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By day, Peter Parker is a young journalist describing the growing problem of child prostitution. At night, as Spider-Man trying to catch bad guys responsible for this crime. Unfortunately his actions are ineffective. So when the cops come to the Daily Bugle and ask for help he agrees immediately. This is why he i standing on a street corner right now and pretending to be underage prostitute.

Deadpool is a regular customer of Mexican restaurants in the vicinity where Peter works and constantly “rescues” him, Trying to get Peter out of prostitution, trying to hook him up with other jobs, or just scaring off johns.Spiderman is extremely annoyed and a little impressed too, because this big, loud weirdo with scars brings back his faith in humanity.

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{Hey, between all this fun going on, I do want to thank those who stick around for my portrayal. I know I’m not a 100% serious Leo rper. That there are times I dive into crack rps a bit too much or I joke around with my muse. But I like to think I can even have some laughs with a muse that is usually a pretty serious guy. 

So thanks again to those that stick around and to those that get a chuckle or even a smile out of the things Leo and I do here. You guys mean a lot. Never forget that.}

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Vernon's mom talked about your blog on her Facebook page tonight 😁

asdfghjklslsg >___< i’m like so… shocked?? k i feel like this needs an explanation LMAO. so i knew of her fb page but didn’t give it much attention tbh bc it’s like… not right in my honest opinion lol. i thought at first that maybe she didn’t even realize that her profile was publicly viewable so idk i just felt super uncomfortable and just like… forgot about it lol. but i recently saw screenshots flying around on twitter and stuff of users sending her fanart, translations and other things and she was actually posting them onto her fb and thanking carats for sending them in! so i guess that means she’s aware of carats who are following her on fb and is cool with it?? so i kinda got confident for a sec LMFAO and msgd her w/ some of my own fanart and told her about this blog incase she wanted to stay caught up with her son’s activities… and…. i did not think she would actually poST IT??? but she did… *cries* LOL. so yeah, thats the story. also please don’t ask me to link you to her fb page or anything cuz i will not be doing that. i hope you understand~^^

i didn’t share the good news but yesterday i was in concurrent and a private christian college texted me at the end of class and it was only me, the professor, and a girl i’m p good friends with left in the class so i said aloud “dang oklahoma christian really wants me to go to their school but i’m not going” and my professor was like “really?” and i was like “yeah they’d give me 12k a year just for academics” so she asked me what college i AM going to and i’m going to the one she actually teaches at (she comes to my high school for our class) and she asked if i was going for any scholarships and i told her i’m going for the full scholarship plus 3k a year, and she said if i needed a rec letter just to ask!!! literally!!! a professor from the school i’ll be going to!!! i’m gonna ask her to write me one tomorrow after class


SHINee : Get The Treasure : Making 



SHINee : Get the treasure : Making 


when ur lying awake at night thinking abt how jungkook stared at jimin with actual hearts n stars in his eyes n the most dazed fuckin grin ever n u wonder when u will find another love so pure……