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Will fatherly Aku do anything about his daughters burned skin ?

Their skin is actually covered in tar but yeah he would.

This probably took him forever to remove it. Now he’ll need a new bath tub. lol.

But after he get’s the tar off their skin he’d buy them all outfits until they’re older and decide to either keep buying clothes or make their own the way Aku does.


Ok. So I’m kinda tired of hearing Langst. As much as I love angst and Lance, I wanna see some more pure things. So here’s a little anti-langst:

-Team voltron learns where Shiro is being held and go to bust him out. While they are there, Lance ends up getting captured trying to save someone else. (I’m thinking he was probably covering Pidge as she hacked into the database or something)

-Not necessarily because he thinks they are more important than him. He just saw a situation and reacted.

-Haggar pays attention on the young paladin and sends Lotor after the rest.

-she tries to show his fellow paladins insulting him, excluding him and telling him he is useless. She basically tries to pull out any doubt or insecurities that he has or that he may think the team has against him. She does this hoping he would side with them and use it to get the secrets about voltron.

-But Lance knows better and just smiles. 

-this irritates Haggar. “Why do you continue to smile?” She growls, “Your team mates have left you. They never believed in you. And you smile?”

-Lance just flashes his award winning smile and says, “I may not know my place or my purpose on the team, but I do know that my team mates don’t “put up with me”, they care about me. Just like I do them. I may annoy them sometimes but we all can get on each others nerves. I may never have a thing, but I will always have my teams back and they’ll always have mine.”

-just then, the team bursts through the door and they all kick ass


Oh my god Echo just ripping the cover off the panel, and Raven and Murphy laughing together when they got air, and Monty and Harper holding each other and Echo ripping Bell’s helmet off and clapping him on the shoulder. So many feels. I really hope we get to see some time of the 7 of them on the Ark, in fact I’d love it if it was before the time jump, but even if not I love this ragtag kru working together so much!

Inbox Replies

I think I’ll do my mass Inbox replies like this now but only for when I find myself falling behind with keeping track of them. I do want to answer them all it’s just sometimes it gets overwhelming and I truly hate feelings like I’m spamming by answering one by one. There’s like at least 3 more of these I have to do but I’ll spread them out since these are the most recent ones! ^_^

1) Lmao I knoww.. I was looking at my blog earlier like… these updates are olddd.. so i’ll remind myself to. But omgg ;-;; they’re like 70% okay with each other right now but are taking things day by day because they each still have stuff to get off their chest. Since 2-3 days ago they haven’t spoken in over 4 months so that’s a lot of ground to cover.

2) sdlkfjsdlkf lmaoo please.. both of them can get real gross real fkn fast during so there’s a lot of dirty talk going on. Zero has actually called him uncle in bed before and Matt loves that shit because he’s terrible lmao.

3) LMAOO. LISTEN. SHE WASN’T ABOUT TO OPEN THAT DOOR. SHE WAS LIKE OHHH NAHHHH. Like prior to that happening Jaide was 98% positive that Zatty had something sexual going on and you can tell by her convo with Zero earlier that night that she was making it known she had them figured out. 

There were a lot of moans and squelches and slapping heard from just outside the door so when she made out both voices to be them it stunned her. For her there was no need to open the door.. it was confirmation and she wasn’t trying to see her brother’s dick and Zero in god knows what position.

4) Yessssss.. lmao tbh I didn’t think I’d ever be doing smut for Zatty because Zero looks like a pillow pet and it’s wild seeing him that way but like now that we know he’s actually a slut it’s okay now.

5) Lmao accurateeeeeee but also don’t forget the balls…

6) Lmaoo it was really traumatizing for her.. like her entire night was ruined and on top of that she couldn’t sleep in her own bed. She had to crash at a friend’s place and even then she didn’t get much sleep cause all she kept hearing in her head was Zero yelling Matt’s name out like the town whore. 

She’s been avoiding them ever since because she’s trying to find the right words to say and also for her it’s a little hard to look Zero in the eyes right now lmao.



9) He calls him all type of shit okay.. like pls. It’s funny because when they first started having sex it took Zero a while to get comfortable enough with himself to say anything at all. He’d kinda just awkwardly say things here and there and then Matt would kind of giggle about it like… “you’re trying your best” but NOW????? Zero is sexually un-fucking-hinged okay.. he’s gross and filthy to where Matt will look at him during sometimes and be like..

