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Just curious but what is your head cannon of Xander with his son Siegbert when he was a tiny baby?

Well, since Kamui was pregnant during the final battle with Anankos (she saw baby Sieggy during the ~almost dead~ part), Xander became a father during the most busy times for him as a King, so he couldn’t spend as much time as he wanted with his son, having that in mind, he:

-> Knows exactly how many times Sieggy feeds because he asks constant updates on his wellbeing (and sometimes he schedules his short breaks during one of those times so he can see both Kamui and Sieggy in one go);

-> Takes some of the reports he has to go through to Sieggy’s room to be in his presence while he works;

-> Can calm Sieggy down when he’s having a bad dream or just squirming in general by simply putting one hand over the baby’s belly (sometimes he whispers ‘Shh, Son. Father’s here for you.’)

-> Made sure to be there during the birthing to be the first to hold his son as well as to never let go of Kamui’s hand (if it weren’t for the midwife and her team inside the room, he would have broken down in tears… he did shed one or two after they left though)

-> ALWAYS gets up when he hears Sieggy crying at night, no matter if Kamui is already getting up to feed him or if a wet nurse has been assigned to stay on watch during that particular day; he’ll only go back to sleep after seeing that his son is calm and safe;

-> Loves Sieggy’s widdle pointy ears so much because it’s one more proof (plus his deep red eyes!) of his and Kamui’s love, AND he never saw a baby pointy ear before since Kamui was brought to them as a child and already had more developed ears;

-> Feels his eyes burn whenever Sieggy grabs his finger with those… tiny… so tiny little hands and smiles. He always thought he could never love someone as he loved Kamui, but having a child… that made his love deepen so much he knows he would topple the world to see both of them safe and sound

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head canon i just wanted to drop here because your my favorite to share head canons with. killian told emma he loved her during the whole queens of darkness mess when she was angry at snow and charming, and she was speechless and kissed him like she usually does. thats why he left him self out when saying who she has to live for in the lily episode because he didnt know how she felt. and he hoped it was his job to protect her heart. hearing it out loud meant so much to him because he waited

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Holy fuck yes I can totally 10000% get behind this.

I could kiss you right now- my god! 


Because he would totally put everyone else before himself- even if she were to never say the words back, her happiness means more to him than confirmation she loved him back. And probably in his mind, her family and her son and her friends were what were important to her and made her happy.

And now i’ve just got him giving those heartbreaking smiles to her every time, happy that she’s happy yet deep down wondering if she’ll ever feel for him the way he does her, hoping that one day he’ll finally be worthy enough to hear those words, but for now being content with just knowing he was accepted into her life and aiding her in achieving her happy ending-

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Batman headcanon that when he’s away on long missions, Damian gets seriously homesick, more so than the other Bats. Perhaps it’s because the whole idea of family is so new and fleeting to him that he’s afraid he’ll come home to find that he is no longer welcome. It’s one reason that he’s so attached to his animals and seeks their soft, non-judgmental comfort when he’s home. When he feels Alfred’s tail ghosting across his face or Titus’s wet nose affectionately nudging his hand, Damian feels more secure that he can change his ways. That people and animals can mind his touch without fear he’ll hurt them. However, when he is out of the house he is denied his usual form of physical assurance and, if the mission is long enough, will seek it out in his siblings to fill this need.

Dick will wake up in the middle of the night to find Damian has crawled in with him. He won’t say anything when the little Robin is gone by morning but he’ll be sure to pay his brother a little more attention. Jason nearly took off his head the first time Damian’s tiny hand gripped the back of his leather jacket. Embarrassed, Damian claimed there was something there but as it kept happening Jason just stops mentioning it. He knows a thing or two about seeking comfort but not knowing how to ask. He’ll grab Tim’s hand and tries to drag him places. It doesn’t matter where or for what reason but he’ll sudden grab Timmy and start yelling at him for something. At this point, Tim still doesn’t quite understand what that’s all about and the others don’t clue him in. Cass just naturally understands and always keeps herself available to spar with him, that way he can fill his need for touch without feeling ashamed. Plus it’s a good way to keep in shape. Some special days, after they’ve fought for hours, They’ll sit on the floor in silence with his big sister wrapping her long, toned arms around him.

Bruce will deliver quiet little pats and ruffles when they’re in public which Damian tries to tell himself is enough but deep down he knows it isn’t. Until those moments when they can let their guards down and Bruce will lovingly pat his hand, or brush Damian’s hair from his eyes. Occasionally, Damian will even get a chaste kiss on the forehead just before bedtime. On those nights, Damian feels safe and assured in his position as a son and a brother and will manage to sleep all through the night.

EXO react to their child waking them up at night because of monsters under the bed

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*Gifs as always do not belong to me. Credit where it’s due.

