has secret identity fight me)
  • (it works for piko (the voice provider) so it can work for teru)
  • he’s actually very much a poor nervous baby and fame stresses him out so much
  • his band members have to help him so much in things like interviews because he’s devastatingly shy
  • akira kano (arsloid. i know his real name is not kano but i’m not calling him arsloid this whole time) is the lead singer of the boy band DIAM☆ND and the biggest celebrity at the moment
  • which is why it makes no sense as to why whenever he comes to work on albums or something fukase just sends him on random errands
  • like, he’s a glorified intern who runs around and gets coffee and drops off paperwork
  • he’s the biggest star of the company wtf are you doing fuakse??
  • also, he’s basically a eager to please puppy dog so love him
  • kagamine rin and len (twins here) make up the electronic music duo rimokon (think daft punk with more pop)
  • they started their career in music at 14 and were the first stars of vfs. they’re almost 20 now
  • they’re far less popular now than they used to be, but still have a very dedicated group of fans and they tour and such still
  • rin is the classic fallen child star who goes out and gets drunk underage and gets in fights and has spent time in jail
  • she does love her job so much though. she’s missed recording sessions but never performances because she genuinely loves the music she and her brother make
  • she also really enjoys being famous
  • len is honestly the more popular of the two which makes them super uncomfortable
  • they have a super-dedicated fanbase that fawns all of him them and are convinced that they’re gonna marry one of them
  • they do not like this one tiny bit
  • their popularity is largely due to the fact that they’re seen as the responsible one who has to keep their sister and control and they always seems super level-headed 
  • len is actually just terrified all the time though. they have a lot of anxiety and they kind of hate themselves and they hate the fame but love the music too much to give any of it up this poor child
  • iroha owns a music store down the street
  • she’s a huge fan of hello kitty mostly, but she also loves music (duh)
  • her favorite band is rimokon and she hates DIAM☆ND and she know that teru’s part of ice mountain but no one knows how
  • she’s basically a teenager who never grew up with a very “ugh. i don’t care. gosh” attitude so it’s an honest miracle she’s still in business because most customers hate her
  • she really only stays in business because she’s the only store for miles that carries so much vfs merch because yukari (a sales rep) hooks her up with the good stuff
Loved Me Back To Life

You come back to set to film your final music video and circumstances change, so after a severe panic attack Jared suggests that you just admit your feelings but you just can’t figure out what to do.

Jensen and Reader *No Hate towards Danneel she is our queen*

Fluff, Angst, Panic Attack, Jensen being cute and a dork

Originally posted by the-spncest

           The minute I walked on the Supernatural set, I was welcomed with open arms. It was an amazing experience. The first time I met Jensen, I knew I was in trouble. He was everything I could have ever wanted in a man, but I knew I couldn’t. Over the time, we had gotten to know each other, I fell deeply in love with him. After I had found out he had a girlfriend I had asked them to kill me off.

           I had my record company create a tour just so that I could get out of here, away from Jay. Did it hurt? Yes, it did. Did it feel like I was numb on the inside? Every damn day. For those six years, I worked day and night, no vacations, no relaxation, just hard work.  

           I had just heard that they were renewed for their thirteenth season, and I was happy for them. I kept in contact with Jared and Misha mainly, and they always told me that Jensen had felt the same way, but I couldn’t accept it. After about twelve years in the music business I decided to do a final single then retire. I had enough money to last over several lifetimes so I wanted to relax and just have fun, enjoy life to the fullest.

           I had gotten a call from Robert Singer asking if I wanted to use the set for the last music video I would ever do. I hesitantly said yes and he assured me that no one would know I was there. I wanted to do ‘In the Dark’ by Billy Squier and had gotten the ok to do it.

           I had taken the red eye out to make sure I was there before everyone would know I was there. I had a trailer I could stay in when I needed to rest or whatever I needed, I wanted this to be an amazing video for those fans who had supported me all these years.

           Once I had gotten there nothing had changed, I took a quick nap and headed to the stage that was reserved just for me. I walked in to see my band and choreographer to help get things started. I started warming up my vocal chords while the band went through their instrument checks. ‘Ok y/n! You can do this’ I walked up to the microphone and started singing when it was my time.

           I gave the song everything I had, I kept my emotions in check to make sure I didn’t let anyone know what was going on. I saw Jared and Misha come in, they were a little shocked at my song choice but that’s what was going on in my head. I finished the song a little rough but I would work on it.

           I stepped away from the mic feeling dizzy, I then collapsed having issues with my breathing. I knew it was one of my famous panic attacks, I tried to play it off but this one was a mean something. Both guys were at my side helping me up, I had no strength so Jared had to carry me to his trailer.

           He sat down with me in his lap helping me through it with ease. Misha handed me a bottle of water. I heard the door open but I was too out of it to know who it was. Jared just sat there rocking me, calming me down. I had called him many times over the years when they got bad. So, he knew exactly what to do to fix the situation.

           Once I finally calmed down, I was exhausted, so Jared led me back to his bed so that I could rest. In no time, I was out, resting from the war against my brain.

Jared POV

           I walked back after getting her comfortable, I knew they were bad, but this was beyond bad. I was tired just from watching her have the panic attacks, I closed the door and went back out to talk to Misha and Jensen who had come in with coffee, and got the shock of his life.          

           “What was that?” “That was one her famous panic attacks” Misha shook his head, I could see the sadness on his face. “Jay, I’m sorry man, I didn’t know she was here until I heard her singing” “That’s ok, is she ok though?” “No, she’s not, she’s pushed herself beyond exhaustion, she’s retiring so she thought that would be a good song to end her career with, but it just destroyed her mentally”

           “I should have told her how I felt, I was with Sarah then, but I should have just grown a pair” I felt bad for him, I knew how he felt and I also knew how she felt, I had to come up with a plan and fast.

Reader POV

           I woke up feeling better than ever, I decided to change my finale song, I didn’t want to deal with that again. I walked out to see a note from Jared saying to help myself to the snacks, and to also think about changing my song choice. I saw a post it note on the fridge and opened it up see cold coke and a turkey sandwich. I’ll have to thank him later.

           I called my manager asking if I could do something different, and of she quickly agreed and told me to think about it. I went through my iPod and quickly had an idea to mind, I finished my lunch and text Jared about my plan and of course he was on board with it. For six years, he told me that love was mutual from Jay, so now I tell him the only way I know how.

           We got everything planned, and ready for this to work. I stayed with Jared that night and everything was hammered down. I was really excited about this and hoped that I wasn’t going to get my heart broken. I decided to go shopping the next morning and find the perfect dress to sing in.

           The video was going to be simple, just me singing with my band and the guys from Supernatural hanging out. It would be my greatest or my worst decision. I had finally found what I wanted and got myself ready for the reveal.

           Misha had snuck me in so that Jen wouldn’t see me, and once I got there it was so simple yet so awesome. Misha gave me the thumbs up and the band started the intro, ‘Loved me back to Life’ by Celine Dion. The boys came once I started singing, Jay was in shock and just stood watching me sing the song the told my true feelings.

           Over the next week, we filmed the video and got everything ready for the reveal to my loyal fans. Over that week, Jay and I got to know each other again, it was amazing. The first time he kissed me was when we livestreamed my last video and wanted everyone to know that I was now taken.

           The video was a big success and it was my highest selling single to date. The record company tried to get me to reconsider but I declined. When the hiatus had come, Jay had planned a vacation, just the two of us. When we had arrived to our destination I was in shock to see the house from the twilight movies. The secluded island was just what we needed, I giggled at him, he knew I was an inner twihard so he made sure I had an amazing time.

           Over the next month, we spent time just enjoying our free time. There was one day where we found a beautiful waterfall. He had a picnic made and wine at the ready, he just had on a pair of shorts and a baseball cap. I had on my red bikini that showed a lot of skin but I didn’t care I was proud of my curves.

           The whole day was spent eating, drinking, splashing and chasing each other. The sun started to set showing the true beauty of this paradise. “Whatcha looking for hot stuff?” “Nothing now” He laid back down next to me and pulled me to him. “He started kissing down my neck leaving hickeys in his wake. I felt something weird on my left ring finger only to see a beautiful diamond ring.

           “Yes!” “But I didn’t ask yet” “Sorry” “No you’re not!” I laughed at his whine that sounded way too much like Dean. He held up his phone and took a picture of us and tweeted out that ‘she said yes!!’

           “So, tell me, have you ever made love on a beach?” “No but I know sand gets everywhere!” “Woman!” I squeaked and ran away from him, yelling at him to catch up. He finally caught up to me and threw me over his shoulder carrying me the rest of the way to the house.

           He went in and started a bath so that we could get the sand out, we soaked and just enjoyed each other, the way we wanted. After we were dried off properly, he carried me out to the living room where he had blankets on the floor in front of the window showing off the night sky. The entire night was spent on those blankets, crying out each other’s names and celebrating your engagement.