10) sfkjhsdkjfhds he doesn’t okay lmao. Matt’s like lmao that’s cute you slept with a girl but also don’t get it twisted bitch.. you’re mine. 

But DKjfhsdkjfdsf pleaseeeeeeeeeee.. I love Jaide’s body type so much now. She’s voluptuous and has jugs now like sfkjhsdf. I wanted to compare and slightly mirror her to Fenix for obvious sibling reasons which is why I upped her weight in the first place and I’m glad I did cause it gives her a different look. Lmao Wes is also coming into his own “realizing things” moment so it’s fine ^____^

11) Lmao honestly it depends because you’d have to talk to him as if you’re not ooc and without any outside knowledge of what’s going on with him and Matt. I think the better choice of words would prob be to ask him how he’s enjoying being blonde so far <33333

12) OMG.. I haven’t been on my inspo in forever please forgive me. It’s not linked to my actual simblr and I get so lazy about signing into multiple accounts. But lmao sometimes I’ll do that too actually to like refresh myself. The last time I got them right but then I found myself adding someone’s tag to a reblog that wasn’t originally meant for them because of char development. I really need to update it though so thanks for reminding meeee <3333333

The thrift stores near me almost never have any religious decor apart from Catholic stuff, but the non religious decor? So much of it is gorgeous and perfect for gifts for the Theoi, or altar pieces in general. Do you know how many gifts I have seen that would be perfect for Aphrodite?? Let alone the stuff I got for Haides and Persephone today.

I’m honestly tempted to get them when I see them just to open up a shop of cheap decor and offerings for Them since I feel like stuff online is hard as fuck to find affordably for people always short on cash. Not anything big, just charge a dollar or two more than what I paid to cover gas and shipping supplies.

Oliver telling his son to cover his eyes while he disposes of Chase’s body, taking a moment to mourn the loss of his friends. 

Oliver making sure William has all of the food and water, even when he’s starving. 

Oliver telling his son that he’s his father, and reassuring him that he’s going to get them out of there, even though he doesn’t see a way out. 

William comforting Oliver when he wakes up from a nightmare, and even though he’s terrified, he comes up with a random story to entertain both of them, which reminds Oliver of his happy stories that he has, and because there probably isn’t much time left, he tells them, cracking a smile when he tells him about Thea, and how she cheated when they licked the candy. 


The pink liquid that spills over Pink Guy, covering up the black? I don’t think that’s him before he got Pink, i think that’s him regaining his colour after using a disguise. We’ve seen him running through all these realms, and for all we know, he needed to wear a disguise through them. Maybe he even disguised himself as Chin Chin so people wouldn’t get as suspicious when they saw Pink Guy running around these densely populated realms. 

Afterwards, he puts back on his real colour. I think Pink Thug is another disguise Pink Guy wore, hence him being covered in the pink liquid at the end too. 

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As the tall sibling, does ur height allow you to hide stuff on shelves where the small boys can't get it, or is that overridden by the fact that you guys are literally ninjas ??

Ninja overrides height.

if I want to hide stuff from my brothers I just put it in places they’ll never go-like my room or the labs. It’s not hard to hide things from them. You want to hide something from Raph you stick it in the cover of a Disney movie. If you want to hide something from Leo you hide it between something disgusting. Mikey you just label it as “vegetables” and he’s not that interested.  

It’s always better to be smart than to be tall. 

@fixaidea replied to your post: Which Les Mis songs do you think could change the…

…We have very different feelings about 1848… But I’m biased, of course, so it’s only to be expacted :D

–okay I feel like I need to clarify our terms here to avoid possibly a Major Kerfluffle

1848 (France) had two ..oh, I’ll call them Barricade Events, for lack of a better grouping term– the February Revolution, and the June Days

the June Days being a brutal violent crushing of the worker’s movement and essentially the end of the more progressive revolutionary movement started in February

when I talk about 48 being heartbreaking, it’s always about the June Days

if you’re enthusiastic about the June Days, I am…I will say confused?? for now?

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Inspired by the WWII picture of the Gunner in the nude... Head Canon where there's a hostile ship that attacks the Ravengers in the middle of the night. Everyone scrambles to get their hands on deck, and once it's all said and done, everyone has a chance to breathe, Kraglin and the reader are Buck ass naked, covered in love bites, but still badass at the helm.