Xiumin: Minseok isn’t a heavy sleeper, so he wouldn’t be especially bothered by his little daughter rushing to him out of trepidation. At first, he would hoist his daughter up to the bed, being extra cautious not to stir his slumbering wife. Listening carefully to her fearful sputtering, he would chuckle softly, proceeding to carry her back to her room, setting her carefully back in bed. “If you ever get scared sweetie, just remember the “Three Bears” song. I hear that scares monsters away,” Minseok would advise in a hushed voice, patting his little girl on the head affectionately. He would slowly start to sing the song, gradually picking up as his daughter follows suite. He would stay with her until she falls into a soporific state.

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Luhan: Highly befuddled as to what is tugging at his hand, Luhan would stir from his sleep uncomfortably, somewhat vexed until laying his gaze upon his small daughter, the fear-stricken glaze evident in her eyes. At this Luhan would soften his disposition, albeit being awoken unexpectedly. “Honey, it’s almost midnight. What’re you doing still awake?” he would ask gingerly, intaking all of his daughter’s trepidation from the “monsters” frightening her. “Monsters? No monster is going to scare my little girl. Show me where you saw them baby.” *insert manly Luhan* He would follow her back to her room, scrutinizing for the supposed monsters. He would then grant his daughter a proud grin, before scooping her up into bed once more. “They’re all gone honey. Daddy scared them all off. Remember, your daddy is really strong, so no monsters will be coming back now that they saw me.” 

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Kris: Instantly concerned upon catching his alarmed son, Kris would cast away all lingering torpor to tend to his son, already worried. While listening to his son explain he spotted monsters under the bed, Yifan would pat him affectionately, taking instant notice of the small baby blue bear his little boy clutches closely to him. “See your bear?” he’ll inquire softly, resting a hand upon his son’s shoulders. “If you hold him close to you, he’ll give you all the strength to scare the monsters away; so don’t let go of him,” Yifan would advise his son steadily, guiding his little boy back to his room. Despite leaving him alone, Kris would still check up on him occasionally to ensure his son is slumbering comfortably. 

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Suho: He would probably take this the most seriously, instantly scooping his son up and leading him back to his room. Immediately, Suho would scour the room for some picture books to take his little boy’s mind off of the ‘monsters.’ “Books are always a great way take your mind off of scary things,” Suho would expound on, proceeding to open the first book and read it with ample amounts of zeal, eliciting pure giggles from his son as well as garnering his attention wholly. Joonmyun would continue to read bedtime stories to his little boy, until somnolence has finally claimed him for the night. I can also see him looking into how to dispel the idea of “monsters under the bed” for his son, before it becomes a full on phobia. 

Lay: Firstly, it would take a lot of activity for Yixing to awaken, considering I consider him one of the heaviest sleepers in EXO. So upon hearing his little girl’s shrill cries for help, he would awaken stiffly and abruptly. Still attempting to assess his thoughts, Yixing would listen to his daughter’s evident anxieties with the “monsters.” Though he’s still immersed in a soporific stupor, he would be able to make out his daughter’s concerns. Granting her a sympathetic smile, Yixing would pull his little girl on the bed beside him and his wife, patting her head affectionately. “You can sleep with us tonight princess. Anytime you see monsters, you can always come here to sleep,” with a swift kiss on the forehead, he would drift back to sleep placidly. 

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Baekhyun: He’s somewhat amused/empathetic seeing how innocent and puerile his little daughter is as she sobs softly about how scary the ‘monsters’ are. “If they scare you, then you have to scare them back!” Baekhyun would instruct promptly. “How do you think there’s never any monsters in my room? That’s because daddy learned to get rid of them!” He’ll proceed to tell tales of how many monsters he’s managed to defeat, inspiring his little girl to follow suite. “Every night before you go to sleep princess, you have to tell the monsters to “be gone!” If you say it really bravely, they’ll start to leave you alone! It’s easy.” Baek would have his daughter recite her vanquishing words before bed as a practice run. 

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Chen: Instantly, I think Jongdae would take the brisk approach and just dispel the idea that there aren’t monsters residing underneath his son’s bed. The quicker he is to dismiss these anxieties for his child, the better it will be in the long run. Not to mention, the fact that Chen did mention not believing in spirits and ghosts rather bluntly just furthers my conjecture that he would take this approach in this scenario. He would chuckle softly before leading his fearful little boy back to his room. “There aren’t monsters buddy, see?” Jongdae would casually lift the covers for his son to scrutinize over. “See? Nothing under here except for all your toys.” Slightly sympathetic over seeing his son’s unsure expression, he would pat him affectionately, adding: “you know, if you’re still scared, there’s always room for you in my room buddy. Since your mother’s a heavy sleeper I’m sure she wouldn’t mind you being there,” he would snicker jestingly. 

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Chanyeol: He’ll play along with his son’s concerns, amusingly. “What? There couldn’t be any monsters! Didn’t you know that daddy put a special barrier over your room so no monsters would come in?” Chanyeol would explain to his little boy the tale of how he acquired special powers and abilities and how he was able to encapsulate his son’s room with a forcefield. “My powers must be wearing off! I’ll show you how to replace the barrier, but you have to brave if you’re really up for it!” he would encourage his son vivaciously, teaching him in the middle of the day how to put up super barriers and the explaining the types of monsters it repels. “There, no monsters can attack you now buddy, since the barriers been replaced.” 

