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Hermit’s Cottage

I was going for a dilapidated, yet welcoming look to this place. I feel that the Hermit, at least in my game, is very much like Carl and Ellie from Up! This was their retirement plan but unfortunately only one of them made it here, but by golly they are gonna enjoy it for the both of them. 

Being older, I see the house falling into disrepair being so far out in the woods. But the hermit just covers up the holes with new paintings and brings in lots of flowers to get rid of the musky smell that has developed over time. The one thing that draws you closer is the smell of cookies baking, that the Hermit sends off to their grandkids each time they go into town for supplies. The Hermit really likes guests, but doesn’t go out of their way to get them, they rather be sort-after themselves. 

‘’Don’t get any wild ideas.’’

A/N: My first ever Au! I just love this idea and I can’t help but run with it, please give me some feedback (Good or Bad) to keep me motivated and hopefully get back to love writing as I did. I really hope you like this!! Please note that english is not my first language so there might be grammar mistakes

Pairings: Bucky X Reader

Prompt: Bartender Au / You’re not sure what started it but one thing is for sure, Bucky Barnes is a person you can’t stand and he’s not particularly happy with you either. What do you do when your feelings towards your annoying coworker during the preparation for your best friends’ wedding suddenly shift to a different direction, leaving you terrified.

Warnings: Language, alcohol, mention of cigarettes

Word count: 1417

Originally posted by thespoilerwitchblog

It was a relatively quiet hour at your work, a refreshing change from the usual busy atmosphere. Your heart was beating to the sound of music, the air smelling of alcohol and cigarettes while you mixed another drink behind the neon lid bar. It was a saturday night and you knew that soon the place would be crawling with people in search of more drinks, and other ways to put the seriousness of their lives on hold for a few moves on the dance floor. 

‘’Someone’s in a good mood tonight.’’ Your sister in life, your best friend, Natasha remarked as she scooted past you in the narrow bar in search of a bottle of whiskey. You swayed your body in line with the music, giving her a flirtatious smile in response, which she only returned with a giggle before returning back to her station. A couple of hours passed and soon the place was packed, heading into the dark night. 

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Trust Issues.

TW: major character death, s4 spoilers
((Lmao I don’t like Matt. This is my personal theory, think of it as you will.))

Lance collapsed to his knees, alarms blaring in his ears, causing them to ring at a damaging pitch and causing the paladin to tremble uncontrollably.

He twitched, coughing once, blood spattering the screen of his helmet, leaving him staring off into clear water.

His blue eyes flickered, trying to look around and process exactly what had just happened, and coming up with a quick and easy answer.

There was a spear in his abdomen, it was just as simple as that. From who?


Dumped into the water, the crisp, clear water that was now being tainted by dark red and swirling in such a beautiful way.

That was weird, right?
Describing his own seeping blood as it was expelled from him, beautiful?

It was like when you paint and dip your brush into the water to clean it, and it swirls and spirals like smoke.


But now he was drowning, and the alarms were dulled by the water and the ringing, and the pounding of his heart beat in his ear drums.

He wheezed and gurgled, only breathing in more air and he knew he wouldn’t have long at this pace. Too much blood. Not enough oxygen.

Sinking, Lance couldn’t help but see the irony of it all. With Keith gone with the Blades, and Matt back, they were still up one person too many.

And what better solution to that problem than to get rid of one of them? And even better, the most useless one?

When Pidge had returned with her brother, Matt, Lance hadn’t liked him from the start. And it wasn’t just because of how he flirted with Allura.

He hadn’t trusted him from the start.

Pidge had described how she had told Matt about her being a paladin of Voltron, and Lance hadn’t seen it but he knew Matt’s expression would have changed quickly.

Not a smile. But interest and shock.
He had to have covered himself up with an aura of being proud of Pidge, right?

How had Matt known to change his birthday to make coordinates for Pidge, if he hadn’t known Pidge was in space?

Lance just couldn’t trust Matt.
All those monitors Pidge said he had, what all was he watching? Monitoring? Mapping?

