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BTS reaction; caught on having sex

anon request; hi, i love your blog! can i request BTS reaction to other members coming to their room while they are having sex with their s/o? ty♡

note; ok, these are getting longer and longer lol i need to control myself

➳ genre; smut

Jin ➳ you were watching a movie with your boyfriend in the living room as the sex scene appeared on the screen. You weren’t really that interested in the stiff acting of the actors in this crappy movie but just the mere fact that they were having sex kinda turned you on. You glanced at Jin who was staring blankly at the flashing images on tv. Without a second thought you moved up to straddle him and left a long and passionate kiss on his plump lips, impatiently grinding on his crotch to get him in the mood. It’s not like you had anything more interesting to do anyway so you could just have sex, right? And so far Jin seemed to share the same way of thinking with you. Soon you were both naked, pressed chest to chest with each other as Jin was thrusting into you from below, you matching his pace with your own moves. You gripped his broad shoulders as you were chasing your high, getting closer and closer to your release. “Ah, faster…” you moaned and Jin was about to comply with your request when the front door of the apartament slammed open, familiar voices filling the hallway. You quickly stand up and searched for your clothes on the floor, Jin following you closely but not after a minute the heads of Jimin and Taehyung appeared in the doorway seeing you both half-naked and with sweaty hair sticked to your foreheads. The disgust on their faces told you everything as you both felt like you could just die from embarrassment at that very moment.

“Yah! Don’t come to my house just like this without ringing the bell first, you ill-mannered shits!” Jin scolded them trying to save himself from this mortifying situation.

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Yoongi ➳ it was just a spontaneous idea to invite him to take a shower with you and so was his answer to your proposition. After few minutes you were already naked under warm streams of water, washing each other’s bodies and hair. As you both expected the atmosphere became hot and in a blink of an eye you were flushed against bathroom tiles, Yoongi kissing your lips and neck in a hunger. With your fingers in his hair you moaned and felt his length hitting your thigh. You returned the kisses, sucking on his neck and collarbones as you were ready to get on your knees to suck him off. Just as you were about to take his cock into your mouth the door slammed open and Jung Hoseok appeared, “Yeah yeah, I will be ready in a minute! Oh Shit!” he shouted with a smile which quickly faded away as he saw both of you under the shower. Yoongi quickly helped you to stand up as you hid yourself in his chest too flustered to even look at the intruder. After realizing what he just saw, Hoseok closed his eyes shut and started waving his hands in every direction, “Don’t mind me! I haven’t seen anything! I-I just came to t-take this and I’m gone!” he shouted, blindly looking for his training shorts.  

“Just take what you need and get the fuck out.” replied Yoongi with irritation written on his face. When his friend disappeared your boyfriend turned to you with a pout on his face and you just stiffly smiled. You finished washing up in an awkward atmosphere, not in the mood to continue whatever was about to start.

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Hoseok ➳ Hoseok came to your side as you were preparing some food to take with you to work. His hands quickly found your waist as he swayed your posture from side to side in an innocent manner. You giggled and turned around to ask him if there’s anything he needs. He quickly connected your lips in a passionate kiss bringing you even closer to his body. You knew you had to go to work but being in your boyfriend’s arms made you forget about everything and you responded more than willigly to his intentions. He placed you on the kitchen counter and started unbottoning your shirt leaving kisses at the new skin appearing to his eyes. You moaned slightly at the feeling of his lips on your body. His fingers soon found your clit and started doing little circles, playing with the sensitive skin. He insterted his two digits into you and looked up at with a smile, “So wet already, huh?”. You kissed him again as you felt his fingers speeding up, the tight knot in your stomach slowly making its way towards release. You moaned your boyfriend’s name louder and as you were about to come to the kitchen came Namjoon with the toothbrush in his mouth and dump from the shower hair. It took him a minute to actually realize what he has just witnessed but when he did his swollen eyes suddenly became wide as plates and he run away to the bathroom shouting apologies on his way.

“We didn’t do anything!! We- we-… we were just cuddling!” was all Hoseok was repeating as he went after Namjoon and you just stayed there, annoyed and unsatified with your orgasm fading away into oblivion.

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Namjoon ➳ you smiled as you felt Namjoon’s fingers creeping on your waist as he was caressing your sides, his thumb drawing little circles on your skin. You were both lying down on his bed trying to fall asleep but it seemed that your boyfriend had a little different plans. It was late at night, the boys went clubbing and you were here alone, cuddled into each other’s arms. You turned to him and left a gentle kiss on his lips. Soon the things started to heat up, your shirt was throwed somewhere on the floor his clothes quickly joining and the next thing you felt was his cock inside of you, pouding into you at the slow rhythm. You both let out hushed breaths, he moved his head to suck on your neck. The little shuffling sound of sheets coming from the other bed in the room stunned both of you to the point that you freezed in place. Startled Namjoon looked up to the source of the uneasy noises to see a sleepy head of his rommante Taehyung who was slowly opening his eyes. “Shit.” Namjoon cursed under his breath and lied on you completely covering you with his body. You noticed he closed his eyes as well pretending to be asleep. You peeked above his shoulder and saw shirtless Taehyung sitting up with his eyes barely open, messy hair and swollen from the sleep face.