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D.O: Somewhat similar to Chen, Kyungsoo would want to dispel the belief that monsters exist to his frightened little girl, but rather than bluntly saying it, he would gingerly explain it. “Baby, what you’re seeing is perfectly normal for your age, but you’ll realize soon that there aren’t any monsters. Just say that every night before you sleep.” Though his daughter remains unconvinced, Kyungsoo would still mollify her frenzied senses with a nice, soothing cup of milk tea, while staying by her bedside, proceeding to lull her to somnolence with alleviating lullabies. If her fears persist, Kyungsoo may become a little more concerned. 

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Tao: He’ll take the soft route with this, since he has analogous fears to his daughter’s. “Monsters? Yeah, I know how that feels princess. Believe it or not, daddy’s also pretty scared of ghosts and monsters. But that’s okay princess; it’s fine to be scared of it,” Tao would explain while keeping his little girl within his arms. He would want her to know that fearing these things are normal, however, a sense of bravery would have to manifest eventually. “If the monsters give you a bad scare, just remember that daddy knows wushu baby! And those monsters will leave you alone.” 

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Kai: Like Yixing, it would take a miracle to pull Jongin from a deep slumber. Eventually, once his son succeeds in awaking him, Jongin would listen intently to his sobbing little boy as he laments on the monsters that keep scaring him. He would feel sympathetic, but would also come up with a good solution. “You’re also scared when it’s dark right? Well, I hear that monsters are afraid of light, so why don’t we get you a nice nightlight buddy? Then they should leave you alone.” He would be sure to take his little boy with him to shop for night lights, possibly buying more than one just to seal the deal. Jongin would let his son pick out which light entices him the most, to which Kai would chuckle saying, “yep, that one looks good. It’s top of the line for fighting off monsters.” 

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Sehun: Sehun is more so amused than concerned when he sees his rattled son, attempting to explain how he saw a scary goblin creeping from his closet door. “You really saw that?” he would ask, slightly teasingly, but also empathetically. “Well, nothing like some cartoons to keep your mind off of the monsters right kiddo?” Sehun would carry his little boy to the T.V room, flicking through the channels to find some decent cartoons for him and his son to watch as a distraction. “Don’t tell your mother about this. I know it’s late, but just this once, I let you stay up.” He may even give him a cookie or a small cup of ice cream as well, just to pacify him. 

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When it comes to love you’re a flower in a gun

He’s not fidgeting. At all.

He’s not fidgeting when he finally got the Reverse Flash locked up where he can’t cause any more damage, where he can’t hurt everyone Barry cares about the same way he hurt his mother. He’s not fidgeting when Caitlin embraces Ronnie like she never means to let him go again and when Cisco is on an overdose of excitement for their latest victory. He’s not fidgeting when Joe and Professor Stein exchange some quick words and Iris catches up onto everything Firestorm related while trying –and failing at best in his opinion- to fake her smile.

He’s not fidgeting because Oliver isn’t here.

Why should he? It’s not like the man was three seconds away from having a vibrating hand shoved in his chest. Except that he was and, even though Barry keeps telling himself that he got back there in time, that he was fast enough to stop Harrison Wells, he’s having quite some trouble in preventing his mind to conjure up all possible scenarios involving Oliver lying still on the ground, his bow not too far away, with the speedster in yellow grinning at Barry while his hand has yet to be removed from the body beneath him.

And in that moment, he swears he can feel his heart getting crushed too.

He knows the other is safe, waiting to meet him at their usual place, and it’s all in his head, but it’s since the adrenaline from the fight has rushed down and everything that happened has caught up with him and started sinking in that he can’t help but thinking he has been so close, too close, to lose Oliver in the blink of an eye. Sometimes, having thoughts so frenzy was a true pain in the ass. He got used to them, is used to them usually, but right now it wouldn’t be too bad having the person they’re revolving about here, flesh and bones, so that he could just make sure that they were just that: thoughts. That are not making him fidget like crazy.

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“Chibs patching me up after I get beat up pretty bad from my boyfriend that I shot after it happened”

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“You wanna talk to other guys?!” Your boyfriend Henry slapped you, “What the fuck, Henry! I was thanking him for opening the door for me!” Holding your face, you were backed into a corner, “Fuck you, Y/N, you’re a fucking whore, you sleep with every guy who comes your way,” it’s been like this for the past four months, Henry was never like this when you first started dating he was kind, charming, and a good man. But recently he’s been angrier and angrier. It started a year ago with more fights and name calling, but only recently has he started beating you. 

 "You’re a worthless whore, Y/N, you’re lucky I give a fuck about you or you would’ve been dead a long time ago, bitch,” he raised his hand to hit you again, but you saw your chance. You pulled his shoulders down and kneed his chest, “Fuck!” He grunted in pain. While you started to run to grab your purse which held your snub nose .38, you felt your ankle tugged on and you fell flat on your chest. 

