get them on the cover of

yo! i have finally finished getting my shit together lmao, so you can now watch

every moment of andrew rannells on hbo’s girls, without having to watch hbo’s girls

whether you don’t want to watch the show at all, or just want to rewatch his parts specifically, i have you covered with some handy compilation videos!!

i was gonna put them on youtube, then they were blocked, then i tried again and idek if they’re working anymore, but i gave up on youtube and headed over to google drive, so you can now find the first five seasons of andrew rannells compilations RIGHT HERE


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some warnings for the videos:

  • blanket warning for course language and sexual references
  • sex scenes (season 2, around 7-9mins; season 5, around 12:10-12:50)
  • other nudity (season 4, briefly around 8:25; season 5, around 7:00-7:35)

let me know if anything goes wrong with the videos (but with the ~20-30 hours i’ve put into actually getting them online, they’d better work i swear…..)

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hello how did you manage to be a part of mc fall 2017? did bitton cast you or was it marc himself that requested you? thanks u for answering

umm idk last sunday i got a voicemail from casting and i was like ….this is so wild how did they get my contact info lmao they just said they got it from a friend of a friend i’m guessing it was more marc because they said he really loved the c★ndy cover i called them back and they asked if i could come in that night i was like napping all day lmfao and i was like wait what oh my god good thing i showered lol i rushed over and an hour later i was there changing into a dress and boots walking for anita with a couple other agency girls they took my photos and then they had me sit & wait for like idk 30 minutes then took me downstairs to meet marc & katie and then i walked for them then i left and on wednesday they called me in the morning to come in for a fitting that night and boom idk lol it was a gag like as an unsigned chick wtf??

I had a job at a fast food restaraunt for a
while but i still took it seriously. I would run back and forth between tasks to make sure everything got done, every day when i got there morning shift hadnt done a single thing so i would have to keep the restaraunt clean while also ringing up orders as well as other tasks.
Co workers would interrupt me helping customers to do their job for them, and they always took smoke breaks in the middle of the dinner and lunch rush to get high.
I got sick one time and had a co worker cover all my shifts so they cut my hours from 30+ weekly to 11 without even telling me first.
I asked my manager what was up and she told me that the owner punishes employees if they call in sick. I had been so sick that if i had to work none of the food would have been safe to serve and i got punished for it!!!
I quit the next day.

Chapter Seven

When Felicity’s parents announce that they’re hiring someone to be her personal bodyguard, what she hears is that she’s going to be stuck with a 24/7 babysitter… something she is so not on board with.

When Oliver takes up the offer to work for the Smoak family he thinks it’s just another job, but he has no idea what he’s about to get himself into.

Protecting the “tech empire heiress” is the easy part, matters of the heart are where things get a bit more complicated.

A big thanks to Sara @gothsmoak who created the stunning cover art for this story and Aubrey @aubvi my awesome beta :)

Rating: T  This Chapter’s Word Count: 5315

Hey guys! Thank you so much for your positive response to the last chapter, I was happy to see that you guys enjoyed the scenes with Thea as much as I enjoyed writing them. This chapter is the last one in what is sort of “part 1” in this story where I wanted to really set up the AU and get you familiar with the characters lives, and now that we’re going to be moving into “part 2,” the plot is really going to get going ;) Unfortunately though, I’m going to have to put this story on hold for a week because I have a lot going on academically at the moment and I need some more time to get things organized for the upcoming chapters, so thank you ahead of time for your patience. I should only have to skip one week, and there might be a sneak peek posted here next Sunday to hold you over :), and then I’ll be back on track with my regular weekly updates. Anyway, I’ll stop rambling now, enjoy the chapter….

“Thea.” He approached the sofa bed in his living room that she had crashed on for the night and nudged her gently, repeating her name a little louder, “Thea.”

“Wha—“ She muttered sleepily, clutching the covers tightly.

“Thea, I have to leave. Tommy’s going to be here soon.”

Her eyelids fluttered open and she propped herself up onto her elbow, using her other hand to rub her eyes, “It’s so early.”

He huffed in amusement and sat down on the edge of the bed, “I actually slept in this morning.”

Late last night he had decided to forego one last training session at the gym with Shado. The chances of him being able to sleep on the plane were incredibly slim and he needed to be alert when they stepped onto the tarmac at the private airport in New Jersey.

She wrinkled up her nose in disgust before yawning. “That’s crazy.”

“I’m used to it,” he replied with a shrug.