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Dear Anyone Who Says Marching Band Isn’t A Sport

I set aside 3-4 weeks of my summer to work the same amount of time as a full time job in order to practice perfect our show. This is time I could be spending making money, or, I don’t know, actually using my summer as a time of tranquility and fun.

But marching band isn’t a sport.

I stretch, build, and destroy muscles I didn’t even know I had. Do you know how hard it is to roll your feet, square your shoulders, and “hold the quarter” all at the same time? At the end of the week I know every single person in our team band is so sore they can hardly walk. When I wake up Tuesday morning, after only been marching for a day, my arms and legs ache like nothing else. And I still get out there and do it for another 3 days. Because that’s what it takes to perfect our show.

But marching band isn’t a sport.

Do you know how many of us experience dehydration throughout marching band? We get outside and soak through our clothes while standing at attention, only to get a handfull of water breaks. Do you know the level of exhaustion we experience after a full day of marching? I get home every day and almost immediately pass out, even when trying to resist the urge to sleep. And I know this is the case for all of my friends in band as well. People use the word “exhausted” all the time, but what we are dealing with is literal exhaustion. I can come home from marching band and sleep for fourteen hours and still be tired when I wake up the next morning at 7:00 so I can do it all again.

But marching band isn’t a sport.

Do you know the weather we have to deal with? During early autumn, it is still hot as balls outside when we go out and march. In our giant uniforms. I wouldn’t want to be the one cleaning those because I know just how much sweat gets in there. Seriously though, it’s not funny how hot it gets. But it’s not just the heat we experience. We also march during late autumn and even winter. It gets to freezing temperatures and we’re outside for a good three hours, only getting colder by the minute. And in those moments, our uniforms, which made it seemingly 20 degrees hotter, provide little to no heat at all.

But marching band isn’t a sport.

Do you know how difficult it is to march and play the music at the same time? The majority of us are wind players. Think about this: the whole time we’re on the field, we are barely breathing. It is actually encouraged to breathe as little as possible and it makes it EVER so much more difficult to march without being able to breathe. There’s the drumline, who has to constantly be watching the drum majors and subdivide while marching, because if they mess up, the whole band will be a wreck. Then there’s pit. Yes, they’re not marching. Okay. Do you know how difficult pit’s music is? Probably three times harder than what anyone else has. So before you try to use the handful of pit players we have against us as to why marching band is trivial, know that they’re putting in just as much work as the whole band. And don’t even get me started on the colorguard. They have to do just as many different kinds of things as the band does. Do you know how difficult it is to throw a flag in the air and catch it, much less make it attractive? And they have to deal with the pressure that any mistake they make will be seen by the whole audience, whether they understand music or not.

But marching band isn’t a sport.

Yes, you’re totally correct. Marching band isn’t a sport because it doesn’t consist of two teams or persons actively trying to be in control of a ball. We just go on a field and play music.

Put Your Money On Me (pt. 3)

Character: Jason Crouse (The Good Wife)

Word Count: 4,158

Summary: Jen opens up to Alicia and contemplates her feelings; Jason gets a phone call

Warnings: Brief mentions of sex and masturbation.

Note: This chapter is a bit longer than usual, but I really wanted to advance the plot some more, and I didn’t want to write a chapter without Jason in it yet. I hope y’all enjoy it!

And, a HUGE thank you to @naughtyneganjdm for being my beta and giving me feedback on this! You’re seriously the best, and I appreciate it so much!

Previous Chapters: Pt. 1 | Pt. 2

Also available on AO3!

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The best parts of Where We Are audiobook

Niall’s sounds the most scripted like he actually took time to think about these questions, and write down his responses.

He has one of the best vocabularies in the band.

“Didn’t get to finish school or do his exams.”

The fact that there was one suitcase in Niall’s house that they actually referred to as “the little suitcase.”

Laughing when he said, “Obviously we’ve managed to last more than six months.”

“Slugged it out in the back of a Mercedes van?” Slugged it out? In a Mercedes Niall, really?

“The band’s horizon’s seemed to be getting bigger and bigger every day.”

About the fans: “The fans are out of this world helping us.” He loves us.

Talking about when he got kicked out of a cab when they heard they got number one. “Me and my friend were just punching the head off each other and having a laugh.”


“I don’t really get homesick where as some of the lads would, but it’s not going to last forever so might as well enjoy it as much as I can now.”

About the trip to Ghana. “People out there are incredible, their spirits are mindboggling. You can only try your best for them when you admire them so much.” He was great talking about this.

He has the best perspective about the trip out of all the boys. When he’s talking about the water and how he’s got a fridge at home full of it and taps, but they don’t have a bit of it. You can tell that he appreciated and really felt what the trip was supposed to be about.

“For a man who loves his sleep that can only be good to be fair. I do waste a lot of my life sleeping.”

“YOU EITHER WANT TO BE PAPPED OR YOU DON’T.” He didn’t scream that, I just thought all caps were important there.

“do the job so home then mostly sit in my house. I don’t go on many holidays. I prefer to sit in my house mostly.”

“London Premiere best day he’s had in his career to date.” Then he goes on to name 800 other things that he liked too, “but the film premiere is 100% right up there. It was a huge moment for us…..”

“Them two idiots up the back.” Him and Louis at the Premiere/

“In typical One Direction style we were terrible at it.”

Success of Midnight Memories “We were just delighted.” I love how he says delighted.

“He brought me down to Chelsea and I became part of the furniture down there.” About his rehab after his knee surgery.

“We were confident of One Direction, and we work hard to make the band succeed.”

“Trepidation.” Great Word.

“Typical mad One Direction Style.”

“Croke Park was a special one.”

Best Ending: “but you know what? I’m still mad about being in this band.”



“I’d come home completely covered in mud after playing football, eventually I had a pair of trousers for every single day of the week cause it was impossible for my mom to keep up with the washing.”

“Sitting in half my classes covered in mud.”

“My dad was amazing. He was my driving force to get out there and perform to people.”

“Maybe he wasn’t that crazy after all, maybe he can just see the future.”

“You know about all the dreadful disappointment about being rejected them like the overwhelming excitement of being put into a band with these other four lads, but to this day the moment they revealed they were putting us into One Direction is still the most amazing memory it’s still hard to believe.” They always talked about this, but never described like that.

“It’s hard to think we were thrown into the deep end so quick.”

“Our guardian angel was our fans.” Liam loves us too. Bless his little heart.

“an army of fans out there promoting and championing our band which you know you really can’t buy. So brilliant.” Keep the compliments coming.

“I feel like we haven’t really celebrated that.” Talking about the first album tour.

“You have to respect the idea that you just can’t walk out on to an arena stage.”

“Proper New York cold.”

How he says Lady Gaga and crazy in this sentence here “I think we set a new record beating Lady Gaga which was craazzyy.” It was funny.

“I remember staying up til stupid o’clock in the morning signing 500 CDS.”

The school trip story to the O2 a.k.a the Millennium Dome: “but I was just a dippy kid back then so my parents thought Ruth (his sister) would remember and appreciate the day more than me cause I’d been just bouncing off the walls and doing stupid stuff. So I did a little chuckle to myself when I got there ass I actually got to the millennium dome for free.” 

“This job can make you very self centered if you’re not careful.”

“and I was absolutely terrible at listening which I always have been.”

Class of 92 movie premiere: “He (David Beckham) like clocked me from across the room and you know when lads give each other the nod? Well, like I kind of gave him the nod cause he was saying like wazup (yes, wazup, that is not a typo), and he gave me the nod back, and then to my like shock he came over and said like hey how’s it going you alright Liam and shook my hand, and I was like this is mad like David Beckham just gave me the manly nod from the other side of the room and that’s like the sickest thing like….”


And no, I didn’t make that story up, oh, though I wish I had.


“I think I’ve always had persistence which I suppose I probably got from my mom, uh, she always encouraged me to do what I wanted to do and always just told me to give it my best and that’s what I try to do.”

“My mom’s pretty much the first person I go to for advice. You know I have a great relationship with my mom.” The first few minutes are devoted to talking about his momma, and I love that.

“We can travel the world which I don’t think, well, I know I wouldn’t have even been to America nevermind all the amazing places we’ve been at this age.”

“Doncaster is great, but you know I kind of wanted to see the world.”

“Even when we try our hardest to be sensible and mature we don’t do a very good job.”

Proof that Louis has seen This is Us, at least more than a couple of times. “You get taken away and bang you’re in this lifestyle and it is very alien.” Paul said nearly this same thing in the movie.

He loses his train of thought for a second when he’s talking about where he’s from. “ not many people from Donny record many albums, but anyway.” He says that ending very fast.

“There were often times I stand there and wonder how much the comments were relevant to me because my contributions to the band in my opinion at that time were so small.” Poor babe, but look at ya now.

“Delighted to be in the band.” Do they all say this word so wonderfully?