Matt comes back from the dead and now he’s all up in Voltrons giant metal ass?

Friendly with the princess, nice to everyone, to an extent. But Lance couldn’t hold back the thoughts he had had.

Even Hunk had been different from himself when they had interacted, and Lance had not been able to shake that feeling.

Matt helped them against the Galra. That war he fought on their side, but something else didn’t add up.

Lotor had no interest in allying with Voltron before, until Matt was on their team. Both Lotor and Matt were unheard of for months.

And suddenly both were back.

The spear in Lance’s gut told him all he needed to know, and all he had known.

As his eyes closed, and he started to feel less and less, the life ebbing away from him, he was blissed with truth.

Matt was the bad guy.

How would the others react?

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Heya!! Could you please make some head canons about Penny having a S/O that likes to draw, but they never show him their drawings? Thanks already, love this blog! Keep up the awesome work!! 🖤🎈

- he would literally just appear and be like “WHATCHA DOIN?” 
- and obvs you get a big fright so you end up scattering your art materials and sitting on the drawing to hide it from him
- try to play it off cool but fail 
- doesn’t leave you alone so you’ll show him what you were doing 
- tickles you, picks you up to get to the drawing 
- you sit anxiously and refuse to look at him whilst he looks over the picture 
- he’s like :o ! THAT’SME
- literally loves the drawings you do of him so much he takes them and hangs them about neibolt 
- doesn’t understand why you’ve never shown him these before but delightfully asks to see more 
- so the two of you sit on your bedroom floor with sketchbooks and sheets of paper all over that are covered in your beautiful art and he loves every single one of them and asks how you do it! 
- asks if you want him to hang them up in a gallery for you by threatening the art director 
- asks you to draw him right then and there 
- if you have your pencils and stuff he joins in and does little drawings of himself but mostly draws you 
- they’re like a toddlers drawing but you love them anyways because you’ve never seen him this quiet and determined before 

Batkids when sharing a bed with/sleeping in the same room as  their sibling(s)

Dick will drape his arm over the sibling. It’s loose enough that they can get up whenever without disturbing him. If there’s no room he’ll sleep sat on the floor.

 Jason will sleep with his back to his sibling. He kicks in his sleep so it’s for the best. If there’s no room he’ll sleep on a chair with his head on the pillow.

Tim is a huger, even if he doesn’t realise it. The others will only get into his bed if they plan on staying all night. If there’s no room he’ll curl up on the floor.

Cass will make sure the blanket covers her brother before falling back asleep. If she gets into bed with one of them she’ll curl up at the bottom of the bed.

Damian will nuzzle into whoever he’s sharing a bed with. He doesn’t worry if there’s no room. He’ll find a way to squeeze in.




Totally not for @ask-joeydrewstudios again.

The toon Wally I drew gave me the idea to make this and idk why.
Im trying to stick with this style, it’s taking a while to. XD

My fingers flippin hurt.

Sorry its a bit lazy, I rarely make comics and I’m not use to taking lotta time on them. ; w;

I might make more tho, and get use to it.

Yes I have a flower cover for ma bed.

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Such an awesome au! Was Loki ever adopted by Odin, then ran away when he realized he's not human? I can totally imagine smart precocious 10yo Loki running into the woods and Thor buying the cabin and spending every available moment looking for him. Does he still have his jotunn form? How did Tony get into photography and is he still a tech genius? I can totally see his capture in Afganistan being cause he was covering a story there. Are the other Avengers human or fey or something else?

Odin is the fairy king, and even though he has been tempted to snatch a child from the humans (honestly some humans treat their children so terribly, the child would be better off with the fairies) but Loki is his own blood. 

Loki is not full fairy, however, and not many of them know, but when he is angry– especially when he is angry– he looks less fairy and more daemon and that is terrifying, and a secret Odin keeps close to his heart. He isnt even sure if Loki knows, and he hopes he never finds out. 


Tony always was interested in photography. When he was younger he enjoyed sitting in the woods and taking ultra close pictures of flowers and leaves and the bark of trees because it always seemed to him that if he could just get close enough then he would discover a whole other world that humans just couldn’t see. 

