get them to show me what made them think this was a good idea

Google Doodles

I’ve been thinking about what would be the best way to increase bi visibility, and it occurred to me that a Google Doodle on September 23rd would be a fantastic way. I made dozens of ideas in Photoshop, and whittled it down to four, and submitted them to Google, so they don’t even have to come up with a doodle themselves, they could just post one.

Anybody else who sees this, take a stab at it yourself. Or if you’re not artistic, please just send a quick email to saying that it would be a really big deal if they posted a doodle. I linked this picture in my email:

I pointed out that a young, confused bisexual would probably go on Google and would probably see stuff like that. It would do a world of good if they showed the millions and millions of people who use their website a doodle like one of these:

Maybe if enough people politely and kindly ask them, they’ll help us out. A Google Doodle would get a lot of press, so please, pass it on and send them a quick email :)

To me, shipping real famous people means that I think they look cute together, that from what I know about them they seem to be a good match for each other and that I am rooting for them to be together, and if they are together that I hope their relationship goes well and makes them happy. And that is all. If they break up, it means it wasn’t meant to be, and I move on.

These are real people with real feelings, not characters in a book or TV show who we can mold to our own ideas and expectations. So I think we should be careful not to get carried away and treat them as if they were made up and as if they should act the way we want them to. As much as we think we know them, we really don’t. We don’t know what’s best for them, THEY DO.