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Beneath The Waves; Characters
This is Randy & Miranda - A human couple soon to be married. Randy is the son of a fisherman and helps his father out at sea, usually at night and Miranda is a deep sea diver who may or may not end up touching a cursed relic that’s over 6000 years old while scuba diving.

Struggling to use tumblr on a PC. I’m all moved into the dorms now and I literally feel like I’m in sims 2 university lol!! Its okay actually! The campus has security. We have electronic passes to get through doors and stuff. So cool having my own keys too. Thanks for those who tagged me in the handwriting challenge <3 but I may end up doing It super late… Oh and the rooms have en suite bathrooms and, there’s wi-fi, heating, air conditiony stuff! Awesome. My friends just down the hall too and I have my PC laptop now with sims 3 and sims 2. l’m going to focus during my first week, I’ve made 4 new characters for ‘Beneath The Waves.’ and I only need to make one more character before I can start taking shots for the story. :) I’ll probably just reblog mermaid related content till I have time to start part 1. I’ll surf my dash whenever on my phone. I haven’t worked out how to do replies on this laptop yet but thank you to those for the nice  comments and for wishing me well! <3