Here’s a new/old project I’ve been working on for years. We call this the Book of Isms.

We all have funny stories of things our children did once, and I started writing them down in a simple composition book. Eric-isms were usually clever or off the wall things my son said, and Jamie-isms were more often the goofy situations my daughter would get herself into growing up.

Since Egyptology is one of my many interests, I made a quilted book cover and painted hieroglyphs for the title. It literally translates to “Jamie and Eric, The Book of Wisdom.”

One of my favorites was my 9 year old son’s reaction to meatloaf for dinner. He exclaimed, “Yuck! It’s just like broccoli, smooshed in a pan and brown!” He still doesn’t like meatloaf.

I’ve told all my friends who are moms about the Book of Isms and recommended they record their children’s exploits. It doesn’t have to be fancy; it’s just a great way to preserve the many little memories that might otherwise slip away.

My kids are 24 and 28 now, and my daughter is married. She has asked me to make her a copy of the original Book of Isms, so I have been copying all of the entries into a new composition book for her. I’m hoping to give it to her and her husband for Christmas.

Teaching Myself to Draw: May 24, 2017

Pro-tip: when you hate how the irises and pupils turn out, just cover them up with some catch lights. Problem solved.

I can feel myself getting tired of and frustrated with this piece. I’m really not happy with they eyes. I can’t put my finger on why exactly, but I just don’t like them. And the more I work on them the less I like them. So I’m moving on from them and am just going to have to deal with it. I’m sure part of my frustrations are coming from having a few weeks off of painting and then jumping straight into the most challenging lighting/color I’ve done yet. So after this piece portraits should start going better again.

Next session I plan on working on the ears and/or the clothes.I’m hoping to finish this up in another two or three sessions, but we’ll see. Once it’s done, I may take some time to work on more eye and lip studies, since I feel like I’ve regressed some in that area. I’ve also been toying with the idea of doing a value portrait or two to try out some more challenging lighting scenarios without having to worry about color. We’ll see if that happens though, since I really love color.

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Wasn't there a photoshoot done in Ireland? Are there more pics? or was it just of Daisy and Mark? Don't get me wrong I love them, I'm just curious if you know of anything. I'm wondering if they took a photo of Daisy, Mark and Adam. With regards to the recent vanity fair cover photo, Daisy looks really small compared to Mark, something seems off. I wish their cover photo was done in the studio like the others but I understand why they did it like that.

Annie Leibovitz definitely did shoot the actors on location in Ireland - the cover with Mark and Daisy shows that, as you can just about see Ahch-To in the background. I expect she took photos of Adam/Kylo since he was definitely there, but it remains to be seen if any of those photos will be published. We’ll find out in a few hours!

Vixx reaction to you kissing them in front of the other members.

Ohhhh boy I love vixx bless you for requesting!


Hakyeon would be the type to get really flustered. He would would pull back quickly and cover his lips with his hand. After looking at the other members reactions he would pull you for a quick hug and try and laugh it off.     

“ahhaaha uhm jagiya not in front of the kids haha” 

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Boy would be a little shook on the inside but cool as ice on the outside. Taekwoon is a soft boy at heart but not in front of the other members usually so he would play it cool and kiss back and wrap an arm around you in silence. Completely ignoring the other members whoops and hollers at the two of you.

Despite his silence and cool demeanor a light blush could be spotted on his cheeks.

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This big goof wouldn’t be embarrassed at all. He would love a surprise kiss and would rub it in the other guys faces with zero percent shame. He would probably even kiss you again just to show how much he loved you to the other members.

“Ha hey there babe, Gosh how did I get so lucky to have a cute girl like you?”

Originally posted by royalbins


I’m pretty sure that ken would 100% be all for this he wouldn’t be embarrassed at all he would probably even make a huge deal out of it? Like he would ask for more kisses specifically because you were in front of the boys.

“jagiyaaaa I want more then one heyyyy dont be shy now you already did it in front of all the members”

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I think hongbin would be really shy about you doing this maybe even a little tiny bit angry tbh. As soon as you kissed him he would hear the other members start to whistle and would immediately turn bright red. He would shoot glares at the other members while pulling you close to him.

“Yah! a little warning next time and you guys pls shut up!”