“It’s only been about since Midnight Memories that album that I’ve really felt comfortable with my voice.”

About the fans: “Little superfans trying to spread the word throughout the world.” More proof that Louis literally watches This Is Us every night before he goes to bed. Simon says this near the beginning of the movie, talking about the superfans.

The mattress story: “You wouldn’t get that now (the hesitation) they’d be straight down.”

“Four countries in four days.” Did he mean states?”

About a fan encounter after coming back from a tour. “It all got a bit aggressive I think I got me hoodie ripped off from me and I remember they dragged us into this tiny office with some police officers and the fans were outside surrounding it just banging on the walls. Yeah, it was intense. It definitely made us think there is some proper support there.”

About his man crush on David Beckham: “I’ve always idolized David Beckham. I just think he’s the coolest guy ever. Two or three of the lads me him before ME ( His tone is all like, How dare they?), and they had pictures with him right and I just saw these pictures on twitter and I was like what’s going on here I’d love to have met David, Becks, but anyway I did get to meet him in the end. I went to the Class of 92 premiere and uh, I’m just rubbish. I was trying to be cool, but you just can’t. I mean what do you say that is remotely impressive to David Beckham.”

He uses we a lot, not really I. It’s we did this, or we wanted that. That’s very interesting.

About Midnight Memories: “That we had a real, that we felt like we had a proper creative input on, not just a little bit, but we felt that we had a say over the whole thing.”

“it’s incredibly rewarding to be able to make music.”

“We’re very lucky that we have great fans that I feel like if we messed up on stage I wouldn’t really feel that embarrassed because I feel like they’re so behind you anyway that it’s cool and they kind of put you at ease too which is a nice feeling which is why it almost encourages us to mess about and be a little off the cuff on stage because they made it easy for us in that way.”

“I just feel like a Donny lad that got lucky.”

“Maybe when were older and wiser we might be able to put some perspective on it, but….it’s cool.


“My own personality, individually….”

About playing characters/ acting: “When you’re in a band and you’re just portraying who you are as maybe as you know as a musical artist if you’re just trying to sing and be able the music then you’re just being yourself and I think behind that is, is probably the coolest thing to do, but at the same time it also adds pressure because that’s just you and that’s just who you are.”

Even to the sense that like when I was twelve or thirteen, I kind of still thought there’d be a chance I’d get super powers and be a superhero. So, I was definitely a dreamer. It took me a bit longer to grow out of that.” He shouldn’t have. I liked this version of Zayn better to be honest.

Reiterating: “Yeah, I was definitely a dreamer.”

The story we’ve heard 8,000 times about how Louis told him about the plane doing the loopdy loop the first time he was ever on a plane. Like you can just see Louis, stoic face, calm, just flat out lying to Zayn just to mess with him.

While on the X-Factor: “And we were in this little box room with bunk beds and a single bed.” Okay, so, who demanded the single bed?

Also the X-Factor: “And just seeing other people’s behavior, and you know how they would act and how they would do something or whatever and we were like maybe necessarily we don’t want to do it that way maybe we want to be a bit cooler about that you know we don’t want to wear our sunglasses inside and be weird.”

Liam mentioned some cattiness from the other contestants during his bit, I wonder how much of that they faced directly.

“Instead of being something else we were just interested in each other, and looking after each other, and being a band and being what we were about.”

About people recognizing them from the X-Factor: “one of the biggest shows…in the U.K. at that point.” Shady….or no?

“Somebody else…” “a different band” I’m pretty sure he’s the only one who didn’t name Big Time Rush directly.

About the blonde streak: “I forgot that I had the Olympics the next day?” Really???? Side eyes him suspiciously.

Good phrase: “You’ve made more of a noise.” I liked that.

“Sometimes I look to solo artists and feel a bit sorry for them.” Huh?


“I think I had a nice upbringing. My family was really nice to me.” Then he laughs because was that too sarcastic or not? Laugh, Harry, laugh so they know you were just joking.

“I grew up thinking everyone’s equal, everyone’s the same.”

When he looks at stuff from the X-Factor: “I look like I’m about twelve, and uh, I think it’s amazing to try to comprehend the fact that I was a kid.” – I read that way too heartbreakingly than I’m sure he meant it.

“Walking into a record label I always felt like I was walking onto a different planet.”

Describing the record studio: “There was like marble everywhere and it was all like shiney.”

About being excited about releasing the first album, the first songs after all the support the fans had given them before there was even an album. “It was time for us to give them something back.”

“I think we were just praying that people liked it because if they didn’t they’d be like uh, oh okay, maybe not I’ll go home.”

“The album had just gone number two,” mumbles…”thanks, Rhianna.” This kid is such a dork.

Then he talks about his hard on for sunshine, and all things being outside for at least five minutes.

Example: “Even if your car breaks down you’re just chilling in the sun for a bit. It’s actually not that bad.”

When they talk about coming back to the U.K. after that first major tour and getting chased by all those girls they all sound so excited, like of I got me hoodie ripped off and Liam lost a shoe and girls were banging on the walls and police had to escort us out, but It was totally great, would recommend 10 out of 10… except for Niall, I’m pretty sure the poor kid was traumatized…. That, or they are still in that I don’t want to offend anyone area.

Example: “We ended up going out in like a riot van which was probably a little over the top, but uh,…. It was fun.”

How he says, “Shopping mall.”

About all the promo and etc. “It was important for us to like justify why the album was number one.”

“Standing on the stage used to make me really nervous.” But look at you now….

About the second album: “I think you just want to people to hear it, and think it’s wicked.”

About putting out new material: “I think first of all you want people to not hate it then if people don’t’ hate it you want them to like it and if people like it you’re like uh,…..”

His thoughts on getting number one: “Then I was like sick, then it hit me.”

“My job, if you can call it a job.”

The trip to Ghana. He talks about it so well. “That it is different when you see it on TV than when you witness it in real life. The thing that triggers a different emotion is like all your senses are taken over by what’s going on, the smell, the smoke, the heat….”

“I think a big difference is made up of a bunch of little differences.”

“I think gossip is natural.” That would explain his sort of distance that he puts between him and any sort of news that goes out about him. It’s because he knows that its constantly in flux, and anything he says will only be magnified, and that it will make it stay around longer if he does. There just hasn’t been anything out that he really feels like he needs to comment on, but I think he would if he felt it was necessary.

“It’s important to remember that the job and the lifestyle aren’t normal.”

“It’s always going to be us the people who went through it.”

#106 - For hermosadecadencia, thesambuca, & placidus

Filling the prompts “van being in love with this girl while meeting the reader and they become friends and all but she breaks up with him and van is a fucking mess like drunk everyday and all that and the reader just stays with him and they slowly fall in love” from @hermosadecadencia and “a relationship … built on music” from @thesambuca and  "van dating a guy when you meet / before you get together ? because van mcpann is a blessing" from @placidus

With a record in each hand, a decision had to be made. Bowie. Joy Division. Technically, both could have been bought. It would just mean you’d be eating more two minute noodles that week. You quickly surveyed the room to see if there was anyone around that could help. There was a girl at the counter, but she was a) on her phone and looked busy with that, and b) was so pretty you felt nervous at the thought of even asking her opinion. There was a group of girls over in the ‘just in’ section frothing about The 1975. A guy with a mohawk that reached high into the air appeared to be also agonising over a decision; his was between Cannibal Corpse and The Doors. You hoped he picked Jim. The only other person in the store was a normal looking guy. He was flicking through the film soundtracks. 

Approaching him slowly, he turned to you. His smile was an invitation for conversation, and you held the two records up. “Please help,” you said. He laughed and took them from you.

“Well, both are staples in your collection, yeah? So you can’t go wrong. But, would 'ave Joy Division done so well if Curtis hadn’t… you know?” the guy said. 