“I’ll fucking kill you!” With Henry catching his breathe, he huddled himself over you placing himself on your stomach. “Whores like you don’t deserve to live,” with every punch blown at your face, you felt yourself become weaker. Noticing your purse was only a inches away from your hand, you stretched your arm and hand enough to where it was in your palm. Digging through your bag for a few seconds, your hand was on the handle of your gun and that was the same time Henry had begun to choke you. 

In that very moment, you pointed your gun at his chest that was above you and you fired. The bullet found itself going straight through his chest. “Fuck.” Henry looked down at you, “You fucking shot me,” falling to the side with one of his legs still over your body, you immediately threw yourself up, “You fucking bitch,” holding his wound as his mouth filled with blood, you aimed at his body again and fired. Henry screaming in pain, you started to smile, “Feel what I feel,” empty your gun on him, the house filled with the sound of your gun, luckily you lived in an area where everyone was used to it, so you knew no one would call the cops. 

 Henry’s lifeless body laid there on your bedroom floor, the blood oozing out of his wounds and his dead eyes wide open with tears, “You never loved me.” Taking a deep breath, you realized what you just did and you didn’t regret it. You knew what had to be done, but now your wounds needed to be taken care of. You couldn’t go a hospital because there would be an investigation, and Tara was out of town on business. The only place you could go to was the clubhouse, hoping someone was there to help you. 

You grew up with Opie and Jax which is why you’re close to the clubhouse. The club was always a place you could turn to, Gemma loved you like her own, and Chibs and you were close since you met Henry through him at a party. They weren’t close, just acquaintances. You’ve always had feeling for Chibs, but he pushed you away for some reason. Showing up at the clubhouse, you managed not to kill yourself driving yourself there with only being able to see out of one eye practically. There was only a few bikes there which you were happy about, you didn’t want the entire club to know what was going on. You saw Tig, Happy, and Chibs outside having a smoke. Walking towards the clubhouse you were scared for their reactions, you knew they’d be upset but to explain what happened is a fear you buried yourself under. 

“Holy shit, Y/N, what the fuck happened?” Tig was the first to see you, all three of them ran over to you, “Shite, lass I gotta stitch your face up, come in inside, girl.” Chibs seeing you barely able to walk he put his arm around your waist holding you up. Picking you up, Chibs placed you on the pool table, “Get the first aid kit,” “Got it,” Happy running towards the bar, he pulled out the kit from the cabinet, “Did that bastard do this, lass?” Chibs was angry, you could see it in his eyes. Nodding, Tig took a deep breath, “I’m gonna fucking kill that son of a bitch,” Tig kicked the floor, Chibs examined you precisely, getting close to your face you could feel his breath hitting your lips which made you blush and your face turn red, but who could really notice with your face looking beat? 

“He’s dead,” those words spilled out of your mouth. You’ve never killed anyone, and now that your adrenaline is gone, you realized what you did. Breathing hard, you started to sob. Chibs wrapped his arms around you and held you close, “What happened, Y/N?” Chibs held your face has you sobbed, “He tried to kill me,” Chibs jaw had clenched, “And I killed him,” looking to Tig and Hap, they gave each other a look. “Did anyone call the cops?” You shook your head, “I don’t think so,” Hap nodding to Chibs, they all looked at you, “What did you use?” Tig curiously asking, “The .38 Chibs gave me, I always carry it,” Chibs smiled, “I’m glad you kept it, love.” 

 Cleaning you up, Tig made a few calls to Jax to get approval to clean up the body, Tig finally came back. “Hap, we need one of your hiding spots,” Hap nodded and they headed on their way. “I’m sorry this happened, Y/N,” Chibs held your hands looked at you, “I should have never brought him that night, I don’t even know why I did,” Chibs cursed himself, “It’s not your fault, Chibs,” letting out a few tears, Chibs held you once again, “I will never let anything happen to you again, Y/N,” he was holding your hand with a bloody gauze pad on the side, he was finished cleaning up your face, just needed to stitch your cheek, “This is going to hurt,” holding up the needle with a thread, Chibs looked at you, “You can stay with me, if you would like,” Chibs started to poke your face, clenching your eyes shut, you felt your heart race, “I would love that,” Chibs finished up your stitches and he held you for the rest of the night, “I will protect you till the last breath I breathe, love.” Stroking your hair while you cuddle in his arms, you began to sleep. Dreaming of a life you and Chibs will have, no matter the age difference. 


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My Love, My Light - Jungkook (BTS Scenario)

Requested by leebaram98! Thank you!

I usually don’t posts fics/scenarios so close to each other but I am just in the zone oh my goodness. Being a night owl has its perks. This will not happen as often probably but I am just getting my head in the game. WHOO

I really like this scenario, it’s cute. Lots of fluff, no lie.
I spent a good 30 minutes with my friend trying to think of a title, why was there a struggle. I really like this fic however, quite proud, quite proud indeed. But anyway the prompt is:

“ Can i ask for a scenario of Jungkook and his 2 years old son never leaving him and always stuck to his father. To the point the baby might cry even Jungkook left him for a second .. thank you“

characters: you, Jungkook, your son

genre: fluff (serious major fluff)

rating: E

word count: 1,291


Alright honey! I’ll be back my dinner! Namjoon wants to talk to me about something!