After his parents died, Tony lost that wonder, that sparkle in his eyes, and turned to photographing people. He took an assignment overseas and what should have been a simple assignment about the children in a small village, and the hardships they were facing as a result of the war, turned into a clusterfuck when the village was attacked and Tony and several others were captured. He was there for three months, mostly ignored but sometimes harassed, and when they dumped him back out in the desert, he flew home to the states. 

Tony never wanted to look at the pictures of the kids from Afghanistan, it hurt too badly remembering that they had died, so he developed the pictures only for himself, picked up a bottle of scotch to drown that pain, and turned to photographing models. That didnt take any emotion or hurt his heart, and the pretty people and resulting parties kept him far removed from the bad memories. 

(I cant think of a reason there would be avengers in this world, even though one of Tonys favorite modeling Pairs are Natasha and Pepper, two redheads that have spent several nights in his bed, and then Bucky and his boyfriend Steve who are beautiful enough to make Tonys eyes sting, and have yet to invite him into bed, but Tony is hoping.)

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A friend and I are interested in finding out more about dick Grayson but it's so hard to know which comics to start. Do you have any suggestions?

Hello! Here’s a link to a bunch of lists I compiled of comics in which Dick appears:

I believe those cover his pre-New 52 appearances.

As for getting started, I like to recommend trade paperbacks because you can often borrow them from a public library. I personally love New Teen Titans and DC has been reprinting them in chronological order in paperback. Here’s an Amazon link to the books. It appears they are up to volume 7, with volume 8 scheduled to come out at the end of this year. Volume 7 covers Dick’s transition to Nightwing, so the volumes available thus far give you a great look at a mature Robin and Nightwing in his early days. It’s great stuff!

The Nightwing series that ran from 1996-2009 is also being reprinted. Here’s another Amazon link, which has both New 52 and pre-New 52 trades. The older series starts with Nightwing, Vol. I: Bludhaven and appears to have 6 volumes thus far (which is definitely not the entire series).

Please note that this stuff is also available on Comixology and Kindle. If you have Comixology Unlimited, I would read as much New Teen Titans, various Titans volumes, and any of the various Nightwing series. I’m partial to reading in chronological order, but that’s not an absolute requirement.

So to briefly answer your question, I would start with New Teen Titans because that’s where I think the modern, more-than-a-sidekick Dick Grayson is first fully developed. I would then read Nightwing solo titles, starting with the 1996-2009 book (which has some really wonderful arcs and some not-so-hot ones), Batman & Robin with Dick and Damian, the trade The Black Mirror, and then start on New 52 stuff. Keep reading various incarnations of Titans to see Dick with his Titans friends.


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im sorry ur night isnt going well hun!!! write me some cute reddie hc to take ur mind off it??? i'd love somethin nice to wake up to <3 hope ur mood brightens love

omg you’re a sweetheart :’) thank you so much

REDDIE WEDDING HC (I’ve been wanting to write this forever)  

- Eddie wears a white tux and a yellow bowtie, his hair is slicked back with gel and he lets beverly put foundation and mascara on him and he looks fantastic

-Richie wears a black suit with an ivory tie and lets his insanely long, curly hair fly free

- Rich wanted Beverly to do his makeup but she can’t bring herself to cover up his perfect skin and freckles so she just puts mascara on him and he loves it

- They get married at a country club, their wedding colors are yellow and ivory

- Mike got ordained solely to marry them

-  Stan and Beverly are Richie’s best men and bev wears a little tux with a yellow flower she’s adorable

- Ben and Bill are Eddie’s best men

- Georgie is the ring bearer even though he’s way too old (he doesn’t even care he wanted to be a part of the wedding party and Richie cannot say no to him)

- (he looks fucking cute in a tux okay)

- Eddie’s mom sobs loudly through the whole ceremony (happy or sad tears? who knows)

- On the video you can see the losers all looking at each other when she lets out an especially loud cry