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Ways to Respect Idols!
  1. Do not repost/distribute photos that seem stolen/hacked. This is the #1 way to respect idol privacy. Plenty of pre-debut photos are leaked and I know of one site that has admitted to hacking and/or making fake profiles to gain access to celeb & idol photos before. THIS IS STALKING. DO NOT ENCOURAGE IT. If you see rare/stolen photos, do not participate in the distribution of said photos. It doesn’t matter that other fans post them, you should do the right thing and not post them and let others know that it’s not okay because then others will see this and follow your example. There’s strength in numbers, everyone. We can be respectful.
  2. Do not harass idol family members. For the love of god, just don’t. Don’t send messages to them on Facebook and don’t you dare look up their addresses or try to contact them. That is 100% inappropriate and if you’re not mature enough to realize that then maybe you shouldn’t be on the internet. 
  3. Do not tag idols in sexual posts! I get it, we all have our fantasies and they are idols after all but above all else they are people!!! Say it with me: idols are human beings!! They go to work, they shit, they own animals, they feel things. IDOLS ARE PEOPLE. Sure, we write things on tumblr but do not call idols “daddy” to their face or sexualize them!!!! Don’t tag your fave in a sexual post either. It’s just as disrespectful. You never know what they look at. 
  4. Don’t harass idol partners/significant others!!! We are just fangirls/fanboys. You are not entitled to your bias. Your bias is not an object. You can be as devastated as you want that your bias who probably didn’t even know you existed didn’t want to date you instead of the gf he works with. Say it with me, kids: IDOLS ARE PEOPLE.
  5. Do not crowd/push idols!! While waiting for idols at airports or events, talk to other fans in the area. Make sure you all know what a safe and respectable distance is!! I see this way too often and I understand everyone gets a little excited. Please mind personal space!!! They are human beings!!!!
  6. Don’t ignore/blow off other band members! We all have a bias, but that doesn’t mean you have to be rude or inconsiderate to the other band members!!! If you listen to the band, have all their albums and posters and enjoy going to fan meetings then there is absolutely no reason to be rude to a band member. That makes their entire experience shit. Let them live!! be good to them!!! If you get the opportunity to meet your favorite band and you’re horrible to any members just because they’re not your favorite, you are not a fan. You’re an anti. 
  7. Do not throw things on stage! We all want our bias to notice us, but they have to perform and they are people!!! They are people!!! Yes, throwing a water botte on stage full of water can actually hurt someone!
  8. Do not follow them in public! Give them space! Yes, it’s okay to ask for a photo but if they say no just walk away. Be a decent human being! Don’t invade their personal space. 
  9. Don’t scream at them! I’d be excited too, but no one enjoys being screamed at!! 
  10. Do not grab/touch them!! IDOLS ARE PEOPLE. Would you enjoy being grabbed/touched without your consent? No? Then don’t do it. 

Above all, we need to understand that idols are human beings. You are not entitled to your idol and their existence. It’s fun to watch their work and listen to their music, but please remember to be respectful and kind to idols. They are just trying to live their lives and work. Please understand this if you have the rare opportunity to meet them. BE GOOD TO IDOLS. A lot of idols from other countries have left their families to pursue their careers! These people have to put up with this behavior on a daily basis. The least we can do as fans is observe this behavior and take note of it. Learn from it. Let’s be better fans for our idols! In 2017, let us be more respectful fans. Let’s show our idols just how much we love them! I know we can do it, guys! 

School's don't care about their music and art programs .

If you are going to have an art assembly then please make it about the music and drama kids. It’s not the time to have student council come out to talk and allowing them to have half the time to talk about themselves and give the music kids 5 minuites.
You may thing I’m kidding about the 5 minutes but I’m not. Jazz band plays while school enters the gym. Orchestra 5 minuites, colour guard 5 minutes, concert band 5 minutes and the drama kids get 5 minutes for showing their part of hamlet. Then all this shit with student council. We have an hour long assembly for sports teams just so they can receive a trophy. 1 full hour for 1 sport team.
If the school actually supported the music programs they would allow us to play our songs without a fucking time limit! It’s hurts knowing that you work hard to make really cool music and you only get to play when people are walking in to sit their ungrateful asses down. Nobody will pay attention, they will sit down and talk shit to their friends and I fucking hate that.
I don’t think that a sports team at my school has ever done a fundraiser because the school just funds them when they haven’t won shit since the 90’s. I stood out in the sun in a fucking mattress costume trying to raise money for our poor ass band.

Reblog if you agree that arts and music assembles should be about art and music.

I Guess They Know (pt.2)

Anon: Can you write another internet famous reader x Mikey with overprotective Mikey? I love your stories, you’re an awesome writer!



Ever since you and Mikey had announced you’re dating, there have been what you could call “mixed reviews”. There were people who were absolutely thrilled when you confirmed the relationship, you guys were even trending on twitter for days. But then there were the people who hated the thought of you and Mikey being together. The sad part was that most of the people in that category hated on you for being with him.

The comments started out as soft opposition, but they are quickly turning aggressive. You were never worried about your own feelings, you’ve been on the internet for years, you’ve seen it all. You were worried about how Mikey would react. He tends to be very over protective of you which you didn’t have a problem with, you love the idea of someone caring about you so much. But at times, Mikey could make rash decisions out of anger. And that’s what led to where you are now.

“Mikey…” you whine, draping your arms around his neck. He sits next to you on the bed, his eyebrows furrowed as he stares down at his phone.

“No, (Y/N). They can’t just say shit like this and get away with it!” He says angrily.

“Mikey it’s okay, leave it alone. They don’t bother me!” You try and convince him to calm down.

“Have you seen what they’re saying? It’s ridiculous!” You chuckle a little.

Michael, calm the down. Yes, I’ve seen the comments, but I don’t care! I’ve been at this for years, I’ve dealt with cyber bullies. I just ignore them, and you should too. Don’t let them upset you, that’s exactly what they want.” You say, running your hands through his hair. He sighs and locks his phone, closing his eyes in defeat.

“You know I love you, right? No matter what they say, I promise you’re always gonna be my #1 girl.” You giggle at his naivety.

“Yes, Mikey. Just because they tell me something, doesn’t mean I believe it. I mean, I get comments everyday telling me my videos are shitty and I should quit but I didn’t. I’m still here. I’ve got my YouTube play buttons hanging on the wall because I didn’t listen to them and I kept going. I’m a self driven person and I’m a lot stronger than you think.” You smirk and he playfully rolls his eyes.

“I know that you’re strong, (Y/N), I never doubted that it’s just….I never want anyone or anything to hurt you, ever. And when people are talking shit about my girlfriend it’s hard for me to just sit back and let it happen. I don’t even like the mere possibility of one of those comments hurting your feelings, babe. I never wanna see you sad! I never wanna see you cry a single fucking tear.” You smile at him as he pouts a little.

“Babe, I’m fine. I promise. Relax. I love you for being an amazing boyfriend and caring about my feelings, but I can deal with hate comments. I know you’ve never really had to deal with those since you’re a lil angel and everyone always likes you-” you say as you put a hand on his cheek. He chuckles and blushes a little because he knows it’s true.  

“-but trust me, I can handle it.” He smiles and nods.

“Okay. I’m sorry for being so over protective.” He admits looking over at you with gleaming brown eyes. You stroke his hair smiling at him.

“It’s okay. You’re just being sweet.” You say and kiss his pink lips. He wraps an arm around your waist and pulls you onto his lap.

“Wanna watch a movie?” You ask, knowing that would take his mind off things. He kisses you again, this time lingering longer.

“Mmm …yes.” He hums into the kiss, making you giggle.

“Okay. I’ll go make popcorn.” He kisses you one last time.

“I love you.” You say, staring into his eyes. He smiles and gently strokes your cheek before quietly replying.

“I love you too.”


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Request: Jaebum 9 and 17. Make it as angst as possible but have a good endjng anyways. Love your work ❤

JB (angst with nice ending(?)) 9 & 17. Thanks :)

9) You are on the verge of breaking up with your bias, when one of you has an idea that could save your relationship.

17) Your bias has to cancel a date you had planned for a long time. 

Prompt list can be found here!

Member: Got7 JB x Y/N

Type: Angst/Fluff

My phone was vibrating angrily on the bed next to me, but there was no way I was answering it. I watched as yet again Jaebum’s face popped up on my screen. That would make the 27th call, maybe the 18th voicemail.

I continued staring icily at the wall in front of me, arms crossed and glaring. It had been a few days since I had actually picked up my phone to anything in relation to JB. It was not the first time he had stood me up, so I shouldn’t have been surprised when I waited at the restaurant for two hours alone. Eventually I became so embarrassed I left. I called him, only to be told that he got stuck in a “Got7ing” filming. Hanging up on him was the last time I heard his voice.

I heard my cell phone beep with another voicemail alert. I heaved a sigh, finally picking it up and unlocking it. I clicked through the voicemails, trying to decide if I should start at the beginning.

“Jagiya, I know you’re mad, but please don’t hang up on me. Give me a chance to explain. I know I’ve-”


“Jagi, pick up the phone please. Stop acting like a child, I-”


“Look I know I messed up. My work-”




“Y/N, stop ignoring my calls damnit. A relationship takes two people, I can’t do this alone. I-”


“Call me back please.”

No chance in hell.

My phone began to vibrate again. Apparently tonight wasn’t the night he was going to give up. I grumbled, debating as to whether I should rip off the metaphorical band aid and just break up with him now and get it over with. At this point, it was like throwing said band aid at a gaping wound. Nothing could possibly make it better.

I picked up my phone and winced, dragging the answer bar and holding it to my ear. I sat in silence for a moment.

“Shh, shhh,” I heard JB shushing. “It stopped ringing…” I heard the Got7 boys’ voices quiet in the background.  

“Jagi?” he whispered. “Are you there?”

“Unfortunately,” I mumbled, leaning my head back and closing my eyes. This hurt. This hurt so badly.