A little sigh escaped her, “Well, I guess this is it.”

He nodded, “Yeah.”

Untangling herself from the sheets and crawling over to him, she wrapped her arms around his neck, “I’m going to miss you so much, but I’m really happy that you got this amazing opportunity.”

“Hanging around with arguably one of the most brilliant young minds in the world; not bad for someone who never finished college, huh?” he replied jokingly when she pulled back.


tagging people under the cut…

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To all the silveflint shippers (and other peaple) who’re still pissed about Billy shooting at Flint:

Billy Bones:

- is literally the one responsible for the crews wellfare
- is spending three seasons covering Flints ass 
- is getting tortured by the English without giving in
- is put in chains by Silver when he comes back
- is having his father figure murdered by Flint
- may or may not have ended up in the ocean because dumbass Flint asked him about the fucking letter during a fucking storm
- is put aside by a manipulating Silver (who honestly doesn’t care two shits about the crew until his leg is cut off and he realises he needs them)
- sees his brothers getting killed by Flint during the doldrums and when Silver says he can’t stand up to Flint (good choice of quartermaster!) Billy declares he will step in if needed to protect the crew
- is left out from the meetings with the marooners, despite his position as first mate (remember: if Billy’d not fallen into the ocean, Silver would not have become quartermaster)
- knows that his and his brothers lives are literally in Silvers and Flints hands and that they both prefer to not share vital information with him, in other words: making his position as first mate a hell of a lot more difficult
- has been able to organize a resistance in Nassau and once Flint gets back, Flint has so little respect for Billy, he just presumes Billy has to step aside because “ta-daa, I’m Captain Flint and I see the bigger picture you don’t see, because I don’t feel like sharing it with you”
- is called a whiny bitch by BS fans when he’s finally had enough

Oh yeah, one last thing: You’re pissed off because he shot at Madi too? Then you may remember that she and her mother are responsible for torturing and killing some of his brothers in the maroon camp, despite the fact they’d not committed any crimes towards the maroon society. And Captain Flint has literally not given two shits about that.

Billy is “stupid and whiny”, yeah sure. 

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Lots of Malide requests tonight so this will cover them all.

-Manon ALWAYS undresses Elide. Elide does not undress herself okay, that is Manon’s job and Manon sometimes has to gently grab Elide’s chin and force her to look at her to remind her.
-The first time Elide got on her knees for Manon, Manon tried to lift her up. But Elide assured her she WANTED this so get used to it.
-Manon LIVES to have her hair pulled when she’s going down on Elide
-Speaking of which, she does that a LOT. The taste of Elide is her favorite thing to get drunk on.
-Possessive sex!!! Some douchebag male looked too long at Elide and Manon drags them back to their rooms and makes her scream in pleasure just as a reminder to them both who they belong to

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UT!Pap, UF!Pap, US!Sans and SF!Sans have a crush, and are extra loud whenever their crush is nearby in order to get their attention. Unfortunately, the crush flinches at loud noises and instinctively starts covering their ears with their hands...

* O damn, sensory overload or past shit happened, eh?
* Don’t worry, nothing some fluff can’t fix m’love


He doesn’t understand their reaction at first. With some cautious prompting from his brother, it clicks that he’s making his crush afraid or at the very least, uncomfortable. Guilt hits him hard and he starts panicking. How could he do this? How did he not notice? He likes them very much, the last thing he’d want is to upset them. It’s his fault and he couldn’t even see it sooner.
He can’t figure out why they are afraid of him. Did he do something wrong? He messed up, didn’t he? Was it something he’s saying?
Have you seen that Parks and Recs episode where Andy pisses off April but can’t figure out what he did wrong? Then he says, “I feel like you were mad at me yesterday, and I don’t know why, so I made a list of everything I did and I’m going to try not to do any of them again.”
Basically that, accompanied by a lot of apologies and “I’m Sorry” spaghetti. 
They gotta tell him exactly the problem being his volume. Afterwards, he becomes hyper-aware of his voice when around them, always keeping it lowered. 


He notices it the first time it happens and can’t help feeling slightly offended before it sinks in why they might react that way. Maybe it’s sensory overload, maybe it’s past abuse. But just in case it’s past abuse he gets angry anyway with an unhealthy amount of righteous fury. Speaking very quietly but urgently, he holds them by the shoulders and apologises. He doesn’t yet feel close enough to them to ask why loud volumes make them react that way. But he’s now very conscious of his own volume. He’ll still slip up; slamming doors and moving loudly and yelling sometimes because that’s just how he is. Then he sees their reaction and immediately feels bad. The first apology is the only they’re ever going to get though. The rest of the time, he just tries harder to not repeat the action.