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Monster Baby would love it. He would wrap his arms around you and spin you and when he was done he would show you to the the other members with a big grin. Ravi would end up agreeing and Hyuk monster would take that as an opportunity to bEAT Wonsik dead

“Hyung! DOnt you look at my girl!”

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This was horrible I am sorry 

~Admin Sai 


Second and third part of the Copenhagen Cybercrime Conference 2017, with the biggest highlight being the talk on WannaCry by the dudes who basically saved our asses.

But personally I enjoyed the “malware paleontology” the most, which covered exciting topics about mysterious hacker groups, how to piece together malware “fossils” to find clues and history.

Other topics were DDoS attacks (which you can read more about here: ) and prevention, IoT ramblings and at least one topic I almost fell asleep to in pure exhaustion!

Overall a good conference. Bonus for meeting up with coworkers working in another town so I rarely get to see them.

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For the muses past post: what did Ashanna like best about growing up? What did they not like about growing up?

I know the prompt didn’t really call for it, but I answered these as Ashanna since I’m trying to work on the next chapter of Antique Dreams which will switch to her POV


During Elgara’enal’sal my father and I would spend the morning preparing the halla for the event. He would weave intricate patterns through their horns with yellow ribbon while I made crowns of sunflowers for the foals that hadn’t grown their horns yet  to wear. With extras. They kept eating them.

Abbae would always keep a secret stash of flowers hidden in our aravel for the end of the day.  When I would lay down, he would throw them on me so and laugh when I was covered with baby halla climbing all over me to get at them.


The pity in their eyes after it happened. The empty words and false assurances that meant nothing. I saw their pity turn into disappointment and distrust. Liawyn found excuse after excuse not to accompany me to forage anymore, and Braven’s hushed whispers were loud enough to carry through camp. When the magic came, it was worse. 

*laughs bitterly*

A First that no one wanted. Except Deshanna. 

Elgara’enal’sal is from @priderising​‘s holiday meta. It’s really well thought out and I recommend anyone interest in fleshing out writing from a dalish perspective to check it out. 

Abbae - father. Translation by @averagesparrow

Send questions that pry into my muse’s past!

Imagine Sebastian

Imagine that one Thomas Sanders vine, with you as the jogger, and Sebastian the one yelling and chasing you~ <3

Imagine after said vine, Sebastian laughing at you, and gaining on you
“But the demon was faster than they originally thought~!! It… caught! Them~!”
Imagine him wrapping his arms around your waist when he stresses ‘caught’, and lifting you up when he does <3 

Imagine: “The demon ate the poor, defenseless human! Omnumnumnom!!”, and giggling as he ‘eats’ the crook of your neck~ <3<3
Imagine getting covered in Sebby Kisses, and just: “Oh nO! It’s killing me with KISSeeeess!! How cruel! Ohhh the humanity! It’s just so awful!!” And giggling with him till you can both hardly stand properly~<3 

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I know our not so innocent pastel boi can take a dicc but is it enough to handel A!Nate and Natemare at once... why the heck do I like threesomes so much? p.s you know what to do dubz *wink wonk*

No… no its not 😂

Seriously, no one stands a chance with these two–

•Pastel boi is already encouraging them to be a bit rough on him (ie, hair pulling, slamming him around a bit, etc)

•He’s normally marked head to toe with kisses, bites and bruises by the end of it

•Okay– He’s master at taking dicc so Natemare fuccs his throat while A gets his ass until pastel is giving off muffled screams

•Natemare thinks it’s cute when humans break because they’re faces are always covered in tears and drool and yet they’re still begging for more

•Might I mention– Pastel boi has a fucking collection of toys that A and Natemare find one day and they use every single one of them on him until he’s literally passing out on them

He’s not innocent at all 😂

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I'm kinda looking forward what will happen to Cherry... tho I wanna smack Jimin right now. I hope he can remember that he already MARKED Jungkook twice ugh. and it's kinda funny when some wolves will be shocked if they knew about that. I mean???? Their alpha Jimin markd someone so young!!! and they must see Jimin's mark too HAHAHAHAH

Oooh, Jungkook covers his marks with makeup so no one really knows he has them! As for Jimin, he doesn’t really care if people see his marks. It just adds to his “playboy” Alpha ego~ Jimin needs to get knocked down from his throne by Jungkook soon! (Or get smacked by the readers lol!)