“Please,” he begged. “Just let me talk to you. Let me explain.”

“You know Jaebum,” I sighed. “I think it’s a little late for that.”

“Why? Why do you say that?” he asked, something similar to panic coating his voice.

I had never heard JB like this and it was actually frightening for me. He was the strong, confident leader. The sex bomb. He was not pathetic and he was not fragile. His creaky voice over the line said other wise.

“It’s been a little late for awhile JB,” I choked out. “I don’t think I can do this anymore.”

“But I love you. Doesn’t that count for anything?” he squeaked. It felt like all air had left my lungs, the room, and the universe.

“Not anymore,” I spat, hanging up the phone. I clutched it to my chest and sobbed loudly.

I’d be better off. I’d stop hurting. It would stop hurting. But God it hurt so bad.

I never thought I would ever love a human as much as I love Im JaeBum. For all of his faults and all of his shortcomings, he was mine and I was willing to look past all of that. When he’d bring me gifts from all of the countries he visited, I thought it was sweet, That was until it wasn’t, and I had become a memory he was obligated to remember. A keychain or a teddy bear in a foreign land he had to make a call to.

My phone dinged at the signal of a text message. He couldn’t possibly be trying to contact me already.

I picked up my phone from where I had dropped it on the bed and was surprised to see Mark had texted me. Out of all of the members, I was the least close to Mark, so I was surprised that he even had my number.

I was even more surprised that he had sent a video.

“Y/N,” he said with a brief smile. “Jaebum is an asshole, but he’s your asshole.”

Just like that the video had stopped.

“Well that was weird,” I muttered, just as another text came through, this time from Youngjae, also a video.

“Y/N,” he shouted with his trademark boxy smile. “Whenever JB hyung and I were roommates, he would keep me up for hours talking about you. It was a really annoying, but I still like you both!”

Another text from Junior this time.

“Hi Y/N,” he sighed. “JB once ran two blocks in Japan to get a wifi connection so he could FaceTime you. If that’s not love, I don’t know what love is.”

“Y/N!” Yugyeom yelled as I opened the next message. “JB hyung is a dedicated leader to us, but he’s just as dedicated to you.”

“Noona!” Bam Bam smiled on my screen in another text message. “JB hyung has you as his home screen AND lock screen on his phone. I once caught him sleeping with his phone held on his chest with your picture up.”

I felt my face suddenly becoming hot as more tears leaked out. These boys were making me regret every single cruel word I had ever said to JB, and my heart sank. Maybe I shouldn’t have ripped the band aid off…but just added a few more and hoped it would heal with a little attention and care. Maybe I shouldn’t have given up. 

Jackson’s face came up on my screen as I got yet another text message. “JB hyung loves you so much that he just took the last train to see you, so he’ll probably have to walk back home. Don’t let him get kidnapped Y/N,”

I heard a light knock on my door. I held my breath and placed the phone to my side, trying to muster up whatever courage I had.

I pulled open the door and found Jaebum standing there, fresh flowers in his hands and swollen eyes.

“Hi Y/N,” he whispered.

“Jaebum,” I choked, “What happened to your eyes?”

“It’s been a rough couple of days,” he chuckled sadly. “I’m…I’m so sorry…and I want to change…I’m working on changing. You deserve more from me.”

I couldn’t help myself anymore, I closed the space between us and took his face in my hands. “Did you tell them to do that?” I whispered.

“It was my idea,” he nodded. “I didn’t see the videos though…I hope they didn’t say anything too embarrassing.”

“Not anything different from the normal,” I sighed, leaning my face into his neck and taking a deep breath.

“Do I get another chance?” he whispered.

“You get seven,” I said, leaning back with a smile. “But that’s it.”

“Of course,” he smiled. “But I don’t think I’ll have to use that many.”

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Move together. A Yousana AU - Chapter 8

Summary, Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7  

Read also on ao3

Listening to the phone ring, Sana knows exactly when her brother will pick up. At the fifth ring.

One. Two. Three. Four. Five.

“Hey, sis!”, Elias answers the calls enthusiastically, making Sana laugh.

Sana sits down on her couch and smiles to herself. She really misses her brother, it’s been a while since she saw him in person but hearing his voice makes her feel a little better instantly.

“Hi, Elias.”, she answers in the same tone.  

“I was just about to call you. How are you? How’s life treating you? It’s been so long since we’ve talked”, Sana frowns at Elias’ words. It definitely hasn’t been long since they talked.

“Elias we talk every day. What are you talking about?”

“Well, excuse me if I miss my sister”, Elias says acting a little offended which only makes Sana roll her eyes.

“Okay, okay. You know I miss you too.”

“I know you do. So, how is that boyfriend of yours? Or should I say, fake boyfriend?” Sana can practically see her brother’s grin. He’s just joking but this question almost gives her a heart attack.

“Shh! You’re not at home, are you? Be careful, I don’t want mom and dad to hear you.”, Sana whisper-shouts as if she is the one close to her parents. She just panics. Lying to them is bad enough but getting caught like this would be the worst case scenario.

“Relax, I’m alone right now.”, Elias answers with a laugh. “Tell me, how are your lying skills? From what I’ve seen in the interviews you’re doing just fine.”

Sana rolls her eyes at that tone. Her older brother can act like a child sometimes, or most of the times.

“Since when do you watch my interviews?”

“I may have too much time on my hands…”, Elias reluctantly answers.

“Well, since you already know how my life is going.”, Sana says in a sarcastic tone, “Tell me about you, how are you? How’s the video going?” Since they talk every day Sana always knows about his most recent projects.

Elias hesitates for a moment, which makes Sana wonder. He usually just talks without thinking first.

“Uh…well…you see…there might be a little, tiny, insignificant problem with that…we don’t have actors for the video.” Elias’ response to that question was not what she expected.

“What? How did that happen?” Sana knows just a bit about the concept of the video Elias and the band thought of and that doesn’t work without actors.

Sana hears her older brother sigh at the other end of the line.

“They bailed when they realized that we couldn’t pay them much. I mean, the Balloon Boys are not that famous yet. I’m not even getting paid for making the video either, I’m helping them because they’re friends and I believe in them. So yeah, they left…”

Sana instantly feels bad for them. For the band and her brother. She knows that they were excited for this.

“Oh, Elias, I’m so sorry to hear that. What are you going to do now?”

“Well, actually…we have something in mind…that’s part of why I wanted to call you…” Elias sounds really unsure, which is very unusual.

“Elias, you’re scaring me. What do you want?”, Sana knows Elias’ ‘I need to ask you a favor’ tone way too well and if it’s taking him so long to ask, it can only mean that it’s something she may not like.

“How would you like to be the protagonist of a great Boyband’s music video?” Elias speaks so fast that Sana almost doesn’t understands what he say. But only almost.

“What? Me?”, she asks surprised at the question.

“Please, Sana! We’re desperate. We’re supposed to start filming in a week and we don’t have actors. We need a girl and a boy. If you say yes our two problems get reduced to one. Besides, who better than the great Sana Bakkoush to help us promote the Balloon Boys?”

Sana hears how desperate her brother sounds. Since he started getting more and more involved with trying to achieve his dream of becoming a film director he has been taking every one of his projects dead serious. Still, she is unsure.

“Elias, you know I’d love to help but I don’t know if I’m the most qualified person for that job. I’ve never done that before.”, Sana says, feeling bad about not being able to help like her brother needs her to.

“But all you have to do is act like you’re in love with a boy, just like you do for your movies. Maybe some dance too, but just some tiny moves…I totally get if you don’t want to, but you’d be helping us a lot if you did.”, Elias answers. Acting in a music video is not much different from acting in a movie and he knows his sister would be able to handle anything, really. She’s just that good.

“Okay, fine! I’ll do it.”, Sana caves in. The only reason why she didn’t immediately agree was that she thought she wouldn’t be the best choice. If her brother thinks that she fits into the concept of the music video, well then why wouldn’t she help?

“You will?!” Sana laughs at her brother’s excitement.

To be honest, helping with that music video probably would have more positive aspects for Sana than anyone. She hasn’t been back in Norway for a while now.

“Yes, I mean it’d be a good opportunity to go back home. I miss you all. And I’d be helping you and the boys.”

“Oh Sana, thank you, thank you so much! I owe you one!”

“Yeah, we’ll talk about that later.”, she says with a smile. Honestly, the thought of going back home and seeing her parents and brother again and the excuse for that being that she’ll be in the music video of a really good band makes Sana grin.

“One thing though Sana..”, Elias’ tone makes Sana worry again. He sounds embarrassed. “We…won’t be able to pay you what you’re used to…”

Sana furrows her eyebrows and shakes her head, even when she knows that he obviously can’t see that.

“Elias what are you talking about? I don’t care about that. I’m doing this for you. I don’t need to get paid at all.”