He notices their reaction immediately but doesn’t understand, asking them what’s wrong or if he said something upsetting or if their head/ears hurt, etc. He listens attentively to whatever explanation they give because he doesn’t want to cause it again. Even if the explanation is bullshit, he’ll remember and take note of it. He tries his best to keep his volume lowered and encourages others to do so as well but he’ll still start yelling when he gets really excited. Then he’ll get really bashful and apologetic. Still, he will try his best for the person he likes to keep his volume down. Their feeling of safety and wellbeing is most important afterall.


He notices it happening once, twice, he thinks nothing of it. Then the more he looks out for it, the more he notices it occuring whenever he’s around. He’s hurt and annoyed. What the hell did he do? As far as he’s aware, he’s been nothing but entirely pleasant to them, why are they reacting this way to him? But as time goes on, his annoyance fades somewhat to concern. What happened? Is he doing something wrong?
He confronts them very crudely after it happens again, “What’s wrong with you?” He says, his annoyance coming through. He winces at his own tone.
“I mean, why do you keep doing that? What did I do?”
His crush better explain clearly and truthfully. When he understands, he’ll feel really bad but won’t outright apologise, placating him guilt with “They didn’t tell me how could I have know?” mentality. He changes his behaviour immediately and strictly reprimands anyone who makes them jump.

Not to spin conspiracies

but what if 2.12 was a trial balloon by the writers? Like, they can’t outright put Lena and Kara together because then the CW and DC would freak. All the same, they’re seeing the chemistry between the two of them and recognizing how many stories they could tell. So they write an episode that journalists will pick up on. An episode where the chemistry is so clear, so obvious that what the journalists write about is “why isn’t this happening?” and “how come CW/DC are still queerbaiting like this?” The journalists start talking about how if DC/CW were smart, they’d have the writers pursue it.

Now the writers have cover to say “hey, you’re gonna get thrashed in the press and tank the show’s ratings if you DON’T do it” to their higher-ups.

i hope people are enjoying these late valentine headcanons!  

For soriel, Toriel reserves a place at a fancy restaurant well in advance.  She dresses very nicely, probably wearing some red.  Maybe a red sweater over a dress.  Sans doesn’t wear a tie or anything, but he doesn’t dress terribly.  He’s probably pretty rumpled, and he proooobably is also wearing like slippers made to look like fancy shoes (or like slippers with little bow ties on them?  toriel thinks they’re cute) but he puts in some effort.  Toriel slightly lifts the bottom of her dress, revealing like crocs covered in sequins.  

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one day when I’m thin and have moved out I want to get a thigh tattoo to cover up my self harm scars. I’m tired of looking down to see ‘stupid’, fat’, and 'die’ written on my skin so I’m going to cover them with flowers.

Shuffle tag

I was tagged to do this by @hhoneybadgers​ - muchas gracias, I love being tagged in stuff :D

Rules: put your music on shuffle and list the first 10 songs, then tag 10 people

~Playlist Link~

1. Into You (80s Version) - Ariana Grande
2. Save Me - BTS
3. On The Radio - Regina Spektor
4. Romeo and Juliet (Cover of Dire Straits) - The Killers 
5. Mint Car - The Cure
6. Pin - Grimes
7. Me Vieron Cruzar - Calle 13
8. She Is - Jonghyun 
9. Me Voy - Julieta Venegas
10. Don’t Recall - K.A.R.D

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Dirk Gently Scuba Diver AU

Was talking to @princessparadoxical in the early hours about the shark kitten and the fact that it doesn’t go off at Dirk. Came up with an AU if you will. Hear me out. Dirk Gently, Shark Whisperer. That was not my term but then I went and started thinking about it. 

 Dirk is the scuba instructor of the class that Todd signed up for. He’s ridiculous but it seems to work. He is friends with all the aquatic creatures and even manages to get really up close and personal to them. We’re talking hugs and belly rubs for the big bad sharks that aren’t really big and bad. 

 Farah is the coordinator for the scuba school thing. Dirk also happens to run the shark dive bit and Todd only knows about it because he heard the ridiculous man talking about it. 

 Bart would be the person who chums the waters to draw the sharks in. That explains why she’s always covered in blood. 