- Every time she does it Richie looks into the camera like he’s on the office

- Honestly Stan cries quietly through the whole thing too and in you can see him holding back tears in most of the photos

- Richie’s parents show up on time and keep their shit together, neither of them drink at the reception and they’re on their best behavior

- This alone makes Richie so emotional

- Eddie damn near drops Richie’s ring but catches it with his shaky hands and Richie can tell he’s panicking so he whispers “relax. I got you” in eddie’s ear before helping him hold his hand steady to slip the ring on

- When mike says “you may now kiss the groom” Richie goes WAY overboard with the kiss and dips eddie and everything

- The losers’ club whistles and claps and stan just,, stan just cries

- When they finally stop Eddie’s all blushy and fixing his hair

- Richie carries eddie bridal style out of the ceremony

- They take group photos and they’re so cheesy!

- Richie surprises Eddie by getting onstage at the reception and singing “never gonna give you up” with the band and serenades him

- Richie is quite the little performer bc he used to be in a band

- he’s actually a great singer and struts around, throws his hair around and stuff

- He’s such a good singer that everyone (mostly bev) convinces him to get back up on stage

- he sings come on eileen and take on me and Africa and other songs the losers loved when they were kids

- Eddie is trying really, really hard not to cry because that’s his husband up there

- ben and bev slow dance and the photographer catches Beverly laying her head on ben’s chest and ben staring at her like she’s everything

- he also gets a picture of mike and his wife cindy touching foreheads and smiling at each other while dancing

- he also gets a picture of bill and stan feeding each other the cherries from their drinks 

- They all dance to the classic 80s songs even though it’s like 1997 (but there is no shortage of 90s music)

- They go hard as hell to bohemian rhapsody and wannabe and anything by beyonce

- Rich & eds steal a moment to stand together in the corner and watch everyone they love enjoying themselves and wow, this is happening, they’re really married

- Richie dances with Mrs. Kaspbrak and she tells him she trusts him with her son and they both start crying and it’s really cute

- Eddie dances with Mrs. Tozier and she tells him she appreciates him and his friends being there for her son all those years and goddamn it’s so emotional

- Everyone has a great time and they all get shitfaced because open bar

- After everyone else goes home the losers (plus cindy, she’s a loser now too) walk to the barrens like 15 minutes down the road

- they pass around a joint and they laugh and reminisce and it’s just like old times

- by now it’s like 3 a.m. but they have to go to their favorite 24 hour diner because munchies

- they look ridiculous, the 8 of them dressed up all formally but they’re drunk and high and happy as can be at a shitty diner at 3 a.m.

- the rest of the losers catch taxis home & richie and eddie head back to their apartment

- they hold hands and smile at each other the whole way. eddie’s hair is a mess and Richie’s is sticking out everywhere but all either of them can think is “damn he’s beautiful”

- as soon as they step in the door they cant keep their hands off of each other and their wedding night goes very, very well to keep it PG

- right before they fall asleep, Richie with his head on eddie’s chest and their legs tangled together, they share a sweet kiss and Richie mumbles “love you hubby”

- “I love you too Richie kaspbrak-tozier”

WOW I WENT OVERBOARD LMAO hope you enjoy this fuckin NOVEL

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Robin/Tiki for the latest ask thing?

  • Who accidentally pushes a door instead of pulling/vice versa: Tiki, being asleep for most of your life means you miss the advancements in basic things like doors.
  • Who doodles little hearts all over the desk with their initials inside them: Robin, then he gets embarrassed and covers them with books and papers when his friends drop by.
  • Who starts the tickle fights: Robin.
  • Who starts the pillow fights: Tiki
  • Who falls asleep last, watching the other with a small affectionate smile: Both/either.
  • Who mistakes salt for sugar: Both tbh.
  • Who lets the microwave play the loud beeping sound at 1am in the morning: Tiki, she sleeps through it.
  • Who comes up with cheesy pick up lines: Tiki, Robin’s actually pretty smooth.
  • Who rearranges the bookshelf in alphabetical order: Robin definitely.
  • Who licks the spoon when they’re baking brownies: Tiki
  • Who buys candles for dinners even though there’s no special occasion: Tiki, she wants to make the most of every day.
  • Who draws little tattoos on the other with a pen: Robin, when she’s sleeping. She secretly loves waking up and looking for his newest doodle.
  • Who comes home with a new souvenir magnet every time they go on vacation: Tiki; similar to Anankos, she wants mementos from every single place they visit together.
  • Who convinces the other to fill out those couple surveys in the back of magazines: Robin would probably find them amusing.