Jungkook was ready to leave your guys’ home, looking casual as he gave you a peck on the cheek and placed his hand on the doorknob. You had your son in your arms, carrying him as he looked at his father with tears forming in his eyes.

I’ll be back later okay?

He kissed your son’s head and as soon as he twisted the doorknob, your son started to fidget his way out of your arms, so you let him stand on the floor. His first decision was to cling onto Jungkook and whimper about how he doesn’t want him to leave.

No,” your son said with a stubborn attitude that he got from his father.

Jungkook smiled, “aww, don’t worry. I’ll be back,

The more Jungkook tried to leave, the more your child clutched on his leg. He began to cry from the feeling of his father leaving and Jungkook immediately lifted him up into his arms,

Hey, why are you crying huh? You’re a fat baby not a crybaby.

With that being said, you lightly jabbed Jungkook in the tricep. He was always busy with this and that and you were left with the baby often because your workplace doesn’t give you enough hours. Maybe you have been feeding your son a little bit too much baby food.

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Kiss The Pain Away

“It hurts!” Castiel screamed at the top of his lungs as he plopped down on the grass clutching at his arm. Small tears started to sprout from his tiny blue eyes. “Dean!”

The younger of the two children sprinted across the yard with wide worried eyes. As Dean sat beside his best friend he took Cas’ arm onto his lap and studied the now reddening and puffy spot where the bee had stung. Dean wanted to call his mother out, but he knew that she was on the phone with an important person and he shouldn’t disturb her.

