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honestly (and this is from personal experience, mind you) i think a lot of the resentment comes from the feeling that theyre being "cheated" out of potential recognition simply because their work/blog isnt popular or noteworthy yet. you have A LOT of followers, and you get notes out the wazoo even without mark reblogging your stuff. a lot of other people, myself included, are damn lucky to make 100 notes most of the time and we NEVER get recognition from mark. not saying (1/2)

(2/2) that you deserve the onslaught of shit youre getting for it but i just. idk i kinda want you to maybe see the why, i guess? personally i cant say i havent gotten a little jealous/resentful of the fact that he reblogs things from a select few popular people, but i dont direct it toward the people involved as i do toward the system allowing it, yanno?


I honesty do get it, I’d also like him to reblog some more stuff but there is absolutely nothing I can do about that, people are treating it as if it’s my fault and the sad thing is, it’s making me want to make less content. 

I already had quite a lot of followers even before Mark first reblogged me, like this blog was growing fast anyway even without him noticing me. That’s something I can’t control and I shouldn’t be lambasted for it.

The only way I could probably alter it is if I changed my schedule which isn’t possible for me right now, or not posting ANY content at all and lose what I’ve gained. Or Mark looks at more stuff in the tag, which isn’t in my control.

I honestly do understand the frustration, but treating it like its my fault is just wrong and petty.

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Lmao I fucking can't stand you. I make cc for hours and hours, release it, and I only get about 10 notes if I'm lucky. You literally shit out cc out of your faggot hole everyday and gain up 50-100 notes every DAY. This isn't even jealouy, I'm just fucking think it's unfair towards smaller simblrs like me.

I honestly have no answer for you because you are just being miserable and pathetic over there. It’s not my fault people think you’re crap idk maybe try harder. News flash: yes you are jealous.

Holy shit fam...

Firstly, I wanna say sorry for getting behind on a lot of your asks. I promise I have them all written down I’m just trying to articulate different plots for each one. But they will be coming soon, I swear.

Secondly, this blog has reached 100 followers and I wanted so thank you
so friggin much for following and liking my writing.

You’re all literally the best and I love each and every one of ya.

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I'm not in any way trying to be rude, but you never write Luke smut. Like I bet a lot of Luke girls follow you, including me and you legit kind of talk shit about Luke and don't write about him just because "you don't like him". (Part 1) -cj

It’s my blog? There are other blogs that write Luke smut..I don’t constantly talk shit about Luke, because I love the boy it’s when people ask me shit about him and I just reply with what’s the truth I’m not going to lie to you guys.

Writing Luke smut makes me uncomfortable and It took me 6 weeks (probably longer) to finish my last one and it wasn’t even that good and only has like 100 notes when usually my smuts get 300. So I know it was shit, I literally can’t write Luke smuts as much as I should, I cant.
I don’t even read Luke smuts anymore because I get freaked out…

i sometimes upload my own, original art, sometimes really bad art, sometimes art im kinda proud of, but it never gets more than 50, 100 at best notes and then dies to never receive notes again

i sometimes upload music, sometimes my original compositions which never get past 5 notes, sometimes plain-ass renders of other people’s midis of beloved soundtracks with minor additions, but again, they never get past 100 notes

but then this shit post, this shit ass fuck of a post resurfaces suddenly, a 5 second of work post that wasnt even my own idea, it was my own execution of someone else’s idea that i thought i could do better it’s not even that funny i hate this website

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where's the pic of dan with his jat and leggings?? I'M SUCH A FAKE PHANNIE

this is the picture my text post was about here!

also how tf did it get over 5,000 notes including @phantheraglama like……

holy shit, tysm!

and also i gained 100 followers in a day, so also ty for that!

ily all and the internet!!!!!!