“Can’t you guys go fuck somewhere else?” he murmured with a pout fromed on his lips. “I’m trying to sleep here, you know.” Namjoon coughed awkwardly glancing down and you just giggled at your boyfriend’s embarrassed face and flushed cheeks.

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Jimin ➳ after boys left the dorm you and Jimin in a hurry entered his bedroom, happy that you had finally time only for yourselves. You feverously began kissing your boyfriend after throwing him on bed. You quickly took off your shirt and straddled him, griding on his crotch impatiently. Jimin smirked at you and giggled gripping your sides, “Someone is needy?” he asked cheekily. You shutted him up with a kiss, after few minutes you were riding him and marking his neck in hickeys that he loved so much. All you heard was moans of the boy underneth you and your loud heartbeats. Unexpectedly the door of the room cracked open and at the sound of it you both looked up in horror to see the silver-haired man, with the headphones on, coming into the room. At first Yoongi didn’t even notice you as he was picking the keys from a drawer. Somewhat feeling the presence of two other people he glanced at your freezed bodies, his eyes widening slightly.

“H-hyung it’s not-”

“Wow and I thought you were a virgin” was all Yoongi said after seeing your embarrassed state. You quickly got up to dress up only hearing Jimin’s whining as his pride was hurt by the comment of the older boy.

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Taehyung ➳ he was way into it to even notice someone else presence in the room as he was relentlessly fucking you from behind, his cock pounding into you at the fast pace. He was hitting your g-spot just right and you couldn’t help but let out a long scream mixed with the cries of pleasure erupting from you. Your moans and dirty sounds of skin slapping against each other filled the room as your boyfriend leaned over to you and moved his lips to your ear fanning it with his hot and hard breath, “You like that, princess? You love when daddy’s big cock is filling you so well, huh?” You could just respond with a louder moan as you were getting so close to your release. Taehyung’s pace increased even more and if not for the fact that your head was facing the door of Tae’s bedroom you wouldn’t even notice the appearance of the young boy, stepping into the room unaware of what has been happening here the whole time.

“Hyung, I just thought we coul-?” Jungkook’s eyes widened at the sight of your naked and flushed against each other bodies, his cheeks instantly turning into crimison shade of red. You screamed in horror, sinking your face into the pillow, trying to cover yourself in the most possible way. Only your loud shriek caused Taehyung to finally turn attention toward the younger boy, his moves noticeably slowing down but nonetheless he still didn’t stop rolling his hips into you. “Jungkookie? Wha-”

“I-I I’m sorry!!” he shouted as he quickly left the room in a rush tripping onto something on his way.

You felt as your cheeks were burning from the embarrassment remembering what has just happened, “Taeee, I can’t believe he saw us like th-” You couldn’t even finish your sentence as you felt Taehyung hips moving again, his hand coming into sharp contact with your ass, “be quiet princess, I’m not finished with you.”

Little did you know that the thought of someone seeing him fucking you like this turned him on like hell.

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Jungkook ➳ you shivered as his soft lips caressed your neck, going down to your breasts, stomach finally landing on your inner thighs. You bit your lip spreading your legs even more to show him where you needed him the most. His lips formed into beautiful smile as he kissed your clothed womanhood, his fingers working on discarding pink panties you were wearing. You were soaking wet, so needy to feel his tounge on this particular place. “Baby, please touch me…” you moaned closing your eyes. Soon you felt his sleek muscle parting your folds making you shiver just from this little contact. He then started intesify his moves, sucking on you clit and inserting his tounge in yout tight hole, your cries of pleasure were like music to his ears. Little did he know that the next second the door will open and reveal Park Jimin in all his glory. The blonde boy instantly stopped in his tracks as he saw the scene before him. Jungkook and you immediately started shuffling nervously with the clumsy attempts to get dressed, too embarassed to even say anything. After little shock Jimin politely apologized and turned back to leave the room but Jungkook didn’t missed the mischievous smile that was formed on Jimin’s lips as he was closing the door. Your boyfriend fell on the bed sticking the pillow to his face his mind already predicting all the teasing from his hyungs that was waiting for him behind the doors. 

“Jagiii, they won’t let me live now.”

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me: *wants to socialize, make friends, and stop isolating myself in general*


me: ok nvm I guess

*BTS at AMAs*

*DNA starts playing*




Magnus being very much not okay after what happened to him.

Trans Anxiety™

in public: oh my god i don’t pass at all

with family: oh my god what if they figure out i’m trans