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EXO Chatting Relay Event - SEHUN
  1. Hi
  2. Everyone, since we have 150 minutes, let’s do this one by one slowly, so we can do this easily in this way
  3. Everyone, shush
  4. ni hao
  5. Hi Japanese fans~
  6. Because it’s so cold, I’m not on my right mind
  7. I ate Taco for my dinner today
  8. Movies are all fun
  9. Everyone, thank you for your hardwork
  10. I will be undressing during fashion shooting
  11. Let’s be quiet for once
  12. Shushhhhhhhhhhhhh
  13. Let’s show me your unity
  14. kkkkkkk it feels so good
  15. I want to drink bubble tea but because of braces, I can’t
  16. I can’t eat spicy food
  17. Of course it feels uncomfortable to wear braces… Everyone please try wearing too haha
  18. The room is still messy… Suho…
  19. If I have time? I will go your heart?
  20. If she’s younger than me by 7 years, uhmmmm.. I will be angry
  21. Every word from all of you gives me strength
  22. D.O. hyung always says I am like a sloth or something like that.. (Note: He wrote D.O. as “D-Dot-O-dot)
  23. If I unfasten 3 buttons, your nose will bleed
  24. My airport fashion follows my own taste
  25. Twenty Again? I’m going to watch.. (Note: It’s not Luhan’s movie, it’s a drama starring Choi Ji Woo)
  26. Yes, I chose the pink cap
  27. 270 (Shoe size)
  28. When you reached 30, you will turn into an adult?
  29. Choco cake
  30. Suho hyung is my roommate
  31. Should I update my Instagram today?
  32. I like Call Me Baby
  33. We will hold an encore concert if you guys wish for it
  34. I’m frustrated too because I can only say that I love you
  35. I am eating salad after this
  36. There’s none of the members that I am awkward with
  37. I ate Real Deep already (Note: It’s a Chocolate Coffee cafe)
  38. 183cm(His Height)
  39. All members are in good terms
  40. Why am I like this? Because I’m kind
  41. I like sons or daughters more? I will think about this later
  42. I will become a basketball player if I can grow until 2m
  43. Shoulder sponge…. I’m getting angry
  44. When you’re studying Chinese…. just continue studying..
  45. I will watch movies or dramas
  46. All those that I can’t understand are traps
  47. I feel cold when I do water dunk
  48. So I will retrofit my dancing skill
  49. I am retrofit to everyone of you kk
  50. Words from all of you, every single word
  51. Wahhh, My eyes hurt, my hands hurt and my head hurts
  52. It’s very fast kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
  53. Yes, I’m reading
  54. That’s why I can’t reply you
  55. Ah… so I was a chick..
  56. The most recent song that I like is Justin Bieber’s Fall
  57. Biyak biyak? (Note: Sound of a little chick)
  58. You can’t order around oppa
  59. Taro taro…
  60. You can’t order around oppa like this
  61. My eye sight .1.5
  62. Only mothers can order around
  63. I am angry at nuna too.. Ahem
  64. It’s true that younger brothers/sisters are sweet dreams
  65. I can’t eat spicy food
  66. It’s possible if it’s mothers
  67. I went on travelling and I like all the places
  68. All are great
  69. If it’s same-age, then it’s Miss Hun
  70. @LeeSuIn Aunt, I can see you like pretty eyes haha I love you
  71. My favourite hair colour? The colour that you guys love
  72. I called everyone’s name sincerely, without lies
  73. Come out if I haven’t called your name
  74. Done
  75. I called everyone’s name, it’s the end
  76. I really called everyone’s name
  77. Kim Minji, I did call you
  78. Chu Chin Hyah, Sorry I made a typo. Try chatting with 150 people and see if there’s typos or not
  79. Ahhhhhhhh ahhhhhhh
  80. Shush
  81. shushhhhhhh (and 10 more of shushhh)
  82. But don’t shut up too
  83. If you want ways to manage your skin, go and look for a dermatologist
  84. kkkkkk
  85. So it can’t exceed 5 seconds
  86. Yes, everyone just do whatever you want
  87. kkkk No choice
  88. Myself? it’s here
  89. What do I wear to sleep….? 19….
  90. EXO are all good-looking and handsome
  91. I pray before I sleep
  92. Fat level is average~
  93. Woxiangnimen (I miss you)
  94. Zhende~ (Really)
  95. Wo xian zai hen gaoxing (I’m very happy now)
  96. My feelings is very rich
  97. Because my feelings is like a sheep
  98. The most beautiful sad movie in the world..
  99. I was saying “So Guitar Man wasn’t Baekhyun?” kk
  100. There’s no one who’s lonely
  101. Everyone, let me tell you a secret
  102. I am really surprised
  103. Because it might surprise you so please pay attention
  104. *thumps thumps*
  105. *Heart beats*
  106. So..
  107. To be honest, I love EXO-L
  108. You guys sure don’t like such cheesy ment right?
  109. So I will tell you properly
  110. Everyone, look closely
  111. I raise a puppy
  112. kkkkkkkk
  113. Are you surprised?
  114. I knew you will be surprised
  115. No, it’s in my home
  116. Bishyung
  117. It’s really good looking
  118. It needs to receive 5 injections
  119. It’s a male
  120. I like watching theatre shows
  121. Vivi - In English, it means living well
  122. In French, it means flying high
  123. It’s my puppy’s name
  124. @Someone My puppy is cuter
  125. Everyone, shall we stop now?
  126. I want to stop already
  127. The company staff here…
  128. kkkkkkk I don’t want to do that… What to do….
  129. Wahh… He’s sighing beside me
  130. What should I do, everyone?
  131. Vivi is mine
  132. It’s been a long time I have fun, I will consider everyone here had fun too~
  133. I love you I love you I love you I love you Thank you Thank you
  134. Xie xie (Thank you)
  135. Ah Arigato gozaimasu
  136. Everyone feels sad now right? But it makes us miss each other more
  137. When tomorrow reaches, you will forget chatting with me kkkkkk
  138. So you won’t forget, then I won’t forget too
  139. Next time when we have a chance to meet up, I will buy you some nice food
  140. I will buy for you
  141. If you order expensive food then it’s a foul play?
  142. Love star come here now… have a sweet night
  143. Aigu, all of you are gwiyomis
  144. You guys are saying I am cute?
  145. No, I am cute, all of you aren’t
  146. I love you
  147. Yes~~~
  148. It’s a pity
  149. But if we chat for 10 hours more, will it be fun? You might even stop typing
  150. Because of this, we should be parting now
  151. I’m thankful too
  152. “Vivi I love you?”kkkkkk
  153. Thank you for your hardwork for this chatting, everyone please massage your hands
  154. Please don’t make “puedereuk puedereuk” sound from your fingers
  155. It’s especially not good for female’s hand~
  156. Lee Yu Rim! You’re blessed!
  157. Bye~~
  158. Everyone please leave kkkk
  159. I don’t want to leave
  160. Everyone, please leave
  161. I will be watching all of you leave
  162. I just press “all members”
  163. kkkkkk
  164. Really, bye~~~~~

Translation cr. to ludeerbambi

Full House: Jesse Katsopolis [ISFP]

Introverted Feeling (Fi): Behind his guts and brawn, Jesse is a really sensitive guy. While not all together expressive, he takes his relationship with his nieces and sons very seriously. His songs all have some level of personal meaning to him and he is in fact very emotional; but he struggles to get those emotions across, especially when put on the spot.

Extroverted Sensing (Se): Formerly known as “Dr. Dare”, Jesse was notorious for his motorcycle stunts as well as womanizing in his early 20s. His true feelings and opinions towards things are hidden behind a deep desire to be “cool”. As an introvert, Se is how he connects with the world; he doesn’t follow Greek tradition because he likes it, necessarily —he follows it as a way of connecting with his grandparents and expressing that he cares about them. He is concerned about appearances and gender roles, and while he often references the “greats” of music—it’s the music that he emphasizes. He likes Elvis because he sees Elvis as cool, not as classic. Jesse is terrible at sports at first; growing up, he focused all his extroverted energy on music. However, once taught, he picks up a “sweet spot” in basketball rather quickly. Se is also how he expresses his affection to his sons and nieces, through calling Michelle “munchkin” and taking time out to hang out with them. He is good with a set of tools, and won’t let Joey touch a hammer.

