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Pardon me, if it's not too creepy of me to ask- whereabouts do you live? You mentioned an island but I honestly thought you were a mainland Australian for some reason XD

Laughs yeah im more…”offshore” Australian XD I live here

The middle of the ocean?? Nah, ZOOM! ENHANCE!

There we go

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Does it make me a bad trans person if I don't hate cis people?? Like I see so much hate towards cis people right now especially in the more sjw part, but I feel like I have no reason to hate the even if they have been mean to the trans community. It just feels rude because we've been discriminated against and I dont think I should discriminate against others no matter what they've done.

Kii says:

Trans people don’t hate cis people, for the most part. The “down with cis” and similar jokes are simply jokes among trans people. Think about it: If a trans person hated and refused to associate with cis people, how would they get through their daily life?

*climbing through moffat’s kitchen window* i just find it funny, and by funny i mean unbearably annoying, how sherlock just completely ignored john’s vatican cameos *dusting myself off and going to the fridge* i mean, the entire point of this season and tbh the rest of the show was that john and sherlock need to cooperate to work efficiently *gets a carton of milk and chugs it* and sherlock just went against alla dat even though we know he’d learned from his mistakes after the reichenbach fall. also *pours all the remaining milk over my head* sherlock was gonna shoot himself and john just stood there like a fucken idiot???? whats up with that???

  • Taehyung: Hey babe do these pants make me look fat?
  • Jungkook: *Didn't hear* What?
  • Taehyung: I said do these pants make me look fat?
  • Jungkook: *Still didn't hear*
  • Jungkook's Mind: You can't ask 'what?' again that's awkward...
  • Jungkook: *Nervously smiles* ... Yes?

Yuri On Ice season 2 never comes out. The children are crying. President-Elect throws a party. The crops have died. My skin isn’t clear. The Queen of England perishes after the stress of living without Ice Skating Gays™. Everyone simultaneously throws a wake in honor of Victuuri. Every animal on the endangered list becomes extinct. Tax files aren’t being completed. The world is ending. God isn’t real

Thanks to

-Fanfiction writers
-Voice Actors
-People who share other people’s content on their blog
-Reposters who ask for permission and share artwork from other sites
-Heck, also the people who create just simple funny text posts
-Mods running blogs

…of the fandom!
I probably sound cheesy as heck but I seriously want to thank people for creating content and also spreading content by reblogging or liking things and showing your appreciation.
It’s all valuable!


Smiling through it, she said she’d do it again.
—  La la land
People always say your abuse doesn’t define you. I think this is so wrong. Abuse changes you. Abuse breaks you into pieces. It doesn’t define all of me but it defines the darkest parts of me.
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