Written by DAN ABNETT
Variant cover by DAN MORA
Retailers: This issue will ship with two covers. Please see the order form for details. Includes a code for a free digital download of this issue.
“Who is Troia?” The Titans attempt to regain their balance after their epic clash with Troia—Donna’s villainous future self—and look toward a brighter tomorrow. But the Justice League wants answers about Donna Troy’s true nature, and they’ll get them—even if it means shutting down the Titans for good!
On sale JANUARY 10 • 32 pg, FC, $3.99 US • RATED T

A Story

Hi, i’ve come to tell you something that’s happened to me today, at around 14:55, I’m not really sure. (I am, tho.)

So, i went to play the cello with a teacher, cos they say it’s better that way, so yes, this is why i have to travel two hours with a bus on tuesdays. Because i didn’t want to just sit there, doing nothing for an hour, i decided to read a book, namely a book written by Peter Freestone about Freddie. (i love it, i love him, i love them, it’s good)

I was just about to get off the bus (at 14:55) when someone, an oldish woman with a surgeon’s mask covering her mouth, poked my arm. (i hate it when someone pokes my arm. don’t poke me please)

I turned to her, and she said: “now that you’re reading about Freddie Mercury”, and gave me a flyer. I didn’t know how to react, so I just took it, and…

It read:

Author one and Author two

Preventing homosexuality

Flawless. They say, it’s a 264 pages long, 15 x 24 cm book, based on researches, journals, dialogues, all for the parents, because ‘the authors have researched for years on those suffering about their sexuality’.

The woman looked very satisfied with herself… With her mouth covered, I think she’s some kind of a hero in town, saving the people from the evil, evil homosexuality with these flyers.

Pinkie’s Party Cannon - a quick spell to bring a little fun to any event.

Originally posted by cheshirekat95

*inspired by Pinkie Pie’s Party Cannon*

- Pink, Yellow and Blue Candles
- Confetti
- Quartz, Rose Quartz and Yellow Citrine
- Something to represent your event, in this case an Invite!
- something to cover your workspace

- Lay out your covering
- Set up your candles and Light them
- Lay your invite on the covering
- Set your crystals on top of your invite. Cycle energy from your candles into the crystals. 
- Hold your confetti in your hand and say/think: “There’s an event upcoming and its got me humming! I hope it wont be boring, so help me party to the break of morning!I need some fun so lets get this done!”
- Toss your confetti over the invite. Try to keep it on your cover and off your candles.
-Blow out your candles when you feel its time, and clean up. This will Close and activate your spell. 

- Aesa <3 (thanks to @noelle-corvus for the idea!)
This is my original spell, please do not repost on any platform without my explicit permission. Reblogging is okay, Reposting is not. 

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Pt.2 Sometimes they stare blankly at the wall, wondering if they're friends are even still alive because they can see how much the mansion is withering away despite their best attempts at preserving it. And just before they fade away, their last thought is wishing that they could have seen Damien (they've had a long time to forgive him) and William again and tell them that they didn't blame them.

Imagine as they begin to finally fade away Dark or Wilford walk in, and the last thing they get to see is their childhood friends smile gently as darkness covers their vision

rocko52  asked:

What do you think of the new Volume 87 cover & the color schemes?

I meant to answer this yesterday when I got back from work, but I was too tired and ended up taking a chill out session with the fam instead. Sorry about that! 

