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  • Bakugo: you know, I see a lot of girls struggling with how to do their make up in the mornings, so what I like to do,*opens up eye shadow kit* I like to name my colors to get those creative juices flowing~ so, you see the really white one? I named that one the Aizawa, why? Because it's super fuckin pale and super fucking white~ and this one right here *points to light pink* used it once and never used it again! The quality wasn't too good, didn't do shit to make me look better, so I call this one the Deku, cause that little bitch don't do shit for me and the quality of his quirk just ain't that good. Not flashy enough for me. Finally, on to my favorite color,*points to red* I call this one the kirishima, cause he makes me flaming mad just by looking at his bitch ass face.

If you’re like us, then you’re overflowing with love for the leading lady of Rogue One: Jyn Erso. To have a bit of an outlet for these feels, we’d like to use the week of May 22nd to May 28th to finally host a Jyn Erso Appreciation Week  to celebrate her. 


  • Day One: Favorite Scene(s) || Writing Prompt: Faith 
  • Day Two: Favorite Quote || Writing Prompt: Luxury
  • Day Three: Favorite Relationship || Writing Prompt: Family
  • Day Four: Jyn and Tropes || Writing Prompt: Need
  • Day Five: Jyn and Rebellion || Writing Prompt: Hope
  • Day Six: Felicity Jones Appreciation || Writing Prompt: Partisans
  • Day Seven: Free Day || Bonus Prompt: Why You Love Jyn

Please use this week to celebrate Jyn Erso in any way you want to with any type of fanwork you want to. Also, because we know that appreciation weeks sometimes skew towards visual work, we included a second writing prompt to help get those creative juices flowing. (Of course, feel free to make graphics for the writing prompt and write for the regular prompt—the point is to create as much positive Jyn related material as possible!)


  • Please tag your posts with #jynweek in one of the first five tags so we can see it
  • To find works created for this week on the blog, we will be tagging specific days as #jyn week: day [one], and prompts as and day [one]: [faith]
  • We won’t reblog any hate, so if you don’t like Jyn, don’t participate!

Feel free to message us with any comments, questions or concerns. We hope you guys have a lot of fun and we look forward to seeing what wonderful things you will create!


if i fuck up anything in our post – be it a major point of your character history or just a tiny, nitpicky error – please go ahead and let me know. or if anything i wrote makes you uncomfortable as the writer i’ll change it immediately, no questions asked. or if my post makes it difficult for you to respond because it just doesn’t give you enough to get those creative juices flowing, that’s ok. i will be happy to provide more creative lubricant. come in my inbox. ;)

The art was done by @lucheek

Pokemon Crossbreed Fan Art Contest Now Open!

For winning first place in the Fire/Fighting fan art contest, trakolock got to choose the theme of the next fan art contest. The theme he chose was crossbreeds! 

For anyone unfamiliar with Pokemon crossbreeds, the artist imagines a Pokemon (ie Snorlax) with the characteristics of another Pokemon (ie Lapras). Crossbreeds aren’t limited to Egg Groups; the artist can choose whichever two Pokemon they want to be crossbred! 

Here are the rules: 

  • Three submissions per person
  • You must have ONE crossbreed per submission
  • The crossbreed MUST be between two Omnis Pokemon or an Omnis Pokemon and a canon Pokemon. Crossbreeds involving Legendary Pokemon will be permitted

Here are the prizes:

  • First place will get to choose the theme of the next fan art contest
  • The top three artists may choose the Shiny Palettes for Pokemon that lack them.

And that’s it! The rules are few, so get out there and get those creative juices flowing!

The contest will end on Thursday, May 11th, at 5pm EDT.

You know the feeling, you’re staring at your draft, stuck on a scene, not knowing how to move forward, or even if there is a way. This section of your outline says “stuff?? things/!?!” in lieu of actual plotty bits, and you’re just like, “Thanks, past me.” Your characters linger on the page, unsure of where to go to next but your brain is fried and you’re just… stuck.

Here are five writing exercises to help get those creative juices flowing again.

  1. Take a scene you’ve already written and write it from a different character’s perspective. What does the antagonist think about this? Are they even there? What if they had some sort of crystal ball to see what was going on, what would they think and how would they react? (Even if crystal balls don’t exist or work in your story, imagine that they do, for this one particular scene– for reasons.) Did you write a love confession from one protagonist to another? What does the other person think about this? What’s their thought process? 
  2. Take your main characters and strand them on a desert island. Just… imagine it. How do they get along? What would they bring with them, if they were allowed three items? Who would they want with them? What do they dream of or hope for when they return to their world?
    If your characters start off in a desert island situation/ post apocalypse / dystopia / etc, strand them in a modern coffeeshop, and then you have the fun of seeing them figure out the ins and outs of customer service and how to make the perfect latte.
  3. Write a to-do list– not for you, but for your protagonist. Pick one day in your novel, what would they put on this list? What do they need to do? To remember? To ignore? What do they not put on this list? Do they have goals for the next year? The next five years?
  4. Write a scene from before the beginning or after the end. If you’re stuck where you are, skip somewhere else and try your hand at writing a scene before the story begins, maybe a moment from your character’s childhood or a scene post-resolution where you can imagine what your protagonists’ lives are like. Trying to figure out how your characters have dealt with the events of your story and the effects afterward is a good way to figure out how you want to get from where you are now to those scenes in the future. 
  5. Take your favorite song of the moment, or your karaoke favorite (you have one, you know you do… that song you can’t help but belt along to in the shower, the car…) and now imagine your main character singing this song. Direct a music video in your head with them as the star. Is this ridiculous? Very much so. But it also opens the door to all the raw emotion that comes with music– which song would be your character’s kareoke choice, if they had one? Or what song describes their personality best? And aside from the fun questions about your characters you get to answer through music, it’s a great mental image to have, especially when you need to see your character doing something silly or to conjure up when you’re down about your story.