“No, Sana. We’ll pay you, just not much…” He sounds sure of this, at least. He won’t let his sister work for something with nothing in return.

“I’m telling you Elias, I’ll do it for free.”, Sana is also adamant. It runs in the family.

“Look, I’m not going to start an argument about that right now. We’ll talk about that later, okay?” Elias knows his sister well, and he knows himself well. They won’t get to a final decision now so why even bother.

“Okay…”, Sana gives in, very reluctantly. Even when she’s in her twenties now and even when they’re not even in the same room she doesn’t like to argue with her brother. Not when it’s not necessary.

“And thank you again so much Sana, you’re saving us!”

Sana and Elias hang up after a few more minutes and she leans back, resting her head on the backrest of the couch. She’s happy to go back to Norway, even if it’s just for a few days. Now that the official events for the movie is done, Sana has a bit of free time.

Thinking of work, Sana shoots up in her seat and shakes her head at herself. She just accepted a job without consulting her agent. Or without at least telling Agnes about it before accepting. Sana takes her phone and quickly finds Agnes’ number and presses call.

“Hello?” Agnes answers the call.

“Agnes, my favorite agent, hi!”

“Okay two things, Sana Bakkoush: one, I’m your only agent and two, what do you want?” Sana can’t help but feeling called out by her agent, but once again she’s right, Agnes is her only agent and Sana really wants something from her.

“Fine, I’ll go straight to the point. I’m going to Norway next week.” Sana decides that it’s better to be blunt. If she knows something about Agnes is that she doesn’t like when Sana is vague.

“Wait, what? I thought you weren’t taking a break until next month.”

“Yeah, this is not exactly a break. I’m going for work. I’m helping my brother with a video he’s making for a Norwegian boyband.”, Sana says, mentally preparing herself for Agnes’ outburst in a few seconds.

“You’re what? You took a job offer without telling me?”, Agnes says loudly, not shouting but not exactly in a normal volume either.

Sana needs to make Agnes understand that this is important to her.

“Don’t think about it as a job offer, think about it as a way to help a really great music group with their video. I just have to go there, film some scenes and I’ll be back before you know it.”, Sana explains, trying to soften Agnes up to the thought of Sana leaving the country for a few days.

Sana hears her agent sigh.

“Sana, I don’t know if that project is adequate for you…”

Well, that makes Sana even more sure that she’s going to go to Norway and be in that video. She knows having big roles in huge productions is amazing and something she can enjoy now, after all the work she did to reach this point. But that doesn’t mean she can’t do anything but blockbusters.

“What you’re saying is that you think it’s too small for me, isn’t it? Well, honestly Agnes, I’m not asking for your permission. I’ve already said yes and I’m going to keep my word.”

“And what about Yousef? You two are still dating. Wouldn’t it be weird if you just go and leave him here? You know you can’t break up yet ‘cause it’d be weird if you did just after the movie.”

Rolling her eyes, this time Sana sighs. As if people in real relationship never go anywhere without their partner but she understands Agnes. Leaving Yousef ‘alone’ in LA while she is gone, back at home, would come off as if they had a fight or something to the media. They’re from the same city, after all.

“Well, I’ll find a way to solve that.”


As soon as she steps out of the airport, Sana takes a moment. She looks around herself and takes a deep breath. All she saw so far, in this visit back home, was the airport but even that felt so good. Because she knows she’ll be able to go home, see her family and not only on a screen.

Even people around her speaking Norwegian makes her smile widely. The only other person she heard talk that language in the past months, except for her family and friends from Norway, was Yousef.

Now she’s standing here, trying to soak in some of the sunlight until her brother comes to pick her up. When someone had told her that she would get so excited to see Elias just a few years ago, she would have laughed. Not because she doesn’t love him, she does. But their ages being so close meant that they had small petty fights about anything when they were just a bit younger.

Her memories about old times with her brother are interrupted by someone laughing right next to her. Without even looking she knows who’s laughing, but still she faces him as she narrows her eyes.


“Nothing, nothing…It’s just…You’re standing there looking at the horizon as if you are in some kind of trance”

Sana rolls her eyes at his words and sighs. Maybe she got too carried away by her memories, but she really missed Norway.

“Well, I’m sorry if you’ve already changed Oslo for Hollywood, Yousef, but I’ve really missed my hometown.”

Yousef raises his eyebrows at first but then switches to narrowing his eyes at Sana. Exchanging Oslo for Hollywood… Yousef would never do that. He looks at Sana with a look as if to say ‘Do you really think I would?’.

The many changes of Yousef’s facial expressions in the past minute alone make Sana laugh but she presses her lips together and waits if he is going to say something or if he’s just trying to convey whatever he’s thinking through charades.

Finally he throws up his hands and shakes his head disapprovingly. “Sana, you really think I would do that?”, then he tilts his head slightly and a small smirk appears on his lips. “Is this how you thank me for being the reason you’re here right now?”

Sana knows he’s joking but she acts like she doesn’t. “Oh please. Don’t get too cocky. I would have found another argument to convince Agnes. Or just come anyway, I’m an adult.”

Yousef leans closer to her and whispers: “An adult that has to take her fake-boyfriend with her to her hometown because her agent wouldn’t approve otherwise.” He steps back with a grin and looks at Sana all innocently.

“That fake-boyfriend can be a fake ex-boyfriend real quick.”, Sana whispers to him and turns away, but seeing a glimpse of the shocked look on Yousef’s face.


Meeting the band whose music Yousef was introduced to just a couple of weeks ago was more exciting to him than he could have imagined it to be.

Sana and Yousef went to the dance-studio together to meet the boys there. The band consisting of Mikael, Mutasim and Adam, three guys that instantly make Yousef like them just by the way they are. They seem like really nice, talented people.

The other guy Yousef met for the first time was Elias, Sana’s older brother. It is just a fake relationship, Yousef thinks to himself. Still, he worries that Sana’s brother might not like him. Pretending to be dating or not, Yousef would hate that.

When Sana had asked Yousef to come with her to Norway to star in a videoclip of that Boyband she had shown him a few months ago he had doubt at first. It was a big responsibility and he wasn’t sure he would be any good at it. But Sana really needed him there. It was the only way Agnes would be okay with her leaving. Plus, the boys were desperately looking for an actor. They already had Sana so what would be better than having Yousef too? One of the most commented couple of Hollywood starring in a videoclip together. That had all the ingredients to be a success. Yousef just hopes it goes as expected. These boys seem really nice and Sana is really excited about helping them. He wouldn’t want anything to ruin that.

All, or most of Yousef’s doubts vanish into thin air when he hears what the boys had planned for the video. Up until then he didn’t know what the concept was, except for the fact that Sana and him would be playing a couple. Now, when Mikael and one of his dance partners from his dance crew show Sana and Yousef what they would need to do, Yousef feels so much better.

The dance routine they are being shown is amazing. Yousef loves dancing and has always loved it. That’s something he can do and Mikael told Sana and Yousef that they could change small parts if they wanted to which makes Yousef even more excited.

It has been a while since Yousef had to dance for a project so this is very welcome for him.

Sana on the other hand, she looks petrified. Her brother did not tell her that she needed to dance, at least not like this. ‘A little bit of dancing’ is not this complex choreography. When she looks at Yousef searching for moral support she hopes to see him as scared as she is. Well, her hopes are crashed. Not only Yousef doesn’t look scared at all but he looks like little kid opening their birthday presents. He looks so excited, a big smile on his face, his eyes shining. He’s even moving his right foot to the rhythm of the music. Great, just great. If Sana was thinking that she would find a way to get rid of the dance now she knows that’s not going to happen. She has to admit though, that seeing Yousef so passionate about it makes her heart melt a little bit. She really likes seeing him like that.

Sana thought, or hoped, that the choreography would seem less impossible for her to do once they slowed down and thought them the moves one by one.

Well, she’s still overwhelmed, even while Mikael and Aima honestly try to make the moves as easy to replicate as possible. All Sana can think is that she is in no way a dancer. Not at all. Some of these steps will be totally butchered by her, she thinks.

Yousef, well he is ready to try all of them the second he sees them.

At least the beginning is easy. All they have to do is hug each other and sway to the rhythm of the music. It’s not like Sana is nervous about the proximity. It’s not like her hands shake as she rests them on Yousef’s back. It’s not like her breath becomes uneven when she feels his on her neck. Not at all.

She is really glad that Yousef seems to know what he is doing. With his hands on her waist he leads the next steps. It’s just rehearsal but they are trying to get this in one whole thing. Sana is very aware of his hands on her waist, resting there carefully, not moving anywhere else.

Then one of Sana’s favorite parts comes. Even though she feels a little disappointed at the loss of the warmth coming from his hands on her waist, Sana tries her hardest to not smile too much. Honestly, partly because she is a bit nervous that Yousef could really fall on her. He is supposed to let himself ‘fall’ towards her. He does, not even thinking about it twice and Sana puts her hands out, against his chest. ‘pushing’ him away. When their eyes meet while doing that, they both start smiling at each other.