Introverted Intuition (Ni): Jesse is capable of making his visions a reality; whether it’s becoming a great musician or becoming a great dad, he envisions the changes he needs to make in his life and is willing to sacrifice in order to get there—for better or worse. Since Ni is lower ranking, Jesse is often reckless and does not pay all that much attention to consequences. On top of that, Jesse is frequently so good at reaching his goals that he can alienate other family members in the process.

Extroverted Thinking (Te): Jesse is blunt with his emotions, and though he hates rules, prefers to be in charge of his own life—and even his own family. He is also quite capable in school, and though he dropped out as a teenager, is willing to attend night school in order to graduate and earn a degree. Though younger Jesse lacks discipline, his extroverted thinking grows and develops as he ages.

Note: I see a lot of decent arguments for both ISTJ and ISTP as well—but I think Se is way more prominent in him than Si, and I can’t defend Ti.

If I go more than a week without getting another list out (at least until I catch up on my backlog), someone really ought to come lightly kick me in the shin to get me going again! There are still a ton of great fics being put out in this fandom and, goddammit, I’m gonna read all the father & son feelings and all the shenanigans fic. And it’s gonna be amazing. (And thank you to those that did gently kick me in the shin. XD)

In the Aftermath by trollmela, thranduil & glorfindel & erestor & elladan & elrohir & arwen & elrond, 7.5k
    Celebrían has left Imladris, causing Elrond to fall into a deep, grief-induced sleep. As he recovers, his sons meet an army of Éothéod, King Thranduil helps run the valley and Glorfindel says yes to everything.
Deep and Crisp and Even by rivlee, thranduil & bard & ocs, 3.9k
    Bard seeks the Elvenking’s aid. Part of a canon-based au ‘verse.
Spring Awakenings by daw the minstrel, thranduil & legolas & ocs, 83.6k
    Legolas and his brother Eilian deal with problems at Elven settlements. Disaster and love are both in the air.
Let Your Heart Be Your Compass by Clippedwings, thranduil & legolas & tauriel, movie-based, 1.7k
    Legolas sometimes needs to be reminded that his mother did indeed love him. Thranduil sometimes needs the memory of his wife to prompt him to have a tender moment with his son.
Rivers of Scarlet by HaloFin17, thranduil & legolas & tauriel, movie-based, 1k
    Tauriel dies with Kili at Ravenhill, and as Legolas grieves for her, there is only one to comfort him.
Leading into Battle by Scribe-of-Arda, thranduil & legolas & gandalf & bard & others, 14.6k
    In the Battle of the Five Armies, a King struggles with the aftermath. Where is Legolas? Where is his son? And when he finds out, his worst nightmares almost come true.
Heart of the Mountain by esama, bilbo & thorin & balin & thranduil & bard & kili & fili & tauriel & dain & gandalf & others, movie-based, 18k (at the time of this rec)
    After the Battle of Five Armies, there is still the matter of the Arkenstone and the Lonely Mountain to be settled.
A Father’s Gift by Emerald-Leaves, thranduil & legolas, 1.1k
    Legolas recalls a memory in Helms Deep
In his arms by Eressie, thranduil & legolas, 2.3k
    Death is always difficult to handle. What better comfort is there than a father’s loving arms?
A Cup of Wine by jenolas, thranduil & elindil, 1k
    Thranduil celebrates a long lost friend’s birthday.

full details + recs inside!

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PJO One shot

‘Come on di Angelo….’ he said to himself, nervously fidgeting as he glanced over at Percy from his shadowy corner of the arena. ‘He’s clearly not busy’ he thought, watching Percy lay back against Mrs.O’Leary with a serene smile painted across his face. ‘It wouldn’t be an intrusion… It doesn’t have to be long. Just go say a few words to him. Tell him you were just here to spar. You can do this. You should do this, You haven’t talked to someone living in a while. Okay, Okay I can do this.’ Nico let out a breath he hadn’t really known he was holding and took a few shaky steps from the shadows. ‘Good’ he thought ‘now say something, just be cool.’ Nico cleared his throat, although the son of Poseidon hadn’t noticed him yet.

“Hey Percy” he said, shoving his hands in his pockets and trying to be casual. Percy looked up from his spot on the ground. He smiled. The smile alone had Nico convinced it was worth it. He wasn’t on the receiving end of a lot of smiles, and Percy’s was so effortless and bright.

“Hey man” he said casually and got up, now looking down at Nico. “I haven’t seen you around recently. The summer’s been kind of wild” he joked.

“A war with Titans will do that.” Nico tried to joke back, although he sounded more dry than Percy. Percy chuckled at it anyway.