But yeah, I’m pretty much where I stand by the color schemes. They’re not too bad nor are they the worst thing I’ve ever seen. I think some of the colors could be tweaked still, but I’m okay with them now. Granted, I’m still rather peeved they keep switching up Perospero’s colors for whatever reason it is and making it more confusing on my end here, but I’ll get used to it in time. As I said, they aren’t bad and fit the overall theme of what Big Mom, the Charlotte family, and entire pirate crew stand for. Plus, I rather like the fact that they can literally throw people off in a first impression by confusion and giving remarks of “Oh wow, look how stupid they look” and then BAM, the Big Mom Pirates just freaking whooped their asses into oblivion, haha! :’D 

Regardless, I’m pretty excited to see the rest of them finally have their colors and can’t wait to buy this volume when it comes out! Also am looking forward to hearing the rest of their voices when they come into the anime! c: 

It’s gonna be great! :D

wyattghouleff  asked:

bichie on a movie date hcs please :')

  • bill can’t take him to the actual movies
  • bc he won’t stfu
  • bc its more private having them at bill’s house
  • richie gets antsy after a while
  • like the boy can’t sit still for more than five minutes
  • so bill has to pet his hair while they watch a movie
  • they make movie dates and plan to watch new movies
  • but nope.
  • they watch the same three movies each time
  • breakfast club, et, and gremlins
  • ‘that’s the gang!’ richie says EVERYTIME they watch breakfast club
  • every. fucking. time
  • ‘hey, look, its bev’ *points to molly*
  • bill covers his mouth with his hand
  • ‘remember what we said. no kisses if you keep talking’
  • *muffled* ‘that’s not fair!’
  • but it doesn’t sound like anything
  • bill always gets emotional during et
  • so richie stays quiet and pulls bill’s head onto his lap
  • and strokes his hair
  • after fighting an evil fucking clown the gremlins don’t phase them anymore
  • it used to creep billy out
  • but not richie
  • now they just laugh at it
  • lots of popcorn
  • most of it ends up on the ground
  • bc richie throws it
  • and bill makes him clean it up without helping
  • ‘protein’ *shoves floor popcorn into mouth*
  • ‘idiot!’
  • bill refuses to kiss him after he’s eaten off of the floor

i wasn’t sure which ship bichie was until i searched it
if anyone wants to sent me names of the it ships that would be lovely

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Deckerstar - 27

27) What Always Gets Them Horny? (No pun intended ;D)

For Lucifer, it’s any time Chloe’s legs are on show. He’s said once before and mentioned to her a thousand times since, that he’s a leg man through and through and he just so happens to think that Chloe Decker’s legs are damn fine. She so very rarely has them out that when she does, it catches him off guard enough to force him behind a desk so he can cover himself.

Chloe swears she doesn’t take advantage of this but he knows damn well that she does. Especially when she wants him to do something or behave himself.

She’ll simply slip on a skirt (slightly shorter than he’ll be able to deal with) and boom. One turned on and very agreeable Devil. She jokes that it get’s him horny and he’s so distracted that the horn pun doesn’t even register.

For her though, it’s less physical. She finds him seriously attractive and loves the fact that he’s quite possibly the most handsome man she’s ever met but it’s when he get’s all mature and takes the lead on a case that gets her the most quivery and aching. 

He’ll be authoritative and serious (and once he had a full fledged argument with a suspect in Italian and she dragged him into a coat closet to make out afterwards) and she’ll just melt. Maybe it reminds her that he’s changing for the better or maybe it’s that he’s taking her work seriously but hot damn does mature Lucifer turn her on.

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i can't believe your just another bitchy popular girl. you act nice but your a bitch and i hope more people realize it like i do.

Alright firstly, I’m not a popular girl, there is nothing wrong with them but I’m not one. A bitch maybe but I prefer ass or dick myself, so we’ll agree to disagree there. Second, I’m…not a girl? Idk if you’re new around here but Dawn ain’t a girl or woman or female or whatever you wanna come up with so I’ll just cover my bases here. 

Finally, cool beans, I hope people realise I’m a dick too if that makes you happy? But chill maybe? George is gonna drop something soon so get hype for that instead of mad at me.