Even if you think you’re not working “actively” on your story, continuing to write when you’re stuck, even going in another direction or writing backstory for characters, will add to your confidence in moving forward in the narrative. Take a break, write something silly or fun, and get back to your story whenever you’re ready. 

You can do it! ヾ(。◕ฺ∀◕ฺ)ノ

Writing Challenge

This one requires a co-writer.

Get a friend, colleague, or other human.

Write a list of 25 words as quickly as you can, the more random the better. Have them do the same.

Swap lists.

Try to write a sentence for each word they gave you, and they can do the same for the words you gave them.

The goal isn’t to write anything fancy, but to write as fast as you can, and get your creative juices flowing.

If one of those sentences happens to trigger a story idea, well… All the better.

Well, well...

Would you look at that? No, really, turn around and look. 

See that? It’s finally here! Can you believe it? The month of May has blessed us with it’s presence. How ‘bout we do it justice, shall we? 

Yes, let’s do it right with some new prompts. That sounds like a plan. We’ll get those creative juices flowing, as they say.

First up, Statement Prompt:

He looked at me. His hair was a mess, and in the bright morning sunlight he looked more handsome and human than I’d ever seen him. 

And finally, our Dialog Prompt:

“Stop laughing and help me out of this trashcan. I think my foot is stuck in a coffee cup.” 

A shout out and a thank you for submitting this awesome dialog prompt, @rieraclaelin! Yes we really did save all of those when we asked for submissions. We’ll be using them from time to time!

We can’t wait to see your submissions for this months prompts. Happy creating!

lacunapresley  asked:

Aaa your art is honestly so beautiful and I've been following you for a while (I miss your megaman had the best taste in shipping and characters) and to see where you are right now is super inspiring !! I have my notif on for your blogs and whenever you post my day is officially made!! thanks for being such a kind soul and know that I'll scream like a child when I'll see your name in the end credit!! Have a good day!! Keep the awesome work!

AAWWW THANKS, MAN! Why are you sooo…ugh. YOU made MY day. And you have no idea how much I’d love to have a new Mega Man game to get those creative juices flowing. If only Capcom would actually let our boys see the light of day again or let them go. Unfortunately, there’s been nothing to get excited about for years, I held out hope for so long (probably way longer than was healthy), and it makes me very sad that Cappy has probably benched that IP until the end of time. 

So I’ve realised my “brief” hiatus whilst travelling kinda became a long hiatus. I miss the SPNfamily!!! I’m beginning work on a new fic (aka procrastinating my revision), and god does it feel good to be getting those creative juices flowing again. Will not be leaving it this long again, that’s for sure.

Hey party people! I'm moving!

Which is a good thing. I will be moving back into my own space! Hallelujah! Which means more time to write! Also to get those creative juices flowing. So I can finish stories like ‘The King and I’ and start sequels to 'The Student Teacher’ and 'Old Flame’ and my Zac and Audrey series. I also owe some people some one shots. @theycallmebecca i have not forgotten about your evans gamer shot hun😘. Also I can finally catch up on my reading (which im like 4 months behind in.😑😔😯)I hope to be settled by the end of this month. So June 1st it’s on. Let the count down begin.

anonymous asked:

Why all the Val hate? Yes he needs to take a break; regroup, train, and get those creative juices flowing again. That I can agree with you on, but you have been ripping him for a while so whats really on your mind?

Val Hate? I don’t hate him. I’ve said I don’t like his choreography since season 20 which you agree with. I said he needs to take a break which you agree with.

I’m not particularly a big fan anymore for those reasons

But I guess having Ginger who shouldn’t have been anywhere near a final then Laurie who they clearly showed favoritism to and now Normani who kinda is the same is a little annoying

Like how some of y'all hate Derek because of how he is treated is kinda how I feel about Val now like the fans and the being the golden boy because of the fans makes me kinda not feel him on the show which mad lose interest in him on the show and if I don’t have interest in him on the show then I really don’t have interest in him much at all.

Does that make sense?

yuakime  asked:

Sorry to annoy ya, but can I write a fanfiction about your gaster blaster swapapyrus? I find it very inspiring.

Not annoying at all! It’s very nice of you to ask first really.
My response will always be yes. Just be respectful?

Let others make and view things how they please. Let others have fun.

If you see something I have done and it gets those creative juices flowing you go ahead and make whatever you want. I’m not going to constrict anyone in that way.

Go out and make something that makes you happy.

If you want please send me a link too! I would love to see it. :)