get this girl some blush

Adena knows shes got Kat wrapped around her finger. I mean the last time they were together, Kat was ready to go ALL IN. So when Adena hears Kat say shes going on a date… I know Adenas just laughing on the inside bc she knows its not going to work out. They have too much chemistry together for either of them to try anything with anyone else.


And you know, you know, you know, this could be beautiful. Mascara, maybe some lip gloss, and we’re on our way. Get this girl some blush, and Heather, I need your brush! Let’s make this beautiful… Okay? Okay!

Moments Gone

3. Pluto

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Lucas watched with a heavy heart, as Evan kissed Riley’s temple and whispered something in her ear that made her giggle.

“I’ll text you whenever I can,” Evan smiled down at Riley, who blushed under his stare. “I’ll try to visit you as soon as I can. I really like our friendship, Riley.”

“As do I, Evan,” Riley grinned back. “You’re really easy to talk to. I’m glad I’ve gotten the chance to meet you.”

Lucas sighed, casting his eyes onto his boots. He felt his heart squeeze painfully at her words.

You’re really easy to talk to.

She had told him the same thing once. He had snuck in through the bay window and they had spent the night talking about everything they possibly could.

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EXO sees you wearing a bikini for the first time

I’m terribly sorry I’ve been away for so long and if I’ve disappointed anyone with these reactions. I need to step up my game (-_-)ゞ゛


Xiumin: Lookin’ good hun~ So good~

Luhan: OOOOOO Babe you—— *gets too excited and chokes*

Yifan: …………… WOAHHHH~

Suho: *Stares at her lovingly*

Lay: *Forever checking her out*

BaekTao: Mmhhmmmmm. That’s my girl.

Chen: Someone’s gon’ get some tonight~

Chanyeol: Me like~


Kai: *Blushes like there’s no tomorrow*

Sehun: *Gets crazy embarrassed like the little shit he is*

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