The next move, Sana needs to focus really hard so she doesn’t laugh while doing it. Yousef has to look away. Then she puts her hand on his cheek and ‘forces’ him to look at her again. She really likes that move but somehow she feels weird doing that. Still, she just goes for it and surprisingly she does it right. What happens next, Sana is not able to foresee it.

The thing is that she knows that the jump is right in that moment. She’s seen Mikael and Aima doing it before. But she doesn’t think that Yousef would go for it in their first rehearsal. It seems like such a big deal, at least for her, so she thought that maybe it’d need a special rehearsal just to get it right. Well, apparently Yousef doesn’t need that. Because as soon as Sana ‘forces’ him to look at her, he places his hands on her waist and effortlessly lifts her. Sana is so surprised by it that she can’t help but gasp as she puts her hands on his shoulders so she doesn’t fall, not like Yousef seems like he could let her fall anyway. As he moves her from one side to another and leaves her back on the floor again she looks at him with wide eyes and her mouth slightly opened. She knows that Yousef is a good dancer, she knows that he’s definitely strong, but the way he simply lifted her like she doesn’t weigh anything at all took her completely by surprise.

When Yousef sets Sana down on her feet again, his hands still on her waist, he looks at her with a content smile. He’s happy that it went so well the first time they tried the lift but then he notices Sana looking at him with wide eyes and furrows his eyebrows. Did he hurt her in some way while lifting her? But then her facial expression softens and Sana smiles at him. Yousef answers with a smile of his own and without having to say anything they both continue with the dance.

Some of the moves from Mikael’s original choreography Sana and Yousef won’t do, because they’re too hard to learn in such a short amount of time. At least for Sana. Still, Sana and Yousef try to do some of the complicated lifting and spinning moves.

After one of those spinning moves where Sana has to be lifted by Yousef and spun while she only has her hands at his neck, Yousef sets her down right in front of him and they have to lean their foreheads against each other and look each other in the eyes.

The close proximity, the fact that Sana always looks a little surprised when she lands on her feet and just the intensity they are supposed to show, and maybe even feel, make Sana and Yousef laugh. Every time they get to that point, Sana leans up and Yousef down to rest their forehead against each other, they start grinning and end up laughing.

Up until now they’ve managed to get all the steps right, or at least, not completely messed up. Actually Sana feels very proud of herself. She thought she wouldn’t be able to do any of the moves Mikael and Aima had shown them, but she was wrong.

But then…then the big moment comes. Sana has been dreading this moment since she saw it for the first time. In this move, the responsibility, the initiative is completely on Sana.

As they sway to the rhythm of the music, Sana’s hands on Yousef’s neck, Yousef’s hands on Sana’s waist, she feels her heart pounding fast on her chest. The moment has arrived. With Yousef’s help she lets herself ‘fall’ backwards, Yousef’s hands on her back, in the most cliche kind of way. But then is when she freezes. She’s supposed to lift her legs only to then push herself off the ground so Yousef can let her back on her feet, right in front of him, after she jumps with the possibility of her falling on her face if she slips. The thing is that she can’t lift her legs. It’s like they’re glued to the floor. The music keeps playing, they’ve already missed the exact point when the move has to be made but no one seems to really care. All they care is about the fact that Sana is still on Yousef’s arm, a panicked look on her face.

“Come on, Sana. You can do this.” Yousef nods at  Sana, looking in her eyes.

“I can’t.” It’s all that Sana can say. It’s kind of awkward the fact that they’re still in that position, Sana leaned backwards on Yousef’s arms, but she’s completely frozen.

“Of course you can. You don’t have to be afraid, I’m right here.” Yousef reassures her. He completely understands her reaction. It’s the first time she dances and she’s been doing it perfectly. This lift though, he gets how scary it can look but there’s no way he’d let her fall.

Sana shakes her head and closes her eyes. She tightens her grip on Yousef’s neck. She feels so embarrassed right now. She can feel everyone’s eyes on her and the heat on her cheeks as she blushes.

“Sana, look at me.” Yousef asks her. When she doesn’t he repeats it in a lower voice. “Look at me Sana.”

She slowly opens her eyes after taking a deep breath. He’s looking at her in such a soft way that she can literally feel the tension leaving her body. How is it possible for one look to have that effect on her?

“Do you trust me?”

Does she trust him? In any other moment she would’ve laughed at the question, probably say some snarky comment to tease him. But right now all she can do is swallow and nod. Of course she trusts him. How wouldn’t she?

“Yes.”, she says. As unsure she is about this move, as sure she is of this answer.

“Then lift your legs. I won’t let you fall. Never.”


Sana looks away from Yousef when her brother starts talking. At first she doesn’t really listen, she can’t. She’s too happy about how this first rehearsal went. How Yousef made it so much easier for her. Now he is standing at the other end of the room, talking to the Balloon Boys.

“Sana, are you listening?”, she hears her older brother say.

Sana looks at Elias and nods quickly, not convincing her brother.

“So, you sure that you’re just pretending to be dating?”, he asks with a grin, leaning closer to her.

Sana’s eyes widen and she hits her brother lightly against the arm. He should know not to talk about that like this, in public, where people can hear him. And she really doesn’t want to have this conversation, seeing as his tone indicated something she won’t talk about now.

“What did you want to talk about?”, Sana asks, crossing her arms in front of her chest, “Before you started saying stupid things.”

Elias rolls his eyes at his little sister, ever so stubborn to get her way of things. However, it’s fine by him. He needs to talk about this and the sooner the better.

“We need to talk about the money.” Elias says going straight to the point.

“Elias, you’re at it, again? I told you. I’m doing this for you and for the boys. I don’t need to be paid.”

“No, Sana. Neither the boys nor I are okay with you not getting paid. This is work. You’re working. Even if you’re my sister, you should get paid. Sure, we won’t be able to pay you and Yousef as much as you’re used to but you have to take it.”

Sana shakes her head and sighs. And she thought she was the stubborn of the family. Well, clearly her brother is fighting to earn that title. As she looks away from Elias her eyes land on Yousef who’s too busy talking to the boys to notice her look. She can’t help but smile as she remembers a certain conversation they had in her, their, secret place not long ago. That gives her an idea.

“Okay, let’s make a deal that we’ll both like.” Sana says looking back at her brother. “I’ll accept the money, but not for me, for Yousef. You pay both of our salaries to him.”

“What? Why?”, Elias asks with the most confused look on his face that Sana almost starts laughing.

Instead she just shrugs and lets her gaze wander to Yousef again, staying there while answering her brother.

“Like I said, I don’t need to be paid. And something tells me that he’ll make good use of that money.”

“Are you sure?”, Elias asks and that’s when Sana looks back at him again.

“Positive.”, she says while nodding and smiling. She’s sure.

“Okay then, you’re boyfriend will get the money. It’s better than anything.” Elias agrees, it’s not like he has any chance on winning an argument against his sister. That doesn’t mean that he can’t still try to tease her again. “So about you and Yousef…What was that straight from Titanic conversation you had over there? With the whole do you trust me, I trust you thing.”

“First of all, since when do you like Titanic? And second of all…bye Elias.”


“Ready to go?”

Yousef looks up from his bag to Sana and nods with a big smile. He puts his duffle bag on his shoulder and falls in step next to Sana. They’re comfortable enough with each other to not have to talk every minute they are together. Still, Yousef looks down at Sana and when he sees her smiling to herself, a happy smile finds its place on his face too.

“Is Elias not coming?”, Yousef asks, looking back right before they leave the studio.

“He’s just talking to the band about something really quick. He’s our ride so he should join us soon.”, Sana answers laughing lightly. She’s a little exhausted but she’s really happy about the rehearsal they had today.

“And speaking of Elias…”, Sana continues, looking up at Yousef, who is already looking at her.

When Sana doesn’t finish her sentence right then Yousef starts to wonder what she could be wanting to tell him regarding her older brother. Her older brother that thinks Yousef is his little sister’s boyfriend. Yousef gets irrationally nervous but tries to hide it with a small smile. “He’s feeling kind of bad…and so am I”

“Bad? Why? What happened?” If he was nervous before now he can’t even try to hide it. “Is everything okay?”

“Yes, yes of course. Don’t worry, everything is fine. It’s just…we kind of feel bad because you’re not going to get paid as much as you’re used to. And we really appreciate what you’re doing for them, for us. We wish we could pay you more but the boys are not that famous yet and…”

“Sana, Sana, stop. What are you talking about?” Yousef is honestly confused. Sana apologizing because he’s not getting paid as much as ‘he’s used to’ is the last thing he expected her to say. “I wasn’t even counting on getting paid. I’m doing this for you…for the boys. I mean for you and the boys, for all of you, as a whole.”