Ken is her boat driver. It just works that way. 

 The Rowdy 3 are the native dudes who go diving with nothing but snorkel masks. They don’t have proper gear. They just go do what they want. They’ve been nibbled on a couple times each by the more bitey of the undersea creatures. The Rowdy 3 are also known to bite back however so there’s an understanding between them and the undersea critters. 

 Dirk is friends with all undersea creatures and particularly the big scary ones. There’s a whale shark that he is fond of and has taken to calling Petunia. 

 Still not sure where Amanda fits in except as possibly the one who forces Todd to sign up. Maybe it was her dream but pararibulitis has kept her from swimming with the critters?


It remained like that for the next two weeks. Connor would leave for his shift early and get home late, and Elijah would spend his entire day out of the house. It was like a game of cat-and-mouse that neither of them wanted to play but both felt like they had to. Connor was slipping up more often, coming home with busted lips and black eyes that he tried (and failed) to cover up. But Elijah never said anything.

Finally Connor decided he’d had enough. As usual he’d woken up to find Elijah’s bed empty, and he called his boss to fake a sick day just so he could put an end to this mess.

“The hell are you, Applegate?” Connor muttered to himself as he stalked through Windenberg’s tight, cobbled streets. It wasn’t a big town, sure, but Elijah had always been good at making himself unnoticeable.

And then it hit him. The library. Of course.

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I don't know if your askbox is currently open or not. If not, feel free to delete! How would Jotaro respond/react to someone walking in on him and his s/o during part 4. Like if Josuke and Okuyasu were making their way to the hotel and Joseph lets them in without thinking Jotaro + s/o are alone for smexy times?

I hope these turned out okay, I’m sorry if they didn’t!

  • “Yare yare daze.”
  • Jotaro wouldn’t be very embarrassed at all; not for himself, anyway.
  • He’d toss his coat or shirt over his s/o to make sure they’re entirely covered, and then stand between them and whoever’s just walked in.
  • He’d be frustrated because come on, he rarely ever gets the chance to be intimate with his partner anymore, why would this have to happen now
  • How did these kids even get here, where did they learn their manners
  • While his s/o is recovering he’d grab whoever walked in the by shoulders and walk them out of the room, down the hall and shove ‘em out the door. You can tell how irritated he is because his grip is iron.
  • If the unwanted visitor tried to apologize, he’d just shrug it off. Doesn’t matter, everything’s over. Forget about it and move on.
  • After that, he probably couldn’t get back into the mood right away, so he’d mutter an apology to his s/o.
  • To make up for it, he’d allow a lot more cuddles than usual
Fatesona Master Post

So I decided to do some tweeking to my fatesonas’ backgrounds. This will be for those who want to know more on them.

Female (she/her), Straight, Troubadour
Age: 19, going on 20 (if asked she’ll say 20)
Likes: cats, helping others
Dislikes: a bad attitude, seeing others sad
Bio: Morien is the daughter of a Nohrian general who refused to serve the corrupt Garon. Due to this, her family had to escape and find refuge in Hoshido. They were taken in by an older couple when Morien was 5. She grew up trying to learn the blade, but she was not physically able. She’d actually get into fights to try and better herself. Few know that she is actually covered in scars (her outfit covers it all) Since she was failing at the sword, she began to get a dark/sour demenor. Soon the elderly woman they were staying with taught her magic while her mother taught her healing. She became happy again knowing she can help people, and soon joined the war when she came of age.

Male (he/him), Straight, Dark Mage
Age: 18 (but he looks like a kid!)
Likes: sweets, his family, fighting, his tomes
Dislikes: loosing people he cares about
Bio: the cannon son of Morien. He’s always happy to be around, and joined in the war to spend time with his momma and pappa. If he is a sibling to someone, he is protective over most of them (depending on their situation). No one expects too much from him since he’s so cheerful. If anyone he cares for is hurt, he gets a sudden bloodlust. He will kill for the ones he loves.

Male (he/him), Bisexual, Hart
Age: unknown, but some believe he’s in his late 20s.
Likes: anything dealing with water, wildlife, seeing others smile
Dislikes: war
Bio: Dvalin is a shifter from Valla known as a Hart (a large white stag). He is a gentle soul who wants nothing more than to have Valla go back to the way it was. He was friends with Arete and Mikoto, and is said to have helped Mikoto escape. Due to this, Anakos wiped out all Harts. Dvalin is the last of his kind as far as he knows.

