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Okay but for real I don’t think I would even like Solas if it wasn’t for the fans? Like yes, I like watching his lip animation when he talks and his voice is v. nice, but other than that he was just kinda…there.

But like…since reading stuff by @katalyna-rose, @thema-sal-shiral, @galadrieljones, @gaelathebane, @empresstress13, and in huge part to @apostatehobolife through which I found empresstress13 which lead to the other Solas writers I read…I get it. I get the appeal.

So just like…a huge thanks to fan creators because this is just like, one of many instances of y'all enriching my experience of stuff I already love.

And I will fight to the death for each and every one of your Solases (Solasai? Solasses?). Or at least to the extreme discomfort. ♡♡♡

@julie chen leak the cbbus cast list, queen! the bbgays crave drama and mess‼️ 💥🗣🍽🔥

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Was this interview better than jimmy fallon one in your view? And by tiny do you mean height or like weight? You are soooo lucky to have had the chance girl :)

Well it was a different type of interview so it’s hard to compare, it was a lot more serious than graham’s usual style and she just went over the same main talking points she’s been covering everywhere really, but there were a lot of laughs and she seemed more relaxed than I’ve seen her in a lot of interviews. Oh and I meant weight! She looks a lot more little than she appears in a lot of pictures, like not exactly slim but just a perfect sort of cutely rounded little shape :’)

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A: Age - 18 but still a very smol child at heart

B: Birthplace - california, in the bay area! 🌉

C: Current time - 2:07AM

D: Drink you had last - i pretty much only drink water and my tears

E: Easiest person to talk to - i think all my friends are easy to talk to! 💓

F: Favourite song - i dunno if i can choose a favorite but i’ll say lucky one by exo because it’s super upbeat and fun, listening to it always lifts my mood ✨

G: Grossest memory - can’t think of one off the top of my head whOOPS

H: Hogwarts house - hufflepuff!

I: In love? - with exo

J: Jealous of people - who have significant others ☠️

K: Killed someone - ¿no?

L: Love at first sight or should I walk by again - uhhh walk by again please i’m dense

M: Middle name - elizabeth 👌

N: Number of siblings - zero! I AM THE LUCKY ONE

O: One wish - that everything was okay and the world wasn’t ending

P: Person you called last - my friend nathen called me to wake me up and get food 😂

Q: Question you are always asked - “is your favorite color red?” (many things i own are red but i think my red glasses are a dead giveaway)

R: Reason to smile - exo and my lovely friends and mutuals 💗

S: Song you sang last - can’t help falling in love by elvis presley because of this really cute video!

T: Time you woke up - maybe around 10:30AM?

U: Underwear colour - white cause i’m boring

V: Vacation Destination - college is scary TAKE ME HOME

W: Worst habit - i pick at my skin a lot and should probably stop

X: X-rays - i can’t even remember the last time i’ve been to the doctor omdfgdkfl

Y: Favourite food - chicken alfredo? garlic bread? sandwiches? pita chips? fruit? i like many foods i can’t choose 🤔

Z: Zodiac sign - aries ♈🐏

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セルフパラ: self-para #2

date: 12th october, 2017.
location: kyocera dome (osaka, japan).
word count: 679.
summary: kangjun finds his place in the world — the stage.
notes: none.

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This is Penelope, the opossum at the zoo where I work l, sitting in her “weight bucket” so we can keep track of how much she weighs. She is a very good girl.

That is all. I hope this beautiful opossum made your day a little better.

Get me a book as a gift. Your favorite book. Highlight the lines that makes you feel something. Make note on the passages that make you laugh. Mark down the things that make you cry. I want to see exactly the kind of person you are, let me read what makes you, you.


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