Sana raises her eyebrows at his words. She doesn’t know what surprises her the most, the fact that he wasn’t counting on getting paid or the fact that he got so nervous trying to explain what he meant with ‘you’. Well, at this point, Yousef rambling shouldn’t be a surprise.  Still, she finds it really endearing.

“What I want to say is…” Yousef says after he collects himself. “I’m not going to accept your or Elias’ money. I’m doing this because I believe in this project. Besides, I’m enjoying this a lot. I should be thanking you for letting me be part of this.”

“Well, it’s not like I had any choice…you know Agnes didn’t let me come without you.”, Sana says, shrugging. But when she looks up at Yousef again she can’t stop herself from smiling. He’s looking at her with his eyes playfully narrowed at her.

With a small smirk Yousef answers to that, crossing his arms over his chest and tilting his head slightly.

“Oh come one, we both know you would’ve come anyway. If I’ve learned something about you in the past months is that you don’t do anything if you don’t think it’s the right thing to do. So if I’m here is because you want me here…even just a little bit?”

Sana presses her lips together, wondering how she should answer to that.

“Maybe…But that’s not the point. The point is that you’re getting paid.”, she waves the first topic off and gets back to the main issue.

“No, I’m not. Are you getting paid?”, Yousef rolls his eyes at Sana, shaking his head. He talks in a tone that suggests that it’s the most obvious thing.

“No, because this is my brother’s project.” Now it’s Sana who is crossing her arms over her chest.

“Well, this is my brother-in-law’s project. So I’m not getting paid either. You can give Elias his money.”, Yousef says, very sure of this, and turns away from Sana dramatically to make a point.

Shaking her head laughingly Sana starts talking which makes Yousef turn back to face her.  

“I think…I think I may have a better idea.” Sana says as something comes to her mind. She looks at Yousef and smiles. “What was the name of that charity association of yours?”


The dance Sana and Yousef rehearse 

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Band members realize they have a crush on a rival band's leader

(This didn’t have art because it would be a bit difficult to draw this imagine, sorry guys!)

2D: 2D doesn’t mind that you’re in a rival band, that won’t change his feelings. It makes him uncomfortable that some of his fans are so hateful towards you. He admires your musical talents secretly and buys your music to support your band. 2D tries to hide the fact that he has a crush on the leader of a rival band but when someone even mentions your name, he gets all flustered. He dreams about making music with you and being with you. 2D knows that it might never happen but he still falls asleep to the sound of your band.

Murdoc: He’s angry at his feelings. He sold his soul so Gorillaz would become the biggest band in the world and your band was getting in their way. Murdoc hated it but loved it at the same time. He loved the sound of your voice but he had to keep it a secret. The leader of Gorillaz falling for the leader of the rival band? Never. Murdoc tried to deny his feelings but he couldn’t help feeling weak in the knees when he sees you.

Noodle: Noodle doesn’t mind the challenge of liking someone in a rival band. She drops hints to them sometimes and leaves them wondering if she was serious or if she was trying to get in your head. Noodle would challenge herself and her band to get songs out right after you do. She does this to try and get their attention. If it works, she’ll act like she had no idea. If it doesn’t, she’ll keep making new music until they say something.

Russel: Russel is a little uneasy about having feelings for the leader of the rival band but he can’t help it. He’s more lowkey about his feelings and does a good job acting like he feels nothing towards them. Russel hates to do that but he knows the rest of the band would hate him if he started getting soft for them. He enjoys listening to their band’s music and secretly attends concerts in disguise.

John Paul, interviewed by John Bonham’s brother: Mick Bonham.
From Mick Bonham’s book

Mick Bonham: Well John, tell me your version of how it all started.

John Paul : I rang Jimmy when I read he was going to form a new band, because I was doing sessions at the time, and I asked him if he needed a bass player. He told me he was going up to Birmingham to see a singer who knows a drummer and that we might have a band by the time he gets back.

When he got back he rang me to say that John was playing with Tim Rose, and at that time, I think, he was making either £100 a week; or was it £40? Anyway, could we top it? John didn’t really want to leave Rosy because he thought it was steady work so it took a lot of time and trouble to get him to leave.

The first time I ever met John was in a tiny basement room we had rented in Lyle Street. We just had loads of amps and speaker cabs there that had been begged, borrowed or stolen and it was literally, ‘This is Robert, this is John’
‘How do you do? What shall we do now?’
‘What do you know?’
I said I’d been playing sessions and knew nothing at all so Jimmy just said, “Well I don’t know, do you know any Yardbirds songs?” And we went with ‘Train Keep A Rollin’ in E, and he counted us in and there was like this instant explosion and an instant recognition that this would be a really good outfit to be with.

The first thing to strike me about Bonzo was his confidence, and you know he was a real cocky bugger in those days. Still, you have to be to play like that. I t was great, instant concentration. He wasn’t showing off, but was just aware of what he could do. He was just rock solid.
John was rock solid and because drummers and bass players have to work so closely together you soon get to recognise each other’s ability. You soon know if you’ve got a duffer onboard.

When you’re young and come up through the bands you know immediately, well he’s not up to much or my God, I can’t work with this bloke. With Bonzo and I, we just listened to each other rather than look at each other and we knew immediately because we were so solid. From the first count in we were absolutely together.

I must have still been doing some arrangements or had some other commitments left over because, after a short break at rehearsal at Jimmy’s house by the river in Pangbourne, I had to go back and finish off a PJ Proby record which I had already done the arrangements for. So to keep the coffers full (because no one was earning any money), I booked all of us onto the session. I told them, “You know Jimmy and I have this great new drummer you ought to have”, and I even got Percy in on tambourine just so he wouldn’t feel left out. So our first professional engagement was that PJ Proby record.

We knew straight away it was going to be good and we would become a great rhythm section. Plus John wasn’t influenced by other rock bands. Neither of us really listened to other rock bands. Maybe John did a bit with the Brum bands and he liked The Beatles, but he was more into soul music and loved songs. Funnily enough, I was at the hairdressers this morning when one of the old Delphonics songs came on the radio and I thought of him, as it was a song he used to like. Actually all the best drummers listen to the lyrics, believe it or not, and he always listened to the lyrics. Bonzo would play Beatles songs and many other songs and sing and play drums because all the phrasing has to do with the lyrics. If you ever need to know the words to a song ask the drummer. We also had a love for James Brown and soul music in general. I don’t really like rock drummers because they’re all a but ‘tippy tappy’ with nothing really ‘booty’ underneath and no real understanding of what James Brown called ‘The One’. Bonzo did.”

craig and those guys

you guessed it, more hcs

-ok so ive seen a lot of posts where craigs gang is mostly tweek, craig, and clyde but im here to tell you that jimmy, token, and occasionally kevin is part of the group too

-token throws the best parties ever! theyre not ridiculous and crazy but theyre still fun and relatively small and everyone has fun

-clyde and jimmy write jokes together!! craig always calls the jokes lame but he actually thinks some of them are pretty good

-token being the mom friend is so fake,, hes probably made clyde cry more than anyone else (not that its that hard to do)

-one time token had them all watch a madea movie, he couldnt stop laughing. everyone else was either sleeping or on their phones

-at one of their sleepovers, token and craig dared clyde to shave his legs and ever since he did the dare, clyde regularly shaves

-every halloween, jimmy clyde and craig always plan their costumes to match

-they have a movie night every friday and alternate whos house its at

-jimmy and token like comedies, clyde likes rom coms and action movies, craig likes sci-fi and often invites kevin over when they watch anything sci-fi, and tweek likes documentaries and musicals

-token and tweek are theater hoes.. craig and clyde try their hardest to get tickets to different plays

-token and tweek are in the drama club!! token does work behind the scenes and tweek loves to be on stage! jimmy also usually helps out the drama club with scripts and ideas! clyde, craig, and kevin are always there supporting their friends and the club!

-everyone makes sure to jimmy’s open mic night performances! they love seeing how happy he gets with he gets a good reaction from the crowd!

-token and jimmy are the band kids. they have band camp stories and everything. clyde and craig are also in band but not as into it as the other two are

-tweek always manages to get the drama club to work with the band so he can hang out with his friends more

-the boys all help tweek with his cramps in different ways! token probably has an older sister and always has ibuprofen ready, knowing just how bad cramps can get. craig keeps a heating pad at his house for when the cramps get too bad! he also makes sure the snuggle with his bf. clyde and jimmy usually gets tweek chocolates! they also just hang out with him to distract him from possible dysphoria 

-basically theyre a bunch of nerds who support each other and also love to do stupid stuff together

guera!! bratterrs!! glubs!! hope its ok to tag u guys!!

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I really liked the last child!reader! Can we have some more if its ok with you? Like the child being introduced to the whole crew and some swarm them with attentions while others keep their distance (but the child warms up to them and they smother them with so much love.)

where did all of you come from

lolol jk jk, @saint-of-gunpowder. I’ll get right to it! Under the cut as always!

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