Female (she/her), Bisexual, Kitsune
Age: 22
Likes: bloodbaths, taking advantage of situations, other kitsunes
Dislikes: being seen as weak
Bio: Kegawa is a member of Kaden’s hamlet. When Kaden left, she helped keep things in line. She was too violent, however, and had to leave the hamlet. Now she goes around fooling others by acting weak. When their gaurd is let down, she slaughters happily. She is known to protect and defend other kitsunes, no matter their rank.

Male (he/him), Gay, Wolfskin
Age: 21
Likes: being pet, soft things, hugs
Dislikes: his clumsy self, being alone
Bio: Chino is a stray wolfskin with no home. His parents were poached, so he has to travel alone which he hates. He is known to be ever so clumsy, which gets him into trouble and danger. He is prone to cry when upset by small things. He is known to be very small in his Garou form. Due to this, he’s not the best at the whole fighting situation.

WHAT IF mchondas were covered in that chalk paint so when Fernando and Stoff get bored the team just gives them chalk like you give kids crayons

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"5h wasnt letting me write my own words & giving me creativity" i just read the billboard interview. maybe if C showed up to the fucking meetings or talked to the girls she could see that they will be writing for 5h3 and have creative input. man she is a hypocrite. that billboard cover was so yikes!! i hope 5h get her back cuz they cant sit back and let her talk shit about them.

Real talk?? If she really wanted to write songs for them, she would’ve devoted her time into actually sitting down with whoever gives them these permissions and actually talked to them. Like you said, she refused to even communicate with them. It’s an excuse honestly.


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Matchup? Name: Destiny (Capricorn) Hobbies: Drawing/writing/reading, cooking/baking. Personality: I'm a protective, motherly, and funny person but I can get easily anxious/confused/insecure/stressed. When we meet, I'm very shy/awkward/a stuttering mess until we really get to know each other then I'm a wild, weird dork. I'm really unsure of what I want my future to be, but in the end, I want to have my own loving family. (PT1)

Extra: Also I have no relationship experience whatsoever so if someone flirts with me, I either: get scared off easily/am very oblivious/very confused. I’m also not good at talking about my feelings so I tend to cover my sadness a lot with humor and pretending that I’m happy 24/7. Fandoms : All of them please ^_^ (PT2)

Hello to you, Destiny! (*´꒳`*) Baking is awesome! Let’s see who would be a nice match for you.

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Kuroko no Basuke: I match you with Himuro Tatsuya!
why is this gif going so flat on my blog tumblr wtf

Capricorns and Scorpios are a very good match for each other! They share a healthy level of mutual understanding when it comes to emotions and feelings, often without even the need to talk about them, which might be of great help sometimes. That being said, Himuro realises that you may have difficulties with revealing what bothers you, and he will do his best to help you get it out. He appreciates your motherly/protective side a lot, since he himself has a big part of it in his own personality, so don’t be worried about being inexperienced in a relationship either. Himuro enjoys cooking with you and trying out new recipes together (and you’ve got a certain purple giant around to test them) and likes browsing your drawings, saying that it fascinates him how much of your soul he can see in them.

Others: Kagami Taiga, Mibuchi Reo, Takao Kazunari

Valentines Message:

My Destiny,

Not even the most heartfelt words could possibly express how dear you are to me, how much light you give me, how overflown with happiness I am to have you by my side.

I’d give you my heart held in my hands if only you wished so.

Always yours,

Of course Himuro had to go for a more dramatic approach, that’s just how he is. Bonus: chocolates are 100% handmade and they look better than any you’ve seen in a shop!

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i talked about this back in 2014 when i was a bit more… impassioned about this sort of thing, but i’ve always subscribed to the theory that nintendo of america gets paid based on the number and severity of changes they have to make during localization

that’s why noa makes a lot of really inane changes to western releases of games for seemingly no reason. they look for things they can justify major changes to and then change them to get paid more 

that explains why there were extensive costume changes to games like Fatal Frame and TMS#FE for seemingly no real reason, like retexturing a wedding dress in #FE so that it covers the wearer’s shoulders. Or like, completely replacing a native american character in Bravely Second with a cowboy. If they need to do model or texture work, they get paid more. 

It’s a dumb little “conspiracy theory” but it explains a lot about the way NoA makes changes in games. Making new models to alter outfits for NA releases, changing pretty much every human character in Pokemon’s names, etc. If it’s a big change, they get paid more, so they change things for no reason and report it to NoJ for a fatter check.