“Make any new friends yet?” he asked. Nico had been at camp a little over month now. He felt like his welcome was quickly wearing thin. Other campers were starting to whisper when he entered a room. People jumped when he tried to go near them. Then they’d give him with that look, the one that questioned why he was even still there, and any will Nico had to socialize quickly dissipated.

“N-not really” Nico muttered “I actually came here to spar” he said, his voice picking up although he was trying to keep the hopefulness, and maybe the desperation, out of his voice. “Do you maybe want to-” Nico stopped abruptly when Percy’s face lit up like a Christmas tree. He was looking past Nico at something. A slightly confused look dawned Nico’s face, followed quickly by a carefully placed stoic one as he looked behind him. Annabeth.

“Yea cool man have fun.” Percy said dismissively, not even looking at Nico as he said it. His attention was clearly focused on her now. Percy clapped Nico on the shoulder and went right past him to meet Annabeth. The way he smiled at her was like the whole world could crumple as long as he had her, like every romantic movie Nico ever saw, the way every love song described.  It made Nico feel hollow, defective. Looks like that, attention that readily given and full, happy endings like theirs… Things like that didn’t happen for people like him. People like Nico di Angelo didn’t get those endings. Maybe this wasn’t worth it. Nico watched them join hands and leave. The silence in the arena seemed deafening now. The son of Hades let out a deep sigh and ruffled his hair. Suddenly he felt too drained to do anything but go hide in the dark of his cabin. So he retreated into the shadows like always.


Beneath The Waves; Characters
This is Randy & Miranda - A human couple soon to be married. Randy is the son of a fisherman and helps his father out at sea, usually at night and Miranda is a deep sea diver who may or may not end up touching a cursed relic that’s over 6000 years old while scuba diving.

Struggling to use tumblr on a PC. I’m all moved into the dorms now and I literally feel like I’m in sims 2 university lol!! Its okay actually! The campus has security. We have electronic passes to get through doors and stuff. So cool having my own keys too. Thanks for those who tagged me in the handwriting challenge <3 but I may end up doing It super late… Oh and the rooms have en suite bathrooms and, there’s wi-fi, heating, air conditiony stuff! Awesome. My friends just down the hall too and I have my PC laptop now with sims 3 and sims 2. l’m going to focus during my first week, I’ve made 4 new characters for ‘Beneath The Waves.’ and I only need to make one more character before I can start taking shots for the story. :) I’ll probably just reblog mermaid related content till I have time to start part 1. I’ll surf my dash whenever on my phone. I haven’t worked out how to do replies on this laptop yet but thank you to those for the nice  comments and for wishing me well! <3

Silent Tears

Ship: Nalu

Story Type: Oneshot, Angst

Characters: Lucy Heartfilia, Natsu Dragneel

Summary:  “I would remember those forever… the pain, the silent tears.”

My submission for ‘Silence’ of the Fairy Tail Angst Week.

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Not So Treacherous Waters - A Daddy!Killian One Shot

A little Daddy!Killian shenanigans for incaptainswanwetrust….since we seem to share this ridiculously wonderful obsession :]

“Alright,” Killian said abruptly with a smile, dropping a bundle of rope onto the deck. “Ready, sailor?”

He had to fight back an involuntary laugh. Liam looked beyond skeptical as he peered off the side of the dock, furrowing his eyebrows at the water and then glancing back up at his dad in hesitation. It was fortunate that his boy’s little gaze was so blue or it would be difficult to find it partly shielded behind that obnoxiously orange life vest Emma had insisted they make him wear. Liam rocked back and forth on his little boat shoes, navy blue with canvas laces. He was definitely nervous. Any lesser man would be deemed a coward, but today was this little shipmate’s first trip out on the water - and Killian would wait as long as his young son needed him to.


“Not in these waters, buddy,” Killian grinned, leaning on the edge of one of the dock posts. “You’ll be safe. I promise, Liam.”

“But papa-” he responded, swallowing hard as he touched the side of the boat preemptively. “-what if there’s a hurricane? Or a tsunami? Or a Kraken?”

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The Heat of the Moment
Rated Explicit

It was bad enough that she was only 18 and still in high school. But getting his son’s best friend pregnant from one night of passion was never supposed to be in the cards. Mr. Gold wants to do the right thing, even if he’s not very good at it. He surprises them both by falling in love along the way.

(Verse based on a tumblr prompt. Now a multi-chap WIP)


Belle and Thaddeus finally talk to Neal and deal with the repercussions. (Bonus: Swanfire fluff!)


They spent most of Saturday in bed, canoodling and making hazy plans for the future. It was a perfect little love nest, but for the elephant in the room. As the sun was setting and Belle was sipping grape juice from a wine glass, she turned toward Thaddeus, looking troubled.

“He’s coming home tomorrow, you know.” There was no need to name him, they both knew who she meant.

Thaddeus nodded, face turning grave. “I know.” His son’s return would have given him the greatest joy on any other occasion. These were most unusual circumstances.

Belle absentmindedly stoked her rounded stomach. “We can’t hide this from him. Not anymore.”

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